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Hey /tg/ Ive been out of the anime look for a while now and rather than go to /a/ssholes I was wondering if you can throw me a bone here.

I have a long ass flight Friday morning to Dublin to visit some family and was looking for a groovy series to help eat up some time on the flight there and back, something in the realm of D&D-ish fantasy.

So far the anime that have fit the bill that i've seen before are: Berserk, Slayers, Record of Lodoss War, FMA, .hack//Sign, and Outlaw Star.

Any suggestions?

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I have very little experience with anime, but heres a rec list I saved a while back

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Thank you very much Anon, I shall name my firstborn after you.

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no problem, I have 2 more lists if ya want em, but they don't have very much to do with teeg as far as I can tell

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Hmmm, again i've been out of the loop for a good 5 years because of college so I could go for a few more series' to watch when I'm back. Shoot Anon.

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I dunno how out of date these lists are, but I usually save rec lists because I absolutely abhor going on /a/

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I mean, you've got Redline and Madoka on there, so the one is definitely up to date. I'd also recommend Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World), which is pretty much the best show to come out this year.

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