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The last one is well past bump limit, so time for a new one.

Post them lists, strategies, modeling/painting, fluff-stuff, ideas, questions, and silly arguments /tg/.

New player here. I have a few models, and was hoping for list-building advice.

I have:
1 x Abaddon the Despoiler
1 x Helbrute from Dark Vengeance
7 x Marines from Dark Vengeance
35x Marines(with Bolters)
1 x Nurgle Standard Bearer with plasma pistol
1 x Nurgle Standard Bearer with bolt pistol
1 x sergeant with CC weapon and bolt pistol
2 x sergeant with power sword and plasma pistol
2 x seageant with power sword and bolt pistol
1 x sergeant with plasma pistol and power fist
1 x painted sergeant with power fist and power sword

Any advice is appreciated, but talk about anything 40k.

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No 40kers on right now?

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I'm here gent.

Looking to fill an elite spot and a heavy support for my BA.
Any /tg/ recommended units

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I'm already running a couple of sanguinary priests and a furioso.

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Stormravens, MissileDevs and Vindicators are what you should consider, especially the stormraven which can deliver your furioso and an assault squad with your sanguinary priest into the enemy lines, with the benefit of being an assault vehicle. If your enemy is light on anti tank, Predators may work out too

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abbadon in anything less than 2k is a point sink
you should try out nurgle Marines
helbrutes are okay.

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naming all of those people with their specs is over-kill, as long as you have the model, you can have them be whatever. I've been running meltaguns in my list for months despite not having a model with one.
also, side note: /tg/ is 60% /v/; 40k threads about actual strategy are short lived and die fast

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Any advice for starting CSM? I want to do a nurgle themed army and make heavy use of cultists without useing Typhus and ally in Nurgle Daemons.

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>tfw coolcastornot models came in the mail and I got 2 heldrakes and 2 maulerfiends for about 100$

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Lucky you, they do a deliver 30% of goods scam remaining 70% knowing they can't prosecute.

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The special edition 6th ed codex's what exactly do the have extra, just colour, cover, and some extra fluff? Or anything else?

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nurgle lord on bike with brand
2 x7 plagues, meltas or plasma
pick heavy support and fast attack
this is for a 1500, if 2k, add more plagues
note: chaos lords are more point cost effective than most hq's

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my Furioso is always drop podded for maximum devastation.
the assault marines jet pack across the field. gives the enemy something to focus on

Stormraven for gunfire maybe though.
i have a predator (twin las + HB sponsons) but i never use it, every time i've fielded it, it has been one shotted.

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Really? I don't know much, but isn't there some kind of WYSIWYG rule? Or is that just optional?

Any tips?

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a piece of paper that says how retarded how cool you are.

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Well considering how casualties are taken and how many things single out a model in a squad, WYSIWYG isnt optional, you can proxy the gear if its but it needs to be represented somehow.

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At tourneys there are, general rules are they they at leas have to be distinct from others if they are special, so a sergeant/special weapon should have SOME special representation, and counts as models should have approximate dimensions of what they proxy.

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tips for what?
I did not understand what acronym that means.
as for the unit thing- just specify which one has what weapon sk there is no fowl play; only professional tournaments in Nottingham care about if your plasma gunner actually has a plasma gun.
you're not a gronard so nobody cares.

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how is that edgy?

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As it is, there's not a huge amount you can do in the way of Army Lists at the moment. You've got a lot of basic Bolter-armed Marines and a plethora of sqyad leaders, an HQ who's probably too expensive to bother with in small games, and a Helbrute.

First, try and convert one of the spare Champions into a Chaos Lord. One of the guys with a Power Sword and Plasma Pistol will work well enough, just add a few extra spikes, trophy racks, and other things so he stands out a bit. That'll give you a more appropriate HQ for low-level games.

Next, try and scrounge up some special weapons for your squads. GW sells packs of Plasma and Meltaguns, various online retailers sell individual sprue components, and you might be able to get some from other players in your area. The extra firepower will give your Chaos Marines a bit of extra punch.

For a starting 750 point list, try something like thisl;

Chaos Lord w/Power Sword, Plasma Pistol, Aura of Dark Glory, Meltabombs. 115 points.

Helbrute w/Multi-Melta. 105 points.

10 Chaos Space Marines w/Bolter, Pistol, CCW, 2 Plasma Guns. Champion w/Power Sword. 202 points.
9 Chaos Space Marines w/Bolter, Pistol, CCW, Flamer. Champion w/Power Sword. 162 points.
--Rhino w/Dozer Blade, Dirge Caster. 45 points.

Chaos Predator w/Sponson Lascannons, Dozer Blade. 120 points.

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Tips for list building.

And it stands for What You See Is What You Get.

Because he's trolling?

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My list:
fw berzerkers x8
x2 heldrakes
x2 maulerfiend
2 x10 csm; melts, mok, ccw
2 rhino, dirge

50% waac, 50% theme, because khorne

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Oh, cool. Thanks.

So, should I get a Rhino then? I don't have any vehicles yet.

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>I did not understand what acronym that means.

What You See Is What You Get.

Generally speaking, it's fine to swap around and proxy various weapons, so long as it's made very clear what squads have what weapons, and which models are carrying them, and to your opponent. No-one's going to be too bothered if you're using Flamers to stand-in for Meltas, but you need some way of telling who has what weapon for casualty removal purposes.

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I'm preparing for a Zone Mortalis game at 1000 points and have planned this out (it has a special force organisation - 1-2 HQ, 1-3 Elites, 0-2 Fast Attack, 0-3 Troops, 0-1 Heavy Support)

The game will be on an indoor map so lots of cover and nothing bigger than a Terminator base allowed. I'm using Tau.

I've got the following planned:


Commander, Flamer/Fusion, Shield, Stimulants, Iridium Armour, Puretide Chip, Neuroweb, Repulsor Field

2x Bodyguard, Flamer/Fusion, Shield


3x Crisis Suit, Missile, Plasma, Stimulants

3 Stealth Suits, 1x Fusion Blaster w/ Advanced Targeting

3 Stealth Suits, 1x Fusion Blaster w/ Advanced Targeting


7 Fire Warriors

7 Fire Warriors

Fast Attack/

7 Pathfinders, 3 Rail Rifles, Grav Inhibitor Drone

That's 996/1000 points. I'll probably be against warrior-heavy Necrons backed by sword-and-board lychguard and tomb spiders.

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Putting your dread in the stormraven allows it to assault on the same turn it disembarks and doesn't leave it open for a turn

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yeah, refer to above replies.
as for list, you'll need to do some shopping for real heavy support and fast attacks (may I recommend a heldrake and obliterators)
the question is, do you want a themed army, or do you want to win all the time and have 0 friends?

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Helbrutes are 100pts base now. Read the FAQs especially since they gave the Heldrake a 360 degree firing arc and let Noise Marines take 2 blastmasters at 10 men

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Yea. Transports are pretty worthwhile - they allow a squad to move quickly up the table, grant them a bit of protection along the way, and in some cases can suppliment their firepower. You don't need to have your entire army mounted in them, but having units which are able to react quickly to enemy actions, or make aggressive moves down the table to take objectives, is extremely useful. Just be careful with letting your opponent have Line of Sight to them, as they're rather fragile.

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My mistake on the points issue, though I'm aware of the other two. Still, just means you can stick a combi-bolter on it, so a Weapon Destroyed roll won't automatically remove the Multi-Melta.

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true, but i have to roll the stormraven in from reserves.
and it has to travel across the board
and it's a HUGE METAL BAWKS and i have no way of carrying the damn thing around.

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I've the following to work with:

2 AoBR warboss
1 Wierdboy

15 AoBR Nobs
5 Nobs
1 Painboy
10 Burna Boyz
10 Lootas

100 AoBR slugga boys
30 shoota boyz
2 trukks
20 Gretchin

8 AoBR Deffkoptas

7 plastic killa kans
3 metal killa kans

1 looted Basilisk
3 looted Rhinos
2 Looted Razorbacks

1 LR executioner
1 Baneblade
1 Deathstrike ML
for potential looting

Any hope for a solid army?

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Why do you have so many marines man?
I am looking to start with CSM soon too and my current list in progress is as follows (750point):
Chaos Lord, Mark of Nurgle, Bike, Power Sword
Sigil of Corruption 122

5x Plague Marines, 2 Plasma Gun 150
5x Plague Marines, 2 Plasma Gun, Rhino w/ Dirge Caster 190
5x Plague Marines, 2 Meltagun, Rhino 175

3x Chaos Bikers, 2 Meltagun, Mark of Nurgle
Champ - Metla bombs 113

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i don't think the fact they are AoBR models or made of metal/plastic is important.

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>i have to roll the stormraven in from reserves.
>and it has to travel across the board

Reserves aren't really a problem since they come in on a 3+ on turn 2. If you're really worried, you can pick up a cheap Aegis Line to boost that to a 2+. The distance isn't an issue either considering it's a flyer and can potentially move up to 36", 60" if you want to go Flat Out.

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Well the AOBR signifies that converting them will be a fucking hassle to pre-empt the inevitable dozen "convert sluggas to shootas" reply.

The metal Kans yeah i shouldn't have written them on as I'm gettign rid of all metals where a plastic alternative is available, fugly paint-chipping fragile 80's shitboxes

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>tfw the smallest list you have fun with is 1500 because Khorne berzerkers can't fit anywhere else

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i suppose. but again HUGE METAL BAWKS
i dunno, the ability to carry around an assault squad and a dread is nice. but it will only be 5 man squad cause jump packs make them bulky, yah?

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Yea, but I think it'll be 6 men. IIRC the Stormraven's got a transport capacity of 12.

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o hai daniel

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Too late, I already have no friends! Looks like I win this round.

Probably somewhere between themed and WINWINWIN. Enough Winning so that it isn't underpowered as shit, anyway.

Hmm. Alright. o, are Rhinos the best option for that?

I got the whole lot, +20 cultists, for $71 on eBay.

>> No.24745952

>are Rhinos the best option for that?

Well, if you're playing Chaos, they're really your only option. Land Raiders are your only other Transport, and they're way too expensive for games outside the 1500-2000+ point bracket.

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20 cultists cost 40$ in box

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5 men and a priest. Yah.

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File: 1.30 MB, 3284x4725, nurglemarine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I agree with those that came before, Stay away from Abaddon unless you really really want a model that cost more then a land raider and gives you access to more expensive Chaos space Marines as troops.

As far as tips and list building goes:

1) Give your lord an escort: A moderately expensive lord with a unit to have wounds ablated onto is a damn scarey thing (unescorted they might as well be a free kill point). For fast movers go with either a Nurgle biker lord w/Black mace or go with a Khorne Juggernaut lord with Axe of Blind rape. Use either spawn or Bikers as the escort in this case. For deep strikering lords use im inclined to lean towards mutilators as an escort unit (do to the fact that they basically have the stats and equipment of 2 chaos terminators for fewer points), but you can rarely go wrong with Terminators. If your looking to foot slog (or catch a ride in a rhino) then try to minimize the costs while keeping it him lethal. Note that big units of Cultist geared for melee make excellent escort units and can lead to a devastating tern 3/4 mass charge (especially if you took an apostlel as your warlord or you gave the cultists mark of khorne).

2) Deside what you want you troops to be: most players these days run large cultist blobs or minimum cultist units so they cram as much rape into the rest of the list (it works, chaos can really bring the pain this way) but putting that aside chaos has some of the best troop choices in the game. I wont give an overview of each unit but (From the perspective of a some what veteran Nurgle player) Plague marines are the shit (they are also expensive as shit in game) but unless you happen to piss off lady luck they will rarely die (even to heavy weapons fire (seriously I used to play against an ork player a lot, I once tanked a 30 Boyz mob with 10 plagues and only lost a single marine to the power claw)), or medium sized units of cover camping Nurgle cultists (~20ish).

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real men use elites as troop choices via lord/hq that makes them troops'

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File: 446 KB, 981x1481, Nurgle_Jumppack_Prince.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can out fit the Cultist and Marines as you see fit, I find running double melta guns w/Fist for the plagues while riding in a ghetto razorback (Rhino w/combi-bolter and havoc launcher) works pretty well and when they get close the can threaten pretty much anything, If doing this be wary of points costs as this is an expensive ass unit, you may only want to run 7 or fewer plagues and stick you lord with one of the squads. As for cultists give them auto guns and stubbers, crap them behind on an objective and plink at marines for the rest of the game.

3) Heldrake: Theres no 2 ways of putting this, the Heldrake is litteraly the best unit in the codex. its demonically possessed, Fire breathing cross between a prehistoric bird of prey and a modern supersonic attack fighter, and it will turn entire armies to ash in its wake. Vector strike metal boxes and torch the inhabitants, flame cover camping shit heads on objectives and AA guns, tear other flyers out of the sky, GO NUTS. generally though you dont see many flyers below 1000pts so dont woray about it too hard. Also other fast attack choices are good, but everything is basically over shadowed by the Heldrake in terms of general utility and killyness, so only take one of the other fast attack choices unless they have a VERY specific job (deep striking rapters to melta an enemy tank) or they are escorting a lord tricked out for speed.

3) Helbrutes are weird and you should probably stay away from them and use the points to get something more useful (like Havocs or more cultists). That being said it is really fun to run a walker spam list (aka: Trundle of the ancients) were you try to max out on Helbrutes, Defilers, fiends etc. If your heart set on bringing brutes the either give them a reaper auto cannon and use them as mobile fire support advancing in behind you plagues/cultists popping transports and light Armour then use'em for that big turn 3/4 charge or get 2, give them Power flails and CHARGE!

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That Prince looks hideously small as compared to a regular prince by scaling with the captain on the ground

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Ack, disregard this I suck cocks. I need some sleep

>> No.24746650

Oh wow, thanks. I'll make sure to try that stuff.

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Picked up 50 renegade militia bodies on ebay yesterday for £30.

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Quick question: I know most standard miniatures are 28mm, but in general what scale size does 40k use? Is it about 1/52? Just wanted to know in case I wanted to buy some terrain or proxy units.

>> No.24746828

yeah 1/52 or 28mm heroic, so proxies should also be labeled 28mm heroic, historical that match in weapon-size are usually 1/45.

>> No.24746845


However 40k is FUCKED when it comes to scale

the gun barrel of a leman russ will look HUGE even on a 1/35 tank

still 28mm is a good bet for infantry. EVERYONE makes their own 28mm pretty much so some are small while some are large

>> No.24746889

Hell, guardsmen are as tall as spess muhreens. That's why some people make 'truescale' space marines to distinguish themselves and their shit

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>Hell, guardsmen are as tall as spess muhreens. That's why some people make 'truescale' space marines to distinguish themselves and their shit

I hate the term true scale though

Because its "truescale" to "40k heroic scale". Not saying it doesnt look cool, but I'm used to true scale being a different thing to heroic scale (and heroic 40k scale)

And its honestly a balance decision because of friggin TLOS


>> No.24747015

Got to say, that Hind looks pretty damn cool.

How often do people use proxies anyway? Is it common enough that people don't care as long as the game is still "balanced"?

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File: 137 KB, 1024x683, dreamforgemortar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

proxy is the name of the game!

Why do you think theres so many 3rd parties and shit out there

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Damn that's some ballin' models, too bad Carpace is shit.

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File: 67 KB, 800x316, teut_01send.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well if youre using dreamforge, you dont have to say its carapace

I mean after all catachans and cadians have the same armor save anyways....

>> No.24747151

7/10 would use as scouts.

>> No.24747343

Looking for help on my 500 to 750 point first army. Have one squad of plague marines so far. What else do I need for a competent army? Been asking this question a lot with a lot of different advice.

>> No.24747369

oblits and sorc

>> No.24747394

I go by the rule of cool; if you have a larger base you are at a disadvantage so I willlet you use it

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It definitly has the legs and arms off the Nugle daemon prince kit so i just so I just assumed it was someones take on a flying prince, could be a jump pack lord...

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File: 327 KB, 640x480, DO YOU WANNA LIVE FOREVER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got a ton of these and have no idea what I'm going to do with them. They're not beefy enough for spess mehreens, too beefy for IG (and I have a shitload of IG already) and I don't have another system I could use them with.

I'm tempted to convert them into sisters of battle, I just can't find heads that will work for sisters. The armor is pretty spot on and I can get bolters easy, I just need some damn heads for them.

Also, has anybody figured out how to get an IG footslogging list to work in 6th without using allies? I loved running foot guard in 5th but I'm to the point where I hardly even want to pull mine out of the case. And that's with me owning 40 of these guys to play against Nids with.

I would be ok with using sisters, but I hate space marines and really don't want to stoop to using my guardsmen as henchmen for some jerkass space marine chapter to just steal the glory (inb4 that's how its supposed to happen anon)

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Shit meant to say

>I've got a ton of those Dreamforge guys and have no idea...

>Have 40 of the Starship Troopers MI to play against Nids with.

here's a mutilated StuG as an apology

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File: 225 KB, 1024x768, typhus_fort.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

4 orders with no issues so far; must be one of hte lucky ones!

also, zombies?

>> No.24747711

>40 Starship troopers to play against nids with
Get a Aegis Defense line or two, and prepare to reenact some movie scenes.

In games terms, Leman Russes or any kind of artillery (and you're playing guard, you got lots of 'em) can help kill nid swarms and big monsters hiding behind said nid swarms.

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File: 623 KB, 800x1587, command.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

600pt Death watch list:

Chaplain: 100pts

Tactical Squad: 90pts

Scout Squad: 75pts
(5) Sniper Rifles

Sternguard: 180pts
(6) Plasmagun, Heavy Bolter, Power Weapon

Sternguard: 155
(5) 2x Lascannon

what d'we think? it's either that or horde of grots!

>> No.24747756

what a waste of a good stug model

use a crappier tank for 40k conversions, like a churchill

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File: 158 KB, 800x913, 414278_md-Old cadians.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah I know that (and I'm the only guy at the store who doesn't get shit about bringing Aegis. That many guardsmen behind it just looks right)

My problem is against other armies. I literally cannot cross the table. I've tried everything I can think of, carapace vet swarm, SITNW conscript swarm, shitload of platoon squads, blobs, everything. Guardsmen just die to quick. All I can do is sit there and shoot and that get's boring.

Basically, I want a way to be agressive without chimeras or vendettas, and that's pretty much impossible.

>> No.24747816

buy chimeras anyways

use them as an AV12 mobile wall

>> No.24747821

>be agressive without chimeras or vendettas, and that's pretty much impossible.
Well there ya go.

You ever tried using shit like baneblades or Leman Russes as a distraction?

>> No.24747825

Can get 30 Germans from Wargames Factory for around $12 or 57 Russians for around $14, each with various rifle, MG, SMG, and sniper models. Would either be a good starter for an IG force?

>> No.24747875


just be sure to have some good hands though for the wgf ones. they're a bit delicate compared to say space marines

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File: 180 KB, 600x776, Nurgle_Guardsman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Aw what else was there?

4) Heavy support is sort of up to you as its hard to know before hand what to bring in every Scenario.

General rule: Oblits & Defilers are good, Fiends (either Maler or forge) are great, Havocs are incredible. Giving them 4 auto cannons, and nothing else costs 115pts and allows them to threaten light Armour, monsters and anything not in power Armour. Also predators out fitted with triple lascannons are basically the best thing in the codex at busting Armour short of a 5 meltagun chosen squad which costs the same (140 pts) but will be much harder to get into a position to be useful (and they WILL die like little chaotic bitches unless you give them more dudes in the squad and/or a metal box to hide in and at that point your just piling on points, dont take chosen, ever).

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Yep. Doesn't work too well. I've thought about running Al'Rahem and just slamming 80 or so guardsmen into a flank, but that's a pain in the ass to deploy and I have a bad feeling they'll die as quickly as the ones running up from my deployment. Not much left to lose at this point though.

>Implying crappy boxes on treads is anywhere near as glorious as a human wave of guardsmen charging a position.

Also, I need like 4 more if I want to pull off chimera spam, and I don't feel like dropping 150 bucks on something I don't even want to use. I already have 5 and that's nowhere near enough these days. Probably should sell them now that I think about it.

>> No.24747957

OH, now I see why nobody responded to me remaking the next general, glad this has picked up popularity and someone else started a thread so I don't need to every 12 hours.

>> No.24747976

I'd go with Warlord instead. Models fit the 40k scale much better (WGF is truescale and they look like anorexic teens next to 40k models) Warlord minis are "Heroic" scaled, and will blend well. They also have far more customization, and the Russian plastic set gets you 40 guys for 46 bucks. Even the Germans are 25 for 37 bucks, a way better deal than GW, and your guys will look way better than if you bought WGF. Trust me, I own both. I'll gladly plop my Warlord Germans down on a 40k table and they blend right in. The WGF though just look like cheap proxies and are completely out of scale.

Which sucks, because they come with a ton more weapons.

>Get Warlord instead. Still save a lot and you'll get way better minis.

They also have a better selection than WGF has.

>> No.24748062

Any tips on how to gear out sorcerers?

>> No.24748076

That's the bolt-action series right? Are there any model sets you'd recommend then? I'd preferably like Germans, but I wouldn't mind mixing in some Russians or other sides as well.

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File: 83 KB, 800x1247, 215466_md-Belial, Complete, Custom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Working on an almost cheesy small 750p dark angels list. Haven't the slightest clue what to spend my last 50 points on. Any ideas?
The list at the moment:

Belial 190

Deathwing Terminators, Assault Cannon
Chainfists, Thunder Hammer/Storm Sheild 250
Deathwing Terminators, Cyclone Missile
Chainfists 260

>> No.24748084

>Warlord minis are "Heroic" scaled, and will blend well.

Not really

their shit is still tiny compared to 40k.

>> No.24748085


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File: 69 KB, 937x595, bolt-action-germans-warhammer-40000-imperial-guard-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related

the FLAMER looks like a HEAVY FLAMER on them

>> No.24748118

I wish they still sold those Eye of Terror mutant packs.

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File: 147 KB, 1600x1067, fig comparison.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when was Warlord heroic scale?

Look how tiny the gun is for example compared to Foundry

>> No.24748173


for 750 points and plague marines you probably want a normal chaos lord with the mark of nurgle, another squad of plague marines for your troops, and then a rhino to assure your walking zombie tank men definatly wont die. extra points can be spent on more plague marines, chaos marines on bikes (with the mark of nurgle of course) and giving your lord a bike too. vroom vroom

>> No.24748202

Think you could post an image of SM vs WGF vs WL mini's all next to each other for reference?

>> No.24748229
File: 320 KB, 800x799, zombie_guard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the Dark Vengeance cultists are cheap enough;

there's loads of different minis for god-specific cultists.. i'd use Daemonettes (humanised so remove the tails, replace the arms) for slaanesh, Marauders would be good khornate ones, zombie / guard mix for nurgle and kroot would be great start for tzeentch themed cultists...

of course, i just went ahead and used WHFB Zombies mixed with guard / DV stuff...

>> No.24748319

Sweet man! Thanks for the help on this. Are plague marines considered popular?

>> No.24748438


>> No.24748496
File: 68 KB, 570x294, cleaved.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


yes but if you wanna be unique you can paint them like the cleaved and be a cool dude

>> No.24748515
File: 578 KB, 600x3257, Nurgle SorcerJESUSGODWHATISTHAT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So if we put everything together to make a "fun" somewhat competitive list I got this:


Chaos Lord w/MoN, Fist, Claw, Sigil, & Palanquin (this is my prefered way of running them, points heavy but holy shit if you get him into combat you will not be disappoint(as a note noone should have a problem with you proxying abaddon as this config unless they are really anal)) = 185 pts


2xCultists 20 cultists w/autoguns: 110 pts per unit (220 for all 40 Cultists)

7xPlague Marines (aka mah niggas) w/2xmeltas, power axe on champ, & Rhino w/havoc launcher & combi-bolter = 255 pts


2XHelbrutes w/Reaper auto cannons = 105 pts each (or 210 pts for both)

Heavy Supppert:

Havocs w/4xauto cannons and MoN = 130 pts.

total:1000 pts exactly (Damn im good)

Stick the lord with the plagues in the rhino and advance up the board, put the havocs in cover some place with a good field of fire, crap the cultists in cover on an object (if kill points game see Havoc strategy) and then do some fun stuff with the Helbrutes (i.e. run them up behind the plague party bus, send them on either flank as a distraction, march them around together as a roving rape train, put one each in cover near your cultist blobs and dare your opponent to come and dig the cultists off objectives etc etc.)

I will say that this is only my opinion of a good 1000 pts feel free to mix and match and spread points about as you see fit (take points out of the lord to get more cultists, drop the brutes for Havocs, outfit the plagues with flamers or plasma etc.) Just thought that I should Pipe up and help a fellow Chaotic brother along on there path to dark glory.

>> No.24748531

oh god damn it now my inner hipster isnt happy

>> No.24748617


there are like 4 people in the world with cleaved plague marines do it faget
if you really wanna be unique play sisters of battle or eldar or something

>> No.24748641
File: 45 KB, 620x347, StuG. not even once.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. I've only used the Late war plastic german kit, but I know the Russian one is good too. You can also get a ton of metal blister packs of everything from flamethrowers and snipers up to tanks and APC's.

Compared to WGF they look much better. Plus, I like the smaller size of the rifles. You could always use Victoria Lamb's lasguns for something that is more in scale with the Warlord Germans, so it doesn't look like each one is carrying a rail cannon. The lasguns GW has are ridiculously large, so having something a bit smaller isn't really a bad thing as far as I was concerned. They fit in fine, and most people who are using them wouldn't have Cadians or Catachans mixed into their army, so the Warlord infantry look better when they're standing next to Orks or Space marines because they're actually a little smaller (models that a GW guardsmen can dwarf for some stupid reason)

But this is personal bias speaking obviously. They're not GW "Heroic" but they're definitely not true scale. Basically, I think they're what "heroic" scale should be. Think of it as the inbetween. They're not truescale like WGF, but their arms aren't 4 feet long with a head the size of a watermellon like GW guardsmen. But at least you guys pointed this out to the guy who asked. I had completely forgotten just how crazy GW's heroic scale could look like. My bad.

Don't own any space marines, but I have some Catachans and Cadians. Only problem is I don't have any Warlord stuff painted yet, and my camera is pretty shitty. I'll see what I can do but it'll be a while before I can take a pic. Probably not till I get home tonight. Sorry.

>> No.24748670


Dude have you seen how many points plague marines are? They're 24 a pop, that means 2 squads of 10 are 240 points, add that with a lord and a rhino and that pretty much your 750 army.

>> No.24748773

Are csm raptors any good?

>> No.24748792

Would that be a terrible army?

>> No.24748812
File: 1.00 MB, 2160x1350, How_to_wizard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on the God (I dont normally deploy Sorcerers so take this one with a pinch of salt):

Nurgle: Take Typhus (aka: Lord Ballin), even if he wasnt a psyker he would still be about the hardest thing to kill in the codex and his capacity to dish out close combat pain is only exceeded by abaddon (or a Daemon prince with black mace but he'll cost a lot more with less survivability). Otherwise, keep'em cheap, go up another mastery level and roll on Nurgle and Biomancy tables (If you get lucky and roll Endurance or Iron arm in bio, and gift of contagion in Nurgle its pretty much gg for anything he gets into combat with). Put in group of melee cultists or Plagues for max success. Probably want to take the force axe.

Slaanesh: Cheap, mastery level 1 or 2 (I would stay at 1, if 2 roll on bio and try for warp speed, they all help though) try and get symphony of pain to buff your noise marines, otherwise at all other times take sensory over load, debuff your opponents into the floor and then proceed to rape (metaphorically and literally, this is slaanesh after all) them in close combat, put in group of cultists for maximum success and take the force sword or staff.

Tzeetch: take Arihman, roll twice on tzeech, and then get as many other witchfire powers as you can (primaris in bio, or telepathy, anything pyromancy). Ahriman is one of the few special snowflake characters that worth it due to his ludicrous amounts of fire power (3 witch fire powers could mean anything from 2 Armour killing beams, multiple templates, or just a shitzillion shots depending on what you roll).

>> No.24749006
File: 1.37 MB, 956x1154, Knightlords_man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You need to build them for a specific mission, identify a weakness in your army then build a group of Raptors to fill that weakness. I like to use them for Armour busting (either in small deepstrike form or 10 man jumping form). After all there primary targets are gone use them to threaten weaker, non-close combat units that are threatening to your army as a whole (I'm looking at you Guard heavy weapon teams).

>> No.24749058

so i can't run them like assault squads in a BA army?

>> No.24749083

also, what's the difference between raptors and warp talons?
just the weapons?

>> No.24749086

Not at what they cost.

>> No.24749092

>I like the smaller size of the rifles

which is funny because everyone kept complaining how weedy the rifles (especially the brits) were.

>> No.24749100

Warp Talons are even more expensive, but have a 5+ ward and Blind when they DS. Some people have tried to make it work competitively but it really just isn't possible to field enough of them.

>> No.24749121


I will let you caculate how 21 over priced marines will fair against other models in small games.

>> No.24749123
File: 30 KB, 247x255, BigWhoopWannafightaboutit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's because I'm a special snowflake.

I will admit you have to be careful with the 98k's or they'll break.

But if you hate thin rifles stay the hell away from WGF, they make the Warlord rifles look like 2x4's in comparison.

>> No.24749149

>Nurgle Marines

This nigga.

>> No.24749150

I wanna make some Remus IG

where do I get a ton of Gladiators though?

>> No.24749229
File: 67 KB, 582x774, knightlords.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could if you want to, I hear that slaanesh Raptors outperform BA assault marines in some cases (waht with initiative 5 and mark of feel no pain) I just prefer to spend the points on things that are on getting more troops or more dakka (or you know a Heldrake)...


Warp Talons are, duel lighting claw equipped, Daemon (5++, fear) Raptors that can't take any other weapons and cost 30 points a pop. they also blind any enemy unit within 6 inches of them when they deep strike. Ow and they have no grenades. Really, never take warp talons, they cost as much as terminators without the survivability or versatility that termies offer, while deep striking them will put hundreds of points of daemon marine within easy reach of you opponents plasma cannons and assauly units. Dark Gods help any warp talons that find they are within the assault range of Loyalist termies (Who don't give a single fuck about lighting claws and dont afraid of anything).
ow and did i mention no grenades, I did, well ima saying it again: NO GRENADES, ORKS IN COVER GO BEFORE YOU, YOU GO AT THE SAME TIME AS OPPOSING POWER FISTS!

>> No.24749410

Actually, way I see it, if you what you're doing with these guys they can be unstoppable monsters. If I remember correctly, these guys can get 4 attacks on the charge a model, not to mention all of those attacks are from duel lightning claws. I find that the things, while expensive, can wreck 2 or 3 full Ork Boyz squad before going down. Niche roll with Warp Talons, but they're good at what they do, and what they do isn't very nice.

>> No.24749592

This little puppy of Mme is my first ever (real) army for 40k. We have a house rule in our bakeshop and among my friends you can take "mercenary" units if they're like traitors, freebooters, and the like. I just wanted to see what /tg/ thinks of the list.

Chaos Lord Telling 160 points
Veteran of the long war
Champion of chaos
Ichor blood
Plasma pistol
power sword
Jump pack
Aura of dark glory
Gift of mutation
Mark of Slaanessh


Daemonetes of Slaanessh 145
Greater reward
Rapturous standard

Chaos cultists x2 182 pts
Mark of Slaanessh
Heavy stubber
Shot gun

Traitor veteran squads x2 300 pts combined
Heavy flamer
Power weapon
Vox caster
Gernade launcher

Kroot mercs 122 pts
6+ armour save
plasma carbine

Helbrute 130 pts
Twinlinked lascannon

Chosen 205
X2 power weapons
Lightning claws
mark of slaanessh
Mark of excess
Veterans of the long war
Gift of mutation
Melts bombs
Champions of chaos
Heavy support

Flash gitz 225 pts

Moar dakka
Ammo runts


Chaos Rhino 67 pts
Dirge caster
Extra armour
Combine bolter
Warp flame gargoyles
Havoc launcher

1536 points total

>> No.24749608

Of mine*

And no idea what that Telling is doing there.

>> No.24749761

Are those hands coming out of that horses ass?

>> No.24749828


In some games of 500-750 yes they are.

>> No.24749914

the horse is pooping out zombies anon-chan

>> No.24749937

Stick with Slaanesh for Psykers, they have the best lore in the book. Symphony of Pain and Ecstatic Seizures are the powers you really want to give him. Plop him near an objective behind an ADL with a 10 man squad of Noise Marines with 2 Blastmasters, 7 Sonic Blasters, and the Icon of Excess and dare your enemies to get even close to your wall of sound.

>> No.24750064

How much would /tg/ pay for this? Is it worth more than $225?

1 Abbadon the Despoiler

1 Kharn The Betrayer

10 Possessed Chaos Space Marines

11 Raptors (2 meltaguns, 1 pair of lightning claws)

24 Chaos Space Marines (1 meltagun, 1 flamer, 4 plasma guns, 1 power weapon, 2 power fists)

6 Terminators (2 combi meltas, reaper autocannon, 1 pair of lightning claws)

23 Khorne Berzerkers (1 power fist)

1 Servator (1 servo harness)

1 Chaos Lord HQ (power fist)

6 devistators (2 heavy bolters, 2 rocket launchers, 2 lascannons, reaper autocannon)

1 Land Raider (all parts move appropriately)

1 Rhino

A lot of bits including nearly a complete extra squad of chaos space marines and a bunch of extra terminator bits, chaos vehicle dress bits and a lot of miscellaneous bits .

1 Troop Transport

>> No.24750171

Not likely. Warhammer is dying. Shops are closing, the core players have all quit. GW just makes money from new people who don't know the hobby is dead.

>> No.24750205


I know right...

>> No.24750268
File: 419 KB, 1400x933, IMG_4486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good thing I paint the models mostly for fun then. Finished this beast.

>> No.24750436

I live ina community where there are new players all the time and fun games are had everywhere. Most of them are 2nd/3rd ed starters

>> No.24750449


>> No.24750485

Well, the modeling is fun, I suppose. The fluff is better than ever too, if that is your thing. If you don't mind not playing many games, then you may enjoy the hobby for many years to come.

Also, that is a pretty great model. For some reason that forward knee looks like it is unpainted rather than battle damaged (maybe add a little additional damage detailing), but otherwise quite sick.

>> No.24750499

UK? My comment mostly reflects the state of NA. Now that online sales are banned, it's pretty clear GW is giving up on NA.

>> No.24750501

IDE pay for that

>> No.24750528

Anyone got tips got fake snow?
I know of the bicarbonate one but don't have any in.
Does baking powder or cornflour work?

>> No.24750570

Use GW Purity Seal.

>> No.24750610

Is it? It seems to be strong in my area of Washington,hell there's even a good number of fantasy players

>> No.24750687

How much?

>> No.24750691

Looking for something I can find in my house really.

>> No.24750709

Anyone from Massachusetts?

>> No.24750771

Ok. What I then recommend is to use sugar (crush it up into smaller granules, they will be too large at first, use a mortar and pestle if possible, if not, tap sugar lightly with a hammer on a very flat surface) and wood glue. Unlike starch or baking powder, it doesn't go bad and it sparkles a little the way snow does (just don't let it get wet). Coat in superglue if you want a glossy "ice" effect that old snow has or to protect against water.

>> No.24750826

(different guy)
What about Powdered Sugar, or salt?

>> No.24751033

Just tried it with some caster sugar
(Basically really fine sugar)
Will post results when it drys.
Which will take forever probably.

>> No.24751094


>> No.24751168

librarian to babysit the squad that will have to start on the board?

>> No.24751429

What part of WA? just started playing myself

>> No.24752755

Around yelm and Lacey

>> No.24753628

I made a unit of 35 cultists with an apostle with burning brand today, this huge fearless blob squad with a AP3 flamer with torrent and soul blaze is nasty.

>> No.24756299
File: 58 KB, 819x319, vulture or valkyrie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I must choose

>> No.24756316

x4 rocket pods

>> No.24756317

Ask yourself this anon

What has more Dakka?

>> No.24756371
File: 61 KB, 800x680, Vulture7[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably a Vulture with punisher cannon
>20 S4 shots twin-linked at BS4

I'd magnetize it all to give them all a go, but this is the part that sounds the most fun.
Really a choice of transport over firepower all up.

>> No.24757560

I just got an Imperial Bastion for my Iron Warriors. How should I paint this? I feel like just straight Leadbelcher/gold details like I've been doing for the rest of my models won't look right. What color fits for (well-made) Chaos fortifications?

>> No.24757971


thats why you have 3 squads of 5 or something
also more meltas and plasmas that way

>> No.24758023

Thats why you don't run them in squads of 10. There is NO REASON to have a squad that big unless its a high-point game, because they can take 2 Special Weapons in a 5-man squad.

>> No.24758110

They're ok, but for 3 more points per model you could get Bikers instead who are T5, have Twin-Linked Bolters, Relentless, and Jink.

In light of that, there is really no reason to take Raptors when you could just be taking Bikers instead.

>> No.24758162

How about 'for flavor' or 'because they look cool'. They can also derp strike if that means anything and mess up a tank with dual meltas

>> No.24758595



vroom vroom

>> No.24758668

Have all the materials but have never actually played a game before. Going to have a 2K word bearers army (hence the extra heavy support), it's meant to be fun but still competitive. Thoughts?

Lord-MoT, Termie Armour, dual L/claws, Sigil of corruption-179 points

Dark Apostle-105 points

Termies-5 termies, 2 pairs of L/claw, 2 chain fists, 2 combi meltas, MoT, heavy flamer. 235 points

CSM-10 Chaos Space Marines, 1 melta gun, 1 flamer, champion with power fist, Icon of Vengeance, Rhino. 240 points

CSM-10 Chaos Space Marines, 1 melta gun, 1 flamer, champion with power fist, Icon of Vengeance, Rhino. 240 points

Cultists-35 , MoN. 220 points.

Fast Attack
Baledrake-170 points

Heavy Support
defiler-200 points

Vindactor-siege shield, destroyer blades, warpflame gargoyles, combi-bolter. 155 points

Oblits-2 oblits, MoN, VotLW-158 points.

Forgefiend-Hades autocannons-175 points

Total Points-2077
Do you think people paying against me would have an issue with it being 77 points over as well?

>> No.24758988


Not telling you how to live your life or anything, but maybe play some smaller games first? The you'll be better able to work out for yourself what is and isn't working for you. Other than that, looks competitive

Also, no way would I play someone 77 points over. There's no excuse not to drop so models/upgrades. 1-3 points over max

>> No.24759003


in a game of that size its generally assumed that you can fit what you need in points limit, but a few points over is generally accepted because most upgrades are more than a point or two. 77 is a bit much but if you are playing with friends casually it probably doesn't matter

>> No.24759114

can you suggest where would be best to drop some points, I'm all for constructive criticism.

>> No.24759174

duly noted, I'm just really unsure of what kind of process goes into a decent list, whether I should start small etc.

I'm just a bit overzealous about putting everything that I like and think looks cool in there.

>> No.24759240

No Sigil of Corruption (-25 points) since termi armor already gives 5++ save. I'm not so keen on MoN on cultists- +50% point cost for T4 doesn't seem worth it (that should save you -70 pts).

>> No.24759320


This, especially the MoN on the cultists when you aren't going zombie horde mode seems kind of pointless. They will do their job without it

>> No.24759323

furthermore, do you see anything that I may struggle against with my list?

>> No.24759403


Try a 750 point list. 1 HQ (ie your lord (-) sigil), 2-3 troops (maybe split up your two CSM squads into three, 1-2 fire support and a lord escort) and an oblit or two. If you strip of some of the necessary upgrades on the marines it should fir

>> No.24759413


>> No.24759452

thank you very much, to clarify, when you say fire support, do you mean heavy support or just something that is very shooty?

>> No.24759635


ie units with heavy/ranged weapons who sit back and shoot, plasma guns, autocannons if in a squad of 10, etc

Just keep focused on each unit's role - very rarely is it a good idea to try to make a squad good at more than 1 thing. Don't give them any upgrades that aren't necessary for that role , and that way your list will stay lean and effective.

That (too many upgrades) would be my main criticism of your 2k list, but I can't tell you what to change until you decide how you're going to play it, which requires experience

>> No.24759691

cheers, thanks a lot man.

>> No.24759701

Well yes, but the question wasn't "do they look cool". The question was "are they good". Due to the fact that there is a unit in the same FOC slot that does the same job, but better in pretty much every way that matters, the answer is "no, they are not very good".

>> No.24760729

Starting new army. Dark Angels or CSM? CSM will be better in the long run, and more powerful - but DA will cost me less than half the dollars

>> No.24760807

>less than half the dollars
That's if you're playing pure Deathwing/Ravenwing, and the termie/bike models aren't cheap unless you get them second hand. Plus you'll be stuck with few scoring units that can be overwhelmed by loads of dakka or hordes. CSM allows you to convert many other marine models while Dark Angels have some pretty sweet models themselves, but none of them really overpower the rest barring use of Veterans of the Long War and Deathwing Knights

>> No.24763417

Anyone got a decent 1000 point BA list?
Looking for some inspiration.

>> No.24764103
File: 1.02 MB, 1500x1563, 24583882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't played 40k since GW nerfed the fuck out of my army in 4E. If I were to play an average 1500p game of 5E with the new ruleset and no flyers/anti-flyers, how fucked would I be?

>> No.24764119


What Army?

>> No.24764124

just drab army greens and greys, I don't think the iron warriors care about their fortifications enough to waste time painting them legion colours.

>> No.24764174
File: 219 KB, 1118x1000, 1316316244283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Witch Hunters. I have 2 Canonesses, 3 Rhinos, 2 Immolators, 2 Exorcists, 30 IST and ~100 Battle Sisters. I could usually field a decent force against most armies due to the versatility of Faith powers, but then they lost Rending and I started losing to MEQ armies left and right (my former specialty).

That was a couple years ago, and now I'm wondering if they're okay to play in 5th.

>> No.24764188

What are the most popular 40k armies?

>> No.24764196



Best reference I can give you. Sisters are my next army I'll make after I finish my Thousand sons and get a job that can support an all metal army.

>> No.24764205

anything with a 3+ save

>> No.24764218

We're in 6th edition, mate.

>> No.24764228

You forget Guard.

>> No.24764249

How do I access coolcastornot?
Is it reliable?

>> No.24764250

I just realized I was off by 1 edition. It's been a while.

>> No.24764260

Amongst bad players: anything with a 3+ save, usually the newest variant of Spess Marine.

Amongst good players: Necrons, IG, CSM, and Tau

>> No.24764269


You mean Baledrakes and Plague marines

>> No.24764291

Wait, your post implies there are units in CSM other than Baledrakes and Plague Marines.

But that can't be true.

Its not possible!

>> No.24764324
File: 357 KB, 672x913, CSM Codex3e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How are Thousand Sons nowadays? Better or worse than they were in 5th?

>> No.24764332

Started a plague marine army, didnt really want to be playing one of the most popular armies

>> No.24764420

>Amongst bad players: anything that will give them an easy win with a netlist like Necrons, IG, CSM and GK
>Amongs good players: anything that will give them a fun game

>> No.24764482

Marginally better, but still bad enough to be unusable.

>> No.24764512

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Much in the same way only "bad" MTG players use the hot new netdeck in standard right? Yet you never see kitchen table crap winning tournaments. Same applies to 40k, much in the same way butthurt casuals bitching about MUH FUN applies to both as well.

>> No.24764534

thousand sons are forever to be placed in low tier

>> No.24764576

I'm thinking of taking up the Hobby again but this time as the orks.
How are they are causal play and what sort of setup would you guys recommend?

>> No.24764617

You fully well know that those armies are perfectly able to use regular lists without spamming cheese units. I bet you're That Guy who bitches at anyone fielding fliers, even if it's only 1 or 2, or using their better units in spite of your own cheesy netlist

>> No.24764689

Necrons have to resort to flyers if they want transports for anything other than warriors.

IG has some capabilities to destroy all fun, regardless of how strong the list is. Same with GK. They're can just make playing against them no fun whatsoever.

>> No.24764863

>playing to win, not for fun

>> No.24764876

I just picked the army I like the most, and that just so happened to apparently be a try hard army

>> No.24764911

That's fair enough, as long as you don't take all your lists from the net.

>> No.24764938

Well I kinda need to seeing as I have no idea how to field my army and its my first jump into the hobby.

>> No.24764961

What army?

Just field what looks cool. Start with small games at first until you get a handle of how it plays.

Theme lists are ballin.

>> No.24764977

Do what i did.
Make a 500 points list with the army of your choosing.
Then just play games and get a feel for things.
After that you can just make your own style.

>> No.24764996

Started with a Death Guard army. Always loved them in fluff and a friend got me a box of plague marines for my birthday. Im disheartened to know they are popular and fotm

>> No.24765029

They're not FotM. They're just top-tier.

Plus one toughness is REALLY fucking good.

But, they key is to make a Death Guard themed army, not a top-tier army which uses two squads of plague marines and then three heldrakes and etcetc.

>> No.24765046

Like >>24765029 says.
Make a fluffy list?
Chances are you can use whatever you get for "effective" lists later.

>> No.24765061

That was the plan. I dont want a stupid amount of bikers and heldrakes, just a foot slogging army like in the fluff. Have no idea how to build one though

>> No.24765063
File: 84 KB, 800x680, deathshr-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

May I interest you in some delicious Forgeworld?


Pic related is my favourite. Can use them as counts-as terminators.

>> No.24765071


That miniature actually looks kinda crappy

>> No.24765075

Paints thick and the battle damage is overdone, but it's a sexy sculpt.

>> No.24765082

Miniature looks alright but I dont have that much cash.

>> No.24765133

I want to start a Storm Wardens army, using the Blood Angels codex.

Tl;Dr related.

>It is commonplace for Storm Wardens to engage in single combat against the strongest opponents the enemy has to offer. This glory-seeking behaviour has seen a fair share of outmatched Storm Warden leaders recklessly slain in battle.
>The preferred weapon combination is a Thunder Hammer or Power Sword with a Storm Shield.
>Despite being a Codex Chapter, there is one strategy the Storm Wardens have near perfected: the armoured assault.
>While pinned in place, the Storm Wardens launch a spearhead of Land Raiders and Predators, backed by Rhinos and Razorbacks transporting Tactical Squads and Sternguard Veterans into the thick of battle.

So, for 1500 points in the BA codex, what would be a good all-comers list matching this dogma?

>> No.24765150

Thousand Sons will never be taken seriously on the tabletop unless GW does (read: never) give them a couple of buffs, such as a price reduction, ability to buy inferno bolts for characters with MoT, make them relentless instead of slow and purposeless and possibly give them 2 wounds back

>> No.24765197

copy pasted from the OP of a failed thread I tried to start a few hours ago.

So i've decided to start actually getting 40k miniatures and the army i've more or less settled on is to play an army that uses kroot for troops, use a shaper as a counts-as for a fireblade as my HQ and paint up my elites and heavy support with tribal-ish designs. I'm more concerned about the fluff of the army than the effectiveness but I don't want to be completely shit.
The fluff being a tribe of kroot who like to steal vehicles and tech from other factions and whose shapers have incorperated traits conductive to piloting into their DNA.

I'm only going for 1000 points at the moment and I would like some advice on my list as well as what sort of paints I need to get.

Army list thus far is

3 Full Strength Kroot Squads with Sniper Rounds (140 points each = 420)
1 Etherial or Fireblade just to meet the HQ requirement (50 or 60 points)
2 Riptides with Ion Accelerators, Velocity Trackers, Early Warning overrides and Shielded Missile drones. (260 Points Each)

Total point cost is either 990 or 1000 points
I would have preferred a Hammerheads or Sky Rays from a fluff perspective but I'm currently more or less settled on riptides for their versitility since they can basically do anything that my Kroot can't.

so how retarded is my list and what should I look into for painting my riptides up to look tribalish? My current plan is to pain the riptides standard colors and then put the designs over that.

>> No.24765235

I dont have any kroot in my army.
Although the sniper rounds would be useful i feel that FW teams are more wellrounded.
But for my kroot need i made a kill team.
Its the most fun i've ever had with kroot.

>> No.24765280

Mathhammer wise, kroot/sniper upgraded kroot are more points efficient against their preferred targets.

But, Firewarriors are always more point efficient than kroot/sniper kroot firing at something other than their preferred targets.

So, FW have flexibility.

>> No.24765307

I was meaning to ask this. I'm starting 40k again and am going to play CSM. Getting into RPGs has made me really want to backstory and characterise my army. I want my lord to be "my character" and the army to be "his party", if that makes sense, and I like the idea of my character not being a Saturday morning villain EVUL type chaos lord, but rather more neutral - selfish rather than evil as such. I was thinking either a Tzeentch-themed army with the lord (or sorcerer?) going about with his followers seeking old items of arcane interest or a Slaanesh-themed army who are all glory-seeking, self-obsessed adventurers wanting to perfect their martial abilities by fighting ALIUMS and stuff to be the perfect warriors they were made to be. Neither loyal to the Imperium, obviously, but neither HURR CHAOS kill innocents get possessed etc etc, both just doing their own thing to further their own interests.

I guess the Tzeentch army doesn't really need Thousand Sons Rubric marines to be a Tzeentch army, and I'm not going WAAC-mode, but still: Why are TSons so bad? Is Tzeentch stuff in general bad: I think I've read his psychic powers are lacking? Any thoughts on either idea?

>> No.24765311

Yeah that's what i meant.
Although bs5 snipers are funny, i prefer FWs

>> No.24765350

I think a mix is best. Aesthetically, at least.

>> No.24765416

So you're saying kroot aren't solid enough to justfy Basing an army around them?

My plan was to use the huge numbers of snipers to keep the enemy pinned and bottled up so my Riptides can blast them from the other side of the field. Is the tau gunline that much better?

>> No.24765467

What do you think of my hypothetical Deathwing list? I'm thinking it either needs to swap the Command squad for another troop unit or take the company banner (+1A) to validate the unit a bit.

Belial 190pts
Iron Halo, Storm Bolter and Sword of Silence, Teleport Homer, Terminator Armour
Deathwing Command Squad
Deathwing Apothecary, Deathwing Champion, Pair of Lightning Claws, Plasma Cannon
Dreadnought 120pts
2xTwin Linked Autocannon
Dreadnought 120pts
2xTwin Linked Autocannon
Deathwing Terminator Squad 260pts
Cyclone Missile Launcher, 2x Pair of Lightning Claws, Plasma Cannon
Deathwing Terminator Squad 270pts
Assault Cannon, Cyclone Missile Launcher, Pair of Lightning Claws, Chainfist
Deathwing Terminator Squad 270pts
Assault Cannon, Cyclone Missile Launcher, Pair of Lightning Claws, Chainfist
1500 pts.

>> No.24765608

Fearless squads won't get pinned, and Riptides don't have that much dakka to spare and it's mostly a DISTRACTION RIPTIDE anyway

>> No.24765684


A little fluff for my army

"To a poor man, a piece of bread is the greatest wealth of all. To a man that has everything, the only answer... is more."
- Chaos Lord Casius, leader of The Sons of Tiamat

Slaanesh, God/goddess of indulgence, pain pleasure, and a perfection of sorts. Many have sought out She who Thirsts in the pursuit of forbidden pleasure. But there is always something else they want. More. What they have is never enough, the greed that pushes to have more women in their bed, an extra shot of the latest dock tail of drugs or maybe just one more skinning session.

The daemon prince Tiamat represents this ever growing Greed. As is common knowledge, greater daemons and princes are simply an extension of the gods they serve, physical manifestations that gives lowly mortals a peek of the splendid of the chaos gods. As stated earlier Tiamat merely reflects the facet of Greed on the many Succulent Sins of Slaanesh. This demon does not usually reflect the perverse beauty of most daemons of Slaanesh with its Multics headed necks and great massive mouths filled rows upon rows of teeth made to devour and consume. A large flabby belly covered with the blessings of Slaanesh are flanked by 2 pairs of large arms on each side with greedy grasping hands. All coming down to nearly atrophied legs that sit upon a truly massive pile of all wealth that sacrificed his or Slaanesh's name


>> No.24766097


This wealth is collected by cultists, traitors and madmen, all who would further their wealth pay tribute to tiamat and slaanesh.

Of course we cannot forget the few Traitor legions that follow this path oh no...

Espescially the first warband dedicated to this aspect of the Prince of Pleasure.

The Sons of Tiamat.

Led by Lord Casius, the Sons of Tiamat stalk the corners of the galaxy looking for worthy sacrifices of wealth and plunder they can add to their own hoards. No one knows which chapter The Sons of Tiamat originally broke away from, as their symbol has replaced by that of a dragon viciously chewing on the Eagle of the imperium and the Colorado of their armorial painted to a blinding white with pink and gold trimmings.

Needless to say this ostentatious show of Color suits Casius perfectly fine.

Casius's basic and core belief of The Sons of Tiamat is that everyone is entitled to great wealth... but they have to earn it, by any means nesscary. Many cultists join the sons of tiamat on their raids of luxury planets and pleasure yachts that populate parts of the imperium. Casius welcome these cultists open arms and a large fang filled maw smile into his warband. Those who join as cultists he explains, must start at the bottom to truly appreciate the wealth they will hoard later in their career. (If they survive.) Cultists start of with clothes on their back and the weapons they brought. If they have no weapons a autopistol is graciously provided as so are basic rations. But from then on they are on their own.

Casius also explains that since his marines were long ago betrayed and to scrabble their way to the eye of terror and to were they are today, gives them the posistion they are in today.

Casius is a gregarious and strangely amiable Chaos lord full of charisma and teeth. He cheers on his followers as the loot and pillage give compliments to those manage to claim the most glorious trophies.


>> No.24766102

Are noise marines good, meta wise?

>> No.24766244

Pretty good. Due to the FAQ they can now get 2 blastmasters per 10 dudes, so you can kit out both an assaulty squad or a shooty squad with blastmasters to lay down some hurt on the squad you're assaulting. Noise Marines also go before most MEQ and GEQ, so winning challenges will be pretty easy if your champion has a power sword. Get sonic blasters on a shooty squad and swap bolters for bolt pistols in assault squads

>> No.24766308

1st 1750p list:


Dark Apostle: - 175 p
Mark of Tzeentch
Scrolls of Magnus

Chaos Sorcerer: - 155 p
2 mastery
M of Slaanesh
Force sword
Aura of Dark glory


CSM: - 225 p
+5 models
Icon of Excess
2 CSM's change bolters to meltas
Champion has meltabomb

Cultists: - 189p
+25 models
22 autoguns
Champ has SHAWTGUN
3 'eavy stubbers


Helbrute: - 110 p
Power Scourge

Possessed: - 160 p
M of Khorne
Icon of Wrath


Rhino x2: - 70 p

Fast attack:

Warp talons: - 175 p

HELDRAKE: - 170 p

Eavy support:

Forgefiend: - 175 p

Obliterators: - 140 p
+1 model

Total: 1744 p

Any C&C?

>> No.24766481

How's this?

Reclusiarch (160)
-Storm Bolter Termie Armor

Terminator Assault Squad (225)
-5x TH/SS
LR Crusader (240)

10x Tactical Marines (185)
-Sergeant w/ Power Sword
Rhino (60)
-Storm Bolter
10x Tactical Marines (185)
-Sergeant w/ Power Sword
Rhino (60)
-Storm Bolter

Baal Predator (115)
-Flamestorm Cannon

Predator (135)
-Lascannon sponsons
Predator (135)
-Lascannon sponsons

>> No.24766496

Please tell me this is a 'fun' or 'flavor' list, because

>using warp talons
>using possessed
>using helbrutes
>giving the cultist champ a shotgun
>not swapping to CCWs on your MoS marines which are obviously geared for assault
>spending so many points on a sorceror who won't be worth it

There's a 'rule' that you implement 1 scoring troop per 500pt, so you should get rid of the sorceror and unneeded cultists and get a new CSM squad. If you really want an deep strike squad just go with Raptors or Terminators. Warp Talons will be shot to shit in a single shooting phase, and your terminator-cost models die like bitches to bolter fire

>> No.24766522
File: 36 KB, 500x389, HA_HA_HA,_OH_WOW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>playing BA
>not using assault squad troops or DC

>> No.24766523

This does not how ever eclipse his short sightedness, his fits of rage when loses a precious target or battle and of his most dangerous credo.

"If a man wishes to keep his wealth , he must have the strength to keep hold of it."

Woe betide to the cultists or marine who claims a prize that catches the eyes of their warlord. Without a word, Casius will his sword twoards them a smile darkly, the signal of the warband to duel over the trinket. This of course, ends in the victory of Casius who all the richer.

Casius, in dedication of the Dark Prince, decrees that 40% of the wealth taken will be added to The Great Hoard.

The Great Hoard is held at the end of every year. Where the great treasure pile is brought out for all the warband to see. They feast and drink around the massive pile of treasure the festivities growing quickly out of hand. Daemonettes are summoned to serve and dance for the ritual goers. Fights begin to start and racous chanting/singing begins to reach a crescendo. The Great Hoard begins to glow and as the festival reaches its peak frenzy an inward explosion occurs and the the Hoard is sucked into the warp and added to Tiamats ever growing wealth. Casius's voice finishes the ceremony proclaiming "PRAISE TIAMT AND GLORY TO SHE WHO THIRSTS!!" A great cheer raises up as the gathered traitors begin to race to their stations eager to begin the marauding anew.

"Tremble ye nobles of the spires, quake those who are born with silver spoon! Death and terror will come to those who are higher, FOR THE SONS OF TIAMAT COME SOON!!!"

>> No.24766601

>Theme list

>> No.24766648

It's a noob list, also didn't explain tactics:

Sorcerer deeps with raptors (yeah you're right also raptors are awesome), Dark Apostle is with Cultists, CSM are, yeah assault anti-armor, Helbrute just because I want it.

>> No.24766723

Possessed and WTs are always bad, even if they look strong. You should get a shooty CSM squad anyway by replacing your possessed and the brute. Helbrutes die very fast without support and they have no deep strike options. Only with a warpsmith in the Hellfire configuration (Lascannon+Missile Launcher) are they even viable. Icon of excess on your sorceror's raptor escort will be useful, since the sorceror benefits from that if he's in the squad.

>> No.24766731

Kk ill report back in a moment with updated list.

>> No.24766853


Dark Apostle: - 175 p
Mark of Tzeentch
Scrolls of Magnus

Chaos Sorcerer: - 155 p
2 mastery
M of Slaanesh
Force sword
Aura of Dark glory


CSM: - 245 p
+5 models
Icon of Excess
2 CSM's change bolters to meltas
Champion has meltabomb

CSM: - 175 p
Ic of Flame

Cultists: - 187p
+25 models
22 autoguns
3 'eavy stubbers


Rhino x2: - 70 p

Fast attack:

Raptors: - 230 p
Icon of Excess

HELDRAKE: - 170 p

Eavy support:

Forgefiend: - 175 p

Obliterators: - 140 p
+1 model

Total: 1704 p

Better? I thought about either giving the CSM squad MoT and icon or models in raptor.

>> No.24766960

So, are there any Alternate Universe type deals, like something happens that changes things like say Emperor doesn't loose his shit when magnus comes through the eldar webway to tell him how his favorite son is about to try and stab him in the back so that Thousand son never went Traitor legion?

or perhaps Gulliman ended up on the Traitor side of the heresy?

>> No.24766979

What do you mean with "deals"?

>> No.24767072

Getting back into 40k after not playing since 3rd Edition, any criticism on this 1000 point IG list? I don't know what to take for the last 100 points.

HQ: CCS with Vox and Standard + Chimera (Multi-Laser + Heavy Flamer) - 125 points

Troop: Veteran Squad with Plasma Guns x3 + Chimera (Multi-Laser + Heavy Flamer) - 170 points

Troop: Veteran Squad with Plasma Guns x3 + Chimera (Multi-Laser + Heavy Flamer) - 170 points

Troop: Veteran Squad with Melta Guns x3 + Chimera (Multi-Laser + Heavy Flamer) - 155 points

Fast Attack: x2 Vendetta with HB Sponsons - 280 points
Total: 900 points

>> No.24767138

I'm starting a Dark Angel army and I have encountered a bit of a problem with my list

-Power field generator

2x Tactical Squad
-+5 Marines
-Missile launcher

Deathwing Squad
-Assault cannon

Fast Attack
Ravenwing Squadron
-Power sword
-Melta bombs

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad
-4xMissile launcher

Grand total of 970 points

Now I was aiming for an Aegis Defence Line, which is 50 points but I'm not sure what to scrap from the list above to get the 20 points needed. Any ideas?

>> No.24767146

Try to use the 100 p somehwere. Even in wargear just don't let it go to waste.

nvm I actually added there +5.

>> No.24767169

Why are broadside railguns no longer viable?
Long range meltaguns without "melta" twinlinked cant be that bad?

>> No.24767179

I'd rather give the HQ some gear.

>> No.24767239

The problem there is that I'm planning on combining the Librarian with the Devastators, so mostly I'd try to keep him in the back so extra gear feels like a waste

>> No.24767246

They're a pile of fun in casual play, in my experience. There are a lot of setups available, though most will direct you to shoota boy spam as a basic list. Lootaz are really good. Like, really really good. Not necessarily cheese-tier due to random shots and poor BS, but they can make light vehicles evaporate like nobody's business.
Nob bikers are really solid too, in a game some of my friends were playing recently they came through a turn of a whole (small, 600 pt.) IG army shooting mostly just at them, without a scratch.

>> No.24767301

I'd scrap a few missile lanuchers because I believe you already have the Marines doin a hell of a job in anti-armor.

Take note that I'm somewhat new to the game.

>> No.24767317

Alright not a hell but the termies have chainfists too.

>> No.24767323

Like Alternate Universe versions of the game.

>> No.24767342

Yeah, but for most purposes you'd use the str 8 guns for with any reliability, the missiles will generally perform better (str 7 4 shots vs str 8 1 shot better ap).

That said, I currently plan on running something along the lines of 2-3 broadsides, 1-2 missile ones with target locks most likely, and the team leader with a railgun and advanced targeting system, for delicious str 8 ap 1 shots that will end up being precision shots ~50% of them time, meaning I can weed out special/heavy weapons like nobody's business.

>> No.24767367

Idk Forge World has Hrous Heresy models I believe so you can play the events out differently.

>> No.24767431

Point taken.
I have much to think about now.

>> No.24767514

Frag missiles can actually put out a lot of hurt on enemy infantry. 4 of them may obliterate a chunk of a marine squad. The alternative is using plasma cannons, which are much more killy but expensive. Lascannons aren't worth it on devastators and multimeltas are good only in Vulkan He'Stan lists

>> No.24767554

What are the most played armies and chapters? Im a hipster

>> No.24767561

Did someone say theme lists?

Master of the Forge Thunderhammer - 130 points
5 Servitors - 70 points
Terminator Squad Assault cannon - 230 points
Tactical Squad(6 Marines) - 106 points
Tactical Squad(6 Marines) - 106 points
Devestator Squad(5 Marines) 4 heavy bolters - 150 points
Venerable Dreadnought Assault cannon, TL autocannon - 185 points
Dreadnought Assault cannon, TL autocannon - 125 points
Dreadnought TL lascannon, TL autocannon - 145 points
Dreadnought TL lascannon, TL autocannon - 145 points
Aegis Defense Line quadgun - 100 points
1492 points

>> No.24767578

Sisters of Battle are obnoxious, nearly everyone and their mother plays them
Dark Eldar are pretty OP and are played very often

Actually, both Eldar books have a shit ton of of players, mostly because they're both pretty good books.

As for most played marine chapter, that would be the Black Templar.

>> No.24767593

>Sisters of Battle are obnoxious, nearly everyone and their mother plays them
>Dark Eldar are pretty OP and are played very often

Im being rused arent I

>> No.24767600

The dreadnoughts are also magnetized so I can bring more dakka for blob armies if I need too, and more meltas/las for tankbusting

>> No.24767605


>> No.24767634

Is this viable for casual play? Aka the only type of play my local gameshop

>> No.24767637

Sweet. But really, what are the most played chapters and armies?

>> No.24767646

Looks like an interesting list, out of curiosity did you just go ahead and buy the techmarine w/ servitors finecast kit or did you do some kitbashing?

>> No.24767660

Shit forgot post number

>> No.24767738

What you could do is take an additional squad of Veterans, give them Melta Guns, and put them in one of the Vendettas.

One thing though, you should definitely drop the Vox and Standard for your CCW and give them some special weapons.

Drop the HB sponsons for the Vendettas since you can only shoot a certain amount of weapons a turn anyway.

>> No.24767739

Don't know about how much different vanilla dex marine chapters are played, so can't comment on that. Grey knights are still fairly over-played, arguably. Blood Angels seem to be declining, though they certainly aren't rare per se.
Imperial Guard are pretty big right now, as are Necrons.
Chaos Marines are fairly common, especially death guard/any other nurgle-based legions.
Those are the bigger ones, that I can think of, though it will vary by area.

>> No.24767812

Was thinking about making a Death Guard army but I really hate playing what everyone else does and prefer to do my own thing. Im surprised that Necrons are somewhat popular. Does Eldar armies seem popular? Might switch over to Flesh Tearers

>> No.24767818

I actually bought the servitors off ebay, about 25 dollars worth of servitors and bits. It was a good deal, still have some servitor bits left over I trade at my FLGS

>> No.24767873

I wish there were rules for preheresy Thousand Suns.

>> No.24767910

Necrons are popular mostly due to generally being considered one of the more 'powerful' armies, with the ability to spam ridiculous amounts of flyers and such.

Both flavors of Eldar seem pretty rare nowadays, but Craftworld Eldar are getting a new codex/model release next month, so there may be an influx on new/returning eldar players soon.

Personally, if you're up fro a bit of a challenge, Dark Eldar are pretty cool and fairly underplayed I think. You could do like a haemonculus themed army with wracks for troops, they're reasonably durable for DE and pretty good in melee.

>> No.24767943

You could play a different warband such as The Cleaved or The Purge. Necrons got pretty popular in 5th edition after the Wardex hit and the cheese starting showing. Now in 6th ed it's one of the top tier codices alongside IG and GK. Eldar armies ate the short end of the stick this edition. Dark Eldar have no anti-air and they're essential the glass cannon race in 40k. Eldar's codex is old but still barely viable despite many inefficient, overcosted units. Eldar are set for the next Codex though.

I don't know what Thousand Suns are but we should be getting Thousand Sons rules in one of the next Horus Heresy books with the Battle of Prospero

>> No.24767982

Is there a changelog for Warhammer and 40k compiled somewhere that I could look at?

I haven't set foot in a Games Workshop since about 2008-10, around about when they released new Ork models. I wanted to see what changes have been made since then an what new models got made.

Is 40k still MECHANIZEDHAMMER or did they fix it?

>> No.24768005

Is spamming fliers the way to win? Ive never played the table top so far. No Eldar units really interest me so much.
Thats something to look into, thanks. I really want to get into table top but being the special snowflake that I am its hard picking an army some times.

>> No.24768039

>Is 40k still MECHANIZEDHAMMER or did they fix it?
Not since 6th dropped.
Mech armies, while still good, are not godly, seeing as glances and hull points are a thing.

>> No.24768063

Mechhammer is mostly gone
Only people who can get away with mech are DE (because monobuild lol), Eldar(4E book), and 'crons (OP as shit flyer spam). Everyone else is leaning towards infantry with armor support.

>> No.24768081

Oh, and IG because lol squads of flyers and tanks and av13 transports on the cheap.

>> No.24768085

I am retarded and don't know how to english.

>> No.24768117

How's this looking for a fun Tau list:


Commander, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Stimulant Injector, Neuroweb System, Onager Gauntlet, Puretide Chip, Iridium Armour (177)


3x Crisis Suit, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod (156)
3x Crisis Suit, Flamer, Fusion Blaster, Shield (201)


Sentry Turret, TL Burst Cannon, Disruption Pod (30)

Sentry Turret, TL Missile Pod, Disruption Pod (40)

12 Fire Warriors, Sergeant, Markerlight (133)

12 Fire Warriors, Sergeant, Markerlight (133)

Fast Attack/

Remora Drone Fighter (110)

Heavy Support/

Broadside, Velocity Tracker, Railgun (85)

Broadside, Velocity Tracker, Railgun (85)


Aegis Line, Quadgun (100)

Total: 1,250

>> No.24768128

Fliers can't capture objectives for one barring a certain mission type. However, you require 6s to hit fliers without skyfire, which makes flyers hard to kill. Many fliers excel in killing infantry (flamerdrake, night scythe) or vehicles (vendetta, stormraven) en masse. Unless you want to powergaming faggot, play just 1 flier, 2 skirts the boundary of cheesing it up. An air force will discourage others from playing with you.

>> No.24768144

>Is spamming fliers the way to win? Ive never played the table top so far. No Eldar units really interest me so much.
Not necessarily, though flyers can be very good due to how hard they are to kill without dedicated anti-air. Necrons ahve flying transports, though, with special rules allowing them to deploy troops from them even at relatively high speeds, so they can dump a boatload of troops right on top of the enemy and fire away. Necrons are a fairly durable, short-ranged shooty army.

>> No.24768164

Anything marine is popular, especially vanilla, grey knights and DA. As are imperial guard and orks.
Go with

>> No.24768190

>Necrons are a fairly durable, short-ranged shooty army.
Which is why I always liked them. I really dont want to rely on flier spamming like an asshole, I just want a cool fun army. Shame they are very popular.

>> No.24768193

>>Is spamming fliers the way to win? Ive never played the table top so far. No Eldar units really interest me so much.
>Not necessarily, though flyers can be very good due to how hard they are to kill without dedicated anti-air. Necrons ahve flying transports, though, with special rules allowing them to deploy troops from them even at relatively high speeds, so they can dump a boatload of troops right on top of the enemy and fire away. Necrons are a fairly durable, short-ranged shooty army.
>24"+ for range
>short ranged
What the fuck do you call 12"/18" shooty armies?

>> No.24768194

Dark angels are popular? I always saw them as a hilariously lame army

>> No.24768224

Eldar, a MASSIVE exception to the rule where short ranged shooty is offset by either numbers or strong melee options.

>> No.24768284

Well, I mostly mean they have the durability (and mobility, with the way their flyers are) to get right up into an opponent's face in rapid-fire range to lay down a lot more fire.

>What the fuck do you call 12"/18" shooty armies?
I'll let you know when an army exists with mostly 12"/18" range taht I actually consider '"shooty".
The only thing kinda matching that I can think of immediately is eldar, which is a strong component of why they fail so hard right now, because guardians are both fragile, short-range, and expensive for what they actually do. Other than eldar, 12-18" main guns mostly make me think orks or 'nids, which are no-one's "shooty army", even if they go for more shooty builds.

>> No.24768552

Popular at my local anyway, at least 4 people.

>> No.24769179

how popular and fun are orks? I played them through ever dow game I could and just found them fun and hilarious. But im sure those games have no bearing on the table top game

>> No.24769304


Orks are awesome! I play savage orcs in fantasy and I would play them in 40k if I didn't already have my slaaneshi army and If my friend wasn't already playing them.

But they are good fun and plenty of character in them.

>> No.24769362

Playing orks means wanting to glue, paint and field 100+ models. Possibly converting too. If you are not okay with that, stay away from orks (and IG, and Tyranids).

Beyond that, they are fun and kinda reliable, with enough list variation outside of No Limit.

>> No.24769519

Yeah fuck that, I prefer smaller unit armies that individually pack a heavy punch.

>> No.24769551

Go for marines then.
Most versatile low man count army.

>> No.24769566

Yeah, I have a box of plague marines id like to use but it sounds like they are a very popular army and that kind of annoys me.

>> No.24769666
File: 66 KB, 162x200, foodog symbol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking Spess Mahreens, I was thinking of making a custom chapter, but seems thats almost impossible due to lolultrawardrines being prodominant in the army book. I was also thinking of a design with warring states era China design, like so. Pic related for their symbol btw, all I need is fluff and a colour scheme and what chapter they succeeded. Not using White Scars by the way.

>> No.24769682

What's this about GW's early founders having ties with the BNP?

>> No.24769754

I think you best bet is for them to be of unknown succession and be made during the 21st founding so you have an excuse to make them drastically different from any 1st founding chapters.

>> No.24769838

>all marines and IG are white
salamanders don't count.

>> No.24769863

Any opinions on the Vulture gunship? I'm picking one up, and was wondering if it was worth fielding, or just keeping in the display case?

>> No.24769981


tom kirby raped and murdered a girl in 1990

>> No.24770045

>early founders
Early founders had black Space Marines, Native American Space Marines and arab IG.

Now is Kirby time, when he sucked out all the colors and turned them into more money for him and his gang of company crashers.

>> No.24770192
File: 54 KB, 400x500, WIP Spacemarine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>21st founding is considered cursed, most chapters are either turn traitor or die off altogether (except for the Minotaurs or the Legion of the Damned, which were formally known as the Fire Hawks)
>This chapter is of unknown succession and is considered mysterious and overall exotic for the tastes other space marine chapters.
>They also disappeared, but somehow did not turn traitor or were wiped out.
>They call themselves The Golden Dragons
>Their methods are considered nearly heretical due to their exotic weaponry and culture, but are tolerated. Their numbers are dwindling.
>Their colors are Gold, Green, and Red.

Whats your critique?
Does it need a revision of some sort?

>> No.24770254

Seems pretty neat anon, I actually kinda hope to see more

>> No.24770284

Also, Zombies. Want to do a zombie apocalypse themed army. CSM or IG?

CSM have the advantage of fearless and FNP (like actual zombies), but are pretty limited in that theme. Especially since Typhus is mandatory.

IG has the numbers, are less limited and I can pass the officers as lesser necromancers. Not having fearless is a bitch though (Ld9 Stubborn re-rollable is pretty much fearless, but not quite as satisfying).

>> No.24770295

How popular are flesh tearers and what codex do they follow?

>> No.24770331

>red green and gold
ya man we Rasta marines now

>> No.24770394
File: 51 KB, 640x360, Cool runnings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And this is bad how?

>> No.24770435

Is it worth it to buy any models if I don't have anywhere to play 40K?

I mean worst case I get shittily painted decorations?

>> No.24770608

Dafuq is that colour scheme man.
Need a bit more symmetry or be completly asymmetric.

>> No.24770648

There are cheaper miniatures, if you don't play 40k for the game you are probably wasting your money.

I hate seeing my minis sitting about and not being able to play with mine ever for a short while can irritate me.

>> No.24770714

Especially considering I've sunk £200 +($440 ish) into a new army.

>> No.24770798
File: 82 KB, 275x275, drag5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would provide more, but the painter was shitty and I am not a very good artist not by a long shot. Referring to exotic weapons, Plasma weaponry are used over bolters (though they have used them in the past, would have included alien technology, but that would be heresy) and only power swords and power fists are used.
Typical ancient Chinese colors, but could change to the Lions of Zion chapter if I had the chance.
Painter was shitty, what of it. Besides its not final.

>> No.24770833

Ah. I wouldn't plan on buying a lot.

I couldn't even decide on a race/faction really.

>> No.24770863

Your color scheme is bad, and you should feel bad.

Are you full retard or majourly autistic?

>> No.24770893

Just had a game today. 1800 points, 3-way free-for-all with me (Tyranids) vs Chaos Daemons vs Salamanders.
I was running 2 flying devourer Tyrants, 3 troop Tervigons, 3x10 Termagants, 3 Hive Guard, 6 Ymgarls and 2 devourer Carnifexes.
Daemons was an all-Khorne army, 2 Bloodthirsters, many many Bloodletters, some Bloodcrushers and a Soul Grinder.
Salamanders was flamer/meltaspam. 3 tac-squads, terminators + Vulkan in a LR Redeemer, 2 Dreadnoughts, 3 Landspeeders and a Librarian.
5 objectives on the board - one in each starting area for our armies and 2 around the middle.

My Tervigons only rolled a double on turn 5, for the entire game they were pumping out at least 10 each per turn. Daemons were tabled on turn 4 after heavy fire from many Termagants and a Carnifex who took out the Soul Grinder, a Bloodthirster and 25 Bloodletters by itself.
The Salamanders are the bane of all things Tyranid. Thankfully he mostly kept back until the Daemons were dealt with, popping off some of the Termagants and a carnifex and a few daemons who came his way, then going up against my army (which was relatively unscathed at that point). Ymgarls kept his Librarian squad busy and I killed Vulkan and his terminators by throwing 50 Gaunts at them, but he won 2-1 on objectives thanks to a last-second dash with the Land Raider, killed just enough gaunts to get them off the objective they were on.

I was quite surprised with how well the Carnifexes did with 2 TL devourers, that was the first time I've used them since the end of 4th edition. Would run them again. My old Biovores were quite successful when I ran them in a recent game too.

>> No.24770900

I dunno man.
I still think there would be a cheaper alternative.

>> No.24771086
File: 260 KB, 640x355, obamacare in action.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24771351

New thread soon, battle brothers?

>> No.24771428

A mistake is easy to make.
A scheme like that however is not a mistake, it's just wrong.

>> No.24771484
File: 12 KB, 333x279, ive-been-here-too-long-77514886976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you propose?
As I said before, the color scheme is not final. I need Warring States era colors. Suggest me any and I will change it.

>> No.24771635

Not that guy but;
Try to mix the colours up a bit less. Let me try something on painter.

>> No.24771670

Sure thing. Even I thought the previous one now was shitty.

>> No.24771911
File: 53 KB, 400x500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not exactly keen on this.
However it's hard the make the three colours go.

>> No.24771959

Which army has the most numerous and heaviest weapons? I wanna fire off ridiculous amounts of hard hitting dakka and cover the table with dice and blast plates. I'm guessing Death Korp?

>> No.24771991
File: 640 KB, 300x225, hear no evil jaekaero.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You maybe right.
Though it looks much better than mine, Gold, Green, and Red are not good colors together.

>> No.24772057

design it around your skill as a painter

look into dark angels, solid dreads, good devasators, tanks and fast attck options

you can get a pie plate into just about every slot

>> No.24772343
File: 53 KB, 400x500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could just try two colours?

>> No.24772860
File: 57 KB, 512x430, sniperupdateweaponrazor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will try this one, for now.
At least its consistent.
Chapter captain/commander/master probably be different though.
Also planning to change the name from Golden Dragons to the Lightning Serpents or Thunder Dragons.

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