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So for my upcoming Only War game, group decided they wanted to be a recon group similar to MACV-SOG.
One player is obsessing pretty hard over WWII US Infantry themed armor.
I get to play a Storm Trooper. I want to rock this very hard.
Please give me your suggestions for how to make my fellow players squeal with joy. I currently plan to just use my hotshot lasgun or laslance as the case may be.
All canon advice considered.

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play it like a member of rainbow 6.

>breach flash and clear
>tango down

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I can do that, little disappointed though, I thought you guys would be like 'vox your laslance'
you guys are pretty cool

I'll keep the urban breach ideas, but no idea of the terrain we'll be fighting on at the moment.

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Be as OPERATOR as you can. Stay frosty, use smoke to attack that tank.

Always be Oscar Mike.

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Did somebody say "recon"?
>Fucking dress blues commercial man. That got so many fucking guys. Now look at us: Trombley hasn't killed anybody, I'm half a world away from good paradise world pussy, and Colbert is out here rolling around fuckbutt Gereon, hunting for heretics in a MOPP suit that smells like four days of piss and ball sweat.

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cannot wait for hammer

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When does it drop? W2C.

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supposed to be out today, not really expecting clean PDFs for another week or so at best

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You better have Sergeant Major Sixtus in your game.

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Is it wrong to force everyone to play as the same gender? I just think it's stupid that apparently all regiments are mixed regiments in FFGland.

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You mean Lord Commissar?
>Yer moostache hairs was in violations of the groomin' standards, Sergeant!

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>Is it wrong to force everyone to play as the same gender?

Short answer: no.
Long answer: so long as there's a good reason and you're not causing serious asspain amongst your players. If your players are so immature that the mere inclusion of a female causes immediate I'M GONNA SEDUCE EVERYTHING WITH A PENIS AND WIN BY FUCKING syndrome, it might be time to look elsewhere for players.

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It's not because they're incapable of playing it. It's that everywhere that isn't FFG it's established that regiments of IG are generally all one gender, and mixed regiments are rare.

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Does the difference between a male/female/mixed regiment make a difference for the story you are trying to tell ?

If it does, force a single gender on your players. If not, the decision is between you and your players.

I wonder if that's FFG overreacting to all the stupid shit people said to try and justify female space marines as a canon possibility in Deathwatch.

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>I wonder if that's FFG overreacting to all the stupid shit people said to try and justify female space marines as a canon possibility in Deathwatch.
what we did was let our female player play a sister of battle.

we had to max her out to get her on par with the space marines but we did it and had fun. which i guess is the important thing.

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Not really, I just like to stick to established canon because FFG tends to go full retard. I also had to homebrew my own rules for how the Genestealer's Kiss works because they turned it into fucking xenomorph-style reproduction.

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Which is funny, because a good chunk of BL novels about the IG feature mixed-gender regiments. The Valhallans in Ciaphus Cain and Gaunts Ghosts (after Verunhive), probably the two most characterized regiments, are both mixed-gender. Sure all the faceless jackasses you see on the tabletop and in the codex fluff are from mono-gender regiments, but I find that people who play the RPGs are more familiar with BL fluff than tabletop fluff.

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...Did you actually read Ciaphas Cain?
Including the bit where it is mentioned that female regiments are rare, mixed regiments are rarer, and the latter mostly come about from two regiments being folded into one?

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Since when does "mixed regiments are rare" mean "mixed regiments aren't canon" ?

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Since when does "mixed regiments exist" mean "all regiments are mixed"?

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Solid copy, moving down the MSR now, break
Be advised, dust cloud approximately three mikes west, over

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>See, when Elysians invade an enemy planet, we've gotta buy all our own shit. Me and Brad spent 500 thrones of our own money just fixing up the Tauros. Bought our own antennas, filters, these cammie nets. We even painted it ourselves. So yeah, homes. We pimpin'.

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Antennae. The word is antennae, not antennas.

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I know that. Just copied, pasted, and modified the actual quote from the show.

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Ratling named Ramirez instructed to do everything

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>Ramirez, stop that Baneblade with this laspistol!

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Ramirez, seduce that convent of Sororitas! Use smokes to cover your advance!

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Fuck, now I want to see a Horus Heresy FPS starring Ollanius Pius. It'll culminate in you mentally ordering yourself to save the Emperor.

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Given Tau have actually useful disposable missile launchers (seeker missiles), not-Predator Drones, target painters, flashbangs, and so on I've got this nagging feeling a Fire Caste Only War conversion could be great fun.

It would allow you to be properly tacticlol.

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I really want to request a drawing of guardsman Ramirez in the next drawthread

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Indeed. Though being a Drop Infantry or Light Infantry unit and taking suitably tacticool gear like lascarbines and photon flash grenades also allows for a pretty high degree of OPERATORness.

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Black Vulture Down.

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40k movie thread?
always relevant

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Oh god, I can imagine it now. The space marines getting pissy because they weren't told about the raid, ala 10th Mountain

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That's it, I'm writing this.

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Heh, this reminded me how last time I played Marbo sliced n' diced an obliterator to pieces.
Four hits, four ones on Sv. Good times.

Anyhoo, this Only War business looks pretty cool, but how well does it mod in general? And there's pdf coming?

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>pdf coming
We're Guardsmen, dawg. PDF would only slow us down.

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I dunno man, I'm kinda excited about having someone else to be shot up first before us.

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Someone made a homebrew regimental type for PDF. 1pt: -3ws, -3bs, +3 Fel, +10 to social skill checks on their home planet, and pick one Trade skill (any) to represent your day job.

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That's why we deployed with Chenkov and a box of conscripts.

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Marbo is one hell of a fun unit.

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It will let me be properly Tacticool As the GM

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