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How many regiments would it take to put down a hive world in full open rebellion?

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A hive world numbers from "close to" to "well into" the trillions individuals.

A regiment being in the very best of cases 10k soldiers strong, I'd say a lot. A fuckhueg lot of 'em.

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Wouldn't they just exterminautus the planet?

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If a hiveworld rebels, the I.G. come in to take command of the loyalist forces.

If there are no loyal forces, if "the entire hiveworld is in open rebellion," then they depopulate it with virus bombs and ship in colonists from loyal hiveworlds. It's really not worth hunting down two trillion rebels in a billion kilometers of twisty metal passages that they know and you don't.

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An entire hiveworld in rebellion would be something like the Tranch wars in Dark heresy.

The entire hiveworld would probably include the PDF. Those guys are the primary threat as they've go actual military training.

While the Arbites would undoubtedly remain loyal, they wouldn't be able to hold out long. There would probably be multiple regiments deployed and if the Loyalists are lucky, a marine strike force to take out the secessionist high command.

This is assuming it's just secession. Now if that rebellion turned into arch enemy heresy, that's a whole other kettle of fish.

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no, Exterminatus is a LAST resort (like HOLY FUCKING SHIT THE PLANET'S A NECRON teir), if not then Armaggeddon would be an asteroid field by now...

It's not going to be chaos, despite what I'm going to drrop hints about

also what book are the Tranch wars in?

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assumes the world is of high value and can't be exterminatus'd.

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don't know why that first link is there...

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>exterminatus is last resort

also right.

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Tranch is mentioned in Dark Heresy's Disciples of the Dark Gods supplement.

It's a mutant uprising, but it gives you a pretty good idea of how brutal the battle would be. The effects of Tranch also echo throughout the Calixis sector.


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I (>>24666063) wasn't saying exterminatus. I was saying bioweapon bombardment from orbit. Not "render the world uninhabitable for a thousand years," just "kill 80% of the population, then lance strike the suspected surviving bunkers."

It's a Navy operation, not IG, is my point. It would be IG if half the world were loyal and half were in rebellion, that's when you worry about taking territory. But if they're all fucking rebels, you drop the nasty on them, wait a year for the plague to run its course, then ship in a shitload of colonists. "Here's a week of iron rations, here's a lasgun. You see any of the original inhabitants, you shoot them. Anything you find is yours, bar imperial relics. Tithe is due in ten years, get to work."

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Virus bombs are a common method of exterminatus. I do not believe that in the 41st millenium the technology still exists to make them gene specific, rather they liquidate all organic matter.

The Navy would most certainly be involved in retaking this world.

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The vast majority of hive worlds are not self-sufficient. They rely on huge amounts of foodstuffs and raw materials to be brought in from satellite worlds. A hive world in rebellion can be waited out with a fleet blockade until the general population realizes they're not getting any food.

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You're both right!

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Sure, but misguided secessionists are cesspits for heresy. And heresy could lead to a daemon incursion. I'm sure the Inquisition would evaluate whether or not the planet should be retaken before a land war was launched.

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ahh cool

Ok, so it' can't be full rebellion because they'd jsut starve them/virus bomb them.

So how can I PLOT ARMOUR! the world so it makes an Interesting OW campaign, would it be better to have loyalists and secssionists stalingrad style fighting over the hives? make it an agri world? apply a liberal dose of handwavium?

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It could be a full rebellion. The reason why Tranch wasn't just outright destroyed was because the Lord Sector wanted to make an example of rebellions...(he is also slightly crazy).

You could easily have the players wondering why the fuck they're fighting on a planet that could just be destroyed. It'd contribute to a theme of 'war is hell.'

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Maybe make it valuable to a shady Inquisitor who wants to capture someone alive, or maybe make it only one or two hives fighting. Planets can have about a dozen hives, and a fight for one will be hell, especially if all the PDF group up there, to form the basis for taking over other hives. The regiments show up on time to deal with it before it goes bad.

If I was GMing, I would make a point out of no body knowing who started all this crap. Is it the governor? Or is it something worse?

And finally, to answer your original question, I'd say for a single Hive City, yeah at least 100 Regiments, all infantry in a Hive. With good military logistics, this can be less.

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>If I was GMing, I would make a point out of no body knowing who started all this crap. Is it the governor? Or is it something worse?

I'm going to drop hints at it being Chaos BUTIt's the Tau

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Well, you can always make it a Munitorum fuckup. The intel when the orders were given out was that half the world was in rebellion, and requested support. A couple of IG regiments were dispatched to train, arm, and direct the loyalists.

Problem is, warp travel takes a while. By the time you got there, the loyalists were almost wiped out. But your orders stand. Take that world, dammit. Or, at the VERY least, secure several valuable sites and facilities, and get important relics and individuals to evac zones so the bombardment can begin.

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Aren't the Tau usually pretty open about being behind rebellions?

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Sometimes yes, sometimes no. When half the populace are wearing Tau clothes and going to Tau medical clinics and shooting Tau pulse pistols at the PDF, it's obvious. When they've made a private deal with a handful of people in the government, ("break from the Imperium, we'll back your play") it can be covert.

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my primary source is the Taros Campiagn ATM, really good book, and if it wasn't for a sector patrol stalking suspicious ships, they'd of never known it was the Tau...

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>A hive world numbers from "close to" to "well into" the trillions individuals.
How does Terra manage to be the largest with 500 billion then?

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Yup. Most of my players for Dark Heresy are very... "IT'S CHAOS BLAM!"

So far, it has never been chaos. Tau, genestealer cults, even simple idealistic rhetoric. But never chaos. I like to think in the 40k universe it is only chaos 1/10 times, there are plenty of evils out there.

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I don't think Terra is the largest world by far. It's population is either bureaucrats or soliders/custodes.

Pilgrims don't live there, so are not part of the population.

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Will they have to root out some Tau Empire Nagi agents?

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I always thought of Terra as Trantor since that's obviously what they took the inspiration from.

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To my knowledge, Terra isn't considered a hive world. I mean, don't get me wrong, the entire surface is citified, but the i don't think the population density is that of a hiveworld.

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yeah, our players too, especially when I chuck in a rogue pskyer attacking the PDF who got missed by the black ships and doesn't know how to control his powers

current missions ideas are

>retooled Core book adventure against Insurrectionists
>hearts-and-minds / purge-and-burn to get a factory running (players choice)
>tracking down a squad of deserters through the underhive (they're not told they're deserters)
>Dissrupting a "ritual", (actually mistranslation from code) it's disttupting a Meeting between leaders and tau
>investigating missing patrols/insurrectionists in the lowlands (proper tau discovery mission)
>Defending their own base from other guardsmen (one of the other generals likes the Tau's offers)
>tracking Rebel leaders to a mine and being tricked by a Tau trap, they'll be sealed in the mines and need to rally the workers to escape
>being part of a big push, then being re purposed to try to capture a prototype tau suit before it can be recovered

I'm trying to stop it becoming a total dungeon crawl, and these aren't all the missions

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In what condition do you need the hiveworld after the rebellion has been ended?

Because, seriously, the IG could just pick any of the varied, complex means of exterminatus to wipe all life off the planet.

Don't care if the structures are intact? Bomb the shit out of it from orbit.

Want buildings intact but civilians dead? Virus Bombs, spread a fatal sickness throughout the world, leave most buildings intact. Then go structure-to-structure. (Caution: may improve living conditions for Nurgleites.)

Want to only kill the rebels, and keep citizens alive? Now we're looking at a job for the IG to send people down on foot. LOCAL people. Tithe the PDF, in full, and put them back down as boots on the ground to quell the rebellion.

Have signs of chaos or xeno taint on the planet, that could be stopped at the source? Inquisition has crack surgical strike teams to deal with that.

Just a morale issue? Drop in some space marines, and you'll fix things real quick.

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Tranch Wars are in the Inquisitors splatbook for Dark Heresy. It's and Imperial Guard background.

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>Why no exterminatus?

It is often forgotten that only the space marine chapters actually carry the exterminatus weapons. There could no Astartes in the area.

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You need to REALLY mislead them into thinking it chaos. I'm forever GM, so it's the most fun I get.

Chuck in a few mutated human, actually underhivers brought out by the acceptance of the Tau. Add a patrol going missing from an "unknown attacker, killed everyone to a man." Then, maybe something about half glimpsed shadows (stealth suit teams?) and go with the shady Inquisitor not telling anyone why he is there.

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Imperial Navy can just bombard it to all hell, which works.

And if you think the Inquisition does not have 100 ways to end all life on a planet then you're still wrong.

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yeah, the inital tau contacts will be purely pathfinders and an etheral.

lots of falling rubble, moving trees and things that were there a second ago

also sounds of unknown (pulse) weapons fire and when they get around the corner there's just going to be a burnt out chimera and maby a surviving guardsman, blabbering about massive armoured figures who moved to fast to track and blew up the convoy in seconds... (Space Marines! not...)

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>still wrong
I don't think i deserved that sass.

It's a fact that all exterminatus class weapons are carried by the Astartes. Navy can bombard, sure, but that's not exterminatus. The inquisition may have many unofficial means to end life on a planet, but those would be considered radical and would warrant a wider investigation.

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Remains of a Kroot Carnivore ambush and eviscerated corpses could be used as well.

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You're better of just going full Exterminatus.

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How about a twist!?
In truth, the civilian populace are loyalist and all the PDF turned traitors.
BAM now we want to save the planet and you get all your trouble - without exterminatus being the option

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>>It's a Navy operation, not IG, is my point. It would be IG if half the world were loyal and half were in rebellion, that's when you worry about taking territory. But if they're all fucking rebels, you drop the nasty on them, wait a year for the plague to run its course, then ship in a shitload of colonists. "Here's a week of iron rations, here's a lasgun. You see any of the original inhabitants, you shoot them. Anything you find is yours, bar imperial relics. Tithe is due in ten years, get to work."

I think I just found the plot of my long-planned Dark Heresy/Fallout/Paranoia crossover...

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The Imperium also can't afford to just exterminate planets willy nilly, particularly hive worlds because they provide so much raw material (see: people) to the Imperium.

The last inquisitor that exterminatus'd multiple planets in quick succession had his inquisitor's liscense revoked.

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I like it. The Arbites were wiped out in the inital clash but managed to send a distress signal out.
The populace (which is somehow loyal to the imperium despite the shitty conditions and the promise of a better life from the tau) could hold up the Judges as heroes and marytrs, galvanizing them against the xeno and traitor. They could salvage arbite weapons and armor as a guerilla force, enacting justice on the traitors.

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This sounds about right.

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One of Chaos's greatest weapons is convincing everyone it's behind everything even though it really isn't

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Navy cary exterminatus weapons too

Cyclonic torpedos and Other warheads can be used, infact the smallest ship was a Cobra destroyer, mentioned in WD 300 or so

also, after the heresy do you really think they'll trust ONLY marines with exterminatus

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It also makes it bloody easy for the GM to have the opponents be tactically sound.
and they are loyal to the imperium because they are loyal citizens of the empire - they need no further proof! (the Emperor sheds a tear because of their loyalty. Meanwhile and inquisitor is very curious to find out why these people are so loyal as he clearly expected the opposite to happen)

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It should be noted that virus bombs cause massive fire storms and WOULD damage the infrastructure, and it would take centuries for a de-populated hive to reach efficiency again.

Exterminatus is never the ideal choice.

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None. All it would take is ships. Very few Hive Worlds are self-sustaining. All you'd have to do is get a battlegroup of ships to blockade the planet and they'll tear themselves apart in due time. Once they are all starving there will be a second populist uprising to kill the rebel leaders and the Imperium gets to stroll right back in. Put on a few executions of any leaders still alive, repossess and redistribute lands and assets to people who are regarded and loyal and then use the uprising as an excuse to make the population work even longer hours than they did before.

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It depends on the nature of the hive. Often times, recapturing the valuable infrastructure is more important - it could take a very long time for a hive world to starve depending on it's situation.

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>suggestions that the Imperium uses exterminatus

Hives very rarely exist just to be population centers. They provide labor to some vital industry - manufacturing, mining, agriculture, etc. Even Virus Bombing, which directly targets organic life, causes planet wide firestorms via methane (from all the rotting material) which could damage valuable equipment. Not to mention hive re-population could take valuable decades or even centuries.

>Blockade and starve

Despite it's reputation for cutthroat skullduggery, the imperium lasts because it benefits it's subjects. It operates under a feudal contract - protection in exchange for protection and resources. Reneging on that contract and leaving an entire planet and it's rulers to die sets a bad example and precedent - other planets would be inspired to revolt because "They're not going to protect us when it inconveniences them anyway". Additionally, the Imperiums own religion makes the reclamation of human inhabited worlds a moral and spiritual imperative, nothing less than a mandate from the living god himself.

A full scale hive rebellion would likely call down nothing less than an Imperial Guard crusade, possibly backed by Space Marines and Ecclesiarchal troops.

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6th ed rulebook (pg 154) states that Space marines carry exterminatus weapons.

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>> No.24669734

right there in the post, White Dwarf, Around about issue 300

does it say space marines carry, or ONLY space marines carry? I don't have a 6th ed book to hand ATM

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my b.

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Space Marines can carry small cyclonic torpedos IIRC

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sorry, that was just to provide a picture that the discussion was about. it wasn't meant to be proof of either argument. I'm not actually part of this argument.

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So it's not just the Astartes.

>> No.24669954

This falls more in line with the stuff that can be read in BFG about Exterminator ships. But, looking at the lexicanum entry for exterminatus, I can see how >>24667316
was confused.

The dangers of wiki extend even to our hobby!

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yeah, that's fine

the inital point I disputed was
>It's a fact that all exterminatus class weapons are carried by the Astartes.
>all exterminatus class weapons

this is wrong, astartes do carry exterminatus weapons, but they'e not the only people. Any imperial navy ship can carry Cyclonic torpedos and The life eater visus is held in a pod (in the HH novels, this may of changed) small enough that it can be handled by servitors and people. so presumably could replace any torpedo or macro-cannon shell warhead

so yeah, not just the marines

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As the original poster, i apologize for my lies and slander. I submit myself to the Emperor's Justice.

>> No.24670017

Just one Cadian regiment could do it, but it would take ten regiments from any other world.

>> No.24670067

Re: exterminatus

the following link provides a good compilation and discussion of exterminatus's power, implementation, etc.


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>there are plenty of evils out there.

Most of which don't live in the dark recesses of the human mind. Chaos is everywhere mankind is, Tau are not.

>> No.24670430

Most Hive Worlds have a few hive spires surrounded by inhospitable landscape. Terra is built shut. All the seas are underground reservoirs, Imperial palace covers good portion of Europe and North Atlantic, etc.

3e rulebook lists Hive World population between 100 and 500 billion.

>> No.24670433

>The PCs assassinate the ethereal and Fire Caste go crazy. Combined with the bloodshed from a ground war on the Hiveworld, and but a single rogue psyker, a Khornite daemon incursion takes the planet.

>> No.24670484

Are those hives forge worlds as well ? Or just giant breeders for the IG ?

>> No.24670608

Forge Worlds are a whole different thing.

Hive Worlds are very industrial too and are one of the key industrial sites in the Imperium. If Forge World is MIT and Silicon Valley, Hive Worlds are the Chinese sweat shops making 90% of the everyday goods.

I think feudal worlds are the primary recruiting worlds for IG, since while Hive Worlds might have tons of people, just try to recruit some hive gangers. Feudal worlds, which probably don't even know space exists, are simple minded enough to make nice troops to brainwash into service, and the harsh conditions weed out the weak ones, so they're already natural fighters to begin with.

>> No.24670635

>> No.24670641

Feudal worlds can also provide raw materials given their largely undeveloped nature. The Imperium goes to great lengths to get raw materials, including ocean and planet core extraction, leaving some worlds hollow and more broken that what the tyranids do to them.

Source: Planetkill

>> No.24670656

err excuse me...I don't remember if the planet type was mentioned, only that it had been extensively mined. Those were two seperate thoughts that weren't well seperated.

>> No.24670710

And colonists and other repopulation material come from hive worlds or others ?

>> No.24670766

Yes, but feudal worlds are often very low tech, not always even industrial revolution scale, so extracting resources is slow and what they get is likely consumed by the planet itself.

According to 3e rulebook Civilized Worlds are probably the most common ones (given their bread definition, being a self-sufficient world with contemporary technology and doesn't fit into any of the other categories) and include mining worlds. There's also asteroid mining, etc.

>> No.24671177

Hive worlds are the primary source of population and repopulation in the Imperium.

>> No.24671398

>I do not believe that in the 41st millenium the technology still exists to make them gene specific
Incorrect. It's been stated that exterminatus-grade bioweapons have been keyed to wipe out specific individuals before.

>> No.24671454

were those 41st millenium usages or 31st millenium references?

>> No.24671695

If the guard learn that the rebellion was incited by the tau and take out the tau infiltators, will the tau withdraw their interests in the planet or launch a full scale invasion?

>> No.24671761

It depends what sort of opposition or reprisal they can expect

>> No.24672203

Other planets would be inspired to revolt? How? The Imperium has a monopoly on timely interstellar communications via control of the Astropaths.

>> No.24672985

Have they ever sent just one regiment for anything?

>> No.24673534

That sounds like the start of a lightbulb-based joke.

"Lord Sector The planetary Governor reports that his local PDF forces are in revolt, his pet kitten is stuck in a tree, and the glow lamp in his room has burnt out! He requests immediate aid!"

"Hmmmmm we'll need at least one regiment to..."

>> No.24674698

where did you get that art? from hamer of the emprah? if so do you have a link?

>> No.24675917

Hmm. the book actually says that Astartes *personally carry* exterminatus down to the ground. Navy bombards, and Inquisition uses the *really* fun weapons.

So that's all major branches of the human war machine (if you count Navy as part of the guard) armed with means and methods of destroying a planet.

>> No.24677837

How many imperial guard regiments does it take to rescue a kitten?

>> No.24678421

The real question is how many guardsmen will be executed for cowardice in the line of duty while trying to rescue the aforementioned kitten.

>> No.24678607

You're sure it's not the Navy? I thought the Space Marine's thing was that all their sweet tech was designed to get them onto the ground and killing installations as fast as possible.

>> No.24678624


Yeah. 100 to 500 billions people... per Hive. And there's betwween a couple and a score Hives on each world.

>> No.24678656

Answer: As many as it requires!

>> No.24678772

Depends on if the planet is weaker or stronger for the fighting.

100 regiments come in, 100 bloodied regiments come out sitting on a slightly rubbly world a few months later? Well the garrison technically has more than tripled, they'd probably withdraw, wait for the guard to pack up and leave(then attack. Or wait for the guard to START withdrawing so they're unprepared for the assault) or have agents try to stir shit up again.

>> No.24678827

The thread answers this question.

The previous anon,>>24667316
was mislead by the lexicanum.

>> No.24679295

>per Hive

So does this mean Feudal Worlds 10-500 million people per Feudal and Death Worlds have 15 million to a thousand people per Death?

5e rulebook says that Hive World population is in hundreds of billions and the hive world example has a population of 154 billion.

>> No.24679362


Huh? Oh this has been updated. My bad, I was still going with the old Necromunda description of Hive Primus.

But even then, you'll still need a lot of 10000 man strong regiments to keep a populace of 150 billions individuals in check!

>> No.24680681

Launch a full scale invasion, the force was already on on it's way, the guard just got there first (for once)

Hammer of the Emperor release anouncement, FFG site

>> No.24681760

Yeah, because as we all know, the Underhive of Necromunda is such a quite place.

I'm sure cops and other security details would be keeping the peace, instead of soldiers. And who needs lots of troops, when everyone's packed in and not going anywhere? Want to escape, go ahead, live in the wastes an die. There's no point in policing the slums, let the rats fight it out. Just keep them out of the better upper parts. If the dudes were all spread out, you'd need lots of dudes to keep tabs on them, but stack them all into a small space and put a few gunmen up on a tower to shoot anyone who gets out of line, and you'll be fine.

The 5e rulebook hive world, as I remember, had an annual tithe of 2,000,000 troops. Since tithe is 1/10 of the armed forces (in general), that would mean the planet has a standing army of 20,000,000. In the 3rd war of Armageddon they raised 120 regiments of Hive Militia. Even if there were 100,000 dudes per regiment (Valhallan numbers), it's still just 12,000,000.

>> No.24681887

Mordia┬┤s a hive world? damn, never stop learnin.

>> No.24681976

yup, also tidally locked so the Iron guard live/train in the dark

>> No.24682430

>A regiment being in the very best of cases 10k soldiers strong,
You realize that at Vraks, 34 regiments lost 14 million guardsmen?

>> No.24682458

>The 5e rulebook hive world, as I remember, had an annual tithe of 2,000,000 troops
I don't think Hive Worlds have a fixed tithe. Like every other planet in the Imperium, their tithe depends on population/importance/manufacturing<wbr> output/is it an astartes homeworld?/etc.

And thus varies from hive world to hive world.

>> No.24682485


Reinforcements have arrived!

(I mean, 10k men is the nominal number of men at the foundation of the regiment. The Vraks campaign was an epic clusterfuck of a meat grinder requiring contant resupply.)

>> No.24682508

But still, if the regiments are only 10000, then those regiments would have been killed to the man almost 42 times over.

Also there is no "nominal number of men" at the foundation of a regiment. The Imperium of Man cannot into uniformity. Regiment size is very much dependent on homeworld tithe grade and traditions.

Vostroya is apparently specially notable for reinforcing regiments instead of leading them die off an making entirely new ones.

>> No.24682540

Gonna paint a Tau Hammerhead soon, any good paint schemes out there?

>> No.24682565

It's possible Krieg regiments are larger at founadation, but I'm 100% certain of reading in the 5th edition rulebook: "IG regiments are not standardized in the Imperium, with figthing strengts variating between a couple hundred of soldiers to a score of thousands"

But yeah, you know how it is with 40k and it's fluff... A clusterfuck of often contradicting sources.

>> No.24682596

That's what makes it fun for homebrewing fluff!
And not so fun arguing about official fluff.

>> No.24682645

>not basking in the glory of the quantum canon
Filthy casual.

>> No.24682674

Wrong on both counts. Individual hives may have a few billion at most and infantry regiments are supposed to be baselined at around 150000. 10000 is closer to what a mechanized infantry unit would have.

All told, a fair number, but no more than 100 for a major hiveworld.

>> No.24682698

They don't care about the people. They can always bring in more people after all.

It's the industry and the infrastructure of a hive world that makes Exterminatus unfavorable.

>> No.24682719


Dude, please, get yourself to the fucking 40kwiki or Lexicanum, and read the actual numbers either there, or in the books referenced.

>> No.24682802

If you go to Lexicanum he's right at the first part.
Namely that a hive world wouldn't have trillions of people. The largest known hive world has a population of half a trillion.

Though he's wrong in think there's a baseline of anything in the Imperium when it comes to unit sizes.

>> No.24685919


Empra no. Exterminartus, despite what /tg/ believes, is reserved for the occasions where there is no possibility of reclaiming the planet eventually or where its continued existence poses a threat to the surrounding systems/sectors. A mere dozen hives in open revolt? The Imperium would ship in fifty siege regiments, and a Cruiser squadron to achieve orbital superority. If the planet is of high strategic value, perhaps the local spess mahreen chapter will be petitioned to conduct a joint operation, with the intent that the mahreens will take out the system and orbital defenses before the main force arrives. Sector Command would call it "Operation Average Monday." The war would last fifty years and claim twenty seven million lives, with millions more lost in the following purges.

And it would be far cheaper then using cyclonic torpedoes to wipe the entire planet from existence. Anyone who runs around declaring Exterminartus willy nilly in the Imperium tends to come under heavy investigation quite quickly, Inquisitor or not. Joe Inquisitor may technically have unlimited power, but in practice it's quite a different matter.

>> No.24686029

I'm running a Deathwatch game right now with this kinda the issue.
The kill team is tasked with disabling anti-battleship towers around the hive so the Navy can move in close to start bombardment and landing in the hive city.
But from how the campaign has been going. It only takes 5 space marines, one combat servitor, a servo skull, 5 high yield explosives, and a lot of bullets to bring a hive city to it's knees.
Time to drop the orks in

>> No.24686068

>Operation average monday
>not Wrathful Geko

do you even operate?


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