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My 40k reaction folder got deleted, i need new pictures now

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oooooooh, mugs!

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God damn I loved that story.

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What was the space marine guy trying to do exactly?

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me too

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He was trying to be a cheeky little cunt and put his whole biker armor on reserves (He didn't have Khan so he couldn't outflank, tournament allowed no special characters)

So, the Tau Player, being a magnificant bastard, infiltrated his entire kroot in a straight line along the SM player's board. As per rules of Reserve, you can't enter if you're within 6 inches of an enemy unit. Well guess what, his entire line was covered by a Kroot unit. He couldn't get his guys out at all and automatically lost.

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one to many

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wow okay the first guy is a complete asshole for that reserve thing, I feel like the kroot guy definitely deserved that win.

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Can we get some Kawaii nid up in here?

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Aaaand you're done

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don't worry I had no intentions of posting any more then that

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a personal favorite of mine.

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I really wish there was more than came from this comic.

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There probably would have been, but fa/tg/uys were so offended by the artist that they drove him off the board with pitchforks. I still don't understand what he did to merit such hatred.

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Was he the guy who deserted the Israeli military to look after his sick father? I remember all the neckbeards got absolutely buttcrucified over that poor guy.

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Wow thats absolutely fucking stupid.

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No, that was Shwig.

Who is a far, far, far, far better artist, as well.

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I don't know if that was him or not. It was during a time when we had all kinds of drawfriends and some people seemed all enraged that they would dare have threads and draw amusing pictures for us.

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I feel like we only have one good draw thread once every two weeks.

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People have their billies all roughed up over his knights thing too. I know the knigga thing came first but it's like a fucking picture.
But we tend to jump the gun at everything around here so whatever.

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>mfw I just figured out what that picture is
>I have no face

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the imperial guard always was a meat grinder

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>As per rules of Reserve, you can't enter if you're within 6 inches of an enemy unit.

Huh, that's not a rule now, and wasn't one for at least the last 2 editions, I can't be bothered to check 3rd ed or earlier.

It was just the fact you can't move within 1 inch of enemy units except when assaulting.

If he had had something that can move over enemies such as a jetbike or skimmer, he could have brought it on.

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Full story: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Kroot-Conga-Line-306821332

"Here's the truth behind the myth.
This happened at the European Team Championship 2009 in Munster.
Tau player is Arnaud Monvoisin a.k.a. "Shas'O Kassad" and was a member the French team which faced Russia in the 4th round. (he's still in the french team and was the only Tau player in the whole ETC 2011)
The tournament didn't allow special characters, so no outflanking via Korsarro Khan, and the deployment was Dawn of War, so the White Scar player had to come into play from his table edge on turn 1. However, the Tau deployed first and declared that his kroots were infiltrating, so it's still a big mistake from the White Scar player to have kept everything in reserve instead of putting at least a unit of troop/HQ on the table before infiltrators.

Things that are wrong : the WS player wasn't a dickhead abusing a tactic that none could match. This isn't even a cheesy tactic either, because even if it puts more pressure on your opponent's strategy during deployment and 1st turn, it also has its drawbacks (not even counting what happened there). Knowing that, there was no grudge against that player and the Swedish referee wasn't partial when he gave a legit victory to the Tau."

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>play against a shooty army
>declare reserves as to not get shot to alpha strike hell
Its a good tactic against shooty armies but he should've known about infiltrators.

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I'm sure he did. He just didn't expect the conga line.

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Oh, God-Emperor, kill it before it lays eggs!

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>Waifus of /tg/'s past

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Is anyone even here anymore?

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