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has anyone ever played this game non-ironically
i honestly believe no-one has

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The creators

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goddammit, every time i see that word this picture pops into my head.

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Did he shave the outline of a handlebar mustache because he was too lazy to grow one?

What a fag. Also that bitch's hair is thin as fuck. She probably has the syff if you know what I mean.

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what does F.A.T.A.L. stand for?

Fucked Ass Tremoring Anal Lubefication?

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From Another Time, Another Land

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One guy on /tg/ uses it to run fecht threads, but I don't know if that counts as *playing* it, per se.

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There's been at least one versus thread using this system on here before. I'm sure somebody can hook you up with a link in the archive.

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F.A.T.A.L. is the ultimate Aristocrats punchline

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Previously "Fantasy Adventures to Adult Lechery"

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>'to' appearing in the acronym
Its vile legend yet grows.

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>No monthly fee
This is the same kind of shit that all the other f2p games spout.

IRL is pay2win as fuck.

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yeah IRL is boss.
i played a 4th lvl stoner multiclassed with 6 levels musician.
died after a couple weeks though... pretty hard core campaign... set in Columbine High School

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so when we will create our

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It's vile legend was always that, anon.

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I was talking about some version that takes the good things about fatal and fix the rest.

Anyway just by removing useless pages you would already, reduce the size book alot, one thing they complain

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>my rpg is supposed to be realistic
>game has a class system

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Your abilities are function of your stats!
You have to calculate the partial derivative before every roll.
Also, the way you build a phrase influences the outcome. Active and passive voices give diferent bonus.

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Fuck no, I play Black Tokyo RPG. Much better than that pile of shit.

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PS: on his books (and his infamous review of the other fatal review), he mix between saying fatal is about being about realism, fatal being about every player having the same chance, and fatal being about hard-fun.

So not even fatal guy know what rpg he was trying to develop

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>so when we will create our
I AM OPENING A TEXT EDITOR NOW and the fatal PDF (last version I found by using wayback machine and fatal website at september*)


Later versions of websites (until 2006 april) have some sample version of fatal, but it can't be downloaded, but the sample has only 5 mb, unlike the 27mb of the version I said before. And its not able to be downloaded unlike the one I said
So its problably some sample version of fatal, so we problably have the lastest one.
Unless he somehow removed alot of pages, but this is unlikely.

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PS: wish me luck

last version of fatal website
has some character name rollerm ocupation roller and body part roller

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>>Also, the way you build a phrase influences the outcome. Active and passive voices give diferent bonus.

Sounds Interesting. No I will not give the book a try.

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PS: I will assume fatal is about being realistic

Not sure if I will asume fatal is a setting free game or is about neveria (another thing we cant know)

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>Not sure if I will asume fatal is a setting free game or is about neveria (another thing we cant know)
will assume that fatal is about neveria, to not need to create my own stuff

but right now I am not in a mood to continue it i am at page 13/908 and will continue some day later

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no, there is no way to play FATAL seriously and not be mentally stable, the only ones who do are fucked in the head dipshits who want to live out they're darkest sexual fantasies, High-As-Fuck Mathematicians with a superiority complex (insert 3.5 Joke here), and or the creator of this holocaust to traditional gaming ( who fits quite well in both sections.)

You cannot play FATAL seriously, if you do, I suggest you seek mental health treatment in which you're sterilized from the Human Gene-Pool, never allowed to even have spawn that could possibly turn as fucked up as you are.

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>no, there is no way to play FATAL seriously
obviously not.
just one simple example, your stats (excluding race and sex, but gm could force players to do that if he want) are rolled randomly and at the same time your job is.
What happens if you get a job you dont have stats to use?

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>What happens if you get a job you dont have stats to use?
maybe you create a char that fail at his job, but is able to continue doing it.
but this will be a problem to very old chars, they will have spend all their life on a job, somehow doing it, and at the same time not learning something from it

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its possible if the guy see the rpg think its good and learn as he plauy oqnnnro

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how are you doing it?

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>how are you doing it?
I am reading page per page,
write on a txt the name of the page and the stuff I will change (and how I will change) and what I will remove from it.
When I come back I will problaly write some the pages I will go back to recheck later.

And will also post what the pages (that I will keep) are about, to them be able to organize them in a good way other then "read the book from start to finish to make your char"

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Wait, what exactly are you doing? Just reworking parts of the game to make it playable or creating something else entirely?

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I don't think there's anything good about FATAL. Like I could probably seriously write a better game in ten minutes on a single notecard.

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too soon...too soon...

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>Wait, what exactly are you doing? Just reworking parts of the game to make it playable or creating something else entirely?
Sorry If I am late
I am right now reworking it.
But at some stuff I will need to be something else entirely to work/be realistic, One example is the fact I am assuming the idea of fatal is to be realistic (and not hard fun, or giving every player same chance by being random, as he says on some parts of the book when he talk about what fatal is), but fatal has a class/job system that is not fucking realistic at all, so will need to turn fatal job/class system into a skill system to work.

So, in the end will be fatal:
-With the text on a better order so you dont need to read the entire book to create your char.
-removing the unrealistic parts like the character being able to not select his race at random, player selecting his faith at random, a non baby guy selecting his hair at random, random jobs selection....
-removing racist stuff that is unrealistic
-no job system
-removing parts that are just him talking about psychology without ZERO rules (maybe add that to another book).
-removing the armor penalty from magic, a unrealistic stuff (he even say its not on the myths) added to make the game balanced.
-Maybe putting the spells on another book (maybe leaving the spells that come 100% from myths on the core book and adding the others on the next book)

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that sounds like a monstrous amount of work... good luck, anon

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your faggot as get that off facebook?

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