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I started up Warhammer when I was a kid and have always been a huge fan of the franchise. Despite all the price increases, shit business moves, and the money grab that is Forge World, I foolishly kept supporting GW with my wallet. The two FLGS in my area, which I go to for Warhammer, are great and they host everything from Magic to Heroclix. However, I've noticed that over the past two years a lot of the Warhammer players have been dropping the game in favor of Infinity and Warmahordes. Personally I didn't mind but I was also a bit worried because the Warhammer population was drastically decreasing.

Last Fall, a GW store opened in my town and I was excited because that might spell new life for the Warhammer community here. I checked it out a week after it opened. Everything seemed alright at first but every visit the red shirt was always trying to get me to buy something, hurrying up games so that the tables were free, and pretty much making it forbidden to even mention a non-GW game in the store. It was then that I had realized Warhammer was dead. I sold my Space Marine army, that I had been collecting since 1999, to some teenager for $150. RIP GW, it was nice before you became cocks.

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So you went into a store whose goal is to make money and introduce people into the game and expected to be able to talk about competitors and not purchase anything.

Good job at being entitled

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If increasing prices, hard-selling, and not letting you mention other games is cockish, they've actually been cocks for many years. You just didn't notice because you didn't have a local shop.

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Everyone has this realization about GW eventually and then they quit. It's the circle of life.

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What these guys said:

Good job OP, however I would have sold your army for a bit more. Go out and get yourself some Warmachine or Infinity shit.

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wait, so you quite a whole game you enjoyed just because one store was crappy, while you had two other good ones available?

that doesn't make any sense. Why not just keep gaming at the FLGS? Theres no reason you have to go to the GW one.

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I'm gonna guess OP have been waiting for something to refresh 40k and GW's abyssal customer service had the opposite effect.

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went to the GW store opening in my town on saturday. They were very friendly, but the employees REALLY seemed to be trying to sell me shit.

'what army do you play and at what point level?'
' what are you looking to buy next?'
' what do you need today?'

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If they don't sell they don't get a lot of salary.

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"I sir need you to leave me the hell alone before I just start inviting people to my house to play."

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>getting upset at people trying to do their jobs

You do realize GW is a business, right? They get paid to sell kits, not talk fluff.

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people complain about GW a lot, but its customer service is almost universally praised. Especially in regards to the rare faulty mini.

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The important thing is that OP did the right thing. How much longer do you think GW has?

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A long time? The games are popular worldwide and once they stop gouging after that one fag retires, they'll get even more customers back.

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So, what would that cat count as?

I'm saying Bio-Titan.

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the worst part was the guy didnt really know the answers to what i asked him. I picked up the ork bommer box and asked if I could make a dakka jet with it, and he didnt know. then i asked which variation is the best, and again he had no opinion.

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Do you want people pestering you when shopping groceries as well?

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not really, but that doesn't stop them.

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You make more sales if you're willing to talk fluff, rather than cram product down the customer throat until they buy something or leave.
Proven fact, ask anyone who's taken a marketing coarse

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For every one of you old customers who leaves, GW anticipates on filling the gap with several short-term teenage customers who have indulgent parents with disposable incomes.

You don't matter to them and haven't since the end of the 90s.

Good job on getting out.

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If big supermarket chains hassled customers like GW do, they'd quickly stop when they realized people were going back to local shops and small chains.

GW get away with it because they literally murdered all the competition.

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I miss the Mordheim days, Anon.

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They're there to run a business. The way they're doing drives away customers because people don't like others being all up in their grill.

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>expected to be able to talk about competitors and not purchase anything.
>Good job at being entitled
I go down to a hardware store and ask them if they have any lights that fit the purpose they need, they say no unfortunately they don't but the hardware store a couple of blocks away often has that.

Maybe I'm just really spoilt by conversing with decent human beings and not a bunch of money grabbing arses.

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Oh hi OP

dont mind me, making you irrelevant

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all the GW stores I've been too a friendly places (friendlier than most stores) where they're happy to yak about fluff all day. But if you're not buying anything they'll naturally pay more attention too people who are.

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Good boy, now make sure to go back tomorrow for proper GW paint and glue

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Exactly. And it makes you think "those guys were cool, I won't forget that".

This is lost on people who have limited empathy or understanding of social interaction.

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My FLGStores do not carry GW anymore. They plan to sell off their last bits of stock and exclusively carry Warmahordes because being a store owner and dealing with GW is the worst hell.

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One of my local game stores has already done this. Another was thinking about it. The guy can't move gw stuff anymore.

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I dunno, the local GW shop here is a 1 man deal, and the dude's pretty awesome and he's never been pushy. store does a lot of business too.

I'm near the springfield one. so i'm glad i havent had the bad experiences i've heard about there. I don't go there too much though, as the competition level and small number of tables isn't as good as normal spot i game at... I also like scibor/alt models and i don't really want to use those at a GW shop.

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>I go into stores and flip shit when people try to sell me things
Welcome to 95% of all GW stores. I live 15 minutes away from one of the rare GWs which has an incredibly friendly manager / employees who don't harass you (until the higher ups hear about this and fire everyone). I still prefer hanging out at my FLGS

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Please explain who this magical one fag is? Because regardless of whether or not he retires I'm not coming back until they start dropping prices.

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/tg/ likes to attribute everything bad about GW to the CEO Tom Kirby. However, he's been in charge of the company since the late 1980s, so... this is questionable. It seems far more likely to me that raising prices is simply a good way to make money.

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You keep dreaming there Anon. A precedent has been set, the prices aren't going down regardless who you think is in charge

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Holy fuck, what's the dollar value on all that?

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Yeah, I'm not being a slave to GW's price gouging. I'd pay $50 for a box of Infinity miniatures but that because it would pretty much be the bulk of my army, same goes with Warmahordes. Sure it's more expensive then Infinity but it's still leaps and bounds ahead of GW in terms of rules and overall army cost.

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The real problem is GW being a publically traded company. They have to make good on the shareholders first, customers second

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>GW get away with it because they literally murdered all the competition.
Uh...no they didn't. The competition has never been healthier than it is now as far as I'm aware. Granted, the other games don't have specific stores for just *that* product, but I prefer it that way: Games are social and you get more exposure to other systems. The only thing GW has over its competition is that it is 30+ years old, while the other companies' games (Infinity, WarmaHordes, and so on) are less than 10.

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Anon might have been talking about the UK, where it went down something like this...

>GW imports American games, makes money
>starts making its own games
>makes enough money to start buying up independent LGSs and sells both its own games and other companies'
>stops selling other companies' games
>no more LGS for you, only GW

Same thing happened with White Dwarf- went from being a popular magazine that ran features on D&D, book reviews etc to being GW's 'game supplement and catalogue', with the 'catalogue' aspect becoming increasingly important.

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You guys don't get out much do you?
You think GW's incompetent staff trying to push product to every customer's face is the only way to go?
No, because link totally related, GW staff is majorly incompetent

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I would be more likely to buy from someone who says he has do-re-mes and hot chachas

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>Console wars level tribalism
>Comparing apples and oranges

Yep, just your typical wargames /tg/ thread

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Once Warmahordes take over, I'mma gonna leave my lgs

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What do you have against good rules?

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High Elf player here, really wtf? im a legit GW customer that has been with them for years, but WTF?

I bet you that lion charriot will be "price adjusted" soon too.

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GW fans seem to have beaten wife syndrome. They bitch about it, but still pour all their money into GW's wallets. I enjoy the lore, I enjoy the narrative, but it's been years since I gave them a single penny, ever since the princes went from "expensive" to "absurd". Ever since they started to gut a creative hobby just to try and push people into buying more kits. When White Dwarf went from being a magazine to advertisments. I find alternative ways to enjoy the game with my friends and I refuse to support the absolute thuggish greed that has smothered the company today. They will continue to increase prices, until they get a single year of loss. When they've hit that sweet spot, where they are earning the absolute maximum you fucking cunts are willing to spend on their overpriced models, they will milk you for all you have.

Vote with your wallets. There's more than one way to play a tabletop wargame.

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Every summer

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>Vote with your wallets

>he thinks voting matters

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It's possible; I don't have much experience in the UK/Europe. But (as a casual outside observer), if there was enough of a demand to get outside games for LGS's, wouldn't more crop up after GW closed theirs down? I mean unless GW is constantly buying them up...which would be VERY expensive.

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>im a legit GW customer that has been with them for years, but WTF?
Then how does that surprise you? Surely it happens with every release...

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What do you have against fun, customized armies?

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Remember when the GW website had tutorials to make terrain? And it usually didn't involve buying GW kits?

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>Fucking GW and their prices!
>W-What do you mean every other game charges around the same and only cheaper because I have to buy less, nothing more...

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Similar things happen in America where GW will open up shops in areas to directly compete with the LGS that also sells their goods and the limit on "non-essential" kits for non-GW shops I imagine it will get worse.

>> No.24794457

Seems to me that plan would only hurt GW. Opening/maintaining stores is expensive.

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Paying prices for models outside the realm of reasonable,
paying prices for books outside the realm of reasonable,
playing by rules that give no actual thought to a full balanced game,
reading rulebooks that work better as catalogs

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Don't fall for edition war bullshit. What GW is doing is near enough robbery. It's sad that fanboys not only pour vast amounts of money into so little, but then furiously defend it. Where's that image of the guy happily eating shit, then boasting about how it's top quality shit. That's what we need for this thread.

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there's only a couple moneysheep fanboys left though. 40k threads have a hard time staying on the front page here and the 40k online community is shrinking.

>> No.24794490

It does, especially when they now see every other store that sells their product (by buying it through them) as competition since they think those customers could be going to a GW store instead

>> No.24794506


No, don't you fall for the GW is the JEW devil and Privateer Press and Corvus Belli died for your sins myth.

They're all the same, GW can just get away with more because they're top dog.

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>Horde and big expensive creatures edition

>> No.24794537

I never mentioned anything about any other company. I've personally left tabletop wargaming far, far behind. Even then it's sad to see what was once such an entertaining company become devoured by greed. Kinda like Blizzard.

>> No.24794543

If potential customers feel pestered and unwelcome, they're running their business poorly.

>> No.24794555


I've done the same. Fuck tabletop wargames there are billions of better games out there.

>> No.24794567

True dat. Seems like there are fewer 40k threads than there used to be, and a solid proportion of the ones that still exist are hatethreads like this one.

>> No.24794572


yeah it's a good sign

>> No.24794590

5th Edition Warhammer was the best.
I've got the Rulebook and Battlebook nearby and they were just vastly superior in that regard. It was treated as more of a hobby that the player customizes rather than doing every little thing by the GW book with GW products.

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There are just as many as usual, wait until the Eldar codex comes out and there will five threads on the front page just like with Tau.

And if they turn into hate threads it's because people can't control their urge to shitpost.

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40K/Grimderp is an old meme at this point

>> No.24794632


>noooo my game isn't dying it can't beeee

>> No.24794682


Nah, They still doing quite well, it just disgusts me to see people actively take joy in the supposed misfortunes of others, what kind of subhuman do you have to be in order to do such a thing?

>> No.24794695

I'm really fucking glad that there's a great line of 40k RPG's out there, so I can give up GW and their ridiculous practices without leaving the great fluff behind.

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you need to go back to reddit because this here is 4chan country

>> No.24794708

It isn't though. This is a scare as old as time. There is no evidence besides the anecdotal for any decline in 40k.

>> No.24794710

>what kind of subhuman do you have to be in order to do such a thing?
the kind that damn near got put out of a job because of a stupid GW decision

>> No.24794722

GW does their damnedest to kill their own community. I would love for PP to take over the IP. They wouldn't try to fuck their customers over.

>> No.24794730

Why is that so true yet it feels so pettiful,
am I really pettiful like that wife?

>> No.24794741


believe what you want sperglord but don't be surprised when your game dies for good

>> No.24794748


Oh yeah I forgot, this being 4chan means I should stop giving a damn about someone other than myself or immediate family and blame all my problems on those dastardly jews.

Grow up

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u mad?

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>I would love for PP to take over the IP. They wouldn't try to fuck their customers over.

>> No.24794787

In other words, "there is no evidence, but fear this outcome that I baselessly foretell."
Sure champ.

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Playing a more diverse range of games =/= misfortune.

Plus when GW actually starts losing money to meaningful competition it might actually have to change the way it operates, e.g. not putting prices up every year. Which would hardly be a misfortune for the players.

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so which one of you keeps trying to bump every GW thread in the catalog and failing at it?

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>My town has about 4 non-GW FLGS
>All of them have great staff
>3 of them cater to wargammers
>GW just opened up
>Went in once to see how bad it was
>I walked out after 15 minutes
Yeah, this gonna be good.

>> No.24794934

It's gonna be great in about 3 years when they stop selling to other retails to force people into their own stores

>> No.24794945

>PP taking over 40k
How does this even happen?

>> No.24794947

What's with everyone and their mother's town having 2+ FLGS? My current one and my old one had one and everything in it is at MSRP

>> No.24794966

The funny thing is people are dropping Warhammer in my area for Warmahorde (and hopefully Infinity, I'm trying to start that up).

>> No.24794976

Rise in nerd culture I guess. The internet has been pretty bitching for us.

>> No.24795009

Comics shops are starting to spring up every where too. And doing well.
Ditto. Do you also notice a much more mature audience for Warmahordes? Literally, I would be the oldest (or amongst) person in a room when Warhammer was being played. With Warmahordes, I'm nicely in the middle

>> No.24795012

Yeah cause Warmahordes is so great and has fantastic lore...okay lore is DECENT, but tell me, how is a game that revolves entirely around ONE unit in each army so awesome?

The game is not balanced. When objectives largely don't matter and ALL that matters in EVERY scenario is killing the other caster that is not balanced. It is shit balance that you enjoy so you are willing to put up with it.

Just like 40k fans are willing to put up with shit balance between armies because they still enjoy it.

All companies are equally evil and care only about the money in your wallets. As soon as PP has fan base large enough that they know they can sustain themselves, they will jack prices and push new models just like GW.

>> No.24795015

What will you play now OP?

>> No.24795033

But anon! If they were shopping there they would obviously love to shop at a GW instead! It's simple logic that people are more attached to a brand than an atmosphere, experience, their friends, supporting their community, or even the location of a place. None of this has any bearing on purchases in the slightest.

>> No.24795074

>When objectives largely don't matter and ALL that matters in EVERY scenario is killing the other caster that is not balanced.
Except this happens in 40k as well, all the time. It's just easier to bring a shitton of guns and table the other guy

>> No.24795098

Daemons and Eldar object to your statement. End of game objective taking is how I win shit.

>> No.24795108


You must be under the impression that GW gives a shit about anybody that currently plays in a FLGS.

>> No.24795114

That never works in competitive 40k. 5/6 scenarios are objective based and you're an idiot if you base every list around LOL I TABLE YOU because you'll lose a ton of games.

>> No.24795115

Then your opponents suck

>> No.24795117

>and the money grab that is Forge World

Stopped reading there.

It's obviously you're just another whiny poorfag. It's like calling Ferraris money grabs.

>> No.24795124

Infinity, maybe some Warmachine.

>> No.24795159

K, I'll let my friend know who's been doing it through 6th edition with old and new Tau that he doesn't actually win his games

>> No.24795164


You know Infinity and some PP models cost more than GW's space marines at MSRP right?

You should have kept your armies and used them as proxies for Infinity or Warmachine.

>> No.24795186


I'm not even that guy and I think you're an idiot.

He's saying that objectives are important. You're saying they're not. And your argument is that your Tau friend tables people.

Okay? So he plays shitty people that get tabled by Tau. How does that change the importance of objectives?

>> No.24795214

could you be any more pretentious?

>> No.24795217

>Competitive 40k

Friendly games between scrubs are irrelevant. Try that TABLE AT ALL COSTS bullshit against somehow who knows what they're doing and you'll get shit on.

>> No.24795226

Yeah but I won't need as much compared to 40k.

>> No.24795260

Why don't people just buy similar looking miniatures from other companies and proxy if they like the 40k rules so much?
The IEF or whatever the fuck marines from reaper just got made into bones, they'll be cheaper than mcdonalds and could totally be imperial guard

>> No.24795266


You wouldn't have needed anything if you hadn't rage quit like a moron.

>> No.24795273

Not everyone wants to play IG?

>> No.24795295


Other miniatures are actually more expensive than 40k for basic infantry. Except for historicals.

>implying 40k is worth playing because of its rules


>> No.24795327

Daemons would be easy to proxy as well. The only thing I see being hard are the crons

>> No.24795356


Necrons are easy.

>> No.24795371

when will it change? because I cant leave, I just started, I cant make this into nothing but a waste.

>> No.24795413

You. I like you.

I propose we create a list of cheap proxies for each army, because some people insist on playing 40k for whatever reason.

>> No.24795421


I don't see how it's a problem if you already have a complete army. "BUT I NEED FLYYYYERS!" No you don't, nigger. And if you wanted them just use a plastic Gundam that transforms into a jet.

Whatever new units you "need" for your army to stay competitive can be converted or scratch built if you already have a complete army, meaning you don't pay GW a single cent except for rulebook and codex updates. And not even then if you just pirate the PDF.

>> No.24795428

Sell your shit and pick up something good.

>> No.24795442


>> No.24795449


Why is it always this and not "keep your shit and use the rules for something good instead of 40k rules"?

You hate GW's price increases that made guardsmen and marines go from $1 each to $2.70 each so you're going to...sell all your guardsmen and marines and then buy models that cost $5-7 each?

>> No.24795451

>I cant make this into nothing but a waste
It's not a waste if you enjoy it. Just... enjoy it.

>> No.24795453

How do you intend to proxy daemons? I'm intrigued.

>> No.24795462


But all Necrons look like shit.

>> No.24795472

actually I'm in the process, partial army

ignoring you, 40k IS good.

>> No.24795480


yeah because the 7 dollar miniatures don't look like bobble-head monkey people with gigantic hands and the rules to the game they go to weren't written by a retard with a head wound in crayon

>> No.24795484


This shit was made out of clear resin and LEDs. You can the supplies for pennies.

>> No.24795507


Why do you bother mentioning the rules? It's just making you sound butthurt. I already told you to get a superior system of rules to use.

As for your dislike of GW's models, well why the hell did you even buy GW product to begin with if there was absolutely nothing you liked about it?

>> No.24795520

There are hundreds of demon models made for D&D and other tabletops that anything demonic looking can be found for cheap. Same goes for anything that looks like an elf, dwarf, knight, etc

>> No.24795532


because i was a kid when i bought them, now i've sold them and moved on to better things

>> No.24795541

You might have had a point on larger models, but most infantry from other companies is pretty cheap

>> No.24795554



>> No.24795567


Infinity isn't for damn sure. GW's large models are expensive as fuck, too. $75 Land Raider.

>> No.24795580

DND daemons cost a fuckton, believe me I looked into it.

>> No.24795583

then why do these people tell me I am wrong to enjoy it?

>> No.24795606

pretty sure infinity is meant for tiny skirmishes in tight city scapes, and are meant to be more individuals than blobs of rank and file soldiers

>> No.24795610

I wonder how many hundred hours were spent on just the first 5. He had to sculpt his own miniatures and fit leds in the bottom of them. Shit would have taken months of solid work to get a couple done let alone an army.

>> No.24795638

>bones gargoyle
>Medium Minotaur

The metal ones seem to be $5-6. Waaay cheaper then GW. Don't buy licensed.

>> No.24795665

Because your enjoyment is bad and wrong, of course!

>> No.24795666

so it's really just projection of a self loathing for your younger self

>> No.24795689

shopping ebay for 1980's leads isn't looking into it

>> No.24795767

What would be the cheapest way to buy a solitary model? I want a space marine for a campaign I'm running but have no interest in the squad

>> No.24795789


>> No.24795790

Gargoyles look to be about the right size for furies.
Minotaurs for bloodletters is a reasonable comparsison.
Got any more?
The minotaurs one doesnt help as I already have 50+ bloodletters but the gargoyles as furies don't look bad at all apart from being monopose.

I'm assuming that minotaur is by reaper too? googling medium minotaur got a lot of dnd hits so I looked up reaper's minotaurs.

>> No.24795869

Medium just refers to size. Everything on the bones page is dirt cheap, and in a few months something like 50 more models are being added to the line so I'd reccomend looking at those.

A Balor lookalike as a Greater Daemon would be cool though.

>> No.24795925

Gotta find the right scale. That's the issue with stuff like reaper. Some of their stuff looks like it would work great as a GD or something and then they don't say what its base size is.

>> No.24795944

Horrorclix zombies are great Lesser Daemons and are a couple of bucks

>> No.24795973

Just rebase them, the plastic models come on broccoli bases but most fit on 40k bases

>> No.24795980

This is the internet, we're on an anonymous image board. People don't have to be polite, they don't have to be nice, and they sure as hell can take pleasure in other people's misfortune if that's what they want.

That's the way the world works, but some people have their heads stuck too far up their asses to see it.

Grow up.

>> No.24795998

No I mean it would look awesome as a fucking BT and then its the size of an elf.

>> No.24796025


You can buy the components for fairly cheap too. Like $1-2 for a chest piece or legs or weapon. Just combine shipping and you can build one sweet ass fucking marine for like $10.

Which is pretty expensive for one guy, but you're using the best parts available and you can design him however you want without the need for cutting or sculpting.

>> No.24796135

That sounds okay I guess. I've spent worse on accessories for a character before.

>> No.24796301

>You know Infinity and some PP models cost more than GW's space marines at MSRP right?

Nope, because Infinity models are essentially character models, better sculpt than GW's and still cheaper.
If you cant cough up the money to appreciate Inifinity's superior sculpts, you might as well as go Mantics, why GW

>> No.24796353

>still cheaper.

A space marine is less than $3 MSRP.

>> No.24796471 [DELETED] 

So several years ago I started collecting Wood Elves (not very much, only 1000 points if I remember correctly)

Anyway, a couple days ago I dropped into GW to see where the game was at, and the guy there invited me to bring my army and play a game.

Should I do it? Do I just drop in any old time? I don't think I can do it without buying an 8th ed rulebook while I'm there though. How does it compare to 7th?

>> No.24796490

>I'm Looking for excuses to be an asshole
>Clearly everyone does it and not just me!

>> No.24796543



>> No.24796554

He's talking quality now. Yes, our basic units look good and cost about $3 bucks each, but their basic units are glorious pieces of artwork in every batch.
A better example, he claims, is to compare the individual leader models to them. To which I say, eh they're about the same. GW's models are easily identifiable and have great, large details, whereas Infinity and PP models are actually to-scale with themselves and pride themselves on subtle, smaller details.
Nuance, really.

>> No.24796601


If I take his "compare leaders to leaders" model, well yes, that's obvious. Corvus Belli not only has cheaper models, but they are much nicer and I believe metal, whereas GW's, while the sculpt may be superior to the average rank and file, is still not as good as Infinity's, IMO, and even worse, GW leader models are in FINECAST.

But saying "all our dudes are leader-quality because we're a skirmish game!" is bullshit. CB has packs of 3 models that are just generic trooper guys that look the exact same and each one costs $7.

>> No.24796667

That's quite sad, you know. I don't see many Warhammer players now. My favourite FLGS is now full of MtG players. I mean, literally full, It's hard to get close to those tables with terrain. And sometimes there's no terrain at all, everything is occupied by MtG players.

>> No.24796715

Let me guess, people got so tired of your bullshit in real life they stopped calling and now instead we have to put up with your douchebaggery?

I hope those dinners alone are a lot of fun, jackass.

>> No.24796723

>mfw I used to play M:tG competitively and as my main hobby
>mfw I see it for the shit it is nowadays, despite the increase in sales and playerbase
>mfw WotC cocksuckers are even more numerous and deluded than GW fellaters

There is a reason YGO has higher tournament attendance than M:tG. And even that has more haters on /tg/.

Wake up, Magicfags.

>> No.24796726

I don't understand this greedy and annoying GW sales person thing. You say the same thing you say to anyone "I'm just browsing" and they leave you alone.

Maybe the corporate culture is different in other countries.

>> No.24796794

And the saddest thing is that I've just painted my first army. Well, it's time to look somewhere else to play.

>> No.24796812

Dude, it's a different scale if game. 40k is army. Infinity is skirmish. With Infinity, you only need 10 guys if that for 90+% of the armies. Coupled with a starter, you can get a full force for less than $90.

>> No.24796829


You know how everyone always says to proxy GW miniatures with cheaper minis?

Why don't people ever say this for Infinity?

>> No.24796856


I quit M:tG for YGO, and now have pretty much stopped YGO for GW.

I'll bet a lot of people on /tg/ would see it as constant downgrading, but I still have all the decks and it hasn't impacted my bank account whatsoever so I don't care. It's my body, I'll do what I want.

>> No.24796857

People from 4chan walk into a retail store and get offended when a retail associate, whose job description involves the phrase "increase sales", tries to talk to them.

It's pretty hilarious, considering most of these guys will never hold a job.

>> No.24796871

A tactical marine box is $37.50 so they're $3.75 MSRP.
Even the "snap fit" Marines come out to $3.33 per, so I don't see where you got that

>> No.24796874

>It's pretty hilarious, considering most of these guys will never hold a job.

Is this why they're always complaining about how expensive everything is?

>> No.24796883


A space marine is less than $3 at 25% off MSRP.

There, I fixed it.

>> No.24796894

I know that feel, the local FLGS here has Friday night magic, and yet despite selling Warhams, it never seems to have dedicated days, AND the nearest GW is a city away and I have to take the fucking bus!

>> No.24796912

Yep, pretty much.

If you have any spending sense at all, 30 or 60 a month of disposable income doesn't do any real damage to your wallet.

>> No.24796933


30 dollars a month - what is that one unit of troops a month? Enjoy playing your game a year from now.

>> No.24796936

Now I've said it before and I'll say it again, as a HOBBY, GeeDubs models/paints etc end up being pretty cheap in the long run compared to other hobbies such as fishing, golf, and shooting.

However, as a GAME, GeeDubs stuff tends to be pretty overpriced and expensive.

>> No.24796944


It's not like you'll be constantly spending on your army, either. If you only play one or two armies, once they're complete, you pretty much won't have to buy shit for a couple of years.

>> No.24796956

probably, though it's harder for others without such deficiencies because everyone that's hiring anywhere near where I live is "Looking for someone with experience"

>> No.24796960

Let me translate for us real tabletop gamers.

"WAH! Things change and that makes me sad and scared! I am now returning to my basement dungeon where it is still a bygone era that I find appealing! My memories will keep me warm at night!"

>> No.24796962


I'll take finecast over metal any day.

>> No.24796968

>Stopped YGO
You dodged a bullet

>> No.24796970


yeah but a couple years later you'll have to buy all the shit again because whatever you have has become shit all of a sudden

>> No.24796973


It actually isn't. Console games add up at $60 a pop and XBOX has a subscription fee.

PCs are cheaper because you can pirate (you can pirate for consoles too, I suppose) but upgrading a gaming PC is expensive. At least $750-900 if you build it yourself with OEM parts. Consoles are a couple hundred when new, as well. Even a handheld is over $200 these days.

>> No.24796979

it's working for me, got my first pack of Necron warriors in winter last year, almost have a playable army

>> No.24796982


I see the britfag GWDL has awoken for the evening

>> No.24796994

This is the other problem with people online - no patience. Everything has to be NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW. I saved up 6 months of money I could afford from working and dropped 400 on my first army. After that, I bought a box or two a month and I haven't gone hungry or gotten thrown out of my building yet.

They call people in hobbies like 40 manchildren because of idiots like you.

>> No.24797004

and the best part is that the mind really does filter out unappealing memories, so those cherished bygone days probably sucked just as much

>> No.24797011


i'd rather save up for something meaningful rather than an army of tiny plastic men.

>> No.24797014


That's not true. I know a lot of guys using 2nd Edition trukks and shit. If you had a space marine army since RT, all those deformed beakies and scrunched up terminators and the weird looking tanks are all still legal. The only thing you'd REALLY have to buy would be like flyers, and not even that if you don't want to.

>> No.24797031


>> No.24797033


Like bandaids for all those cuts, edgemaster?

>> No.24797041

I had an old deack from middle school and while I'm not playing any tournies with it it would be fun to troll a modern deck player with my ol bug deck, I just need to get some classic heavy hitters to stand a chance, Need a place to find a cheap insect Queen and/or Princess and DNA surgery

>> No.24797045


sure if you wanna play with any old busted crap you could play 40k with green plastic army men.

if you want the new shit be prepared to SPEND

>> No.24797061

>you'll have to buy all the shit again

This is the kind of retarded statement that drives people away, even when you KNOW it's bullshit. A Marine is a Marine is a Marine, no matter what edition.

And if you DO feel the need to buy whatever is new and shiny, you buy ONE. Make sure you like it, make sure it works with what you have, then SAVE and buy more. It's not complicated.

You don't have to be OMG HYPER COMP TOURNAMENT READY GOGOGOGO right after a new codex or ruleset comes out. Or don't play competitively at all and play with whatever you like.

Morons like you use GW's marketing strategy as a reason to spend money you know you shouldn't. That's YOUR fault.

>> No.24797072

was that a sarcastic clap or a "here here" clap?

>> No.24797073

like what

silver cutlery?

>> No.24797084


eh whatever it doesn't change the fact that your game is dying

>> No.24797096

You wouldn't last 1 turn

>> No.24797097


The current tactical marines are over 11 years old. Since the current GW sculpts are nearing the peak of the sculpt quality curve, expect any future design updates to be barely any better, or maybe even worse, as laughable as that is.

>> No.24797099



>> No.24797115

>if you want

THAT'S WHY IT'S A HOBBY. You don't HAVE to spend it. You can take a freaking break, not spend money on it and come back later when you know what really is good and what you can afford.

No one is forcing you to buy a single model, no matter how you spin it. Grow up and take some fucking responsibility.

>> No.24797119

>mfw I did this with a FW army
>mfw I opted for fluffy instead of WAAC

Oh well I wasn't going to do anything with that $400 anyways.

>> No.24797136


I'd rather invest in gold. I'm comfortable with digital currency, but I just don't trust that it'd hold up in a zombie apocalypse or something similar.

>> No.24797142

>get rocked

Fuck off, loser.

>> No.24797154


well... it is

>> No.24797157


>sculpt quality curve,

>> No.24797158

what kind of faggot goes for one turn kills, that's not fun for either player, I speak from the experience of having done it at one time before realizing how lame it was.

>> No.24797159

Except the hardware stores don't hemorrhage money on a regular basis with the sole purpose of bringing people into the idea of home improvement.

>> No.24797192

>Warhammer at FLGS
>people play with legacy rules as agreed upon
>nearly everyone uses "counts as"
>casual atmosphere
>people run fluffy, character-based, wargear-heavy lists
>consistently fun

>move to town with GW store
>must play with current rules
>must play with official models
>store encourages powergaming tryhards
>game isn't even enjoyable anymore

I just want to play with Max and the boys again.

>> No.24797230

No one forces you to play 2000 point games or Apocalypse battles. You could easily play just 500 point games.

>> No.24797237


because 500 point games are super fun and balanced

>> No.24797239


Don't know if I should have bothered to do this explanation for you since you might just be a retard or a troll.

>> No.24797245

though many armies are very unoptimized at 500 points

>> No.24797257


>> No.24797259


sculpt quality is definitely not increasing

>> No.24797269

is the old town in bus/driving distance, you may find it worth the tips

>> No.24797272


Because 1500 points is so unaffordable.

>> No.24797296


i guess it is if you wanna spend 600 dollars on plastic miniatures but i sure don't

>> No.24797306


The fuck they aren't. You're not worth the effort of fishing up the image, but a thread a week or so ago had an OP image comparing 2nd edition models to 6th edition ones.

1/10 made me respond. At least hide your shitty trolling by mixing in capitalization and punctuation.

>> No.24797313

Old town is 2000 miles away. Gotta live where the work is.

>> No.24797316


But how do you know there is a peak? That the quality of GW's sculpts won't continue to go up?

>> No.24797324

>implying 1500 point armies cost $600

My FW 1500 point army cost less than that, nigger.

Factor in lower GW MSRP compared to FW and throw in 25% off or more because other people that aren't you aren't retards so buy from distributors or eBay and you get nowhere close to $600.

>> No.24797329


You can only do so much with 28mm.

Inb4 "because it's GW".

>> No.24797330

that's rough buddy

>> No.24797348

The good king

>> No.24797349

other than the rulebook you don't need to re buy anything ever. I still take my 20 year old carnifex models too the table.
Sure you'll probably be spending money on some of the new stuff, but thats universal to all wargames that get periodic releases.

>> No.24797352


you know you're just posting here because this is the only thread related to GW that isn't instantly headed to page 10

>> No.24797422

>20 year old carnifex


>> No.24797459


By your logic quest threads are awesome.

>> No.24797488


better than another grimderp thread actually

>> No.24797520

>you don't need to re buy anything ever
This assumes one's army still officially exists.

>> No.24797526

If that's the image I'm thinking of, it's misleading in a bunch of places.

>> No.24797556

>implying theres a significant squat fanbase

its all 12 year olds that pretended they were born in the 80's

>> No.24797561

i think thats got a similar bias as the popularity of LGS horror story threads.

People more often complain about negative experiences than advertise positive ones.

People are much more likely to make a thread about how they hate game X, rather than one about how they like game Y.

So we get a slanted view of this.

In my experience the local gaming meta still quite likes 40k, and while many gamers are picking up other games its in addition too 40k rather than just leaving it. Its not un common for someone to turn up with some Warmahordes and/or malifaux mixed in their 40k carry cases so they can play whats available that night.

>> No.24797569


Counts-as Imperial Guard.

>> No.24797589

squats still exist, just not as their own book anymore.

Just run them as IG allied with marines like our local squat player does.

>> No.24797592


nah /tg/ used to be /40k/ up until like last year but now people are starting to talk about other things finally

>> No.24797613


Yeah, just use the miniatures you bought for a specific purpose as something else. That'll fix it!

>> No.24797614

thats a whole other issue.
My point was that even though 2 different versions have been released since I got that one I've only bought the newer kits because I wanted more fex's not because I had to replace them.

>> No.24797617

I once had a redshirt accuse me of fielding non-GW customs. He couldn't kick me out, but said he would complain to the manager if I tried to bring them to a tournament.

>> No.24797638

Counts as Ogryn

>> No.24797645


Shoulda bought space maroons. Those'll never get squatted.

>> No.24797661

>new carnifexes being led by big brothers RT and 2nd Ed carnifex

>> No.24797678


Oh gosh, I have that many unopened, unassembled Ork kits behind me in my room.

I saved a lot of money by purchasing models which were on sale, online (miniwargaming) before GW made it nearly impossible to make money off of their products online.

I am in the process of assembling and painting my Warmachine army, so I haven't even touched my Orks.

I'm going to get a company to assemble and paint all of my Warhammer 40k models once I've saved up enough money.

>> No.24797684


It's something like 75% of the model must be GW or some ridiculous rule to play in the shitty official GW stores.

Also even if you meet the 75% requirement, if the main body of the model isn't visibly official GW they'd probably still disallow it.

>> No.24797686

every company has idiots in their staff. Take them to a tourny let him complain and get shut down by the manager.

>> No.24797691

I saw a guy have the opposite, had red shirt question some puppets war minis in his Necron army, claimed they were a mix of forge world and GW customs, bought it hook line and sinker

>> No.24797711


GW has to make their money somehow and forcing lonely nerds to use their products in order to hang out in their gaming pit is one way!

>> No.24797713

good diversity, my only regret is not being able to mix classic Necrons into my army for a decent price

>> No.24797733


Puppets War is good shit. Can't wait for them to make some bits or vehicles that fit my taste. The stuff they have already is sorta meh because it's so similar to the real GW counterpart.

>> No.24797844

>Why don't people ever say this for Infinity?
A couple of responses come to mind. Firstly, I have seen some people suggest using Infinity minis for 40k, but usually for IC models, or sergeant-equivalent models. Secondly, most people who have Infinity models will only have about 20 or so, if that. That is hardly enough for most army-scale wargames (such as 40k).

>> No.24797850

the "Cyber Droids" are fucking awesome for a sexy necron force, but all the good stuff isn't in stock or even advertised anymore, shame the elite kit would have been great for a could destroyer lords.

>> No.24797851

I did the same thing with my Warzone infantry. I said they were Rogue Trader-era, and not even my opponent knew any better.

>> No.24797882


Think the question was "Why don't people ever suggest to use non-Infinity miniatures for Infinity".

>> No.24797905


So obviously not RT quality. All RT models look like the unit they represent got packed in a trash compactor.

>> No.24798012

The majority of Warzone metals look like absolute shit. Making a WZ model look good takes HUGE time investment compared to most modern gaming models.

>> No.24798052


no really you deserve it for playing high elves.

Just shove dicks down your throat.

>> No.24798053

Here (>>24751007) is a comparison of the quality of minis, as well as the scale.

In addition, the reason GW is able to get their line infantry so cheap is that they produce them in plastic with fewer details.

There used to be a website that had a lot of pictures like this for many of the model ranges, with a ruler in the background for measurement. Though I can't seem to find it for you, and the pictures I do have comparing the two are posted elsewhere.

>> No.24798097


I know what website you're talking about. I had a good laugh at the people that played the systems on the right side of the screen.


>> No.24798186

Do you know what became of it (or, more importantly, the images)? That site was dead useful, but I can't seem to find it on Google.

But yes, some of the minis were huge.

>> No.24798723

By my count, for the bare minimum 40k set, you need:

Going by the GW site (which is the only site I can find that sells 40k minis), and going with Necrons, the HQ is going to cost about $20, depending on which model and if it gets an enterouage. For the sake of simplicity, let's assume you get the cheapest one. $15 for a generic Necron Lord. Then for the troops, you pick up two packs of Necron Warriors at $36.25 a pop ($72.50 total for troops). That brings up a grand total of $87.50 with 25 minis. Roughly $3-$4 each. That should be about 400-500 points, which is the minimum advised to play 40k, right?

Meanwhile, on The War Store, I can take the same $87.50 and purchase a starter (6 minis for $40, and 4 of almost any blisters for $10 each). Which would give a 250 point army list that looks quite competitive (For me, I used the Bakunin starter, Hellcat double pack, Intruder, Prowler, which looks to come about $85.25).

The difference between the two entry fees is quite profound. Even if Infinity is more expensive per-model, full lists (that are tournament viable, even) are quite a bit cheaper than their GW equivalents.

>> No.24798775


And now you see why comparing Infinity to 40k/Fantasy is like comparing apples and oranges.

>> No.24798819

They're both wargames. Comparing the individual models (or cost per model) is comparing apples to oranges, I'll agree. But comparing one game to another is perfectly valid.

>> No.24798842

>(which is the only site I can find that sells 40k minis),

I'd say you weren't looking hard enough but GW recently disallowed online stores to sell their products online.

Fucking lol.

>> No.24798865


I guess, though I'd argue it's still a bit uneven since 40k/Fantasy are meant to be decent sized battles while Infinity is squad vs squad.

>> No.24798885


Nigger, you paid $90 for 10 models and are trying to imply that's a better value than $90 for 25 models.

It doesn't even matter how many models a system requires you to play because you always have the option of just using the GW minis to play Infinity or any other skirmish system.

Nobody cares about rules or systems. Those are free. The only tangible variable that matters is the models, and GW has the cheapest by far even at their ridiculous MSRP.

>> No.24798902


31 technically

>> No.24798926

I don't have much of an occasion to buy 40k, I'm afraid. I checked out TheWarStore and BeastsOfWar. Neither of which had them, so I went to the GW site where everything was ordered by army and unit-type.

>> No.24799049

Come on guys, no mention of 3D printers? Sure, they don't work now, but the rate technology is going, you'll be able to purchase and maintain one that produces models only slightly worse than GW's for under $2000. That's only $500 more than a Manta. And then you can can have all the Mantas you want.

>> No.24799058

No, I paid $90 for one game system, giving me a fully tournament-level and tournament-legal army, while barely getting my feet wet in another for the same $90.

>Nobody cares about rules or systems. Those are free.
Games Workshop very much disagrees. They have no problem protecting their IP. However, I didn't include the cost of the rules because it would weigh the scales quite heavily in favor of Infinity (the 40k core rule book and codex are about $100 total, while the Infinity rules are provided for free by the makers of Infinity).

>> No.24799069

>mfw I can't afford a 3D printer large enough to print a manta


>> No.24799074

>no problem protecting their IP
You ever been to /rs/?

>> No.24799081


No, you overpaid for one game because you were too blinded by fanboyism and irrational hatred to see that you could simply use GW minis for Infinity.

>> No.24799082

That's my point. You can't now. But wait, oh, seven or eight years...

>> No.24799110


I can't wait till I get a printer large enough to print the larger Imperial titans.

>FW only sells the 2 smallest titans


>> No.24799284

>blinded by fanboyism
>irrational hatred

Your average GW consumer?

>> No.24799308

>No, you overpaid for one game because you were too blinded by fanboyism and irrational hatred to see that you could simply use GW minis for Infinity.
I did indeed overpay on the 4e Tau Codex, box of Fire Warriors, and XV-88 Broadside. However, that was many years ago, and I am hardly bitter about it. I do like the look of the XV-88's guns, and it taught me how to paint. Meanwhile, I use the Fire Warriors for other projects. But that is neither here nor there, though I would hardly call myself irrational.

>...you could simply use GW minis for Infinity.
This brings up a point that I believe misses the target. Because then why use GW minis, and not just pennies or pieces of trash lying around the house?

My purpose of that post was to attempt to create a minimal (legal) army in 40k, and to take the cost, and see what I could get for the same price. An implication of that (which I referenced at the end of the post) is that they must be tournament-legal. While Infinity tournaments are quite a bit more lax on WYSIWYG, the models must be (quoted from the Kublacon requirements):
>Models must be Corvus Belli and 'representative' of the models being used, although not strictly WYSIWYG (so don't show up with Space Marines intending to play PanO knights or other such silliness)

Again, I was not including the cost of the codex/rules because it would sway the scales even more in favor of Infinity. As I said above, my purpose was to make a minimal tournament-legal army in 40k, and compare what I could get for the same price in Infinity. My comment was based on Tau Online, and other such fan sites which have publicly admitted to receiving C&D notices due to rules being written/shared. In particular, I think it was people posting stats of units.

>> No.24799377

this, a fairer comparison would be comparing infinity too GWs own skirmish scale games, Necromunda/Mordheim or the Kill Team modification for vanilla 40k both of which typically only have around 10 minis per side. Which you only really need 1 box of troops to get, maybe 2 if you want to start combining kits and getting fancy. Here the GW's individually cheaper minis (combined with free rules if your go necromunda/mordheim) make GW a significantly cheaper option for a full "army"

>> No.24799408

It has a higher tournament attendance because people who play YGO have nothing better to do. I've walked by my convention center when one was going on, I have no interest in ever being within 20ft of those aspies.

>> No.24799447

My disagreement with that is that those are secondary games, in the same vein as Pauper/EDH are for Magic (or at least, were). They are games where they looked at the original game, and said "What can we do to use less". They aren't what the game was created for, neither are they what the game is balanced for.

>> No.24799448

but he'd still only have a handful of minis His dollar goes farther with Infinity. And why can't he simply use Infinity minis for 40K?

Your reasoning is lacking.

>> No.24799598

I play Eldar and am going to wait to see if I get intrigued by the new models or not. I mostly just collect an army to paint it anyway. My group only played a half of a dozen 6th edition games or so and it really left a bad taste for 40K in our group.

>> No.24799625

Guys, Infinity and 40k are different games. It doesn't make much sense to compare them. Sure, 40k might be more expensive, but some people like it better, for whatever reason. The price isn't an absolute turn-off for everyone.

>> No.24799668


What the fuck? Everything about your post is mind boggling. He only has a handful of minis either way. So why not get the cheaper handful? His dollar doesn't go further with Infinity when Infinity doesn't require Infinity models. Why would he use Infinity for 40K when 40K has cheaper models?! It's not the brand of models that you use that matters, it's the price. You can't even wrap your tiny brain around that?

>> No.24799689


Your average wargamer.

>> No.24799709

>Because then why use GW minis, and not just pennies or pieces of trash lying around the house?

Why not indeed.

I love how people always bring this argument up AGAINST 40K but never FOR it. Ever figure some people WANT to pay for that shit?

>> No.24799804

I agree with this. I like how the GW models look. I don't like how the Infinity models look. I'll shell out a bit more cash for the ones I like more, especially when I'm not paying for books.

>> No.24799860

Personally, I like to go up and down, but some people like to twist a little at the end. Different strokes for different folks.

>His dollar doesn't go further with Infinity when Infinity doesn't require Infinity models
>>Models must be Corvus Belli and 'representative' of the models being used, although not strictly WYSIWYG (so don't show up with Space Marines intending to play PanO knights or other such silliness)

>> No.24799977



Especially when the GIRL does it like she's trying to give me a lap dance. Bitch, I didn't tell you to improvise.

>> No.24799990

>>>Models must be Corvus Belli and 'representative' of the models being used, although not strictly WYSIWYG (so don't show up with Space Marines intending to play PanO knights or other such silliness)

CB confirmed for being more Draconian Nazis than GW.

>> No.24800003


zero taste

>> No.24800016


>> No.24800021

PP does the same shit.
It blows my mind: They say that you can use 'representations' or do minor modeling jobs, but what are we going to model it with? You've got 1 model with 1 pose, or maybe up to 3-4 for certain mooks, and none of them come with alternate parts, nor are they available. What the hell conversions are we supposed to be doing?

>> No.24800035


it's a game not an arts and crafts expo, kid

>> No.24800071

It's a game about building a bunch of tiny figures, painting them up, and pitting them against a bunch of other tiny figures. I'd appreciate it if I can have more poses than cheesecake sniper holding a ridiculous gun one-handed.
It hurts my wrist just thinking about it.
Yes, I'm aware that's not the only reason my wrist hurts.

>> No.24800078

>War games are 3/4 modeling/painting and 1/4 actually playing
>More like 7/8 to 1/8, really
>Not an arts and crafts expo
Do... Do you actually play these games?

>> No.24800092


yes i actually PLAY games instead of sitting around making up fanfiction about the special characters i hand crafted with my paints and my plastic cement

>> No.24800102


You're doing it wrong.

>> No.24800135

I don't write fanfiction about 40k.

But seriously, do you just not paint your models or something? How do you play without painting models?

>> No.24800144


i glue them together and then i play with them until i am bored

>> No.24800177

What, were legos too mainstream for you? Or do you live in a place where creativity is outlawed, books are illegal, and noone is allowed liberties with their fun?
Jesus, you're probably one of those people who complain when people don't use the studio color schemes.

>> No.24800182


You've been in at least three threads I've read and have spouted nearly identical lines every time. Always with the "I don't write fanfiction about my plastic models" bit.

Could you stop trolling please? It's getting way too obvious. I'm not saying that this isn't your opinion but you're trying way too hard to get others riled up with it. Chill out, brohaym.

>> No.24800188

Rather easily and with vigor.

I mean, I'll gladly paint one to six models every week or two, but with the sheer numbers I need in 40k I won't have a pained army for several more years.

In the mean time, those models want some time on the table.

>> No.24800196

Make it go away...

>> No.24800213


nah it's just that if i want to be creative i'll play my instrument or i'll draw a picture or if it's a gaming setting i'll play an rpg. painting up little statues is kinda juvenile.

>> No.24800255

>painting up little statues is kinda juvenile
And playing RPGs is totally mature.

>> No.24800382

>Jesus, you're probably one of those people who complain when people don't use the studio color schemes.


No, I suspect they DO know how to make a good custom scheme and it's all just a sinister plot to blind their opponents for life with their hideous army

>> No.24800403


Slowly painting an army is much different from playing with unprimed plastic with no plans to ever improve the army's appearance past that point.

>> No.24800714


This is why I stick to studio/fluff schemes, I'm shit at coming up with color combinations, at this point anyway.

>> No.24800960

On the point of color theory, what the fuck is up with people using bright yellow as a color? Iyanden and imperial fists always look like absolute horse shit when painted by players

>> No.24803735

Necromunda and mordheim are entirely separate games with their own (though similar) rulesets in the same setting as the mainline game (40k and fantasy respectively).

I'll give you Kill Team, but its still a rule set mod for playing 40k as a skirmish game if thats what you want.

>> No.24803739

>one store
reading comprehension fail

>> No.24803751


>> No.24804138

I tend to stick to classical color schemes. But what about specific nuances? Some people will make noise about Ultramiarines not being the proper blue.

Really? Like there is a specific blue associated with Ultramarines unless the one in the pot or looking at a particular marine on a particular illustration?

Also, standard ultramarines are babyblue. That's for babies... or ponies.

>> No.24804454

Their policy is the opposite of what you're thinking it is. It only cares about the base model, not the actual loadout. So if I have an Intruder with a rifle, I can use it as one with a HMG in a tourney. Infinity is WYSIWYG only in so far as the individual midels must be the same base type as what you want to run.

>> No.24804585

So I've been attending my local GW store for a while now (UK) and they've recently told us they are no longer doing the Thursday night late openings any more due to low numbers, apparently a lot of stores are making this move now so is this something that GW is officially pushing for? or just isolated stores?

>> No.24804640

No, standard Ultramarines are Ultramarine Blue.
Because GW is all subtle like that.

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