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>The blacksmith engraves her name on your blade after repairing it.

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give her the S

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But of course. The family business is a good one.

Come along, dear, we must find an Inn...

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Fair enough. Work of art, manufacturer's mark, etc.
What, your blacksmith doesn't?

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I only wish her name wasn't 'Tinycox'

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Is that a common practice? Some sort of flirtation?

I'm sorry I'm not altogether knowledgeable on the traditions and customs of blacksmiths. If it doesn't impair the blade its not really a big deal though.

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Not after repairing it.

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When can I expect it back?
I need to get some dragon killed.

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Whore, either you're flirting with me or you just fucked my sword up for no good reason. My explicitly-homosexual life partner won't be impressed. MAKE IT AGAIN.


You don't put your maker's mark on the blade, that creates a weak point.

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Could he forge me some new sides?

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I inform the original craftsman that she is trying to pass of his workmanship as her own.

I suspect the assassin's guild will be getting some work shortly...

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Depends on what you are going to use them for.

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I politely yet firmly request she remove the name. If she was forging me a blade I would be fine with it, but she is attempting to claim the sword is her's when it really isn't.

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Add some character. Thanks.

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>The bicycle repairwoman engraves her telephone number on your steering wheel after reparing it

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fuckin Narc.

Snitches get stitches.

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Yeah, sure, I'll call you in the morning.

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>turns out her name is an ancient Sumerian death curse

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My PC would be somewhat annoyed. What if he his body was lost and all they recovered was his sword, no one would know he was dead. Or his deeds attributed to another's name. My PC is a member of a tribe that would likely be upset at never knowing one of their greatest warriors fate. Or if that's just the custom of the land he's in he'd just hold his tongue and deal with it.

But then again if it was flirting he's likely bang her and have the name removed by another black smith at his earliest convenience.

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> bicycle
> steering wheel

I am apparently somewhat eccentric.

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And then when some nigger steals my bike the number will be passed around the hood and she ends up a single mother with 4 black kids.

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Does that mean my blade now has the death-effect when it strikes enemies?

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>implying katanas are even swords

That shit is a ceremonial piece at best, not intended for actual use.

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"Huh, that's an exotic name. Exploding Ru-"

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If anyone ask about the name I'll tell them she's my girlfriend.
If it's a nice name I'll start calling thw sword that.

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Vaarsuvius strikes again.

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>implying that 1 mm thick engraving has any effect on durability
It's made of steel, not balsa wood.

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Oh boy, here we go...

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My blade
She already has a name

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This post made me sad

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That's pretty neat actually.

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They are more like giant razors. There is a reason Samurai did not wear heavy plate like European knights and that is because a Katana would cleave through it like cheese so there was no real point.

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Reminds me of Mr. X, who on question "Is there a Mrs. X?" raised his sword and said "This is Mistress X!"

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Uhh... sorry? Kinda meant that girlfriend part as a joke.

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>tfw her name is unisex and your party thinks you engraved the name of some secret mancrush on your blade

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I know you aren't serious but Samurai did wear armour

Also the spear and bow were as much if not more prominent weapons for samurai in warfare.

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>The blacksmith engraves her tavern room number on your blade after repairing it.

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"Ah, I see you've decided to purchase my sword. And without even asking the price! You must really love this sword. Now, it looks to me like your life savings should just about cover the bill."

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Masterful bait.

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Thats cool, my fighter is a woman

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Weaboo detected.

Longsword >>> Katana

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but this razor-like bevel is also a weakness, while a convex ground edge will slice through material better than a concave one, a long bevel is not as strong as a shorter, thicker one

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>not having her own damn house
Dude, you don't carry a smithy around.

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I remember reading a thread that started with this image, something about a blacksmith's daughter.
It made me cry, I don't remember why.

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She uses her room at the tavern for discrete hookups with passing adventurers, obviously

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>Also the spear and bow were as much if not more prominent weapons for samurai in warfare.

This. Samurai were trained to be versatile with a wide variety of weaponry. The katana is just iconic.

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>working on weaponry

Call the Guild, they're going to want to have words with this criminal scum.

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I feel like is trying to take credit for the work of the dude who actually made the blade. Like, she saw the excellent craftsmanship and took the opportunity to attribute it to herself so the next time I'm in combat and some people see my blade decapitating someone and read 'Sarah Blondeforge' on it, they're going to think wow that's sharp I want one and increase her business.

But I will not be her commercial stooge. When I decapitate someone, I do it for ME!

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A bike with a steering wheel? Where do you get your bikes, Anon?

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No. My blacksmith marks the tang, not the blade.

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Maybe she just carries the hammer, anvil and sharpen wheel thingy with her.

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>>Not having a steering wheel on your bike

Plebs detected

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Yeah, and she tells all the present villagers she personally knows how she is not gonna fuck that stranger in that room she permanently rented.
Do you even village?
If you don't want to be seen, you meet in the forest and make up a good reason to leave the village some days in advance.

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So long as it's the handle of the blade and the repair work was pretty extensive I'm okay with this.

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How do you know its a village and not a town?

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Pardon me, sir, but I believe you meant discreet.
Please exercise caution when handling your grammars.

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>You don't put your maker's mark on the blade, that creates a weak point.

... That's where every maker's mark I've ever seen goes.

I mean, I just google image-searched "maker's mark sword", and EVERY SINGLE PIC of a makers mark has it on the blade. This might be the dumbest post I've seen on /tg/ in a whole 5 minutes.

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Since she repaired the blade insyead of making it I doubt it's to mark her work. It sounds to me like she wants me to remember her or is trying to get my attention.

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>Not naming your daughters after ancient death curses

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This is like how every car dealership puts some shitty decal on the back of your car. When I bought my most recent car, I made them take it off or I said I'd buy somewhere else

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For the time it hardly matters.
Few towns with one inn have enough people to grant a blacksmith anonymity.

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people talk out of their butts often

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Actually, most of them seem to be on the ricasso, which is also acceptable to me. If you put your mark on the tip of the blade you're an ostentatious fuck and I will no longer burden you with my custom.

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At least she didn't engrave the words "SLUT" across my breastplate...
It really is good armor, though...

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Fair enough. I carve my number on her ass.

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>not naming your daughter "I prepared explosive runes today
fugging bleb :DDDDD

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Just so long as it's in order. I'm keeping that list of women i've banged chronological.

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You. I like you.

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Nobody ever did that.

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Tabletop roleplaying game settings don't usually have many hangups about casual sex

Maybe the room at the tavern is far more comfortable than the one at her forge. Seems plausible enough.

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No one even mentioned the tip, are you stupid or being obtuse on purpose

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I once had a character who named his daughter "Power Word: Kill"

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But I only engrave the names of people I've killed on my sword. She's kinda cute, but I've got to keep things consistent.

Stabbity stab stab.

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>Actually, most of them seem to be on the ricasso, which is also acceptable to me

The ricasso is part of the blade, you dope. And a majority of period swords seem to have them on the forte.

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Rolled 95

I had better get a discount for this blatant advertisement

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>They are more like giant razors. There is a reason Samurai did not wear heavy plate like European knights and that is because a Katana would cleave through it like cheese so there was no real point.

for a katana (blade thickness of approximately 3mm at the spine to "cleave through" a breastplate of 1.6mm average thickness, with no heat-treatment, and therefore a hardness in the reagion 230 Vickers hardness, for a length of 300mm or about 12 inches, sufficient for a cleaving cut to go deeply into the body, would require approximately 20.000 joules of energy.

To put that into perspective, that is roughly the same amount of force required on a "test your strength" machine, you hit a 1 kg weight vertically to an altitude of nearly 750 metres - or for those in the US, roughly the same amount of foce as to be able to launch a 2 pound weight 1/2 a mile into the sky.

If the supposed swordsman can " cleave through it like cheese", then my solution would be to wear kryptonite. Becasue that swordsman is clearly not human, but may infact wear red underpants on the outside of his clothes, and an S on his chest.

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See the image supplied by >>24663907
See the end of the fuller? That mark is on the tip.

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Hmm. Does this mean if I'm a healer can I brand people with my name after patching them up?

Preferably just beneath the scar for the free advertising when they show it off.

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Jesus Christ, this. Heavy Plate would fuck up the thin, brittle edge of a Katana easily. The katana was the perfect weapon for the armor it faced, which was mostly lacquered wood and layers of boiled, hardened leather armor.

A Samurai fighting a knight would wisely leave his damn Katana sheathed and use his polearm to fight; which would be a good match for the Knight's own polearm and/or Germanic longsword.

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Pretty much. Trying to cut steel apart with steel is like trying to cut cheese with a knife made of cheese.

Try it and see what happens.

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No idiot, you have to either stitch it, or if you got the skill shape the scar like your initials.

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>In the Forest
Enjoy your hobgoblins you fucking moron.

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Well, I had to glue a bunch of Grey Knights together to form the blade but I managed to do it.

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Did the Japanese use blunt, heavy weapons such as axes, maces and flails?

>> No.24664142

They can join in, too.

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More like threesome between Hunky McAdventurer, a sexy sweaty blacksmith and a voluptuous nymph.

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I'm not even sure who is trolling who at this point.

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>not forging black people

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>. Heavy Plate would fuck up the thin, brittle edge of a Katana easily.

its not even that.
even if the thin edge were of unobtanium and were perfectly capable of making the atoms of the metal spring apart, it would still have to bend and push the metal around it away to allow it to pass through.

that's what takes the metric fucktonne of energy.

that's what makes "cut through armour" utter bullshit.

Play Baseball? think of the amount of force it takes on a perfect strike to send the ball right out the park.
Now think of how much force it would take to send the ball right out of your *city* and land in the next county.

that's the amount of force you'd need to cut through, pretty much.

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Yes. I don't know if samurai did though.

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I look forward to your deserved and violent demise by rapist bugbears.

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I forget the name but they had some large studded club like weapon. It's the same weapons they believed demons used.

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That's racist.

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Boy, you look just like a hog.

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That's black.

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>2nd from the top
Is that just a smooth metal rod? Talk about bare bones armament.

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Only one thing left for my sword to become intelligent. Bathe it in her blood. Demonic Swords. Fuck yeah.

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They did. They were known to use those studded clubs I can't remember the name of.

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It's like leaving your phone number on the receipt. She'd like to give some more of your belongings a good pounding when you've got the time.

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Damnit /tg/!
Why there must be so many blacksmith daughters that goes to do a shitty job ruining our hardly gained swords?!?

A fitting punishment for her, would be to force her to change her name...and force the father to not accept her as his own daughter anymore. Just as she did on the sword.

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>I perform a Simba on her after "repairing" her

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That's the tetsubo. I believe the jutte was more common though.

Yes, but in war they were more likely to be using bows than anything else.

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Rolled 6, 1, 4, 1, 5, 7, 8, 3, 5, 8, 4, 3, 3, 5, 1, 1, 2, 7, 7, 1, 2, 1, 1, 5, 7 = 98

But I don't have a blade.

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This is why you are still a virgin Anon

>> No.24664238

>be wizard
>arcane mark on her ass
>somatic component is a slap

>> No.24664262

Gimme a second to google. Whatever they're called they look badass.

>> No.24664264

the jitte was more of an off-hand sword catcher than blunt weapon, wasn't it?

>> No.24664265

I'm a bard, so i got her name... address... and the hilt is now wrapped in her nether garments...

>> No.24664268

>You don't put your maker's mark on the blade, that creates a weak point.

Many a retard comment I'Ve read, but this one certainly is at least a 7/10.

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One thing is having sex.
Another thing is taking credit for something you didn't do, going against the wishes of the one that put energies and resources over the object they built with devotion with weeks of efforts.

I don't mind an evil person, but nobody likes a douchebag.

>> No.24664289

I remember a hero unit in TW:SII that used those. Damn if those guys weren't nasty.

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I use the blade to engrave my name on her heart.

>> No.24664304

Okay, looks like both are right. They seem to be diffrent versions of the same thing. Either way they look awesome and are efective to who cares right?

>> No.24664312

>not having romantic, intimate sex with your lover out in the forest, out in the free, but yet private

>> No.24664325

Jokes on them.
I don't know how to read.

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The power of my love is in that engravement! It makes your blade stronger than any other!

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>Out in the free
>Yet private
Someone's always watching. It's usually me. Ruining voyeur sex is my fetish

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the first two were for law enforcers much like a cops night stick

>> No.24664451

>Trying to cut through plate armour
Just get a mace or a hammer.

>> No.24664466

Lucerne hammers will fuck you up, man.

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That they will

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>The fletcher's daughter gives you a bundle of arrows, wrapped with a red ribbon and the tips are heart shaped.

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I fuck her.

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>> No.24664813

I appreciate the sentiment, but I feel like there may be an issue, penetrating-the-iron-hide-of-a-vicious-beast-wise...

>> No.24664840

Dear god
What hath your DM wrought

>> No.24664850

But i don't even have a bow...

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She's a seer. And that's witchcraft. And that earns a burning on a stake

>> No.24664883

Really, the natural armour of most gigantic monsters are tougher than any full plate...

Thank god DMs haven't mastered the 'dragon in full plate' tactic yet.

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My PC's weren't happy when they found a dragon who had a set of mithril lamellar armor made for him.

>> No.24664919

>not mettle

I don't know if I should be annoyed or not

>> No.24664933

You ruined my fucking sword. I'm not paying you for this.

>> No.24664959

Well, it wouldn't do a whole lot rules-wise.

>> No.24665016

In 3.5/Pathfinder, armour and natural armour stack. Could even give the dragon a shield or Ring of Force Shield.

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It's a pun

>> No.24665103

That's just stupid cheese, though. Where's the dragon going to find all that metal to cover his scaly ass? How does he take it off or put it on? It just seems like a contrived way to say "Fuck you" to the party.

>> No.24665116

>tiny asian manlet beating a massive german knight
weeabo pls

unless the chink stabbed him in a chink in armor while he was laughing uncontrollably at having to face a midget this scenario is unrealistic

>> No.24665150

He's a Dragon. Wearing Shiny Wealth is like carrying your hoard with you. It probably had gold trim and encrusted gemstones too.

>> No.24665483

Well seeing as how he forged that blade himself I find it unlikely that he wouldn't repair it himself. Maybe she puts her name on a sword she forged to try to impress him.

>> No.24665562

That does it. I'm cutting her head off and she can have this newly minted slab of scrap as her gravestone. Time to get a new sword!

If you're not the master of master blacksmiths and the wielder asks for your name on it just so he has proof it's genuine, you shouldn't be putting your name on a wanderer's sword.

>> No.24665578

>chink stabbed him in a chink
i loled

>> No.24665595

>A Samurai fighting a knight would wisely leave his damn Katana sheathed and use his polearm to fight; which would be a good match for the Knight's own polearm and/or Germanic longsword.

Hell, that's provided he's even in close range. Otherwise, he's shooting the knight with his bow and arrow.

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>> No.24665717

I'm slightly disturbed at how many people instantly resort to


You don't HAVE to live up to the murderhobo stereotype lads.

>> No.24665735

More people chose sex than murder, I think.

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You can't escape your true self. And that sword was a family heirloom that she ruined

>> No.24665760

Fuck you, nothing beats the hobo life, stabbin' people with my hobo knife.

>> No.24665819
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>nothing beats the hobo life, stabbin' people with my hobo knife
Stop trying to get me to compose a song

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No, because you know why?
Because it really doesn't matter how somebody is hung, all that is important, is how to use your tongue.

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All that delitizedation needs to end
I also need to write a song about murderhobos

>> No.24665943

So she wants to do a little advertising. I don't get mad at car repair places for slapping that little oil change reminder sticker in my car.

>> No.24665967

My google-fu has failed me, please enlighten me.
And I'd love to hear a murderhobo song.

>> No.24666002

Let's not go there, just google delitized

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Oh no, it's not vore, it's so much more

>> No.24666131
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So... Sword swallowing?
Just to keep it on topic.

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Why don't you simply melt the sword down and drink it? It just looks so troublesome the other way

>> No.24666211

>tfw there are so many manly weapons from switzerland

>> No.24666244

well, of course i [misogyny misogyny misogyny], then [misogyny] and [misogyny] right after [misogyny].
[neckbeardy assertion of supreme manliness], after all.

>> No.24666260

what if


what if, right

what IF


what if

we put the maker's mark


what if we put it

on the tang

>> No.24666269

My eyes. They're full of tumblr.

>> No.24666308

Welp... saved...

>> No.24666352

That better not be Tzeentch..
I haven't read the Draigo writefaggotry, but still.

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>implying this thread isn't full of answers like this
>implying we didn't have this thread before
>implying op isn't baiting

>> No.24666383

>implying this thread isn't full of answers like this
>implying we didn't have this thread before
>implying op isn't baiting
>implying this isn't shitposting

>> No.24666427

Shh, shh, it's okay. Draigo is hooked on Slaanesh cock now. Everything's going to be fine...

>> No.24666437

It's some schizophrenic who has a fetsh for having their body turned into things you would find in a deli.

Like, their heart turns into ham and their blood is turned into pizza sauce and ketchup and stuff.

>> No.24666459

As far as deaths go, that's not the worst way to go

>> No.24666461

>"cock" in a singular tense
dude. seriously.

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>mfw reading that.
Even I think this fetish is dumb.

>> No.24666558

Oh, no. They don't die. They're "permanently" transformed (he specifies "full permanent" before every transformation in to the list), tied up with cheese, and hop around "foreverially", happy and trying to lick everything with their full permanent ham and cheese tongue.

I'm not even sure it's a sexual thing. It literally might just be pure schizophrenia.

>> No.24666576

Or it might be a troll.
Please don't tell me it's not a troll, people who are actually like this makes me fear for the future of humanity

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Well shit, I lost my train of thought for the murderhobo jingle
You poor unfortunate soul

>> No.24666613

It's real anon. It's real and it scares me. But it's real.

>> No.24666627
File: 283 KB, 1280x800, 1362834406599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not the murderhobo song!

>> No.24666663
File: 890 KB, 500x257, tumblr_mfx45grBBh1r8tyjfo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You didn't deny if it was Tzeentch or a Changer..
>It's raining..

>> No.24666679

Bicycle steering wheel?

>> No.24666719
File: 131 KB, 769x737, 1367650139689.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't even know whats going on now.
Imma go do some stabin', hobo's are after my shoes!

>> No.24666747

Don't worry, after he finished beating the shit of out a daemon primarch in the warp, as well as nurgle and tzeetch, he was attracted to little boy slaanesh, so no more tears now...

>just dreams.jpg

>> No.24666766

Oh Megasweet you devious man. Have this, it's neat

>> No.24666809

Eh. It's no worse for that homestuck fan who has that weird fetish for healing sick people with crystals at the cost of their fingers getting gangly and elongated

ok maybe its a little worse

>> No.24666820

>I turn into a tsundere chibi man, pull her pants down, and hit it hard and fast in front of everyone in the room. I then dance out of the room like Shin-chan.

"I'll be back tonight with monster hides! Make sure you don't forget the beer!"

>> No.24666835
File: 37 KB, 100x100, 1366649105140.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh that's what crystal bony fingers is, my google-fu failed me

>> No.24666856

she's cute
I'll engrave my name above her shoppe

>> No.24666972
File: 56 KB, 1024x576, higa2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Daemon prince primarch
>Two gods
>All I feel is rage....
No... No, no no no... Nononono...
W- WARD!!!!!!!

>> No.24667117


There is this band called Rytmihäiriö. Basically all of their songs are about hobos getting drunk and killing their drinking buddies. Try the song "Laitapuolen Hyökkääjä"

>> No.24667149
File: 80 KB, 500x667, 1359654854632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I may have encountered finns before, but those are still moonrunes to me

>> No.24667197

If you just use "a" instead of "ä" and "o" instead of "ö" you should be fine.

>> No.24667232

Go back to /v/. The actually take shit like this seriously.

>> No.24667290 [DELETED] 

Funny-Games groups (not the forums) have a collection of truly atrocious ERPs. The only RPG I found seems to be grinding to a halt in the introduction phase. I only guess it'll have erotic elements later on since the GM stuck an 18+ in the title.
It seems to be a steampunky setting with airships, clockwork and dragons.
I'm not touching it but if someone wants to inject some new blood I'd like to see where it goes.


>> No.24667352 [DELETED] 

Aaand I seemed to have misfired.

>> No.24669094
File: 37 KB, 510x546, 1315598089738.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He never fought Tzeentch or Nurgle though

>> No.24669133
File: 83 KB, 213x229, Slaanesh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It states in the same fluff everything just comes back a few hours later like nothing happened

It's simply a representation of how futile it is to fight the warp since it is evergrowing and can't be stopped, no Draigo is stuck in the warp fighting the daemons in their own home where nothing changes, cause killing a daemon warp doesn't do anything

>> No.24669224


Called Armor Property from MIC allows you to immediately don any armor so enchanted with a thought.

There's another property in the Arms and Equipment Guide that drastically reduces the amount of time required to remove said armor as well, though if you're a magical dragon you probably have other methods of achieving the same result.

>> No.24671827
File: 71 KB, 300x300, troll thread.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24673068

>>The blacksmith engraves her name on your blade after repairing it.

"Oh, pardon me, this has your name on it, it must belong to you - let me give it back"

>>Stick it in the cow's stomach

>> No.24676324

Fucking bitch, that is an heirloom blade forged by the dwarves and given to my ancestors for their service defending the mountainhomes, you will remove that and restore it to it's proper state or you will find it sheathed in you

>> No.24676910

Blacksmiths give the worst handjobs.

>> No.24677045

fucking plebtier shit. my great aunt would request they slap as many advertisements as they fucking could onto the car and get the dealership to take a grand off the price for the free advertisement.

>> No.24677147

So what, if its well-made blade, and repairing it helps me defend the kingdom few more years again, then I dont mind.

If someone asks about it, I tell its the great Blacksmiths name there, find her at the Capital and get your own quality blade.

>> No.24677557


> "The fletcher's daughter."
> "i don't even have a bow."
> "...daughter."
> A woman ever giving you something practical or useful.

>> No.24677692

I know what the ladies like.
The ladies like a share of the Dragon's Horde.

>> No.24677761


>> No.24677943

>Not getting the names of all her sisters while banging her and her best friend.
>Not getting paid for doing so.

You still have a lot to learn, gr-asshoper.

>> No.24677996

I'm pissed because it was supposed to be unbreakable to begin with. The first time I can let pass, but a blacksmith being able to brand it? I bet that elixir of vigor and youth that I threw-up after drinking was actually just pig shit, huh?

>> No.24678058

My dm did.
He learned not to leave the gnome artificer near a cannon that he could understand and improve.

then again, I was banned from playing gnomes and artificers, or kepping any sort of firearm.

>> No.24678151

>White Dragon
>Gets him some Mythril fullplate
>Convinces local towns that he's a benevolent silver dragon
>Has them attack the vile, greedy PC's that threaten their safety/his life.

>> No.24678244

>go human form
>get armour made for you
>enchant with shapeshifting properties to change forms with you

>> No.24679396

Is it in magic runes?
Because I'm fine with adding more magic runes.
Else it'd better be the tang.

There's a thought. Would a consumer warranty for a weapon in high fantasy setting be in magic runes on the weapon? Runes of Warranty. Refund the adventurer's gold should the weapon be sundered.

>> No.24680964


Depends on whether I cared about the guy who made it.

If I did, I'd get annoyed because all she'd done was repair it. The mark is meant as advertising for the guy who made it, not the dozens of blacksmiths who have repaired it after I filleted some monsters with it.

>> No.24681000

guys guys, can we stop pretending like we are trolling somebody and get along?

you all are bad trolls i wont even bother linking your posts

>> No.24681029


>Claiming work that is not her own
>Not wearing eye protection
>Has clearly injured herself

1/10, would not bang

>> No.24681118
File: 32 KB, 359x336, ulfberht-viking-sword.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You don't put your maker's mark on the blade, that creates a weak point.

Ulfberht is disappoint.

>> No.24681232

Presumably the blade was damaged and had to be reforged. Fair enough that she adds her guild mark and, if she's a master smith, her own name or sign.
If she was being flirty, I'd probably make a big erotic metaphor about how I had another sword that was growing hot, and how I'd like for her to beat it until it was hard, and plunge it somewhere wet

>> No.24681237

well obviously I'm going to spank her with the flat of the blade...

>> No.24681261
File: 91 KB, 683x338, Passau Wolf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My sword has a wolf on it, to let women know I'm a wild beast who knows how to "howl at the moon" if you know what I mean.
Pros: Wolf on sword, shows off my awesome skills
Cons: Could fit a few more wolves on

>> No.24681280

stick it up her twat and offer to return the deposit.

>> No.24681299

You know, when my sword detects evil it hums softly...
would you look at that? Looks like somebodies been a naughty girl...

>> No.24681309

ask her if she wants to lick the tip...

>> No.24681321

1) Activate firebrand
2) Stab her in the gut
3) Fuck gut wound
4) Profit

>> No.24681330
File: 72 KB, 640x1084, goujian1va0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The blacksmith engraves her number on your blade after repairing it.


>> No.24681340

oh wait, you mean she is an actual smith? Not some phony baloney "smiths daughter" who fucked your sword up royal?

>> No.24681378

Nope! 100% real.

>> No.24681405

I think you mean that she'll end up, the town bicycle.

That was terrible, I'll be going now.

>> No.24681514
File: 14 KB, 219x229, 1366858152833.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sword ingraved
Bitch what did you do to my bow?!

>> No.24681588

That might reduce the range some... but those arrows would be a BITCH to pull out!

>> No.24681614

What! She's a terrible blacksmith, then!
Despite it being her profession, I'm sure she is lousy at it

I take my sword to a dwarf, or some burly guy who knows what he is doing

i guess she can suck my dick, though, if she was flirting with me.

>> No.24681634

well of course i [metacategorize peoples responses] [add snarky comment] [record for sinister purposes]

>> No.24681811

maybe it's a fountain of doubt?

>> No.24682249

>injured herself

you idiot. That's to protect her hand from the heat.

>> No.24682392


Bandages on her right hand, bro. My guess is work blisters from not having calluses or something.

Additionally that steel is too cold to work easily.

>> No.24682422

>Steering wheel
Nice one.

>> No.24682535

Blacksmiths smithed black iron like horse shoes, pots or latches for gates, not swords.

So my initial reaction would be demanding why the fuck she took my sword before I could have it repaired by an actual swordsmith.

Then I would compose myself, having remembered that Lucy Sandys-Clarke is a member of the aristocracy and in fact a descendant of William the Conqueror.

>> No.24682577

Not sure how I feel about this. I don't like the idea of having "Penish enhancement" engraved on my blade... I only ever visit blacksmiths called "Penis enhancement" by theway

>> No.24682716

Well you managed to break it, so I would assume you at least managed to kill ONE person.
In Europe, you could only give your sword names after they had tasted blood.
This tradition still lives on today in European militaries.

>> No.24682730

They even bought European plate an incorporated them into their O-yoroi (sp?).

Bullet proof armour had a certain appeal when you were about to charge 500 peasants with firearms.

>> No.24682754

Oh thanks, actually I love weapons with history.

>> No.24682776


so whats the story behind this

>> No.24682809

Define longsword please?
Do you mean an arming sword, a rapier, something else entirely..?

It's almost as if they were like... Japanese Knights or something.

That was actually quite popular in ye olde englande, since they even had songs about fucking in the forest.

>> No.24682842

>Define longsword please?
Come on, man.

>> No.24682855

They tried to do that at Jerusalem. Essentially you had pissed of knights filled with arrows just walking over and beating them while yelling something that translates best into "Durka Durka Jesus Jihad".
You need crossbows or firearms to stand a chance, and they never imported crossbows from Korea. So unless you're pitting Sengoku Jidai era samurai, from a time when people didn't field knights anymore, that's not a good idea.

Wrestling, polearms or lances might be their best bets.

>> No.24682883

I break her fucking arms and then kill her. This blade is the blade of my father and his father before him. Within it flows the legacy and spirit of an entire bloodline, and she dares to sully it with her name? She didn't even fucking forge it!

>> No.24682935

Your mother gives you practical things.
It's supposed to mean more when they don't give you things you just use all the time.

>> No.24683010

Oh look, there's a dozen different blades in one article!

And then there's Oakeshott's classification scheme, too, which seems to fit most descriptions of longswords too.

>> No.24683011
File: 57 KB, 324x750, 1354024808141187.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd stick my arrow in her quiver.

>> No.24683061

You fucking did it over the magic runes. Formerly my dagger could turn into a lightning bolt when you threw it, and then turned back when it hit so you could stab someone and smite them at the same time. Now the lightning part's broken, so it's a dagger that can turn into a dagger. How useful.

>> No.24683075

>A longsword (also spelled long sword, long-sword) is a type of European sword characterized as having a cruciform hilt with a grip for two handed use and a straight double-edged blade of around 100 to 122 cm (39 to 48 in)

Source: the first damn sentence in the entry.

>> No.24683169
File: 1.97 MB, 615x413, my sides died.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24683187

>a BITCH to pull out!

Well, with a round edge to it, pulling out would be more "clean" than the barbed arrow.

>> No.24683226
File: 40 KB, 376x183, Also forging everyone in the bar new sides afterwards.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not too long ago anon started a thread asking if a humble blacksmith and his daughter were welcome in a pub. Unfortunately anon did not separate his image folders and accidentally chose an image of a little girl getting fucked. Thus the chinsestial blacksmith was born.

>> No.24683394
File: 36 KB, 370x453, pillowtalk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


well ok that sounds pretty hilarious. Is the thread saved somewhere? Can't find anything on 1d4chan or sup/tg/

>> No.24683480

>expecting anything from suptg save for quests
It was a two-parter, anyways, one where he made the wrong thread and deleted it and the follow up where he posted te right picture and everyone made fun of him for last thread. Just look up chincest or sidesmith on foolz and have the oldest posts show first.

>> No.24683675

I heard Draigo's developed a taste for dat fine-ass warp dust

>> No.24683779

And for getting dommed by Slaanesh dressing up like JoJo.

>> No.24683887
File: 58 KB, 415x490, 00251386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's essentially a long short-sword.

>> No.24684948

But only the 14th and 15th century versions?

>> No.24685008

>The blacksmith engraves her name on your blade after repairing it
thats common, if she had engraved her phonenumber on the otherhand

>> No.24685160

But I have a lightsaber.

>> No.24685211
File: 40 KB, 534x1182, 1354542303130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Certainly good sir.

I loved these pictures the drawfags drew. Too bad nothing more came out of it.

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