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>According to a reliable source within Bioware, I have been told that as of Monday, Bioware is now the proud owner of the Space Marines : 40k Franchise after THQ went under and sold off its IPs due to finical troubles earlier this year.

Get ready to have your space marines have gay sex

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Once they have a source better than "I have an uncle in nintendo" we'll talk.

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My dad works in Pokemon and said the new type will be Light.

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They have gay sex already dingus. They're called practice cages and marines always come out sweaty and exhausted

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>Inb4 farting ritual or whatever

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>months after everything else was auctioned off
>no source on any end

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>space marines
>gay sex

Got a problem with that, peasant?

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We did this last night. The site is an unknown blogspot with zero corroborating evidence. Sega's Working Designs studio is one of three that have direct access to GW IPs, and exactly 0 of those studios are EA Bioware.

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there where two races on the "gaylist" first cakeboy, get on the line.

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No, sir. We all know gay astartes sex is the manliest of activities possible.

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Doubt it. If I've learned any thing it's that two money hungry scheming companies don't work well together. EA and GW both want to get the most out of it, and neither are willing to back off.

Also GW demands too much control.

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