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Alright teegee, i need help coming up with a good color scheme for my Only War regiment my group is going to be a part of.

They are the Sarkaran 8th special recon. Originally made up of the Sarkaran 7th Recon and the Sarkaran 12th line infantry, They ended up getting rolled together after attrition vs Orks took it's hold, as well as a few other shattered squadrons.

They specialize in stealthy insertion, recon, and covert assaults. They took the camoleoline special equipment doctrine, so they all get camo cloaks.

They come from the hive world of Sarkaras IV in the north of Segmentum Solar, near Ryza. They are pretty diverse due to being a mashup of a bunch of stuff, pretty much my justification for having a single stormtrooper, psyker and ogryn in the same squad.

I need a scheme that looks cool with cloaks, essentially. Any help?

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Gut instinct says to go OPERATOR and give them camouflage appropriate to their favored combat environment.

Can we also has Only War general in here, since the last one is dying in autosage?

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Works for me. OW General in here!

Any suggestions for the camo? Anything different on the armor than the cloth?

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Where do they operate most of the time? Forests? Urban? Desert? Arctic?

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Maybe Codex grey armor with green camo cloaks? There's one of the Forge World books that mentions stock standard flak armor comes in Codex Grey, if the Regiment were hastily resupplied after so much attrition they might be wearing new armor that hasn't been heavily customised yet?

Also Only War general. Just finished my new Regiment using HotE - 1st Redemption of Vaxanide Spyrers 'Spyre Hunters'.

That's right. Fucking Spyrers up in your Only War.

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See thats the thing, they are from a hive world, so they kinda take survival penalties outside. WE have not actually played yet, but the conflict that lead to their regiment creation was on a temperate world. Some forest, maybe some snowy/icy places too.

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Probably urban camo, then. Gunmetal and other subdued colors.

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Ouu, i actually like that idea a lot! They can adopt a scheme as they go!

Also, what is a Spyrer, Anon?

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Necromunda gang, hive world nobility who descend to the underhive to hunt gangers. Pic related.

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Is Spyrer one of the necromunda houses? Or do they just get a kick out of going down there and murdering the poor gangers.

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Spyrer was Underhive slang for 'Spire Hunters', all the noble houses of Necromunda would send young nobles into the underhive to hunt as part of a rite of passage.

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>they just get a kick out of going down there and murdering the poor gangers.
Pretty much this.

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Well thanks for clearing that up.

Anyways, i have always been a fan of alternate lasgun patterns like pic related, so i made a variant on the M36.

Called it the Sarkara Pattern Mk IIX Lasrifle, Give it quick eject clip, smaller clip size and extended barrel. I am just not sure how to make it look. I am a fan of the Mars and Lucius patterns though.

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A long flintlock rifle.

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Has anybody run the adventure that comes in the core book? I figured it would be a good intro to the game but i thought i would ask.

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It's a broken mess full of inconsistent stats. You're better off using the one from e GM Screen.

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Yes. Thanks to a psychotic GM, his psychotic Commissar GMPC and a Genestealer statted from the Deathwatch book our squad never made it to the Refinery, let alone saw a single Ork.

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Ah shit, no good then eh? Any idea where i can get a scan of said GM screen?

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The best part about the GM screen adventure is stealing a tonne of motorbikes and turning your Regiment into a biker gang. Which is what we did.

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I didn't mind it. The basic thrust of it, that your squad is traveling to a refinery, is fine, the hooks on the way there are fine, it's just that one of the encounters en route to the refinery is about 10x harder than a refinery full of Orks.

Also, it's meant to be a jungle world, but you're given a Chimera to get to your objective, with is objectively stupid, since it's hard to drive a chimera through the jungle. This lead to my squad trying to gamble our chimera on a game of dice with some Brontian Longknives, which failed, miserably.

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Hammer of the Emperor

Homebrew doc

Core book

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You are under Inquisitorial mandate to reveal information regarding the genestealer infestation.

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Ok. This is the story of the 1st Hazeroth Penal Legion's disastrous deployment to Skrrnne.

Things started well enough. When you're a gang of extremely violent psychopaths on combat drugs being dropped into the middle of an Ork attack is no big deal.

We got the run down on our mission and immediately went to get high. Just by way of background, our regiment was drawn from Sheol and Kommitzar, the two Penal Colonies in the Hazeroth sub-sector. Inmates on Sheol are kept confined to their vacuum suits permanently, and shackled to the exterior of an asteroid where they work. If they fuck up, they're jettisoned into space. So we could be forgiven from wanting to enjoy our new found, heavily armed freedom.

That involved trying to gamble most of our equipment. That was our first clue that the GMPC was going to be a complete arse because he promptly executed one of our comrades for it.

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So then we had to walk to the objective. We'd been issued respirators as part of our standard kit, but the GM's Commissar, who was inexplicably from Kreig, demanded we wear them, even though we didn't need them. He also had a respirator failure table that we frequently rolled on. Inevitably, someone's respirator failed and the character started to suffocate. The Commissar executed him, for failing to maintain his respirator. At this point, I decided to nominate myself the squad's scout so I could range ahead and be nowhere fucking near him next time someone had to get executed. Once I was out of visual range, the Commissar informed everyone I'd deserted, and would need to be executed on sight.

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So, I should probably mention, I'd decided that my character was basically Riddick. He rolled with photo-contacts and a pair of mono knives and ditched his las gun because it slowed him down.

I come upon a Skrynne PDF listening post, and find all the soldiers therein quite badly chopped up, I immediately assume Orks did it. Then I'm like, you know what, fuck this guy. I'm going to set my own ambush here and kill the GMPC when he shows up so we at least have some small chance of making it to the objective and not being executed back at base anyway. This is difficult to do, since you can't co-ordinate something like that without the GM knowing about it.

So the rest of the squad catches up, and starts investigating the listening post. The Commissar declares that I'd obviously gone rogue and killed everyone, and has the rest of the squad fan out to start searching for me.

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I've acquired a bow, because Rambo, and am hiding in the trees about to snip the Commissar when another character has a genius idea. He runs up behind the Commissar and pulls out the hose from his gas mask. Then he makes a Charm test to try and convince the Commissar that since his respirator is broken, he should kill himself. The rest of the squad is pretty much split down the middle on this, half are declaring that it's a ridiculously stupid idea, because they're convinced I'm hiding somewhere waiting to kill them, the other half are egging on the Commissar to obey the Glorious Emperor's mandate on compulsory respiration and kill himself.

I take the opportunity to drop down from the trees and sneak up behind him.

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>I'd decided that my character was basically Riddick

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How could this not work? Clearly your GM was a dick.

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So the Commissar starts gesticulating wildly but can't talk because his respirator is disconnected, he starts fumbling for his Bolt Pistol, which was worryingly the best gun in our entire squad because we all made very poor equipment choices and or gambled away our equipment, so everyone draws a bead on him and we're in this sudden mexican stand off. The GM slips me a note to tell me that from my angle, which is the Commissars, there is something in the jungle moving, that only me and the Commissar can see...

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>I take the opportunity to drop down from the trees and sneak up behind him.

*grabs popcorn*

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No wonder it went to shit, your GM seems like he was heel bent on fucking the mission up with his shit GMPC. Was it at least fun? BEcause it sounds incredibly frustrating. I would tell my GM to not be such a cunt

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I hope you killed the Commissar and took his gun. Because that's clearly the logical response to this situation.

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*hell bent, i am retard

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I creep up behind him, put my knife to his neck, and the GM slips me a note to tell me exactly what it is I'm seeing. So I reach down, reconnect the Commissar's gas mask, just in time for him to scream "XENOS!" But it's just slightly, too late, this fucking Genestealer bursts out of the undergrowth and attacks. Everyone who can opens fire, I release the Commissar and realize, I have absolutely nothing to fight a genestealer with. So I do the only logical thing which is trigger my frenzon injector and rush at it with my knives.

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Please continue as I LOVE story time. Also, this sounds amazing. Unless thats a genestealer in the jungle.

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I once forced my party to wear respirators in their adventure, but that's because they were travelling through the Beijing level smog of a lower hive level. They took some damage if they didn't wear it, but no one died because of it.

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Same here. My players have respirators, but that's because the planet they're on has canyons full of heavier-than-air toxic gas that will kill them without them, so carrying them is a reasonable safety measure.

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One time our Ogryn ate a laxative tablet.

Not even the re-breather saved us

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>So I do the only logical thing which is trigger my frenzon injector and rush at it with my knives.
>yfw they have a stand off, predator versus predator

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I can kind of see what your GM wanted to do with the Commissar, but damn, he really didn't know how to do it.

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I must stress, this Genestealer wasn't the slightly easier Dark Heresy version, it was statted from the Deathwatch book and was brutal. It killed someone in the first turn it attacked, who also happened to be holding the only demolition charge we didn't sell. It pins me down, which means next action, I'm going to be a genestealer spit covered puddle. The GMPC keeps blasting at it, obviously not caring wether or not he hits me, which thankfully he doesn't, when he gets an excellent idea. He decides to detonate my explosive collar.

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Is it bad that I really want to do a Scintillian Fusiliers game as a Line Infantry regiment from Scintilla and play a fucking Ogryn?

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What an anti-climax.

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>The party's face when

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The very definition of a bad GMPC: Stealing the limelight from the actual players.

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So I've got action left to do something, maybe an action and a half if I'm lucky. I've got a blind grenade, which I detonate right in the genestealer's face - which happens to be right in front of my own face - did I mention I was wearing photo-contacts? Because the GM didn't forget it. I not only temporarily blinded the 'stealer, I PERMANENTLY blinded myself and took a wound in the process. Then, I try to make a very hard tech use test to remove my collar before the GM detonates it, which I manage to do on the only lucky roll I'd got that entire game. The Genestealer lashes out blindly and by some miracle, misses me, I go to attatch the collar around it's neck, but because I'm blind, I actually attach it to one of its arms. The GM detonate it and takes the 'stealer's arm off, which is enough to make it retreat temporarily. There are three of us left, including the GM. And I'm blind.

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Make sure that he too has a big-ass tricorne hat and powdered wig.

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Wait a minute, don't photocontacts also protect against flash grenades?

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Must have been shit quality contacts
Or shit quality GM

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Only if they're Good quality

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I was about to say the same thing, photo-contacts stop blind grenades working on you.

I call bullshit on this GM, he deserves a kick in the balls.

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Ahh, yea... cock.

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The Commissar tries to tell us we need to return to base and inform command of the impending Tyrannid infestation, but neither of us is particularly interested in that. His bolt pistol needs reloading, but he's still got a power sword and I'm unarmed, injured, blind, and the other guy has the worst BS of the entire squad. So I pull the pin on a smoke grenade, hoping to even up the score. The only sound in the jungle? The wheezing of his respirator. I throw my knife at the source of the sound, and with divine justice, and tags him square in the chest.

We left him there, to get eaten by the Genestealer.

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Why the hell would you gamble away your equipment? That shit's your lifeblood.

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obviously to get better dru-I mean equipment

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Of course, that mother fucker wasn't going to let us off that easy, or rather, me. We start heading back to base, which we're 2 days away from at that point, when Terror Cats attack, which was basically his Falling Rocks moment.

We scramble up the nearest tree, which was only going to provide a brief moment of respite, because Terror Cats can climb trees better than we could. They're circling the tree, and you know, I know I should have sacrificed myself. After all, I was the one who was blinded and injured, my bro had done everything he could to help me and lead me back to base, he should have been the one to tell Command about the Tyrannids, he should have survived.

But I grabbed the detonator from the demo charge anyway. Then I pushed him off the branch and triggered it.

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So your GM decided to take the initial adventure, add in a psychotic commissar to ruin the fun of being penal leigonaires, and then make it about tyrannids?

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Yes. Basically.

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We wanted more Slaught.

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And deeeeen?

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The explosion killed the guardsman, the terror cats, and felled the tree, which I was pinned under. I considered, briefly, hacking my own legs off - which would have pleased the GM to no end. I had a fate point, and thought I could have tried to lift myself clear, but then I thought, shit, it's only a tree. So I start whittling at it with my mono knife. Big mistake, because he starts to describe to me how I can hear something moving through the jungle. I realise, I'm going to get killed by that Genestealer anyway.

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What the hell is a terror cat?

>> No.24778058

It's related to the yellow dragons of Gigigantis

>> No.24778059

ok so it's a cat right
but it's real spooky

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That's when I hear it - wheezing. Like fucking Darth Vader. The GM was making that exact noise in between fits of juvenile laughter. He'd brought his Commissar back from the dead.

The Commissar staggers through the jungle. He's holding the head of the Genestealer in one hand, his bolt pistol in the other - all description that's completely lost on me because I'm fucking blind. He stands over me, and I say:

"Would it help if I put my respirator back on?"

The rest of the group is in open revolt at this point, and is periodically throwing cheetos at him.

I say, "Please sir, I want to die in the Emperor's good graces, could you put my respirator back on before you grant me His divine penitence?"

He lean in real close to me... and I use that last fucking Fate point to plant my shiv right in the cunt's eye socket.

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The Emperor approves this course of action.

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>no options to play Ultraguard in this book

I wanted to badly. Ultramar fascinates me.

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The Commissar's power sword made short work of the tree I was trapped under, then I half crawled, half walked back to the base - a task that took a lot longer between the constant very hard surface navigation tests the GM kept making me take. I spent a day walking around in circles at one point.

I made it back to the cheers of the group, carrying the genestealer's head.

The base commander immediately executed me for coming into contact with a Genestealer.

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Your GM is terrible. I hope you never play with him ever again.

>> No.24778398

Fortress World with a hate-on for nids, Maverick commander, your choice of regiment style, pick elite doctrines, done, easy peasy.

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fucking ultrafags

>> No.24778408

What a prick.

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Jealousy is so unbecoming.

>> No.24778440


We voted on a new GM after that.

The next week, I showed up to the game with a new character sheet and the new GM starts a briefing on our squad's mission.

Apparently one of our Regiment's squads was sent on a routine mission to garrison a refinery complex when it was attacked by an unidentified xenos. At that point, an Ordos Xenos inquisitor walks in and says "There was only one survivor, and he'll be accompanying you on this mission."

The GM hands me my last character's sheet - with 1000 experience points and a set of good craftsmanship cybernetic eyes added.

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aw yeeeeaaaa

>> No.24778473

just create the regiment yourself you...you double heretic

>> No.24778508


I love happy endings

>> No.24778560


Because it makes any sense at all to kill the one person there with combat experience against what there are assuredly more of on the planet.

>> No.24778606


I guess 40k is replete with examples of survivors of xenos contact being executed - but yeah, it was a dick move.

>> No.24778614

I guess the justification would be that he might have gotten infected?
That doesn't really work if there was only one and he has its head.
If he didn't have sure proof of the kill, then I would indeed have him executed.

But then, Penal Legion guys ain't gonna get no chances to procreate in MY regiment. They're gonna be too busy getting dead

>> No.24778784

Anybody made an Agri-World regiment yet?

>> No.24778818

OP here, this thread has been awesome, but i am fucking tired. If this thread is still up tomorrow i will keep a'postin. Night, loyal servants of the emperor.

>> No.24778834

Haven't you read Ciaphas Cain? If your survival story seems too weird and unbelievable, and your memory isn't clear, it's likely you WERE infected.

Oh shit. The commissar was probably infected as he killed the genestealer. So your character saved the imperium.

>> No.24778860


Move over Ciaphas..


>> No.24778996


This is actually exactly what had happened. The old GM had a fucking massive hard on for the Death Korps - the character he rolled when he wasn't GMing anymore was, predictably, a Krieg Guardsmen disgraced and sent to the penal legion.

But the new GM, in an ultimate act of mind fuckery, decreed that the Genestealer cult on Skrynne had taken hold amongst the Death Korps because under their gas masks, they could conceal the changes to their genotype longer.

We ended up uncovering this on our next mission, just in time for the first spores to start dropping over the planet. The Death Korps Cultists took over a communications array to prevent us getting word of the impending invasion off world, so we ended up having to trick a horde of Orks into attacking it, distracting them long enough for us to sneak inside and a send an urgent message to the Battlefleet to respond and bombard the planet.

It left us with an interesting hook too - if the Commissar was a genestealer hybrid, then why did he kill the genestealer?

The new GM left some clues that something else, something worse did. But we never got to find out, because the entire planet was cleansed, with us barely escaping on a jury rigged shuttle.

>> No.24779159

That was a masterful tale, anon, thank you.

And your original GM was a dick, please kick him in the balls on behalf of /tg/.

>> No.24779289

Not yet.

>> No.24779305

>Segmentum Obscurus

>> No.24779343

Probably got there through the Jericho Maw.

>> No.24779396


Makes sense.

Imperial Navy is so fucking incompetent I wouldnt bet against the possibility of a few nids sneaking through

>> No.24780015

So I hear there's actually rules now for adding Ogryn-Proof as a weapon customization?

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About damn time (though admittedly I'd always assumed somebody with Trade Armorer could do it with a test and some time to work)

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Last bump for tonight; keep 'er alive, friends.

>> No.24782034

Does anyone want another Only War story time I ran last night? It doesn't have a conclusion yet though and it's nowhere near as good as the last one.

>> No.24782042

It's a new day and I want some feed back. I'm planning on running a game soon set on a pleasure world thrust into an apocalypse when a slaaneshi cult instigates a planet wide rebellion. I'm going to offer the PC's their choice of regiments involved in the campaign to reclaim the planet and so far I've come up with these two and would like some feed back.



>> No.24782101

Not Ultraguard - Maccragge PDF - the Guardians of Maccragge!

>> No.24782104

Is that even a question?
Yes, please tell us.

>> No.24782112


We always want storytime

>> No.24782123

Yes, I know. They don't technically tithe to the IG either.

>> No.24782244

I was thinking of trying to make a regiment based on quick hit and run tactics utilizing bikes, but I don't know where to start.

Hiveworld possibly, perhaps Mechanised Inf. and replace the Chimera with a Bike / PC. How does that sound?

>> No.24782281

Imperial World, Light Infantry, Cavalry Mounts.

>> No.24782307


Would a bike count as Cavalary Mount, I thought it was only for horses and the like.

>> No.24782326


And why Imperial World/Light Infantry?

Hiveworld gives a +3 to Agility if you choose it, Mech gives another +3 and also Operate (Surface)

>> No.24782489

Ok so. Yesterday afternoon I went along to my FLGS with my bro because he wanted to pick up booster packs for a certain card game. I don't really play much, so instead I browse the game books available. I was looking at the new Hammer of The Emperor (is it any good by the way?) and he notices.

Now this guy doesn't know 40k at all. He knows it has spesh mahreens and orks, but that's as far as it goes. He's also in my weekly RP group, but we've only ever played fantasy homebrews, exalted and WFRP 2nd ed.
He asks what I'm looking at.

I explain the best I can that it's sort of like Brothers in Arms, or Black Hawk Down, but in space, because that was genuinely the only way I could try and put this to the guy. He's a "normal" and a "casual" by /tg/ standards and is of the majority of people who regard WH40k as one of the most grognard hobbies around, despite the fact he roleplays weekly (though never gets into it much)

"Cool, let's play it tonight." Oh dear.
>I have to run Only War, a book I have owned less than 10 days
>In two hours
>For my casualbro whose favourite game is the CoD series
>The other guy in our game group who thankfully knows the 40k setting and plays with us weekly on a more serious level
>and another guy, who has NEVER roleplayed before, but CasualBro thinks it would be good to invite him

GM Hardmode, let's go.

>> No.24782511

Mechanized comes with heavy armor and big rifles.
Not what I would expect in bikers.

It is what I used for the regiment I came up with. They just weren't from a Hive.
So it's +3 WI, +6 Ag (+3 for Light Inf, +3 for Imperial World), -3 To.

Essentially they are mobile scouts and skirmishers.
Yes, they could have more stuff.
But I don't see a reason to give the whole group heavier gear as that just means the combat encounters will be marginally harder to compensate.
It felt like the right thing to take the existing rule for extra mounts in non-rough riders regiments and go from there.

The lack of Operate(Surface) is not a problem. You only need to test in difficult situations anyway. So as long as you don't ride a motorbike into combat, you're fine.
Or you just buy the thing for cheap.

>> No.24782548


You'll probably spend the whole night working through chargen and regiment creation anyway.

>> No.24782598

we head back to my place, I grab the corebook, and GM kit (reference screen, and a 6/10 barebones premade) and we go to CasualBro's place to play because his parent's are away and it gives us a lush, middle class dining room in which to play with hearty snacks on hand throughout.

Casualbro is obviously already there, and whilst he goes through the boosters he bought earlier, I swot up on what I'm likely to need and what I can use of this premade.

Cards done, casualbro is ready to roll up. We've played 2nd ed WFRP before, so he knows the percentile system, and I only have to explain aptitudes to him, which is a blessing. I houserule aptitudes, allowing them to buy skills and traits for a lot cheaper than they should be, because hell, I didn't see them surviving anyway.

He rolls up a Ratling Sniper. Ok. I can deal with this. He takes lightning reflexes amongst some others, solid projectile sniper rifle, and lands himself high BS and Fel.

The next guy arrives. Let's call him Newfriend. He's never played roleplaying before, except a haphazard trip into 4ed he joined in on last year with us that left him pretty scarred and weary of roleplaying. We explain to him the system and creation, and he sets to work making a stormtrooper, because they seem pretty cool to him.

Between them they agree that the regiment should be Elysian drop troops, and we wait for the 3rd man.

>> No.24782624

I skipped a lot of that, it was just crunch that they would likely never refer to or need, so they were generic Elysians #X regiment. I was dealing with short attention spans, so I GM'd accordingly.

>> No.24782686

Third man cometh. This guy is a bit of a neckbeard in training, and always initiates super serious mode whenever it comes to gaming, be it cards or roleplay. He knows the setting and I'd explained the system to him previously so he speeds through generating a Techpriest.

Gabriel the Techpriest, Ramirez the Stormtrooper and Milo the Ratling Sniper land on Veribium at 800 hours local time, with orders for low profile stealth mission, to capture or kill commander Severus.
I shall continue this story in a few hours if the thread is still up.
It all goes a bit too Vietnam.

>> No.24782778

Hammer of the Emperor is pretty good, especially if you want to play some of the famous regiments, want your players to have mounts or to create local variants on standard weapons

>> No.24782853

I will be there anon.


>> No.24782878

The random patterns are hilarious.
My group now has carbines with Accurate and Proven (2).
Those things will be death.
Their knives have that extra light-weight rule that allows you to draw them as a free action and the bad grip rule, meaning bad to-hit rolls mean the thing goes flying.
If, at any time, the squad tries to enter a knife fight, it will be House of Flying Daggers.

>> No.24782929

So this is OW general?

I need advice. Advice on how to best get a real low Fel medic up to an inspiring leader ASAP. With the hammer and advanced specialities that has to be possible, hasnt it?

>> No.24782964

These new knives have a new ez-pull handle, for maximum drawing effiecency!
>Guardsmen tries to draw his knife, it flies off screen
>Cat yowl, glass smash and one lone Wilhelm scream later
"Oh shit, not again!"

>> No.24782973

Get Commander.
Buy Fel and fel-related Skills and Talents.

>> No.24783048

Discovered I can post from my phone whilst out, so I shall deliver, though I don't have my references and books to hand, so don't sperg out if I misname anything.

Their orders are to capture or kill a rogue commander who is fighting a guerilla war against the IG stationed on this desert/grassland planet of biker nomads who flee from lightning storms. Anyone who has the gm kit knows the drill. They have to maintain vox silence throughout and be stealthy-like. I chose this over writing something for myself as it seemed all tacticool and appealling to my group.
Primary orders: capture or kill general
Secondary orders: disrupt severan guerilla supplies and convoys
Tertiary: locate the missing guard squad who tried this mission beforehand.

Time for them to visit acquisitions and kit out their squad.
> mfw I have my character art folder on my phone.

>> No.24783107

/tg/ storytime is best time.

>> No.24783113

As they leave the briefing tent, Ramirez' comrade greets them. His name is Trevor, and he's a 20-something misfit, not unlike Shaggy from scooby-doo, but a promising marksman in training so he "squires" as such for Ramirez. That was mine and newfriends creation, but as a bit of flavour I roll for all their comrades demeanours at this point.

> Trevor has seen the horrors of war and will never be the same again. He regards his comrades as nothing but numbers to the departmento munitorum waiting to die on a futile battlefield.

Great. So young, yet broken in spirit already. He'll likely never make stormtrooper now, but I keep hush and move on to the next.

>> No.24783119


Wait, since when do Stormtroopers get Comrades?

>> No.24783126

Because I just missed the OW gen:

The group majority just decided to play as the Death Korps of Krieg and I'm coo' with that. The problem is, I don't know enough about DKoK to know what are their Ogryns, Ratlings, Medics, Commisars, Techpriests and Psykers are like. (Also doubting if a meatgrinder regiment has stormtroopers)

pic unrelated

>> No.24783149

I don't know, a man broken that early has his uses, especially if he makes the physical grade for storm troopin'
Remember that the IG kept a soldier who was effectively lobotomised around because his muscle memory was good enough to fight with

>> No.24783165

Ogryns, Ratlings, Commissars, Techpriests, Stormtroopers and Psykers aren't assigned to regiments based on homeworld, I'm pretty sure.

IIRC, Krieg Quartermasters are their equivelant of Medics. However, because they are so grimdark, most of the time they mercy-kill the wounded and take their stuff to be reassigned.

>> No.24783178

Kriegers have medics, they're just utterly ruthless and calculating. If you won't survive, they won't bother giving you painkillers. Hell, they might not even waste the ammo to just end it all

>> No.24783179

No abhumans I know of, medics are more concerned with keeping the overall firepower up than saving your life or soothing pain, Commissars are off-worlders in charge of making them retreat when necessary, Techies gonna tech as normal, Psykers are probably less risk-averse than normal and just as suicidal as the rest of the planet.

>> No.24783180

DKoK don't have permenantly attached abhumans, techpriests or psykers. Those are all drawn from the Adeptus Ministorum, not Krieg itself. Same with Comissars.

DKoK medics are called Quartermasters and aren't really medics in the traditional sense. They're more concerned with the equipment Korpsmen are wearing, or any other resource a Korpsman can give to the Emperor before passing on.

>> No.24783222

Am I the only one who whenever I see the acronym "DKoK" think "D-cock" in my head?

>> No.24783249

Since I thought that they'd need all the help they can get, and the player didn't take either of the stormtroopers native abilities.

>> No.24783257


Fair enough.

>> No.24783333

As the now grim-natured Trevor shows the group to the logistics tent, I roll for the other two comrades. The techpriest has a servitor which is effectively a BBQ on spider legs, with a power fist on a spring hidden in the grill. Demeanor roll.
>It's incredibly fast witted, though sarcastic and bitter in nature.
>it's a walking grill that comedy roasts people.

The Ratling snipers comrade is less interesting, a brutal brawler blood sworn to defend his squaddies with fists and grit, named Tobias. His demeanour is that he's an undiscovered genius tactician, so I decide to reserve him to nudge the group in the right direction when they inevitably get stuck.
> remarkably, they never did. Sort of.

>> No.24783465

They arrive at the logistics quartermaster, a gruff bearded man who wants to be rid of his supplies soon so he can get off the planet asap.

One awareness test later, and Gabriel notices a broken down chimera behind the logistics' tent. It's the quartermasters prize possession, but they fellowship through it, and they're welcome to it if they can fix it. Ramirez requests a heavy flamer (subtlety guys...) and Milo asks for different types of ammunition for his sniper, including igniting rounds and some painfully messer shredder-esque boolets.
> sweet jesus, the rolls allow it.

I wouldn't have at my discretion, but by the books, they could have it.

> hey GM, can we fit the tank with one of these... "inferno cannons...?"

>> No.24783468

Bumping for storytime

>> No.24783593

I chuckle, and decide to humour them, just to show them that the dice don't always smile upon ye.

> underestimate
> dice

On this
this squad of likely lads is rocking a techpriest pimped chimera (five successes on the repair job) armed with an inferno cannon, a stormtrooper packing more heat than the expendables, and a ratling sniper with painfully mincing bullets and dual stub revolvers he doesn't have the requirements to use effectively.

By the Emperor, it's time to roll out.

> Ramirez' face when

>> No.24783722

Now there's a pretty detailed map that comes with this premade. I hand it over to the Newfriend playing Ramirez and the neckbeard playing Gabriel because in character, the ratling doesn't have the skills to make much sense of it.
Now here, I forgot something. Something pretty important.
Newfriend is part of a national championship-winning orienteering team. No shit.
He took that map to town.

>> No.24783776

Maybe kit the ogryn out with bigass custom rebreathers? could be terrifying.

>> No.24783778


>> No.24783786

My phone is on its deathbed, so this will resume within the next couple hours.
Emperor protect this thread.

>> No.24783840

Oh my heretek, some separatists are gonna fucking fry. Never underestimate crazy rolls. In my rogue trader campaign my Eldar Corsair player rolled 02 to acquire a harlequins kiss. That thing was a right pain in the ass.

>> No.24783851

Only War Soundtrack

God Speed You! Black Emperor
Army of the Pharaohs (instrumentals or full)
16 Horsepower
Billy Elm and Woody Jackson (red dead redemption soundtrack)

Anybody got any other suggestions?

>> No.24783926

Alright, so i know that one of the facets of a military campaign is that there will be non-combat missions, such as guard duty, securing supplies, rest and refit, ect.

My question is, what would they actually be doing? How would i keep something like that actually fun for the players?

>> No.24784023


Having to argue with the quarter master, a wounded patrol shows up at the gates, mortar strikes, the supplies are contraband and they have to get them in without being noticed by the CO, a guy outside the gates forgot his ID card and wants the PC's to let him in. Just some ideas off the cuff.

>> No.24784049

Thanks. I love these general threads, get me pumped to actually play this game.

Anybody have any success running a armored or recon regiment?

>> No.24784448

Mah niggaa. I'll throw you a bone my players loved.

In the background of a soldier's bar/entertainment tent, a rugged and gaunt vet plays Tom Waits with a band made up of salvaged and wrecked instruments.





Atmospheric to the max for grim, foreboding downtime.

>> No.24784460

Bumping for justice.

So...what are some good races to put against the players? Necrons I hear can be very nasty, and Tyranids strike me as too hopeless to face.

I do find that facing Orks is a staple in 40k, so I might just start with the mission in the core book and expand from there...suggestions?

tl;dr What races do you put in your campaigns, and how do you do it?

>> No.24784526

Pretty much due to how the imperial guard functions, anyone better organised is a poor choice.

For example the Tau. The imperial guard fights by comitting wave after wave of troops, and thinks nothing of letting a squad die.

The Tau put more stock in life, and therefore squads can call in crisis killteams, skyray support, or stealthsuit reinforcements.

What should be a shootout between two squads escalates really fast, and the guardsmen would find themselves quickly outclassed unless some imperial support was nearby.

>> No.24784563


Never underestimate Chaos Traitor Guard.

>> No.24784615

>For example the Tau. The imperial guard fights by comitting wave after wave of troops, and thinks nothing of letting a squad die.
I really hope people would stop posting this nonsense.
There are a few regiments like that, Krieg, for instance, but the vast majority nothing like that

>> No.24784639


>> No.24784718

Well, I've been playing in a Mordian Iron Guard campaign, and they are an armoured unit, but I'm not sure we've been playing the way most people play Only War. Do you have any specific questions?

>> No.24784732

aww yiss, Tom Waits

>> No.24784814

It is obviously a generalization, and an Only War squad would be better prepared, but the tau still have fairly overwhelming support options.

>> No.24784830

Just curious about how you run combat when one dude drives a russ and everyone else is infantry.

Do the infantrymen seem overshadowed by the tank? Also what kind of battlemaps or whatever do you use?

>> No.24784844

They're called sponson gunners.

>> No.24784930

While part of what you say is true, the Tau are not that good at improvising reactionary tactics.

In the old fluff at least (don't know about the new one) their heavy reliance on heavy planning and extensive simulations left them unable to react swiftly to sudden threats and developments.

That's why they had the same strategic capability as the Guard: 1/3.

>> No.24784954

Well, thus far we have actually been playing on Mordian, which is a hive world, so the only time we've actually used the tank is on our way to buildings we need to clear and That One Vehicle Level. The Vehicle Level was actually probably more fun for the rest of the guys than the Operator (at the time, me), because while I was gunning it after a guy on a motorbike the entire time, the Heavy Gunner was using the main gun, and the Ogryn was driving poorly (but hilariously) on a bike that was waaaay too small for him, while the Ratling shot other bikers from his shoulder.
We use Roll20, and my GM made a map where 1 square was I think 12 meters. It meant that the map didn't have to be fuckhuge, but it also meant that we were moving like 4 squares per turn.
Oh, and we used a tank we found with a murdered squad to take out a daemonic Doctor Rockso, which was pretty cool. But yeah, we've mostly played like an infantry unit, which doesn't work so well with the starting equipment.

>> No.24785026


That's some of that good shit.

>> No.24785046

right, am I wrong or is the Core book wrong?

I thought mordian's are from Mordia, not Mordian?

same as Cadians are from Cadia, Elysians from Elysia, Vostroyans from Vostrotya...

>> No.24785068

>Daemonic doctor rockso
So, Doomrider?

>> No.24785089


This is amazing. Shame I missed the thread.

>> No.24785193

I GM'd a shortlived campaign of my own based on a similar premise, where the group was the dismount team of a Chimera in a cavalry unit.

As it played out, the Chimera itself was never a problem because the team had a modestly military/military lover background and played the game with the understanding that the Chimera has its weaknesses that are covered by the infantry. The point of a combined arms firegroup is that the infantry makes sure the tank is covered and protected from other infantry and things such as antitank weapons. While the armor of any armored vehicle is a very nice benefit, the simple fact is that it cannot protect against everything. Tanks can be disabled, their gun, turret ring, engine, and tracks disabled, they can be mauled by bigger guns and bigger tanks, they can be stranded, and their crew can be assaulted and grenaded.

It's a beautiful symbiotic relationship when the Chimera/Leman Russ isn't ghostriding Ghostride the whip on some armored thrust. Even then, the infantry still have to play a role when tanks come across defensive positions too big to bypass or kill, or antitank obstacles.

The bigger problem with these games, however, is that the map bloats the fuck up if you want to even crudely approximate a typical fight. Nobody makes small unit action maps except for the biggest of urban centers, and those are unsuited to freefield tactical combat if you want to fuck around with even the smallest of RTS, Battlefield or Arma firefights.

Either you ditch maps, you draft really shitty ones on the fly, or you have a horrible patchwork of really high quality 'dungeon' maps mixed in with the vaguest of summarized details. This is a real pickle to pull off unless you're willing to make your own maps.

>> No.24785200


>> No.24785225

Jesus christ, sheer brilliance. Such masterful writefaggotry

>> No.24785238

Oh! I almost forgot about scouting.

Scouting is insanely important for field operations. That's a great benefit that even the tiniest of ratling snipers can paw off to the Armor element precisely because they're almost unnoticable compared to a clanking monster.

>> No.24785245

Not even close to on topic, but what is that pic from? She has Mako eyes.

>> No.24785421

You can probably get something out of maps coming from games like Company of Heroes or Wargame

>> No.24785453


>> No.24785476

No, the Mordian Iron Guard are from Mordian. Believe me, we had a conversation about this.
No, like actually Doctor Rockso. He used cocaine for fate points.

>> No.24785495

Definitely. I've in fact been trying to rip ARMA II maps for some time, but can't think of a good way to do that.

The problem is they're a bitch to rip a viably sized small scale battlemat to use in a game. And then, how do you use it? If you're like me, roll20 is horrible to use for such an application, yet it's the only one that has good netcode. Then you've also got to worry about slapping a hex grid on top and making sure everyone can read the map itself. If the important details like trees and buildings are difficult to decipher, that's just another problem the GM has to stack on his 99 previous problems.

>> No.24785547

So the entry for the Feudal homeworld mentions the 'champion' talent but I can't seem to find it in HotE or the core book. Am I crazy?

>> No.24785600

I can't find any mention of the "Champion" talent in the Feudal World entry. Where is it?

>> No.24785611

One thing I've been recently trying to try has been to take Steel panther Maps and capture a photo of them that's the right size for your application with a third party application. This has a ton of benefits; Steel Panthers is free, gives you the added benefit of giving the GM a map generator WITH a random option, but is fraught with troublesome details, since Steel Panthers doesn't have great building support for such purposes, has mediocre Information detail, and is only in the one scale of 50 meters (which you can definitely ignore). That's probably been the best game by far to rip.

>> No.24785623


It's one of the Talents you may choose, one or another, can't recall which the other is. Double Team, I think?

>> No.24785654

What about Close Combat series maps?

>> No.24785655

>it's just that one of the encounters en route to the refinery is about 10x harder than a refinery full of Orks.


I thought the only combat encounter was the terror-cats, and they flee when you kill the first one...

huh, just looked in my 4th and 5th ed rulebooks, it is Mordian...

the "Champion" talent does not exist, just double checked

it's under "Fealty" they get to pick it or Double team

make sure you're not looking at Feral world, I was for a minute

>> No.24785672

Ill take a peek anon

>> No.24785689

Oh, I see where it says that now.
That's weird, I can't find any talent that includes the word Champion. Must be some kind of error.

>> No.24785704


Well shit.

>> No.24785736

Hand painted high detail high quality maps intended for gross small unit actions? Yes. The only two problems are that height is an issue because it's difficult to read a 2D plane with a ton of junk on top of the shading, and there's only so many of them.

Still, if there's an easy way to pull them out, they are definitely valuable.

>> No.24785744

What are these made on?

>> No.24785760

The hopes and dreams of mankind.

>> No.24785774

Either it is a Talent they just took out for some reason, or the name changed at some point and they just forgot to change it.
Duelist, Pugilist or Wrestler could be candidates, if they just changed the name.

>> No.24785779

Three completely seperate sources.

The first one is from some mappack that some anon took from a 3rd party a long time ago and posted on /tg/, the second is my experiment in using the Steel panthers random generator to build me a map for general use, and the third is from one of the latest Close Combat games. They were handpainted, so I heard.

>> No.24785782


I'd imagine duelist is the closest.

>> No.24785789


Only War FAQ when?

we need it...

>> No.24785809

Could have been a stronger version of it, yes.
Or they simply found it misleading.

>> No.24786042

Alright, bumpan with my character idea

Our regiment has camo cloaks, so i decided to make my guy a little wild west.

Like Val Kilmer in Tombstone, but in space. Weapons speacialist, and the fastest pistol in the sector. Uses a variety of pistol weapons in different combinations. Starting off with stub revolver with special ammo, autopistols, and working up to more advanced hardware like plasma pistols.

Quick draw and reload feats, probably. Have not really done to much digging, mechanics wise. What are your character ideas?

>> No.24786075

It's a shame Mordians don't actually get lasguns in standard regimental kit. I'm on my fourth character (and rolling my fifth, since the fourth is out of fate points), and only one of them has had a lasgun, and she found it.

>> No.24786097

Get two eviscerators with the new pattern rules that let me use them one handed and get rid of unwieldy. Lightning Attack with both of them. That is my character idea.

>> No.24786109

That is only because the Moridans in the book are an armoured regiment. Mordian tithes regular infantry regiments too. You could retool them slightly to get the version you wanted.

>> No.24786142

So your character idea is a supercheese dualwielding chainsawman? There has to be more to him than that. Would your GM even allow such a ridiculously powerful pattern of eviserator?

>> No.24786153

But then we don't get a sweet tank! But yeah, that actually makes sense, and considering that this is our second Mordian regiment we are playing as, maybe it doesn't make sense for us to be using another armoured regiment. I will have to talk to my GM about this.

>> No.24786205

Don't you get a lasgun as part of the Weapon Specialist's Specialist Equipment?

>> No.24786215

Probably not, but a boy can dream, can't he?
Then again, my GM gave me prerequisites for my character to do pic related, so maybe

>> No.24786230

Lost it in a bad Logistics roll at the Requisariat, but later gained a chainsword.

>> No.24786282

Imagine if it got lightweight as well as throwing. You would be the ultimate chainsaw hurling death machine. What sick forge world would produce such a monstrosity of a weapon?

>> No.24786302

I feel like throwing a chain weapon would always end in disaster. Either it hits the guy and kills him, hits the guy, and horribly wounds him, or completely misses and crawls around on the floor wildly, potentially severing ankles.

>> No.24786310

I want this to be my character.
Girl charging by riding her eviscerator into battle, then rolling backwards into an upward swing.
What do I need to do this?

>> No.24786330

Works out alright for this guy

>> No.24786446

According to my GM, WS 50, Operate (Surface) +10 or +0 and Hotshot Pilot, Tech-Use +10, and Weapons-Tech, but this was before HotE came out, so we may need to reevaluate.

>> No.24786566

Can do.

>> No.24786592

Does the Imperial Navy have different qualities depending on from which world the ship crew was taken from?

>> No.24786619

I'm pretty sure there are rules in Rogue Trader for culling low quality crews from feral worlds. They aren't as skilled but they come cheap and plentiful

>> No.24786642

My group has been playing an armored company since starting xp. We're currently around 8k.

It's a blast. Not all of our missions have us in tanks however.

>> No.24786679

In an actual armored company regiment, everyone has operate (surface). So anyone can drive in that game. Our group in OW is armored, no one took the operator class, and we get along just fine.

>> No.24786813

what is Only War?

can I be an orc in that?

>> No.24786839

Wow, how did you manage that? Collectively, my characters have earned 10580 xp, but the longest lasting one only earned 4540. How do you guys survive long enough to earn that much?

>> No.24786861

Nah, Only War is for playing as Imperial Guardsmen. If you really want to play an Ork, you should play Rogue Trader

>> No.24786884


You're thinking of Only WAAAGH, it's another game, sorry.

>> No.24786906

To be fair with a small amount of effort you could make it work for an Ork campaign.

The core rulebook has stats for most of the Ork vehicles already, and a lot of the weapons.

>> No.24786964


Guess it depends on the GM and the nature of your missions.

>> No.24787059

First the nature of my mission was put out the fires my party caused before the whole hive burned down. Then it was deal with cultist clowns, chrysalids, and an Alpha level psyker teddy bear. Right now it seems to be burn fate points to survive mortar fire and get stuck in bear traps.
What's the nature of your missions?

>> No.24787176


Not the same anon you were talking with two posts before. We usually blow shit up and drive away from the explosion. Some of our players are now at 0 fate point so somebody is ought to die soon. I think we are at about 6k experience range.

>> No.24787242

Honestly, we all wonder that.

Our sessions average about 400-500 xp. The GM also gives bonus roleplaying xp that ranges from 50-200(if you're really awesome). That may explain some things.

Our party consists of the following:
1 Sgt, 1 Commissar, 1 Stormtrooper (formerly a medic, 1 Heavy Gunner (formerly a Priest), and 1 Enginseer.
Really our party has always been (and now officially is), a command squad (story time later, maybe).

Having an Enginseer and Medic has helped us tremendously, survivability-wise. Both of those players essentially went as fast and hard as they could towards maxing out tech-use/ medicae.

It's funny, all party casualties (medic, priest) have been from friendlies. Attached Kriegers executed a frenzied priest, and the Commissar just recently executed the Medic after it was revealed that he injected the Sgt. with Spook without the Sgt.'s prior knowledge in the middle of combat.


It's not really like our GM has been pulling punches either. We've gone up against Secessionists, Traitor Guard with Traitor Space Marines, Eldar, Dark Eldar, and now we're dealing with a very terrifying problems Genestealers have infilitrated our regiment's mechanicus and started their coup mid-warp transit by locking down the ship in the middle of a command meeting. The command meeting was vented of air, and barracks were gassed. We only managed to save about 60ish guardsmen from the opening move, with around half of them as combat effectives. The only person who could conceivably take this ship out of the warp is our Tech-priest...whom we can't confirm hasn't been infected. .

>> No.24787257

How do you avoid getting shot to shit with lascannons? This is what has happened every time we have driven anywhere, except for That One Vehicle Level.
Or do your enemies not typically have access to weapons that can do a damn thing to your vehicles?

>> No.24787271

I should note that the roleplay xp bonus is rare. The highest bonus award (150) happened when my character, the Sgt. roleplayed his mind unraveling and undoing a previous mindwipe. He hasn't been the same since.

>> No.24787289

I'm >>24787242

We avoid getting shot to shit by lascannons, which are fucking brutal, by taking out the lascannons first. In every armored action we've had, lascannons go down first. No arguments.

>> No.24787303

>Make our own regiment
>End up making troops from a death world owned by a rogue trader dynasty that funds its troops personally as a way to show how un-heretical they are.
>Death world mech infantry driving armored cars
>Shotgun drive bys and pic related all day every day
>Routinely get into death races with orks, hit-and-run tau troops, then go home and get into fistfights with Tallarns.
Tell me, /tg/, are we doing it right?

>> No.24787324


Doing it AWESOME

>> No.24787329


Avoid them or shoot them first. Our operator is insanely good driver. Also we often leave our vehicle behind to get inside the buildings which we need to blow up.

>> No.24787348

Holy shit. And here we've been getting our asses handed to us by mutants and cultists, you've lived through a lot of really decent enemies. I guess it doesn't help that the dice gods seem to love giving us 80's and above at least half the time, and pretty much everyone gets at least one natural 100 per session, but still- you guys are the real deal; we can't even deal with a Chaos scare mostly caused by members of our first party.

>> No.24787377


>> No.24787401

Not bad, not bad at all
>how un-heretical they are
Let me guess, you were tithed to make up for some ancestors cock up?

>> No.24787402

After playtesting, it appears as though it was changed "Champion" to "Duelist", but the reference to it in the Feudal World homeworld wasn't picked up by the proofreaders (probably because they assumed it was in the core book or something).

>> No.24787425

They really don't give a shit when it comes to proofreading, do they?

>> No.24787454


>> No.24787469

They do, but remember that they contract out the proofreading (to my knowledge), and so the proofreaders won't be knowledgeable in the rules or setting, 9 times out of 10.

>> No.24787507

More like they're your average RT dynasty and are up to their eyeballs in the cold trade, friendly relations with xenos, and all the other MAXIMUM HERESY that Rogue Traders are famous for. So we were essentially donated as a PR stunt.

>> No.24787585


>> No.24787636

some background:

We're all former scibes and clerks from an Administratum data moon that were conscripted to help stop an Ork invasion of a newly estabilshed forgeworld in -system. The regiment suffered 99% casualties and the remaining 30k guardsmen were given the name Victrix as a result. The regiment is well supplied technologically and logistically thanks to Magos Greer who has joined our regiment as the second in command after his forgeworld saved. No one knows why he left the forgeworld to join our regiment, but nobody argues. The large contingent of AdMech has kept the Victrix running smoothly and efficiently. Bionics, tank parts, plasma/melta, etc. are all in high abundance to the regiment.
Many members of Victrix who had lost limbs or been extremely damaged have been saved, and in thanks have donned the red robes of the Ad Mech.

The game started with us fighting some secessionists that had withdrawn into a small town outside of a forested pathway. Our tank (the Zardoz, MBT), along with the two others (Lil' chubb, Demolisher; Just the Tip, MBT) from our platoon were attached to a local PDF mechanized element to take back this town. We were ambushed in the woods on the way (like you do) by missile teams, and in the city we fought fast moving sentinels(with lascannons and autocannons) moving between buildings and an equal number of Leman Russes (all tanks and Chimeras made it to the city).

The mission was a resounding success, and Allied command was well poised to assault the secessionist main base (the secessionists were losing, these were the closing actions of this campaign). 5 armored company platoons were deployed to crack open the Secessionist fortress. The Sgt. was given operational command of 1st platoon for this action. Our platoon managed to destroy 5 lascannon turrets, 3 leman russes, and 2 chimeras while loosing only 1 chimera of their own.

>> No.24787792

Unfortunately, the slow, steady methodical approach of the Sgt meant that we didn't get to join the final battle/boss battle at the center of the fortress. This battle was to destroy the voidshield generators that prevented artillery bombardment. 1st company, 1st platoon (we're 2nd co, 1st platoon) took that honor, but at a high cost with only one tank surviving out of the 5 MBT and 5 chimeras of that unit.

All units were ordered to withdraw and the fortress was lanced from orbit. The secessionists were routed, the Imperium had won this world.
We were given medals and awards for our resounding victory.

Back at the base, our squad decided to celebrate this victory by having a party out in the woods. Using some shenanigans and some lies of omission to the party's commissar (a PC), we had a party out in the woods. The commissar couldn't investigate our absence because he was tasked with figuring out the how to deal with the large amount of POWs(see: prisoners waiting for death) that had been interned at our base. The challenge being the most efficient way to kill them time-wise without undo usage of the Emperor's holy ammunition. He sent them on a death march into the woods to an area he had prepared previously with dozer blades. Promising the Emperors freedom and a new life, the foolish secessionst captives marched over the hill to find a mass grave dug for them. Before they could flee, armored units with dozer blades pushed them into the ditch, which was subsequently bathed in fire by the a Hellhound. No bullets wasted on the heretic scum.

>> No.24787806

*the commissar promised the traitors the emperor's mercy and new life.

>cowards xinsul

>> No.24787855


>No bullets wasted

They're lasguns son. You just stick the ammo cells out in the sun for a few hours and call it a day.

>> No.24787928

Team Party meanwhile was having a blast out in the woods. Everything was fine, everything was good. There wasn't any real serious heretical activity going on (at least none punishable by death) until 3rd platoon busted out some of their 'spoils of war.' Whores from a nearby town. Most of the people out there were all for it, but our Medic, Doc Bones, noted that the neighboring towns used to occupied by traitors. Everyone except our horny, drunk, oblivious(his demeanor) priest abstained from partaking.

The Lt in charge (who had lost all but his tank in the previous fight) got himself drunk and passed out in sorrow. So when the Commissar called to check on our 'Patrol' the Sgt. answered and pulled the "there must be some kind of interference....i can't hear you...rtb."

There was obviously some question that happened about our patrol when we got back, but thanks to an incompetant sentry at the gate (whom the Sgt. scapegoated), the party escaped with no disciplinary action.

However, the Medic snitched on 3rd platoon. In a scene where the Commissar lined up 3rd platoon he called Bones to the line and told him to point out the people who brought the whores. He did, resulting in one execution and some lashes for 3rd. They've hated 1st platoon (us) ever since.

Side note: Having a commissar and sgt. in our party has been a blast. One time, for the MAG, we got the 100 copies of the infantryman's uplifting primer instead of a pintle mounted stormbolter and auspex. The Sgt then went over to another platoon and told them he had heard about a surprise inspection by the Commissar of the standard kit of the unit. The Sgt's in that platoon couldn't be sure that all of their men had the book, so we bartered for their storm bolter and auspex. The Sgt. then told the Commissar that he'd just been talking with the platoon and that he suspected that they weren't up to snuff with their gear. The commissar then went to inspect and found nothing wrong.

>> No.24787949

We thought about that, but it was deemed too manpower/ time inefficient. We also worried that the large number of captives would riot if we just started shooting them. Since the campaign was over, we were a skeleton crew and actually wouldn't have been able to contain them in a straight up fight.

>> No.24787975

I'm pretty sure that someone calculated that it would take YEARS for the ammo packs to charge by solar power alone, and any other method is going to cost some of the Emperor's electricity or promethium. Well, the dozers already do that, but he was going to have to cover the bodies anyway, so it was actually pretty smart.

>> No.24787988


This game so far sounds like a blast.
I wish I had this kind of fun ;__;

>> No.24788032

Awesome. I've never had a Sergeant and a Commissar in my squad at the same time, so I haven't had the opportunity to enjoy such shenanigans, but it sounds like a blast.

>> No.24788107


IIRC, Kriegers DO have some kind of Karskin-analogue called Grenadiers or something.

>> No.24788129

Is this thread autosaging?

>> No.24788146

No. 51 more posts.

>> No.24788229

Kasrkin are Cadians grenadiers, and yes, DKOK do have Grenadiers

>> No.24788263

Our regiment was then ordered to deploy at a former shrine world which had been taken over by heretics. While travelling, our ship was attacked by DE raiders. Fucking terrifying. This was our first combat without tanks.

On ship, officers have their weapons and ammo, but all troopers only have their guns sans ammo. The ship was suddenly attacked. We're so lucky that at one point, the Commissar convinced the Quartermaster to loan him a powerfist(which he conveniently forgot to give back in the chaos of war).We scavenged weapons off of dead naval units...some flak vests, a shotgun or two, and few las packs for ammo. Command ordered us to defend Engineering as the raiders were making their way there. On the way there we noted that there was a small armory in the tank hangar, so we detoured. There, naval units there were being slaughtered. Spying our tank, the Sgt ordered our Enginseer to get it operational and online while we covered him. The battle was desperate and but once the enginseer go the tank on line, and the munitions loaded it was over for the DE (servitor and comrades helped with this). A little gungho, the Enginseer fired the battle cannon at the xenos. In the ship. In the hanger full of tanks. He rolled a critical failure and fired a battle cannon shot right into the rear armor of one of 3rd platoon's tanks. The blast still managed to catch some the DE who had miraculously failed their dodges. We then raided the armory, gathered up the remaining naval guys and ran to engineering. On the way we witnessed two events at a 4 way intersection ( a choose your path sort of thing):

Directly in front of us was engineering. The doors were sealed shut. To our left was the Lt (from the party) who we were totally bros with. He and two guardsmen were fighting 3 DE (totally fucked). To our right was the entrance to the Ad Mech temple where we witnessed Magos Greer and his TPs fighting, equally, in close combat, with Incubi.

>> No.24788311

Why do Kasrkin get their own stats in Hammer of the Emperor? I don't know much about the fluff, but are they really that amazing, or is it just the equipment?

>> No.24788335

Since this thread still works...

After a quick bit of searching, I found a map editing program called 5CC that allows editors to toy with the 6 independant files that comprise your typical close combat map from most editions of Close Combat. This program has allowed a small cottage industry of mapmakers to develop to a degree I haven't checked at all.

But the bigger point was that there was a way to export the .bgm (big game map) image AS a .jpg through this program. You don't even need GIMP or Photoshop, just this free doohickey designed for Windows XP-Vista.

The results?



>> No.24788387

Cadia's big shit

>> No.24788451

They're Cadian made storm troopers.

Cadia fights a lot.

>> No.24788460


They're basically the top 0.1% of the single most heavily militarized planet in the Imperium and then given the best training and the best equipment that the Imperium can mass-produce short of bolters and power armor.

>> No.24788469

Looks interesting. Keep us posted.

>> No.24788481

Gah, I can't see the picture, but if you've gone a step forward that's good news anon, glad I could be of help, even if a little

>> No.24788536


>Take years to recharge

Its the goddamn future, you're seriously trying to tell me that you're assuming they use modern photovoltaic techonology instead of some crazily efficient DAoT based one?


Well depending on how many captive you have, you just march them over the hill and into the nearby woods in groups of 100 or so. Claim that everyone has to go through "processing". March them far enough away from the rest so that sound won't carry, then shoot them all and throw them into a trench.

>> No.24788563

Before we could make a decision 4 DE raiders came through a portal right behind us and instantly netted some of our guys, notably, the medic's comrade. The DE were better armed, and faster than us. Normally, engaging in close combat would be suicide, but their splinter weapons were royally fucking us over. We won the day thanks to the Commissar's PF and the Sgt's shotgun which he used a pt. blank range, but not before they dragged Lydia, the medic comrade, into the portal. The Sgt. had the opportunity to charge in after her, but in his brief instance of hesitation, the portal closed.

Returning to the intersection, the Sgt. saw the Lt and his guys get netted. Vowing not to hesistate again he ordered the group down the hallway to rescue him. The Commissar disagreed with this course of action and made for the engineering door (the medic followed him). The Sgt and Priest ran down the hall way as fast as they could, but they wouldn't make it time. The Sgt. called for suppressing fire from the Medic, but he had abandoned his position to follow the Commissar. Seeing the Lt being dragged towards the portal he threw a hallucinogenic grenade (previously acquired through random MAG rolls) in the midst of the raiders and their captives. The DE were not prepared for this. One of them suddenly thought they could fly and was flapping it's arms while jumping in place, the two others believed they had died and fell over. The priest meanwhile had frenzied and rushed into the combat and tore those defenseless fuckers apart. But he failed his WP test to stop the frenzy and then killed one of the netted guardsmen (the other had died before netting) and then hurt the prone netted Lt pretty bad. The Sgt. managed to stop him through a house rules usage of a command test to get him to reroll his WP. While the Sgt. is helping the wounded Lt to his feet, the priest picks up one of the portable webway devices the DE were carrying. No one see this.

>> No.24788595

There was something like 3000 captives, and something like 100 guardsmen on base. If they hadn't been crushed so bad in the war, we would have been in trouble.

>> No.24788632

Which one are you doing? The Samarra desert map (imgur) is about 2 megs of .jpg, while the quiet_town map is 6 (mediafire).

They're fucking huge, though, so I wasn't really surprised.

>> No.24788646

Mordianfag here.
Since my current character has zero fate points, I decided to roll a backup character, and got ridiculous rolls (the good kind, for once).

I have 3 fate points, and I rolled a 3 on my 1d5 for health.

My GM says the character can start with 1500 total xp. My question is, what should I play? I was kind of thinking of playing a Weapon Specialist and going with knives and stealth because Scout looks cool, but I don't know if it would mesh well with the party. We currently have a Medic, a Priest down to zero fate points (his player said he was going to roll up an Operator backup), and a Ratling. Part of me feels like I should make a Sergeant just so we have one, but we have been okay without one so far. What do you think, /tg/?

>> No.24788702

What are your regimental favoured weapons?

Last OW game I played as a Weapon Specialist, we were Elysian Drop Troops. The Plasma Gun I got was fucking amazing.

>> No.24788720

Scrap that, managed to load them, having a look now

>> No.24788780


>> No.24788804

Let's see, Mordian regimental weapons are Grenade Launcher and Lascannon. Grenade Launcher could be worth getting, though given that we are typically clearing buildings, I'm not sure the Lascannon is worth it. Who am I kidding, Lascannons rock

>> No.24789196

I'd say that counts as not giving a shit.

>> No.24789607

Most larger companies do the same, they outsource their proofreading because it's cheaper, same reason why they use freelancers for writing rather than having all of their writers as staff.

But yea, I wish they'd hire better proofreaders.

>> No.24789695

Posting my stuff in the new thread.

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