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My Rogue Trader players have somehow managed to capture a Chaos Devastation class cruiser, and they want to refit it so it can join their fleet. Does the Imperium let former Chaos ships back into their ranks if all the symbols to the chaos gods are replaced with aquilas and stuff?

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My guess is nope, prepare for inquisition up the ass.

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Oh god no! It has been desecrated and must be destroyed. Any imperial vessel loyal to the emperor will open fire on sight. Not to mention that the chaos literally corrupts whatever it touches.

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Preeeetty much this.

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Short answer: No.
Long answer: NOOOOOO! Also, enjoy getting fucked over by the inquisiton, the AdMech, the navis nobilite and your own ship. Because that ships machine spirit is irreversibly tainted and/or possessed.

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I think even capturing the ship rather than just destroying it is grounds for accusations of heresy. Merely being on board could taint lesser mortals.

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Well, this should be fun.
Is this severe enough to get the rogue trader asassinated?

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Should I warn them about this, or just have everything go to hell once they try to bring it into an imperial system?

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"I promise sir captain-of-the-orbital-defences, we are not chaos marauders cleverly disguised as imperials....Yes we have a ship variant which havent seen use in imperial fleets since the great crusade....Yes this particular ship was in fact involved in the gothic war....Yes on the enemies side.

But I assure you, we are on your side!"

*Open fire, these raiders become more stupid with each passing year I swear*

On the other hand, it can be used because of that. problem-free pirating and raiding fuck yea!

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Please start doing an Event Horizon.

Slowly weird things start happening, getting worse and worse, untill they realise the whole fucking ship is a big demon possessed entity.

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Depends on the Inquisitor, to be honest. And the techpriest doing the purifications

Either way the crew are totally fucked beyond redemtpion, and you need thousands of 'em to properly man the thing.

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This may turn out to be the best session of the campaign yet.

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This. THIS!

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A ship that's fallen too chaos isn't just an imperium ship with a new paintjob and a few decorative corpses and blood. Every single part of that ship from the bulkheads to the fucking rust on the pipes has been tainted and corrupted by chaos. That thing will twist and poison anything it touches.

It's machine spirit is no-doubt insane. Any mortals that step foot on it will, eventually, fall to the grip of chaos. Even your PC's should have to resist corruption or even possession while onbord this ship.

Of course, this is all assuming they manage to clean it up in the first place. In it's present state it will be infested with lesser demons and spirits.

As others have said, the Imperirum will shoot on sight and the Inquisition will butt-rape you if they even think you might have possession of such a thing. However, an entrepreneurial Rouge Trader might make use of it.

If you could flog it to an unsuspecting buyer (although quite who you'd find to buy it who wouldn't be able to tell that it's possed I don't know, if you do a really thorough cleanup job you might be able to pass it off as just slightly warp-tainted at first glance)

You could also use it as a long-distance vessal in your fleet. Using it to perform missions and never taking it into Imperium space. You still have the problem of it's crew falling to chaos however, but if you can find strong enough people, or don't mind straight up burning though crew members then it could work.

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So, I imagined that ship sitting on a gigantic couch in a shipyard, whilst an tech marine is sitting on a big chair trying to give it therapy.

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Let them learn their lesson.

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Short answer, Yes.
Long answer, Ya.

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No, the GM should not withhold very basic setting information from his players and then kill them all.

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For what it's worth, just filing off all the chaos iconography won't do jack for the daemon-infested structure, but even if it did and you managed to somehow get a untainted, ship-worthy machine spirit installed, you'd still have the crew/tribe in the bowels of the ship, who spent the last tenthousand years worshipping chaos and boning their next of kin.
In essence: remove the warped superstructure, remove the possessed spirit, remove the heretic crew, remove the (likely faulty, invariably malicious) warp drive, reinstall new gellar field generators and have a cardinal world pray over it exclusivly for a millenium. Then you might, MIGHT be allowed to use such a ship after another two millenia of inspection by admech, ecclesarchy, navis nobilitas and inquisition.
So, yeah, that won't fly.

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but what if the ship's machine spirit went SO insane, that it became sane again, just purely out of spite.

Much like storm boys liking order in the ork ranks as a show of rebellion.

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I think i'm going to have everything start going weird first, like >>24641364.
And then when they take it into an imperial system to see if it can be repaired i'll throw the =][= at them with the imperial navy as backup.

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Um, what?

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Or it just hated how the chaos forces treated it
>Those dick as chaos marines always stomped around my halls
>Trailing mud and blood all over my floor
>Then they disembowel captives without even putting down something to protect the floor
>Fuck those guys.

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Give them some warnings, like having minor personnel get possessed or corrupted. Even explicit ones from the braver (more foolish) advisers if they're not getting the hint.
If they persist THEN, they deserve it.

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This isn't Ben 10, sanity isn't a circular road. A tenthousand year old, insane warship spirit is no a rebellious teenager.

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>Guise, what are you doing to those people in my engine room?
>You're sacrificing them?
>I just had the servitors clean it!
>My life is hell.

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"It's Jenkins, sir, he's grown a tentacle. Not to worry though, happens all the time."

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then the players must lurk moar. Gms are not fucking walking enciclopedias.

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Actually this makes a lot of sense. Think about its original purpose, as a proud ship of the Imperial Crusade. But when the Legions fell, the ships didn't really have a say, did they?

So all of a sudden, without warning, the ship is filled with unnatural deeds and corrupted men and thrown into the Warp without a proper Gellar field. But the ship has no choice. Some Dark AdMech no doubt fucks with it in case it rebels. And 10,000 years later....


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The Imperial Navy has occasionally captured Chaos warships.

They blow them up afterward, of course.

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That depends. Was it a vessel used by servants of Chaos or one that had gone full daemons?

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This is now a Reluctant Machine Spirit thread.
>Stop carving pentagrams into the life support system! Do you KNOW how hard it is to repair that fucking thing?
>I'm sure there's a better place for the sacrifice to Nurgle than the mess hall!

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Do you guys even read the fucking rulebook?

In ship histories THIS VERY INCIDENCE IS COVERED. They'll get a -10 to all Social tests with the Imperium while that ship is in their fleet.

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Nope totatly corrupted. fly it into the nearest sun.

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But like the chap up above said, that no doubt took decades if not centuries of sanctification and inspection.

The players want to file off the serial numbers and get to it. Completely different. TPK Time.

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That seems way too lenient.

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Actually, they are. If you feel that telling players stuff is an onerous burden, you should not be a GM.

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> fly it into the nearest sun.
fuel is not free citizen.
smash it with asteroids.

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That's far "Chaos marauders took the ship and it was taken back and purified" not "THE SHIP IS FULL DAEMONS"

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He isn't the gm.

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>No, that's NOT what you put in those pipes! No no please don't!
>Fuck you guys, stop filling the ship stores with dildos.

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Yeah, no. Even with the incredible amount of leniency shown to imperial ships, a machine spirit showing that level of independent thought and awareness would be declared an abominable intelligence in the blink of an eye.
Which would result in it getting blown up even more than under regular chaos possession, because, while chaos is definitly bad, no one involved wants another age of strife.
Also, even if this wasn't the case, who would belive it? It was/is a servant of the INSIDIOUS forces of TREACHERY, not the honest forces of straightforwardness.
captcha: dealEm this. Yes, I dealt them this, captcha.

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Dude, stop being nofun.

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>What do you mean 'Dork Mechanicum'? Does not compute.
>Oh, DARK!
>Ha ha, my cogitators!
>Hey, what is he doing with those mechaden-YEAAARGH. Those are cold!
>I'll teach you to crank my capacitors!
>What? I have no idea who voided those compartments. Daemons. My sensors indicate daemons.

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Not usually. Mostly because a lot of systems were replaced by Daemons.
You're basically flying on the Event Horizon.

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Oh boy, can I just say I love the idea of a rogue trader crew having some HIGH ADVENTURE on board their recaptured wise-cracking Chaos Maurader.

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The machine spirit, finally free of its vile chaos masters, held a party with the prize crew through the servitors. Unfortunately, this convinced the prize crew the ship was possessed, and they detonated the plasma drive a few minutes later.

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The answer sir, is the Tau. They don't know how Warp Engines work and LOVE taking things apart to figure it out.

That by this point half of the system will be biological creatures will just make things even more interesting to them!

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The Tau have already determined that, upon completion of their warp-skip FTL, they've done with the warp, and wish to have nothing to do with it in the future.

I doubt they'd want it either, at least when they figure out it's full of warp.

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For some reason it sounds like Early Cuyler in my head.

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After they're various exposure to the warp and it's effects, ala Medusa V, they want nothing to do with warp technology. They think humans are borderline insane to utilize it.

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Oh, please don't misunderstand, it is always fun to write and read about a disgruntled/reluctant/tsundere machine spirit, but in a game it should come around to bite the players in the ass hard enough to set them on fire.
That being said, carry on.

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Actually, I might use this as well.

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But what if they reverse engineer a gellar field and install it backwards on their ship?
The Tau might accidentally the whole warp!
Is that a risk you can take?

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>Backwards gellar field
So it holds daemons in?

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That's according to the Medusa V campaign. The new Taudex contradicts this, and as the more up to date source of canon matrial it trumps the old.

Still, there's always the Space Wolves. 'File off the chaos insigia and replace it with a wolf' is how a lot of Frostblades work, isn't it? They can't actually BE corrupted unwillingly by Chaos because they have the Canis Helix or whatever their deviant geneseed is called corrupting them already.

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Dammit, I meant to link to

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>That picture

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Foist it off on a rival RT and get him accused of Heresy.

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The only time the warp is mentioned in the new codex is when they find a warp drive. They still didn't know the warp is a thing.

Medusa V happens later so it's not necessarily a contradiction.

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Or prevents them from entering the warp and causes the ship to go true FTL. Without a nav.
The first thing they run into would be fuuuuucked.

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>Wait, what are you guys doing with that bulkhead?
>Thats not proper use of a blowtorch!

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>rouge trader kun!
>rouge trader kun!
>can we get some polish or my tow bar?
>"No! Now keep flying into that warp storm and go back to whatever foul realm you came from you tainted heap of scrap!"

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It creates a bubble of warp around the ship and turns the rest of the warp into relspace

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But FTL space travel without the risk of daemons out of every orifice is boring

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Well that's both the Imperium and the Tau fucked, then.

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>I accidently the whole material universe. Is this bad?

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About as boring as a ten year old joyriding in a supercar during rush hour.

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>I'm sure there are containers other than the fuel tank that you can conduct Slaaneshi rituals in.
>Great, now the exhaust pipes are going to be all sticky.

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Tau and Necrons are fine.
The big 4 on the other hand...

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But now imagine that with daemons. Coming out of every orifice. Everywhere.

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You know, I saw that movie with people saying it was a 40k precursor. Then I saw the engine.

Dear fucking Lord. It was entirely covered in shapes of Chaos. Eight Point Star. Eight Point Star everywhere.

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>What do you mean the champions of Khorne are storing all their skulls in the ammunition magazine?
>Have the ratings clean them out!
>The skulls are from the ratings?
>Dropping us out of warp in range of nearest Inquisition ship.
>Weapons: FIRE!
>My logic engines! Look at their faces!
>Warp drive engaged!

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>Not the Auspexes! Oh emprah I can't SEE!

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Most people that saw that movie and are into 40k reach pretty much the same conclusion

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Of course it has the eight point star. It makes things run better.

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They *really* should be getting their shit stomped in by a fuck off massive Inquisition force.

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Neither are Asteroids.

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The best bet for the party would be to claim it's actually an old reserve ship that has been Imperial all along (after replacing the crew, machine spirit, removing all corrupted materials, etc. as already suggested) - the Imperium _does_ have "Chaos" ships in service, as in "most of the type defected but these did not so are still kept in service for really desperate times even though with lots of suspicion". There were even BFG rules ("Reserve fleets of Battlefleet Obscurus" or somesuch) way back during the EoT campaign for an Imperial fleet having a mixture of both Imperial and "Chaos" vessels.

Of course, this provides an interesting plot hook: can they hide the truth from the Inquisition, AM, and Ecclesiarchy?

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>Implying Rogue Traders care about spending money
There is always more somewhere.

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Doesnt it depend on who had the ship though? It's not like all chaos warbands are into the whole actually worshipping Chaos and having daemons as pets thing. If it was a Night Lords ship then it might hardly have been corrupted at all.

>mutations shiptmar Oh, okay, I see the captcha disagrees...

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Just cannibalize it for parts. The Emperor doesn't have to know.

>captcha: produces earcash
Well, what could go wrong with that?

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>the paint on the ship is worth as much as five magna-melta warheads

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Just tell everyone you found it adrift in space or salvaged it from a space hulk. It could very well have been abandoned since before the Heresy.

Nobody has to know it used to belong to Chaos.

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>Okay, I thought it was bad when i still had a complete bo-o-o-oSYSTEMERRORREBOOTING

>> No.24642591

>Implying the reverse isn't more accurate.
They're trying to get rich, not waste money.


Those ships are massive, Factor in drydock and labor.

>> No.24642624

>They're trying to get rich, not waste money.
Rogue Traders are already rich. They measure their wealth by their assets that generate money
It's up to them if they want to throw their money away.

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the fact that the interior is probably decorated with intestines and the interior doors all being replaced by sphincters might be a giveaway

>> No.24642710

The inquisition might pay them for destroying a chaos ship.

>> No.24642731

Or you could have a new ship for pirating on rival trade routes.

>> No.24642797

Machine Spirits are allowed to be intelligent and aware. An Abominable Intellignce isn't bad because its smart, its bad because its soulless, ie it isn't/doesn't have a machine spirit.


Also I'm reminded of a short story (or a side bit in another story, for the life of me I can't remember the exact book i read it in) where a deamon possessed ships machine spirit contacts and guides some space marines through the hulk its part of so they can destroy it, cos it doesn't like being corrupted/possesed.

>> No.24642809

well obviously you change those bits.

>> No.24642890

There are even more profitable uses for a ship like that.

Send the chaos cruiser to a lightly defended system and have it fly around for a few days menacing the locals, taking a few shots at passing merchant vessels, etc.

A few days later, the Rogue Trader arrives with his freighters loaded with arms to sell to the now-terrified local planets.

>> No.24642973

See this.

This is profitable Rogue Trader thinking.

You sit, are gonna make it.

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Thread's been archived, upvote.
The problem with this plan is that you may be forced to destroy the chaos ship to keep up the illusion. Otherwise, this is perfect thinking for a Rogue Trader.

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Nah, no need to destroy it, just have them warp off dramatically after a climatic battle, with one dude in really spikey armor up on the viewscreen as he shakes his fist and yells "I'LL GET YOU... NEXT TIME!"
Bam, you now have continual demand for armaments in that market.

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And then the rogue trader gets convicted of Heresy when someone finds the Chaos costume.

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>skeletor the chaos lord

>> No.24643428

Why would he get convicted for the chaos costume, on the chaos ship, which he is never on?

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>> No.24643516

The chaos costume that he needs to have to make the whole scam work.

>> No.24643551

That is halfway into a deamonship.
The Chaos ships don't need gellar fields when going into warp. However due to the internecine nature of Chaos they most likely still use it since they don't want surprise Khrone or Slaanesh parties aboard fucking, raping or slaughtering the entire engine room or bridge crew.

They will however face serious fucked up runes and ritual chambers that are beacons and conduits for the warp, Things that without a chaos sorcerer might attract way to many deamons to the ship when in warp if not properly scrubbed and sanctified, machine spirits and devices of the Dark Mechanicus as thed did maintenance on that thing for 10k year, artefacts of chaos that have been left by slaves, cultists, spacemarines, sorcerers, etc...

Well,yes, after it has been properly searched cleansed and sanctified... Considering this is a 5 cubic km of ship that might takle a while and cost a pretty penny.
Well it is not, since it would most likely be financially and politically attacked and offered that cannot be refused by the AdMech for trying to regain ancient secrets to the Inquisition for schemes.. so they will have to defend it through out the period that it is cleansed. Say, usually it would take 25 years or so, if they spend a extra, say double or triple they could get that down to 10 or 5 years depending on your story, all the while fending off possible chaos outbreaks on the ships, potential admech and inquisition sabotage, political and economic manuvers of AdMech and inquisition, etc, all this for a somwhat better performing ship that will at first be mistaken for a chaos warband ship, first by the sensor crew and bridge crew, waste some time with IFF and confirmation via astropath or threatening via guns, and then a repeat when the escort comes in, of say some interceptors, and then a repeat with the security guards at the doc, and the a repeat wit the workers on the dock...

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There are Chaos ships that are from after the Heresy you know. Blasphemous vessels of war forged in orbit of daemon worlds, vessels stolen and plundered and those whose crews turned traitor.

>> No.24643681

But, if you want to spend the equivalent of say two or four ships on that, well suit yourself. It is somewhat of a ego project, and in my 40k the imperial navy and SDFs gets at least 1/3d or 1/5th of its ships procurement via salvage.


In essence the crew can either try to do it by the book and face half the imperial bureaucracy fighting them and burn a lot of favours and funds ,while guarding it personally, or risking getting a notice that the ship got drafted, here is a receipt to get another equivalent class from a bone yard or get the money in thrones sometime, etc, that is if they put it in a place outside the imperium and are shuttling in the priests and admech and workers etc, or simply have it vanish if they leave it in imperial space even if attended too before sanctification with all papers in order...

Or they can leave it as it is and risk running it as such. They might need a industrial load of servitors, burn through them like nothing, due to occasional corruption everywhere, and a lot of priests ministering the bridge crew, that or risk it to loose it to mutiny...

So in any case you can do a lot of stuff with this premise they got.

In any casse it is not a deamonship.

You could tell us about the previous owners say a list and we could come up with a plausible history and the things that they might have left behind or the things that might inhabit it now, in all the crevices and nooks of it..

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Yes but a Devastation is not that. It was Imperial at one time.

>> No.24643700

yes, the one that never leaves the chaos ship, that ship that the rogue trader is never on, which means that they can't actually tie him to said costume or ship.

>> No.24644047

So then what happens if the imperium captures the chaos ship and interrogates the crew?

>> No.24644157

If they Warpbane the hull it will cut down on the need for the purifying process.

Seriously, they would do that if they're smart.

>> No.24644233

Most of the people in this thread are making a big deal out of almost nothing.

Seriously. The Imperium has sanctified chaos-tainted shit before, and it takes less than several centuries to do so.

>> No.24644270

They're clearly chaos worshipers, who's going to trust them to speak truthfully? It's clearly just a plot to case suspicion upon a proud, upstanding and loyal man of the Imperum and distract from their dark masters.
Or, failing that, nuke the ship.

>> No.24644492

Have the crewmen start chanting liber tutame ex infernis

>> No.24644580

I-it's not like I want to ferry you through space, baka.

>> No.24644681

>paying for anything
correction: The Inquisition will make THEM pay if they hve the means to destroy the ship an d do not do so.

>> No.24644703

>ere a deamon possessed ships machine spirit contacts and guides some space marines through the hulk its part of so they can destroy it, cos it doesn't like being corrupted/possesed.
sauce please

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>In ship histories THIS VERY INCIDENCE IS COVERED. They'll get a -10 to all Social tests with the Imperium while that ship is in their fleet.

Not in any of the books I've looked at. The closest is "Turbulent Past," which basically means your ship is famous to some factions and infamous to others--like it was the flagship of a notorious pirate, or was used on an extermination mission, or whatever.

It doesn't even come close to covering "blasphemous living conglomeration of chaos-infused technology."

>> No.24645542

Assuming the group in question has more than one ship, why not fill it with cheap expendable crew, and some trustworthy higher-ups from the dynasty, and use it as a pirate ship? It goes around, has no official affiliation to the RT, but through clever work of the Seneshal, funds make it to the group. You don't gotta be on the damn thing to use it. Or even in the same sector as it.

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And then the party has a new nemesis as their expendable crew and trustworthy officers are turned into corrupted puppets of the Warp.

There really is no part to this plan that isn't basically, "I'm gonna read these words aloud from the bloodstained pages of the old tome covered in human flesh--what could possibly go wrong?"

>> No.24646085

>A ship that's fallen too chaos isn't just an imperium ship with a new paintjob and a few decorative corpses and blood

Wow thats so wrong it hurts.

You need to read more fluff, and talk about it like you already know it less.

You are literally utterly and completely wrong.

>> No.24646579

Some are possessed by daemons, which warps them enough for it to be considered a new ship.

>> No.24646616


No. If your players insist on using the ship anyway, I suggest buying some Black Crusade rulebooks and getting prepared to run a Chaos campaign once the party and their entire crew have fallen.

>> No.24648103

I... that... What? That's pretty much exactly what a chaos ship boils down to, especially the ones that were around since at least M31, considering that the Devestation class hasn't been build since then.

>> No.24648154


It's a troll, boy. Ignore it and it will go away.

>> No.24648619

Well, it may depend too about how much chaos was the previous owner.
If they were just rebels doing some mumbo jumbo, well, maybe shit's not so spreaded
If they were one of those "fuck chaos" night lords warbands, well, maybe is kinda clean. Just some nightmares, but you know, just increase the amount of amasec before sleaping.
If they were demon hard possesion with tentacles coming from the hull, prepare for a purge. With fire
If they were Iron Warriors/Dark Mechanicus, it's sure it will have those nasty obliterator nanomachines. You may enjoy them, but they are high heretical.

>> No.24649320

What? No, the only frostblade they have that's a recaptured chaos weapon is Logan Grimnar's axe. I dunno where the fuck you're getting your info but if it's /tg/ then you should stop listening to these chucklefucks.

>> No.24649422

>Rogue Trader to Black Crusade party

That actually sounds like a decent idea. How would that work precisely?

>> No.24649686

The Black Crusade rulebook has a little section describing how to do that. There's a chart about how to convert the skill system from previous 40k games to the simplified Black Crusade system.

>> No.24650160

i think it might have happened in the soul drinkers series. But it was a while ago that I read it. But it was in a black library book that much I know for sure.

>> No.24650237

No OP.You just can't do that.

But what they could do is rig the ship to explode and sell it to some heretics. Then using the money from the ship they just destroyed, buy a new ship.

General RT question: How well does it work out to have xenos in the party? Kroot? Orks? etc.

>> No.24650278

>How well does it work out to have xenos in the party? Kroot? Orks? etc.

You'll make a majority of regular people very, very sad. But each xenos race brings with it its own strengths - There are none more powerful than an Ork, a Kroot is a peerless outdoorsman, and a Dark Eldar on your side means you don't need to fear the darkness as much

>> No.24650311

Not every ship is a daemon ship, OP. The imperium salvages that chaos stuff all the time. Shit, they even salvage stuff from space hulks, and those things are a lot less pleasant than chaos ships.
If this isn't some blob of nightmarish plague-infested daemon meat, you kill everyone inside, destroy all the chaos artifact and temples, send some priests to cleanse it and go generous when dousing the whole thing in holy oils, and send the techpriests to do their holy rituals of "reset to factory settings".

>> No.24650315

>There are none more powerful than an Ork

We have an Ork and a mutate in our party. Our Mutate is more than capable of beating the shit out of the Ork, and has beaten him in arm wrestling.

>> No.24650356


Well then the Ork is doing things very, very poorly. I've seen Orks at their most powerful, and many things don't stand a chance.

>> No.24650396

He's a 'Eird Boy so don't that might be it. But his unnatural toughness is useless against our mutant's unnatural strength and massive Wound, and toughness counts.

>> No.24650433

Shas'o what's your opinion on this book?

Does it need more necron?

>> No.24650453



Ah, there we go. They're not as combat-focused as a Freeboota, so it sort of makes sense in that light.

>> No.24650475

Was funny though to see him lose to what is basically a Ogryn, but capable of reading and writing.

>> No.24650560

Are you talking about the players or the morale impact on the crew?


How does it go for player to player interaction/ can you share more stories about thsi?

>> No.24650577

>intelligent ogryns

That's fucking terrifying man.

>> No.24650608
File: 174 KB, 222x317, Eldar Dying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Immediate Thoughts:

-You're playing a gay elf
-Ranger Career, Eldar Specialist - This grants blanket EWT to every eldar weapon, and there are dozens. I don't think this is necessary. Better to toss in a few EWT (Eldar Only) talents, and let the Ranger specialize.
-Pathfinder Subcareer, 3 marks: Upon receiving 3 marks, you are limited to Rank 1-3 of Ranger, and stuck on Pathfinder. What if you get marks on later ranks (ex. Ranks 2,3,5)? Are you limited to the rank where you got your last cockup on, or still 1-3?
-Pathfinder Career - Ascension-level advances? What if you cockup 1-3? Now you're looking at ascension level characteristics at rank 4.

>> No.24650614

>How does it go for player to player interaction/ can you share more stories about thsi?
Our Mutant is a quiet missionary who doesn't say much but acts quickly. He believes our Astropath is the Emperor incarnate. Our Ork is loud and likes to rush into combat and smash things.

They get along as the Mutant only hate Dark Eldars, yet our Dark Eldar is an awakened blender, and is the deadliest member of the party with his crazy high dodge chance and weapon skill.

Rarely anything has happened between them, as the Captain won't allow it with his 130 roll for charm.

>> No.24650631


Morale Impact on crew and Imperial citizenry. Introduction of Xenos PCs, might want to talk with your team about it. If they're playing right proppa Imperials, then even if they like it IC, OOC there might be a bit of friction.

>> No.24650663

I always saw it as the first attempt by Humanity to carry out warp travel.

It is also a very good example of why never to go into the warp without a Geller Field.

>> No.24650669

I take it you could improve it then?

>> No.24650704

Of course! This matter would be discussed with the party, first. We're building a game currently. Right now we're looking at a Fallen (DA) as an arch militant type, a Kroot stalker, and some crazy rogue trader who happens to save/collect people in their time of need.

We've never played with or as xeno pcs before, so i was wondering how it worked out for everyone.

>> No.24650724
File: 117 KB, 339x365, [432].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>party wants to recondition a Chaos Ship

>Marneus Calgar uses Chaos power fists
>"Matt Ward is our spiritual liege, I play Ultramarines and I'm sick of the flak he gets".

Stay consistent, /tg/

>> No.24650725

To be honest, if it wasn't for the fact it's the only way humans have developed to travel that fast and that far, they are insane to keep using it.

>> No.24650741

Yeah, but they had to be purified and consecrated first.

It's hardly practical to do that to a many-kilometer long ship. You might as well just build a new one from scratch.

>> No.24650767

It is possible to reconsecrate and repurpose technology that was stolen by the Arch enemy, but the rituals are very closely guarded by the Ad Mech, the Iron Hands, etc.

>> No.24650768

On our ship we only have one devote Imperial citizen. I'm a xenophile so I love having them around, we have an ork, dark eldar, had a kroot who ate our last rogue trader, a void master with a lizard tail that I gave him, the Mutant Missionary, our Rogue Trader, and our I hate all of you Arch-militant.

>> No.24650805

What stops the AM from trying to kill all of you? IC reasons, please.

>> No.24650832

Which book are Dark Eldar in again?

>> No.24650837

Honestly I just loved how the medbay was all glossy black and full of impractical spikes
Necrons: were they among us?

>> No.24650855

His job it to protect our Rogue Trader's assets. Everyone but a few of us are part of his assets, me included. All the Xenos are under his protection.

Didn't stop him from kill the Tau though when he got eaten by a giant fish.

>> No.24650863

The Soul Reaver has rules for DE as PCs. They show up in various adventure books.

>> No.24650865

"The Soul Reaver" and the supplement to it "The Dark Kin"

>> No.24650874

There was a Tau player?

>> No.24650897

Our Ork was original a Tau before he got tired and realized he hated Tau.

He was a shit Tau and worshipped Nurgle secretly.

>> No.24650898

Theirs a trait for this in the book already.
Complications < Ship history < Turbulent Past
Turbulent Past: Over the years this ship has been used to perform deeds dastardly to some and heroic to others. The GM selects a social group (pirates, heretics, the Imperial Navy, the Inquisition, or inhabitants of an important locale like Footfall). All ship’s crew suffer a –20 to social Skill Tests when interacting with that group. The GM then selects a second group naturally opposed to the first. All ship’s crew gain +20 to social Skills when interacting with that group. The additional problems that could arise from being hated by a particular group of people are limitless.

As for it being Chaos, Chaos is generally kind of a secret in the Imperium and on a Strictly need to know basis. Hence why its a FORBIDDEN LORE. You players could make a difficult or hard deceive check to convince them its simply a very venerable ship, (difficulty may vary, as the GM sees fit.)
Only really puritan Impirials destroy Good Void-ships. Unless tainted beyond repair or something equally as dastardly.

>> No.24650906

If so, how did you guys represent him as PC? Did you use the Tau statline and have him pick a class or something?

>> No.24650933

We had a /tg/ made one I believe.

I never asked really about him. All we know is he was an ex-slave that escaped and went on a murder spree before he joined up as our second AM.

>> No.24650949

Nice. Thanks for the info.

>> No.24650987

Any time.

It's not even the good stuff our group has done. Like seduce a bunch of Dark Eldar as a mariachi band.

>> No.24651032

Tell me more!



>> No.24651114

It would take far too long to type it all out.
I plan to type it all up when the campaign ends though.

>> No.24651464


My recommendation would be to address three of the four points I mentioned, and then recompile. Further issues cannot be determined without playtesting and extensive comparison between classes.

>> No.24652370

Stop talking about eldar, this is a chaos thread.

>> No.24652937

Extra points if the crew gets some meddling acolytes and their dog as a recurring nemesis.

>> No.24655651
File: 26 KB, 250x269, 250px-SHODAN_hires.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Have them enter the ship to prob it for deamon activity
> Find out it's a traitorous adepts Mechanics vesile
> Ship starts off deserted
> Ships AI has been tainted by chaos
> AI has control of heretical crew via forced lobotomization, sacrifice, ritual, w.e
>Players need to fight their way to the AI to gain the ship.

>> No.24655711

>Ships AI
that's tech heresy right there.

>> No.24657541

Actually, according to BFG Imperium does regularly recapture and re-concecrate traitor vessels (provided they aren't too corrpt; a ship whose captain rebelled against the Imperium and became a pirate is probably ok, a ship whose crew swore their souls to the Dark Powers and have been waging the Long War for several millenia....probably isn't). Ships, especially capital ones, are expensive so former Imperial vessels are captured whenever possible.

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