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Does anyone even remember Blue and the Scraplootas any more?

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Fuck off.

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'Course we do ya dumb grot!

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a semi-ork waifu?!

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Why? They were great OC, when not being treated as basic waifu-fuel.

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They were always used as shitty waifus, just like every other shitty tau female.

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worst. a semi-ork loli-waifu

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Only Xeno and Cultist are shitty Waifus.

And Blue is no Waifu. She's a small but significant part of a Saturday Morning Cartoon group who read like a Terry Pratchett story and deserve a Web Comic.

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How fucking new are you?


Sure, Blue isn't great. But the Scraplootas stuff is.

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Do you even fucking know the Scraploota threads at all? Blue was a minor background character.

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Can we purge and cleanse your faggotry, instead?

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This. Blue is all well and good, but Boris the Titan, Derknitt, Threegrot and the Titan Buerocracy are the really good parts of the tale.

Why do people fixate on her and not on the whole crazy cast of characters who make up the crew of Boris?

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~ Summer lovin' had me a blast ~

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Cultist is hardly even a waifu. She doesn't have enough plot for that. Xeno is shit though, that's true.

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Yeah but no one's created any new OC for them so I'm content to just idly think about them every once and awhile. What's the point of a thread without any new OC? Or hell post some old OC in screen-shot format in the thread threads if you want people to remember them as part of 'board culture.'

Without any new OC this'll just be a thread of waifu knee-jerks for 83 posts and sink off the board.

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I once did a story about Boris and his fight with an Imperial Titan named 'Burt'. But I never posted it.

I could hunt it out I suppose.

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I dunno, I mainly just wondered if they'd been forgotten completely. The first few replies didn't help with that really. I guess a lot of people have forgotten.

Plus, I just like having an excuse to talk about them. I still think they're one of /tg/'s wittiest creations.

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Summer lovin', happened soo faaast~

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It's the whole Pratchettesque style of most of the characters.

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Even when OC is being created threads about long running /tg/ things often degrade into waifu knee-jerks and sink off the board.

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Different guy here, what do you mean by "Pratchettesque"?

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...Like Pratchett? You know, Terry Pratchett?

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Yeah, but which bit? I thought it was just a tau waifu with a bunch of orks

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The Characters have the same feel as many of his characters do, to my mind they have the same feel as the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.

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Plus, there are actual Pratchett style jokes (or at least I find them quite similar). The Grotocracy concept reminds me so much of a Discworld thing. I just love that clever little joke of "the chaos core didn't know what to do, so it did the most evil thing given the circumstances; created politicians".

I love Boris and the Grotocracy so much I'd love to have a proper story written about it.

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fun but forgettable /thread

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They know about the stuff, they were just commenting on Blue as a waifu.
How fucking new are you, that you can't tell the difference between newfags and oldfags ?

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>Rage about content vs 'hurrf waifu gtfo'

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Yeah, but they seemed to think that Blue was the only part of it, and had forgotten about the Scraplootas (who are the main guys).

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I miss when people just created shit and there wasn't OC politics.

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Actually I don't. I can never remember to read his books.

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Read some. Even if you don't read much they're lighthearted and easy reads, and the characters are great.

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>OC politics

Are you being serious?

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You've not read Pratchett? Holy shit you'd better fix that quick.

If you're not a big fan of reading, try the audiobooks

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That's fine, neither can he.

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You and him would get along just fine then.

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He dug his own grave.

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I will never forget the scraplootas, or their greatest creation. Specifically Blue's, but she's a scraploota so it counts.

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Fucking ouch

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I always found that a little tryhard, but hey, that's just me.

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It isn't tryhard in the least. It's another fun part of the scraplootas. Even has fun in the name. I'm glad it was made, along with the comic.

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>tfw Pratchett will die soon
>tfw his cunty daughter (who wrote the shitfest that is Tomb Raider) is going to write Discworld stories after he's gone
>tfw she's going to make it endless feminism and muh oppression shit

I hate everything.

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You best secify which Tomb Raider you consider a shitfest. Anything with Lara fighting dinosaurs does not shit make.

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>tfw she gets bisected by a tire

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Not cool man.

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There is no justice in this world.

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You're a cunt, and a sexist one at that.

Fuck all wrong with the new tomb raider, fuck all wrong with Rhianna Pratchett.

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Look a mangina!

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Pretty much this.
I recently came back to /tg/, having abandoned it in 2011 due to the intense rage it suddenly had against EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE, and the first thing I saw was a thread about the scraplootas.
Suffice it to say I am very happy I came back. The scraplooters deserve a goddamn book of short stories. Fucking hell are they an entertaining read.

> That fucking story where Snekkit sneaks aboard an enemy space hulk as a talking bush that grows guns.

My sides were not ready.

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The new tomb raider.

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You don't 'deserve' a webcomic. You draw one. Get the pen out and begin your shitscribble, stop waiting for someone to do it for you.

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Do you read Discworld? Its already pretty feminist


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Go eat a thousand dicks and end your miserable existence.

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You spent 'Awesome human being' wrong.

Next time you ask yourself why you're so alone and why women hate you, remember this simple answer:

It's because you're a cunt.

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>going to write Discworld stories after he's gone

Actually, she's said she's _not_ going to, she knows they'd be shit.

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Best story is Hitgrot. Best thing is funstikk. Best ork is Fizzgutz

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Isn't mangina the mating call of the sexist moron?

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Welp, I don't know what's going on anymore so I think it's time to call it a night.

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Ah. I've no idea about that one. The demo looked cool at E3.

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Not really?

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>Terry Pratchett losing it
>Iain M Banks dying of cancer
>David Eddings dead
>Robert Jordan dead

All my favourite authors (that were alive when I was reading them) are dead or dying. Why, /tg/.

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We're all born to die, or some psuedo-intellectual bullshit like that.

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> Hitgrot
Nignog gimme a link to that. It's not on the 1d4chan page.

> Funstikk
Not on the 1d4chan page either

Feels bad man.

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You entered the land of Mundania bitch.

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No, you shitcunt, she has even went public and said that Discworld is her fathers legacy, and she will protect it, even from her self.
No, she won't write them.

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Take up their pen, noble anon. Follow in their footsteps.

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Those books sparked my undead fetish.

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Daily reminder that Piers Anthony is a pedophile, but that even if he wasn't a pedophile, he'd still be a terrible writer.

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Don't think of it like that.

Think of how fortunate you are to have been alive while they were, to experience their work coming out first-hand.

had you been born 50 years earlier you wouldn't even have gotten to experience them.

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Imagine how fucking shit it must have been to have, say, loved The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers and then died in late 1954.

Substitute a series of your choice, if you like. The point is the same.

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You know, you're right. I'm going to cut back on gaming and write that novel I've always wanted to.

Hmm. I'll start on some short stories, first.

Once upon a time, there was this ork, see. And, this ork was blue. And female...

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I can think of no worse death...
Now I can never get into anything ever again for fear of dying before it's completion. This will haunt me forever.

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And how could she do that any harder than him?

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I've heard that when he was first getting popular, many people mistook Terry Pratchett as a female because of his name and the feminist content of Equal Rites.

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> Blue
> Ork
> Female
Bro... that's just crazy.
Did you ever think about how ground breaking this book will be? How societal conventions will just be utterly shattered and irreparably sundered? You're blazing a trail here, friend.
God speed.

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so you didn't catch that bit where she said that discworld belonged to her dad and she didn't want to touch it?

>> No.24743481

Hitgrot story is here: suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20174768

Funstikk is shown above and here's more.

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Oh, and I suppose if you want the original bit of heresy that spawned the funstikk:


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Oh goddammit now I read it.
Man anon, why would you suggest reading about the funstikk.

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I didn't. The story itself isn't particularly amazing. But I do so love Blue and her orky dildo.

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Since when did SRS start astroturfing on /tg/ as well?

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Holy shit I did not expect that

>> No.24748203

Welcome to Old.
It happens sooner than you think.

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It sucks about Terry. I literally grew up in the Discworld fandom and Pratchett got me into 'proper literature'. My father's close to him and that means I've known him all my life. He'll be the third person I've watched slide into dementia after both my maternal grandparents. I'm in my early twenties.

What the fuck.

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You don't actually know anything about his Alzheimers, do you? His memory's fine. It's his visual and spatial perception that's degraded.

>> No.24748305

You know him in real life?

>> No.24748402


Yeah, I've been to his house, he sends us Christmas cards. My Dad's someone he calls up for consultation/research about medical matters - "how much force would it take to rip a man's head from his shoulders" etc.

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Neat. Is he a nice guy?

>> No.24748520


Yeah, he's a really 'genuine' guy as retarded as that sounds. You can just come up to him and ask him questions. He's still really bright and quick in conversation though he gets tired much easier now. Not sure how much of that is the illness and how much is just age, you know?

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>reading through the thread
>gibberish about some baptism

>> No.24748579

>Why do people fixate on her and not on the whole crazy cast of characters who make up the crew of Boris?
Because Blue is easier to hate/argue about. I still think Blue is a fun character, though, like the little blue cherry on top of the Scraploota Sundae.

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This is probably gonna sound so stupid, especially as I have no proof that you are telling anything close to the truth, but a small chance is better than none.

Could you do me a favor, and if it's no trouble..just give him a handshake, for me? I've read his books since I was a little kid, and I'll probably never get the chance to meet him myself.

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Yeah. I find Blue is actually not really a waifu though, she's too naive and childlike. She's more like a daughterfu.

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but we want it to be done with good art

>> No.24749050


Then get out your wallet, it's time to pay someone.

>> No.24749095

I would legitimately pay if I could get someone else to write it and arrange everything.

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the fucking practice, I don't care if you think you're no good, FUCKING DO IT ANYWAY, I am sick of excuses to not achieve anything in your life!

>> No.24749476

What the fuck is the context of that?

>> No.24750664

I think it had to do with some sort of Slaaneshi initiation ritual.

This kinda sucks. I though I was reading this thread, and people had a burst of creativity and began some more writefaggotry. Turns out that I just had a tab open with the archived thread.

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Damn shame, that. Scraplootas were a fun time, but that's that, I suppose.

>> No.24750998

She's no Xeno, that's for sure.

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Yeah. I suppose creativity can't last forever.

Fuck you. She's infinitely better in not just being a terrible waifubait creature.

>> No.24751034

I never found the forced rivalry between the two much of something worth engaging in.

>> No.24751037

Thank Gork for that.

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Remove the tau and it's a fine idea.


>> No.24751179


remove anything related to 40k and it's even better

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>/threading your own post

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Does she have diaper art? No...?

Then she is inferior!

>> No.24752646

so is virtually any waifu character /tg/ came up with.

>> No.24752664

more like escapism, /tg/ does wish to be a little girl after all

>> No.24752824

I've been noticing it more and more. /tg/ is really starting to come apart at the seams.

>> No.24753025

I know I don't, but I also know that most waifus are actually more cute than sexy, and that even smut is good.

>> No.24753102

You know what they say, nothing good can ever stay.

>> No.24753116

They are not waifu characters. It is impossible tomake a waifu character. Only outside forces can put that label upon them. And even then, it doesn't really fit, because that is a personal thing to a select few, not everyone.

>> No.24753126

I think its more of a hearkening back to 4chans roots as a Japanese culture board, which is why most early drawfags drew cutesy little mascot characters and R63 of everything since that kind of shit is all the rage in the land of the rising sun.

>> No.24753155

It's called summer. Comes every year. Earlier, this year.

>> No.24753190

It seems like it comes earlier and earlier each year.
I just wonder when 4chan will hit critical mass and we experience our own Eternal September. What happens then?

> captcha: antsperm and

>> No.24753353

We turn into reddit.

>> No.24753401

reminds me, i need to get something else going. Can't be here all this summer.

>> No.24754031

A friend requested a drawing subject a couple hours ago. I said Fizzgutz. Just got this.

>> No.24754725

Or worse Tumblr...

>> No.24754773

Or worse, the black knights who try to shout down anything they see as "tumblr social justice".

>> No.24754821

I think people who try to write waifus fall flat. Other people make characters into waifus. That's been my personal experience, anyway. People accused me of writing a waifu when I've never done any such thing.

>> No.24755027

Well dats proppa orky dat is.

>> No.24755050

I like how his hood never seems to fit. Makes me think he made it himself and still fucked up since no else really wears cloaks big enough to fit, much less outsize an ork. Either that or he looted it from a Dark Angel.

>> No.24755188

A combination of both isn't out of the question

>> No.24755717

That's not worse, actually. It's slightly better.

>> No.24757681


I only know of her from when I used to go around 1D4 chan looking for lulzy things.

>> No.24757709


is that a vibrator or a rokkit launcha?

>> No.24757751

It's intentionally worse than anything.

>> No.24757759

double dildo.

>> No.24757766

Yes they were a shit creation to be honest

>> No.24757830

Knowing orks, its both.

>> No.24757832


DA BUK.....

My sides....
Thank you.

>> No.24757852


Still funny though.

>> No.24757913

Travellin' through space is boring. Well, boring unless da hulk yer on is full of dem gene-sneakers, or a base fer da chaos lads wiv da spikes, or already has Boyz on it. Or if humie lootas come callin', that's always good fer a bit a sport. Or unless yer have a mutiny or two to pass da time, or unless strange fings start happenin', which dey usually do when yer out in da warp. One time we had some bloody great ugly fing come straight out of Weird Lugwort's 'ed! It butchered half da lads, that was pretty entertainin'. Come ter fink of it, space is a pretty good larf. And that's before yer find yerself a nice world ta crush!

- Bigmaw, Ork Runtherd
demonstrating how the universe is just a big playgound for Orkz that everyone else happens to live in.

>> No.24761870

Yeah. Blue, to me, was just an introduction to the craziness of the Scraplootas.

>> No.24764287


Me too. I seek to find out more about scraploota insanity.

I haven't found much though.

Where should I look?

>> No.24765932


>> No.24766165

She wasn't even really created as a “waifu character” either, whatever the fuck that even means. Scraplootas just kinda ballooned out from her conception. Shit, even in the beginning the idea was that these orks are a little on the goofy side, what with confusing a tau for a grot and all and just rolling with it once they figured out otherwise. By /tg/ logic, fucking Yotsuba is a “waifu character” since she is a little girl doing silly things.

>> No.24766649

I still think that the main creator of the scraplootas were the dice gods

>> No.24766827

yeah it does seem a lot testier than it used to. I like to imagine most of the pop got turned into filthycasual.jpg style of neckbeard.

Now and again you get a polite reply but its a much unfriendlier place.

>> No.24767302

I still thank the dicegods for giving us the crazy bullshit like Boris and the Grotocracy. It was a beautiful thing to watch those rolls happen.

>> No.24767432


maybe that will change. I've been finding more polite responses lately.

>> No.24767446


Where do I find these stories?

>> No.24767524

1d4chan should have them.

>> No.24767572 [DELETED] 

>> No.24767610

You really need to stop posting random, unrelated porn in every fucking thread you post in.

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>> No.24767945

Is cheesecake so bad?

>> No.24767993

You are contributing nothing to the thread.

>> No.24768168

The thread is pretty dead.

>> No.24768186

Doesnt mean you should piss on it.

>> No.24768331


Oh wow. These are great.
My face hurts from smiling.

>> No.24768345

Where did Blue's helmet come from?

>> No.24768376

Its actually a very typical orky helmet.

>> No.24768567

It was a combo really. The Dice Gods gave us the titan, but it was all /tg/ who worked out the stuff about Boris, the Grotocracy, Fizzgutz, Threegrot, and everything else.

Still /tg/'s finest hour in my eyes.

>> No.24768590


I guess a smaller boy might wear a helmet that size.

>> No.24768610


how did the dice gods give us the chaos titan?

>> No.24768624


lol threegrot

>> No.24768647

Its grot sized, and the Scraplootas have more grots than they know what to do with, so she probably just stole it/won it/krumped a grot for it.
We rolled some dice tables for make a Kustom War Tribe, and one of the possible impressive feats to land on was looting a chaos titan, with the follow-up table determining that what we did with it was make it orky

>> No.24768662

Threegrot is the best weirdboy.

>> No.24768677

Looted and made out of bits of scrap I should think.

>> No.24768737

We did the "Make your own Ork clan" thing (I was actually there for the creation, seems like so long ago now). It ended up with them having looted a Chaos Titan and made it Orky. The rest of the stuff was courtesy of /tg/'s weird mind, I remember the name taking a really long time.

Also, it all came from a "Tau slave what do" thread. Funny how things snowball.

>> No.24768793

The lots of kommandos and grots, small tribe, and eldar allies thing also came from the dice gods, but it was /tg/ who turned that into things like Snekkit, the Grotocracy, and Vaedrisa the Orkaboo Fanseer.

>> No.24768816

Oh yeah, the "lots of grots" thing was how the Grotocracy was spawned wasn't it.

>> No.24768879

well, i hope /tg/ is in an upswing. maybe i just get nostalgic at the drop of a hat. what if /tg/ was always unfriendly, and I with it and I simply cared not to notice...

Ech. Off to Iron Man 3. Have a good one.

>> No.24768965

I love how daft it is. A fanseer having a thing for Orks is so unbelievably stupid but funny at the same time.

It's just neckbeards of different varieties. I know for me I come and go from /tg/, as I only really stick around here while actually doing a campaign (rarer than I'd like).

>> No.24768995

>A fanseer having a thing for Orks is so unbelievably stupid but funny at the same time.
Its also somewhat rooted in canon, hilariously enough.

>> No.24769019

Heh. Well consider me told. That just makes me like the Scraplootas even more.

>> No.24769034

>tfw GW will never write something as fun and witty as the Scraplootas as it's not grim and edgy enough

>> No.24769093

Hey now, Tuska was pretty silly, as was that guy who destroyed his own WAAAGH by accidentally going back in time and killing himself so he could have two of his favorite shoota.

>> No.24769137

First off, it's not significantly witty and funny. I's about as witty and funny as the short story in the chaos daemons codex.
Secondly, grim and edgy is cooler and more interesting than "witty and funny".
Thirdly, GW dropped "grim and edgy" a while ago.

>> No.24769188

I see what people were saying about /tg/ being a worse place now.

>> No.24769307

I know I'm not meant to think it, but Blue really is kawaii as fuck.

I love the Scraplootas too. But hnggh. It's the Tank-Girl style that does it for me I think.

>> No.24769365

I think she is all sorts of adorable, but I dont see how that makes her a “waifu”. Shes a rambunctious little kid living with a gang of bigger, rambunctious kids. When you think about it, Orks are kinda like Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, only with more gruesome murder.

>> No.24769388

so, what? To you just write a story, save it to paste bin.com than post a link to it in a thread about stories or Scraplootaz if you want to share what you have created?

>> No.24769399

waifu=all sorts of adorable.

that's it, really.

>> No.24769407


I love that story.

>> No.24769432

enjoy your movie.

>> No.24769489


thank you.

>> No.24769491

>Orks are kinda like Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, only with more gruesome murder.

I'd never thought of it like that, but yeah.

Also, I think the gruesome murder part is quite good. When you consider it from the perspective of the people the scraplootas are fighting it's terrifying, but from the Scraplootas perspective it's just a jolly romp.

>> No.24769506


I want to see more pictures of Boris.

>> No.24769545

There aren't any ;_;

Personally, I wanted to get some pictures of the 60 second market, 'Ed council, Casino district, and so on. The 60 second market is another really good example of the Pratchettesque feeling.

>> No.24769548

Yeah, but the word carries the connotation of sexual/romantic desire, of which there is none in this case.

>> No.24769576

Theres one of him inside the cockpit.

I would love more action shots of all of these guy, to be honest. Like Fizzgutz stuck in a psyker duel with a human psyker, but with neither of them actually doing anything because Fizzgutz isnt actually a weirdboy and the waa-squig he carries around on the end of his staff nullifies psyker powers, so you just have an ork and a human impotently shouting WITNESS YER DOOOOOM at each other.

>> No.24769582

I certainly have sexual desire for Blue and I'm not the only one.

>> No.24769611

To each their own.

>> No.24769624

>Like Fizzgutz stuck in a psyker duel with a human psyker, but with neither of them actually doing anything because Fizzgutz isnt actually a weirdboy and the waa-squig he carries around on the end of his staff nullifies psyker powers, so you just have an ork and a human impotently shouting WITNESS YER DOOOOOM at each other.

Hah, yeah, that would be great. Reminds me of the stuff about Derknitt (I think) screaming at walls inside Boris until the walls stop trying to do crazy shit.

>> No.24769731

Yup. He literally screams at daemonic corruption until it goes away.

>> No.24769734

>Fizzgutz Da Klerik

>Fizzgutz is another anomaly. Originally just another lazy nob, he now has a much higher opinion of himself and believes he is a priest. He constantly quotes from "Da Buk" (which he has never read, as he is illiterate and considers reading to be unorky), and often gives aid to Orks with moral dilemmas. These usually boil down to "Is the problem fixed if you chop it? What if you shot it?"

>His epiphany came when he picked up a book that had fallen out of Boris the Titan. Upon inspecting the book, a nearby Ork caught fire and all of the surrounding grots said he must have done it, with the power of the book. Fizzgutz interpreted this as a message from Gork, that he must become the spiritual leader of Boris, and take the role of Priest for all the Grots.

>If anyone questions him, he replies that he is "on a mission from Gork", and that they should heed the words of Da Buk. Then he bashes them over the head with it for good measure.

That's comedy gold, seriously. Is there a longer story?

>> No.24769757


Still my favourite story, and one of only a few things from 4chan to give me feels.

>> No.24769768


To me, Blue is like the cool little sister I never had. And I can't be the only one.

>> No.24769783

You're saying it as if it somehow excluded sexual desire.

>> No.24769802

Nope, though I think it did get slightly revised to where he sees an ork catch on fire and turn into three grots, making it so Threegrot practicing their disguise is what made Fizzgutz believe himself to be a weirdboy.

>> No.24769848


it's not usualy normal for one to feel sexual desire for younger siblings.

>> No.24769856

>not usually normal
But totally conceivable.

>> No.24769861

If youre an only child, maybe.

>> No.24769871 [DELETED] 

It's not usually normal for one to compare a fictional alien girl with big tits and big hips living among post-apocalyptic barbarians to a "cool little girl he never had".

>> No.24769875

Thats a pretty great revision.

>> No.24769878

It's not usually normal for one to compare a fictional alien girl with big tits and big hips living among post-apocalyptic barbarians to a "cool little sister he never had".

>> No.24769895

You were an only child.
Otherwise you wouldn't wish to have another sibling.

>> No.24769930

>It's not usually normal for one to compare a fictional alien girl with big tits and big hips living among post-apocalyptic barbarians to a "cool little sister he never had".

B-but she is cool

>> No.24769962

>It's not usually normal...
But on /tg/ it is.

>> No.24769986

I like my Sister, I wouldn't want to be an only child.

"Like" in a completely family way though, I'm not weird like you guys.

>> No.24769988

I'm not the guy who said that, but I do have a cool little sister so I understand why he would want one.

>> No.24769992

Nah, she's just tinkering with stuff, and smacking snotlings around. She's, like, kinda tough, for a blueberry, but she's ultimately a blueberry.

>> No.24770032

More like a coolberry.

>> No.24770033

Isn't part of the thing that the WAAAGH makes her tougher than she would normally, and makes her not age as she should?

>> No.24770065

Eeeeh, I don't remember it being used in any story.

>> No.24770082

It's used in one of the three "whatever happened" stories, and I vaguely remember it being discussed in the past.

>> No.24770088

Yes. Also no. And quite possibly maybe. We tend not to think about it since the Scraplootas don't think about it.
Even then, it was only proposed as a theory.

>> No.24770103

See, I just feel she'd HAVE to be tougher than average to even survive in an Ork environment.

Also what does she eat?

>> No.24770147


Squigs, like any other Ork.

>> No.24770181

>I just feel she'd HAVE to be tougher than average to even survive in an Ork environment.
Earth caste got endurance, mang.
>Also what does she eat?
Same thing as orks do. Squig, Squigpies, Squig on a bun, Deep Fried Squig fried in Squig oil, Squig on a stick, Armageddon Fried Squig, Hashed Squig, Boiled Squig, Squig Stew, Face Eater Squigs, Squig in a blanket, Squig sirloin, and Vintage Gooseberry Wine.

>> No.24770215


You forgot squiggy pudding.

>> No.24770239

>Nobody ever remembers Mr Squig

I love that little guy

>> No.24770264

Hey now, I posted him earlier. That dude was rad.

>> No.24770405

And Squig tea

>> No.24770495

waagh dont work like that

>> No.24770581

The WAAAGH is a latent psychic field inherit in each ork but amplified by numbers and directed by collective belief.
Who says it doesn't?

>> No.24770613

Scraplootas always played a little fast and loose with canon and handwaved a few things away under the pretense of mutual Warp and WAAAGH fuckery, but really no one ever really bothered to delve into the nitty gritty. If it was fun or funny, it went in.

>> No.24770630

The most surprising thing is that actually though, there's not much in the fiction that's entirely out of the question.

>> No.24770658

But it does.

>> No.24770660

Thats the best part. They skirt the edge of believability without ever firmly stepping over the line. They're more believable than LCB, that much is certain.

>> No.24770683

>I'm not weird like you guys

>> No.24770859

It's true though. I'm not.

>> No.24770977


Keep telling yourself that.

>> No.24771165

Remember on what image board you're posting.
Whatever you are, "normal" is not it.

>> No.24771206

Do you even remember killboy anymore?

>> No.24771300

reminds me of the guys in the grooming thread we had a week or so ago who admitted to only showering once every three days or so, but insisted they didnt smell bad, because, you know, nobody ever SAID they smelled bad...

>> No.24771325

Of course I remember them.

I went though the trouble to make sure I had a copy of every bit of major writefaggotry about them saved.

Still waiting on the one where it's the first time Blue visits Krumpus Bay to be finished.

>> No.24771363

Sure, from Deff Skwadron.

>> No.24771389

Well, yeah, but Killboy isn't a scraploota.

>> No.24771401

You're saying it as if it made him even a tiny bit less good.

>> No.24771411

Yeah but Deff Skwadron is more entertaining ork fiction than this stupid shit.

(Don't get me wrong the original boris bits were good but it's evolved into a microcosm of poop)

>> No.24771451

...Well fuck. I feel bad now. Because I haven't made any progress on that.
I'm sorry Anon. I've been swamped with work since forever.
I write about a paragraph each time I see another Scraploota thread come up...

>> No.24771547

Scraploota threads a pretty rare these days.

I'm also still waiting for that piece about the first time Blue goes inside Boris and meets the Grotocracy to be finished.

This one

>> No.24771569

Your opinion. It is objectively wrong.
No, I'm just saying he's not a scraploota.

>> No.24771583

Not really, hes just saying theres no reason to bring him up in a Scraploota thread if he isnt a Scraploota.

>> No.24771714

yours is objectively wrong

>> No.24772151

>so you just have an ork and a human impotently shouting WITNESS YER DOOOOOM at each other.

LOL :]

>> No.24772191


and I love that that works so much. :)

>> No.24772227


if there isn't one you can write one, posted to paste in.com, then post the link on TG so I was may read it.

>> No.24772247


>> No.24772372

Oh grow up, you big baby. People do things that you don't like. There is nothing wrong with emoticons.

>> No.24772621



>> No.24772729

cleanen dem chaos deamons out of boris is a full time job it iz!

>> No.24773130

>> No.24773364

And chasing Blue. Derknitt doesnt care much for that little grot.

>> No.24776788

That's how he gets his work out when he's not krumping gits.

>> No.24778376

I imagine both of them enjoy that little game of cat and mouse very much, even if he is more serious about catching her than she is about the whole affair.

>> No.24779720



>> No.24780303

Is the reason we don't have Scraploota threads anymore because there's no new content to discuss?
Is there no new content because we stopped having threads?

This is probably the /tg/ project I'm most interested in since the characters are fun and flexible.

>> No.24780329

Ideas dried up that and writefags disappeared on us. Which really sucks considering how much can be done and fluffed out still.

>> No.24780611

To be fair to them, if you're sitting about and not sweating or doing anything that smells you'll probably be fine for a few days.

>> No.24780623

Yeah, that was my story. I kind of got caught up in other things. Maybe some day.

>> No.24784021

tau live for like 40 years
she was just a blink in whole 40k universe

>> No.24784072

that's been retconned last i checked, these days they live about as long as humans, except ethereals who live for millennia.

>> No.24784088

What does that have to with his post?

>> No.24784120

I'll just have to keep keeping an eye out for it them.

>> No.24785822

The ideas didn't really dry out, it was more like the writefags had stuff to do (holidays, school work, REAL work, etc) and then didn't get back to it.
That also extends to thread participation in general.

Personally I really liked grot quest (the only quest I ever bothered to participate in on /tg/), but the interest just wasn't there and so only two people were even rolling when it was discontinued.

There's also the usual stigma that seems to latch onto any /tg/ setting, creation, project, or character where someone will go out of their way to very vocally announce that they hate it. That also adds to the lack of progress of getting shit done... not that there was ever a goal for this to begin with other than orky hijinks.

>> No.24786460

>Personally I really liked grot quest (the only quest I ever bothered to participate in on /tg/), but the interest just wasn't there and so only two people were even rolling when it was discontinued.

Yeah, I liked it a lot too. I was sad that people lost interest, though I was partly to blame for having terrible timing.

>> No.24786700

...Wait, are you implying that you're writefaggrot?

>> No.24789288

Woops, I forgot to take off my /sp/ trip, sorry. I'm not writefaggrot.

>> No.24789569

Yeah, there were always a few that came in right after when the sessions were wrapping up.

>> No.24792229

I still don't know if this ever got finished.

>> No.24792283

Needs more :3

>> No.24793032


killboy wasn't a scraploota he was from an awesome comic.

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