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Insanatee's drawthread was pruned before I got my request, which some kind anon was working on. So I created this thread so that kind anon who was working on my Oni request can find me again.

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Also if you had a drawing request that didn't get done or was in process when the thread got pruned, feel free to post it here.

>note: this is only so the drawfriends who were already working on it, or thinking of working on it, can find it again, I'm not a drawfriend myself.

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I just wanted to say that the drawfriend who did this request is cool.

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Its a sign hanging off the front wall of the 'Drunken Crocodile', where they serve the strongest scotch in the 5 realms and have the bustiest bar wenches in the city?

Thats a joke.

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Re-requesting a kobold sorcerer in a pirate setting.
He mainly uses acid spells and a flintlock pistol, but has a cutlass as a back-up. His familiar is a gold colored viper, and both he and the viper wear red neckerchief.
I'm not picky with the pose, but it'd be nice to see the familiar, and to have him using either magic or the flintlock (or both if you think you can squeeze them in.)
Feel free to axe any element you think would simply be unnecessary to the drawing.

Here's a solid reference.

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What if he used a magic flintlock? Not a drawer, just suggesting.

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Funny thing is, he does. I just didn't want to request a +1 outsider bane flintlock.
But seriously, if the drawer thinks it'd be nice, I'm perfectly fine with your suggestion.

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Not that anon, but I had start doodling your request so I might just as well post it.

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I can totally picture that oni saying "Hurrr HAY GUISE LETS GO BEAT UP SOME SINNERS!"

>onis saying 'yay' like teenage girls and running off

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And of course I could even post the correct version.

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Eh, might as well throw my request in here for my 16 year old Zenith caste.

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Correct, cleaned up version even.

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That facial expression made me laugh. Especially since I was picturing something a bit more "serious" and "Grimdark". I thank you sir.

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Hello, thanks for keeping an eye out.


Good to see you've got options, too.

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Then again Japanese Oni are goofy.

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A curvaceous tiefling bard trying to keep her pet, a ferret named "mister", out of her shirt. Keep it safe for work so neither you nor I get kicked from the board, but if its desired her attire can be scant or suggestive. She is a bard after all. And a tiefling.

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So, I guess I'll throw this out before work since the thread died last night.

Could I please get a drawing of a fully kitted Krieger trooper serving say, tea and breakfast on fine china, perhaps in a trench and to some surprised officers or something?
Sort of an aide de camp but with a gasmask and unwavering dedication.

It's a concept character I'm making for an Only War game. Kind of silly but I like it.

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I kow-tow to your magnificant and fabulous skill and quickness, sir.

>japanese classical music on a sitar dot mp3

I thought their goofiness was usually expressed more in dialog than appearance. I thank you again nevertheless.

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I kow-tow to your magnificant and fabulous skill and quickness, sir. [serious, not sarcastic]

>japanese classical music on a sitar dot mp3

I thought their goofiness was usually expressed more in dialog than appearance. I thank you again nevertheless.

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Well since the other thread is gone ill repost. if i could get a male windsoul Genasi (top left)with a more spikey hairstyle in the armor at the top right in the pose on the bottom left with the pictured sword sheathed and his open hand having a mini tornado it would make my year. this is my first year playing DnD and i would love to have some art to go with my character. thanks for your time

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Got the roughs down, is there anything you would like changed?

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That's practically perfect for me. If you think you can add the snake that'd be great, but don't force it in if you don't feel like it.
Thanks, by the way. It looks fantastic so far.

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Can I get a request for a young girl (14-16ish) runaway?
Modern times or slightly futuristic? Thanks in advance.

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Shit, I forgot to save the assassins at the bar. Anybody save that one?

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>someone already did this
Oh crap, should've f5'd thread instead of dicking around on IM. Oh well, you get two pics today, anon.

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You could do this >>24748832 or this >>24748835 if you wanted to. Only the tiefling one is me. I just thought I'd mention that there were some other requests up in the thread. Also >>24748958 and >>24749230.

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Thanks for the drawing, really appreciate it.

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Gimme like 20 minutes.

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>mfw when I set my cook-timer clock to go off in 20 minutes, le tee-hee!

No, I'm kidding. That was a joke.

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if the guy who drew this is on this thread please let me know

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Rolled 2 + 1


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Yes I'm here, what's going on?

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I'm >>24748958 and I forgot to say if you deem anything too extra feel free to cut it

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Thank you I was hoping for a name to put on it because I want him for concept art on a book I am writing and I would like a name for credibility. It can be an alias if you want. If you don't mind just please sign the image and upload it again or print of a new copy. And if you aren't really the guy please don't take credit. It's important to me

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Ah, thank you.

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>inb4 I'm samefacing again

I knoooow... :'(

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I want to request a hound archon wearing sunglasses and a long coat, wielding a handgun.

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did I offend thee?

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Love it, thanks a bunch man.

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It's part of your charm.

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If a drawfiend is here could I commission one Balter Ablebane a fighter turned animal trapper turned fighter again. During his tour in The Last War Balter picked up a fighting style reminiscent of a Retiarius (net and Trident) seen in picture. Balter is in his mid 30s unkept blackhair and wears studded leather armour. He likes to have his net readied while having his spear lashed across his back to pull out after his net takes hold.

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I thank you. I was imagining "mister" going down the front side of the shirt, but your version is funny too.

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Alright, re-requesting;
This character, in a frilly, very girly dress, complete with hair ribbon, bows, etc, looking very unpleased (in a "you've gotta be shittin' me sort of way) by all this frumpery.

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Is you(if both of you are same) the one who commented on thread saying Antarus "stinger" van Kleef.

That will be 19,99 ,-

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Something akin to this would be nice.

>> No.24750305

No it's not. Sameface is bad and you should feel bad for invoking complacency.

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I'm actually in this guy's campaign! Nice work, holy shit.

I'll throw out a request as well I guess. My character's a female elf Swashbuckler. Olive skin, black hair, blue eyes, small crescent scar under her left eye. She's got simple leather armor, but it's in a fashion that would look more naval if anything. She uses a cutlass and a punch dagger, and I've tailored her to be the agile fighter of the group, as well as the captain of the ship. A drawing would be great to use for the campaign.


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>> No.24750457

Other things I forgot to mention: She's got a red sash similar to the picture, but on her head. You know, a bandana.

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Well if I can throw out a request, I'd like a woman/displacer beast hybrid handing out religious fliers to passers-by. The tentacles coming from her back are also holding bundles of fliers and she's dressed in stylish, but worn, clerical robes.

>> No.24750550

Roughs are done, how is this?
Just use it, really it's not a problem.

>> No.24750557

ookay but will you do it?

>> No.24750568

Noiiice~ Keep going, I like it.

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You're fuckin' great, man. Thanks!

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Just a little constructive critique but those breasts seem a tad bit low.

Overall though that's swag as fuck.

>> No.24751353

I'm not gonna finish this for a bit because I'm going out drinking with some friends. Here's what I have so far

>> No.24751396

Alright. Do you have an anonymous email or something so I can eventually get the finished picture from you?

>> No.24751444

May I have an shadowrun adept sniper who looks like Chris Barron please? Pic related.

>> No.24751469


I'll take the case!

>> No.24751522

[email protected]

>> No.24751580

Thanks, I've been trying on this one for months.

>> No.24751612


Any particular aesthetic you want for this guy? Or the type of clothing/armor they'd be wearing?

>> No.24751619

Requesting a modern day blood mage. Young guy, face similar to the pic, wearing a jacket similar to the one in the picture as well. Bandaged hands, tired looking face, but over all a happy expression. Or, you know, do whatever, s'all good. Maybe even in mid spell/ritual.

>> No.24751756

Sent you an email. Prefer not to disclose my email address on this site, but the email's subject is 'tiefling with ferret in shirt request'.

>> No.24751851

jungle boots, cargo pants, t-shirt, fingerless gloves, and a scoped rifle would be great. Thanks again.

>> No.24752603


Kinda slow, my bad. Anyways, I hope this works for you

>> No.24752673

rerequestin' frank horrigan as khornate berserker.

>> No.24752677

That's perfect! Thank you so much!

>> No.24752860

muuu aztec request.

This dude in a younger and epic pose

>> No.24753359


I'll grab this real quick.

>> No.24753416

I don't know if it got made in the old thread but I'll repost here:

A Tau commander trying to "fit in" with the Humans by wearing the commandeered uniform of a Rogue Trader - so flashy greatcoat or cloak with massive epaulettes, piping, a big sash with a giant medallion or jewel on it etc.

Also wearing, to "hide his identity", a mask of some kind (think mecha anime masked rival).

>> No.24753624


Any time I aim for teenagers I end up under or overshooting by 2-3 years of what I want.

Oh well.

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>> No.24753710

Hey this is actually a spoiler I hope you've played The Walking Dead(tm) before you keep going down....
You're dead Lee, go home

>> No.24753751

Can I please request a drawing of a blonde haired female cop, her hair tied in a ponytail, in a white, slightly futuristic armor vest with a sword insignia on it, holding a pistol like in the pic in her hand.

>> No.24754058

Is this along the lines of what you were looking for?

>> No.24754235

Better than I anticipated! Good show!

>> No.24754240


Working on it

>> No.24754264

Sweet! Hopefully the thread's still alive when I wake up.

>> No.24754269

Can I get a get a buxom woman with long black hair in a purple bow-tie and grey beret blowing a kiss?

>> No.24754688


>in a purple bow-tie and grey beret

And nothing else?

>> No.24754710

Can I get a picture of this fellow doing an unarmed monk like pose?

>> No.24754739

She can leave her hat on.

>> No.24754748

bumping my request

>> No.24754778

What no mention of her cutie mark? You are asking for a humanized Octavia.

>> No.24754784

i think i see what it is you have done there

>> No.24755017

Bumping my request

>> No.24755140


I'm not >>24754240 but hey, the more the merrier! I didn't notice someone else was already working on it.

>> No.24755174

Here's some color for it.

>> No.24755391


>> No.24756762


>>24754240 here

Here's my attempt. I don't think I drew an armored vest so much as some sort of power armor breastplate, but it all kind of blurs together for me when "futuristic" is brought into the picture.

>> No.24756919

Your work is good
can you try >>24754269

>> No.24756985

I actually like your style, and think it would work well for this, so:

I request a better version of the upper-left "photograph" of a girl and her robot at a concert (near-future cyberpunk). background isn't particularly necessary, but the poses and expressions should nail "carefree treasured memory snapshot"

in-context, its actually very tragic.

Thank you, regardless of whether you pick up my request. Nice to see drawfags on /tg/.

>> No.24757074

Alternately, a better version of this mock-up game cover

>> No.24757232

Ah hell, I leave for like 6 hours and shit gets done. Thanks, drawbro!

>> No.24757595

I like your art style, but to me, I can't help but imagining she accidentally engaged the mag release button on her gun.

>> No.24757662

Shameless bump for Balter Ablebane the scourge mobility.

>> No.24757750

I wouldn't put "commission" in a drawthread request, you'll get some poor drawfag's hopes up and then crush them.

>> No.24758209

Does anyone have any dragonborn portraits?

>> No.24758598


What do you want to see?

>> No.24758746

What kind of portraits do you mean?

>> No.24758893

Not really sure, DM asked for a portrait. For reference I'm a fighter that usees 2h axes.

>> No.24758896


I would like a human warrior, muscular with a high and tight haircut wearing an ornate longsword on his hip and piecemeal armor (mostly plate) with his back to a large barrel. Atop the barrel is an older dwarf in cleric vestments bending down to write on the barrel. The barrel is covered in parchment with nails driven in them with various warnings that the contents are not fit for consumption (skulls and crossbones, glyphs, one in English).

>> No.24758950


Yeah, I can see that. When I drew it, I wanted to make it look as if she was in the middle of reloading, what with releasing the magazine and pulling another one from her pocket.

There are better ways to go about it, however. I'll have to keep that in mind next time I'm trying to draw something similar.

>> No.24759219


I doubt it was entirely necessary, but I just went and changed up the hand and gun. Now she's not reloading, but simply running.

It bothers me a little that a trained space cop would be running with a gun in that matter, but I suppose it's fine if you look at it like she's chasing down a perp or running from an explosion. You can also imagine she's simply reaching for a grenade or space walkie in one of her many pouches.

I'm just too lazy to redraw her left arm on the gun and I want to avoid obscuring the breastplate/vest.

>> No.24759390


Man if you were going to bother changing that, you might have thought to fix her trigger discipline.

>> No.24759474

Requesting this character, only made 40k-y, with color, and wielding a neuro-gauntlet.

>> No.24759586



I forgot about that.

Okay, this is it, I'm done. No more changes. I'm moving on. This shit's behind me now. I ain't looking back.

>> No.24759751

Could someone do a rendition of my barbarian perhaps, please? What do you mean shifters aren't actually wolfgirls and that barbarians have to be unarmoured and slutty?!

>> No.24759901

Hey would you mind giving >>24755017 a shot? if its too much a Generic Genasi would be fine

>> No.24759954

I find the devils/demons in Islamic miniatures (obviously imitating Chinese ones - they were real sinaboos) to be interesting looking, but it's hard for me to really figure what they would be cast as in a western notion. Like, what is it? They kinda look like an ogre or orc, but they can look like animals too.

>> No.24760014

Mah horsefucker /)

>> No.24760024


I don't have anywhere else to be tonight, sure.


I apologize in advance if I sound rude by asking this, but is your character male or female? Judging from the picture and wolfgirl comment, I'm assuming it's a dude, but but I'm not absolutely sure.

>> No.24760079

>I'd like a drawing of my dragon clan bushi, Tamori Junouchi, and his retainer "eta-chan" travelling back from a battle. Junouchi is wearing somewhat ragged and plain clothes, with the tamori mon (a dragon flying above a mountaintop) on the sleeves near the shoulder. He's got a katana, wakszashi, and bow, and has just the breastplate and armoured kilt (whatever that's called) instead of a full suit of armour. His hair is the usual topknot and shavepate, but his face has a bit of scruffy stubble. He's in good physical shape and in his early twenties, with a serious look on his face. It probably won't be visible, but he has two tattoos: one on his chest of a dragon and a hawk fighting in midair, and one on his left arm of a crab crushing a goblin's neck with its claws.
His eta, whose name he hasn't bothered to ask, is a teenage girl, fairly thin and malnourished with peasants clothes. She's got a tortoiseshell comb in her hair. She'd be carrying a pack with a bedroll, and have tied to her belt a bag made of netting holding a ronin's severed head. She's got a slightly annoyed and tired look on her face, as expected of someone carrying a pack and slightly ripe head around all day.
>Anyway, here's a picture of a 16th century Japanese warrior, to give you some idea about the armour (he'd just be wearing the do, kusazuri, and haidate at this point) and what Tamori look like. As you can see, they tend to have square faces with strong jaws, reasonably prominent noses, and impressive eyebrows. The young guy in the middle, just under the black and white drawing of the Tamori founder, is reasonably close to what I'm thinking, but it could just be because of his youth.

>> No.24760314

Thank you !

>> No.24760472

Wow, totally missed that post - sorry for the late reply. They're actually female, although it's not exactly easy to tell from that image due to the breastplate and whatnot. Have some tits instead!

>> No.24760737


I hope this is to your liking.

>> No.24760770

Bumping, night

>> No.24760778


>> No.24760803

Bumping >>24759474, hoping for awesome.

>> No.24760895

>>24760737 oh my god that's perfect. you are amazing. thanks !

>> No.24760927

Wow that actually looks really good. makes me want to roll a Genasi sometime

>> No.24761175

Duuuude. This is fucking awesome and pretty much spot on how I had envisioned it! Thanks a ton!

Good effort from you, as well!

>> No.24761184

If any drawfriends are still taking request I have one.
A tall well built man, scarf around his neck. Face scarred to hell with minor stubble, greenish brown eyes, stern look. Any uncovered part of his boy is scarred. Brown leather duster with metal plating here and there, a greatsword on his back. If that's too generic and someone already has something like that then please just throw a reply at me.

>> No.24761441


I don't really know how to make something more 40k-y outside of adding a bunch of skulls, purity seals, and really big guns.

I'm starting to get a little tired, so I'll see how many more I can do before headed off.

>> No.24761565

Fucking awesome, man, I appreciate it. You nailed it perfectly.

>> No.24761683

I know you're done for tonight, but if you want to do any drawing tomorrow I'd really like it if you drew my samurai and attendant ( >>24760079 ). Your facial expressions are good, and you seem to have a good sense for the way cloth and hair move

>> No.24761696


Could you do my request at some point?

>> No.24761832


Here you go. Now I'm done for the night


I don't usually drawfag, but I'll work on these two tomorrow and drop them whatever drawthread is up at the time.

>> No.24761839

Cool. Looking forward to it!

>> No.24761849

I am going to keep my eyes out for that thread even if it means I have to stare endlessly for 24 hours, so I can request something from you and by something I mean a character portrait for my current campaign. Also you sir a kind and awesome man

>> No.24761877

Fucking awesome, man - great job! You mah nigga!

>> No.24761908


Wow your stuff is pretty nice, loving it.

Do you have a deviantart etc, where we can comission stuff?

>> No.24762044 [DELETED] 

If someone's still looking to get something done I can draw one or two things.

>> No.24762049

If someone's still looking to get something done I can draw one or two things.

>> No.24762102

Any chance you could have a go at >>24753416

>> No.24762171

An Imperial Guardsman wearing flak vest and helmet over a standard-issue uniform riding a military-grade dirtbike.
He's got a scoped lascarbine slung across the back and a light automatic pistol (Think Glock 18 or Ingram) in a leg holster.

A ridiculously flashy pose would be appreciated. Firing the pistol midair during a jump or something.
Professionalism is fine too.

>> No.24762198

Yeah, I'll try.
Sorry for late reply, stuff was happening.

>> No.24762231

I'm the guy who requested this in the last thread that went to shit.

Thanks, anonymous drawfriend!

>> No.24762255

to be fair all drawthreads usually devolve into shit. Lots of requests, very few drawfriends and things can get...interesting.

>> No.24762279

The numbers don't even really matter.
All it takes is one entitled hack who does not get exactly what he wants.

>> No.24762418

Sorry for how long it took, I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone (not that I really did).

>> No.24762461

damn you are good (Not requester)
If you have some spare time could you please draw this?

>> No.24762490

No, I just know how to hide the fact that I'm not good.
I'll try.

>> No.24762615

And I'm off for a bit to eat something.

>> No.24762679

I just came back from getting a bit to eat and may I say thank you very much, it's awesome.

>> No.24762862

If someone has the time for it, I wouldn't mind a portrait of my wizard. He's a mid-40's man, bald, with over half of his face severely disfigured from a lifelong sickness. Think a mix of third degree burns with deep jagged cracks in his skin, but still retaining the regular skin colour.

Not particularly interesting but if someone wants practice and isn't busy, etc.

>> No.24763022


>> No.24763041

And with a more natural skin tone.

>> No.24763067

Dark-skinned girl holding a semi-futuristic SMG(No tacticool, please) and wearing regular clothing (with enough purple to show affiliation to a gang, if in color) long hair, well-built

>> No.24763117

One of my /k/ommando friends recently convinced me that helical mag smgs look pretty cool

>> No.24763136

That does look pretty cool, actually.

>> No.24763377

That looks great, cheers man.

>> No.24764540

I am unable to commission this so now I request Balter's likeness done out of the charity of you drawfriend heart. It was wrong of me to entice you with unknown riches for I have none. pls. bumped. If I have bumped too much let me know.

>> No.24764568

Wow this looks amazing. Grats to the lucky anon who requested.

>> No.24765208

I requested the Varangian, but I have no idea if it was drawn. Not going to re-request it but I'm curious if anyone drew it or not.

>> No.24765562


Okay, I'm back. There doesn't seem to be any new drawthreads (I just ctrl+f'd "draw" on the catalog and nothing else came up), so I'll post this shit here

Going to do the Dragon Bushi and the Hound Archon, starting with the later since it had been requested earlier in the thread.

>> No.24765623

B-Bumping.... Maybe have him running at something?

>> No.24765715

I'll bump these just in case, because I'm still here.

Beyond that, good drawthread.

>> No.24766041 [DELETED] 

>my T-54 when there's no opposing mediums and I know where all the enemy heavies are at

Where are all dem white Field Artillery Gals at?

>> No.24766049

I'd like to see an Eldar farseer with his or her helmet off, standing on an old battlefield, picking up or looking at a soulstone.

>> No.24766082

OP here. Glad my thread helped get art done. I was actually rather surprised its still here after so many hours.

>> No.24766393 [DELETED] 


Here it is. Animals in general are a bit outside my comfort zone, though I suppose that's all the more reason for me to draw stuff like this.

>> No.24766448


Okay I deleted the last post because I wanted to change a tiny little thing. I don't want to get stuck on this image, so I'm moving on to the Dragon Bushi

>> No.24766475

Whats in his hand?

>> No.24766516


God damn it. I'm just not getting the whole reloading action right in these drawings.

I tried drawing the dude putting a magazine into the handgun.

>> No.24766531

Reeeelaaaaax guy~ Keep practicing. You'll get it in time.

>> No.24766548


Too late! I can't in good conscience leave this be.

>> No.24766578

angle the barrel of the gun down instead, so the viewer can see it more clearly. I like what you are going for with the barrel pointed at the viewer, but it obscures the overall shape a bit.

Solid overall though, that one change is really all I would recommend.

>> No.24766734


Alright, angled the gun further down for clear view.

>> No.24766756

I glanced at it for a few seconds and could tell what it was this time. Ya dun good.

>> No.24766929

I really don't get peoples beef with this sketch
Bumping for the OR

>> No.24766991

Bumpin' meh request again, sorry if it's annoying.

>> No.24767161

> "He's going to take a BITE out of crime!"

I think it looks fine. The actual proportions of the gun are a bit off (his fist is too closed to be holding something and the barrel seems to be at an odd angle due to perspective), but I could tell he was supposed to be reloading. You have the basics of what's going down pretty good. I suggest looking at pictures of people reloading weapons for a better understanding.
If you're the same guy as >>24759219, that picture was even better in terms of the reloading pose, it's just that putting the action focus on the gun ejecting drew away from having a smaller action of removing a new mag from her pouch; which made it look like the mag was falling out.

>> No.24767859

OR here. That is awesome. Thanks for doing it.

>> No.24768112


>> No.24768530


Instead of doing the typical gray, I figured I'd try going with the whole dragon clan color.

>> No.24768895

Could somebody draw Doctor Shotgun the Shotgun doctor? 6 foot tall man with short blond hair and very tan skin. Wears sunglasses and a surgical mask, and holsters both a sawed off shotgun on his hip, and a pump action shotgun strapped to his back. This is my character for my friend's "Desert-Punk" game, and i really wanted to play a wasteland doctor kind of person. It would be nice to see him holding a first aid kit.

>> No.24768949

For a moment I was imagining a time traveler who travels about in a giant shotgun shell.


Bump for requests not yet done.

>> No.24768990

that oni kind of looks like the sad frog

>> No.24769035

You just invented a new meme! We need sad-oni-face pictures in this thread, STAT!

>> No.24769049

Haha, maybe if we do a campaign in the same setting in a different time it will star him as a time traveler!

>> No.24769070

>a spinning tardis lands in the wasteland
>tom baker gets out

Shotgun doctor: "I'm sorry but who are you exactly?"

>comedic dialog ensues

>> No.24769816

bumpity, for the art not yet done

>> No.24770121

I'll go ahead and make a request even though it's too late.

Could I get a rendition of this guy?

Also, yeah. That's a longsword coupled with a scabbard plus a weapon cord. That's what he uses in combat.

I'm not a weaboo I swear.

>> No.24770138

That's not how a meme works, dummy. If you think something is worthy of an image macro, you make the macro yourself, and if it's good it will catch on.

>> No.24770253

"If I could draw or picture edit I'd have done it myself." - Said cumbuna, page 54 of the book of captcha

>> No.24770819

El bumpo

>> No.24770837

An ethereal surrounded with a harem of mind-controlled blueberries.

>> No.24772014

Bumping this request

>> No.24772285

If a drawfriend would be so kind can I have a ratling sniper using a longlas with a targeter. On his back he has a regular sniper and on his hips an auto and plamsa pistol. He is wearing a camo cloak and has a scar on his face similar to the Hound from GoT. Similar to pic related

>> No.24773042

Thanks! It looks great.

>> No.24773118

Rerequesting Kirby Typhus. Last I saw, it hadn't been done.

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