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you know the drill.

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> you know the drill
What, the Krieg drill?

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No, the Kan drill!

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sup guys
looking for some BA list guidance
I have already

HQ librarian w/jump pack

Elites: Furioso with blood talons w/ optional magna graple (arriving via pod, of course)

2x sanguinary priest with jump pack

2 x assasult squad
(both 10 man, 2 meltas in each and SGT with powerfists and plasma pistols.)

What should i ad to my army?
(don't really want a stormraven)

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Chances of Eldar being good?

I want them for my ally army.

Also, can Tau/Eldar 'Magic' abilities target Battle Brother allies? I'd love a Guided Riptide.

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looking at the codexes so far,
all the armies that have been updated are now
better than they were, so chances are it will be
pretty good.

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in on this. You could always just use Divination and cast Prescience on your Riptide.

Currently running Eldrad, a 2nd Farseer, and Shadowsun with a Seer Council to get the Fortuned 2+ cover in the open, using Mind War and Shadowsun's 2 Fusion Guns on enemy characters. pretty good harassment unit, plus using Doom and Misfortune on an enemy unit really makes it easy for your gunline to wear them down.

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I hope so. The thing is, I look at Lizardmen (I know they are not 40k) and see how bad they are now. I then look at the High Elves update and I don't see how the High Elves update got through. Tyrion, Teclis, Swordmasters... Global Rules...

Anyway. Let's hope Eldar are good. I planned a 1500 Tau + 1500 Eldar army with 2000 IG + 1000 SoB on one of my mates custom boards (he does it for a buisness, but I won't mention names as /tg/ hates any advertising). Shame I'd need to pay another mate to do paint jobs, since I can't. He wants £600 + Models for a 3000 point army. Maybe £800 depending on what I get.....

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something that shoots further than 12", most likely
I would change one of your sanguinary priests to Brother Corbulo and have him protect a Tactical or Devastator squad in your lines

do allies interest you?

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Necron time:
Does anyone have experience with a shooty overlord? I'm thinking Tachyon Arrow (with Chronometron) to get First Blood and either Gauntlet or Light Staff (the guy would be my warlord, he shouldn't be in melee).

That would be the occasion to convert an overlord with a big-ass gun.

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At least one Tactical Squad would probably be a good pick. Your Assault Marines are useful but they're going to struggle to actually hold ground. A Tactical Squad in a Rhino can keep pace with them, soften up a target for them to charge with their bolters, then sit themselves on an objective and hopefully hold it against enemy counter-attack.

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Chances of being good? 70%
Chances of being different? 100%

I don't think they will keep Fortune, for starters.

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i can take 3 priests and it only counts as one elites slot man, so i can still fit corbolo in.
and if i'm adding an extra squad that makes it all gravy.


i do own a tac squad, how should i wargear them?

plasma gun and missle launcher/plasma cannon?

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So it is possible? I swear I read it wasn't on /tg/. But, if you can, Eldrad and a Seer Council could really help.

My 1500 Tau list was basically a list to table the opponent. With a new Eldar dex, I'd see if I could fill the Objective Holders with Eldar units, but the Eldars are mostly for buffing the shit out of x3 Riptides. While x3 Hammerheads support them. Made some nice lists.

Also, Aun'va can do some nice stuff.... Obviously Storm of Fire is useless on Eldar, but 6+ FnP could be useful.

Aun'va + x3 9-man Sniper Drones + 24" range = x3 Sniper Shots each, so 27 per group.....

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Eldar powers on Tau isn't possible.

Eldar powers on Eldar units that happen to be joined by a Tau IC is possible.

Divination on Tau is possible.

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Fortune is going to be their primaris.

It's way too intrinsic to eldar play, they would have to hugely buff the entire army to balance it out.

If you say to make shit cheaper by miles fuck you my basic transports cost $53.50 a pop I don't want to have to take 8 in an army. Plus I don't want my primary army jobbed to make your faggoty marines look better.

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Don't forget that Mind War now permits LoS and cover saves.

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what this dude said. you can get the effects of Guide by using Prescience, and Doom is a malediction, so allied units can benefit from it's effect. Honestly, a Divination Farseer is a great addition to a Tau-allied force. Misfortune alone makes your Fire Warriors 10x better. If your willing to spend the points, the Farseer gets a roll on the table for every power you bought in the Eldar codex, so you can get 5/6 off of Divination or Telepathy. Invisible Riptide, anyone?


how many points is your list?

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The funny thing is, Wave Serpents are pretty good in terms of rules right now. They're one of the toughest Dedicated Transports around, very fast, and offer good firepower. They don't need to be made better, they need to have their base points dropped by about 10, and their weapon options halved in cost.

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Latest rumours have them with a domain based around witchfire. Which I find stupid, but whatever.

Also, Chance would be WAY too powerful for a 6E power. If it stays, it will be Warp Charge 2 and longer ranged or Warp Charge 1 but Farseer's unit only (and reduced in power). Not Primaris anyway.

Mind War will probably become Focused Witchfire (which will make even less useful). Or disappear entirely, because we're at the point where Telepathy's primaris is just far better.

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this is true, but if you Scour the target, use the Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite, or another psyker with Perfect Timing, you can ignore cover that way. If you target their character and get a good roll on Mind War, your opponent will just use Look Out, Sir and you'll end up killing a handful of guys in the unit and maybe wound the character once, so it ends up good either way. If your going to attack at 12-18" range though, Psychic Shriek is a better option, I think

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I agree with that. I would like energy field buffed to be something useful now though. No one I know fields lascannons, let alone against Eldar and railguns got put to S8 now so there is literally 2 guns that Energy Field works against - lascannons and meltaguns. But if nothing changes except for vehicle weapons costs and Wave Serpent price drops by 10 I would have 0 objections or complaints.

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>Latest rumours have them with a domain based around witchfire.

Those weren't rumours. The guy who wrote them said they were just his speculation as to what we can expect.

We know pretty much nothing about the Eldar book at the moment.

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plus you can make it Invisible and Fortune it for a rerollable 2+

too bad it's not shooty enough to warrant such an investment, but a good tactic if you wanna bury some Banshees or Harlequins in the enemy line safely

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Aw, fuck.

Chance isn't staying in its current form anyway.

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>use witchfire as their psychic powers

I don't want another shitty tzeentch discipline. I want that page to be something I can be proud of.

Whoever is writing that book better not go full retard. Just make slight changes plz. I actually like our current book and don't need you ruining it.

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Librarian is 125

furioso is 125 (+ 15 if i use grapple)
priests: 2x 50 + 2x 25 = 150
(drop pod at 35)

2 x 10 man assault squad
work out at 250 each

so in total 935
i'd like to work toward a 1500 pts list

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>No one I know fields lascannons
>so there is literally 2 guns that Energy Field works against

To be fair, the shape of your local metagame shouldn't dictate the way the book is written. Energy Field is quite useful against a lot of things - anything with the Melta or Ordinance rules, plus Lascannons, Void Lances, Heavy Venom Cannons, Warp Lance, Fire Prism shots, Railguns...there's probably others I'm forgetting. It's a very nice special rule that has only become less useful in 6th edition due to Hull Points, which is why the base price needs to drop a little, but the rule doesn't need to change.

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>paying 190points for 5/6 of Divination
Dude just get eldrad. He costs 20 more has all of the upgrades forever, is ML3 and gets 4/6 divination.

ML3 with 4/6 > ML2 with 5/6 imo

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See >>24782890.

Given Ward and Vetcock have both released books recently, I'd say there's a 50/50 chance between the Eldar book being written by Kelly or Cruddace. Apparently, someone claimed they spoke to Phil at Games Day Chicago last year and he confirmed he was working on it, but we don't know how accurate that claim is.

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I'm a new player. Yesterday, my Chaos Space Marines played three games against Grey Knights.

The first game, I tabled him in 3 turns. Took about half an hour. I only lost 5 models. The second game was closer; he brought a Dreadknight, took out my Vindicator and Obliterators that screwed him the first game.

And then my Warpsmith took on said Dreadknight in challenge, went 4 rounds, and finally won.

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Man, I totally keep forgetting about nid high-S shooty stuff. It's not even like I don't play against nids either. I just keep forgetting they have Zoanthrope lasers of death.

Railguns are S8 now remember.

What would you like out of the new book other that what you've listed?

Can we into reasonable wishlisting thread?

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>Railguns are S8 now remember.

No, Railguns are still st10. They're just restricted to Hammerhead Tanks. Broadsides carry st8 Heavy Rail Rifles.

I'll do a bit of wishlisting in a moment, there's something I have to attend to.

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>serpent price needs to drop

How much do you think +1 side AV and Fast are worth?

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I think the Devilfish is also slightly overcosted.

Right. First of all, almost everything in the book needs a bit of a buff. At the moment it feels like most units need a Farseer supporting them in order to do their job adequately, which just doesn't work.

Bring Shruiken Catapults up to 18" range, and let Guardians take multiple Weapon Platforms - one for every full 5 models. That should make them a reasonable unit that can hold a backfield objective and still contribute some support fire. Avenger Catapults get buffed up to Assault 3, while Bladestorm is reworked to do...something else. I quite like the idea of forcing anyone that Dire Avengers overwatch at to move though Difficult and Dangerous terrain for their assault move, to represent them being forced back by the sheer weight of fire.

Rangers could probably do with being a little cheaper, but the rules don't need to change. Precision Shots, combined with their 6's to hit being AP2, makes them pretty good as is.

Something needs to be done about Banshees but I'm not sure what. Maybe Acrobatic allows them to assault out of a Transport?

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You know you might be right, if not for the fact that Wave serpents at a minimum cost 100 points and Devilfish are still mediocre.

Still, I like the value I get from my wave serpents. As long as they don't get worse I'm cool.

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You act as though 6th isn't a horde meta.

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Banshee Blades getting Ap 2 should really be a given.

They're designed to be fast Terminator blenders.

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Yea, that's true. Though the biggest problem with Banshees, at the moment, is their lack of hitting power against most things. The inability to assault out a transport, even a stationary one, plus overwatch, means you're rarely going to get a whole squad into combat alive and even then, st3 means they struggle without Doom.

Maybe Banshee Masks should shut down overwatch fire? They're always described as stunning their victims into paralysis and inactivity, so it fits thematically.

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I don't think the Serpent will be much cheaper. Maybe 100pts base if it loses the energy field, not below.

Keep in mind that the Devilfish has 3 access points, comes with 2 drones and can transport 12 dudes. Small but non negligible.

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Stopping Overwatch seems like a very good idea.

They already strike faster than their enemy target ( MEQ and TEQ ) so stopping overwatch WOULD make them deadly.

Honestly, I'd make something like the "Sidewinder" Assault craft.

a Wave Serpent with less guns, more access points, and frag launcher like things, probably more armor.

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It's a real shame Broadsides are S8 HRR.... They look fucking amazing. There is no point in taking them. However, High-Yield Missile Broadsides are pretty good at destroying hordes.

My list was:

HQ: Aun'Va - 100 Points
Troops: x6 Fire Warriors - 54 points
Troops: x6 Fire Warriors - 54 points
Troops: x6 Fire Warriors - 54 points
Troops: x6 Fire Warriors - 54 points
Fast Attack: x10 Pathfinders - 110 points
Elite: x1 Riptide with Ion Accelerator and Early Warning Over-Ride (Interceptor) and Velocity Tracker (Skyfire) - 210
Elite: x1 Riptide with Advanced Targeting System - 183
Elite: x1 Riptide - 180

Total: 999

While my 1500 was:

HQ: Aun'Va - 100 Points
Troops: x6 Fire Warriors - 54 points
Troops: x6 Fire Warriors - 54 points
Troops: x6 Fire Warriors - 54 points
Troops: x6 Fire Warriors - 54 points
Fast Attack: x11 Pathfinders - 110 points
Elite: x1 Riptide with Ion Accelerator and Early Warning Over-Ride (Interceptor) and Velocity Tracker (Skyfire) - 210
Elite: x1 Riptide with Advanced Targeting System, Counterfire Defence System -188
Elite: x1 Riptide with Advanced Targeting System, Counterfire Defence System -188
Heavy: Hammerhead with Submunition Shot and Disruption Pod - 145
Heavy: Hammerhead with Submunition Shot and Disruption Pod - 145
Heavy: Hammerhead with Submunition Shot and Disruption Pod and Longstrike and 1 Seeker-Missile - 199

= 1500 points exactly. Although some people allow 5 points over.

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What do you think about giving Eldar some shit that reflects their long war against the necrons? I mean the necrons have all their stuff reflect that they've fought us but we arent supereffective against them. Cron weapons are made to glance vehicles to death which gets around all our trickery and their flyers and whatnot are AV11 which is terrible to use lance weapons against.

Yeah, I agree with the SCata buff to 18", they are really bad right now.

Despite what some may say I actually like DA right now. They seem to be the most versatile of Aspect warriors and are fairly solid at drowning target enemy unit in saves especially when you have farseer backup. Remember that Cavalry and beasts ignore difficult terrain and aren't slowed by it so you may want to just have it halve or reduce charge by 3-6" on top of letting them shoot at BS1.

Rangers cost a tad too much for me to like, especially with how expensive pathfinder upgrade is. That being said if they only went down 1-2points I'd be back to considering them.

Banshees need A) AP2 at I. B) Assault out of transport, C) S4/Furious Charge D) All of the Above.
Its that simple really. D would of course make them viable. A would simply give them a role to fulfill in the Eldar army at all. C would actually make them good at killing shit when they don't charge.

How about giving it firing points? We haven't seen those on a flyer yet. Although that idea sounds completely retarded it would be hilarious to imagine what with vector dancer and impossible maneuvers being eldar jets' style. I can just imagine a jet flying full speed towards an enemy force, It going from 800kph to 0 in a splitsecond, Its passengers fire a volley of shots, the jet goes right back to 800kph as if nothing had happened.

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I was thinking more of just an assault skimmer craft.

But a stupidly fast flying transport with firing holes would be funny.

Call it the firefly.

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That works too. Those are 3 things I would like to see. Eldar transport with firing points ALA chimera or Rh1n0 (especially as they now FAQed it so that farseers cannot cast out of Wave Serpents we need this to play mech right). Eldar Assault Transport - anything will do. Eldar flyer - hopefully just the nightwing from forgeworld because that thing is awesome. Mostly just gonna hope that whatever we get doesn't suck a million dicks.

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How's this look for a Tau list? I posted it last night then the thread died before I got a chance to see what people said:


Aegis Line, Quad Gun (100)


Commander, 2x Plasma, Stimulants, Onager Gauntlet, Neuroweb Jammer, Puretide Chip, Iridium Armour (177)


3 Crisis Suits, Plasma Rifle/Missile Pod (156)

3 Crisis Suits, Flamer/Fusion/Shield (201)


Burst Cannon Turret, Disruption Pod (30)

Missile Pod Turret, Disruption Pod (40)

12 Fire Warriors, Shasui, Markerlight (133)

12 Fire Warriors, Shasui, Markerlight (133)

Fast Attack:

Remora (110)

Heavy Support:

Broadside, Velocity Tracker (85)

Broadside, Velocity Tracker (85)

Total: 1250

>> No.24783434

>giving Eldar some shit that reflects their long war against the necrons?

I don't think the stuff in the Necron codex is designed to act as a counter to Eldar stuff. It acts as a counter to pretty much everything. Oddly, I've actually found that the Nightwing Interceptor absolutely bends Night/Doomscythes over a barrel in dogfights.

>Despite what some may say I actually like DA right now.
Oh yea, they don't need to change a whole lot. They just need a bit of a buff so they can reasonably engage in a firefight with a chance of coming out on top. Point for point it's actually quite easy to outshoot them on turns they're not Bladestorming.

>Cavalry and beasts ignore difficult terrain
Beasts ignore it, Cavalry don't.

>> No.24783460

I love nightwings. I just feel that needed to be said. They are the most eldary eldar unit in the game besides possibly farseers.

Calvary just turn it into dangerous terrain. While it would make them I1 it doesn't slow them at all. Still a solid idea either way though.

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1750 p noob army list:

Chaos Sorcerer: - 195 p
2 mastery
Jump pack
M of Slaanesh
The Murder Sword
Aura of Dark glory

Dark Apostle: - 175 p
Mark of Tzeentch
Scrolls of Magnus


CSM: - 245 p
+5 models
Icon of Excess
2 CSM's change bolters to meltas
Champion has meltabombs

CSM: - 140 p

Cultists: - 185 p
+25 models
20 autoguns
3 'eavy stubbers


Rhino x1: - 35 p

Fast attack:

Raptors: - 285 p
Icon of Excess
Plasma gunx2
Power sword
Melta bombs

HELDRAKE: - 170 p

Eavy support:

Forgefiend: - 175 p

Havocs: - 140 p
2 Autocannons
2 Missile Launchers

Total: 1750 p

DA is with cultists and Chaos Sorcerer deeps in later with raptors. Thoughts?

>> No.24783671

You're probably better off using a Chaos Lord rather than a Sorceror if he's supporting the Raptors in combat. You'll get more use from the extra CC punch than the Psychic Powers. Similary, swap the Plasma Guns on the Raptors for Flamers and Meltas, and see if you can use the saved points to put some equipment on the squad of 10 naked Chaos Marines.

>> No.24783691

Flamers or Meltas, rather. Personally I'd run with Flamers and use them as a dedicated infantry mashing unit.

>> No.24783707

Find the points to get one of those hammerheads Commander Pimpstrike. He's probably the best 45 points you'll ever spend.

>> No.24783738

Why 1750?
My current LFGS plays at 1850 and the one in my old town plays 1500. I've never heard of 1750. Another new guy the other day was doing 1650 for some reason.

Anyway. I'm no CSM pro but I can see a couple flaws in there.
You have a squad of 10CSM with no special weapons. BS4 bolters may be good but they aren't good enough to take for the sake of bolters. Put a special weapon in there, makes the unit more versatile and increases general effectiveness of the unit.

Vehicle count:
1 Rhino
1 Heldrake
1 Forgefiend

Okay, If something is worth taking 1 of it is probably worth taking 2 of. Heldrakes and forgefiends come in pairs in case one gets unlucky with shooting or the enemy manages to down one.

3 vehicles isn't enough target saturation. Your rhino and forgefiend will likely be turn 1 or 2 casualties. Try to fit another forgefiend or a couple more rhinos or another heldrake in there just to give your enemy more targets to shoot at.

Flamers on raptors and a chaos lord instead of a sorcerer also sounds solid.
Meltas on raptors can be nasty if you're aiming to poke the rears of transports. Just be aware that getting that to work can be tricky if your opponent is good.

Flamers sounds about right unless you're only expecting to fight deathwing/draigowing or all MEQ that are possibly mechanized.

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>What do you think about giving Eldar some shit that reflects their long war against the necrons?

Terrible idea. Necrons are supposed to be an all but forgotten threat from the ancient past.

>> No.24783797


There are no Hammerheads.

I could swap the 2 broadsides for one with DJ Tau.

>> No.24783897

I want to create an army that comprises a bit of all races.

A group of renagade space pirates of sorts.
Including Astartes, tau, kroot,IG, eldar, maybe even some orks (as captured slaves / indoctrinated minions.

But the rule book doesn't allow it. This makes me sad.

>> No.24783939

>But the rule book doesn't allow it.

With the allies system and some imaginative Counts-As, you can get quite a bit of variety in your army. You just have to think outside the box a little.

>> No.24784070

Eldrad was around for that shit. Odds are there are several space elves old enough to have been there. Remember that up until Slaanesh started eating people Eldar reincarnated with all the memories of their past lives. Anyone who was alive pre-fall will remember the Necrons with 100% clarity.

>> No.24784107

I like this idea except for space marines. Max of like five marines.

You could run some heavily converted necrons as androids and nids as pack beasts. I think a dark eldar (lots of weird variety) and IG allies might work? Idk.

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My local store is holding a killteam tourney this summer, and I've decided that this is my calling for expanding from WHFB to 40K. Tau is where my mechaboo heart is, originally I was gonna go with a full 6 man team of stealthsuits, with one fusionblaster, after realising that the piranha has twice the dakka of a stealth suit and only cost 10 points more, I decided to include one, it also gives me some options with it's missiles. Anyway, I got a base list and two alternative variants that I'm still undecided on.

5x Stealthteam, one with Fusionblaster, Leader is a normal burst cannon suit w/ [Monster Hunter], fusion suit has [Tank Hunter]
1x Piranha, Blacksunfilter, decoy launcher (nothing else to spend the remaining points on), has [Shroud]

>Option A
>-1 Stealth Suit
>Leader suit gets FNP
>Piranha gets disruption pod.
Trades one suit for more survivability, I doubt this is worth it to be honest

>Option B
>-1 Stealth Suit
>Leader becomes a Shas'vre and gets Markerlight wargear
>Piranha gets two Seeker Missiledrones
Trades one suit for more specialized firepower, it allows sniping of those pesky heavy weapon marines with a plasmarifle or similiar, can reliably glance any vehicle that would be playable in killteam, ignore cover is huge

You also need to take into account that I could field 28 sniper kroots, but I wanna field mecha's damnit

>> No.24784469



Chaos Sorcerer Slethik: - 195 p
2 mastery
Jump pack
M of Slaanesh
The Murder Sword
Aura of Dark glory

Dark Apostle Kelardes: - 175 p
Mark of Tzeentch
Scrolls of Magnus


CSM: - 245 p
+5 models
Icon of Excess
2 CSM's change bolters to meltas
Champion has meltabombs

CSM: - 150 p

Cultists: - 165 p
+20 models
20 autoguns
3 'eavy stubbers


Rhino x1: - 35 p

Fast attack:

Raptors: - 280 p
Icon of Excess
Power sword
Melta bombs

Heldrake: - 170 p

Eavy support:

Forgefiend: - 175 p

Havocs: - 140 p
2 Autocannons
2 Missile Launchers

Total: 1750 p

I know that it could be better to switch sorcerer for lord but this is the fun part of the army.

>> No.24784548

Maybe Tau/Dark Eldar.
Tau, Kroot, Beastmasters, Harlequins, and Ssylth.

>> No.24784878

Not keen on DE.
Well their vehicles anyway.

>> No.24784910

Anything Eldar including DE and Harlequins would have a rule saying that they cannot be included in an army that has models with the Mark of Slaanesh or Daemon of Slaanesh rule.

Could be a cool idea to have a neutral party list that you could ally with but never be more than allies of convenience.

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What would be good additions to fill this BA list out to 1500? I currently have
Tac Squad with Plasma Cannon/Plasma Gun
Tac Squad with Multimelta/Flamer
Terminator squad with Assault Cannon
Devastator Squad with 3xLascannon & Plasma Gun (10 man)
Its about 850 points.
Thinking of trying to trade the Devs for an Assault squad if I can find a taker. I can't see them being too useful, and the army needs more assault if it's to be fluffy. Wanna get a few dreads, landspeeder typhoons & a stormraven for armour. Maybe a razorback for the plasma tac squad and a drop pod for the multimelta squad. Definately need some Death Company, are they better run with or without Jump Packs, cause I could put 10+Chap+Lib in a stormraven, though thats alot of points. Can Stormravens hold terminators?

>> No.24784987

Maybe dark eldar, take some jetbikes and their monster minis (forget what they are called)

And some tau I could take some kroot FWs and a cupple of suits and Hamheads.
(And obv a HQ from each. )

>> No.24784996

Storm Ravens can hold terminators. No list advice here though. I don't play BA.

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File: 382 KB, 673x436, blood_angels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Plasma Cannon in the Dev Squad sorry.

Can they assault when they jump out, cause they can't make a sweeping advance right? Sorry bit of a newb

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File: 563 KB, 1860x1038, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Putting in my order for the mans to fill this list tonight. Thoughts before I spend $200 on plastic?

Chaos Lord, Mark of Nurgle, Bike, Power Sword
Sigil of Corruption 122

5x Plague Marines, 2 Plasma Gun 150
5x Plague Marines, 2 Plasma Gun, Rhino
w/ Dirge Caster 190
5x Plague Marines, 2 Meltagun, Rhino 175

3x Chaos Bikers, 2 Meltagun, Mark of Nurgle
Champ - Metla bombs 113


>> No.24785400

1/10 Not using 2+ Heldrakes.
That looks like a solid list. How do you plan to expand it?

>> No.24785423

Help me make a fun army /tg/

Chaos Lord x2
Sorcerer x2
Biker x3
Cultists x 100
Plague Marines x 28
Rhino x 4
Chosen x 5
Obliterators x 4

Seems pretty straight forward but I'm looking for new ideas

>> No.24785429

Death company with packs are too expensive for what they are.
I recommend drop pods for them. Bolters are good too. As they are relentless.

>> No.24785485


You answered your own question
But seriously, for 1k points probably a heldrake and then pad out my bikes, over 1k 2+ heldrakes and I don't know what yet, I am used to playing 750-1k anways

>> No.24785486

Actually scrap that.
They are desperate allies.

>> No.24785511

A defiler or havoc squad with autocannons would be good to let you reach out with your firepower. As it stands you have to rush to respond to the enemy, never a good thing

>> No.24785557


Defilder is a sweet model, I will probably go for one of those after the heldrake

>> No.24785563

Obliterators are a solid ranged support choice too. You have some solid options.

>> No.24785574

Magnetize his torso for the love of god. Otherwise that model will break every time you take it somewhere.

>> No.24785635


will keep that in mind, thanks

>> No.24785747

This is for a Storm Wardens fluffy list from the Bangels codex. Thoughts?

Reclusiarch (160)
Storm Bolter Terminator Armor

Terminator Assault Squad (225)
5x TH/SS
LR Crusader (240)

10x Tactical Marines (185)
Sergeant w/ Power Sword
Rhino (60)
Storm Bolter

10x Tactical Marines (185)
Sergeant w/ Power Sword
Rhino (60)
Storm Bolter

Baal Predator (115)
Flamestorm Cannon

Predator (135)
Lascannon sponsons
Predator (135)
Lascannon sponsons

>> No.24785751

This man is right. 5 man Havoc squad with 4 autocannons is only 115 pts.

>> No.24786579

Been just focusing on painting for a while and I found people to play with
Here's what I got

Rune priest

X5 wolf guard termis - cyclone, 2 combis, TH/SS, chainfist

Crusader with the usual gubbinz

X10 grey hunters - 2 plasma, standard

X6 grey hunters - melts gun

Dread - plasma cannon

Comes out to 1000 thinking of picking up some long fangs and maybe thunder wolf Calvary to bring it up to 1250 thoughts?

>> No.24786777
File: 982 KB, 1680x1050, 542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the best way to start a small, but effective Space Marine force?

>> No.24786797

Librarian or captain and 2 tactical squads

>> No.24786825

So the rhinos can wait, right?

>> No.24786837

Space Marines
seriously, get tactical marines

>> No.24786850

Dark Vengeance. Tac squads are about 10 bucks on e-bay.
Short of that, play grey knights. You can have a 1000 point army of 15 models. It'll cost like 150 if you're smart.

>> No.24787112

What should i put in my Stormraven aside from an ironclad?

TH/SS termies?

I'm using vanilla SM codex.

>> No.24787131

What kind of tactical squad should I add to this list?
Or should I take scouts?
Or maybe even some devs?

>> No.24787134

Hey quick question. Are there any Terra imperial guard regiments? Never seen anything denying or conforming this.

>> No.24787167

put 11 vanguard in there with power fists and a chappy so you can cut down xenos

>> No.24787233

Building a Dark Angel army and I'm slightly stuck with a problem. My current list is

HQ - Librarian
+Power Field gen
95 points

Troops - 2xTactical Squad
+5 Marines
+Missile launcher
2x200 points

Elites - Deathwing Squad
+Assault cannon
245 points

Fast Attack - Ravenwing Squadron
+Power Sword
+Melta Bombs
100 points

Heavy Support - Devastator Squad
+4xMissile launcher
130 points

Grand total of 970 points.

Now, I was aiming for an ADL but falling 20 points short and I'm not really sure what I should remove without destroying the utility of another squad. Any input?

>> No.24787374

Updated nub list:


Chaos Sorcerer Slethik: - 195 p
2 mastery
Jump pack
M of Slaanesh
The Murder Sword
Aura of Dark glory

Dark Apostle Kelardes: - 175 p
Mark of Tzeentch
Scrolls of Magnus


CSM: - 245 p
+5 models
Icon of Excess
2 CSM's change bolters to meltas
Champion has meltabombs

CSM: - 150 p

Cultists: - 165 p
+20 models
20 autoguns
3 'eavy stubbers


Rhino x1: - 35 p

Fast attack:

Raptors: - 280 p
Icon of Excess
Power sword
Melta bombs

Heldrake: - 170 p

Eavy support:

Forgefiend: - 175 p

Havocs: - 140 p
2 Autocannons
2 Missile Launchers

Total: 1750 p

Chaos Sorcerer goes with Raptors (don't ask me why I think it's cool), DA is with cultists. Thoughts?

>> No.24788299

What CSM Warbands make liberal use of all Daemons besides Black Legion and Word Bearers?

>> No.24788364

How do I make a good looking Alpha-Legion Chaos lord?

I would want him to have that iconic "bone-dragon helmet" but I've got no green stuff skills, so I'm at a bit of a loss.

>> No.24788440

Warhammer Fantasy is a great source of CSM bits, check around those models.

>> No.24788467

Could you post a pic of what you mean?

>> No.24788513
File: 133 KB, 488x599, 488px-Alpha_Legion_Marines.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll do that. Any tips?

something along these lines

>> No.24788551
File: 20 KB, 148x139, SaurusChampHead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How's this? (Fantasy lizardmen head)

>> No.24788579

All four of the Cult Legions. They, plus the Word Bearers and Black Legion, are the only ones that really make wide use of them, AFAIK. Iron Warriors use lots of Daemon Engines, and Night Lords sometimes enslave packs of Furies, but that's about it.

>> No.24788602

that could work, yes. Though, I guess I'll have to file down some edges here and there?

>> No.24789142
File: 934 KB, 1012x756, 2013-05-12 22.36.58.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finished my very first greenskin. Looks surprisingly good after applying the shade. Not sure if I'll stick with that colour scheme, though, it looks a bit boring.

>> No.24789200

How many basilisks should I get for my Death Korp?

>> No.24789795
File: 124 KB, 893x729, Fallen 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm using the CSM codex to make a fluffy/semi-fluffy Fallen list, in making it fluffy I'd like to stay away from marks or things like forgefiends and helldrakes which would be too hard to model and justify. I'm aiming for 1000 points so I'm wondering on what to do with my lord and potentially add in another squad. Anyone have any input.

Pic is the first done model as a test.

Lord - 60 points

Contemptor Dreadnought, DCCW, Plasma Blaster – 220 points

CSM Squad, x5 additional CSMs, Plasma Gun, Autocannon - 165 points

CSM Squad, x5 additional CSMs, Plasma Gun, Autocannon - 165 points

Havocs, x4 Autocannon – 115 points

TOTAL – 725 Points

>> No.24789831

hey /tg/ i recent;y started 40k
and now my younger brother wants to start too.
he wants something fairly easy to play and fairly low cost.
he only asks one thing, that it not be space marines. (that includes derivatives and GKs)

>> No.24789843
File: 123 KB, 915x651, Fallen 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

side pic in case anyone is interested

>> No.24789850

Blood Angels

>> No.24789874

>not marines
do you even english?

>> No.24789878


>> No.24789916

maybe try Tau, or wait until Eldar get their update because not many armies fit that bill at the moment.

>> No.24790010
File: 76 KB, 240x400, 1-7183805-2659691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Exarchs = Stubborn, exarch powers are squad upgrades.

Farseer = ML 1, can upgrade to ML 3, may take 4 powers. Eldar powers are better.

Pheonix lords = -30%pts, Unit upgrade characters

Autach = +1 to seize initiative, Yriel+2, 2 aspect warrior units as troops.
DIre avengers =24" Assault 2 shuricats, Bladestorm is assault 3 or full bs on overwatch.

Guardians = min unit size 5, defenders get old avenger catupult and support weapon options(d-cannon/vibrocannon, ect), storm get plas/haywire grenades, option for 2 shuriken pistols.

Scorpions = stealth for 10pts

Banshees = furious charge for 10pts, ap 2.

Wraithguard = 45pts, FNP.

>Fast attack

swooping hawks = Skyleap = swoop like MCs, intercept = Vectorstrike with Haywire grenades.

shining spears = get s6 ap2 PW on charge, haave unwieldy maul afterwards

Warp spiders = Deepstrike with 1d6 scatter for 10pts, Enter reserves at end of asssault-phase for 10pts(roll deepstrike mishap table)

>Heavy support = BS4 for 5pts for all guardian units(falcons,warwalkers, ect)

Dark Reapers = skyfire and intercept for 35pts

Wraithlord = twinlink is optional, FNP

>Vehicle upgrades

Shock field = 15pts gives assault transport can not be combined with holo fields.

Holo fields = 25pts gives shrouding

star engines = 25pts may flat out in the assault phase

Shadow Weaver= unit hit is in difficult/dangerous terrain.
Starcannon=36" S6 AP2 Heavy 3
Brightlance= -10pts

>> No.24790087


Necrons. They just got a new 'dex, so you won't have to shell out for a new one anytime soon. You might be accused of cheese due to 'crons being above par on power level, but that helps with the being easy to play.

And hey, Ancient Egyptian Cyber-Skele-Zombie Terminators.

>> No.24790299

Dark Angels

>> No.24790709

So I just realized if I get a Helbrute from Dark Vengeance, a recast Forge/Maulerfiend kit, some magnets, and green stuff I can have a Helbrute with all the options for pretty cheap.

Ectoplasma Cannon as a Plasma Cannon, Hades as a Reaper Autocannon, one of the powerfists from the Maulerfiend for an additional powerfist, and one of the sets of lasher tendrils for a power scourge.

>> No.24792003

my brother wants to play CSM
doesn't want nurgle anywhere near his army.
so are noise marines better than khorne bezerkers?

>> No.24792019

didn't mean to quote there. whoops.

>> No.24792112

Depends on what you want them for, and who your HQ is/what mark they have.

Also for doing what?

>> No.24792190

well let's say
he want's to play chaos but nothing nurgle, how would he go about making a list?

>> No.24792358

I assume you're not asking competitively, but just for fun games, in which case the answer is almost whatever he wants.

>> No.24792390

Shooty chaos uses Standard CSM or Noise marines.

Assaulty chaos uses Khorne Marked CSMs.

Cultists are cheap objective holders/takers/more bodies, but Guard does it better.

BaleDragons are almost an auto include, most of the elite choices are trap choices, transports are moderately useful(godhammer landraider can be cool for assaulty armies, but is mostly crap.), and dual auto cannon forge fiends or Obliterators are the go to for HS.

>> No.24792398


>40k thread

>> No.24792617

This. All things have their strengths and weaknesses.
My Iron Warriors CSM are shooty as all hell and durable to boot, but fold in CQC and aren't very mobile.

I tried playing a competetive game at a GW earlier this week, I didn't have anywhere near as much fun as I do at my place playing with my friends on a corkboard table with lego terrain.
Heck, they told me to bring my own dice and templates from now on.

I'm just not really a competitive person.

>most of the elite choices are trap choices
Terminators are the best, though I've had mixed results with my Helbrute.
But the Terminator box set for chaos is just straight up awful, I wouldn't recommend it. Get some loyahleest termies and convert them. Same with the Helbrute unless you want to do some serious remodeling.

>> No.24792740

>Heck, they told me to bring my own dice and templates from now on.

seriously, you didn't show up at a store and asked to bum some dice and templates?

that's just plain rude

>> No.24792808
File: 90 KB, 873x627, m2390277a_99120103026_OrkBommer01_873x627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

picked this up as an impulse buy over the weekend.

was thinking of going dakka jet with an extra supa shoota.

Opinions on this?

>> No.24792858

I thought the store would have communal dice and stuff. Most other places I've gone do.

Also I was told to just bring my army down to play. (I always have my codex and rule books on hand on my ipod)

>> No.24792863

When are they coming out with Codex Blood Ravens?

>> No.24792875

>I thought the store would have communal dice and stuff. Most other places I've gone do.
I've never heard of this, ever. Most people don't mind sharing, but you should bring your own shit, yo.

>> No.24792880

templates is understandable, though photocopying the page from the rulebook (they still have that in there in 6th right?) isnt hard. He should get his own dice though. I've 'lost' so many to people who borrow them

>> No.24792890

They already did. It's called Codex: Space Marines.

>> No.24792951

Josh was here and Kyle is a loser
khorne > nurgle

>> No.24792971
File: 70 KB, 800x680, Renmilarms4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know why I bought these renegade militia now, they suck for posing and have their weapon sprue is even worse.

>> No.24793017

wehat the fuck is happening

>> No.24793195
File: 128 KB, 358x500, 1361084112350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(I always have my codex and rule books on hand on my ipod)

you're just trolling now aren't you?

>> No.24793198

>>24785069 here, what do you guys think of my 1500 Blood Angels? Bit light on armour I'm thinking, but pretty fast and choppy, with a bit of shooting. Are PWs on the Sanguinary Priests worth it? Thinking they might want to hang back and try to not die instead of rushing in
Reclusiarch (130pts)

Sanguinary Priest (90pts)
Jump Pack, Power Weapon
Sanguinary Priest (65pts)
Power Weapon

Assault Squad (215pts)
Flamer/Flamer, Retain Jump Packs, Power Weapon
Death Company (230pts)
9x Death Company Marine-Bolters, Hand Flamer, Power Fist , Power Sword
Tactical Squad (205pts)
Drop Pod, Flamer/Multi Melta
Tactical Squad (185pts)
Plasma Cannon/Plasmagun

Land Speeder (90pts)
Heavy Flamer/Typhoon Missile Launcher
Land Speeder (90pts)
Heavy Flamer/Typhoon Missile Launcher

Stormraven Gunship (200pts)
Twin Linked Assault Cannon, Twin Linked Multi Melta

>> No.24793825

I just have the .pdfs on there. Really handy for quick reference.

>> No.24793929

two problems

1) it will never be as fast as flipping through a physical copy

2) If your opponent wants to read your codex they are going to get cheetos dust and grease all over your touch screen

3) *bonus reason* If you ever go to a tourny, most require a physical copy

although you don't want to play competitively you will most likely try it once or twice. Hell i don't even play competitively anymore

>> No.24794868


I play at my house and use my computer. CTRL + F

It's faster than paper but honestly paper is superior 100% of the time. Fuck ereaders.

>> No.24795116

Wouldn't scouts fulfill that role too, with some minor differences?

>> No.24795205

I wouldn't use power weapons on one. Sure they're WS 5, but they only have a few attacks and you want to keep them safe anyway.

>> No.24795216


Scouts are garbage unless you take like a 5 man group or specifically taking them because of Scout/Infiltrate or something. Full squads with wargear cost nearly as much as tactical marines.

>> No.24795277

Yeah but they can also hold objectives well against ranged fire. Tacs would be good though for if the objective gets charged.

>> No.24795335


Yeah if you fully kit them out with Telion or cloaks they have that godly cover save, but at that price I figure there is enough anti-cover shit in the game that I would rather pay for the tactical marines.

I honestly think that squad is going to get obliterated either way if it's charged, because if they are charging your guys they are obviously going to be doing it with something better at assault than a tactical squad.

I consider abusing cover saves as a valid reason to take scouts.

>> No.24795397

Agreed, but the armor saves always help with staying power in an assault.
For my BA codex army I like having a Scout squad come on to nab objectives after my Assault Marines have cleared the area.

>> No.24795533


Nevermind, I didn't realize you were BA. Vanilla is actually pretty different since our shit can split into 2 groups of 5 and we have Telion and can autorun from assault.

>> No.24797387

I thought BA have Combat Squads and ATSKNF as well?

>> No.24797432

they have combat squads yes, but they don't have Chapter Tactics, which lets you autorun from assaults.

>> No.24798062

Anyone got any opinions on the Vulture? I'm buying one because I like the model, but I was wondering if they were actually useful to field.

>> No.24799392

Pretty flexible, weapon configurations for all occasions, think of it as a Valkyrie giving up transport room for more dakka
>Four multiple rocket pods
>Twin-linked punisher with 20 S4 shots fired TL at BS4

>> No.24799786

>It's faster than paper

with time and practice paper will be faster than Ctrl+F

>> No.24799995


You mean when you memorized the important pages? Which basically means you might as well have memorized the rules.

>> No.24800668

I need to take a tactical squad for ranged support in my BA army
How should I outfit it? Plasma gun and plasma cannon?

>> No.24800744


That's what I switched to. Used to run meltagun/ML.

Honestly as long as you aren't using a HB or LC you're good to go.

>> No.24800818

It's >>24783431 again

A question - for a "two of the same gun" commander what's better? Fusion Blasters for 2 shots at 18" at s8 ap1 or Plasma Rifles for 4 shots at 12" at s6 ap2?

>> No.24801077

Maybe I'd be better taking a dev squad 3 plasma cannons and a missile launcher?

>> No.24801466

Sorry a bit new to 40k, where do you guys buy your miniatures at? Is there any places to get them cheaper other than the actual GW website? I'm thinking about getting started up on an army finally now I have some money to spend.

>> No.24801557

>any places to get them cheaper other than the actual GW website
Not for long...

>> No.24801601


Miniature Market. You have to email them to request an order form which is in the form of an excel spreadsheet you fill out and email back and they bill you through PayPal checkout.

GW forced online stores to not offer shopping carts for their models.

>> No.24801611

if you are in the UK independent stockists are usually around 20% cheaper.

>> No.24801665


Not in UK, and this spreadsheet thing sounds kind of complicated... How about places like ebay/craigslist? Seems pretty legit.

One more question, how about paints, where do I get them for the cheapest? Preferably a whole set with some brushes.

Thanks guys

>> No.24801692

>this spreadsheet thing sounds kind of complicated...

Lol. You literally type in the number you want and it adds up your total then you just fill out your name, address, and how you're going to pay them.

>> No.24802601

ideally i would suggest a tactical with plasgun and plascan
AND take a dev squad with 2 plascannons a missle launcher and maybe a lascannon. just for versatility.

>> No.24802607

or popular at the minute is 4 missle launchers, but getting hold of 4 of them isn't easy.

>> No.24802689

Not bad for that points level but once you step up to 1850 most of that is useless

>> No.24802705

Dont get thunder wolves

Get a wolf lord on thunder wolf with thunder hammer and storm shield
Put him in a full unit of fenrisian wolves with a cyber wolf

you now have a massive wound shield for you lord that ignores terrain and will charge on turn 2
use wolves to get multi charges in and challange any chars with the cyber wolf while your lord smashes everything with his hammer

bonus points for giving him the oath that gives him an extra attack per wound he does

Charging scarab bases, insta killing them with the hammer for 3 extra attacks a base
Next turn you charge you have 30 attacks

>> No.24802841


It's easy if your tactical squads don't use ML. But then you won't have the dev backpack.

>> No.24802952

At least until after the libby/captain and 2 tacsquads. Do you have a chapter/theme in mind?

>> No.24802995

Can't show enquiring opponents with your memory.

Where do they ship to, what are shipping prices like and how much cheaper then GW's RRP are they?

>> No.24803011

>Mixing weapons in Dev squads
Bad move. You're better at specialising your dev squads with a single wepaon, and scattering other heavy weapons around the place. The reason people like Missile Launchers is you get the advantages of versitility (frag or krak) with the advantages of specialising (no-one shoots at unoptimal targets).

>> No.24803022
File: 975 KB, 1400x786, necrons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know the sucess rate of emailing UK/US distributors (such as miniaturemarket) and asking if they would ship to good ol' Australia? I know they aren't allowed to but if you need to send them a spreadsheet to order - whats the chance of them caring about GW's rules?

>> No.24803075

Well I don't have 4 of anything...
I have 3 PCs 2 MLs and 1 HB.
I have the parts to make either a lascannon or another HB. (HBs are pretty useless though.)

>> No.24803089


25% off. United States only. $5 shipping, free shipping on orders over $99.

>> No.24803099


Make 2 ML and leave 2 armless until you get more ML. Or don't run devs at all.

>> No.24803143 [DELETED] 

Been doing okay with my Deathwing, this is my current list (posted it a few times before).

Belial - 190 pts
Deathwing Command Squad: Assault Cannon, Standard of Fortitude, Champion w/ Halberd of Caliban - 330 pts

5 Deathwing Terminators: Chainfist, Assault Cannon - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Chainfist, Assault Cannon - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Cyclone Missile Launcher - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Cyclone Missile Launcher - 245 pts

Total - 1,500 pts

I want to bump it up to 1750 now though, just not sure what to add. I'm thinking of adding 2 venerable rifleman dreads, but I have about 60 pts left over I have no idea how to spend.

>> No.24803150

Been doing okay with my Deathwing, this is my current list (posted it a few times before).

Belial - 190 pts
Deathwing Command Squad: Assault Cannon, Standard of Fortitude, Champion w/ Halberd of Caliban - 330 pts

5 Deathwing Terminators: Chainfist, Assault Cannon - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Chainfist, Assault Cannon - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Cyclone Missile Launcher - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Cyclone Missile Launcher - 245 pts

Total - 1,500 pts

I want to bump it up to 1850 now though, just not sure what to add. I'm thinking of adding 2 venerable rifleman dreads, but I have about 60 pts left over I have no idea how to spend.

>> No.24803174

So what's the betting after all the complaining about biker seer councils in recent 40k editions the new Eldar codex will wallop them with the balance brush (to make new stuff desirable).

I've got half a seer council built as a small conversion project and would hate to see it useless.

>> No.24803211


Venerable is not worth the price increase.

>> No.24803331

Plasma cannons no good then?

>> No.24803361

600pt Deathwatch

Chaplain: 100pts

Tactical Squad: 90pts

Scout Squad: 75pts
(5) Sniper Rifles

Sternguard: 180pts
(6) Plasmagun, Heavy Bolter, Power Weapon

Sternguard: 155
(5) 2x Lascannon

using Centurious as a chaplain; POWER SKULL!

>> No.24803365

No. They're expensive and are only really good at hunting heavy infantry.

>> No.24803367
File: 218 KB, 1024x379, dw-600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot my pic :(
crap pic as i broke my damn lamp again

>> No.24803372

Working on a 1500pt Nurgle daemon list that I have yet to test.

Great Unclean One: Psyker Level 3, Exalted Reward, Greater Reward - 290
Herald of Nurgle: Psyker Level 2, Lesser Reward, Locus of Fecundity, Palanquin - 170
Herald of Nurgle: Psyker Level 2, Lesser Reward, Locus of Fecundity - 130

10 Plaguebearers: Plagueridden, Lesser Reward. Instrument, Icon - 125
10 Plaguebearers: Plagueridden, Lesser Reward. Instrument, Icon - 125
5 Nurglings - 75
5 Nurglings - 75

3 Beasts of Nurgle - 156

Fast Attack
3 Plague Drones: Plaguebringer, Lesser Reward, Icon, 3x Rot Proboscis - 171

Heavy Support
Soul Grinder: Daemon of Nurgle, Phlegm - 180

Total: 1497

The Exalted Reward on the GUO is going to be the Eternal Blade, and hes rolling for biomancy on all 3 psyker powers. Keeping the heralds, plaguebearers and GUO in reserve to deep strike next to the plague drones.

>> No.24803434

so against an MEQ list with TEQs they would be useful?
(assuming said list was low on vehicles.

>> No.24803445

Also, i play BA so they are 15 points in my codex.

>> No.24803447 [DELETED] 

Oh... well then I have 110 points to spend. Could probably take a third Dread with something, or a Librarian then.

>> No.24803459

Oh, well than I have 110 points if I don't take venerable. I can take another dread (not sure with what), or a Librarian.

>> No.24803469

Hey /tg/, fantasy guy thinking about trying 40k here.

I want a heavy fire power army, the sort that plants themselves on hills and destroys the enemy as they approach.

Do Tau fit the bill? I always liked them from a lore standpoint, and they were my favourite faction in Soulstorm.

If not Tau, who?

>> No.24803480

Tau are shooty would be a good choice.

Necrons are shooty too, but you need to spam flyers if you hope to win.

>> No.24803487

Tau for fun and a decent theme.

Guard for power gaming and balls of steel.

>> No.24803748

I guess you could make a Terminator Librarian with the extra points and have him cast prescience on one of the CML squads

>> No.24803796


Don't much care for IG's aesthetic to be honest.

Are Tau shooty like I described or are they mobility shooty ?

>> No.24803873

well most units are ranged shooty, but you will have to move them to an extent. (i think the basic troop has a range of 30")

some of the suits however have a rule where you basically fly towards the enemy blast him a bit, then move backward again.

>> No.24803912


That sounds good.

I wish there was a way I could try out armies before I pledge my money to them, but GW refuse to make it.

>> No.24803919

indeed, best thing you could doo is ask around your LGS to see if anyone plays tau, talk to them.

>> No.24804029


Ok I might give that a go, thanks anon

>> No.24804331
File: 135 KB, 1024x768, Railgun_usnavy_2008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The sad thing is that Heavy Rail rifle is now just a very expensive lascannon. I agree that it should have dropped down from 10 strength, and 9 wouldn't be enough, but settling for 8 with nothing to make up for it is too much.

They should have either untwinlink it and give it Heavy 2, or if thats too much, make it rapidfire 1 (if the metal bawkses makes it into rapidfire range they have already done their job).

Regardless, Broadside really needs S&P, they are even more static now than they were in the old codex and thats pretty horrific.

>> No.24805692

For making an Evil Sunz army, any recommended HQ's that I should have?

>> No.24805756

Warboss or Big Mek for fluff-I'd say a Big Mek though to keep the trukks running, and for that sweet 4+ KFF

>> No.24805793

What kind of Evil Suns list are you looking at running? If it's just a modified KoS, stick to the usual Big Meks with KFFs, and Warbosses on Bikes. If it's more bike-heavy, consider the Evil Suns Warboss from IA 8, or failing that... the overpriced Wazzdakka Either of which will get you warbikes as troops. From there, stick to a motor pool and vehicle-based army. Evil Sunz have less time to waste with slower elements, though you still probably want a pile of Lootas... probably in a Battlewagon.

>> No.24805806

This is my first army and I haven't exactly built it yet so anything is possible.

>> No.24805815

Though so far I do have a burna-bomma which is the only unit I currently have.

>> No.24805912

movie marines

>> No.24805913

Looking at the big meks, do I just want a standard one, or does the one with the Shokk Attack Gun work as well?

>> No.24805947

I'd say one with a Kustom Force Field at the least, then whatever second HQ you like the look of. A second KFF is good, but I don't see much point making your HQ a shooty unit (they're generally geared towards CCQ) like the Shokk Attack Gun. Perhaps a KFF Mek and a Warboss ( Wazzdakka) to make Bikes troops. If you want to run trukks as your troops I'd just take the one KFF Mek and maybe a basic warboss on bike

>> No.24805957

In all honesty I think GW is trying to move tau into a softer sniping army by toning down their S.
I think now the necrons have the most destructive weapons, but that makes sense.

Tau = range
Necrons = power and mobility

>> No.24805969

KFF for at least the first one. If you run two, then the second can have a SAG. But always take the KFF first and foremost. It's simply that good, in a footslog or motor pool.

>> No.24805990

Thanks whoever kept the threads up, I just wasn't able to get to my comp to keep them going, these things fill up quickly.

>> No.24806000

Is Wazzdakka a unit I'm going to have to search on Ebay for it seems?

>> No.24806038

I'd recommend switching the burna-jet over to the Dakka Jet.

Otherwise, decide on if you want bikes as troops or not. And if so, then try to use the named IA 8 Bike Boss. If you can't, then substitute in Wazzdakka. No matter what you run, try and get a KFF Mek for your Battlewagons/Trukks.

If you're not using Bikes as Troops, then go for 2 to 4 Trukk Mobs (always multiples of 2, they need to tag-team targets). And 2 mobs of 20 in Battlewagons. Preference of Shootas over Choppa/Sluggas, though 'Ard Choppa/Sluggas are good. Lootas in a Battlewagon (or on foot as a firebase). Burnas in a Battleagon are a fun 'fuck you' gimmick. Battlewagons get Deathrollas. Leave room somewhere for KFF Mek. Rokkit Buggies/Trakks, Dakkajets, Rokkit Koptas, Nob-Bikes to round out the remainder. If IA 8 is open for grabs (up to your LGS or friend's), then Big Trakks, Big Trakks with Soopa Kannons, Battlewagons with Soopa Kannons, grot tanks with grot zookas, and big koptas, are all viable things to add.

>> No.24806044

No. He's a named character on a bike. Effectively, a half-assed Warboss. You'd have to convert him, as no model exists. Or just get the FW named Warboss on a Bike and run him as a 'counts-as Wazzdakka' for games you can't use IA 8.

>> No.24806045

Which is retarded they are already durable as fuck and now they are the most most mobile, throw out the most damage and can still kill shit in melee thanks to royal courts.

What disadvantages do they have?

>> No.24806046
File: 109 KB, 209x193, Honking Intensifies.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, how does this 2k Grey Knights list look?

=HQ= [180]
Coteaz-100 (100)

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor-25 (80)
Terminator Armor-40

=Troops= [1680]
12x Henchmen Warband (140)
10x Warrior Acoyltes with StormBolters
2x Jokaero

=Heavy Support= [140]
Purgation Squad-100 (140)
2x Psycannons-40

>> No.24807159

Are you allowed multiple fortifications per FoC, or is it just one?

>> No.24807534

Bought enough foam board to make a 70 x 30 in playing board. It's white and I was going to paint over it with some green acrylic paint, any other creative suggestions? Also is 70x30 a bit too big and was foam board a good choice?

>> No.24807569

Im making a SM army. I'm thinking mostly technology with ties to adepts mechanics.

Ideas for a beginner?

>> No.24807587


>> No.24807612


Chaos Lord: - 172 p
Terminator Armor
Lightning clawx2
Mark of Khorne
Sigil of Corruption
Gift of Mutation
Veteran of the Long War

Chaos Sorcerer: - 160 p
2 mastery
Jump pack
M of Slaanesh
Aura of Dark glory
Force Sword


CSM: - 245 p
+5 models
Icon of Excess
2 CSM's change bolters to meltas
Champion has meltabombs

CSM: - 175 p

Khorne Berzerkers: - 154 p
+1 model
Icon of Wrath


Rhino x2: - 70 p

Fast attack:

Raptors: - 280 p
Icon of Excess
Power sword

Heldrake: - 170 p

Eavy support:

Forgefiend: - 175 p

Havocs: - 140 p
2 Autocannons
2 Missile Launchers

Total: 1746 p

Chaos Lord goes with berzerkers in a rhino, Chaos Sorcerer deeps in with Raptors. Slaanesh CSM are assault/anti-armour, the other group is all purpose. Heldrake is fuck yeah, Forgefiend is support from afar (and AA), as are the Havocs.


>> No.24807706

can somebody help me write a 500 point list for a CSM Khorne list?
a friend of mine wants to start that amy.

Lord as a HQ and 1 12 man Zerker as troops
anything more than that is up to you guys.

>> No.24807786

Why not Kharn?

>> No.24807798

Why not Kharn the Betrayer?

>> No.24807855

any major benifits of using kharn over a lord?

>> No.24807886

actually, not kharn he doesn't want to kill his own marines.

>> No.24807894
File: 537 KB, 1280x911, 1357283981185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you are gonna spend that many points on DC, take away the jumppacks and slap them in a land raider. Or you could give them the packs, put them with Lemartes, and put that in a Stormraven. Its like dante with his guard, but not.

>> No.24808258

Hey /tg/ Ive been trying to get stuff for cheap from Ukraine but for some reason its the same price.

Do I need to use a proxy or something?

Cadwallon DOT com

>> No.24810260

Kharn rerolls his misses on the first round of combat, and he hits and wounds on a 2+, has S7AP2 attacks on the first round and costs only 160pt. He's a solid budget glass cannon commander

>> No.24810310

>Chaos Lord goes with berzerkers in a rhino,
terminators can't ride in rhinos

>Chaos Lord: - 172 p
>Lightning clawx2
swap one for a chain fist if you keep his as a terminator or a powerfist if you put him in power armour

>Chaos Sorcerer: - 160 p
>Aura of Dark glory
give him a sigil of corruption

>Khorne Berzerkers: - 154 p
>+1 model
six guys isn't going to do shit, also lose the chain axes

>Raptors: - 280 p
you can only take 2 special weapons

>Slaanesh CSM are assault/anti-armour, the other group is all purpose
don't multi purpose units, have them dedicated to a cause

>Havocs: - 140 p
>2 Autocannons
>2 Missile Launchers
give them 4 autocannons, the difference in fire power is minute and you gain a few points

>> No.24810732

Independent char?
Also is he suitable for a 500pt list?

>> No.24810964

Possible, you need to give him an escort though and optionally a rhino. Anything meeting him in assault at that point level will be a bloody mess in a single assault phase

>> No.24811353

Is it acceptable to keep the burna bommer as a burna bommer instead of a dakkajet

>> No.24811368

So stick him in a squad of zerkers and dump them in a rhino. Still need another troops choice... Suggestions?

>> No.24811459

A small csm squad for ranged support?
Well that's what I'm thinking.

>> No.24811501

Honestly, at 500 pts, don't even bother with the zerkers. He'll kill anything he charges at that point level pretty much solo.

Much better to just put him with regular CSMs. At low point levels, putting more dudebros on the field is more important than having Cult troops.

>> No.24811654

What if he went to 750?
He really likes the zerker models.

>> No.24811699

Use them as regular Pistol+CCW CSM then.

People need to be less attached to the idea that a particular model MUST represent a specific unit. Every fucking power armored dood looks basically the damn same.

>> No.24811717

Actually scrap that.
Am I right in thinking regular CSMs with MoK/ whatever khorne upgrade are better at shooting and melee?
I could convince him. I think.

>> No.24811795

>CSMs with MoK/ whatever khorne upgrade are better at shooting and melee?
Yes + cheaper too.
its actually really dumb.

also then you can take Huron and infiltrate them in blobs of 20.

>> No.24811851

What's special about the Huron guy?
My knowledge is very limited as a new player. (I don't play chaos either)

>> No.24811859
File: 93 KB, 200x264, raidenonsteroids.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same person from yesterday, already have dark vengeance set. Decided to shave off the DA iconography from their pauldrons and anywhere where their icons are there. Using the blood red, Gehenna's gold, and Flash Gitz yellow and Calgar blue for their scheme for a custom chapter.

>> No.24811890

as your warlord he infiltrates d3 infantry units.

He is undivided, and a fairly decent HQ choice in his own right.

>> No.24811920


>Infiltrate 35 cultists with an apostle with burning brand


>> No.24811947

>>Infiltrate 35 cultists with an apostle with burning brand
You, I like you.

>> No.24811980

Ah, that's pretty cool.
How should one outfit a 10 man CSM squad?
(Preferably items in the box)
It's his birthday on Sunday so ill get him a box of those. I do have some SM parts I could throw at him though if you know if a better way to outfit them?

>> No.24812026


Personally I'd give them close combat weapons with a flamer and put them in a rhino with maybe a plasma pistol.

>> No.24812403


Split your henchmen into 6 squads and give them all transports. If you're going to run low amount of troops on foot, you're better off going with Crowe and Purifiers or generic GKs. Don't take Purgation Squad or an Inquisitor. Take Dreadnoughts with TLAC arms, Dreadknights, and/or a Vindicare.

>> No.24812433

>mfw my CSM opponents never run Huron Blackheart whenever I play my Astral Claws led by Lugft Huron

>> No.24814669

Do that. The other options, while orky and fun are pretty meh. Dakka Jet with the extra supa shoota + Fighta Ace(?) + WAAGH = Something very dead.

>> No.24814953
File: 19 KB, 438x109, MY FUCKING SIDES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Captain Al'Rahem, troll of the century
>captcha hilariously related

>> No.24816513

Guy from earlier, for my Evil Sunz HQ's is Big Mek with KFF and then a weirdboy fine?

>> No.24816875

>autism, the image

>> No.24817566

As an Australia putting together a coolcast order , I feel like a kid in a candy store.
Except all the candy costs fractions of a cent each and I have the wages of an adult at my disposal

>> No.24817755

I really want to use the Hades Breaching Drill but I've heard it is badwrongfun. I mean, you're only paying 30pts over a normal (shotgun) vet squad for deepstriking AND the drill of doom.

>> No.24817908


I felt the same way placing an order at Forge World because I'm not poor.

>> No.24817911

>painting the inner portions of that complicated multidrill

Have fun with that.

>> No.24817957

>implying I'm not scratch-building the drill

>> No.24822236


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