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You must take four of these assholes into your party and slay the Lich who prepares an undead army in the dungeons of the abandoned fortress, Spookengard. All manner of creepy-crawlin' ghoulies and spine-tingling screamozoids lurk within each dark hallway ready to chill you to the bone. Who do you take with you on this daunting task of brawn and bravery?

Number 12 counts as two people, so don't get any ideas, you sneaky dillweeds.

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Where is The Burdened?

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Number 4, because he look kind of like me and one of my party members put together.
Number 13, because he reminds me of Gabe Newell, but with more angst.
Number 16, because that can only be a Hat of Holding.
Number 18, because if someone is wearing a suit in a dungeon, he's a devil. And i have no qualms about making deals with devils.

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>You must take four of these assholes into your party

I would rather fall on my own sword than spend any time at all with those creepy people.

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Big Hat Logan is a world-famous sorcerer. Of course I'll take him.
Rest don't matter.

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>Not choosing Grease-Bite
You fools! He holds the One True Blade, the only sword in all the lands who can slay the Lich! Legend has it that the blade was forged from the metal of his very braces...

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so long as they don't make me play munchkin.

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Scary Hairy Larry looks like he's killed before.
I'll take him... but I'm not letting him out of my sight.

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12 confuses and infuriates me

Traps but bronies. It creates inner conflict

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Holy shit. Those names are beautifully apt.

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I'll take two copies of twelve and sacrifice them to the lich.

He'll probably end up killing himself over it.

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mike x4

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1, 16, 18, 11

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How are you all ignoring that #18 is /tg/. Look at the game of munchkin near his arm. Bring him along, he's one of us.
>dat glorious bastard feel when I'm on /mlp/ DMing an rpg as we speak.

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It makes me want to hatefuck them into a coma and sacrifice them to the horned god Baal.

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Wait a second.

I think 18 is the new guy in my roleplaying group.
He just joined on a game of rogue trader we've started running.

If it's not him, it's someone else who looks and dresses very similar to him.

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>because he reminds me of Gabe Newell

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Chomp Saw McGraw as our Druid
Grease-Bite as the grand wizard
Scary hairy Larry as the Warlock
Joseph K. Styles as the illusionist time wizard.

Really though, apart from Chasm Crotch and The Deadly Duo we have the finest array of wizardry this side of Hogwarts.

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Now think about this.

What if they're double traps? It trick you into thinking it's a dude pretending to be a girl, but then it turns out it really is a girl.

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It really is the best thing to do.

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Big Hat Logan, since he's a wizard.

The Burdened x3. To carry us and our loot.

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You soggin' git, I'M the one who posted that comment and was busy looking for that exact pic

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Ill take

11-Obviously a rogue and sneaky ass MFer hiding in the backrow waiting to dickstab people

15 Look at that oversized mongoloid head.Hes obviously a Barbarian ready to rage at the drop of a hat and fell things in a blind rage

16 To drop the hat for 15.Hes also got an awesome big floppy hat because hes obviously a Wizard and thats gonna win us the day

18 Obviously a Bard and the only man there dapper enough to hold this force together

It doesnt look like any of the others have PC levels so that would be my team for sure

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I have evaluated all these potential comrades and gone over the quest you have charged me with.
After much debate and great debate i have made my selection.

>Grease bite
we will need a charismatic front man.
>Joey Styles
motherfucker is clearly all business all the time. must of take lessons from the Radical One.
>Suicide Clyde
he has seen far worse than any dungeon has to offer. such experience will no doubt be life saving.
>Crack-em-up Jack
obvious low Int Fighter but will nonetheless be invaluable for those tough fights.

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Traps are shit and ponies are shit, there is no conflict.

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You're both mistaken. It's clearly an entourage of wizards.

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How goes the Perks and Flaws system?

I just wish we could run games here on /tg/.

Stuff like being changelings hired by the Zebra Empire to kill the new Alicorn Princess would fit in just right.

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>>dat glorious bastard feel when I'm on /mlp/ DMing an rpg as we speak.
So how much horse rape goes on in it?

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none of them look a day over 30.
you are mistaken.

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16 and 18 are obviously hiding many powers

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Never seen that version before. Though how can one rename Slick? It's Slick, man

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>>dat glorious bastard feel when I'm on /mlp/ DMing an rpg as we speak.

You're going to build their trust and then have space Marines drop pod in and tear the ponies in twain right?

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I choose the impossible.

I choose...


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I was just in that thread for a brief time, long enough to grab a couple of pics. I don't usually visit /v/.

Also, I completely forgot I had this version of the pic.

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It appears so

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13, 14, 17, and 18

They seem like they've got the easiest necks to break.

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I would've picked 6, 7, 8, and 9 if I was picking on that basis, but whatever.

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Actually I've been there too long.
Done mostly
Little actually. Usually its just "D&D", but with ponies.

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>its just "D&D", but with ponies

How the hell does a pony climb up a rope trick?

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Tonight's game


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Unicorns can use their telekinesis.

Pegasus and gryphons can fly.

Diamond Dogs have hand/paw things.

Goats are a player race.

Depending on how it goes, we might add more skills or a new class, the Smith.

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On second thought I'm not that curious. Thanks anyway.

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Not nearly enough

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Oh fuck, I think I know the #12 in front. I should've known she/he/zhli/it/whatever-the-fuck-she's-calling-herself-these-days would be into MLP.

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oh fuck it's disgusting

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It's too late Anon. We're everywhere now.

We are in your quests.

We are running your games.

We are in you Local Gaming Store.

We are you, we've always been you. We just like pastel colors a bit more than you did.

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>We are in your quests.

That explains why they're so full of autism.

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A dwarf is a smaller, stockier and hardier human.
A pony is a smaller, stockier and hardier horse.

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>he thinks ponys are dwarfs
haha, no.

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It's my greatest fear to be labeled in one of those pictures

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>tfw that store is in my city
It's a great place, but why they host bronies is beyond my brain's capacity.

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>we will need a charismatic front man.
You're not charismatic, Nathan.

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>he thinks they're not the freak result of a drunken grope fest between Slaanesh and Tzeentch

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My greatest fear is being in any picture that gets commonly posted on 4chan.

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Perks and Flaws aren't "done". As of writing they're house rules and are not official parts of the MLPFMTORPG system. While the developers had considered them at one point, we currently have no plans to implement them.

Dungeon Master, I know you like the system a lot and I'm honestly flattered you can take the time to play games and promote the system, but please do avoid misinforming or misleading people who might be interested in it.

If anyone has further questions or concerns about the system, here's our email.

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Grab whatever is at hand.
Speedrun to the Lich's chamber
>"Mr. Lich? I'd like to apply for your army of evil and the Necromantic Arts class"
>"Those guys? Do whatever you want with them, i have no idea why they keep following me and i suspect they have some form of brain damage"

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>I've heard that virgin sacrifice helps out the whole immortality thing a lot.
>I brought four.

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I choose big hat logan 4 times.

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I think we can get a little more than four outta them

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Is that Gaurdian Games in Portland Oregon? It looks like it but, I haven't been in there in couple years.

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18,14,17, and 4.

4) Because he seems like he's a bit uneasy about being there.

14) Because he doesn't look like he's as much of a pain in the ass as the majority of the pictured group.

17) Because he looks like he's kinda quiet and is probably a smart guy, aside from liking pony shit.

18) Aside from that fact that he's already /tg/, he understands that if you're going far enough down the rabbit hole to wear a fedora, you should at least wear formal attire to match. Plus, he looks chill.

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An assemble of apprentices.

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big hat logan
inferno joe
Joseph K. styles
Mister lister the sister fister

now the reason
big hat logan due to him having the biggest hat
inferno joe due to restance to soul draining magics
jospeh k styles for sacrifice/ persuasion checks
Mister lister the sister fister so I can say his name some more

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They will betray you, and overwhelm you.

>> No.24564989

>Chestbearer Agatha
Oh God I'm cracking up.

>> No.24565034

>that glower
>'ask me if I care' t-shirt
Holy shit, Suicide Clyde is perfectly named. Now I want to die.

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Joseph K. Styles is clearly the charisma rogue of the group
Crazy Eyes Carl is crazy so I'll assume he is some manner of berzerker
Big Hat Logan is clearly a sorcerer of some sort, sorcerers tend to wear funny hats
Crack-Em-Up Jack looks like a rough motherfucker so he's in too I guess.
That's two warriors, a rogue, and a wizard. Pretty solid party I guess.

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I choose!
Chomp-Saw McGraw!
Dashing Jackson!

>> No.24568412

Dashing Jackson and Joseph K. Styles look like the same person wearing different clothes.

This is fucking freaking me out, man.

>> No.24568603

That set actually belongs to #15, he brought it along for fn times and shenanigans.

>Renaming Nathan

>> No.24568613

Also, if I'm in that picture do I count as one of the four?

>> No.24568743

I chose joseph k. styles as the face due to his dapper nature, crazy eye carl to scare the shit out of the enemy, inferno joe to burn shit,and mister lister to tank and fist the enemies sisters

>> No.24568918

Which one are you?

>> No.24568993

Is that a a giant rat with a breath weapon that deals it's damage in mice?

>> No.24569020

It's a giant rat PC that bought 10k mice and stored them in his rat stomach.

>> No.24569021

Grease Bite

>> No.24569038

Is #12 two chicks? If not I'd still rather do them than #10.

So for a party I'll choose
# 18 He looks like he might be a self centered dick, but hell at least he is well dressed.

# 13 because maybe if we get into a pickle he'll sacrifice himself for the greater good.

#9 he might be a blaster caster, or just a pyromaniac.

#1 so I can push him into a trap, or a sphere of annihilation.

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#12 is two chicks and I'm pretty sure they were together. They are actually some of the earliest known brony cosplayers and the one in blue created a few well known pony flashes.

They arrived and left on roller blades.

>> No.24569072


Well maybe I can cum between them. Well at least do the front one and kill the one in the back.
I wonder if #10 has a vagina of holding.

>> No.24569075


This looks like the store Guardian Games in Portland OR, i hope im wrong about it.

>> No.24569099


Goddammit brain, why can't you determine their gender??

>> No.24569100

I knew it, greeze bite looked like a guy who knows about an rpg

>> No.24569115

gender is a construct you cis scum.

>> No.24569130

It is.

That picture was taken back in May of 2011. Since then the meetup group has come under new management and they now have a small group that meets there every other Sunday at 5

>> No.24569194

>Mister Lister the Sister Fister
I was apprehensive about this thread, but his name made me chuckle, so I'll take him.
>Black-Cap Dan the Scat-Fap Man
Same with this guy.
>Cunt Destroyer
Read his name. Looked at his picture. Started laughing. I don't know, he looks like Tim Buckley of Ctrl+Alt+Del infamy. He's in.
>The Deadly Duo
You get to take two people for the price of one? Deal!

I guess the real question now is whether or not the DM will allow ponies as a playable race.

>> No.24569319

well fuck me, never realize how close you are to scum until its right in your backyard

>> No.24569354

Oh dear god

>> No.24569410


I mean, yeah, it sucks dicks that these guys kind of ruin the show for children, but whatever.

>> No.24569420

how do they ruin it for kids?

>> No.24569442


I grab four random, and perform pic. related.

>> No.24569487


no, my daughter, I won't let you watch the cartoon show with the talking horses. I don't want you to grow up to be a horrible greasy neckbeard

>> No.24569592

#5 Dickard McDanger
#9 Inferno Joe
#12 Guy in the front only, fuck your rules, he has DSL.
#18 Joesph K. Styles

>> No.24569643


as if it were as simple as that, these people are clearly sub-human

>> No.24569646


Watching that kind of show when you're a small child is what PREVENTS you from becoming a greasy neckbeard. The reason so many MLP fans outside of the target demographic watch the show is because they don't want to "grow up" or they didn't have much of a childhood to begin with, and so they're trying to use regression as a defense mechanism to escape from their shitty lives.

Just think of them as a collection of Michael Jacksons, sans the ability to contribute anything of value to society.

>> No.24569648

said no one, ever.
Its more like "if you see those people run to me my innocent daughter" and covering the daughter's eyes so she can't see the neck beards.

>> No.24569712

My choices are:
>Mike, dude is obviously a rogue, look at that hiding, if you didn't point him out, who'd notice him? Definitely shadow dancer.
>Joseph K. Styles as our party face; look at the man, diplomancer as fuck. He even turned up to the non-combat encounter ready to do the talking
>Big Hat Logan. Everyone knows about Big Hat; fastest bunderbuss in the Brony community.
>And Rainbow Randy and The Butt-eruptor; our tag team of Gay Boy Berserkers. You never seen Mad Max? We'll you'll wish you had so you'd known they were coming.
Bring it on Lich Bitch.

>> No.24570595

#12 is two chicks

>> No.24570631

Someone asked if they were done. They pretty much are. The fact that they are a third party splat doesn't change how near to completion they are.

>> No.24570656

Actually thats a load of horse shit, pun entirely intended. Its actually just a funny, well animated show. Thats really it. We watch a show out of demographic, because its a good fucking show.

>> No.24570679

3 could pass as normal
12 because that's two fer one
15 because nathan
18 cause he probably brought the munchkin

>> No.24570754

If you could not leak our documents all the time, that'd be great: love the dev team

>> No.24570766

Wasn't the Perk Doc I linked the /mlp/ Perk document? And do you mean the core rules? /tg/ helped make them originally so who cares if I link those?

>> No.24570793

Can I bring Deadly Duo x2?

>> No.24570825

Look. Don't waste your time trying to reason with /tg/. They're just jealous because while both fandoms are fundamentally the same, the creators of your product actually like their fans.

>> No.24570851

Pretty much this.

Who the fuck cares what somebody enjoys so long as they don't be a little shit about it?

The real problem is that bronies, despite all claims to the contrary, also subscribe to the stigma that MLP is a "little girls show" so they are eager to seek vindication from their friends and people they meet in order to feel comfortable with enjoying the show. That's why they throw it at everybody saying "NO WAIT, IT REALLY IS GOOD. SEE?!" They are so desperate to make watching MLP acceptable that they drive people into thinking the exact opposite.

Actually the Munchkin is mine, so you still need a fourth.

>> No.24570875

Man, I just watched it because I couldn't find Avatar the Last Airbender online, and the internet wouldn't shut up about how good it was. So I watched it, it was cool, I showed my friends, they liked it, meh.

But yeah alot of the fans are just a BIT creepy.

>> No.24571145


Man, you don't look nearly as gross anymore.

>> No.24571171

Yeah, I get that occasionally.

Really all it comes down to is this:
How long has it been since I last shaved?
and the Camera.

I look like shit on camera most days.

>> No.24571293


lose the glasses get yourself a dinosaur shirt

>> No.24571299

Tempting but my teeth aren't that impressive.

>> No.24571474

No one in that image's main problem is their need to vindicate themselves.

>> No.24571531

Wasn't talking about individual problems and issues but the problem with the fanbase as a whole.

>> No.24571568

#18 - Party Face (Charismatic gentleman)
#16 - Wizard (A man with a hat that fancy is either a nobleman or a wizard and that he doesn't look like a nobleman)
#6 - Fighter (Tough guy, he even has a leather jacket)
#10 - Token female, seductress

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