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Hey, didn't see this in the Catalog, so I figured I should make one.

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We don't need to have every type of thread up at all times.

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I know, but I like Quest Generals. I was hoping that some people might also enjoy them.

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>I like Quest Generals

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Oh look, it's this troll again. How utterly pointless.

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Er, troll? How exactly is it trolling?

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Well there was a long discussion just yesterday, and another one earlier in the week, about how having daily QTG's was just riling people up, and there wasn't enough to say about quests to justify daily threads anyway.

The general consensus was to have one QTG a week, on Saturday. So if you missed both those threads, consider this a heads up, if you didn't, then I would imagine this is some attempt to make people angry about quests and troll the board.

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I never saw that thread. Is is in the Archives?

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Every thread is in the archives. And by this I mean every single thread including all deleted and purged threads. You can let foolz search all OPs for the the words "quest" and "general" to find nearly all of them, if you really like them that much.

The Saturday thread is here: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/24623098/

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At least you put quest in the subject field this time

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If anyone wants a laugh, read through this.


Started out as Zombie Quest, but it rapidly turned into Edgyquest.

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There is no need to make a thread to talk about Quests.

They're railroaded stories that allow for the people who partake in them to alter the course of the character's actions by extremely specific and limited amounts.

It's basically a visual novel without the visuals, and even though Quest threads are allowed on /tg/ there is no reason to clog up page 0 with even more fucking threads about them.

Please at least put quest in the subject field so we can filter you.

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Sure, sure keep believing what you want to believe. This thread is supposed to die anyway.

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Currently reading Shadow Quest and Ogre Civilization Quest. Getting into Predator Quest.

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You should've left it out of the subject field, that way buttmad fags wouldn't have been able to hide it

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Fuck you, you're just a dirty niggerbitch

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It's a poor quest that doesn't offer an "other" option, which no visual novel is capable of.

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Quest is in the subject field, though.

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>It's a full Moonblood tonight.

Fuckin loved that thread,

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Protip: NEVER put Quest in the subject field. If you do, the /v/ fags have already won.

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>/v/ is an enemy
>being courteous to others means they win

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Where the hell is Shadow Master? I neeeeeeed my CONSUME!

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A fat lot of good that did. There were just threads about quests instead which turned into impromptu Quest Generals. The filter is all one can do about it.

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It's still another hour and a half minimum till the time he said he'd start.

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Polite request from a fellow quester to keep these to Saturdays. All they do is stir up shitstorms if posted everyday.

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Hmm, I've been looking around and it seems a bunch of threads have been saved with different threads, still trying to find all of them, "shadow Quest" only seems to be for part 16 and 18p3 or something.

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The "other" option tends to function as "all of the above" though.

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Actually, I'm an archive reader, I'm usually not up this late. there doesn't seem to be another thread after 14?

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Now I'm going to post them every day just because you bitched. Look what you did now you stupid faggot. You could've just shut the fuck up.

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Shadow Master had some troubles archiving them. They're all there on suptg, just a pain in the ass to find. I suggest you use foolz instead.

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Yeah, I dunno what the deal with that was. Something about commas and the instructions about formatting tags being unclear.

Whatevs. I like foolz better anyway.

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>have an idea for a quest
>people like my CYOA and people liked my RPGs back when /tg/ cared about such things, so probably some would enjoy it
>but there's tons of quests everywhere right now and they're mostly shit
Oh well. Maybe in a year or two.

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>_______ Quest 1

It's like blood in the water.

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It doesn't work if you actually post the image.

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Rabble rabble egotistical cunt rabble rabble.

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as long as you make it filterable i doubt you'll get much flak for it. i agree though, i have an idea for a quest too but there's just too many right now i feel to attract drawfags and dedicated players.

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Just found them by going through suptg manually. Seems like the most reliable tag is Shadow, though it also gives a ton of shadowrun threads.
Damn it, if I had known this earlier I wouldn't have had to be that bored on the 4 hour train ride I had today...

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>Quest You're Following
>Quest You Want To Run
I don't want to run anything.
>Quest You Want To See
A fantasy quest about a group of NPC-type characters running a town. Or a Cyberpunk quest that's not Shadowrun-related.

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still gets responses.

not to mention its the only quest i've enjoyed in two years and also hasn't degenerated into fetish pandering.

it's like im really a little girl going to magic school :3c

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>make it filterable

>> No.24649347

Shit. I forgot to say that I'm following House Harrock.

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>it's like im really a little girl going to magic school :3c
>hasn't degenerated into fetish pandering

I have some bad news for you

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because we value consideration and the requests of others?

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>quest thread general
Holy crap. Seriously? A thread about what other threads you're looking at? Most of which are only barely /tg/-related, if at all? Wow. You people really need your own board.

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Quest saturation is pretty high. Really, I blame BFQ.

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I have the same thing. Quest idea, way too much quests starting right now. I mean, I could swear I see a new "__ quest 1" every day... I mean, I'm by no means a quest hater but seriously guys, cut it out, there's a serious overflow right now.

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>>Quest You're Following
White Hood, Hatchling.
>>Quest You Want To Run
Deity quest, low magic, growing from a baby with little power to a tribal patron to the divine ruler of an empire, posible picking up a pantheon along the way at player discretion
>>Quest You Want To See
Brothel Quest back from the dead

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>I have some bad news for you



>because we value consideration and the requests of others?


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Do your part and shit all over the initial thread.

It will weed out the weak and make the overall quality better.

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I'll be running the seventh iteration of my quest thread tonight. I try to make it as open as I can, and sometimes the [ ] Other option surprises me.

Had no idea /tg/ was full of agriculturists and brewmasters.

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might have to call it differently, there has been a "deity quest" which was a bunch of gods creating a world as if it was a bunch of people playing DnD together, but much more awesome than it sounded. People got mad about how to play the MC god though, with two factions raging over "true neutral" or "god of knowledge" and some more butthurt, so I suspect the OP just quit because of that, though not sure.

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>Had no idea /tg/ was full of agriculturists and brewmasters.
I am neither, but I do love experimentation. Perhaps I'll suggest something tonight.

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>still gets responses.
If the responses you get are "your trolling is weak" you have not successfully trolled.

So people who don't want to see it don't have to.
/tg/ isn't some kind of volatile and competitive business market. It's also courteous to sage posts that are unlikely to be of relevance to people not already in the thread, such as quest suggestions.

>> No.24649493


noone's losing real estate, we're just being considerate of other peoples feelings, namely the people that don't want to see quests.

Those people don't want to play or see the front page spammed up with quests are not going to detract from our good time, and i think as gentlemen we should honor that.

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Yeah, name is more or less a placeholder.

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Please do. My threads are only as good as the ideas brought up, within. I learned that you can make mead with just honey and water and yeast. And you can distill that further just by partially freezing it and scooping the ice shards.

Crazy shit.

>> No.24649549


teach me to brew /tg/

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You mean like that time when there were actually a few doctors or something on /b/ giving actual advice? I didn't save the picture, but it went around while I still dwelled there.
So yeah, all kinds of strange people come to 4chan.

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Fuck you, you're just a weaboo communist faggot-pandering piece of shit

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everyone grows up, and everyone has their vices.

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I would think that should be obvious just from highschool science.

Alcohol freezing at a lower temp than water and all.

>> No.24649612


aw shit, you got me!


>> No.24649631

I suck at trolling and am generally too polite to do so anyway. I don't mean them to fail, I just wished they chose their time to start a bit better. I do suspect that a bunch of potentially interesting quests are falling flat due to the vast quantity of them. I know I've more or less reached my limit in what quests I can/want to follow, plus I'm one of those people that has to read through every single archived thread before wanting to contribute.

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Now go back to /v/ forever.

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It's weird, yeah.

In one of my threads, someone brought up a trifecta of crops that when planted together, benefit each other. That person apparently learned this from a book on native american agricultural practices.

Another example is people using turnips and clover to re-nitrify the soil after harvesting a crop.

Maybe, but I've never tried to make stronger beer by chilling it and so on, so it didn't follow that other liquors could do this. Perhaps just my oversight.

>> No.24649653

You know, I used to keep bees, before I developed allergy. Maybe I'll catch up on your harvest mooning and suggest apiculture.

>> No.24649674

dude, chill out. Remember the rules of /tg/:


>> No.24649682

We already have one apiary, which we are using to produce honey for mead production.

But please do chime in, around 10:30 tonight, I need more voices in the thread.

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>> No.24649751

You seem like you have something you'd like to get off your chest.

Could I offer you a refreshemnt?

>> No.24649756

I actually heard about that trifecta thing in history class. Had to do with agricultural techniques in medieval and later ages or something. And the whole thing of 3 different crops in 3 successive years and then on repeat. Since each of those crops uses different resources in the ground, you can just keep doing that without exhausting the soil.
No idea what crops those were though.

>> No.24649769

These are the worst threads on /tg/


>> No.24649797

It's beautiful, isn't it? Like growing your own tumor. Just plant the seeds and spray radioactive shitwater all over it.

>> No.24649847

Go back to /v/ forever.

>> No.24649860

not even that guy, friend.

>> No.24649871

In my thread I remember them being corn, climbing beans, and something else.

>> No.24649873

>tfw you have a really good idea for a d100 forum game system but you can't think of a good enough premise to run a game on

feels bad man :/

>> No.24649875

1. None
2. None
3. None

>> No.24649888

Go back to /v/ FOREVER

>> No.24649908

Wizard that has a compulsion for wacky 9edgy12u serial murder.

>> No.24649910

But those are our rules?

>> No.24649911


im that guy, thanks for being a good person :)

for the record i've never posted on /v/ and i've been here since 06.

>> No.24649926

Oh well, guess you're just going to keep doing... that. Enjoy it.

>> No.24649935

GO BACK TO /v/ forever.

>> No.24649950

1 depends
2 too many quests at the moment not to mention I suck at it.
3 nonredeemable evil quest of some kind. Problem is gm would have to have a strong hand and remind anons of plans developed by players in older threads.

>> No.24649951

Fuck you, nigger.

>> No.24649958

Like that is going to stop anyone. In fact I'm going to make a QTG every day now, even though I don't follow quests, just to spite you.

You don't get to decide the board.

>> No.24649963

Dude you're a fucken fagget

>> No.24649967


Its not making a QTG is not troll but I do admit that make one everyday is a little counterproductive. Just slow down a little OP no need to have one every day.

>> No.24649983

Why are you not ignoring the retarded troll? At least post something constructive and not allow the thread to be the shitstorms everyone complains about.

And on topic, still working on Magus hunters setting (magical MIB as I've presented it in some earlier threads) for running over summer perhaps, maybe later if it's not finished yet or if the quest spam hasn't dried up yet.

>> No.24649989


you know, actually, that reminds me of an idea i had. mc wasn't a serial murderer though, nothing beyond a reasonable measure of murderhoboing, anyway.

>> No.24649992

Why the fuck do we need generals about quest threads. What is there to discuss.

>> No.24649998

shhhhh sh sh sh sh.

Cool down. Grab a wonka bar. Read some soothing terrible sonicOCs.

>> No.24650004


My friend, I must share with you a piece of advice.

/v/ is forever.

/tg/ is beyond forever.

>> No.24650011

Honestly, there's a lot of people who are waiting to do their quests until the popularity of quests dies down.

Which means... isgonnabeawhile.

>> No.24650033

I know, but I'm patient. Setting/storyline is still far from finished, so I guess that only works in my favour.

>> No.24650040

>And on topic, still working on Magus hunters setting (magical MIB as I've presented it in some earlier threads)
Someone is already doing that. It's called Silencer Quest. It is, surprisingly, not shit.

>> No.24650045

Funny experiences, I suppose.

Maybe a list of do's and don'ts for new thread makers? For example, I wish I knew
>DO make a pastebin for ERP sections
>DON'T roll d100 for sexual prowess

>> No.24650047

Typical shitter-shattered /v/ fags that refuse to leave.

>> No.24650061

Why do people keep trying to make these threads

Nobody discusses anything important here, people just keep flinging shit at each other

These are the worst threads on /tg/ right now.

It's amazing how bad they can be

>> No.24650083

You don't realize that they are actually CONTAINMENT threads. All of the shitty ass shit that is going on in this thread is simultaneously NOT going on in any other thread.

>> No.24650106

That's like asking why moot made /s4s/ or /mlp/ or /pol/

It's quarantine.

>> No.24650122

Its not exactly a quest but what about a Dawn of the Worlds game? We haven't play in a while and I think I have the rulers and a map somewhere. Anyone else could like to play?

>> No.24650126

But how do you contain something that is created from the containment

More than half of the people on these threads don't really follow quests or anything like that

>> No.24650144

>1 : BFQ (supah Slaanesh here) and Dominion

>2 : ive been sitting on this idea of running a Deathwatch Quest where /tg/ plays a Random Blackshield with no memory of why he wanted to repent

>3 : I miss Papa-N, there is a void that just cant be filled anymore left by Heretical Love.

I mean, hell, attached is the mostly empty character sheet i was going to use to keep track of the Black Shield. /tg/ would then chose his specialty, starting kit, and first victims (Orks/Tau/Chaos). But i figured it'd get no support.

>> No.24650152

well, otherwise they'd be on quest threads shouting WAIFU SHIT GET OUT during the tense combat scenes and GUT HER LIKE A PIG during diplomacy, of course.

>> No.24650171

Fuck off you waifu apologist.

>> No.24650186


your PDF seems a little bit screwy

>> No.24650201


its all fillable, just DL it to see whats in it. Its just a base 40 statline (with STR bonus) No spec, was going to fuck the rules and let the board decide how to fuck shit up

>> No.24650214


>tfw no papa n quest
>tfw he doesn't respond to tweets
>tfw he'll probably never do another quest

>> No.24650217

Rolled 62

Incidentally, I'm likely to attempt to seduce the wheat during this quest.

>> No.24650226

Rolled 46

Rolling to brew mead with my semen.

>> No.24650234

Actually, most of that half seem to be the hater trolls.

Tbh DW is the blandest of the 40k rpg's, so the story and writing will have a lot to compensate the initial "hurr durr space marine" blandness. I don't think an amnesiac would be a step in the right direction.

>> No.24650255

Rolled 89



>> No.24650261

Amusingly, the first quest on /tg/ was 'waifushit.'


40k waifu shit, but still...

>> No.24650265

While I see no fucking need for a QTG every day, I have to point out that
>Nobody discusses anything important here, people just keep flinging shit at each other
Is basically 9/10 of /tg/. Even more, actually.

>> No.24650276

46 isn't good enough in my threads, sorry.

You're left with a foul, but drinkable concoction.

Drinking it makes your semen taste worse, recursively.

>> No.24650277


You tried Tavern Quest? It's not a town, but it might be similar to what you're looking for.

>> No.24650314

But it isn't even interesting shit flinging

It's just boring shitflinging

>> No.24650318

Rolled 6


What about blood vodka?

>> No.24650327

And the dice dislike that even more than wankmead.

It must be truly foul.

>> No.24650336

...You must have fallen victim to a terrible curse.

Your blood is black sludge.

>> No.24650340

waiting for Shadow Quest tonight

apparently Spaghetti is on the menu for breakfast

>> No.24650355

Induces GRIDS upon consumption.

>> No.24650363

I'm looking forward to Sir Spagooti spagooting it up pastastyle.

>> No.24650378

Rolled 34

Ok, ok.

Last try.

Wine from only the finest grapes and vaginal discharge.

>> No.24650386

Point taken.
It is, however, slightly amusing to me.

>> No.24650401

Rolled 82

distilled moe

>> No.24650417

Hot damn that's some good alcohol.

>> No.24650421

Too yeasty.

It tastes light, and lingers on your palate for some time. Overimbibing causes strong opinions.

>> No.24650426

>ShadowQuest, Shattered Galaxies

>Been writing up a char builder, planetoid base, ship types, and alien species for a Shattered Galaxies type Quest where you play in the shoes of a Merc Corps leader rather than a planetary governor. Recently inspired by ShadowQuest to do in depth battle scenes (within my newbie writing limits) rather than purely tactical type stuff.

I'd start running it if anybody was interested in giving it a shot.

>> No.24650428

You're a foul person.

>> No.24650474

You seem like a fun person, I'll watch for your thread tonight.

>> No.24650490

What is that, a grackle?

>> No.24650522

You're a fowl person.

>> No.24650526

>Shadow Quest might not even start tonight.
>It might just drift away.

I'm too invested, but I can't help it....

>> No.24650547

>tfw you spend your days wracking your brain for a good quest idea that can't get too convoluted/out of hand that hasn't already been done.

>> No.24650556

GM fatigue is a dangerous thing. The only known cure is to let another player GM a "it was all a dream" session, and see if that gives you the interest back.

>> No.24650578

Why not just not run one? We don't have a shortage.

>> No.24650620

You don't have to wrack your brain. /tg/ will throw ideas at anyone that asks, and even people that don't ask. How about this:

The main character is magically bound to a robotic battlesuit from another dimension. He can only manifest one part of it at a time in this reality. For example, he could extend the suit's cutting blade from his arm, cover his head with the suit's helmet to use its enhanced sensors and laser eyes, or unfurl its gravity wings from his back. Each manifestation lasts for a limited time and is physically taxing. Extending manifestation time, learning to manifest different parts, and learning to control them better/enhance them is part of character progression. Manifesting multiple parts is a high-tier power, and drawing the whole suit into this reality is endgame.

>> No.24650638

>magical robotic battlesuit

Too weeb for /tg/s taste.

>you control a dirty dwarven beard beading store under a mountain
>you buy various colours and designs of beads, and weave them into filthy beards all day long
>no female dwarves

That would reach bump limit in twelve minutes.

>> No.24650650


Do you think anyone would like an oWoD Quest? Like, Hunter, Demon, Vampire, or Werewolf?

>> No.24650653

How about a child soldier in Totally Not Africa. We do what we can to make money and survive. Maybe through in is some magic and cyber crap if you want and BAM interesting premise to good quest.

>> No.24650658

>Too weeb for /tg/s taste.
Quests have a higher weeb tolerance.

>> No.24650677

>Totally Not Africa
You mean Detroit?

>> No.24650678

>_______ Quest 1
>there is no Quest 2

>> No.24650685

For those anons thinking about running a quest post your ideas and get some input. It will give you ideas and you will build of a semblance of a following who are intrigued.

>> No.24650687

No, he means Seattle.

>> No.24650695

Or any other shithole hell even Mexico/border would count these days.

>> No.24650696

What about playing totally not Omar Little robbing drug dealers. Maybe throw in some waifus and BAM. 200+ threads.

>> No.24650705

Clicked on the wrong post

>> No.24650706


>> No.24650712

>> No.24650718

>Too weeb for /tg/s taste.

It can be basically anything. You could be bringing random parts of war machines into this reality. A tank's main gun, an aircraft's hover system, a spaceship's shield generator.

>> No.24650734

>> No.24650735

I'd play it

>> No.24650750

>> No.24650794

>> No.24650809

Why did all drawn quests move to tgchan? The place became a furry infested wreck the moment it was made.

>> No.24650825

>> No.24650830

I'd be more than willing to post up the intro or char background builder if anybody is interested in seeing it.

>> No.24650883

>> No.24650921

Rolled 91

Because furries

>> No.24650925 [SPOILER] 

Thanks for following my quest and thanks to everyone who has voted it up in the archives - over the past few days, the Quest of House Harrock has officially managed to get every thread in the gold and in my eyes, that's a pretty goddamn awesome achievement.

So, thanks to all of you who have been watching and I hope that my creation at least half as entertaining as the previous GoT quests!

>> No.24650966

It's because tgchan has a slower pacing. On /tg/ updates are generally expected faster and it can take a while to whip up a nice looking piece of artwork, so they go for tgchan.

>> No.24651000


You deserve it man. I couldn't live without a GoT and yours is good. Its good to see princely's legacy in goods hands.

>> No.24651008

What would it take to get
/q/ - Quests
board added to 4chan?

>> No.24651019

A gorillion dollars.

>> No.24651043

Remove /q/ as is.

Or have quests be /qu/

>> No.24651045


I rarer it not happen at all. I believe that quests are good in /tg/ because of the people that use /tg/.

>> No.24651074

right, sorry. meant /qu/

everyone on /tg/ who actually wants quests is literally 1 click away from it.

I am mostly on tg for the quests actually so I will spend most of my time in /qu/ and only rarely visit tg. It would be a lot easier to not have to scroll for pages to find the quests as well as not having constant trolling by butthurt quest hating tgers.

>> No.24651147

I wish HPQ gave us a specific date so we could have a count down.

>> No.24651163

The analravaging that egotistical faggot received could last multiple lifetimes.

>> No.24651168

>implying it was even close to that bad

>> No.24651193


/tg/ was created to be a 40k quarantine. Since its only purpose in moot's eyes is to keep shit other people don't like off the boards he cares about, it's basically guaranteed that he will never bother setting up a quarantine to keep stuff out of an existing quarantine.

>> No.24651231

holy shit could you image a situation were an outbreak happened inside another outbreaks quarantine zone. The only reasoning would be that god hates us all.

>> No.24651286

That explains quite a lot actually.

>> No.24651322


You already get the occasional /pol/ outbreak here with usually only a thin veneer of /tg/. There's no especial reason that /mlp/ couldn't break out here except that, having their own board, they mercifully appear to have little desire to invade.

>> No.24651331


Mods are pretty good at shutting down Pony shit. There's a global rule to stop it, after all.

>> No.24651342

There's also the fact that the 40kfags would defend us from the heresy. In between fapping to our monstergirl waifus from /d/

>> No.24651349

Currently following Boone Quest. Would like to see the return of Abaddon Quest.

>> No.24651355

Sitting around getting more and more anxious as I wait for Shadow Quest.

>> No.24651374

Why the fuck does anyone need a Quest Thread General Thread?

>> No.24651390

Good point. We really need a quest thread general general, a general thread where we can talk about quest thread generals.

>> No.24651393

It's where I go to be a spiteful, shitflinging douche,

>> No.24651400


Because fuck you, that's why.

>> No.24651401


Shit, I thought it was just me, good to know I shitpost in good company.

>> No.24651508

I'm sort of intrigued by the idea behind Unofficial Street Fighter Quest - someone taking a quest they like that's on hiatus and running with it. Doesn't seem like the guy running it has had much luck with attracting readers, though.

Still, maybe this will lead to people reviving some of the quests that people are always wishing would come back in these threads.

>> No.24651556

But it's muh right!

>> No.24651583

Muh freedums.

>> No.24651666

I hate how these threads always reveal the QMs who post in them to be horrid people

Shadow of the Bat is a selfish cunt

hpquest is a narcissist

Barkeep seems to think himself the ultimate authority on all things quest

SFM is a spammy little fuck who is way too full of himself

And so on and so forth. Its really disappointing to learn all of this.

>> No.24651715

Femcock never posted in these things.

Integrity maintained.

>> No.24651730

At least some have the sense to steer clear of these threads.

>> No.24651747

Well, which QM are you?

>> No.24651769


I gave some advice to people who asked. I do not claim to be the final authority on anything, and have not. Tavern Quest is new to the board, and has it's own problems and flaws, which I do realize. Sorry if it came across that way. After seeing people who shared your sentiment, or perhaps just you, I have no way of knowing, I have ceased using the trip when giving advice. I thought it useful to those I sought to help, as they could look up the quest I run and see if my advice truly applied. I realize it came across as banking on some sort of ill gained authority or recognition, which was not my intention.

I doubt this will convince you of anything, but I will not allow you to say things about me that I view to be unfair. I hope we can come to an understanding, I do not wish for anything that reflects back on my quest or my readership.

>> No.24651810

I'll keep trying for a bit longer because I do want it to work, but it does get pretty hard to justify voiding 3 or so hours of an afternoon for the amount of players I seem to attract. Is it the setting? Do people just not give a shit about brawlers anymore? The fact that I'm basically trying to rip off a successful quest? Do I just suck horribly at writing these things?

I dunno my other idea's running a Hokuto Quest, though I've no idea how I'd start with that, nor how I'd balance it so fights aren't all "Land attack, watch explosion".

>> No.24651836

drug dealer quest, narrated by MC Ride

>> No.24651880


>> No.24651922

It was pretty bad.

>> No.24651943

Dont forget that this place is dripping with AI/d/S

>> No.24651949

It's funny. So many of the people here hate Milady, but she's better than the other QMs by a mile.

>> No.24651969

Well gee, mister, thanks for coming down from that ivory tower of yours to set all us dirty peasants straight.

>> No.24651985

I can't say there's any integrity in running that Quest.

>> No.24651988

He is ruining the board by merely running his quest, he doesnt need to post here.

>> No.24652015

More jelly than a jam plant.

>> No.24652036

That's like calling someone jealous of an infectious victim of the bubonic plague.

>> No.24652052

Oh, is that why those quests died off?

>> No.24652054

...They're still jelly!

>> No.24652071


>> No.24652114


Look, I'm not going to rise to stuff like that. I run a quest, a rather humble thing. I'm bad with systems, economics, math, art, and many other assets many QMs have. I like to think I can write decently, but you might well say otherwise, and I won't argue.

People seem to enjoy the Quest despite that, so I am glad, truly.

I have no desire to be some sort of board personality, but I don't want people thinking I feel I am better than other QMs. It's not true. I tried to help some people, and made the mistake of using the trip. Won't happen again, that. Not worth the trouble.

There, I've said my peace on the subject. Whatever quests you do enjoy, keep enjoying them. I know the QMs live for the thought that someone is enjoying their creations. You won't see this trip here again.

>> No.24652122

I'm kinda disappointed. It wasn't the greatest thing ever, but it was still a good time-killing read. And it introduced me to the RPG.

>> No.24652166


I think it's Landing Gear, come to take revenge on all of us for making fun of him so much.


Don't bother engaging this guy, he's got a hate-on for any quest runner who admits to reading a quest thread general. Arguing back won't change his mind.

>> No.24652173

I personally didn't follow it past char building because of how quickly it went full '3edge5u'.

>> No.24652176

The wisest course of action would be have this conversation without the tripcode. That would show that you've taken the lesson to heart.

>> No.24652181

Capitalizing it like that shows just how egotistical you are. Your quest isn't God. It isn't anything of the sort that would warrant capitalization.

>> No.24652195

>>From another thread:
>>Countless people have already created soundtracks, atmo, handout clips, and zombie warnings that fit perfectly well in many of my adventures. But sometimes I just want the sound.

As a quest runner, where can we upload sound clips without too much hassle?

>> No.24652196

>taking all that post just to brag about how great your quest is and how everyone loves you
You are only proving him right, you know.

>> No.24652202


... this cannot be a serious post. People don't think like this.

>> No.24652217

Stop being such a bad troll. Also, religion isn't allowed on MY interbuttz

>> No.24652218

I agree with your first point, but secondly, god doesn't need capitalization either.

>> No.24652228


>> No.24652229

So much autism.

>> No.24652234

God as in YHWH does, since God is the name of that god. The noun god itself does not.

>> No.24652242


Wow. That wasn't what he said at all. People really can read anything into anything, can't they?

>> No.24652244

>I run a quest, a rather humble thing.
Then fucking act like it you fucking braggart.

>> No.24652257

How would /tg/ feel about Soviet break-away state quest?

>> No.24652264

Fuck you

>> No.24652270

Yep, all the reason not to post here.
Also; shadow quest where are you?!

>> No.24652276

Right there:


>> No.24652295

It's here. Couldn't find it because of the icon, huh? Ya lazy fuck.
Do some manual searching, it ain't hard.

>> No.24652299


Well, at least he realized not to come back. These threads really are fucking shitheaps. A shame too, I remember when Barkeep came in asking for ideas, his quest started here.

>> No.24652324


>> No.24652326

>his quest started here.
These threads really are shit.

>> No.24652412


>being so tsundere for all these QMs

>> No.24652626

>Th-they must just secretly like all these terrible people!

>> No.24652644

What's with all the Quest hate on /tg/? I never really understood it.

>> No.24652689

What? No, Yahweh's name is Yahweh. God is used in place of his name to keep it sacred. It's capitalized so as to differentiate it from when you're talking about other gods because the Catholic church is full of egoistical cunts

>> No.24652783

The temptation to run some sort of Real Life Music Video Ninja Combat Superpowered Ghetto Quest is always in the back of my mind.

Pic probably unrelated.

>> No.24652813


People are liking something i dont like. I just cant stand it.

>> No.24652837

It's like /v/ really invaded.

>> No.24652884


> irrational hatred

> measured humility and honesty met by hyperbole

> quotes taken out of context, saved, and analysed to meet preconceptions

Yeah, you've got it.

>> No.24652994

I've noticed something disturbing recently.

1. Quests rely too much on user input to craft a story, rather than quest runners having a general outline of how they want the story to go
2. QAs rely too much on gimmicks, rather than letting the story carry their quest
3. Quests that have 3-4 threads, then die due to the OP disappearing or because the story idea petered out (ties in to 1)

Overall, these are combining to create a steadily worsening quest environment. The gimmick arms race is especially troublesome.

>> No.24653020


Any you feel avoid this, or any that are especially blatant offenders?

>> No.24653041

I would like to see my quest run. One day I will build up the courage to run it!

>> No.24653053

no he is busy with stuff they will be back soon

>> No.24653067


Keep your chin up, and be confident. Don't let any one get you down, especially in these shitheap fucking generals.

>> No.24653119

then how can you say that the quest is over? you obviously have no idea what your talking about.

>> No.24653166

Pic related, then we talk.

It's got more to do with board culture and expectations. Say you come to /tg/ to talk about anything that isn't a quest, but the front page is covered in quests, and when you make a thread it gets drowned by quests updating. That'll probably tick you off. So you go in to a quest thread to complain or make your frustration known, and get called an anti-fun cocksucking weaselfucker by three different people. That's going to sour your opinion of the entire thing.

Or maybe you look at what's being talked about in a quest. Once a decision's locked in, most of it is waifu wars instead of interesting worldbuilding discussion. It's not at all worthy of the attention or interest paid to it, so you hate it for being vapid.

Sometimes when I check suptg and almost everything there is quests I start hating all quest threads. I like and follow a bunch of quests and am thinking about my own, but that line of "______ Quest" disgusts me. By the number of threads archived under the "Quest" tag you'd think that most of what /tg/ does is quest-related, when it's only a small percentage of threads here.

>> No.24653205


It would be nice if there were a separate archive for quests, at least you can remove them with a button press on suptg.

>> No.24653224

LL removed the Rape Dungeon thread to make room for more quests.

>> No.24653250


That sounds like his problem, not the quests. And I think we all have that thing saved, anyway.

>> No.24653258


I'd run that quest, yes.

>> No.24653293

Since this thread is up, I just want to say sorry that I couldn't run white hood quest yesterday, or today. I intend to run it tomorrow.

>> No.24653309

The other day someone mentioned the Lamia Child story and some other anon immediately responded talking about the quest. Im not gonna lie, that left me more than a little butthurt.

>> No.24653317


White hood quest?

>> No.24653333

>bitch about /v/ and hate on them
>proceed to steal their ideas over here >>24653166 and use their image reactions all the time
Fucking adorable.

>> No.24653350

>It would be nice if there were a separate archive for quests
That's what I'm thinking. I still want an archive for them and I still want them on /tg/ but I don't want the /tg/ archive to be swamped by quests.

Wasn't the quest a sequel to the story in the first place?

>> No.24653352


Well, as long as he didn't claim it was an official continuation or something, I don't see the issue in him mentioning a related thing which he enjoys.

>> No.24653376

>but the front page is covered in quests

Do these people live in caverns and use dial up to get their internet going? The catalog and the hide button exists for a reason. Those are not valid reason for stooping being EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER and not PARTYING ON.


>> No.24653397

Problems I've noticed many recent quest runners and posters have

>not enough lurking
>too many waifus and wish fulfillment/badass quests

I blame outsiders who don't bother learning about /tg/'s culture and mannerisms before diving headfirst into discussions. I tremble to think what this Summer will be like.

>> No.24653418


You can hide them with a single click of a button, seriously there is no reason to lose your shit for them.

>> No.24653425



>> No.24653448

I use the archive all the time and I've bitched out a few people who don't in previous generals. You would not believe how many people don't know it even exists.

Fuck, forgot about that. I bet this one's going to be worse than the last.

Like I said, it's a visceral, first sight thing. Just a twitch in my eye.

>> No.24653452

Yeah I'm entirely guilty of that first one. Guess it makes me look like a lazy asshole, but is it really that bad to want the players to get their own ideas to show aside from the main character? It was one of the most entertaining parts of Street Fighter Quest. I probably need to find a better balance between narrating the story and letting people roll to choose stuff though.

Not sure what you mean by relying too much on gimmicks, though. What counts as a gimmick to you?

>> No.24653453

>using outside catalog
>not using boards.4chan.org/tg/catalog

>> No.24653467

Would it be acceptable if quests were hidden on sup/tg/ by default, and you had to click the button to show them?

Using cookies, it should be possible for the site to remember the setting anyway.

>> No.24653494

Where's my busta quest?

I want to be Tyrone Biggums

>> No.24653495

>but is it really that bad to want the players to get their own ideas to show aside from the main character?

It is when you don't know your players from Adam.

>> No.24653541


The problem with the archive is that one is for notable threads that break the /tg/ mold and one is for chapters of a serial story.

The chapters of a serial story will all be archived in sequence, but a thread that deserves to be saved from the rest of /tg/ will be rarer. The number of 40K threads on /tg/ is huge, but how many are worth saving? How many are the same arguments about minor pieces of fluff over and over and over again? And that's just 40K, similar things happen for every game. Shit, it's why these Generals are never worth archiving, we're just making the same arguments again and again.

>> No.24653543


I have to disagree, the catalog.neet.tv is superior to the local catalog. Its just more pleasing to the eyes and has other features lacking in the local.

>> No.24653585


He has a point that the prevalence of quests there lends the appearance that Quests are driving out good content, when its not necessarily true. The best solution would be a separate archive, but who would fund such a thing? Suptg is really all we have for now.

>> No.24653600

>Wasn't the quest a sequel to the story in the first place?
In the same way that ME3 is a sequel to ME1. Completely different author using the same name for brand appeal.
It had nothing to do with the comment and he didn't even know that the original story even existed. It would be like if someones extent of Mario knowledge extended to that shitty Super Mario Bros movie except even then that movie had camp appeal.

>> No.24653638


In that case I fully understand your outrage. That's kind of egregious. That said, the quest itself has always been very open about and respecting of its inspirations.

>> No.24653643

It is also not excellent in the slightest to murder 20 /tg/ related threads for the sake of Waifu Uguu Quest #65416.

>> No.24653662

Splitting the archive might work. Just have a box you check to append the Collective Game tag, and every thread with that tag gets shunted to the Quest Archive page. The regular Archive page stands as it is.

>> No.24653666


Precisely. Suptg is already more work and money sunk into /tg/ than most people would do, it's insane to think a second person would step up.

>> No.24653694


Good solution, but rather hard to implement into the current system. Want to email the admin about it, be my guest.

>> No.24653695

That's the exact reason I want a separate archive. suptg is for the sublime (minor exaggeration), a quest archive would be for the serial.

>> No.24653696


How dare they bump off threads that haven't been responded to in eight hours!

>> No.24653736


Yes, because all of those are Waifu quests, and there is a huge quantity of good /tg/ content being pushed off the board at two in the morning Eastern.

>> No.24653740

Can you do anything about this issue other than talk about it? Do you have the resources to start another archive yourself, or contribute to such a project?

>> No.24653751

And then clog the top two pages/first chunk of the catalog with completely self-contained bullshit that has no mass appeal!

>> No.24653772

I understand why people have so much hate for quest threads.

I get not wanting to participate, but it's not like all that fills the front page is quest threads.
This board is slow enough as it is, and the Warhammer/that guy/obscure rule threads get repetitive.

>> No.24653788

Not in the least, hence why I'm talking about it in a quest thread general instead of looking for server space.

>> No.24653812

You might have more luck putting out feelers on sup/tg/ itself.

>> No.24653839

Sorry that left you so distempered, anon. Do you want to talk about the old writefaggotry now?

I'm interested.

>> No.24653852

I don't like quests not for quests themselves but because of all the fucking bleedthrough. A thread about giants will always have some faggots circlejerking about Frost Giantess Quest and the last paladin thread I saw got derailed by assholes circlejerking about fucking Lamia Quest of all things. If quests could just stick to their fucking threads then I would care about them a lot less.

>> No.24653861



Please don't be over dramatic, anyone can use the hide option. And if you don't its your choice to see then.

>> No.24653879

Hiding them has nothing to do with them shoving other threads off the board.

>> No.24653885


No more than people inserting 40K into everything, if we're being honest.

>> No.24653910


They shouldn't do that. I run a quest, but I've been on /tg/ since long before I did, and the threads like that have little to no relevance to quests, and even if they do its downright rude to turn it into a circlejerk.

Out of curiosity, could I see where this happened? A foolz link?

>> No.24653936

I have literally never seen 40K derail a giant thread or a paladin thread. At least those bastards usually have the courtesy to devote an entire thread to their crossover shit that is in fact completely different than what I was referring to.

>> No.24653944


Or people talking about alignments outside of D&D threads. Its a very petty thing man.

>> No.24653946

How do they do that?

>> No.24653962

Just a little pixel conquest game i'm running. Here's a picture.

>> No.24653964

goddamnit I'm guilty of this. I mention offhandedly some similarity to a quest in a thread that is vaguely related, and suddenly it's a circlejerk about the quest.


>> No.24653966


Are you insane?

>> No.24653969

40k derails a lot of scifi type threads though. Not to mention the constant (Although it's subsided somewhat) "HERESY!" meme spam.

>> No.24653976

I resent the implication!

There will only be casual sex with fade to black and aftermath in FSQ!

>> No.24653979

>when you don't know your players from Adam.

>> No.24653983

Are you sure?

Are you SURE, anon?

Because to my eyes, it happens all the fucking time.

>> No.24654042


I think that guy was being sarcastic, but so are you, so I don't even know anymore.

>> No.24654074

>"HERESY!" meme spam.

I have seen but a couple of people complain about this but never seen it myself. I am beginning to think its a fallacy or an exaggeration.

>> No.24654081

I'm being hyperbolic, so there.

On the plus side, today was slow so I managed to finish paint and assembly of this guy.

>> No.24654101

that's how I feel about MOST of the complaints about anything on /tg/. Welcome to my world.

>> No.24654144


You are far too reasonable, leave this place. Your kind have not been welcome here for many a year.

>> No.24654161


Most of the time they are that, like in this thread.

>> No.24654207

Like I said, it's subsided somewhat, but a year or two ago, any thread that contained materials that would be considered "heretical" in 40ks universe were almost guaranteed to have at least one post with "HERESY" in all caps and a picture of someone (Often a Space Marine or Commissar) firing a bolter of some kind.
That means anything from other scifi universes (Non imperium humans are heresy) or anything with psionics or magic (Unsanctioned pykers and sorcery are heresy) ect. ect.

>> No.24654224

It used to be all the rage back in the day and still pops up from time to time whenever someone posts a sexy nonhuman, but its nowhere near as thread derailing these days as questshit has become.

>> No.24654269

>As a quest runner, where can we upload sound clips without too much hassle?

YT would get taken down a bit too quickly. What again was that.. cloud.. stream something something?

>> No.24654281

It was a good while ago, but basically someone started gushing on and on about how the protag of LCQ is, and this is roughly their words, the perfect example of paladins done right, and then the thread derailed into either disagreeing with that statement/analyzing her character, or circlejerking about her exploits and trying to tell everyone to just go read the quest. Shit pissed me off something fierce.

>> No.24654292

>its nowhere near as thread derailing these days as questshit has become
That bodes well. Suggests that there's a cycle at play. This time next year we'll probably have only a few long running quests and maybe one or two new ones trying to find a playerbase.

>> No.24654293

Nonsense! I'm sure with some discussion and storytelling, everything will be smoothed right over, just like the old days.

I know, right? They sure have a flair for the dramatic.

>> No.24654302

>That means anything from other scifi universes (Non imperium humans are heresy) or anything with psionics or magic (Unsanctioned pykers and sorcery are heresy) ect. ect.
Dont kid yourself, it was mostly contained to xenosmut. It did show up elsewhere and in almost every wat do type of thread, but it was mostly for xenosmut. Not that it is any more excusable, though.

>> No.24654340

>Suggests that there's a cycle at play
Not particularly, seeing as people STILL bring up FGQ in giant quests and that one is old as fuck.

>> No.24654342

I think I vaguely remember being in that thread, talking about how she wasn't actually a perfect paladin.

Because seriously, you can't just hold up one example of THE PERFECT X. There's always other interperetations of how a thing should be played.

>> No.24654352

>I'm sure with some discussion and storytelling
0/10 needs more waifus.

>> No.24654380

well, yeah. I still bring up dorf quest when relevant, noh when talking about children in adventuring situations, roody when talking about sentient mobile doors.

Do you expect me to just not remember these things?

>> No.24654413

Valid a statement as that is, its beside the point, that point being that you cant just post a picture of a quest character and expect all of /tg/ to suddenly know exactly who you are talking about and what their personality is and their exploits are and then its even more asinine to think the thread wants to discuss this obscure fucking character in a thread about a general topic.

>> No.24654426


Look what they did to Barkeep and tell me that. Be reasonable and conciliatory? You're a self-righteous pig out to make the rest of us look like dirt. Its disgusting, this used to be a board where people respected one another, I've met some of the best group members I've ever had in RPGs through /tg/, had some amazing times. What the hell is it? Are these threads really so bad?

>> No.24654495

Can be summed up in a screenshot.
Can be summed up in a statement, not that the topic of sentient mobile doors comes up often without him in mind.
Double and often triple digits worth of information and backstory to delve into that only holds any sort of relevance to a collective no bigger than a generous 40, but more likely closer to 10 or 20. It would be like referencing a stage play your brother wrote and performed exactly once and then derailing the thread to talk about the stage play rather than the subject matter the thread and play was about.

>> No.24654496

I dunno, I've learned about a LOT of characters that I have no idea who they are from a posted picture and discussion.

Like... That little midget from game of thrones. From browsing /tg/, I know he was a whore lover, hand of the king, got wounded in a battle for the capital, had an "upjumped cutthroat" as a close personal friend, and... I think that's the gist I can remember right now. Or all those 40k factions and info I picked up by sheer osmosis.

It shouldn't have hijacked the thread, but there's merit in seeking out examples of what you're talking about. I've caused unfortunate judge dredd hijacks when talking about police in science fiction settings.

>> No.24654508

What bugs me the most about that is Frost Giantess Quest isn't even about a frost giantess. Its about some guy who gets turned into a frost giantess because muh fetishes.

>> No.24654523

I don't actually know what you're talking about, so I'm kind of confused.

>> No.24654544

Really? That's what it was about? Okay, I can understand why people give it so much shit now. That's just silly.

>> No.24654571

to be fair, I hear the runner who stole the quest from the original OP retconned the FUCK out of that.

But they could never really ditch the bad press.

>> No.24654573

>That little midget from game of thrones.
The game of thrones is a widely acclaimed book and television series. It makes sense for one to offhandedly reference such a thing, or to do the same for Drizzt, Neuromancer, Dune, or any other widespread character/book/etc.

Now compare the circulation of Drizzt or GoT to Blatant Fetish Quest. You arent even in the same ballparks.

>> No.24654631

And yet I will humor someone if they mention BFQ, like I humor people when they talk about GoT. I don't even know what 2/3 of the shitstorms that go on here on a regular basis are about, but I'll hear them and do my best to try to talk it out.

>> No.24654635


Judge Dredd you say?


>obvious potential Quest MC

>> No.24654690

God, this reminds me of the time I tried to explain homestuck to a guy.

>> No.24654763

>I tried to explain homestuck to a guy.
That poor bastard.

>> No.24654789

I would probably be more accommodating if it didn't happen all the fucking time. Now I just don't want to hear it.

>> No.24654814

well, I'm afraid to say that can happen with any subject regardless of the quality of popularity. I do apologize for any hijacking that may have taken place- I too enjoy talking about paladins.

>> No.24654826

I just talked to Lord Licorice on steam, he said he didn't delete the Rape Dungeon thread.

>> No.24654922

Wait fuck nevermind
He deleted it, but it was shitty anyway so who cares.

>> No.24654931

Well my dad works for Nintendo and he says he did.

>> No.24654957

Really, the fact that he uses tildes like that is more offensive than anything else he could say.

Elf slave wat do is pretty fucking dumb, anyways.

>> No.24654958

Just look at the screencap you dumb cunt

>> No.24654972

>Theres enough /d/ on /tg/ on a good day

>> No.24654992

Is he watching this thread RIGHT NOW?

>> No.24655020

I hope so

>> No.24655183

1. Nazi's in Fantasyland
2. Nazi's in Fantasyland
3. Nazi's in Fantasyland

>> No.24655209

What do you want him to do?

People put in archive requests to the system, it gets automatically archived, every once in a while he does purges of stuff.

Are you saying that he should personally watch every thing that gets archived so things you don't like don't get archived for the people who do like them?

>> No.24655359


>> No.24655431

So you're an asshat, good to know.

>> No.24655912

>You already get the occasional /pol/ outbreak here with usually only a thin veneer of /tg/.
Those discussions predate /pol/, you know. They predate /new/ as well.,

>> No.24656015

Hey, new thread when?

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