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Okay /tg/ I want to run a campaign about an infernal civil war. The basic idea is that Lucifer has vanished from Hell, leaving an empty crown. The PCs would all be his various children sired with lesser infernal noblewomen or concubines, each with their own post and holding within the family. Hell is plunged into chaos as the various lesser kings – Belial, Asmodeus, etc – scrabble to fill the void and do away with any lingering loyalists. GoT with demons, essentially.

Ideas, input, etc? What systems would you guys recommend for something like this? Pictures of hell and/or demons would also be welcome. I'll probably dump a few.

I’m planning on starting out briefly in Hell, before getting the PCs to (modern) Earth where they’ll have to work their way back from exile.

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>getting the PCs to (modern) Earth where they’ll have to work their way back from exile.
Why? This shit didn't work for Beastmaster 2 and will not work for your campaign.

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From the picture I guess you've already found Wayne Barlowe's Inferno. TyrantisTerror has some decent, if cartoony designs, on his deviantArt page.

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cover winkler in bees

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I have no idea what that is.

I guess I want to put them on the fringe, make them somewhat desperate.

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>make them somewhat desperate.
They are in hell. Hell during civil war. You need something more? Better just let them roam around Pandemonium or another hell city. You can be creative with this shit. Burning cathedrals, trenches with WWI soldiers fighting for eternity and all that good shit.

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I hope one of your pcs wants to be a paladin.

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Hmm. Quite true.

I may 'layer' Hell, so that there are areas that reflect the real world moreso and others that are totally unreal and abstract.

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>I may 'layer' Hell
There are no real way to do it differently. Fire and brimstone get's ungodly boring after a while. You can do all crazy shit. Hellish ghettos, hellish concentration camps, hellish battlefields, hellish oceans!

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I'm loving these pictures.

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For some reason hellish ghettos were something I'd not considered.

I'm been mulling over the idea one of the most valuable resources being 'light fields', basically. Massive farms or fields in which the souls of the damned are wrung dry of whatever light is still in them. The idea is that Lucifer provided illumination for all of Hell, and now that he's gone this shit is suddenly a lot more important.

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>I’m planning on starting out briefly in Hell, before getting the PCs to (modern) Earth where they’ll have to work their way back from exile.

are you shitting me?
have the entire campaign in hell you dump-ass. that is a FAR more interesting setting then just tossing them to new york or whatever the fuck.

fuck low fantasy. go all the way or not at all

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Why not have breaks from the brimstone with icy cold death areas, like in DAnte's inferno?

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some ideas for areas

>something resembling the zone from shadow of chernobyl. horribly toxic and irradiated. just close enough to real life that weird shit stands out. lots of mutants in gas masks, lots of artifacts and anomalies which fuck with things or rip people apart.

>a very cold area that just saps away your willpower, with various demons encouraging you to fight onward through the cold, when really they just feed off your ambition and need to survive

>a very still, very dark forest. the PCs never directly encounter anything, but there's lots of shit out of the corners of their eyes..and other such sanity reducing shit

>some kind of hell metropolis. people manage to hang on and "make do with what they have" but it's horribly crime filed, basically the bronx as an entire city that has a footprint equal to the surface area of the earth.

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>For some reason hellish ghettos were something I'd not considered.
Dude! Just imagine being mugged in HELL!

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>an ocean of phosgene. it's ten times worse than mustard gas and there are very few survivors of exposures to the fumes, but they described it as the smell of "wet hay".

being in hell and immortal, the PCs must cross this ocean while their lungs are constantly melting and reforming, so it's like they're almost suffocating.

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I hope you mean the book.

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I plan to. To be honest, there'll probably be less brimstone than stuff like

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What you think about some literal green hell? Just imagine jungle with demonic wildlife and insane damned natives and jungle fighters.

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Well, go with the Dante's Inferno style.

Make each of the "circles" into a separate land.

The third circle becomes a massive marsh, The wood of suicides becomes a mighty forest, etc.

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i'd envision it like the jungle of Jumangi. absolutely everything wants to kill you and is really good at it, even the weather

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Considered raiding In Nomine for potential ideas?

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Have the PCs start on Earth, then kill them altogether in a plane crash or a chemical explosion or something. Only then have them find out there's a hell and maybe build up to them realising they're Lucifer's son, don't tell them right off the bat. Give them some reason to work down through the planes of hell. Perhaps see if you can construe some of their backstories into tying in with being princes of different planes, like a rich guy being greed, if it's possible.

Shit, I might do this. Gonna monitor this thread.

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Infinite Vietnam Works?

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You can even drop some Totally-Not-Kurtz as a freakish monstrosity worshiped by some inhabitants.

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Totally onboard with the sins thing. Originally I was gonna start off with each player choosing a primary sin, but that works best if they're already demons at the start.

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Thing is, it's hell. What happens when you die in hell?

I imagine a green hell would be a massive jungle-swamp, with millions of bugs and plants with disturbingly effective toxins and poisons and venoms. Maybe there are also hellish baboon and apes that take pleasure in ripping your limbs from your body, throwing all the parts around for fun, and then leaving what's left on the floor of the jungle to regenerate, yet be constantly plagued by the other wildlife.

Your limbs are regrown after several days of agony, but in the mean time a breed of termites decided to nest in your lungs and is burrowing through your veins.

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Hmm, so they're effectively hidden on Earth to keep his enemies from finding them, and now he's gone, they get called in to fill his shoes?

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And then spores start to grow inside of you and turn you into screaming demon tree.

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Well, according to dante, you become a tree, sprouting fruit of despair which are plucked from your branches by harpies.

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And you end up like Harold from fallout.

But it's hell, and punishment doesn't end that easily. Once the tree part of you dies, you die a second tortuous death, as your body rots until it's just you left, again, to wander around without aim, only to experience agony yet and yet again.

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Eventually the damned become minor demons themselves, y/n?

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I had the idea once of a one-off where the PCs died and woke up in the afterlife, where everything is made of the centuries of people who've departed and rocked up in this afterlife.
The ground is made of crushed-up bones, the sea is all the moisture and liquids in their bodies, the winds are the spirits who have finally escaped their corpses.
Everyone pretty much just eventually sinks into catatonic apathy and becomes part of the land, not giving a shit if their skull's being stepped on by a newcomer because they're still going to be in there, conscious, forever.

And then a tower, not made of bones, appears one day out of nowhere. No-one who goes in comes out, and it doesn't seem to have any limit to how many people it can hold.
Inside the tower is a series of odd dungeons, some which appear to hold illusions of small towns and castles and other places. Have a lot of things to kill, which start out easy and varied enough and gradually shift to being more difficult and bizarre, and like they're guarding something.

Then at the top the PCs meet a witch, who through some exposition or something is revealed to be a necromancer who did a deal with some demon or deity to have all the souls in the world of the dead at her command. The tower was just an illusion, all the dungeons and monsters inside were really living people defending against this bewitched army of undead.
The trade-off is the tower, a gauntlet that if anyone can survive getting all the way through will have the illusion broken and see the truth, and be able to kill the witch and/or go free in the land of the living.

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Demons could be aristocracy of hell. But i guess some damned could achieve some position and power. Those fuckers would be probably the worst of all humanity.

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What's the point of hell if the worst sinners get the cushiest jobs?

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No particular reason why they're on Earth, or none that I had in mind. Maybe Lucifer just got some nice mortal chicks up the duff and dicked off back to hell, they go there when they die because they're half the-measure-by-which-all-evil-is-defined.

I like the idea of some arcane power vacuum in hell pulling them in by killing them together though.

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Aren't demons worst sinners? And those guys rule this place!

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"Get out of here dad, I've got this."

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Well, the place is run by demons. It's hardly going to be fair.

To be honest the Christian idea of Hell as a place of punishment doesn't make sense. Why would rebels against God punish others that have sinned against God? Surely they'd just treat them like shit, in a shitty place, because they're shitty beings, rather than with any care for what crimes they've committed.

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I would imagine the position of being a demon would be a punishment for a sinner who doesn't want to cause anyone harm.

Imagine Ghandi going to hell because he wasn't a Christian. He becomes a demon forced to torture people.

I think in the end it comes down to this: do you want an ironic/symbolic hell or do you just want "oh my god this place is the worst torture" hell.

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What the heven are you wearing?! This thing covers your tits! I didn't rise you that way young lady! You are grounded!

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>He becomes a demon forced to torture people.
But only non-black people.

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Right, sorry, I forgot about that.

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>>a very still, very dark forest. the PCs never directly encounter anything, but there's lots of shit out of the corners of their eyes..and other such sanity reducing shit

Better to have rusted and bloodied bear traps, along with hangman's nooses hanging from the branhces, and trees that have "faces"

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i agree with something along these lines - in a visual format, the very still, dark forest would work because of that paranoia that you get just from hering and seeing the little signs of something being there, you can't really replicate that with someone rolling perception and telling them if they saw something that, as it turns out, wasn't there, repeated ad nauseum for half a session. it sounds more annoying than scary to me

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Posting Wayne Barlow yet not discussing this? Oh /tg/......

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Why the actual hell are the PC gonna be human anyway? This is no motherfucking Dante. Nor Angel Sanctuary, even.

They're demons.

Hack Apocalypse World maybe. They start off within the same faction - but the game is about their trust...

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I loved it. Thought it handled the subject well. Can't wait for the possible sequel.

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there has to be a circus somewhere in hell.

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Ever play Fall from Heaven?

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Isn't that the plod of God's Demon?

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Isn't that the plot of God's Demon?

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Instead of hell being literal Christian hell, have it as the simple "Bad End" of the afterlife. Assholes from all across the world come here.

Take inspiration from Buddhist hells, and ramp it up with Barlows art.

>Mahāpadma (摩訶鉢特摩), the "great lotus" Naraka. Here the whole body cracks into pieces and the internal organs are exposed to the cold and they also crack.
The PC's wander through a frozen wasteland, snow and rock crunching beneath their feet. Until they realize, it's not snow and rock. It's the shattered pieces of skin and organ of the millions of poor souls who were frozen to death and fell apart, before being reborn.

Demons and souls are two different beings. Souls are people, more or less. Or, their soul. They aren't used as currency, so much as they are a building material. ANYTHING can be built out of souls. Immense factories take people damned to become objects, and torture them, then grind them up and basically do anything from forging them into swords to casting them into bricks. They are of course, fully conscious and feel every ounce of agony through this process. Every soul belongs to a demon SOMEWHERE, and it is considered theft to steal a soul.

Demons are different from souls. While they CAN be made into objects like souls, it is a great taboo to do so, and in the days of the Old High King (Lucifer), punishable by being turned into some horrendous object for however long it took some object to fully decompose. Demons tend to be single minded, with increasing intelligence as they go up the ranks. Some are little more than beasts (Although they may combine to form a colonial sort of organism), while others are maddeningly intelligent.

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Demons also have generations. Essentially, each time a demon is destroyed, absorbed, or turned into an object, it goes up a generation. Additionally, demons created from a great amount of evil manifesting in the mortal world are also very high generation. First generation demons are demons who have always been alive. The Old High King, his followers at the time of the Great Fall (Whatever mythology you subscribe to's creation of hell story), and his army. They are incredibly powerful, incredibly intelligent, and compared to the swarms of mindless demons, incredibly few.

Perhaps the most unique characteristic of demons, is their inability to comprehend their own evils. Not so much arrogance, but a single minded purpose and dedication to hate and spite. The higher generation, the more they are able to understand just what they are. First generation demons know perfectly well that they are evil, and know perfectly well they could break the cycle of hatred and damnation, but choose not to, out of spite for the "good afterlife", or just a twisted stockholm syndrome for their foul kingdom.

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OP, I'll contribute what I can under the condition that I can run a Paradise Lost campaign with this.

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Wasn't this the entire plot point in the forgotten realms during 2nd ed?

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What kinda tech level we talking here OP? A grand mish mosh of medieval to modern with living weapons, fading divine relics from the Fall, sin embodied spells, voodoo, give us a hint of what you see the average denizen carrying to fight off the shrieking harpies above and tar demons that live in the cesspits below their burning apartments.

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I like your style.
I mean the judeo-christian stuff is fun to play with, and I think you can get away with it without bible thumping. But then, it has been done a million and one times already.

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Yeah this sounds a lot like God's Demon, Fantastic book, one of my favorites. Ran a home brewed campaign a few years ago that was a lot of fun.

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True, but if you think about it pretty much every mythology has been done to death by this point.

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I think some have probably been done more than others. But I do support not limiting yourself to Christian mythology.

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PROTIP: Nothing about any religion makes any sense, and the clusterfuck of the Problem of Evil and its metaphysical ramifications is the biggest clusterfuck of all.

Lucifer rebelled because God told the angels to bow before mankind and love them even more than Himself. Lucifer found this idea revolting, as mankind was doomed to sin and God was perfect. Of course, now we have the first breakdown of logic: if God is incapable of error, then why did he create something that would invariably err?

Lucifer therefore rebels against God, seeking to sit as high as or above God himself. As an angel, a being which does not have free will, he cannot be able to make this choice anyhow, regardless of how he feels about the perfection of God and the imperfection of man. There's giant logical collapse number the second.

Therefore, God throws Lucifer down into the Lake of Fire. However, nowhere in the Bible is there explicit mention of said lake being hell. Hell is merely a place or state of eternal torment. Going solely upon the preceding Jewish tradition, this is a state of being in which the soul is completely cut off from God, knowing that somewhere the love and light of God can be found, but not by them. They have been sealed away from it. Note that Lucifer/Satan is in no way involved in this. Satan's only role is to tempt souls away from God. This isn't necessarily a logical clusterfuck, but it is interesting that hell does not become the pit of fire and torture that we think of today until Dante's Inferno invents the imagery. Of course, the world 'hell' isn't even based in the Bible! It's a Germanic word that comes from Norse mythology. Hela, goddess of the dead, rules over a place of eternal cold and suffering.

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Now, the one part of this mess that actually makes sense:

If you want to think of hell as a place where Satan and his demons torture sinners for all of eternity, it makes perfect sense. Satan despises God for what he perceives as a completely illogical plan (it is), and it all hinges on mankind being more deserving of God's love than the angels themselves. Satan tortures any human he can get his hands on because he hates humans for being the Yoko Ono of the cosmos. Humans broke up the band. The band could do no wrong until humans were created and imbued with the ability to do evil, and Lucifer would not stoop to guarding over the filthy, sin-ridden wretches.

However, this brings us to logical clusterfuck the third: if Satan wants more than anything to be adored by God, why does he continue to lash out against humans, not only tempting them into evil but also torturing them for all of eternity? Why doesn't he start a "grass roots" campaign to turn mankind away from sin and to act more like the race of 'perfect' angels that had been so close to God?

Oh, wait. God doesn't like competition. See Commandments One and Two. He can't and won't allow anyone but His own to turn mankind to His side.

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When it comes to humans and their cultures, the demons don't care. They've got Aztec Ziggurats sitting right next to Zoroastrian Dakhma and modern day tower blocks.

Sure, there's the Lord of Hell at the center of his crater, who has now gone missing. But they don't care if the damned call him Lucifer, Loki, Xolotol or Yama.

Likewise the great chaos writhing beneath his throne at the lowest depths. Is it Rahab, Apep, Tiamat, Zahhak or Cipactli? Who cares. It's currently stirring and getting hungry. That's what's important.

>> No.24735918

I'm going to post my shitty art, often incomplete art, but I feel like there needs to be at least a few more demons up in here.

Let's start with Satan, that always seems to be a good place.
I've titled him Lucifuge (one who flees from light) as opposed to Lucifer (one who brings light)

>> No.24735926

He doesn't mind other gods. He wants no other gods before him. Worshipping others is fine, but if you're going to follow him, he's got to be your numero uno.

>> No.24735933

Next, we have a another demon of the Pseudomonarchia.

>> No.24735944

How about a bestial demonic monstrosity?

>> No.24735961

And finally, a lovecraftian abomination, just for a bit of flavour!

>> No.24736014

If the environmental impediment only serves to be unpleasant, then it doesn't serve much of any purpose at all.

If the terrible gas won't kill them 'because they are in hell', then making an ocean of it that they 'must' cross makes you just Grim Derp.

You need to have consequences for people that fall victim to the gas.

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>ctrl+f Solium Infernum
>0 results

/tg/ I am dissappoint.

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>possible hairy vag
i'd gag, bind, and fuck it

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They're on Earth because the rest of their family hated them, but didn't want their blood on their hands. So they exiled them to the mortal realm and gave them Amensia.

Anybody else like the Amber Chronicles?

>> No.24736060

of course the entire voyage would be a sanity destroying nightmare, since you're endlessly drowning in air

>> No.24736085

Isn't this the entire premise of Demon: The Fallen?

>> No.24736087

A man after my own heart. Watch out for the teeth, though, that hairy (or even hoary?) snatch has more to it than you may want to experience first hand.

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This is a keypoint debate about hell commonly found in the social circles that discuss such things.

>Is hell a place of punishment where you must exist through unendurable pain without ever dying?


>Is hell a place where you die if you get smacked with the wrong painstick?

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Angels do not have free will. Why should a fallen angel suddenly gain that ability?

My conclusion from all this is that God being perfect doesn't mean that God isn't capable of evil. As such, The reason Lucifer and his chums in hell are doing the things they do is because the big guy is telling them to, and they have no choice but to obey.

And because it's a direct order from the big guy, he's just gonna do his best in the hopes he'll be redeemed. Orr, he realized perfection doesn't mean perfectly moral necessarily and has started to loathe everyone and everything.

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always finger first

>> No.24736192

I remember reading once that Lucifer and Satan were not originally the same being. Over time the name Satan just started being associated with Lucifer, or something.

>> No.24736260

Better a finger get snipped off than a cock.

Do you have a map of your underworld yet? I've actually run this sort of campaign before, and I have some info you could use if you cared to.

>> No.24736281

If Hell and Lucifer exist in this setting, then so do God and Heaven and the angels, right?
God wouldn't be happy with a civil war in Hell. It's messy and causes him no end of trouble. Maybe he sends a Messenger down to the players to tell them "I don't give a shit how you lot sort this out, but you'd better sort it out SOON otherwise We will sort it out FOR you." or something.

>> No.24736296

Or is it a place where people are locked into the delusions they carried with them as they chose to reject the reality of the Divine creator, where their pride, fear, and hate eat away at the very core of their souls, becoming something less than human, and then seek out creatures more substantial than they are, in vain and mindless efforts to fill the gnawing hunger of their vicious cycle of ultimate self-destruction?

Maybe evil is like a sickness, and the infected, the truly evil intelligences that gravitated to what we would call Hell, are trying to vomit the malignancy of their sickness onto the universe?

People seem to lack perspective on just how complete a place of suffering a human mind can be alive, when you're dead and there's no pink-fluff of human biology or material existence to stand between them and their madness, how much worse would the suffering of the mad and the vile?

Imagine, for a moment, an animal caught in a snare. It might try to gnaw it's leg off to escape. But if you created the snare, and you're instead gnawing off parts of your personality, your past, your potential, your very soul...

>> No.24736364


Evil is, afterall, a kind of madness.
To be evil, to be completely evil, is to reject all that is good, to embrace hate and fear and suffering in yourself and others. That sounds rather like madness to me.

>> No.24736392

Lucifer is a completely different deity, from a different belief. It's the (Greek, maybe?) god of light. There's even a star named after Lucifer. I have no idea why Satan and Lucifer share that name. (Blame ye olde Catholics.)

>> No.24736409

yeah, regardless of what Lucifer was, Satan was a particular position. The Accuser. The Devil's Advocate, if you will.

He was there to test humanity. To find our flaws. To see if we would be loyal to God. There's at least one instance of an Angel of the Lord being placed as a satan.

>> No.24736471

Actually, it just means Light Bringer.
When used in the bible, it's merely given as a title to one guy when he's being slammed. Not because he's evil, but because he's being shamed. He used to be a big shot, and now he's screwed.

>> No.24736480

But human evil has a limit. Limitless punishment for limited actions negates a good and loving deity. I'm not getting all christ-faggy here with it, I'm just saying in the traditional christian / jewish belief about the nature of God, he wants whats best for us in general. So punishing us in a nightmarish afterlife for eternity due to finite actions in a finite time frame doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

For me, hell is not a permanent dwelling place, but a place where you "sweat out" your evil and eventually leave, cleaned up and ready to try to stay on the right path again in your next life.

>> No.24736503

That's less Hell, and more Purgatory.

>> No.24736509

The Morning Star, in the Old testament, translated into Greek as Lucifer, frequently.
It may have been a reference to Cyrus the Great of Babylon.

Satan has a more interesting origin in some ways, as it can be read as "Adversary" though in a sort of legalistic sense. Rather like a lawyer.
His role in old testament stories seems to have been to act as a sort of devil's advocate (haha) and provide ethical resistance and help in the testing of the moral fortitude of various prophets and the like.

Regardless, within the context of Abrahamic Mythology, rather than theology, the two became one, a representation of powerful, but unequal to God, evil that works through insidious temptations and manipulations.

>> No.24736519

Intredasting. Here, have some Fabu-cron tech.

>> No.24736527

Perhaps if you're so addicted to wrongful conduct that you don't WANT to leave, you don't, but most people do eventually leave?

>> No.24736615

It isn't God who's chewing off the legs as we're caught in our own traps of fear and loathing.

God offers redemption and salvation. Hell is the state of souls that have rejected it.
God, in not being a tyrant within christian theology, would not force someone to accept salvation.

For example, you could think of Paradise as being a state of elevated awareness, where the sight of the soul in question is unfetered to the truth of God's glory.
Hell is where the soul's vision has turned inward, festering with old wounds picked at eternally, rejecting the truth of redemption, and so caught in a trap of delusion.

It isn't that God want's people to suffer, it's that the Damned have turned their back on salvation and fled in terror to the night of their own twisted perceptions.

>> No.24736666

Dante comments at one point in his divine comedy that "here in this dark place the awesome divine power changes fear into desire". I'm paraphrasing a bit because I can't remember exactly how he says it, but his point is essentially the same point you are making; people WANT and CHOOSE hell, at least in the christian theology, because they don't want to accept their own ability to do wrong, and don't want an authority figure who sees and knows all looking over their shoulder all the time.

>> No.24736674

God is fucking terrifying.
"I am love" he says while he flays their skin from their bones, "I am salvation" While the bodies burn, "And all those who speak against me will face far worse then this."

>> No.24736676

And it isn't even that the offer of redemption is retracted, it's that hell is the state where the soul has rejected it wholly. Mind you, forever is something of a relative concept when we're faced with eternity.

>> No.24736726

So what about the people who suffer in hell for a while and then make a moral connection and say

"You know what, this is really quite shitty. God? If you can hear me? Please take me out of here."

Now I'd imagine that there are souls who are insincere about this, but there are probably a few who mean what they say.

>> No.24736790

Then I'd hazard that a kind and loving God would pull out the best table and set out the silver for the prodigal son. Or daughter.

Here, think of it like this. God wants to give you a hug and tell you it's alright, we can work this out and things can be good.
The penitent says, "o-okay, let's give it a shot"
The damned would say... "I don't believe you!"
"It's a trick!" "FUCK YOU!" etc. Denial, fear, pride.

>> No.24737000

Did OP ever decide if they were going for an all-in-one design or a layered design?

>> No.24737017


/tg/ : Resolving thousands of years of theological debate as a side affect of getting shit done to play a tabletop game.
I love you guys.

>> No.24737753

This thread still live? I have info that can be useful.

>> No.24738548

Go ahead and share. I'll use it, even if OP doesn't.

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>> No.24739527

I was with you up till the third paragraph. Then I lost it.

>> No.24739570

>Satan tortures any human he can get his hands on because he hates humans for being the Yoko Ono of the cosmos. Humans broke up the band.

Wow, we suck.

>> No.24739591

Lucifer's disappearence could very well have something to do with that. What if Lucifer had finally been re accepted into heaven?

>> No.24739840

I went to another thread and missed your response to my post, I'll post the link momentarily.

>> No.24739974

Naraka; The 8 Abodes of utter misery and the 8 abodes of absolute suffering. Hell for asians.


Feel free to lift what you like.

>> No.24740922

No, satan is the homicidal older sibling that wants to get rid of the newborn to be showered with attention again, not considering that newborns need that attention to survive.

>> No.24740944

One of satans classically depicted behaviors is that he doesn't care. About anyone. So this is feasible.

>> No.24741006

That's a pretty good hook right there.

If all else fails, have the PC's job be to drag Lucifer back out of heaven one way or another. May be a good contingency for if/when the game runs long.

>> No.24741043

But what if when they get there finally after all the other shit, we find out that things are just dandy and that the axe has been buried between God and Satan?

>> No.24745181

Sounds fun. Planning on running it online?

>> No.24745244

Finding that out seems like the climax of the story, honestly. It's basically like a great conspiracy finally being revealed.

>> No.24745496

Welp. You guys have covered most of my suggestions pretty thoroughly already. I do want to place a vote for keeping it in a varied hellscape. Fighting the Damned as much if not more than Demons. And depending on what system you're using (this would be hard in DnD) I favor more Lovecraftian style Demons. Things which are either a twisted parody of humanity or natural creatures, or which seem to be the product of a BADLY schizophrenic mind. Shit that seems to come from a fucked up dimension with paradigms and natural laws that are completely alien and horrifying to our reality.

I don't have a lot of pics (I did grab some nice ones from this thread though, thanks!) but I'll dump the few I've got to contribute.

>> No.24745510


>> No.24745522


>> No.24745529


>> No.24745542


>> No.24745575


>> No.24745652

A few hellscape pics too, that are less brimstoney.

>> No.24745675


>> No.24745723


>> No.24745730


>> No.24745756


>> No.24745812

>That image

I have entered that thread too late and couldn't save the all of the /tg/ captions for them.
If anybody have it please share

Origin at the e-mail field

>> No.24745817


>> No.24745832


The great thing about the 360 isn't beating games, it's showing everyone online that I did.

>> No.24745843

Wish I had them. I only have a few of the uncaptioned ones unfortunately.

>> No.24745865


>> No.24745872


>> No.24745881


>> No.24745887


>> No.24745893


>> No.24745914


>> No.24745926

Some of these you may have noticed are probably meant to be aliens, but I think they work just fine as demons too.

>> No.24745938


>> No.24745945


>> No.24745954


>> No.24745960


Yeah, make it exactly like Exalted: The Infernals, or go for HEAVY METAL. Requiem: Vampire Knight is one of the most tasteless comic books I've ever seen, but it is also one of the most hilarious.

>> No.24745961


>> No.24745970

Check this comic out OP. Has some interesting ideas and landscapes.


>> No.24745972


>> No.24745990

Thank you anyway.
At least you tried.


>> No.24746007


>> No.24746024

Well if anyone else has them and wants to start another thread for a dump, I'll sure as hell save them all.

>> No.24746031

Damn. Spaced a pic.

>> No.24746056

This guy's one of my favorites. Love the artist too, but I always forget his name...

>> No.24746085

By "this guy" i actually meant the one above him. With the eyes and the robes and whatnot.

>> No.24746091


>> No.24746099


>> No.24746129


>> No.24746135


>> No.24746142


>> No.24746155


>> No.24746165


>> No.24746175

Ok. I'm out of time. I hope you enjoyed.

>> No.24746253

>> No.24748909

>> No.24750526

>> No.24750868


>> No.24751650

>satan walks back into hell, carrying his suitcases, a smear of zinc on his nose and wearing a bright floral print shirt
>sees his minions and denizens tearing each other apart in front of his throne
"The fuck?"

>> No.24753462

He's saying a witch made a deal with a deity or somesuch to have an army of spirits conquer the world for her. So now there's a tower in the underworld, and when you go through it, then it's like being alive again, but you have to fight monsters while you work your way up, and then when you get to the top it turns out that the monsters were humans, and you were a part of the spirit army.

>> No.24753882

>> No.24755815


>My spawnkin

>> No.24758776

holy shit, someone other than me bought this game?

im not sure how to feel about that

>> No.24762703

More infernal art?

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