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Greetings /tg/,

I humbly request all your character art of Arabian ladies for e medieval fantasy setting.

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Is that picture going somewhere? I hope it's going somewhere and you post where it's going.

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>OP asks for arabina ladies
>This faggot post ninjas

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It's leading to heresy
And I mean the real kind, none of that space marine shit.

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Ok, I smiled.

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Here you are.
I think there is more to this, like them falling over, but I don't have it.

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i laughed heartily. thank you.

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Religion Wars? AKA Hawt Lesbian Sex?

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Is that in the left a blind mulsim girl?

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>Arabian ladies for e medieval fantasy setting.

Stop lying OP, we all know what you are going to do with it!

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dem JJBA sprites...

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>Eastern ndgger

Check yourself before you wreck yourself, captcha.

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Want the Encore a local drawfag made based on these two?

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These two weren't from the original artist. But a drawfag either from here or /co/ drew these up a few years back.

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Goddamit Rsheeka why are you so bad?

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as in too cute to use or you want more cute brown girls?

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Worst brides ever.

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Into the fapfolder it goes

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I know that, TECHNICALLY we're still doing what OP asked us for but... Somehow I still feel like we've strayed somewhere.

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10/10 would defend and honor.

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Where is she from? I MUST KNOW.

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Otoyomegatari / Young Bride's Story


Best get HQ scans, the images are too awesome to read in SD.

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Always happy to spread the word.

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Oh shit son, you're in for some treat. Rugs, Food, Carpentry, Bitches. It's all good.

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you got the picture of the carpenter? I swear I had it but I can't seem to find it now.

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There's an official English translation too under the title "A Bride's Story".


They're worth getting really nice hardback editions.

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Only version I found was a measly 1200x800.
DLing a higher resolution version to show around.

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No, but here's the rugman.

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Those aren't rugs those are wood carvings. Doors panels post. all wood.

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Oh wow, I never noticed before.

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Superior version here.
Still not as good as the print, but it has to do.

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Im sorry, but did we all forget that a motherfucking sloth is in this thread?

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Takers for a dump of chapter 1?

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sure mayne

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Jesus Christ... look at how intricate that all is!

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[genre art intensifies]

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Pretty, innit? The characters are also lovely people.

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I remember the last time someone started a thread with OP's image.
It basically turned into /u/: world history edition.
That was a fun thread.

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Now it's /a/, world history edition.

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Wait, and this ISN'T porn?

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Oh no. It's a piece of genre art. And a cute series of love stories.
But you are free to get boners from the art.

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wait that glasses guy doesnt look like he fits....

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Sittenbild gonna sit.

Travelling Englishman. A guest of the family.

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As you might notice in her other works, the author has a liking for Victorian Britain.

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That is to say, she gets her panties wet over tea and crumpets.

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>you will never have a beautiful wife who hunts rabbits

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You will also never have to live without thick, absorbent toilet paper and the internet.

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Those who hunt Elves, or whatever you call these things with the long ears.

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>You will also never have to live without thick, absorbent toilet paper

lies. theres nothing around here like that

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HA! Jokes on YOU! I'm too poor for anything but 2ply!

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While they did do their best to get the elves out of any furs...

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do we ever see anything but her face. Im sorry I cant take this much longer there has to be nudes of this gorgeous drawing somewhere...

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Extensive. Bath. Scene.
In a later chapter.

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im sorry i cant take much more of this.. im into faces and hes is beautiful... i need to know if we get to see anything else of her.. or if it exists out there...

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She likes falcons. A lot.

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oh fantastic....

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Looks like a Hmong girl.

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Hold on to your erections, indecent ankle exposure ahead.

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>Well then, let's just arm all the children with deadly weapons!
I am LOVING this!

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You silly, Iranians aren't Arabs.

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People perving out over Otoyomegatari irritates me.

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How lewd... dat ankle....

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Elf pelt? Oh you shouldn't.

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your just mad shes has an aggressively adorable appeal....

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not suprising - the artist [kaoru Mori] has a massive love of the culture and for victorian maids - as shown in her earlier work Emma a victorian romance [orginally released in the west by the late DC comics manga imprint CMX]
heres a review of Emma, and some of the other work shes done, for those wanting to know more about her:

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Hold on a second! ...15,16,17,18,19,20 *huff huff* 1,2,3...
We have a pulse!

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Oh, and here some more skin.
What will the headmaid say to this indecency?

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I had been wondering about that 4chan banner for a while.

Banner? Title? Board image? Whatchamacallit.

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And some more buttnaked landscape.

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And this concludes the first chapter.

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BRB building campaign based entirely around and in Fantasy Arabia/Central Asia

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I know .... its beautiful

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More please.

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Oh FUCK those old dudes in that adobe looking hut!

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And you haven't even seen Karluk go full manly husband.

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My Dwarven analogue race is heavily influenced by Arabia. They can't use normal arcane magic, so they quite literally weave another kind by working sacred patterns into their textiles.

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But, I wanted to-
Haaah, alright.
But only one more chapter.

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Those underclothes.

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carpentry porn in 3...2...1...

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And that, my masters, is where little Pillarmen come from.

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>implying you'd want for anything with a wife like that

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Bitches. Love. Falcons.

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As strange as a tower without a goat.

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Page 6-7 here: >>24770063

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Do you have an archive/torrent download or anything?

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Don't worry, we got it all on tapestry.

It's up on Mangatraders or any online viewer. Don't use online viewers, they are scaled down.

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This has got to be on every manga archive site going. Shit you can get a great value hardcover from Yen Press of the whole thing.

How fucking lazy can you be?

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Batoto lets you read at full size IIRC.

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This is something i really like that you don't see that often, everyone is entering and talking as if it was a common room, instead of their home.

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I don't use/know about manga archive sites.

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Pornography! Artistic masturbation, I say!

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Guess you're missing out on a bunch of great shit like Otoyomegatari then.

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It's Kaoru Mori. The most you will get is German MILF in a bath.

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Such is life for a woman in many parts of the world, even today.

>> No.24771113

you can also get anything and something a collection of her earlier short stories
also - bride story;

>> No.24771131


Where is her beer? You can't just take a bath without a beer! Damnit, woman! Do your research properly!

>> No.24771141

Apparently. I found it on Nyaa, but I'll have to start being less of a lazy asshole and actually check out archive sites from now on.

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Tea and crumpets worldwide.

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BTW Karluk is on steroids.

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Carpentry, motherfucker. Do you speak it?

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Not everyone's as weeaboo as you.

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Karluk and Emir's relationship is so adorable.

I'd find some way to cameo it in a campaign if I didn't have guys think I was one of "Those" people.

>> No.24771251

>Great value hardcover
I can buy this legally, and the quality is good?

I need to know who to throw my money at and how.

>> No.24771257

I guess not!

It's linked in the thread.


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Dat architecture. Building things and making things is the best part of any RPG, for me. Men die in but a few short years, but what they build may last thousands of years and echo through eternity.

>> No.24771263


Weeaboos usually don't know about gems like this one. They just read mainstream shit.

>> No.24771271

Amira, sorry.

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Not to mention it doesn't take place in Glorious Nippon.

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Oh, I guess I should have finished scrolling down.

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That reminds me.
Anybody here who has not read Monster?
You should.
Crossdressers and crime in glorious Fatherland!

>> No.24771327

>A Bride's Story
Cool dump. Got all four volumes so far sitting on my shelf.

Kinda disappointed it seems to have moved away from the first couple, though I guess it could always shift back.

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>> No.24771343

Read it, own it. Urasawa is a genius.

Need to complete my 20th Century Boys and Pluto collections, but I'm temporarily putting a hold on buying manga.

>> No.24771353

I don't like Monster. Uh, I don't like a lot of Urasawa's stuff because I think he's really good at first act set-up of a mystery and then he goes to shit kinda badly. Pluto is my favourite thing he's done but it also has this problem.

>> No.24771356


Yeah. I guess the intent was to show more sides of it and their situation is kinda static.
Amira is best bride, though.

>> No.24771361

in case you missied it -
its available from most manga retailers and/or good bookshops
RPP $16.99 [hardback and worth the price]

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>OP asks for Arabic

>Posts Egyptian

What are you retarded?

>> No.24771376

It will go back, I think. Latest issue seems to indicate that, and also the Russians have to invade.

Plenty of historical manga that do, though. I'm enjoying Jin just now although it is kind of formulaic.

>> No.24771382


First volume of Billy Bat. AWESOME!

>> No.24771386

The title references them, so I'd presume that the story would centre around them, with the others being satellite characters who are visited, in between following the titular 'Young Bride's Story'.

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BRB, shitter.

>> No.24771418

Oh god, my dick.

>> No.24771427

>oh nothin', just watching you

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>> No.24771446

I do kind of wonder how far the series is going to show the marriage progressing.

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>> No.24771480

Gonna need a timeskip to get anywhere really.

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I doubt it. Why do you think that?

>> No.24771509

Karluk's going to need to produce an heir eventually.

Not being lewd, just saying.

>> No.24771520


They skip around geographically and advance the plot while Mr. Glasses is travelling

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>> No.24771536

Why's that? In a highly traditional society, the age difference is a non-issue.

It's weird as hell to most of us, given our culture, but in the setting, it fits perfectly.

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>> No.24771557

Yup, falcons.

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>> No.24771590

And the last one.
Parenting is hard.

>> No.24771592

Dis family...

For a exotic setting it honestly isnt all that different from say your average american family hooked on consumerism

>> No.24771611

>we think you're a GOAT

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>> No.24771619

I can't even imagine how irritating you must be IRL.

>> No.24771632


I'm just poitnign out that humans dont change

its charming

>> No.24771646

Some things are just universal. It's quite a lesson to learn; how similar we all are. Culture, creed, colour, sex... It's all a lens. It may refract, reflect and colour, but underneath that, the light source is the same for all of us.

>> No.24771664

Families and the basic elements of cultures are quite similar, no matter where you go (a few exceedingly isolated and incredibly harsh environmentally situated exceptions aside)

>> No.24771696

It is written from a modern Japanese perspective and certainly not absolutely accurate.
It's fiction. If it was realistic they would possibly have massive domestic violence and shit going down.
Also their economic behavior is very different from an American family.
They don't buy many things and no finished products but make their stuff themselves.

>> No.24771699


She fucking loves falcons. Can't fault her for that. They may be the asspies of the animal world but they're pretty all the same.

>> No.24771704

The husband might need a year or two to get the equipment up and running.

>> No.24771754


It's funny how people who're probably men don't know how penises work.

But either way, she'd better wait for a few years if she does not want a sex addict for a husband. That's the ususal result of boys getting their dicks wet before their body had the chance to rearrange their mind to deal with fucking.

>> No.24771755

hes 12 at the start - if his equipment isnt up and running by now theres somthing seriously wrong with him.

>> No.24771777

Wait till you see her stitchings.
Falcons, falcons everywhere.
The scene where they break out all the old blankets and cloths, presenting a lineage in thread is just great.

Given the time and place, around 15 seems more realistic for that.

>> No.24771788

>You even brought this weird guy along?
Oh Mr. Academic, you silly man.

>> No.24771798

Good point. It's a documented fact, after all, that humans in western society mature physically faster these days. Whether that's natural selection and evolution in action, or a result of external factors, like consuming meat from animals injected with artificial growth hormones; you be the judge.

Some animals are just universally regarded as cool. Falcons, sharks, wolves, horses, bears (at least by anyone who's seen a real one, PARTICULARLY one that's mad).

Parenting is. Amira is a lot wiser than her years would indicate though, I think. Must be a product of the culture. Is that really all though? Awww...

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>> No.24771848

>natural selection and evolution in action
What, 12 years old boys get plenty of opportunities to fuck but only those with the right equipment reproduce?

>> No.24771857


>Thread is about Arabs
>Post Turkics

>> No.24771868

>Must be a product of the culture.
Don't forget that this is fiction. She's as wise as the author makes her out to be regardless of historical realism.

>> No.24771883

It's called a derail, anon.

They're not always bad, even if it's not changing from an awful thread into a good one.

>> No.24771886

Those are pretty much the same thing, right?

>> No.24771898

Look at the number of pregnancies occurring these days, between younger couples. Those that mature faster, reproduce faster (leaving aside all questions of the morality of this). This trait of rapid sexual maturity, or possible this ethos, enacted and re-enforced by parental behaviour, is passed on to offspring, who, in turn, re-produce early in life!

Sorry. I likely wasn't very clear there. Personally, I think it's more likely to be external factors having an impact, but it's still a valid idea to consider!

>> No.24771920

You shut your whore mouth.

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>> No.24771933

>> No.24771941

>> No.24771949

>> No.24771955

>> No.24771964

Yeah, I would REALLY avoid saying that to a Turk's face, if I were you! Or an Arab's for that matter! That kind of talk is the kind that gets you stabbed and left in an Istanbul back-alley to bleed to death...

Good point. Let me have this though. Wise wives are the best wives and a traditional culture that values the old ways and also produces calm, quietly confident and wise women? I'll be in my bunk...

>> No.24771968

>> No.24771975

I would not call that wisdom but being true to her word.
That could well have been a principle of her parents.
Or she's just unwilling to deal with the guilt and anger issues of others.

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>> No.24771985

>> No.24771997

>> No.24772005

Please stop posting forever.

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>> No.24772020

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>> No.24772032

>> No.24772033

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>> No.24772069

>Arabian Ladies
>male Khajiit in Skyrim outfit

>> No.24772073

and maditory

>> No.24772083


>> No.24772087


Kaoru Mori is a fucking goddess of detail.

Protip: If you haven't read / bought her earlier work, Emma, FUCKING DO IT.

It's a romance set in the victorian England. It's a good comic in itself, but nothing can beat the feeling of reading something the author enjoyed immensely drawing. And believe me, reading Emma, you can see Mori loved every frame of it.

That's actually a good benchmark for quality. Whether or not you can feel the authors' love for her or his work.

>> No.24772125

Was it something I said? Sorry!
No sarcasm, I didn't mean to cause offence.

I'd post something to contribute, but my 'middle-eastern females' bank is kind of non-existent.

>> No.24772154

You confused two similar terms signifying two very different things.

>> No.24772157

Wait, so if the chain is attached to her tits, why is it on the outside of her bra?

>> No.24772178

The bra is attached to her.

>> No.24772183

It is a mystery.

>> No.24772192

Presumably to hold the piece of fabric in proper position.

>> No.24772197

Nipple caps over the bra?

>> No.24772199

It is a past and future secret

>> No.24772273

All this Otoyomegatari.

Now all you guys need to do is play Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword to get your full dose of the setting.

>> No.24772293

I don't recall the dresses looking quite so pretty.

>> No.24772338

Too much murderhobo, not enough family, carpentry, weaving, hunting and generally just feeling like a family. Dammit, I-I've got something in my eye... Hold on a sec...

Ah, my bad. I apologise. Seems my first instinct to be politically correct misdirected me. If you're referring to my ethnic cock-up, that is and not anything else...

>> No.24772373

A good portion of German makes wine instead of beer, especially in Hessen and Cologne.

>> No.24772381

>> No.24772393


>> No.24772415


Well...the anon is right in a way - if he were in Medieval times. "Arab" was a catch-all phrase in the era for anyone who came primarily from Western Asia and Northern Africa.
Usually an "Arab" was someone from the "Arab League" - a coalition of 22 States.
I also suspect their reaction might be like calling a Serbian a Croation and vice versa; like the Brit said.
Now, I just looked this up and used a little bit of knowledge from my own campaign world (which is just a generic "Arabian Nights" style Arabia).

>tl;dr - Back in 900 AD (or so) called Arab; now, not so much

>> No.24772418


Amazon sells them in the U.S. for around 10-12 dollars.

>> No.24772453

As good as this looks, I suspect it looks even better in print.

>> No.24772457

Guys, I was trolling.

>> No.24772517


I am way too tired to actually disseminate stuff like that. I had a pic too - but image limit reached.

>> No.24772521

It was a joke.
And you are right, the south-western river valleys produce some excellent wines.
But cologne? They can't even wrap their heads around the concept of how to make beer.
Nothing against the finer points of horsepiss. But normal people still prefer beer.

>> No.24772543

It's not my fault! They forced me!
They made me do it!
You can't proof anything!

>> No.24772549

even better - go buy them - NOW!!

>> No.24772578

I think it's a curse. Something about being too close to the french border or something.

>> No.24772697

Nah. The Alsace is evidently capable of producing beer.
And even Düsseldorf manages do produce beer-like beverages.
Probably has something to do with the town being so gay or all the cocaine in the water from the TV studios.

>> No.24773376

>If it was realistic they would possibly have massive domestic violence and shit going down.
Some of the other family's do, if you'd read more than the first couple chapters. There's a lot of stress placed on how "Ideal" Karluk's family is.

Amira's sister was wed to a guy who literally beat her to death, so her family comes to try and take her away from Karluk by force to give her to the other clan. The English doctor also runs into a lot of people who's lives are very hectic and unfortunate.

Not every family in the world is violent though, and Karluk's family is one such fortunate family.

>> No.24773405

If he's 12, he's actually old enough already. The main reason older husbands were more common is because they'd had the time to establish themselves.

>> No.24774642


>> No.24774819

>Saint Hassan of /tg/
>Peace be upon Him

>> No.24774888

/tg/, I just finished binge-reading the entire thing, and I plan on buying it eventually.

...Thank you.


>> No.24775166

Cut the liberal crap will ya?

>> No.24776929

..b-but they weere twins! TWINS I TELL YOU!

>> No.24777070

Afghans. It's set in Central Asia... somewhere.

>> No.24777341


The Russians are coming.

Shit is going to hit the fan one of these days for Amir and Karluk.

>> No.24777365


>> No.24777715

...so, I'm not the only one that just read the entire thing for the first time, then. Well, that's comforting.

>> No.24777746

The various Turkic peoples can be found from Turkey, through Central Asia, all the way to western China (the Uigur).

Wikipedia says Otoyomegatari takes place near the Caspian sea, so probably current day Khazakstan or Turkmenistan if that's true.

>> No.24778416

Bitches love Falcons.

>> No.24780437

wait wait...... She did Emma as well!?!? That explains why it felt so familiar

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