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>character creation
>IG? SM? SoB? Orks? D/Eldar? Tau? Necrons? Chaos? Tyranids? <insert hipster 40k xenos here>? You bet your ass. Just pick one and name it. Have a themed party if you want, or go full mixed-bag and work for a heretical RT. Why are tyranids and daemons working with an RT and affiliates? Stop asking questions and have fun, limp dick.
>all characters, once named, have 5 HP, 1 combined social/combat defense, and 5 build points.
>build points are used for the following:
>increase your HP or combined defense by 1: 3 BP
>add a Quality to your character that you come up with, fluffed as you see fit. Qualities are very broad skills that can be used for nearly any situation. Think of it as a 'class' like in that pansy D&D or MMO shit. You may only have 1 Quality: 2 BP
>add a Skill to your character that you come up with, fluffed as you see fit. Skills are more limited than Qualities, but you can have more than 1. Skills can stack, with each other or with Weapons. Skills have a 1 turn recharge.
>basic skill- 1 BP, advanced skill- 3 BP, master skill- 4 BP
>add a Weapon to your character that you come up with, fluffed as you see fit. Weapons can stack, with each other or with skills. You may only buy 1 weapon at character creation. Weapons do not have a recharge, but become unsable for 1 turn on a roll of 1.
>basic weapon- 1 BP, advanced weapon- 3 BP, master weapon- 4 BP
>basic=d6, advanced=d6+1, master=exploding d6

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>Claudia Grattium, the Sister of Battle
>Combined Defense +1, 3bp
>Skill: Purging Flame. Channeling the emprah through her weapon in the form of holy flames, her weapon receives a +1 bonus. 1bp
>Weapon: Flamethrower, 1bp

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Bumping this thread, much potential.

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>you will be rolling one or more d6s. This is unavoidable. Not d20s. Not d100s. Not d3.14s.
>outside of combat, you may use Skills and Weapon as you see fit (rolling a 1 on a weapon outside of combat will make it unusable for 1 turn next combat), with success being determined by your rolls.
>rolls of 1 are bad, rolls of 6 are good, with each 6 after the first adding additional successes.
>only take the highest roll into account to determine success
>for example, if you rolled 1, 4, 2
>you would use the 4 to determine success
>combined success of 1 becomes a critical failure, no/and.
>combined success of 2 becomes a failure, no.
>combined success of 3 becomes a partial success, yes/but.
>combined sucess of 4 becomes a success, yes.
>combined success of 5 becomes a success, yes.
>combined success of 6 becomes a critical success, yes/and.
>combined success of 7+ becomes a critical success, yes/and/and…
>combat is easy
>pay attention
>you will roll d6s, the enemy will roll d6s
>the success will be measured against combined defense values
>1,2 being 0 success
>3 being 1 success
>4 being 2 success
>5 being 3 success
>6 being 4 success, with each additional 6 adding 1 success
>the total success is then put up against the defense of the attacked party
>2 success would not be enough against 3 defense
>5 success would do 2 points of HP damage against 3 defense
>it's that easy

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Capslock will be switched off for the remainder of the game.

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We have a sister. She needs teammates to burn with/ try to burn.

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Fun and easy rules-lite rpg, 40k flavor. Come and get some!

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That was me, by the way. I mean it. Get in here. There will be fun.

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Speaking of Space Hulks, has Ark of Lost Souls been scanned yet?

I'm interested in the XV-46 Vanguard Void Battlesuit, the dedicated battlesuit for Space Hulk exploration.

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>The XV46 Vanguard Void Battlesuit is a new Tau Battlesuit. Designed by the Earth Caste to operate in the void of space and explore Space Hulks, these smaller Battlesuits are designed to fit into tight wreckages and have yet to see widespread service within the Tau Empire.[1]

>Vanguard Battlesuits are most frequently armed with Flamers and Burst Cannon, as well as a Fusion Torch to cut through metal wrecks. However perhaps the most notable piece of equipment on the XV46 is its dense Fio'talk nanocrystalline armor. This sturdy but lightweight armor allows it to quickly operate in space as well as rapidly deploy from Manta or Orca dropships. XV46's commonly deploy DX-11 Exploratory Drones.

>The XV46-04 Vanguard Commander Battlesuit is a variant of the XV46 intended for Tau Commanders. These suits are equipped with an EMP Blaster and an Airbursting Fragmentation Projector.

Looks like FFG didn't know abut the Crisis Coldstar...

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I have no idea but that sounds fairly awesome.

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Looks like they knew of the Naming convention, at least.

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See, that would be a cool and fluffy weapon for a tau in this game. Y'know, in case you were thinking of taking a riptide.

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Oh, yeah, experience. You can add new skills/change qualities/improve HP and defense with XP, same cost as BP. But I won't just be handing that stuff out.

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But Forge World did it first with the XV-9-01 and XV-9-04

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How much EXP would a +1 combat defense skill cost?

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+1 defense would be 3 EXP. A skill that increases defense +1 for one turn (if it succeded)would be 1 EXP.

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Damn this fickle naming field.

Defense gets kinda crazy fast, though. Maybe I should raise its price...

What do you think, /tg/?

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Can I assume that stuff like a first aid kit are automatic, or do I have to pay?

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An excellent question! A healing skill would be useful. And perhaps... you get back half the HP you lost after combat?

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Plus you might wander into some ancient medbay of fun and danger inside the space hulk. That could be fun.

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OK, well, here's what I got anyways, tell me what you think:

>Cass O'Malley, felinid Imperial Guardswoman
>Quality: Field Medic. Increase check for first aid/medicine by +1. 2BP
>Shotgun Surgeon. Target practice ensures a +1 on the next shotgun attack. 1BP
>Cat-like Reflexes. Natural agility makes dodging some attacks easier; +1 on combat defense for next turn. 1BP
>Weapon: Combat shotgun, 1BP

This is working under the assumption that basic equipment and medical supplies don't require BP.

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Hm... perhaps instead of regen, there should be a starting kit.

And if I understand your and the sister's weapon skills, you would probably roll that instead of attacking, so that your next attack is guaranteed to have at least 1 success?

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I know you're out there, players. Oneshots are fun. Come hither...

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That's assuming that there still is a sister. How many more players do we need?

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Might consider it. How long would you be on for?

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Three should be enough. If sister Claudia is still here, sound off.
I have all night. I made a game off the top of my head a few hours ago. Technically, I'm still making it.

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Damn name field.

And you can really go crazy with skills. I had in mind skills, for combat at least, to just roll at least another die along with your weapon it each other. But these anons made a delayed release kind of skill. Which is cool.

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Exemortan the Rotbringer!
Quality? Herald of Nurgle, has all dem disease stuffs, Daemonic Properties, Plague bearer properties too 2BP
Skill you say? First skill, Plaguing Aura. Starts small rebuffs the enemy with diseases and nausea depending on mai levul, 1BP
Second? Summon Nurglings! 1BP
Weapon? Plaguebearer's Sword! 1BP

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Well, I wasn't quite sure how you wanted skills to work, so I just made something that didn't seem too OP.

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Oh yeah, forgot my pic. Also, I use a fuckton of diseases, summons, and debuffs on the enemy, so how would these work?

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Now that I think about it, rolling for the skills at the same time as the rolls they affect seems like it'd be easier to keep track of. Can I do that for my skills instead?

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I like it. For your first skill, I suppose it could lower the enemy's defense by 1 for 1 turn for every success. And for summoms, 1 nurgling per success. Each nurgling has 1 HP, 0 defense. Directed as you see fit. You can attack with them, defend with them. Each of these things would only stack with your heralquality, of course. Not each other.

How does that sound for buffs/debuffs? They work for x turns per x successes? And for summons, x per success?
Of course!

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Am I late to the party, or can I still hop in?

>> No.24713285


We're actually looking for a third player right now. Hop right in!

>> No.24713341

Sure - also, I'm going to be doing some ZANY stuff with Papa M's Rot later on, want me to get it outada way first?

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And O'Malley, your skills will work like this, I believe: Your medic quality will be like a heal skill without recharge, as well as any other situational uses you can finagle out of it and stack with other heal skills you may obtain. Your defense skill will happen for the turn you're on, and your shotgun surgeon will stack with your weapon instead being delayed. Right?

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Oh k!

I'll be an ork then.

Graag the Ork.
Quality: Nob. Big armor, bulky guy, strong enough to eat metal.
Skill: Not Enough Dakka. Upon finding a particulary interesting kind of debris, Graag can attempt to improve his own dakka by adding bitz to other bitz. (one point)
Skill: It Ain't Easy Being Green. The might of the ork race lies on the broad shoulders of Graag. This gave him a great strenght, even for an ork. Capable of some fearsome act of strenght. (one point)
Weapon: Ork Standard Club-Rifle (named Betty) (one point)

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So he's a Flash Git?

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Seems pretty good. Nob quality for all around rough 'n tough orkiness, skill for tricking out your weapon, and a combat skill to go with your weapon.

>> No.24713630

>Bernstein the ROUGE trader
Wheelin' n Dealin. He learned how to abuse his conversational skills. +1 to social checks. 1 Bp
Maximum Swagger: Having absolute confidence in his skills he may add +1 to his roll or -1 to his chosen opponent. 1 Bp

>Weapon: Power fist (Advanced) 3BP

>> No.24713632

And what did you have in mind, Exemortan?

>> No.24713636

he might occasionally add some choppa.

I tought maybe after I find something usuable (mostly anithyng that could shoot, really) I could try a skill check and, if succesfull, have a bonus for the next fight (after wich the orkiness of the weapon trumps the upgrade).

>> No.24713676


I was gonna say, you're channeling Lone Wolf GM there.
I hope you're not the same guy, then this might be fucked.

Oh who am I kidding, Lone Wolf's failure was entirely us.

>> No.24713723


scratch this:

> Skill: It Ain't Easy Being Green. The might of the ork race lies on the broad shoulders of Graag. This gave him a great strenght, even for an ork. Capable of some fearsome act of strenght. (one point)

Get this instead:

Skill/Weapon: Targeting Squig. Your personal Targeting Apparatus, Billy, allows you to ignore a critical failure once per combat. Occasionally notices helpful pieces of stuff that could be more dakka.

>> No.24713730

You better've meant to say red trader or I'll clock you one.

Hm. With how skills work, that will be your social check, instrad of adding 1 to it. The second one, ehhh... pick one, a support to your social skills or a detriment to your enemy's.

>> No.24713766

i hope the Power Fist will be used to pimpslap.

>> No.24713783

So we've got a rouge trader, a nurgle daemon, an ork, and an IG medic so far. Sounds like we're in for a wild ride.

>> No.24713810

A Rouge Trader, A Daemon, An Ork and a Guardsman walk into a Space Hulk...

>> No.24713848

All right then. Make the check, and if it suceeds, the next time you try to krump something your weapon will at least not be busted for a turn. More than one, if you can get more successes. Plus you can find bits of dakka outside of combat.
I hope I'm not the same guy, too. That would be all kinds of strange.

>> No.24713910

Forget that, I'm overthinking things. It can still be both, to be decided by you during the roll.

>> No.24713911

Well, seeing as Nurgle's Rot is pretty much used as the go-to disease to increase Nurglesque Power, I figure that, as I infect people with NR, they get a damaging DoT incurable effect, but its byproduct (Get to that in a bit) weak if the person is killed fast and is stronger the longer he endures it.
Now, the biproduct is Souls. The more people die of Nurgle's Rot and get their souls shipped to Nurgle, the more my Heraldry increases (TL;DR I ding if I get enough souls) and my spells become greater, but I can use these banked souls later on to cast DEVASTATING plagues, swarms of rats, flies, etc., or even to summon fellow Plaguebearers or Beasts of Nurgle.
Also, I ding normally till I get my next 2BP at which point I'll swap to this setup.
My question is, will you allow and how would it work?

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File: 140 KB, 918x1024, Loli-daemonette__11_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Woah, momma.

Your devotion to Nurgle is to be commended, but that's a tad much for a basic skill. How about this? For everything you successfully infect outside of combat, you overcharge it. This overcharge can be used as an attack, with every successful infection being a guaranteed success besides actuallu rolling for it, instead of the normal debuff.

Bad things will of course happen if you nat 1 those infections.

>> No.24714260

yes. red trader.
Im thinking of downgrading my powerfist .
If i make my second skill an advanced skill, can i add the bonus to whatever I or my opponent is currently doing instead of just social rolls? or do i need master level skill for that?

>> No.24714324

>Shas'la Inret
>Tau Fire Warrior
>Skill: Greater Good: willingness to work with new found allies for mutual survival grants +1 to chosen ally's attack roll
>Fire at Will: Grants extra attack for one round, once per encounter
>Weapon: Stealth suit: Can turn invisible once per encounter (3 bp)

>> No.24714431

>XV-22 Stealth suit
Forgot to specify

>> No.24714453

Wadaya mean?

>> No.24714556

Well, advanced gives you an auto +1, and master gives you the chance to get even more if you're stupid lucky. As for swagger affecting everything, I could see it working in regular combat as well as social. So sure of yourself that your opponent flubs up, making him easier to hit or making him misfire. But you can't stack it with your weapon AND make him miss, if you stack it adds to you, if you roll it alone it takes him down by the number of successes. In social it supports your other skill, or takes down theres. Same deal, on or the other depending on what you roll, no takebacks. Good?

>> No.24714767

im good. no changes. when are gonna start? i gonna pay my bills and im gonna be gone for 2-3 hours

>> No.24714898

Oh boy this is crazy. Greater Good is simple enough. As for Fire at Will, I'm not sure. You want a chance to ignore recharge for one skill, maybe? Because it doesn't have to be once per encounter. Just use the skill, and if it succeeds, you get the buff for that many seconds. You can't ignore the recharge for that skill itself, though. Or perhaps you mean to stack it with your weapon? And that weapon. Golly. If you successfully go invisible, you get +1 defense per turn as a buff, or you can use it to attack. Not at the same time.
To represent the rot gaining power for every soul you corrupt. Each soul is a guaranteed success.

>> No.24714940

Not a clue how that got there. I meant turns.

>> No.24714980

If everything is in order, it should go on right now. SUPER SPACE HULK D6 ULTIMATE'S maiden voyage.

>> No.24715013

oh boy, oh boy

>> No.24715026


Let's do this!

>> No.24715143

Yeah, we can change it to "Target ally regains use of skill"

>> No.24715247

Im ready. I forgot that i already payed my bills yesterday.

>> No.24715283

Nurgle's Grandson is ready.

>> No.24715297

And so, the great Rogue Trader Locke Spac sent a team to investigate the Space Hulk. Because they were his best men. Certainly not because they weirded him out, or annoyed him, or just plain smelled atrocious. No, that couldn't be it. As he watched the projected course of the landing craft, sipping an extremely pricey beverage out of an even pricier beverage container, he wondered what they might find. And, with a slight smile, if he even cared.

The landing craft rushed to its destination. Fast. Too fast! Some ancient machinery flickered to life, drawing you in. With a jolt, you find yourselves tossed about inside of a makeshift hangar like ragdolls. The outer airlock closes so fast that the craft's main thrusters are sheared clean off. That might be a slight problem. Pulling yourselves from the glorified tin can you find yourself in a cramped room, nearly empty except for a gigantic passage to the left, a closed airlock in front, and another passage to the right, filled with large chunks of random scrap. And the outer airlock behind you, but there's inly space out there and the timer is a doozy.

Good luck, SUPER SPACE HULK adventurers. Your fate is quite unreadable now.

>> No.24715380

Stress fart, then summon Nurglings to check outside.

>> No.24715401

Something failed, lemme reroll

>> No.24715421


I'll check and see if anyone's injured, then.

>> No.24715424

It seems that I can't roll on a phone.

>> No.24715428

in the email field, friend.

>> No.24715440

Suggest we take the left passageway.

>> No.24715448

Rolled 2, 2 = 4


Graag turns on his aiming equipment by pinching it in the butt.

"Oi! wos dat nece-ssary?"


here, have my roll then

>> No.24715454

Rolled 5, 4 = 9


>> No.24715546

I am fine, human. My thanks for your concern.

>> No.24715589

Rolled 6, 4 = 10

Smiles in satisfaction as 3 Nurglings scamper out to search the area ahead
"Go, my children, for Nurgle loves you."

>> No.24715608

Disable mobile view.

>> No.24715626

Wounded pride, perhaps. A superficial scratch or two. But no one is in need of medical attention.
Your targeting system, unfortunately, does not respond as you expected.
You successfully summon a nurgling. Upon being told to check outside, it runs around in circles confusedly. It is a simple thing. You will have to be more direct.

>> No.24715634

Goddamnit I am not used to rolling at all, mistakes everywhere, messy messy messy...

>> No.24715640


"Ok, that's one down. How about the rest of ya?"

>> No.24715670

Outside of combat, you'll only get more than one nurgling on 6+. And what did you mean by outside?

>> No.24715695


"I'z ork, I'z not break easy-like" scratch head, then butt, then Squig. "I'z good wid wot runtie here sed 'bout corridors", gesturing over to Shas'la Inret

>> No.24715697

Huffs, smiles, and puts the Plaguebearer's sword down in front of it to get its attention, then points outside.

>> No.24715698

"Im Fine Thank you."

>> No.24715725

Wait, that roll wasn't you for you, was it?

>> No.24715741

The roll on my post right before it was a 5, so I went with that

>> No.24715763


no, but that's good anyway. damned Squig won't wake most of the time, a shame, really

>> No.24715775

"I need no healing!"
Glares at her medkits warily

>> No.24715786

Through the airlock, I presume?

>> No.24715800


>> No.24715828


"Didn't think you'd need it, daemon. We good to go, then? This place is giving me the creeps."

I shoulder my weapon and get ready to move out.

>> No.24715840


I somehow think that opening an airlock in a pressurized room might not be a great idea.

>> No.24715851

Perhaps your...child...should search down that left passage. It would be nice to know if we are walking into an ambush.

>> No.24715886

The dopey, foul thing runs excitedly up to airlock. The portal opens automatically, and you see a corridor that bends to the right, a faint flickering light just around it. The nurgling presses forward and around. A few seconds later, you hear aloud SPLAT, followed by raucous laughter and a wave of terrible stink. The airlock closes once more.

>> No.24715892

Nods, then picks up the Nurgling, sets him down in the passageway, and sends him a-scampering

>> No.24715939

Scratch that, take this>>24715886

>> No.24715966

Reaches through the warp to tell if the Nyrgling is still corporeal

>> No.24715976


"Emperor damn it, why can't we ever get an easy job? Whatever's out there, it ain't friendly, and it's ballsy enough to go after a daemon. Any plans?"

Would any of us have stuff like flashlights in out basic equipment? Or are we going in blind?

>> No.24716012

You cannot sense it. It has returned to Nurgle's embrace.

>> No.24716048

[I can cause ab assortment of fungi to spawn due to the properties of a Nurglesque Daemon, several of which may glow]

>> No.24716054


"I haz plan." smile. wake Squig. "I'z shooting"

take point, aim gun at the airlock.

"OI! are ya runts ready?"

>> No.24716094

Let's assume that everyone in need has some form of illumination. And snacks. Can't forget snacks.

>> No.24716095

"Ork, can you shoot around that corner?"

>> No.24716115

Nods, lifting the Plaguesword

>> No.24716120
File: 95 KB, 667x599, XV22 Stealth Suit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Deploys shield drones, activate multi-lock, power-up shield generator, begin weapons charge.
"Ready, my over eager friend."

>> No.24716128

Oh, I like that. Good flavor

>> No.24716152


"Well, might as well see what we're up against." I flip off the safety and turn on my gun's flashlight (gonna assume it has one, being the 40th millenium and all).

>> No.24716165

Also, most of my stuff is double-edged, as it naturally rots, rusts, or contaminates stuff it affects

>> No.24716183

Perfectly reasonable.

>> No.24716191


I ponder the question

"We-el", I say after a bit "I can shoot AT corner..."

>> No.24716197

"Good plan. Ork" preps powerfist.

>> No.24716209

Chuckles slightly, shaking his head.

>> No.24716247


I'll wait for a target via >>24716152, and when I get something to shoot at, I shoot at it.

>> No.24716248


"I hope ya can shoot at more than that, greenskin."

>> No.24716251

Let's not get too crazy. Keep it fluffy, crunchy costs XP. You could use your herald in combination with your sword to attempt rotting through things, or send a nurgling to do it.

>> No.24716257

Servos whine, weapons hum, and small LEDs flicker to life as my suit becomes fully battle ready.

"Let us proceed."

I activate my armor's light and begin walking towards the airlock.

>> No.24716296

Rolled 3


"ach no! No runt goes before Graag!"

I enter the airlock and shoot down the corridor for good measure.

>> No.24716318

The airlock whooshes open. The light still flickers, with an odd chuckle or two floating around the corner.

>> No.24716346

Rolled 6


"Damn it! Can you even see, you big lughead?!"
I rush forwards and scan for targets.

>> No.24716358

A spot on his my arm bloats, then ruptures with a foul stentch as a luminous fungus grows quickly, so as to allow sight in a manner akin to a lantern, and moves along with the Tau

>> No.24716375

I stay towards the rear and provide rearguard/covering fire.

>> No.24716411

Rushes up to her sside wearing a grin, ready to spread some random ailment through a slash with my sword

>> No.24716430

Rolled 1


"We orkz see in de night by de light of slugs.well known"

I keep firing, because this 'ulk clearly needs more dakka.

>> No.24716518


Actually, it might not be all that much of a problem for me either. Does being a felinid get me slightly higher than human senses/low-light vision, GM?

>> No.24716522

You push past the Shas, but in your eagerness, knock him to the ground, suit and all. His suit's readings flare red and notify him that stealth mode will be unavailable for a short while. Your shots ricochet around the corner, followed by a very surprised yell. "OI, DA ZOG WAS DAT FOR?!"

The corridor clangs with a small bit of return fire. The Shas pulls homself up and assumes a rear position as thevrest move forward. O'Malley, your scan reveals three grots, one missing an arm, the other two holding grot pistols in shaking hands.

Graag, your weapon misfires badly as you attempt to shoot a second time. 1 HP damage and it will be unusable for some time.

>> No.24716553

I would assume so. What skill did you roll for, by the way?

>> No.24716583

Glances towards his teammates, just barely restraining himself from 'blessing' them with Nurgle,s 'gifts'

>> No.24716598

Rolled 4, 4, 5 = 13

I scan to acquire heat signature, then fire a missile at one of the grots.

>> No.24716621

stand casually beside miss O'Maley
think of a path or cover that can be used by me to get close to the grots

>> No.24716625

Rolled 2


"We got grots up here!"
I open fire at one of the gun-wielder's.


Perception/checking for an ambush?

>> No.24716644

Rolled 3

forgot my roll

>> No.24716670

Rolled 2


> Current HP: 4/5


I attempt to regain functionality of my weapon, by means of shaking it vigorously while handling some bitz

>> No.24716693

Rolled 1, 1 = 2

Take their actions as permission, and charges the last one gleefully

>> No.24716713

For the sake of neatness, slide the skills you're rolling for into the bottom of your post. Just [skill, skill, skill] will do.
Break down those skills for me. What were ya rollan?

>> No.24716746

just performing a basic attack. I thought 3d6 was the standard for that

>> No.24716775

Ah, see, the only dice you get are the ones you paid for. Retcon that cat-like reflexes into just cat-like, and extend it to reflexes and senses.

>> No.24716840


Works for me!

>> No.24716844

Rolled 2, 1 = 3

Is it 3d6 or 2d6?

>> No.24716852

No. You get dice for your skills, weapons, and quality. You are able to use them as you see fit, within reason, and stack them. You have 1 weapon, and have declared your other skills to be support, so that would be 1 d6.

>> No.24716865

OP, this quest is pretty cool. You should totally continue to run these as one-shots for different people.

just because I want to be involved.

>> No.24716878

2d6 for you. Plaguesword/herald quality, right?

>> No.24716889


I have to leave for work in about 20, you can take my place if you want. You can be Graag or, if op is down with that, roll something your own.

>> No.24716905

I plan to, kind anon. This is a work in progress.

>> No.24716917

Rolled 2

My mistake then, take this roll instead

>> No.24716939

As tempting as that is, I have classes in the morning and am retiring from /tg/ soon.
It seems pretty awesome thus far.

>> No.24716954

And what skill did you roll for, friend?

>> No.24717007

Oh no, it's fine. I'll take the first of your rolls, a 4. Will resolve as soon as everything is ironed out.

>> No.24717010

Rolled 2, 2 = 4

Okey doke.

>> No.24717074

Mistake roll

>> No.24717206 [DELETED] 

[spolier]I just searched for cover[/spoiler]

>> No.24717292

OP I apologize but I must sleeps, it's 12:30 and I got the schools, hope I see this thread tomorrow

>> No.24717305

Rolled 5, 4 = 9

The stealth suit makes quick work of the rightmost grot, missile turning it into a fine green and red mist. The suit's reading flash green, stealth is once more available.

O'Malley's shots go wide, completely missing the grots that are right in fron of her. Exemortan has a rather embarrassing moment as his sword actually goes limp, blade beset by a rather untimely type of dysfunction.

Graag, your weapon is once more ready to use, though through no apparent action on your part.

The grots retaliate! Finding no apparent threat in the nob, kinda humie git, smelly git, or sneaky git, they charge the ded killy git. Grot 1 finds his arm and uses it as a club, Grot 2 lets fly with his pistol.

>> No.24717352

Might, Exemortan
Your dice come from your skills. You would need a skill to roll for something sneaky like that.

>> No.24717371

Rolled 5, 5 = 10


Preposterous! Ignoring a nob for a pesky tau!

I'll club the melee grot with my club-gun.

rolling 2d6 (Quality & Weapon)

Also I, too, have to leave the internet for the real world. I hope to catch this again, 'cause it's quite fun.

>> No.24717389

Rolled 4

"Come then! Taste the fire of the Greater Good!"

I take aim and let loose a volley from one of my burst cannons.

>> No.24717448

Rolled 2


I curse and swing my gun around, firing at the gun-grot.

Rollian attack (1d6)

Since we already got two people leaving, it might be best for me to call it a night as well; gotta crack some books for a final tomorrow.

>> No.24717479

Rolled 3, 5 = 8

I-I kinda archived this, anon-kun


>> No.24717527

Shas, your suit takes a right solid krumpin'. You feel the attacks as if they were on your own skin. 2 HP damage.

Graag, finding his weapon once more able to fire, quickly smashes it into the arm-flailing grot. It is soundly krumped. The suit's cannons tear through the other grot easily.


Also, don't forget that your suit is an advanced weapon. 1d6+1. And goodnight to you, Graag.

>> No.24717547

Then we shall meet again, I hope. I left my email in the field for contact. This was a lot of fun.

>> No.24717638
File: 298 KB, 800x600, 1326846058392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I suppose you are correct. Good night to you all. And to you, /tg/, feel free tostep in with comments and criticisms. And suggestions, of course! SUPER SPACE HULK D6 ULTIMATE, this lovely flavor of the brand new SUPER D6 ULTIMATE system, is always open to your ideas.

>> No.24717688


Could use a bit of ironing out (stuff like clearing up skills/dice rolling beforehand), but I had a fun time. I look forward to your stuff popping up again, OP. Will you still be running if the thread's still up tomorrow?

>> No.24717822

I shall. And I agree, it needs more ironing. But that's what playtesting is for! This shall turn into a fun little game. I know it.

>> No.24718055

I know you still make games, /tg/. What say you about this humble d6 affair. Humble defined as 'TOTALLY KICKASSICALLYMAZINGTRON' here.

>> No.24718159

Can space hulks survive falling from one dimension to another, or from one era of time backwards/forwards to another era of time?

>> No.24718453

The idea casually "warped" itself into my mind of what would happen if a space hulk fell out of the far realm and landed in a fantasy-era world such as Mystara or Dark Sun.

>> No.24719476

From what I know about Space Hulks and the Warp, that is possible.

>> No.24722595

Bump for the coolest new d6 system around.

>> No.24722908

This is definitely more of a roleplay game...

>> No.24727171

This is the kind anon, from earlier. Left my email in the field in case you ever chose to run this again.

>> No.24728549
File: 9 KB, 251x239, 1348584438445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back. Maybe master should be exploding d6+1?

>> No.24729057

Agreed. At the moment it just seems to be rarely more effective than the advanced weapon

>> No.24729487

Yeah. This way it becomes more of an upgrade. Actually worth that extra point.

For buying new skills or upgrading current skills... everything costs an extra point, first of all. But having it cost the same amount to turn a basic skill into an advance skill or just buy an advanced skill doesn't make sense. So maybe instead it should cost 1 less point to upgrade a current skill than to buy a new upgraded skill. 2 points to turn a basic into advanced.

Plus if you're lazy/boring you can just increase the number of dice a skill gets instead of making a brand new skill.

So, skill: basic shootan with 4 EXP to goof around with. You could buy a new advanced skill, upgrade basic shootan to advanced, buy two new basic skills, or increase thedice that basic shootan has by turning it into basic shootan II/III.

>> No.24729505

>2 points
I of coursemeant 3 points to turn a basic into advanced

>> No.24729520

Also, sweet jimminy christmas there's a simple d6 3e now. Ihadn' t even noticed. It seems pretty much the same...

>> No.24729533

Whats currently going on?

>> No.24729584

Is there a way to add or upgrade a quality?

>> No.24729631
File: 343 KB, 976x965, 1345524952263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All that changed was chargen, but I still like BP because of how crazy defense can get. Plus they refer to different kinds of HP/DEF as aspects now. And for this, I had them all combined, for simplicity, though that is kind of silly... more ironing needed.

>> No.24729663

No. Qualities are your broadest and most useful thing. You only get one, and it cannot beupgraded. It can, however, be changed.

>> No.24729690

A hip new system is being forged/playtested.

>> No.24729707

Have you figured out space / underwater / fully aerial / low grav combat yet? Any one of those, not all of them at once, I mean.

>> No.24729763

Well, any of those, unless they have a relevant skill/equipment, would be diffucult tasks. A simple negative modifier would work.

>> No.24729869

A simple negative would work, but I meant if the equipment and skills are there.

>> No.24729993

Well then. If they aren't flailing around wildly in outer space/underwater/while falling through the air/in low gravity, they are either using skills specifically for that, which wouldn't get a negative modifier, or are using equipment such as a Vehicle.

>> No.24730054

Okay so the vehicles would have statistics such as speed, armor power, gun power, etc and perhaps piloting, which I suppose would normally require some kind of attempt roll, wouldn't if you had the skill, (ex. non-pilot must make roll to do stuff, pilot doesn't, they just do it).

Not to ask to many questions all at once on to many different subjects, but leaping to a whole new area; what happens when a space vehicle falls into a radioactivity field, takes a gravity whip from an object, or falls into a black hole?

>> No.24730364

Lawdy. Butfear not. Lotsa questions are good. SUPER D6 ULTIMATE shall become a gem because of them. Speed, yes. For initiative first and foremost, also for getting the fuck outta dodge. Higher speed rating/attachments, more dice. Armor, yes again. It shall be the Defense for vehicles. Gun power, not exactly. Vehicles shall have weapons, the number and type of weapons being their number and type of combat dice. For piloting, that will depend on the character. If you have piloting skills, you will be golden. If not, it will.be treated as a difficult task. Vehicles should also get HP.of some kind. Perhaps an armor points/rating setup for vehicle HP/DEF.

That would affect the ship ngatively, so it would take penalties to rolls in those situations, withsomething bad happening if they don't makeit out in time. Plus, thepeople onboard could have useful skills. A techy character could try boosting the engines or juryrigging a radiation shield.

>> No.24730450

I'm not trying to troll you, just to be clear; I'm trying to ask all the questions I can think of so that your rules cover every situation.

What would happen if a ship fell through a black hole and made it out the other side intact? Would it be treated as a warp encounter, or something else?

>> No.24730584

Rolled 1

hand on, I just want to see if the system supports this, don't mind me

>> No.24730600

Rolled 3

another test

>> No.24730691

I don't think you're a troll, friend. And I appreciate the questions. Well, if the psychotic bastards thought that falling in was somehow more advantageous than climbing out, and were able to succeed checks for such an imposdible task, probably negating an entire die unless they were kitted out for black hole diving... for a 40k game like this I would treat it as a warp encounter. Daemons everywhere, followed by getting spit out into some point in the distant past/far future in some unrecognizable area of space, maybe in a strange system. In some scifi game I might put them through to a different universe of some sort. That kind of thing would be upto the GM.

>> No.24730847

Also, I shall only be here until 23:00 4chan time because of reasons.

>> No.24731058

Do you have a list of planet types?

>> No.24731151

Heavens, no. While I am trying to make this a tad crunchier than simple d6, it will still be largely off-the-cuff fun.

Now that I think about it, though, I was considering a roll for randomized loot. It could also apply to other randomized things.

>> No.24731274

Have this, then.

>list of world types that I made for a 40k thing a long time ago, types only

>> No.24731613
File: 560 KB, 400x210, 1362419886023.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well I'll be. That's fairly useful. Thanks, anon.

>> No.24731651

Do you plan to use chonians or chaos gods or chtonians as chaos gods?

>> No.24731957

Cthonian = adjective 'of or relating to the cthulhu mythos of hpl'.

It also means something like 'submerged, underground' and thats its more common meaning. I didn't purposely ask an oblique question, just an obtuse one, to put it acutely.

>> No.24732390

Well, this is a Space Hulk game, so in the 40k spirit I would use the Chaos gods or perhaps the C'tan. If I were doing SUPER LOVECRAFT D6 ULTIMATE, which is a very real possibility, I would use the mythos gods.

>> No.24732410

Damn name field.

>> No.24732646

Have this.

>some chaos gods

Also, both this pastebin and the other one are set to expire, you need to copy/paste if you're going to use them.

>> No.24732794

Well hot diggity. Thanks again.

>> No.24732837

>related to a warp-entity
I don't think so, Tim.

>> No.24732873

"thought to be" only implies that its -thought- that they are, not that they actually for certain are. I'm not going to derail a perfectly good thread because continuity and canon police junior brigade member number 9002 doesn't like something I said.

>> No.24732897

Wait, wouldn't Dagon make more sense than Cthulhu for that? Cthulhu doesn't care about people, and Dagon was big in Innsmouth with the fishpeople.

>> No.24732917

Originally it was Dagon. I changed it to cthulhu because Dagon's an earth-specific reference. You can change it around however you want.

>> No.24732939

Makes complete sense. The Imperium is all kinds of misinformation and hearsay, especially with chaos and xenos.

>> No.24732960

Right then.

>> No.24732966

Originally it was a stand-in piece of information until I got the book on necrons. I ended up never getting the book, so I never changed it to something else.

>> No.24732973

Please put "quest" in the title of quest threads in order to make them easier to filter. Thank you.

>> No.24733039
File: 101 KB, 800x700, 1362763150449.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry, dear anon, but this is no quest. This is system creation and playtesting, all in one! And stop being so prissy about quests, too.

>> No.24733093


I'm being polite. The anti-quest shitflooders that will follow once the Summerfags get going, they're the ones you'll need to care about.

Feel free to have all the fun you can, and in whatever way doesn't violate board rules. I'm just suggesting some lubricant to cut down on intra-board friction.

>> No.24733128

This is truth. It probably won't be /b/ tier outright rudeness and hatred, but it might be disruptive to your quest, GM.

>> No.24733191
File: 164 KB, 1077x1180, 1354553554777.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you for your concern. Sincerely. But I won't let something like complaints concerning the things that others enjoy get me down. I shall weather any shitstorm that may come my way. Nay, I shall enjoy it with asmile on my face! Becaause shitstorms mean bumps, and that many more chances to catch the eye of a helpful anon.

Of course, I wouldn't mind if they didn't happen, either. It'd be nice if /tg/ could relax a little about certain things.

>> No.24733198

>I'm being polite.

Man, no you're not. You're shitting in someone's fun cuz you don't like it, and then claiming the moral high ground.

I see that near exact same post in pretty much every thread that tries to get off the ground, to the point where i suspect its one person copy-pasting.

If it was a polite warning, you wouldn't be sageing it. Instead, its butthurt in disguise that other people aren't following YOUR personal filter rules.

Just move it to your filter and move along.

>> No.24733221


I would play, but I'm about to go to dinner. Do you still need players?
Will you be around in a while?

>> No.24733233

Now now, sage is supposed to be polite.

>> No.24733241

>I'm being polite.

I bet hes raging so hard right now

>> No.24733281

Whether he said it out of anger or not I'm not certain. What I do know is that there are a few tg posters who are strongly anti-quest and they do shitpost in quest threads to derail them at times. They mostly do this because they are so jelly its like they work at Jellyjam international Jelly composition plant number 6, outside concord. Jellyjam, where only the finest fruits are used for only the finest jellies.

>> No.24733305

Sadly, I will only be around for about 4 more hours. There is already a fairly nice party, as well. Perhaps you could join next thread. I'm considering SUPER LOVECRAFT D6 ULTIMATE, as well as SUPER SWORDS N' SORCERY D6 ULTIMATE.

>> No.24733598

Attacking and defending skills are fairly straightforward, with number of success going against defense/protecting from success.

There are also buffs now, with the buff lasting for as many turns as success.

And summons, with number of success becoming the number of things summoned.

What other archetypes of skills should be outlined? Players should still be able to make skills whatever-the-fuck they want, but things like these could make it easier.

>> No.24733681

Probably should delegate skills into trees.

>Assault tree
>Technical tree
>Engineering tree
>Medical tree
>Ritual tree
>Specialist tree
>Faction specific tree (ex. Inquisitor knowing about inquisitating, tau knowing tau-tech, etc)

>> No.24733693

Well, I think the skills should be player designed but within reason. I also think that the skills should be limited to working with the character's "archetype". Like how I was playing a squad leader so my abilities supported my squadmates, whereas the Orc's abilities were all related to choppan n shootan

>> No.24733787

And don't forget the social tree.

>> No.24733859

Of course, they should always be within reason. I wouldn't allow an 'everyone loves me now, they also get gigaplasma cannons and do everything I say' skill. And I'd hope the players would fluff their skills with their characters.
That could be an idea. Guidelines, like those. Rough outlines to give the player a general idea.

>> No.24734061

Technical is operating devices, tools, and technology. Engineering is building/repair/inventing.

>> No.24734367
File: 281 KB, 766x992, warhammer_emperor_of_mankind_by_genzoman-d4g9y0f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a glorious day for homebrew.

>> No.24734479

For some reason a pink orc with a purple neck scarf just "warped" into my mind and said this thread was "Faaaaabu-dakka!" and then flailed an energy whip at me. I'm not sure where that was going or why that was funny to me.

>> No.24734594
File: 16 KB, 305x305, 1358621794761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon. You're drunk. Go home.

>> No.24734617

Please tell me it was at least a LITTLE funny.

>> No.24734809

If you laughed, it was funny. That's all that matters.

>> No.24734842

I consider a joke a success if it makes even one person laugh, even if that one person is me. I set my standards pretty low.


>> No.24735125

Initiative is easy enough. Both parties roll relevant dice, with the player's skills that might deal with speed and reaction and such being helpful.

>> No.24736031

How about this for a vehicle that might be found in some ungodly part of a Space Hulk?

SM Jetbike.
2 speed dice, both advanced anti-grav thrusters, so 2d6+2 along with whatever wheelman skills the driver may have or a small penalty for unskilled pilots trying crazy maneuvers.

2 weapon dice, twin-linked mounted stormbolters, 2d6 along with whatever weapon skills the driver has.

3 HP/2 Defense for the armor?

>> No.24736214

A jetbike that has a secret 'go into the warp' switch?

>> No.24736380

C'maaaaahn GM, it mite beeee coooooooool~

>> No.24736627
File: 84 KB, 675x720, 1327000211385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You people are insane. What are the odds of this jetbike being tampered with by a heretek? Surely, after the rigors of being in a Space Hulk, such a heretical switch would be damaged. And if some psychotic techjunkie tried to fix it, he might crit fail. And then the party would have to explain to a bloodthirster in a leather jacket exactly why they were touching his ride.

That wouldn't be fun for anyone.

>> No.24736750

Oh its much, MUCH worse than that. The switch was concealed and so works perfectly.

>laughingdaemons . jpg

>> No.24736974

And not only that, if you've been playing on the "wrong" path, you end up in a situation where not only do you HAVE to use the jetbike, you HAVE to use the warp-travel switch.

>conspiring GM dot jpg

>> No.24737001

Is this game still going? Because it's been a while since anything resembling roleplaying was done.

>> No.24737667

I don't think so, I don't know OP-GM, but he said a while back that he was mostly just testing stuff and that he wouldn't be around after pretty much now.

>> No.24737741

Blast, and it looked so interesting. Oh well, there's always next time.

>> No.24737796

If I knew thing one about this setup I'd do stuff in this thread. Unfortunately I don't, and I've never run anything 40k before.

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