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>Warhammer players say their game is better because the prices for their figures are less than others

oh warhammer players, when will you realize not every game requires 60 models

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But games with 60 models are fun

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...What? Half the threads about GW on /tg/ are about how much warhammer models cost. Newfag detected.

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Also warhammer threads aren't as prevalent here anymore as they were a year ago. Good sign.

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Agreed. Not to be 'that guy' but GW has seriously killed my interest in the hobby. There are a lot of better systems out there.

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>hobby is about painting and playing with miniatures

but less of them is somehow better?

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actually for the past few months there has been a few people pointing out how besides historical models, most companies have miniatures that cost more per figure than warhammer

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>because the prices for their figures are less than others

Who the fuck said that?
I mean, true, the price per mini of some boxes is lower than on other games, but that's not at all why warhams is better (for some)

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That doesn't make you that guy. Everyone hates GW.

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Its been an off month or two lately. Wasn't that long ago that the first 3 pages were nothing but GW related.

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I'm hoping the trend continues.

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Ah. On most boards everyone groans when I say that. People consider it to be jumping on the 'GW sucks' band wagon.

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We know but I've been noticing people bitching about Warmahordes unit prices and comparing them to GWs "lower" prices

and somehow they've forgetting you'll need to buy a shitton of models for a GW game

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There is no band wagon GW has always sucked

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oh please

>playign warhammer

no one with an ounce of intelligence does that anyways

feel free to attack the gw apologists

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You also have to take into account that it's easier to find Warmahordes models at a discount online than GW products.

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There's no bandwagon anymore. GW just obviously sucks.

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There's no GW sucks bandwagon, they really do suck and everyone hates them, even 40k fans.

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>There's no GW sucks bandwagon, they really do suck and everyone hates them, ESPECIALLY 40k fans.

They are the ones who actually have to pay for the stuff, after all.

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we call those people 12 year old fanbois.

even then no one likes warhammer. they just keep playing because "theres no other gamez!"

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I'm surpirsed theres not too many people proxying dust in for 40k

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No dude, like, everyone hates GW

a lot

They're a fucking retarded company that refuses to modernize or follow any rhyme or reason, behaving like a headless chicken that can only live on through the constant consumption of increasingly large piles of money

The only reason they are still in business is the fact that they were at some point pretty great company with a pretty great silly beer and pretzels game that some people, such as myself, still enjoy

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>People complain about the extremely high cost of starting armies
>They have never tried resin casting

All I need to create a ludicrous size force is one box of what I want, and then I just make resin copies. I don't even nescessarily need the box, I can ask a friend at a LGS to borrow his sprue for a week while I make myself the moulds. Or I buy used if it's a case of metal models.

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If prices are so high that resin casting your own figures becomes the preferable alternative to purchasing the product, that's pretty much proof positive that something is wrong.

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B-but muh medium-scale battles!

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40k is still the most widely played miniature game tho.

It has a certain flavour. The fluff > crunch, in most instances and other systems can't compete with that simply cause they are more crunch > fluff, and their fluff sucks.

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It's more that 40k has just picked up such a massive following over the years that even with GW's retarded policies, it's still got the fanbase to keep it on top due to a combination of fans sticking around since the good old days and new fans being brought in by the old fans and the fact that 40k is the most popular game.

Even so, 40k is seeing other games gain ground on it.

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Yeah among the niche markets only tho.

honestly, most people who 'enjoy' 40k are just those that are in it for the fluff. You have to admit all the grimderp stuff is kinda fun. All the stories that are made up and even the official BL books are very enjoyable.

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>All the stories that are made up and even the official BL books are very enjoyable.

but there are so many cases where its not

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Maybe, just maybe, I want to play a game where a single unit consists of thirty models.
Maybe I enjoy noy having to special order all my minis and buy PDFs instead of hardcopies of the books.
Maybe I even enjoy having people to play.

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What do you mean by "niche markets"?

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>Maybe, just maybe, I want to play a game where a single unit consists of thirty models.

I dunno, orks get unwieldy at 30

I'd rather run 6 mobs of 20 than 4 mobs of 30

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>Maybe I enjoy noy having to special order all my minis and buy PDFs instead of hardcopies of the books.

>$50 codex that has no hobby articles, and the same shit fluff if not worse, and doesnt even have a soft cover option

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>people to play
>random 13 year olds at the game store
>no actual friends

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>Maybe I enjoy noy having to special order all my minis

Is internet shopping the kryptonite of US gamers? I have a feeling it's much more popular in europe sometimes, at least for the gaming market. I guess it's one of those peculiarities between the two continents if I'm nto wrong.

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well, while wargaming is generally a niche market, true wargamers (read: neckbeards) are a niche among themselves.

neckbeards (who can't afford 40k or just hate GW or dont like 40k crunch) move on to other systems since the relatively small number of these there are, they can be considered a niche.

all the while most people still play 40k.

Frankly, I say just play 40k and other games. Its a hobby, and I have the cash for it.

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>Maybe I enjoy noy having to special order all my minis

Do you live in Siberia or something?

well shipping *did* get more expensive, but then you have people like MM who give FREE shipping over $100

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I don't understand how not playing grimderp makes you a neckbeard.

It seems to me the dudes clinging to 40k like it's a good setting and not just something that was faux-popular on the internet for a while are the actual neckbeards.

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There's something always satisfying about that though.
And you're moving upwards of 80 models a turn anyways, ten doesn't matter that much.

Those are some angry opinions.
Whine about the awful crunch, the fluff will always be good to alot of people who don't have a stick up their ass.

Or the 5 friends I have from powergamer to WOLFWOLFWOLF to bookfag. Playing random dudes at the store is rarely fun.

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That is the most idiotic definition of a "niche market" I have ever heard.

And, for the record, in terms of overall market shares, other games have been picking up steam, most notably Warmachine and Hordes (Warmachine consistently beating out sales of Warhammer Fantasy for the last few years).

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The fuck? We on /b/ now?
>Hey my shits better because reasons
>Angry responces

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While my FLGS carries a single starter box of Heavy Gear and has the rulebook for infinity, they carry no real models and have to special order anything which takes weeks to clear Canadian customs due to....I don't know, pewter. Despite Heavy Gear being run out of Ontario.

I had honestly considered playing Warmachine after seeing it there, but none of the models appealed to me that much. I'm always in it for the models and not the game anyways.

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>Whine about the awful crunch, the fluff will always be good to alot of people who don't have a stick up their ass.

Yeah, 40k's fluff is enjoyable. I read some of the books, play the RPGs because I like the fluff. However, I have no intention of playing the game just because I like the fluff. Good fluff does not make up for a shitty game.

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no no no. Its not the 'not playing grimderp' part that makes you a neckbeard.

its the actually playing AND caring wargames that makes US neckbeards.

A neckbeard is a sign of wisdom and greatness. many other 'players' only play cause 'spess mahrens' or 'muh necrons'

Don't get me wrong, i still play 40k, but I also play other systems. but only true neckbeards would actually venture out from 40k.

if you say that you aren't one, that just means you are a pretender, and should stop.

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Especially when said shitty game costs $40,000 to play

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God I can't wait until GW's shitty practices put them out of business so we don't need to have this thread daily.

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>A neckbeard is a sign of wisdom and greatness.
No, a beard is a sign of wisdom and greatness. A neckbeard is a sign of poor hygiene and shittiness.

I have attached a picture of a beard. Note how it covers more than just the neck? Learn the difference.

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>Whine about the awful crunch, the fluff will always be good to alot of people who don't have a stick up their ass.


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Have you...tried playing it? With friends who don't powergame?
It's quite alot of fun creating a battle in that setting when you and your opponent care more about telling a story than being the best.

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>Making up someone elses opinion to pretend your opinion is better then the non-existent one you made up.

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clearly someone is in denial.

a beard still encompasses a neckbeard. It just has additional strength and power.

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Why not use a better rule-system? It's not like the fluff comes attached.

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Yes and he was recently written to be Slaanesh's buttslave because the rest of the writers thought it was pantsonhead retarded.
What's your point? If one stupid writer could ruin 30 years of backstory and setting then Kyme would've made Salamanders uncool.

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So soon?

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Yes, I've tried it. If I wanted to tell a fucking story, I'd write a fucking story. Or play the RPGs. I play a game to play a game, the fluff is simply there for an extra bit of depth. The idea that 40k is about "storytelling" is a bullshit excuse so the creators don't have to worry about game balance.

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That's why I plan to play necromunda and already play the FF rpgs.
Thinking of trying Dust if I can find a box purely because FF's stuff is so good.

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>Yes and he was recently written to be Slaanesh's buttslave because the rest of the writers thought it was pantsonhead retarded.

Nothing in that fluff said it was Draigo

>What's your point?

That the fluff is getting worse

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No, a neckbeard is the proper beard's retarded cousin.

I'm not saying you have to shave your neck, but don't try and pretend your greasy stubble is somehow on the same level as the glorious facial hair of real men.

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To be honest it's disingenuous to compare games like Infinity or Warmahordes to 40k or Fantasy simply because it's apples and oranges.

I play 40k and also looking into Fantasy because of the fluff, models, and to some extent because I know I'll be able to find people that play the former.

Something I really like about GW is that they know how put out impressive products, perhaps I'm easily impressed but seeing a glimpse of the map of the Warp/Realms of Chaos taken from the Daemons of Chaos army book in a recent WD had me very excited.

>> No.24767253

>Nothing said it was Draigo

So heavily so that anybody reading that article immediately filled in the blanks. The Kelly and meatbeard dexes have had pretty fucking good fluff since the beginning if this edition, and only the wardexes had awful fluff the last edition.
One or two black marks don't white wash over decades of good, especially when you can not be ten years old, and just choose to disregard ridiculous shit like Draigo or some of the newcron bullshit.

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I don't even play Tau but I shat myself at the sight of the Riptide leak.

>> No.24767275

See, liking the fluff is fine, but good fluff doesn't excuse shoddy game design. You're perfectly welcome to enjoy the game, but it is a heavily flawed system and GW's policies are, frankly, retarded.

>> No.24767278

I find his take on the Ultramarines quite nice.

But I agree about the Salamanders

>> No.24767288

>some of the newcron bullshit.


>> No.24767299

>we play becuase of the fluff!

Ripoff of 2000 AD and Dune? Kewl

>> No.24767304

Don't forget the Foundation.

>> No.24767321

Well that I can't argue in the least.
Worse playing in Canada where that little PERFECTLY OPEN BORDER causes Australia pricing. I buy most of my stuff at hobby town in the states where a tactical squad is 20$ instead of 50...

He's hit and miss with the Salamanders.
Last book and a few of the short stories were gold, but holy fuck the deus ex at the end of the second hurt me dearly.

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No, that Trayzn FOR SOME REASON havi g the arm of Thor.
Why would he have that?
How could he get that shit off of terra?
Even if it wasn't on terra, that shit's as valuable as empy's bones. Bolter bitches would've thrown thirty orders at that.

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Only people who the fluff stupidly serious cared, not realizing the truth that pretty much everything Draigo achieves in the Warp is pointless because it's the fucking Warp. The same people who couldn't understand the blood of the pure or just blood in general having sacred properties despite the vast majority probably being some denomination of Christian.


Rules don't bother me and and frankly GW's policies are not much different from everything other single company within even a smidgen of power. At least I can take solace in the fact that my toy soldiers are 100% plastic and not 99% plastic 1% child slave blood.

>> No.24767425

What is this article and where can I read it?

>> No.24767459

>oh warhammer players, when will you realize not every game requires 60 models

This is a common argument, but the thing people making this argument don't realize is that models have value besides their use as game pieces, and a lot of that is tied to customizability.

Modeling and painting is a part of the hobby too, and GW does the best job of any extant manufacturer when it comes to producing highly customizable armies, with multiple multi-part plastic kits for everyone, extreme amounts of personalization, etc.

Compare to Warmachine, where conversions are actually banned at some tournaments. Now, GW certainly has its faults, but it's on top for a reason...

>> No.24767468

Dust models are quite shittily made and prebuilt so they suck for conversions

>> No.24767470

>Rules don't bother me
Well, good for you. Like I said, if you enjoy the game, by all means keep playing, but don't pretend like the glaring mechanical flaws aren't there.

>> No.24767479


It's not gonna be on top for very much longer for other reasons though

>> No.24767484

Are you trying to tell me that the resin warmahordes kits are not wonderfully posable/customizable?

>> No.24767496


I had a fully converted army of Cyganrian rastas that never managed to get banned from any tournaments

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40K Pro's
>People play it in my are
>Some cross over with my other games like Only War and Heresy
>Pant's on head retarded setting makes grimderp hilarious

>Ruleset and after-production R&D
>Player base

Warmahordes Pros
>Interesting models
>Interesting ruleset
>Somewhat less pricier

Warmahorde cons:

And that is why GW wins.

>> No.24767536


Why don't you teach some people how to play it or run the IKRPG to get people interested in the world?

That plan worked out here and now WHFB/40K are basically dead in the water. All it takes is one cool bro to show people the light.

>> No.24767571

>Are you trying to tell me that the resin warmahordes kits are not wonderfully posable/customizable?

Relative to, say, GW Space Marines, with 5 different multi-part plastic kits for the "vanilla" Marines alone just for power armor guys, plus a huge range of other kits, conversion bitz, resin models, and so on?

Yeah, that is what I'm saying. Warmachine has many advantages over 40k, but it's not even in the same ballpark when it comes to customization.

>> No.24767573


What this guy said:


I got a starterbox of WM, painted everything up, invited my friends over and learned to play with them.

We then did the same for Hordes, and now they've taught a few folks how to play themselves and we have about 8 players.

>> No.24767587


This guy has clearly never seen the WMH resin kits

>> No.24767607



It's also why D&D is the most popular RPG. Not because it's the best, but because if inertia it still has from when it was the top (or only) dog.

If D&D and Warhammer were only coming out today and had to succeed on their own merits instead of relying upon decades of brand name recognition/loyalty, people wouldn't give two shits about them.

>> No.24767649


It's a well known fact that entire SM range of kits (SM, BA, SW, DA, BT, and GK) are completely compatible.

Can the same be said about a single Warmahordes army?

>> No.24767668

>[GW's] not gonna be on top for very much longer for other reasons though

I wouldn't be so sure. Anti-GW sentiment goes back to the Usenet era, and yet here we are. While I certainly hope GW starts losing ground, reference class forecasting indicates that's unlikely.

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>> No.24767695


They're already losing ground and rapidly

>> No.24767757

Have you seen GW's? A box of five space marines can be put together 20 different ways. Any of WMH's kits can be put together one, unless you use a copious amount of green stuff, creativity, and have a meta that allows customization.
Speaking of which, I think WMH has the greatest ratio of assholes to players. I tried to paint my cygnar green to match my Magnus army, playing loyalists, and all they do is bitch that I've ruined the models and how poorly I'm doing it. I had to buy a second Stryker for the journeyman because I bothered to modify him, and all I did was swap the head and the sword.

>> No.24767772

>Implying that you can field a Guard army with only 60 models.


>> No.24767773

Of course I know that, OP.
I play fucking BattleTech.
But I actually enjoy painting and I don't much like Infinity and Warmachine's design. I will freely admit 40k is brainless in comparison to B, but it's fun if nobody becomes too invested in winning.

>> No.24767775


You can put together a resin jack kit in just as many different ways, I don't understand what you are talking about.

>> No.24767785


>personal anecdote about how my friends are all assholes

Don't play with assholes!

>> No.24767822

I don't see a problem

>> No.24767835

People don't argue that geedubya is the best because its figures are cheaper. People argue that the figure prices aren't, contrary to what many people say, extortionate compared to other companies'. Try again.

>> No.24767933

>checking out warmahordes
>hey this seems pretty interesting
>pick up cygnar starter box
"Starting cygnar, eh?"
>one of the highest ranking swedish players is in the store
>40-something, BO and huege
>start sperging about how cygnar is sub-par and only for causuals
>try to leave politely
>wont stop talking
>eventualy i just turn and walk away while he is slightly distracted.
>gets home
>cracks open box and starts building
>return a month later for noob play in the same store
>bring our my warjacks
>Suddenly, wild spergs appears
"Hey you can't play with those"
"They are green, cygnar are not green"
"Only wysiwyg"
"Green cycnar is too confusing for your opponents"
>Turns out they are running the event
>Turns out the entire regular local playerbase is eliteist spergs

And that is why i play 40k instead

>> No.24767978

Wait, what...

>> No.24767992


Yeah I can make shit up also

>> No.24768009

I've seen the resin jack kits as well. they have 3 variants, usually sword & board, just weapons, or a sword and a gun. You can't change the weapons, each variant has to have the specific gear. The legs have to go in the same way, or you'd better be ready to pin and mold like a boss. There is only one torso. There are three heads,and they all look the same save for some minor difference.
Take a look at the dreadnought kit from GW. About the same price, + 10 bucks depending on where you get it. The legs are on a swivel, so you can stick them in what pose you want. The front armor has alternate armor plates, plus what's available from other sources. Finally, you can mix and match any of the weapons together, from lascannons to close combat to meltas. And you'll still have plenty of bits left over when you're done.
Warmachine kits look great, I have no problem admitting that. But for variation and customizability? GW has no competition.
Rules sets, on the other hand...

>> No.24768036

Someone get sperged over using blue and white Khador.

>paint Guard combo of urban camos and olive drab armour
>give them assault rifles
>shoulder fired lascannons and shit
>all manner of 3rd party models from catgirl medics to resin APCs
>got a demolisher with the cannon mounted on the hull and a lascannon on the turret (M3 Grant style)
>not a single fuck has been given since since I started in late 3e

>> No.24768070

Yeah, that's the official rules. Technically you can paint them however you like, but the players then bitch about how difficult it is for you.
You have to have the exact weapons for that model, allright fine. You have to have the right torso, because different torsos mean different 'jacks. That's obnoxious. You can't replace ANY part of any named jack: That's retarded.
Oh, and it has to be about 75% Privateer model. So no finding arms you like better, alternate steam engines, or swapping the legs out, because they're too much of the model.

>> No.24768118

Must be a good thing I didn't think about starting those elves by buying an old Eldar Guardian box (16 models) at a good discount from a local store (I think it was like $10). But some Empire bits I should have been able to make similar armoured elves with muskets.

>> No.24768142

Get some tricorn hats and capes, that would probably look good... The problem is you HAVE to have the jacks, no matter how useless they wind up being. Game's based around them.

>> No.24768158

Ah the old warmachine players are assholes fallacy

>> No.24768188

>They're already losing ground and rapidly

In the US, 40k is number one and has been so for a long time. Fantasy is number three (below Warmachine but above Hordes, though sometimes Hordes loses the #4 spot to Malifaux) and has been so for a long time. 40k is also becoming more popular with 6th edition and the accelerated release schedule. No trends indicate that those positions are anything but stable.

>> No.24768203

>You have to have the exact weapons for that model

I don't think that's quite true. You can customise your 'Jacks but they have to retain the same type of weapon they're equipped with. So an Ironclad has to have a Hammer and an Open Fist on the model, but you could use any Hammer and any Open Fist you like.

>> No.24768207

Those Flamboyant empire hats with the feathers and shit.

As for jacks: Dreads. You can find Dread bodies relatively cheaply online and just convert or get like 3rd party arms for them, and you got big machines with guns and swords ready for action.

I know they don't look anything like those elf jacks, but fuck it.

>> No.24768212

>we have half the factions coming from the same mold (not literally, but still)

I don't think that's a good thing, or something to brag about. And moreso, when the said 20 different poses look basically the same , stiff and unrealistic.

>> No.24768213

The only thing I have to say is that I wish more wargames had prepainted models.

>> No.24768227

I noticed that too late...
Removed my jacks heads and instead built large eyes onto them.
Made up a bulshit fluff reason as i would for geedubs
Turns out i am not allowed to play them and they are now allied dreadnoughts for my 40k inquisitor list

>> No.24768233


You're more likely to run into assholes in Warmachine becausea major selling point is the fact that it's a competitive game unlike 40kFantasy where selling points fall more on the hobby end.

Not saying that all Warmahordes players are assholes or that their aren't 40k/Fantasy ones. (The 40k community is pretty bad)

>> No.24768248

This kind of shit is worse than WH40k

>> No.24768249


Who is stopping you from playing them?

>> No.24768283

No, GW just sucks with their price hikes, the finecast bullshit and rebranding paints with retard names was the final straw for me. I try to avoid buying GW shit as often as I can now and they make it very easy with all the ugly/retarded looking models they have been releasing in the last couple of years. Also, fuck their rulebook prices.

The GW I used to like is not there anymore.

>> No.24768285

All traditiounal games have assholes, but it is easier to deal with it when said assholes are 13 years old.

>> No.24768288

>ITT: People bitch and moan about why their models with inferior grade plastics, worse sculpts or terribad background are somehow not talked about more than warhammer.

>> No.24768322


Eh perhaps, but that was just the most obvious example. I've seen an IG army that made heavy use of Empire bits, Dark Eldar using Dark Elf, Orks and Orcs mixing and matching, The Chaos factions from both games swapped around, Fantasy models used for an Inquisitor warband, even Lellith Hesperax in a Wood Elf army.

>> No.24768327

Thats still retarded.

Why can't you have for instance, a GIANT Hand for the hammer and an open hand?

Too confusing?

>> No.24768333

That is the worst part of the whole thing.
I keep hoping, in the back of my mind, that somehow Mantic will manage to completely eat their market share. It'll never happen. but i can dream.

>> No.24768337

So basically.

>They release things I don't like, I am now going to cry and bitch and moan.

Seriously, you bitched about PAINT NAMES just there.

>> No.24768347


I sure do love a company that can't develop anything for themselves with terrible sculpts outside the undead range.

>> No.24768348

I do not know any players and only got hold of a few models on a whim.
I made a few atempts to play but so far my opponents seem to be rather cross with my conversions.

Giving stryker an awesome hat was not popular either

>> No.24768379

>Too confusing?

Apparently so. It's a dumb rule, isn't it?

This is why I just play Warmachine with a few friends and don't have anything to do with the main community here. I have a couple of Helljacks converted up out of Cygnar and Khador 'Jacks, to look like they've been salvaged and repurposed for the Dragonfather's uses, and fuck the guys who say they shouldn't be used.

>> No.24768382

Pretty much the same experience there.

I walked into the store I usually go in and asked to watch a few Warmahorde games, seemed kinda intresting, like a card game with models.

I asked what to get as a starter who came from warhammer and to hear a bit about the background.

They heard the word warhammer and went into maxium asperger mode.

>> No.24768386

GW has shit-tier design instead. They pretty much ruined a lot of their dwarves and, Empires aesthetics by sticking useless steampunk and cranium junk on to them. Shit looks pretentious as fuck.

>> No.24768390


I won't say anything about their models or rules, but having Dwarfs and Skaven in their 40k knockoff is the worst thing. 40k and Fantasy have parallels, but at least GW tries to alter them a smidge.

>> No.24768415

Thats what totally pissed me off the most.

I am above all a collector at heart, but I do enjoy fielding my armies from time to time.

Considering the smaller scale of Warmahordes I was considering getting into it, buying 'Jacks I find that are cool, and paint them to be sort of mercenary salvaged mechs and use rules how I could.

Seems this wouldn't be a good idea.

>> No.24768424

There are only 15 models on the table, tops. you can't keep track of what giant robots are what, when I point at each one and tell you what they are? And when I have a card I am obligated to hand you when you ask?
Sometimes I wonder about kids these days. I've seen armies with 12 tanks and 100 IG models with different weapons, and I can still keep plasmas from meltas from leman russes and medusae.

>> No.24768440

>Empire gets a grand total of one steamtank, one steamhorse and at a stretch, the arcane carriges.

>Dwarves have the Gyrocopter


>> No.24768444

Hey Space Skavens works for me and GW already have Space Skavens and Space Dwarves in their fluff.

>> No.24768458



>> No.24768463

Indeed, thats what confused the fuck out of me.

Warmachine is smaller, so it practically BEGS for Custom jobs and very individual pieces.

But from what I here, you don't even have the ability to have a custom Warseer?

>> No.24768487

Jesus fucking christ, are we really stealing this shit from /pol/?

You act like your plastic doll game makes you to other people who play other plastic doll games,

>> No.24768495

>Disagree with a stupid opinion.
>Get called defence force.

There are barely any steampunk additions to Empire or Dwarves, and even then, they had them for ages before.

What next, are you going to complain about the Helblaster or the Organ Gun?

Perhaps the fact that Bretonnia has Knights?

>> No.24768497


Empire only has the Steam Tank and Mecha Horsey, both of which aren't available in mass quantities and prone to malfunction. There's even a piece of fluff about the Empire showing off a Steam Tank to some ambassador and it blows up.

Plus I'm pretty sure these things kind of fit in with the time period the Empire is based on.

>> No.24768502

Someone's butthurt.

>> No.24768509

you mean warlock/warcaster



>> No.24768510

Not saying that GW is not shit tier.
Just that the players tend to be less autistic about conversions

>> No.24768518

The only thing I disagreed with about the Empire line was the Gryphon.

If they wanted to make an Empire Monster, it probably should have been an Imperial Dragon.

>> No.24768519

>someone doesn't agree with me

>> No.24768522

If it looks functional it's fine. Sticking huge-ass monocles, gears without purpose and similar shit as accessories on characters just looks tacky.

The Empire wears fucking skulls on their hats now. That's just stupid.

>> No.24768537

Nope. Which is, again, dumb.

No-one should care if I convert up a unique Warwitch or Satyxis character for my Warcaster, so long as I say "I'm using Deneghra/Skarre's rules" at the start of the game and provide the card for in-game reference.

>> No.24768538


What is so great about conversions though?

99% of them look like shit and are based around someone's nonsense inside joke

>> No.24768548

No matter how funny it seems.

I have pretty much had people in Warmahordes threads say the same shit seriously.

>> No.24768562

>99% of them look like shit and are based around someone's nonsense inside joke

...and you're just pulling shit out of your ass.

>> No.24768586

Adding a personal touch to your models is fun.

>> No.24768592

>99% of them look like shit and are based around someone's nonsense inside joke

You're trolling, right?

>> No.24768593


Sometimes I think the problem with Warmahordes is I am not their type of wargamer.

I am a hobbyist, I enjoy painting, modeling, and then fighting with them on the battlefield.

It seems warmahordes, in an effort to try and be more "Balanced" and "Competitive" has bred an envoriment of elitism and heavy duty rules faggotry.

>> No.24768595


You can make custom whatever you want in the IKRPG which uses the same exact system as both warmachine and hordes

So if you wanna play a tight tabletop game, play WMH. If you wanna play an rpg-style minis game, play IKRPG.

>> No.24768597


I thought the Empire was supposed to ostentatious and baroque as fuck, kind of like the Imperium.

>> No.24768598



>> No.24768602

I... what... How can anythong on /tg/ even say that?

>> No.24768612


>> No.24768621

>pulling shit out of your ass

Like most conversions are done?

>> No.24768622

What if I want to play a tabletop game set in a fantasy setting using models I added a personal touch to?

Seems neither is good for me right now is it?

>> No.24768627

You know they changed the pain names because they actually changed the content of their paints right? Boltgun metal and Leadbealcher arent the same paint technically.

>> No.24768642

Is this what Warmahordes does to you?

It makes you hate creative fun?

I must say, these threads never do anything to change my mind about the Warmahordes players.

>> No.24768648


>> No.24768650


IKRPG plays like a tabletop game

>> No.24768663

He's probably complaining for the sake of complaining.

He really doesn't get that the paint range has changed dramatically in paint content and shade.

>> No.24768674


lol nah bro converting is an art.

buying tons of little plastic pieces and assembling them in the order I CHOOSE. THAT'S REAL CREATIVITY RIGHT THERE!

>> No.24768675

I preffer converting to actually playing the game...

>> No.24768676

But it's an RPG, just one they use simplistic mechanics for.

I want to play an Tabletop game, not an RPG.

>> No.24768687

And it's not like the new paint names are any sillier than the old ones anyway.

>> No.24768693

Their model range used to look more like historical figures and less like bad cosplayers.

>> No.24768697

I like their per mini price.
Because I don't actually play wargames, I just use the minis in my D&D & SW games. I mean, your average guardsmen works fine as a rebellion trooper, and a dude with a sword and shield is a dude with a sword and shield, regardless of setting. Fantasy warhams swordsmen just happen to look more fopish then your average fantasy fighter.

>> No.24768698


OK Go convert up some stuff and play 40k. WMH is better without your type of player.

>> No.24768713

Everytime I hear Warmahordes horror stories I'm always surprised. I've never met people like that anywhere. So weird.

(All the Warhammer/40k/Infinity/Spartan Games players I've met have been bros too)

>> No.24768723

Bro, let me explain what the guy means.

I have an Army of Ravenwing counts as, they're a successor DA chapter called Knights of the Lion. Clever name? Not really, I wanted an Excuse to convert Ravenwing Bikers, Black Knights and Ravenwing command Squads into gallant Knights, with lances counting as Raven Hammers and such.

The entire army is rules legal in Warhammer, and even won a local tourney.

Could people do something like that in Warmahordes?

Probably not.

>> No.24768735

And what kind of players are that?

Ones who take to building and painting plastic and metal models well alongside the wargaming part?

>> No.24768742

If theres one thing I hate more than warhammer players, its warmahorde players

>> No.24768748

It depends, I know alot of good players from ANY wargame.

I also know alot of bad players.

They're usually either warmahordes players or they play Blood Angels.

>> No.24768755


wannabe art fags who take paint-by-number and children's model soldiers way too serious to the point where they have to each have their own backstory.

that's cool if you're a huge sperglord but i'm really really glad your shitty fanfiction isn't part of MY game.

>> No.24768761

>creative fun
>forcing mary-sue charecters on other players
Enjoy your Sonichu: 40k

>> No.24768789


And this is why /tg/ doesn't like Warmahordes players. Stop being a prick

>> No.24768791

Warmachine seems like the perfect game for it to sell premade, prepainted models and only use those exclusively, no customization allowed.

>> No.24768797


>> No.24768798


pick your poison

>> No.24768802


>Paint my Cygar a Navy instead of Ultramarine

>> No.24768815


/tg/ doesn't like WMH players because the 40k defense league shows up in every thread whining about how the system doesn't accommodate their genius fanfiction ideas?

>> No.24768819

Maybe /tg/ is just full of assholes that use /tg/ to let off steam?

Games Workshop does produce a lot of crap that they paint like crap so it looks even more crap these days, though.

>> No.24768820

I never actually got that.

If the people are so adamant against any sort of custom jobs.

Why NOT Sell them prepainted and prepared?

>> No.24768828

I'm actually impressed. This thread took far longer to turn into 40k v. Warmahordes shitposting than I expected.

>> No.24768838

So tell me then.

What do you do with your WMH stuff? Do you paint it the same color too?

>> No.24768847

Because they're NOT against customized models.

They encourage people to paint and model them as they please. The conversion policy is only in place for ease of play at tournaments and is only instituted at the organizer's discretion.

>> No.24768850

because people like the CHALLENGE

though its not like they can paint good anyways....

>> No.24768852

It isn't 40k vs Warmahordes.

It's people who enjoy wargames as a hobby vs people who play wargames like a video game and seem to be adamant at hating people who enjoy it as a hobby.

>> No.24768853

Warhammer and Magic the card game ruined tabletop gaming in the late 80s and 90s.

Gaming used to be way more fun and affordable so more people did it.

>> No.24768855


>Maybe /tg/ is just full of assholes that use /tg/ to let off steam?

I've been thinking this for a while, same thing with /v/.

>> No.24768875

No. No it is not. It's a bunch of faggots getting up in arms about other faggots getting up in arms about bullshit.

>> No.24768877

Weekend 4chan has shitposters engage turbo shitposting mode.

>> No.24768884


>> No.24768885

How in any shape or form is building a Warmahordes model challenging?

Keeping it on it's base maybe.

>> No.24768888


The thing is no one is really against custom paint jobs/cool conversions. I run events and so long as something isn't absurd we allow all sorts of cool custom models. Even the developers like to show off the cool custom skulpts and stuff they do.

The only warmahordes players who have a problem with this are the same kind of players who bitch about custom Space Marine armies. These people are weird and are best avoided.

>> No.24768896


it's a game.

the hobby is called TRADITIONAL GAMES. It is about GAMING, not arts and crafts.

>> No.24768909

Why even play with models then?

Why not just cards and counters?

>> No.24768911

They had to change the paint names, they were changing to a different company making the paint and weren't legally allowed to use the same names as before.

>> No.24768929

Each warmarordes character is part of a living breathing narative and the plot is actually moving forward.
WMH have the best fluff by far

>> No.24768931


because that's not how the game is played

>> No.24768941

Sorry, as much as I'd like to believe the Quads.

I have met to many on /tg/ and IRL who seem to be nothing but Rules Lawyering assfaggots who take the game way way to seriously and seem to froth at the mouth if you mention you also play warhammer.

>> No.24768944


This is true. The fluff in the rpg book is absolutely incredible.

>> No.24768946


>> No.24768951


You realize the hobby side of things is a part of the game right?

>> No.24768957

And the hobby is a huge part of it as well.

Maybe you should tell people to not have a story in their RPG quests as well?

>> No.24768964


I've not actually heard anything about it that IS intresting though. Or developed forward.

Apart from that one undead guy person thing.

Can somehow basically say how the fluff is moving forward?

>> No.24768967


That's rough, at my UK based meta we kind of mourn warhammer not being played anymore, and every warmahordes player bar two have a 40k army they play sometimes.

>> No.24768972

>I have met to many on /tg/ and IRL who seem to be nothing but Rules Lawyering assfaggots who take the game way way to seriously and seem to froth at the mouth if you mention you also play warhammer.
See, I've got the exact opposite experiences where the assfaggots are the warhammer players.

I'm thinking that /tg/ may just have a userbase that includes assholes regardless of the system.

>> No.24768986

Personally, I wouldn't mind playing WH40k that way.

>> No.24768996

You speak like the fluff ever matters anywhere.

>> No.24769001


It's only part of it if you are the sort of person who cares about how a 40 dollar inch high man is assembled and painted.

>> No.24769012

Well, in the recent Colossals book, Cygnar and Khador have entered into a temporary alliance to deal with the Cryx threat in the Thornwood after Cryx forces fucked both their shit up at Point Bourne in the wake of Khador's assault on the Cygnaran fortress city.

>> No.24769018

Perhaps. Generally though I have seen a trend.

>Young asshole plays Warhammer, always plays unpainted or unmade, is a total prick
>Gets his ass handed to him by vet players/ doesn't get praised at the table because he's a prick and people laugh at his army
>Moves onto Warmahordes, generally the same , but smaller amounts of units mean they can actually be painted. Starts to hate Warhammer players for shunning him for being a doucher.

>> No.24769036

>Probably not
Why not? Because some warhammer fan boy said so?
Do you even know what you are talking about?
No, you are just parroting to what GW fan boy was trying to "damage control" when the player base for warmahorde is steadily rising.

You can paint warmahorde to what ever color you want. You can convert warmarhorde to what ever you want ASLONG AS IT FOLLOWS WYSIWYG, which is the very same rules GW tournies follow.

Is such a simple concept so complicated to dark edgy GW fan boys?

>> No.24769044

I see.

How does this effect the game on a whole? Have units been made out of this Alliance? Can you play a mixed force?

>> No.24769048


So... why do you even play? If you don't care about the models or really anything to do with the hobby why do you play these games?

Seems like you might have more fun with something MtG or other card games

>> No.24769052


>> No.24769056

So, is this in real life or on /tg/. Cause /tg/ isn't a good measure for how people IRL act. /tg/ and 4chan at large are, by their nature, a perfect place for worst of the unwashed, neckbearded masses to act out their faggotry.

>> No.24769058

My IG army is made with bits of my imperial army from whbattle. The imperial army is also widely using vampires models.

Both are full of tanks and miniguns.

>> No.24769062

Well. let me make this straight.

Could I create all my Jacks to look like Vikings, toting Great Axes, big chain beards, metal horns.

And could my Warseer be Odin?

>> No.24769066


Yes in some campaigns and events (which are officially sanctioned) you can play with special characters that represent the fluff developments

>> No.24769067

Funny thing is, the GW players in this thread are being largely polite, while you're acting like an utter cunt. Not really a great advertisment for your game, pal.

>> No.24769088

What fucking theory.
If I run my ultra smurfs with bolters and say they are actually Devastators with las cannon, plasma cannon, and heavy bolters, people will be like WTF too.
WYSIWYG is universal to most miniature war games because wargear effects the game duh...

>> No.24769089

Well, I don't really give a shit about special characters. They're generally just shit excuses to bend rules, just like warhammer.

What about broader things like unit types?

Is there anything like the old Beasts of Chaos, Warriors of chaos books thing going on?

>> No.24769094



Any one who would have a problem with such a kickass army is clearly a faggot and shouldn't be playing these games

>> No.24769110

Not a mixed force, but during the events of the book, Colossals were introduced to the battlefield, thus mirroring their introduction into the game at large. There's also epic characters which represent those characters later in the narrative. For example, epic Butcher is the Butcher of Khardov following his near death in a failed raid on a Cygnaran city and his long, lonely trek back to the Khadoran lines. Epic Denegrah is Denegrah after she was killed by Haley and then revived by Asphyxious as a wraithwitch.

>> No.24769115

Jokes on you, I play warhammer , and I only own 1 warmachine model and its still in box.
However owning what company's product is totally irrelevant to the facts.
Which is to say, despite owning more GW armies than the majority of GW fan boys in this thread, I for one, do not act like one.

>> No.24769124


Can't Magnus use cygnar units and someone else can use Cryx units?

>> No.24769132

Chaos Demons codex, section that describes the realm of Slaanesh

>> No.24769133

I think it's because of a great confusion between Warhammer and WMH players.

WMH players see Warhammer players as either Mary Sue fanfiction writers for, whatever reason.

Or childish kids. Fact is, the /tg/ community for warhammer is way more laid back and more prone to hijinks than much of the warhammer community.

On the opposite end, WMH players feel the need to heavily push back and try to show the /tg/ that their game is legitimate and on par with warhammer.

It's basically I think some of the more fanatical WMH players have a chip on their shoulder and make the rest look bad.

>> No.24769139

Look, the rules are there for a reason, you can't just go around changing things.

There are clear instructions how to paint and assemble your force. Ignoring them is as bad as ignoring the rules for the game as well.

>> No.24769142

Some sort of collectible model game, mirroring CCGs
Except with big models.

>> No.24769146

What if I think both 40k, and WMH are both uninteresting and I don't like their aesthetic design?

>> No.24769147

Will they be WYSIWYG? Will it be made out of same company products? If yes, then why not.
Aslong as the base size, height, wargear is same, and the aesthetic is not beyond suspension of disbelief, then yes to both Warmachine and Warhammer.

What I dont understand is, why most fan boys (of both sides) chose to be fan boys, why not just appreciate them both? why fight a petty war like some sort of religious crusade?

>> No.24769152

That's Magnus' Theme List benefit.

>> No.24769155

Thats fine, nobody is gonna bite your head off for that.

>> No.24769159

Is there a leader for any of the armies who isn't a named character? All I see in threads about hordes/machine is that their army is lead by x.

Not a huge fan of uberspeschul character 027, can I customize their gear and abilities?

Thanks for answering /tg/

>> No.24769161

The worst is that some people actually think like this


>> No.24769168

Well. I wouldn't see vikings using drills or anything like that, so I assumed I'd convert different weapons that fit Vikings for each weapon type to show variance.

>> No.24769172

There's no real height requirement for the models, though. It doesn't use true line of sight, so the volume of a model is abstract.

>> No.24769177


No there are no generic characters and each army must include one named character

>> No.24769181

Then warhammer players will say you have shit taste.
*Actual Citation exist, check warseer's Eldar thread,

>> No.24769183

Thats how I kind of feel.

As much as character driven story is cool, sometimes I like having my general be a centerpiece that I designed.

>> No.24769185



You HAVE to have a named character

>> No.24769197



If so, can you use counts as?

>> No.24769201

>requirement of all armies is a super speshul snowflake character
Welp, there went my last thought of playing hordes.

>> No.24769208

I'm sure I could dredge up quotes about WMH hating on people stupidly too.

>> No.24769219

Why do you feel to make this like a religious crusade? is warhammer really your spiritual liege?

>> No.24769223

Your army has to have a warcaster/warlock. All the casters and locks are named characters.

You could, convert a model and then use whatever caster's rules you wanted for that model, though.

>> No.24769227


>> No.24769236

Troll from another board?

You've got it all wrong friend. Did somebody on /v/ tell you to swing by and mock us for playing (lol) super-cheap GW?

>> No.24769238


There is one casual format where you don't have to have a character lead your army.

The lack of customization leaders is probably W/H biggest weakness but its mostly a preference thing.

>> No.24769241

You're the one who is making it an Us or them mentality.

I don't think many people who play Warhammer on /tg/ DON'T play WMH in some shape or form.

>> No.24769245

>You could, convert a model and then use whatever caster's rules you wanted for that model, though.

no, just no

>> No.24769248


>my game doesn't have to be balanced because it's based heavily around arts and crafts

>> No.24769251

You can dig up quotes of anyone hating on anything stupidly. There are idiots out there, be they 40kiddies or Warmawhores or neither.

Fags gonna fag. That's why shit like this thread piss me off. It's people judging a game based on its fanbase and not the game itself.

>> No.24769256


How does this thread feel about Perry miniatures conversions?

>> No.24769262


and you know you 'could' just pay to get them painted, if that's your thing.

>> No.24769269

Varies Model by Model I say.

>> No.24769274

too boring for warhammer. go back to games made back in the 70's!

>> No.24769276

Anyone here actually play Grey Knights? I do.
Do you guys actually believe, the GK fluff wasn't written to be forced dark and edgy? You know, the killing of Sisters?
Its as if, MatWard knows the age group of the players, and the kids "cant into" sophisticated weaved plots, so he just shoved forced dark edgy plots for them to comprehend.

If you guys werent so loyal to GW, isn't it obvious to you guys?

>> No.24769278


>> No.24769279


So long as it's either a casual game or reasonably approximates the caster in question, you shouldn't have any problems.

>> No.24769280

>Beards and Helmets.

>> No.24769281

Nooo, not outside the box.
The box i there for a reason

>> No.24769289

See, I'm not sure what you people are actually doing on /tg/, which generally embraces, y'know, all sides of the hobby?

>> No.24769294

I guess I'll just ignore the game, then.

>> No.24769300

ITT: 300 ways to be unable to say
"Dude, I just like playing with Catholic Space Nazi toys and other space tropes."

Is it really so hard to let people play what they want to play? Or is a sense of superiority something with cash value nowadays?

>> No.24769309

I think there's a bit of an argument over balancing between the hobby aspects and the crunch.

Unfortunately, those engaged in said argument are raging faggots who can't string together a coherent reason to save their lives.

>> No.24769312

Considering I have met Matt Ward in real life several times and talked to him enough.

Grey Knights were written very tongue in cheek.

Matt Ward wanted to write them basically as Space Bretonnia King Arthur Knights. But he needed a GRIM AND EDGY Quota.

>> No.24769317


Just tying up the 4 warhammer fanboys with a troll thread so they can't constantly shitpost all over /tg/ with their dumb "OC" about which warhammer race would look the best as a girl

You're welcome

>> No.24769334

>Considering I have met Matt Ward in real life several times and talked to him enough.



I thought he actually doesnt exist and is an entity created by gw to focus hate onto one section so no one looks anywhere else

>> No.24769336

>implying any of us care
Stop being a spiteful retard, please.

>> No.24769344

So are you agreeing or disagreeing thats the direction GW is going, catering to the limited mind set of children, and teens by using "simple forced dark edgy " stories.

>> No.24769349

I guess, but even if you counts-as a character, when you explain to your opponent you will invariably say "Using [insert caster's name] here rules".

I soft-quit WM/H a while ago when the group died down for no good reason, might get back into it. From a casual standpoint it's much more finnicky to customize their models (this was before PP had ANY plastics though, things might've changed). While no one cares too much about WYSIWYG in a casual pickup game, the parts are just in much shorter supply for those who like to customize their models to their heart's content.

I had a couple pretty bad experiences with tourney-fag WM players when the sword broke on my Nomad and I replaced it with a greataxe bit I found in a bitz trade. In that regards, WM/H tournaments seem to be pretty unforgiving when using "non-standard" parts. However this is not exclusive to them as I have run into plenty of 40k players who exploit similar shenanigans like having all their marines in kneeling poses to deny TLOS, and the 40k tourneys around here have a definite limit to how much can be proxied (no "this flamer is actually a meltagun").

Still, I see a LOT less variance in paint scheme and customized/kitbashed models in WM/H compared to WHF/WH40k. Maybe the players just aren't interested in fielding a faction/subfaction of their own design.

>> No.24769352

Nah, he's a pretty nice bloke.

He loves the Warhammer Lore, and yeah, he's a bit rough around the edges. But his biggest problem he has is using 2E fluff WAY to much.

>> No.24769355

I'm thinking of ripping this off and making a mercenary army playing with the Empire rules. I will avoid most of GW's ugly models except for the IoB griffon.

>> No.24769363

The truth hurts a little yes?
Is that the knee jerk reaction of a fan boy I see?

>> No.24769371

I liked the greatswords of the Empire personally.

And the old Swordsmen, halberdiers.

>> No.24769374


I love playing with meatshields operating big tanks led by space nazis fighting aliens. I don't give a fuck.

>> No.24769378


GK aren't dark and edgy, they're pragmatic and pragmatism means you don't always do nice things.

The Sisters had pure blood, by mixing it with other sacred unguents the GK were able to protect their souls. This kind of stuff goes back even further than Ward, to the Imperium consecrating bolter shells with the blood of the pure to hurt Daemons. Heck, this is basic human mythology.

40k isn't science fiction, it's space fantasy. Space magic is a living breathing part of the universe.

>> No.24769384

I don't care honestly.

In a Narrative campaign I can easily say my Grey Knights are noble souls who would sacrifice themselves to save anyone, man woman or child, GW fluff allows for that.

It really doesn't effect my style at all.

>> No.24769400

Why can't they just ask for their used tampons? Why do they have to pointless slaughter sisters to get blood? Why is there no blood bank in the far future?

Its dark edgy for the sake of dark edgy, and you know it.
All too often are ill thought plot holes in warhammer damage controlled by "lol its magic / warp"

>> No.24769403

Those are nice but I don't like GW's heroic scale and I disagree with the prices.

>> No.24769404

No. Some of us love to read books and sometimes hate them. I personally don't give a fuck. My stories are in my head, and on the battlefield.

>> No.24769406

Yeah, the "warmachine players are assholes" thing is a total fallacy

>> No.24769412

The problem alot of people had with it is, Well.

GK have a double edged fluff.

One side, they're noble heroes, Glorious Paladins who defend all.

On the other, their Pragmatic Daemonhunters who would do anything to stem the tide of chaos.

Is this bad? No, it allows YOU as a person to think of your fluff for your army. It does however become confusing and makes them seem bi-polar.

>> No.24769420

>Matt Ward himself descend from the Outer Realms and say they're Dark and Edgy

>> No.24769421

Fair enough,

Both really good points.

>> No.24769430

Knights of the blooded tampon

>> No.24769431


HORDES players on the other hand....

>> No.24769437

You should Probably take Matt Ward as tongue in Cheek, his writing is very much like that.

The Necron Codex show this.

>> No.24769440


Are they comparable size?

>> No.24769456

Dust Models are pretty shit bro.

>> No.24769469

Well yeah, when you shitpost threads that bash what other people like they will tend to show up and defend what they like. How about you stop shitposting and post threads about stuff you like rather than patrolling /tg/ and telling people they're having fun the wrong way

>> No.24769484


Fuck it, there is no point in discussing this topic for the thousandth time since the majority of /tg/ seems content to throw around buzz words and HURR DURR KHORNATE KNIGHTS AND HATZ SO FUNNAY XD

>> No.24769510

Maybe /tg/ is just full with sheep?

>> No.24769518

TBH a lot of the local wmh players are total bros.
there are just a tad to many ruleslawyers around

>> No.24769554

Well, I wish you the best in your search for whatever you like

>> No.24769567

>blood banks > blood sacrifice
You *do* know that in all of human mythology, the freshly spilt blood of a human being has much more power and importance than a cold vial of the stuff?

>> No.24769575

>I'm shitposting to prevent shitposting
You're a special kind of stupid are you?

>> No.24769583

But how would they type without fingers?

>> No.24769591

hes probably a warmahorde player

>> No.24769602

Because an issue is obvious and widely discussed, it makes it the "norm" and thus its ok?
Because the majority agree with the faults of GW that group must be the sheeps?

Fuck, I didnt realize GW fan boys are THIS DELUSIONAL.

>> No.24769605


>> No.24769612

I think he was being sarcastic.
I've unfortunately found that a really vocal demographic of WarmaHordes players are like Mac owners: their system *is* better, but they take it way too out of proportion and look down on everyone that enjoys something else.

>> No.24769622

and You *do* know thats complete bullshit right?

fuck, is that you kanluwen from dakka dakka?

>> No.24769644

I didn't know people who hated warhammer took the fluff so seriously.

>> No.24769658

Hi, Warmachine and Warhammer player here.
I enjoy both games, and enjoy the 2 different aesthetic / play style to them. I like them equally because they fill my different tastes.

However, I get very annoyed when warhammer players plainly lies about the WYSIWYG part in attempt to drive WH players away.

>> No.24769679 [SPOILER] 

Thanks, Anon.

No. But have this picture that will probably annoy you.

>> No.24769694


>> No.24769704

Here is a hint, for you, and probably 90% of the posters in this thread.

I love warhammer, I own 14 armies, all over 2k points at-least.
However, I do not think every-single-thing GW shits out is gold, I really don't. Some of them are literally shit and worthless, but Im not going to be a pathetic fanboy and praise it like gold just because I like GW.

Shit is shit, even if it comes from someone you love, get that through your fucking heads people, because otherwise, you are the sheeps.

>> No.24769706

My sides just went full segmentum obscurus.

>> No.24769708

Personally I like the WHFB fluff a lot more than 40k. I just wish they still had compitent writers.

>> No.24769749

Hi, i posted about the "shift" in the GW writting style earlier, before fan boys turned it into "oh you are hating on mattward?" fest.
No, I think its to do with the age demographic of the younger children GW is trying to cater.
Children are more interested in 40k, and the story should be written to reflect what they like.

>> No.24769752

>average fa/tg/uy in the wild

>> No.24769788

I mostly don't like most 40k fluff because it's kinda like cape comics. Stuff like Necromunda is cool, though.

>> No.24769818

40k is fun if you don't play the special snowflakes factions. Orks, IG, nids, tau. All good.

>> No.24769836

Because something being false in real life makes it impossible in fiction, amirite?

>> No.24770520

>Games workshop pretty much singlehandedly keeping the hobby alive.
They're the hero we need.

>> No.24771561

When it crosses the line and become pure stupidity, then yes of course.
But then again, I have a feeling the average GW customer still believes in santa am I rite?

>> No.24771900


So why don't I just play your systems that require less models with my cheaper GW models?

Why are trolls so stupid?

>> No.24771963

>GW gets sold to Hasbro.
>Hasbro merges them with WotC.
>WotC moves WH40k design to Seattle.
>Next WH40k edition gets designed by people I went to high school with.

>> No.24772025

Unfortunately, Dust is moving to Battlefront which will make the prices just as pants-on-head retarded as WH40k.

Also, FFG's support for Warfare (As opposed to Tactics) was incredibly lacking. A series of $30 expansions that only had two new units each for Axis and Allies didn't help matters.

Still keep hoping someone will make pdfs of the "Operation:" books.

>> No.24772235

How many poses are there for Cygnaran Long Gunners?
Or Trenchers?
Or Khadoran Iron Lancers?

The jacks have improved since the game came out, but the game sucks for modelling your bread and butter infantry.

Malifaux is just as bad. Bought one of the new plastic kits. Despite being multipart, there's just one way to build every single miniature. No ball joint cuts or alternate parts for anything.

I'm hoping they'll change that when Malifaux 2nd edition comes out. People will want some way to represent upgrades on the models.

Other games have more competitive rules sets, but Warhammer 40k is still the best for feeling like your army is "your" army, rather than just the list you take for the current meta.

>> No.24772265

Because GW is more expensive, and the "cheaper" ones are worse than Mantic minis.

>> No.24772294

Why are GW fans so butt hurt in this thread?
Why are they still responding instead of letting it die?
>mfw fan boys must defend their spiritual liege

>> No.24772490

Warhammer player here, not going to get into the company wars. Legit question from a fucking legit customer here.

What the fuck GW?
Lets not get into Maiden transexual guards here and price jump.

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