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Hey fa/tg/uys.
Today I brought you a thread where I'll be exposing some of the most popular tortures and executions by the Spanish Inquisition so you can adapt them to Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader.
First of all, La Sierra:
More a method of execution than torture. The heretic was hanged by the feet so he/she didn't fainted by abundant blood lost.
Two executioners were necessary for perform it, using a large saw for large trees, the blade was put between the rear's cheek of the heretic. Then slowly they proceed to cut him/her in half, and victims usually didn't die nor fainted until the huge blade reached the navel or the lower section of the rib cage.
It was manly used for execute witches who got pregnant during Black Sabbaths or on sodomites.
In Spain was used also as a method of execution for cowardice in the army.

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Man... thats pretty fucked up?

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>Spanish Inquisition

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I like the guy on the right's smug grin.

"Cuttin' up dudes, whoppity doppity doo."

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Cinturon de San Erasmo:
A torture device, usually put around the torso mid section of the heretic. This iron belt was filled with sharp spikes on it inside and attached to a wall in the dungeon so the heretic could have some mobility.
The main trick of this torture device is the more the heretic moves, the deeper the spikes dig on his/her skin and flesh. Without sanitation of any kind, said wounds usually infected in the non hygienic dungeons of the inquisition to the point of becoming gangrenous.

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La Cigüeña:
A torture device which trapped neck, hands and ankle of the heretic in a position which induced great pain in the abdominal and back sections of his torso.
As the heretic was usually laying on the floor of the dungeon when he/she wear this device, the torturers and executioners kicked him.

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Weren't most Inquisition tortures actually made up by Victorians who wanted to know how ghastly it was back then?

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La Picota en Tonel:
Used mostly on drunkards who said blasphemous jokes front of the local church.
This quite heavy torture device had room for the heretic/blasphemer and for more foul and disgusting things, like fecal matter and urine or stagnated water.
This device was used in public as the blasphemer was forced by the executioners and torturers to walk around the town or the village.
The weight of the barrel alone was enough for deliver great pain to the legs.

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Prolly, I heard the Spanish Inquisition weren't even all that bad once you strip away all the bullshit horror stories.

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El Aplastacabezas:
The heretic chin was put on the support found in the inferior area of this device. The use was quite simple, was just a press made for break the skull and at a certain point kill the heretic by forcing the brain matter come out of the closest orifice, usually the eyes cavities.

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Are you masturbating as you post these, OP?

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I don't know about the Inquisition in particular, but a good chunk of the torture implements floating around today on the market, like this hand press, are indeed 19th century "historismus". Much of the real stuff also isn't medieval (16th-17th century rather), despite it often being thought of as such.

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It had rules and a judicial process, it wasn't just rounding people up and killing them. A lot of what you hear is desperate protestants trying to make it sound a hell of a lot worse than it actually was. It was still pretty bad though.

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El Desgarrador de cenos.
Used only on women, this torture device was thought to damage mammalian glands. It was common to heat the spikes for cauterize the soft tissue.

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I'm not sure whether to shudder, get a boner, or shudder at my boner. 1 things for sure; my campaigns hells just got a "hell" of a lot worse.

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Welcome to humanity.

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Well, they did engage in a rather systematic ethnic cleansing, complete with systematic torture and hideously expensive public executions...

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Fun fact: Many of the more elaborate torture devices were never used.

They were displayed, and because of that, they were never used.

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The main reason my country is so mediocre at an intellectual level was mostly thanks to these guys. Yes, there are lots of bullshit coming from the Black Legend, but the Inquisition here was anything but cool nor good.
Consquilleador español o Garras de gato.
This device was used in conjunction to other well known devices of suffering which allowed access to the torturers to the stirred torso of the heretic. Basically worked like an unisex version of the Desgarrador de Cenos.

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This is true. I forget what exactly it was called but there was a rule that inquisitors could show the torture tools they intended to use to provoke confession, and if confession happened just from the tools being shown, they weren't (usually) used.

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>Not raping them
For a women there's no greater torture than rape, they prefer death before rape.

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El Peral Oral, Rectal o Vaginal:
Applied to three possible orifices: mouth, anus or vagina in the case of women. Basically when the torturer turns the screw, it opens, shredding tissue by pressure alone and breaking jaws.

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La Cuna de Judas:
The heretic was elevated over the wood pyramid as in the picture. At a certain height, it was then drop on it. Once sit on said pyramid, the torturer could just pull the heretic by the legs (two were needed as ropes attached to the ankles of the heretic were used for this).

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The torture was a means to and end (making the guy confess, usually to being a jew), not an end in itself, so if just waving the tools around gets the job done...

Then the guy converts or burns alive.

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there's an early 17th C complex-hilted rapier in the collection of Glasgow museums reserve archives which has a small pear of agony for a pommel...

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El Garrote:
Similar to the Aplastacabezas, but designed for crush the throat and neck of the heretic. It was quite popular in Spain and during the times of General Franco was the most common way of execution for political dissenters.

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The Victorians again. Cunts. No regard for history whatsoever.

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El Babero de Hierro:
Used for silent the screams of the heretics during the tortures, it was only taken when the Inquisitor started another round of questions.

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Yes, it is true.
But some of the devices mention here belonged to the Roman Inquisition.
Anyways, was a pun on /fit/'s "Aesthetic as fuark".

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I saw something very similar to this in a porno once.

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Kink.com's subsite DeviceBondage focuses largely on heavy implement restraints like that.

This too, but just as a restraint rather than execution.

And a derivative of this has been in every hentai ever, and lots of porn.

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The murderer used one of them in 'wire in the blood'.

It's on youtube if you're feeling brave. I wish I hadn't looked though.

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No thanks.
In fact this thread was about having some inspirations for your settings, specifically Dark Heresy for tell your PCs the Inquisition is fucking serious business.

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Here's some period late medieval and renaissance images of death by torture. You're welcome.
Also, keep in mind that several of these are re-contextualizing Roman/barbarian tortures and martyrdoms in the then-modern era, so they're about as historical as the Victorian Prods going after the Spanish (with whom they'd been at war for, oh, about 300 years give or take at that point)

Stoning: All kinds of historical. The white thing in the angel's hands is the soul of the dying man.

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Judith assassinating Holofernes. With a railroad spike to the temple.
Based on a mis-translation of the Hebrew, but still a reasonable method of execution.

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Judit and Holofernes again

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I love the expression on the angel's face.

"Well, shit."

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The first guy on the right from Stephen is pretty good too. 8|

This is my favorite image from the middle ages, seriously.

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Hurling or hanging a dude with a Trebuchet. Note the Arabic translations - this was jacked during the Crusades or the Moorish invasion and researched by a Muslim at some point.

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The kid being swung. Oh god. My sides.

"Fucking really? C'mon."

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Diptych: Martyrdom of St. Peter on the left (he chose to be crucified upside-down out of humility - which incidentally would have made death take a couple days longer than usual), and Paul on the right (he was a Roman citizen, which meant he had the right to trial in Rome and decapitation rather than the "slaves' death")

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Rending by wild beasts.

Also, a lot of people don't realize how agonizingly horrible crucifixion is - you die either of shock or of tetanic seizures in your lungs preventing you from breathing. The nail locations keep you from bleeding out, and you have to throw almost your whole weight onto a goddamned railroad spike running through your feet (as it slowly tears up through your soft tissues until it hits your heelbone) every time you want to breathe.

Isn't humanity grand?

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Another Bifurcation, like the OP. At least here shock would take you unconscious after the first couple of strokes.

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Saintly grilling, getting stabbed in the brain-meats after being beheaded.

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They're just displaying the corpse, note the lack of head.

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John of Leiden and the other leaders of the Munster Rebellion. White-hot tongs used to peel back their skin for an hour.

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er, forgot my image.

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More rending. Honestly, this is as much for the faces they're making as anything else.

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Old-time babies just didn't give a fuck.

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This dude's getting the full Monty. Red-hot shirt, boiled in a cauldron, drawing the intestines, branding, and having his nails pulled out.

BTW, I've had to have a couple teeth and one of my nails pulled without anaesthesia (infection, it was too inflamed to inject). The nails were the only pain I've ever experienced that knocked me out and the teeth made me vomit. I've had multiple knee dislocations and broken bones, and that's pussy shit in the short term compared to having a nail yanked.

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Your basic hanging and beheading. Shit's actually pretty merciful - like the guillotine, your cervical vertebrate are severed and then it's lights out. Long as they do it right anyway.

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Why settle with inquisition style executions?

Lets get Persian!

>Person sentenced to death is laid on his back and tied down, hands and feet - his head is also probably restrained
>this was done in a boat or hollowed out tree trunk, with another one put on top as a lid
>The victim is then fed (force-fed if need be) milk and honey
This sounds really bad, doesn't it?
>he'd be fed enough of it to give him the shits, which would collect in the boat/hollow log he was tied up in
>then honey would be rubbed on his belly and he'd be left alone for a day
>milk and honey feeding once a day

This would attract a ton of insects, particularly on his belly... basically he'd slowly be eaten alive - wounds would fester - BUT since he was being fed all through this a victim to remain alive for LONG time...
>one historical record says 17 days before dying

Now that is some seriously nasty shit

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A piece of British Civil War (the 1640s one) propaganda against the Irish. Most of it's bullshit, but.. yeah. Eire's never been a place where people restrain themselves.

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One story about one of the french nobles who got guillotined goes that the man stated, as his last words, that for science he'd try to keep blinking as much as possible after being beheaded... to test if you really did die instantly, or you still remained a little concious for a while

He managed to blink some 36 or so times IIRC

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I remember some documentary where there is an interview with some British historian about hanging. He goes a little nuts about how much he hates the (when it was used) American system compared to the british system for hanging.

Whilst British hangings were done with measurements of the condemned to get everthing from the drop height to the thickness of rope and even the effects of weather to make sure the hanging was done to be as 'merciful' as possible, America had a one size fits all method. Causing strangulation in lighter or stronger necked individuals and decapitation in heavier individuals.

Sorry no source to hand

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A remarkably sanitized depiction of Drawing.

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Probably humiliate/tortured defeated enemies with it. 17th century finishing move/tea bagging.

"so which do you want up your ass, the blade or the pommel...?"

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Actually, hanging is still the official method of execution in Washington state. Under the RCW, tying a hangman's noose is a class 2 felony unless you're a licensed executioner (we had some lynching.. issues).
There was a superior court case a while where a death-row inmate tried to argue that hanging was cruel because of a botched execution that took a guy's head off, and we had someone once try to gorge himself too fat to be hanged.

Image is dismemberment and flaying.

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More flaying, they're actually rather fond of it.

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guy the right...bits lower lip, "sorta want"

looking off frame at some chicks bathing in a stream.

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Sorry, but you're wrong. That's Yael killing Sisera with a tent peg.

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my bad. Have a better Judith

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The expressions on most of the victims faces in these pictures is very "This is me giving a fuck".
Was that the intent or were the artists just shitty?

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Thanks Karl.

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Here's where it gets weird right? Everyone noticed the man was unusually small and hairy, with hand-like feet.
You see where i'm going with this?

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Absolute twaddle. Play a record.

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i dun gedit splain plz

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Is basically related to the idea a pious man doesn't give a fuck about the destruction of his mortal body because it is only rotting flesh. The real self is the soul.

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This deserves a soundtrack


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>Was that the intent or were the artists just shitty?
Partly intent, like >>24751906
points out.
The other half is technique and artistic priorities. Most of the art I've put up was either illuminations, or altar&c pieces based on them. Medieval sculpture is often amazingly realistic - to the point that modern scholars identify armor trends and smithing techniques from 13th-century tomb effigies. The emphasis in painting, however, was to convey the symbolism and action of the story. Indeed, like a lot of early Japanese screen paintings, they're usually trying to tell the whole story in one picture, like that bishop getting the royal treatment up there. Many of the paints were poisonous or insanely expensive, material was scarce, and the person doing the art was like as not using the same tools he used for writing the book for most of the job. It wasn't until "snapshots" became more fashionable, and professional secular painters started riffing with royal/burgher patronage, that the Medieval flat style declined in popularity. There's a lot more to it than that, but that's the short version.

Pic is digging up a pope and putting him on trial for heresy.

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I think repeat -think- some of these pictures are from depictions of various hells.

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The strange hatted people are jews. At the time the source was written, laws in europe compelled a pointed hat and a yellow textile star knitted into either their shirts at the chest (men) or the center of their dress's stomach region (women).

>> No.24754131

Google "the pornocracy" if you're interested in vatican history. Its rife with torture murder and mayhem.

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>like the guillotine, your cervical vertebrate are severed and then it's lights out
That's a pretty recent development, introduced in the 1870's. Before that hangings were "short drop", causing death through strangulation. Even worse, it seems that the strangulation wasn't always complete, making for a very drawn out death, and people occasionally doing what they could to help the hanged man pass along by grabbing his feet and letting him carry their weight as well on his neck.

In my experience it's far more common with scenes of saints winning their martyr's crowns.

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A man who's name I can't remember was celebrated throughout life when at 17 he was hung for capital murder. A faked reprieve arrived after he had already been hanging for a few moments. They cut him down and didn't find out till over a month later that it had been fake. He was called 'half hanged smith' after that.

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which episode is it?

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The intended, but failed, execution of St. Sebastian, later clubbed to death. Patron saint of, amongst other things, archers.

In 15th century Stockholm (and I suspect a number of other places too) you wouldn't be given a deaths sentence, to be carried out through hanging, you were instead specifically sentenced to hang.

So if the rope broke or something else kept you alive through it all, you were free to go.

Thus for the most serious cases the sentence was to be hung in chains (instead of rope), to make sure you died.

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I think the half hanged smith episode was in the 1790s. I can't remember. Its more recent than much of whats being discussed.

>> No.24754665


It was pretty bad, but it wasn't "lets go round up everyone we don't like and come up with inventive ways to kill them" bad. Like someone else said, the Spanish Inquisition DID have rules and regulations.

>> No.24754717

Yes, but they were very, very bad rules that encouraged gross corruption. It was a system to persecute and extort jews.

>> No.24754753

How about some Eastern methods?

>> No.24754804

Somebody on /pol/ tried to say the inquisition was worse than the rwandan genocide. Watching them get butt-blasted into the next dimension by the polsters was funny. Some of the inquisitions rules follow.

>you may damage a lord's hand, but not a peasants
>you may remove teeth from a peasant, but not a lord
>Certain tortures shall not be used upon women who are with child, as the child's soul is still forming and may be harmed
>Only christians shall be subject to the laws of the inquisition, unconverted moors or jews shall not be targeted except in cases of dire need
>Persons charged with sorcery shall wear a bag over their heads during court procedure
>Those who are to witness against an accused heretic are disbarred from testimony if they have an already-existent complaint with the accused
>children who are not of age may report heretical behaviors but may not testify
>Children who are abused in some sexual manner may indicate specifics with the use of a small doll, provided by the court
>A bewitched animal that cannot be cured shall be stoned or decapitated

>> No.24754840

"I wasn't always a Saint. I used to be a normal person like you. Then I took an arrow to...well, to everything."

>> No.24754868

This is just begging for the "call the police, I don't give a fuck" caption

>> No.24754951

>Children who are abused in some sexual manner may indicate specifics with the use of a small doll, provided by the court
Huh. I had no idea that method was so old.

>> No.24755004

Me either. I wrote a long paper on the inquisition however, and that particular piece of information came from a reliable source.

>> No.24755213

Didn't a guy who was grilled alive become patrol side of cooks?
IIRC he also was shouting to his torturers "turn me, this side's well done" or something.

>> No.24755324


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that typo
second this

>> No.24755387

I think I remember reading that he said "You're overcooking me" or some other similar witty comment.

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File: 89 KB, 650x903, martyrdom_of_st_lawrence.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep, that'd be St Lawrence. If you see a gridiron in Catholic art, then it's a reference to him.

>> No.24755418

>Well, they did engage in a rather systematic ethnic cleansing
Do you mean the Reconquista? Muslims and Jews had business being in Europe, they deserved everything they got.

>> No.24755443

"flip me over, I'm done on this side" I believe is the quote. Lawrence was clearly a fucking boss

>> No.24755618

Some of the horrors of the afterlife as viewed by asian buddhists.

>music video

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File: 218 KB, 540x800, mahakala_to69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, when this is one of your guardian saints/angels...

Let's see here. Crown of skulls. Skull rosary. Belt and necklace of severed heads. Extra eye, dark blue or coal black skin. Claws and fangs. Sword with a vajra (thunderbolt/adamant/eternal truth) hilt. Rope to bind and trident to stab. A cup made form a skull, in which the intestines of a daemon is ground to soup with the vajra-hilted chopper he also holds. And dancing on the body of a defeated daemon.

And this is the cranky side (Wrathful emanation") of the Bodhisattva who's supposed to reincarnate as the Dalai Lama.

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File: 86 KB, 700x596, Ling Chi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, Death of a Thousand Cuts is the ultimate sanction in China.

It's reserved for serial killers, traitors to the state, father/mother/child killers and people who killed more than 5 members of a single family.

>> No.24756553

Despite their evil appearance, such beings are not actually evil. Wrathful Emanations protect the divine knowledge from those who would wantonly destroy it, and keep the forces of destructive ignorance from overwhelming the world.

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File: 72 KB, 600x584, chinese-qing-dynasty-slicing-dismemberment-death-penalty-woman-18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also known as slow slicing, it changed in methods over the course of multiplde dynasties.

During the SOng dynasty (900's-1200's) the victim was nailed to a "mule" (i.e. a wooden frame/ bench that has a back rest that looks like a crucifix) and get cut from there. During the QIng dynasty they just tied the bloke to a post.

But the method generally did not change. The executioner starts with small slices, or taking out finger nails, then with far more bigger slices, then begin to take huge slabs of flesh from the chest/limbs/back/buttocks region then finally to dismemberment.

The flesh and the body parts are placed in a boiling cauldron of water in front of the punished so he/she can watch em boil. The rest of the victim is also placed there eventually until nothing but paste and bones remain.

Sometimes the executioner puts out the eyes first to increase the torture.

Also the punished is drugged with hashish or opium. If this is to heighten or lessen the torture nobody knows.

Pic related, end result.

>> No.24756740

>or opium. If this is to heighten or lessen the torture nobody knows.

The effect of opiates on pain are pretty widely known.

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Another form of execution in China, starting from the Song Dynasty is beheading via guillotine.

But compared to France's gravity dropped blade, Chinese guillotines are manually operated and look like office paper guillotines. The head is placed on the back of the animal figure and then the executioner places his full weight when he works the blade.

Legendardy Song Dynasty Judge Bao Zheng is closely associated with the Chinese guillotine.

>> No.24756787
File: 5 KB, 320x180, karl pilkington.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope, can't be doin' with that.

>> No.24756943

Another method used by both China and the Mongols was death via enboxing.

Reserved for murderers in the frontier, the victim was placed in a box somewhere in the wilderness with only his/her head exposed. She either dies via starvation, infection (victim shits/pisses in the box for sakes), or her head being torn up by wolves.

The victims is also guarded and checked regularly, least sympathetic people free them. Freeing an enboxed victim also leads to enboxment.

>> No.24756958
File: 118 KB, 799x600, Mongolian_woman_condemned_to_die_of_starvation_(retouched).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot mah pic.

>> No.24756979

K is really fuckin messed up.

>> No.24757109
File: 91 KB, 446x599, Japanese_Crucifixion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meanwhile in Japan, their unique form of execution is Crucifixion.

But as opposed to the pig disgusting Roman method, the guy is tied to the cross, humiliated by the crowd, and then given two spear thrust at the sides, left to suffer a bit and twitch for the crowd's benefit, and given one finisher through the heart.

>> No.24757152

Was talking of the other drugs. It wasn't just opium.

>> No.24757176

Imagine for a moment that you are an executioner. Your whole day revolves around torture and judicial murder. Wouldn't you rather be high than sober?

>> No.24757245

>the punished is drugged with hashish or opium.

>> No.24757255
File: 96 KB, 462x711, Compassion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2 things
1) The drug is for the victim of Death By a Thousand Cuts
2) Executioners are bretty professional people.

>> No.24757264

Oh sorry, its late and I'm running a game elsewhere. I just misread something somewhere.

>> No.24757318

>Kid: Come on man, really?
>Left Knight: Hey dude sometimes this shit happens just deal with it
>Right knights: These guys are fucking weird where the fuck is our tribute

>> No.24757322

You have to be professional in that kind of work. It helps keep your job separate from your normal life. Humans have issue killing other humans. It tends to leave mental and emotional damage. Seeing it purely as a job would help lessen that.

>> No.24757351
File: 345 KB, 650x942, execution-by-elephant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meanwhile, Indian Sultanates does everything with elephants. Punishment usually reserved for conquered rulers/generals, with the elephant representing the authority of the state.

Headcrushing Via Elephant.

>> No.24757377 [DELETED] 
File: 62 KB, 220x382, Crushed_by_elephant.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dismemberment/bonebreaking via elephant.

>> No.24757386

I read somewhere that there was a law in the old days in india that an execution-purpose elephant could only remain in that function for a certain, relatively small, number of years. Elephants are emotive creatures. If they get used to killing humans, they will start targeting all humans they see rather than only the ones they are intended to kill.

>> No.24757408

I don't remember where I read that, and am not 9001% certain its even true. I just read that somewhere.

>> No.24757417


>> No.24757451
File: 277 KB, 1280x766, indian_execution___elephants_by_dragesoversky-d3h9gn8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well you don't get to kill generals and rulers often.

Pic related, bodily crushing via being sat on by an elephant.

>> No.24757471

Oh god, it gets even worse!


The next level of horror!


>> No.24758116


Another take on the asian negative afterlife, this one shown through an animation with no dialog


>> No.24758465

oh shit. i remember reading about that in my persian history class. my professor said that a lot of that stuff was greek exaggeration but that one probably happened.
i remain incredulous

>> No.24758520

Weren't the persians the ones who would stick you head downwards in a pit and then fill the pit so that you suffocate with most of your body sticking up out of the ground?

>> No.24758926

don't remember reading about that one.
but a lot of the persian torture methods we read about came from a greek doctor in the court during periods of a lot of internal strife so he had a lot of incentive to make things seem worse when discussing certain individuals.

but from what i remember from the class, persian nobles and royals were big on purging the "lie" from rebels.

Darius the first executed one rebel king in basically the exact same way as is described in the Princess Bride. he cut this guy ears, tongue, nose and limbs off but left his eyes and tied him to his stronghold for people to mock and shit until he died awhile later.

>> No.24758955

I did some searching before you responded, thats supposed to happen in the afterlife if you fell off the shinvat bridge, which I'm guessing means you weren't suited to a positive afterlife.

>> No.24759078

Can someone use another piece of cloth to substitute the use of towels for waterboarding?

>> No.24759080

Because you fell off the bridge? Harsh

>> No.24759116

I googled shinvat bridge, its a connector between mortal life and afterlife, not a literal physical bridge somewhere. According to what I read it is extremely narrow and extremely long. If your soul is heavy with evil, the raging winds and etc will blow you off the bridge, sending you plummeting down a giant hole, the fallen individual landing in a hellish afterlife of punishment.

>> No.24759198

Ohh, now i understand. So comparable to the Egyptian method of weighing the heart and what not, which makes sense considering the time spent occupying the area.

>> No.24759251

Something along those lines. I flipped open my desktop guide to religion, mythology, and cosmology, harvard edition, and it reads as follows.

"The shinvat bridge was supposedly 500 times the length of the space between bagdad and cairo, and got progressively narrower until the soul had to effectively float over it, the bridge being described as being 'more narrow than the edge of a sword' toward the afterlife-side."

I'm paraphrasing a bit but you get my drift, I think. Its not possible to cross unless you have 0 sin, or very close to 0 sin.

>> No.24760179


>> No.24760332

And the Latins had no business being in Iberia, so all those people the ETA killed deserved it right?

>> No.24760510

MIDF please.

>> No.24762163

Well, the Basques and Iberians/celt-Iberians in general learned from the best in those matters.
Some didn't get the right idea of some though, like Cantabrian warriors singing victory chants when crucifixed.

>> No.24762272

Yeah guys, dont believe everything Hollywood tells you about history! No really, dont.

>> No.24762297

The Basque. There's a race that gives zero fucks.

>> No.24762381


>> No.24766047
File: 27 KB, 422x317, zzzzzzzzzzz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's exactly my point as well, I'd be fucking scared shitless if I was confronted with one of those devices. I'd give them everything they wanted to hear, even a false confession just to avoid getting a permanent inflicted wound. And I'm pretty sure this was the cause with almost every confession, they didn't even need to use the devices.

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