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Space Marine IP reportedly bought by...Bioware?!

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Nah. Doesn't make sense. Not enough sex.

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GG spess mahreen.

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Okay, so a Bioware Space Marine dating sim - I mean rpg. Assuming you are John Ultramarine, who would be your potential waifus - I mean squadmates?

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Spess Mahreens can't have relationships...can they?

Unless...unless Bioware's doing a Slaaneshi game.

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Alright time for transgender gay space marines.

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Jack Ultramarine.

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They could do a game where you are teleported through time via warp fuckery back to the time of The Fall of the Eldar.

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40k has been mutilated enough without dragging in the tumblr crowd that latched on to the corpse that was once Bioware.

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>Gay SpaceMahreens

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What are you guys talking about, it was bout by SEGA

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>Dark Angels
>Slaaneshi Marines
>Lemon Russ and the Yiffs

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I call bullshit. Sega was the one that bought relic in the fire sale. If relic was able to hold the IP during the breakup of THQ (and I doubt they actually did) Sega would hold the rights. Unless I hear GW say "yeah, we're licensing them the rights" I'm not going to believe a word.

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By the Emprah this is gonna hurt if it true
> Emo Titus
AAAARRGHHH I can already see it!

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I'd rather have them than the crowd that gets mad about "political correctness" and "social justice" because of the existence of LGBTs.

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Thread already ruined by /v/ manchildren.

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>According to a reliable source within Bioware...

According to reliable sources my ass. Dude wants page views and is publishing rumors as facts. And the game he's talking about wasn't Space Marine, it was the failed mmo turned 3rd party shooter abortion they were trying to get polished when they went bust. This is so thin I can see through it.

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A sarcastic Kroot sniper, an easily-flustered and socially awkward techpriestess, a grumpy loxatl chieftain/mercenary, some Imperial stormtroopers and psykers, and many, many more in the DLC. Pic related. This guy's your Ordo Xenos employer.

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Do your research.

GW isn't giving the 40k ip to a single company anymore. They're handing out pieces of it to different companies. Why do you think slytherin studios is making a 40k game as well? This is true regardlessof this particular rumor.

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Necrons are the main enemy in the first game, but you meet a friendly one and it turns out that they are cool bros, and the eldar we're just being dicks back in the old times

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They can now

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You know, this would work as a Ciaphas Cain game. That would explain the fame and babes.

>I'm Ciaphas Cain and this is my favorite store on Perlia

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>Spess Mahreens can't have relationships

The Salamanders do.

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You know, I've wondered. Why not simply make a Inquisitor game?

I mean, it'd pretty much be a Mass Effect reskin. It's the perfect idea for Bioware.

Like, you're a rookie inquisitor on the run, because your Master died unravelling a conspiracy. You have to gather your own warband, and find a way to thwart it.

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>GW isn't giving the 40k ip to a single company anymore.

No shit, but I'm talking about the rights to one particular game held by a particular studio. Relic owned the rights to the Space Marine game and the cancelled MMO turned something else game. Those rights if held by relic now belong to Sega, if those rights reverted back to GW there would have been some announcement from a real source that the IP had been shifted. Every other company that has a GW IP in the works has said something about it and not relied on some shitty blog with an "inside source that's totes reliable guize" to break the news.

We already know that creative has a Warhammer game license, Full Control has a great looking Space Hulk game coming at hte end of the year, Nomad games is doing Talisman, Zittika is doing something with Titans, and Rodeo is doing Warhammer Quest. How do we know this? Because every company that got a license deal came running out talking about it excitedly.

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A DLC tau firewarrior who was put on ice a while back and calls everyone dirty guela who dont understand true culture.

A renegade psyker from Necromunda who suddenly has no more psychological issues the moment you give her the dick

An Ogryn footsoldier named BLAST HARDCHEESE

A Salamander who has almost zero personality

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Stop being an intolerant transphobe and check your privilege.

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The salamander is a romance option for women, but all the players choose krootdick over damn dirty salamander dick.

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>Bioware in charge of anything.

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replace Tau with Old one and we have a winner!

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Salamander is inexplicably popular with gay men playing as women though.

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>Cain is a hero. A bloody icon.

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I can't stop screaming.

On the bright side, GW does not like anybody fucking with their product, so maybe they won't let this abomination happen, right?

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It's fun to imagine Bioware taking a hack at 40k, but please keep in mind the above link is total bullshit linkbait.

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>I can't stop screaming.
Over someone directly copypasting Mass Effect characters while deliberately making them dumber than they were originally?

I don't think you're being fair.

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>no sources
>Only source reporting this

Yeah, this is reliable alright. Even /v/ is a more trustworthy source of info than this.

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Because I know that Anon is joking, but Bioware would take it seriously.

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>He also went on to say Orks, Imperial Guard and The Tao might might an appearance as playable races.

>The Tao

Never forget the Tao.

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>Because I know what he said isn't true, but it's still true and awful.
Rage-joke-truth strikes again.

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"Inquisitor Commander Shepard! Step away from the Necron!"


"I'll not have you firing on a member of my crew, Officer Ann!"
"But Inquisit-"
"I said no, and that's an order!" Camera zooms in on Inquisitor Commander Shepard's chiseled face, armored in experimental Tau power armor with preorder bonus Gray Knight Pauldrons that provide a 50% damage bonus against warp fire attacks, "Any one that gets on my ship, is part of my crew- and it doesn't matter who they are, if they're human or xeno, mutant or heretic, living or dead, as long as they're with me, saving the galaxy, then I'll die for them!"
"But, Inquisit-"
"You'll have to shoot me first Ann," A beat, panning over the strangely silent other members of the crew shuffling back and forth in canned animations staring with dead eyes, then back to Shepard, "I'd do the same for anyone else."
"But...The Necrons scoured my planet clean of all organic life! They killed every last man, woman, and child left on that world!" Tears arise in Ann's eyes, "I saw my parents flayed by their weapons in front of my very eyes before I got to the drop ships! You can't just ask me to forget that!"
"That is exactly what I'm asking you to do Ann!"
She stares for a moment, before dropping her gun in defeat, "Okay."
"Besides, they didn't mean that. They were puppets of the Enslavers. Isn't that right, Mulketh the Unrepentant?"
"Right, there, see? He means well."
Officer Ann wipes away a tear, "I'm, I'm sorry Inquisitor for doubting you...Is there anything else you need?"
Inquisitor Shepard stares at her some more, the problem resolved.
"I should be going."

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Inquisitor Shepard approaches Urdnob Wrecks, an ork warboss who grew weary of the constant infighting amongst his people and wandered off to live the life of a Blood Axe, alone.
“I should go”

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That's settled. This game is going to be great.

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I can't wait for the sequel.

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I'm not gonna lie, deep down there's some part of me that still hopes this might turn in to something awesome...I'm like a battered spouse, aren't I?

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You are worse. At least a battered spouse is shown SOME affection. All Bioware gives you is shitty anime tie-ins, DLC, and multiplayer modes.

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Irenicus's voice actor was too damn good. Just thinking back to those lines, to that delivery...Damn.

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But the only bad game BioWare has made was Dragon Age II, and arguably TOR.

What's the problem?

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>Ah yes, "Necrons". We have dismissed that claim...

I look at this picture and all I see is an Inquisitor or a Rogue Trader and his retinue of
>Adeptus Arbites Judge
>Adeptus Astartes
>Vindicaire Assassin
>Unsanctioned Psyker Scum
>Adepta Sororitas
>Death Cult Assassin
>Prototype Battle Servitor
>Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator
>Magus Biologis Genetor

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>You will never get a Mass Effect style Inquisition game where instead of good/bad the slider is Puritan/Radical and you're not judged for torturing/killing people but what methods you use to torture/kill them

Feels bad man

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Oh god, lets hope this isn`t true.

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>you will never get a Mirror's Edge style 40k parkour game with your PC as an emerging psyker on the run from the Arbites detachments trying to force you into the Black Ships

Feels bad, man. I just want to go sprinting for my life through the Underhive.

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>I want to be a Daemon.

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Well if an eventual game is in the vein of Alpha Protocol(the system were your actions in the game were flagged and gave you passive buffs if you did em enough times was freaking awesome!) and first Mass Effect THEN TAKE MY MOOOLAHS!!!!1111

If not: eh I'll check out the demo, maybe pirate it if possible and shrug and reminisce about the Bioware that gave us Baldurs Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age: Origins(and it's expansion!).

TLDR; wait and see I suppose.

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Get out.

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you forgot eldar farseer who'll be romanceable if you go renegade far enough, her/his backstory: has vision of you either hurting the eldar race or potentially helping it beat back Emperors Children who try to rape craftworlds in a sector near calixis(first game's BBEG is that phenomenon wot causes madness and CTHULHU!!!!).

also: archive this thread?

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Yeah, the Ordo Xenos guy? Spoilers:
He starts huffing the living metal

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First Mass Effect was made by Obsidian, not Bioware.

I'll admit, I'm liking Obsidian's track record better. Bioware made Dragon Age II. Obsidian's games have all been lamentably buggy, but otherwise fantastic. A perfect record is better than a record with one black mark.

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All you guys realise it's just the Space Marine IP they've got right (if this is even legit)?

It doesn't mean they can do anything within WH40k, it'll be about that one dude from Space Marine. No Inquisition game play. (Or psyker on the run for that matter). You'll probably just be fighting goddamn Orks again.

>> No.24563728


God, what kind of idiot am I?

Alpha Protocol, not ME1. Sorry, I'm drunk.

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you are not alone anon ;_;

>> No.24563740


They can do anything if they can conceivably spin it as part of the Space Marine franchise.

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Theoretically, it could be good; Mass Effect 3's combat system was decent, but clunky [and over satured, as I hated being level 50 and having all that cluttered up shit in my skill system. Something akin to ME1 and DA: O's skill system would be preferable.], though the story was utterly subpar.

This is all assuming they still have ME1 in their veins, and that may not be the case.

I would get it purely to be disappointed, since it won't be like Athkatla only on planets. Seriously, being able to walk around the cities in the Imperium would be amazing, purely because the aesthetic would at least be decent.

I'd still love it to be more like Athkatla, only planet-sized. Full of sidequests, emergent or not, full of interesting characters and back-alley problems, the Inquisition and more would be grand.

This or a Rogue Trader game would be grand, even if Bioware is awful at story and dialogues.

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samara as adepta sororitas?!??



and the average, r-tard romance that Bioware seems to put in games nowadays!

>> No.24563828


potentially get unrestrained psyker-scum(the Jack in this game rite?) as deamonhost, possessed by a greater daemon of Tzeentch who'll occasionally scream midbattle "JUST AS PLANNED!!!!"

>> No.24563848

I was thinking more in the lines of Arbites Adjudicator... Since that's pretty much her exact job description.

>> No.24563867


that'll be too much like Mass Effect, especially if they can tap Ol' Inquisitor Bartlett to do his voiceacting, what should really happen is that he eventually sells you out to puritans if you have too many xenos allies in your crew or don't do too many of his requests(which oddly seems to be covering up his old ops^^)

>> No.24563872


Will it end with a three-pronged choice between Destroying The Warp outright, Controlling The Warp, or Merging the Material world with The Warp?

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There is no source. It's /tg/ fanon.

Index Astartes says that Salamanders maintain ties to their families and their communities, NOT that they have relationships.

>> No.24563897

>romance options

>> No.24563898


nah, more like me being slightly obtuse!

Voice Actor for Male and Female Protagonist?

and should protagonist dialogue be voiced or not, or should we have a choice between the two.

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>Force commander Waifu simulaotr
Oh god no

>> No.24563908


No, god no. I think they've learned that lesson well. Or at the very least, Mac the Hack won't be able to do what he did.

>> No.24563910

Or just to completely trip people up, he's shady as all hell but doesn't ever actually betray you.

>> No.24563911


one can but dream!

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Overuse of punctuation!!!???! Shit grammar. *Action*.

Please, lurk more.

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>Bioware is better than most other developers faggots, oh no they made a couple games you didn't like. Fucking ass-ramming pedophiles with their sexuality threatened by a guy coming onto their character, lol.

This better not have been one of you faggots.

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yeah, hopefully still romanceable. After you get your ship should she be able to become the fighter-'class' of Rogue Trader(can't remember what it's called!)

>> No.24563951


Could you imagine if they didn't, though? Could you imagine the mob of neckbeards and gamers that would assemble overnight?

>> No.24563955


Male VA should be Jon Irenicus, if he's still available and not dead. Female, hm. Unsure.

>> No.24563962

Remember when romances weren't the Big Draw of Bioware's games?

>> No.24563965


EA would burn, more or less.

>> No.24563978

Hey. Wait a minute. Guys. How well does BioWare listen to fans nowadays? Can we make Chapter Master a reality?

>> No.24563992

Jennifer Hale with a British accent.

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"When we first got the licence from Games Workshop, we were really excited, but also we know that we had a tough job ahead of us. the Warhammer franchise is an old one with a lot of history, but the character and mechanical design is very dated. So, our talented Bioware artists went all-out!"

>new slide

"The Space Marine armor has a very ancient, greek-ish, roman-y style to it, but it's also very bulky and smooth and not very detailed. So for this modern-day reimagining we slimmed down the suit and gave it a more form-fitting look, replacing the tacky pauldrons with simpler plates. The classic Boltgun is still there, albeit in a more streamlined form complete with ironsights and laser targeter, and we took a page out of Dead Space and replaced the backpack with a giant healthbar."

>new slide

"We're also pleased to announce that female Space Marines will be making their first canon appearance! This is something the fans have been wanting for a long time and with our new game it's the perfect time to do it. They will of course be available for single and multiplayer, so you and your friends can fight for the Imperium Of Humankind in large cover-based battlegrounds using our ME3 engine!"

>> No.24564002


No, not likely. GW would supersede that shit in a second.

>> No.24564005


Redshirts would hopefully shit bricks if Bioware tried to sell that shit, IF any of this becomes real Alan frikking Merret should be the final judge of what Bioware would be allowed.

The realistic thing to happen: Bioware sells it to GW's board of directors on the premise that they'll quaddrillions if they can do what they want with the IP.

>> No.24564014


No. I'd rather it be the chick who did Fitzroy in Infinite than Hale ever again.

Don't get me wrong, fantastic VA when she isn't doing her Femshep voice.

>> No.24564034


and not a thing would change, Penny-Arcade maybe does a strip commenting on it but that's it :-/

>> No.24564045


yeah, seems like yesterday

>> No.24564075


Penny Arcade stopped being about the consumers a loooong time ago. In fact, the strip would more than likely be 'LULZ PEOPLE ARE MAD ABOUT THE ENDING AGAIN!' like they did last time.

>> No.24564076


Rage! Rage against the dying of old Bioware(yes I know the quality people struck out to make the games they envisioned, but still!)

>> No.24564084

I'm now imagining an escort mission involving a perky, doe-eyed female psyker and a floating Hive city. I don't know what to feel.

>> No.24564091

>This is all assuming they still have ME1 in their veins, and that may not be the case.
They don't. They are a hollow shell of what they once were, all the talent is elsewhere

>> No.24564108

40k as dying the death of "boy's club" long before tumblr came around

>> No.24564109


they did a somewhat decent strip after the school shooting in new haven though, guess dat niche of theirs is a little bit too comfortable now(make money, have power in the vidya-game industry while their strips matter less and less). Almost like seeing the exposition of Aaron Sorkins Newsroom take place in realtime, on the net

>> No.24564113

>Eldar / Tyranid team romance

>> No.24564120

I want to kill you. Because that sounds not so outrageous as to be implausible.

>> No.24564123

>>24564109 <- this is supposed to comment >>24564075


>> No.24564130

Well, Macha was bound to snap sooner or later.

>> No.24564133


yeah, sadly so.

>> No.24564162


>I can't stop thinking about that night on Isstvaan V...

>> No.24564188

Companies seem to have styles as to how they make a game.
Bioware likes to include 6 or so optional romance sidestories, and one required by the plot, when the ideal 40k game has none.

Plus while mechanically ME3 was good, it's story was bretty bad. Ever hear the outcry against the ghostchild and the three varieties of left field that is the ending?
Also also, a DLC was released for people who reasonably object to I don't even know why I'm spoilering being forced to destroy the Mass Relay system (and the civilization built on it) in order to save the universe... Said DLC features a new ending wherein you tell the starchild to screw himself,die, and the reapers win. the NEXT galactic cycle fifty thousand years later follows the catalyst plan and kills them.
They made people pay money and waste however many hours of their life spent beating the game to view the super secret screw you.

>> No.24564228

IIRC that DLC was free as some kind of lackluster apology note. The hilarious part is the fact that the apology note was essentially just an extra page tacked on at the end with "UR A FAGET" written on it.

>> No.24564303

/v/ here, I hope you guys are ready for gay transgendered xeno loving space marines.

>> No.24564305

>> No.24564312

>Represents the Commissar as some kind of gay-basher, sexist, racist pig rather than a staunch and cruel, albeit loyal member of the Imperium

I can already see it happening. And I don't like it...

>> No.24564323


Don't care one way or the other. All I want is to roam around the Imperium planets, and look at the architecture.

Otherwise, I give few fucks about optional bullshit. I'll only give a fuck if the roaming/architecture is ME3 corridors levels of awful.

>> No.24564333

> Official concept art

>> No.24564352

What I personally fear, as a /v/irgin, is that they will wind up changing the atmosphere from the science-fantasy Tech-Gothic architecture of 40K and changing everything into either "Generic Industrial" or "Generic Sci Fi", as it's much easier to map out artistically than towering spires, hanging arches, millions of skulls, etc.

I really hope for /tg/'s sakes that it isn't actually going to get produced.

>> No.24564383

>"WAAAA- Shepard."


>> No.24564409


yeah, it's what I fear as well: go the easy route, but just enough edgyness that you can have a chance on a triple A from some of the big sites(and have yahtzee drown you in vitriol maybe?).


So.. what is Obsidian doing right now?

>> No.24564417

>no credible source.

Come on now fella.

>> No.24564441


I'm seeing a game where "rendering skulls" is the single longest load bar. And it is glorious.

>> No.24564443


Nooo! It's a female commissar like the one from the Cain novel before The Greater Good! And she'll only take her and her crack regiment of progena guardsmen to follow you if you are PURITAN enough!


yeah, you're probably right though.

>> No.24564444

Isn't GW pretty strict about their intellectual property being fucked with? Emperor forbid it ever happens, but I doubt Bioware would be allowed to molest 40k.

>> No.24564458


If newBioware promise enough $$$ they'll sell their mothers to make it happen IIRC

>> No.24564479

Yeah, I'm calling complete fucking bullshit on this one. Go smother your face in cocks, OP.

>> No.24564483

also: waves of enemies everyone! Ork Boyz jump down from impossible ledges howling WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH(in reality it's a 15yo voice actor so yes, godawful like the pizza guy who read the end of Neverwinter Nights 2 vanilla campaign!).

>> No.24564488

>Rendering towers...done
>Rendering battles-done
>Rendering human AI-done
>Rendering wall-skulls.................................................................................................................................................................done
>Rendering servo-skulls........................................done
>Rendering ship-skulls.....
>So on and so forth

>> No.24564535

Make your Inquisitor either Puritan or Radical! Of course by making Puritan a goody two-shoes and Radical as a puppy-raping baby eater.

>> No.24564561

>Urdnob Wrecks

>> No.24564565

Closest I could find offhand:

"Unlike most other
Chapters, the Salamanders do not reside in their fortified
home base, which is little more than a huge spaceport with
fleet facilities stationed high overhead. When not engaged on
operations or training for them, the Salamanders live amongst
their people, and each is the headman of a smaller community
of families. The people of Nocturne therefore grow up in the
company of god-like warriors, to whom they themselves are
related, and they aspire above all else to join their ranks and
fight for the Emperor. As every Salamander practises the trade
of the smith, so many take young apprentices into their service,
the best of these being judged worthy to become aspirants
and undertake the trials to join the Chapter as neophytes.
The trials are like those fought between the Emperor and the
Primarch, though no man alive could perform such mighty
deeds as were seen in that epic undertaking. Nonetheless, the
Salamanders are uniquely blessed by their close ties to their
kith and kin, and the people uniquely honoured in turn."

>> No.24564571

Can't speak for anybody else, but for me it was less about them coming on to my character as it was the utterly ham-fisted way they did it, coupled with terrible script.

>> No.24564574

See, this is giving me mixed emotions.

On one hand, it makes me want to club randy pitchfork to death with a replica chainsword.
On the the other hand, it makes me want to firebomb the bioware offices.

Luckily, this would never happen.
r-right /tg/?

>> No.24564583

This is fucking terrible! Game over man! Game over!

>> No.24564589


Next cycle doesn't follow Catalyst's plan unless next cycle are brain-dead morons. Liara's plan worked. And her plan said DO NOT USE THE CRUCIBLE BECAUSE IT DOESN'T WORK. Reapers just took so much damage beating Shepard's cycle that they were fucked when the next one rolled around, because the next one knew about the Citadel's status, knew about the Reapers, knew the tech they'd need, and everything else.

>> No.24564593

>Implying that you wouldn't want to see Baldur's Gate redone as a Dark Heresy game.

>> No.24564602

Bioware's style of game would be perfect if you played an Inquisitor. In fact, that would be fucking awesome. I still haven't given up hope. ;_;
It would not work as a space marine.

>> No.24564620

>Eternity Gate 2: Shadows in the Warp

>> No.24564625

That's completely different!

What's to stop them from making The Old Republic: Space Marine Edition?

Or DoW III where you have a "Romance button"

>> No.24564633

Remember, Your choices matter!
Should you execute the traitors immediately so none will know of their dark deeds or interrogate them before executing them publically?
Should you ally with the Tau against the Ork menace and give them the opportunity to see your defensive emplacements before the inevitable betrayal or risk a war on two fronts?
Should you call in the Adeptus Astartes Flesh Tearers known for their brital lack of self restraint or try to handle the issue on your own?
Should you collect the mysterious artefact from this Eldar Shrineworld for research, destroy their filthy inferior relic, or ransom or return it to them to broker information they hold?
When your Gellar field fluctuates while pursuing an enemy trying to escape into the eye of terror do you drop out to make repairs or press on?
A Heretek helps you escape from an insurmountable tyranid force by creating warp jump pack from Xenos technology. Do you execute him on the spot or thank him before executing him?

All these choices and more await you in "Dark Millenium: Inquisitor(tm)!

>> No.24564642

>"Romance button"
Don't all Vindicare Assassins come with that feature?

>> No.24564652

I don't think Bioware and EA are in any position to after TORtanic and Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2 financially under performing.

>> No.24564659

Maybe they put that in a patch after I stopped playing because I don't remember it.

>> No.24564663

I once stuck an Easy Button to the back of an Eversor's head with a post-it marked "ROMANCE" on top.

Good times....

>> No.24564668

Imagine Mass Effect's inventory while playing the Black Crusade DLC. Instead of hundreds of different guns, you get to choose among hundreds of different arms with which to equip our favorite Despoiler.

>> No.24564676


if Bioware fucks it up yeah, personally I think both Radicals and Puritans should have to make decisions that even Hitler and Stalin would've paled before. It doesn't matter that the frakked mutants are downtrodden and subjects of lynchings and hunts by upperhive dissolute nobles, what matters is that there's possibly a highranking member of Pilgrims of Hayte among them, you either initiate a large-scale purge to flush the heretic out or you go in all sneeky like and set off a bunch of bombs that'll make the mutants attack symbols of the Imperium forcing planetary organizations to respond most brutally while you get the filthy mutant out.

>> No.24564692

In all dialogue with anyone who isn't an inquisitor, there should be an "EXTERMINATUS!" option. Using it to intimidate people gets you Rad points, actually using it seriously gets you mad Rads.

>> No.24564694

>Imagine Mass Effect's inventory

No thanks, one had the shittest inventory system of the three.

>> No.24564701


I thought ME3 sold good, my mistake then.

>> No.24564707

>Imagine Mass Effect's inventory

I just did. I see so much now.

>> No.24564722


#2 threw out the baby with the bathwater. If you have a problem with vendor trash, the solution isn't to get rid of your inventory altogether.

I can't be arsed to play 3.

>> No.24564727


No, using EXTERMINATUS without it being last resort would make your patron(Inquisitor Bartlett) threaten to withdraw support. If you use it one time to many the leading Inquisitor lord of the conclave will have you sent to a penal legion to die.

>> No.24564728

Forty thousand sets of arms.

>> No.24564740

Not if I Indoctrinated the crew using AdMech Neural Control Implants! EXTERMINATUS THAT PLANET! AND THAT ONE TOO! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

>> No.24564748

Depends. It technically may have made a profit, but it received so much terrible press that if DA3 doesn't do well, EA will probably just shut BioWare down entirely.

>> No.24564750


>> No.24564762

I take it that good Inquisitorial reputation would allow you to call in assets like Stormtroopers, Sisters, Spehs Mahreens, or even Adept Castus Grendel

>> No.24564768

According to EA's Q4 results, Mass Effect 3 has grossed over $200 million.


>> No.24564776

>I can't be arsed to play 3.

It's actually probably better than 2 as long as you stop playing half an hour before the end.

>> No.24564777

>EA will probably just shut BioWare down entirely.

Anyone with an IQ seriously doubts it. EA will let them ride just by making a profit on their games for the next couple.

>> No.24564781

Pfft. Like THAT ever stopped EA from murdering a good company. Or the sad broken remains of one in this case.

>> No.24564790

an exterminatus that doesn't wipe out the planet
however any glory gained from the slaughter he will cause will go to him alone
however you will get a neat cutscene of him destroying everything that dares raise a hand against the imperium of man

>> No.24564797

Get the DLC ending. Its not great, but at least it is an actual ending.

>> No.24564800

You know, I hold a flicker of hope that Bioware could redeem themselves with this, but to do so would require a massive shift in how they have previously presented their previous games.

Of course, the though makes me laugh, but imagine with me /tg/.
Bioware goes all out on this, as close to the horrific, grimdark nature of the 40k universe as possible. Where people being ruthlessly executed in the streets for crimes against the Imperium is common in a shithole hive, Arbites exactly the same as the new Judge Dredd movie. Towering spires covered with horrific artworks detailing the continuous martyrdom and sacrifice of men to stay alive.

The starting mission would focus around exposition. Primarily, that you start off as a possible Inquisitorial henchman. You wander through the run down lower hive levels, watching as they are filled with grim and poverty, etc. One of the first tests would be to have your character, without prior knowledge, to stand 'trial' over a street execution of a group of criminals. The obvious 'right' choice would be to let them go. If you do so, your character is charged with adding and assisting known criminals and being summarily executed by the Arbites. The key point is to emphasis that this is the world you live in, and it is what is necessary to survive.

Once your starting character has been executed, it shifts to a new character who has just arrived on the scene. An actual henchman, you preside over the trial, before one of the members of the guilty attacks one of the Arbites, through the use of possible psychic powers. Your goal now is to execute the child before it can cause massive damage to the area. If you try to reason with her, this only causes the child to continue mutating, eventually killing your character. You have to execute her, and are told you did a good job for it.

Once this section is finished, you have to report to your Inquisitor and are shipped off planet. You never return.

Just imagine this shit /tg/.

>> No.24564814


EA murders their prized thoroughbred studios by riding them into the ground, and then thrashing the corpse until nothing remains but a wet smear. Not by pulling the plug on them.

>> No.24564817

It actually has. Bioware is too well known of a name. They'll cut all development, replace the staff and keep the name alive with "gold edition" rereleases for a couple of years and pop out a new franchise.

>> No.24564822

and now I will die sad that this will never be a thing
thanks alot asshole

>> No.24564831


But the bad press in ME3 was not in the major gaming outlets and only criticized the ending, rather than the entire rest of the game that happened to be better than Mass Effect 2. Even then, the ending was polarizing, not universally hated; some people praised it as poetic and beautifully bleak, while others condemned it as horrible.

So basically, the question is: what bad press from ME3?

And before you cite the Consumerist poll: that's just one publication, doing an open Internet poll. EA isn't REALLY going to take that seriously. What they WILL take seriously is the fact that their stock prices haven't recovered in any meaningful capacity since the 2008 crash, but there's no reason for them to blame their Bioware division for any of that. Yet.

>> No.24564842


You guys realize this is bullshit right? I mean, the only think THQ had to do with Space Marine is that they published it. If anything Relic would be the one that owns the IP, and they still exist. Anyway, Games Workshop just licensed the IP to Relic they never outright sold it to them.

Plus, the only thing Bioware ever makes no a days is gender and sexually progressive space dating sims anyway. So they'd never have any interest in an IP that is seen by many of the embodiment of a male power fantasy.

>> No.24564855

Fuck that. Its even worse that the original endings in some ways. Its better to just pretend 3 doesn't exist. Same thing with 2.

>> No.24564856


This plot sounds suspiciously similar to what you'd expect from a mash-up of the single player campaigns of the first two CoD: Modern Warfare games.

>> No.24564859

I want this to happen so much.

>> No.24564864

>NEW Franchise
>Year of our Lord 2013

I. Shiggy. Diggy.

>> No.24564881

>This just in, Activision and Treyarch have acquired the rights for an Imperial Guard FPS starring the Tanith First and Only!

>> No.24564889


I realize this is the tiredest, oldest news, but I'm still massively anally impacted over working for Cerberus, so much so that I have taken two runs at 2 and failed.

>> No.24564902

Yeah...Just. Yeah.

Mass Effect 2's plot, outside of all the character recruiting and loyalty missions and sidequests, so, the main plot (All three or so missions of it) was really, really, really dumb.

>> No.24564908

Which is a pity, since the gameplay in 2 and 3 is so much better.

>> No.24564913


What? Isn't Creative Assembly actually doing something with the Space Marine IP right? I'm fairly certain Sega got all preexisting 40k vidya IP.

>> No.24564920


It probably wasn't in the major gaming outlets for a very simple reason.

>> No.24564923

>Even then, the ending was polarizing, not universally hated; some people praised it as poetic and beautifully bleak


It wasn't bleak, it was incoherent and disjointed. Nothing in it related to the previous 100 hours of play, apart from the stuff that directly contradicted established themes (eg - it's established in-game that this cycle has done better than previous cycles due to diversity - all the differing races coming together, rather than one race being supreme like in Javik's time - and also that peace between AIs and organics is achievable, then the "best" ending has you force conformity on the galaxy and you are told that AIs will always destroy their organic creators).

Who the FUCK liked that shit?

>> No.24564929

Busy being EA's bitch.

>> No.24564931


3 redeems 2 by making Cerberus bad guys again, though they're still crazy fuckhuge megacorporation instead of sinister mysterious shadow scientists like in ME1.

ME1 is still very much the best game in the series. ME2's plot meanders and is generally pointless and kind of stupid, but the party member's sideplots are really really good and mostly make up for it...though I miss the Mako. ME3 doesn't bring back the Mako, but at least it has a central, focused plot with clear stakes and a point to it, even if the ending is kind of "French arthouse cinema".

>> No.24564941

My only problem with it is that it didn't advance anything. Im past expecting good stories from video games. Not that they don't occasionally happen, mind you, but I prefer to be pleasantly surprised when they do.

>> No.24564942

How do you think I feel? I was the one thinking about it in the first place?

I think a good part to add into that bit about were the first PC is killed would be to ape the traditional Mass Effect dialog wheel, specifically the 'Paragon/Neutral/Renegade' parts, by giving the PC only three responses, that basically state 'Release them (nicely)/Release them/Release them (angrily)'. To tie it into the plot, give the PC's an excuse to say that they are a henchman to the overall Inquisitor. And watch as the Arbites don't give a fuck and execute them anyway.

The conversation system for the actual PC should give many more options than the Mass Effect wheel, and not obviously highlight the GOOD/NEUTRAL/BAD paths.

But Bioware would never do that, the faggots.

>Pic related
>Its the Inquisitors face if you question whether or not what you did was right
>its the Inquisitors face when he bluntly says it was that or the death of hundreds more

>> No.24564943



Also, Yahtzee.

>> No.24564944

The only reason anyone ever liked 2 was the characters. Very specific characters too. Really we asked for this when people weren't up in arms cause of this.

>> No.24564960

>.though I miss the Mako

You are in the minority.

>> No.24564963

The two people who wrote the ME3 ending and refused to let anybody else look at it.

No, seriously. And when Leviathan DLC rolled around with a giant wanking of Synthesis, which amounts to genetically raping the entire galaxy, it just got worse.

>> No.24564973

It's not even good-neutral-bad, since you get very similar results. It's more of a boy scout-meh-asshole axis.

>> No.24564999

Oooh, ooh, and what about their explanation of how they applied DNA to FUCKING ROBOTS?!

I'll give you a hint how you apply DNA to robots. Are you listening?


>> No.24565000


ME1 convinced me to buy a 360.

I will never purchase another Microsoft product again, so long as I live. So I swear, before gods and men.

>> No.24565005

I remember my Shepard finding out about the Thresher Maw experiment conducted by Cerberus, that wrecked his earlier life and killed all of his friends in the military.

I'm only saying I remember it because Shepard clearly didn't.

>> No.24565007

Oh boy, capslock, the lynchpin of all intellectual argument.

Yes yes, I'll read the blithering scrawl of an apologist for that shitty ending, but don't expect me to regard the guy very highly.

>> No.24565008

Eh, I'd play it

>> No.24565009

yeah i stopped playing after 2. never touched 3 had a slight temptation to pick it when i came out up but has long since been extinguished.

>> No.24565012


I didn't say the Mako was perfect. It handled like a shopping cart full of wolverines being pushed by Michael J. Fox.

But the ability to just drop down onto planets and ride all over them was cool. If ME2 had made the Hammerhead part of the main game instead of DLC, it would have been great; the Hammerhead was almost the Mako Your Mako Could Smell Like, except for that damned overheating problem and the "only these planets" issue.

>> No.24565013

>How do you apply DNA to robots?
It's Commander Shepard. (S)he'll apply DNA to anything, wink wink.

>> No.24565018


I never said he was right. I said he made the claim.

The caps lock is because of his whole "Film Critic Hulk" schtick. Hulk talks in shouting, so the allcaps is used to convey that.

>> No.24565020

I always wondered...

Would that fly through space like Superman?

>> No.24565024

You lucky bastard. I went through and finished all the DLC for ME2 because I thought ME3 was going to be an amazing completion of the series. I haven't even finished ME3 yet, and I don't think I ever will.

>> No.24565026

See, I liked the Human reaper, in fact because of 3. Shepard scared them so much they abandoned what they considered to be the perfect form (the Leviathan) to try and recreate the Commander

>> No.24565036

Expanded ending clarified that, robots weren't given DNA, they were given complete understanding of organics.

>> No.24565039

You know, thats actually a good way to do it. ME3 was pretty damn great up until you arrive on Earth, then it all goes to shit in the last half hour or so. Never have I seen a good game shit itself to death so quickly

>> No.24565041

I just read that.

Was he serious? He couldn't have been serious. It was all a big joke! HAHAHAHA! But the comments were all serious. And he agreed with the comments. He couldn't be serious could he?! NO! COMPLETE NONSENSE! I WON'T BELIEVE IT! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Didn't even play 3. Heard the ending sucked and the story raped characterization and choice. Though it was still almost one one-thousandth as bad as Borderlands 1's ending.

>> No.24565049

That was amazingly stupid shit.

That still doesn't explain shit.

>> No.24565051

What differentiates AI from other computers? Wouldn't the synthesis make pocket calculators organic? I'd hate to have to deal with my laptop being organic and having all those organic processes. If EDI didn't get a robot body, would the Normandy become a living spaceship?

>> No.24565054

You mean with no visible means of thrust? Probably, the regular reapers do that so I see no reason human reaper wouldn't.

>> No.24565057


Oh good god, please tell me this is a fake and some gruesome lie.

>> No.24565065

>Though it was still almost one one-thousandth as bad as Borderlands 1's ending.
Ah yes, Borderlands' ending... I seriously hope you never play the Prince of Persia reboot to the end. Lets just say it made the borderlands ending now my second worst ending of all time instead of first.

>> No.24565071

>an hour
>missing Anderson's dying speech

Make sure to get the Citadel DLC. Make a save right before you throw the party. Then go through the game as normal, after the scene with Anderson fucking pull the plug the second it fades to black. Then go play the party and pretend they are celebrating beating the Reapers.

The series now ends on "The Best" and the crew flying off to new adventures.

>> No.24565072

What the fuck does that mean? Were they uploaded a file which contained all the biological data of Shepard or a program that emulated an organic brain or what?

>> No.24565073

oh it was fun and everything, its just, right after I fixed the retarded relation between the Geth and Quarians, I kind of gave up.

Everybody was retarded and shit was all fucked. I basically gave up.

>> No.24565075


I played a Paladin Paragon Femshep who swore a blood oath over the corpse of Kahoku that she would find Cerberus and end them.

LOL U WERK 4 TIM went over like a blacksmithing seminar on the Hindenberg.

>> No.24565082

But Borderlands 1's ending was fine, I think. And it made some sense when the second game came out.

>> No.24565083

The Mako was fine

Hell, the Mako was great

It was the planets that looked like the terrain was randomly noise seed generated that sucked.

>> No.24565085

Nah, it sort of makes sense. Shep is the first being to really threaten the reapers and fuck with their plans. Hell, you killed one of the oldest and most trusted without really grasping what is was you were up against. The human reaper was an attempt to understand that

>> No.24565086

>that whole fucking article

>> No.24565090

A bunch of cool indie RPGs.

>> No.24565094

Yes. Shepard killed sovereign with no help with anyone with his bare fucking hands.

>> No.24565109

Here is the essential problem; the guy thinks about it all in the gusty language of symbolism, latching on to the word 'cycle' and vomiting it up like it's an excuse for everything. The idea that the entire universe can be bent to the story.

Meanwhile, I can't speak for everyone else, but myself? I liked Mass Effect's universe. And the ending of ME3 broke that universe's laws in favor of Holo Child's Magic Exposition Hour.

Also, EDI being a sexbot was dumb.

>> No.24565110

at least the boarderlands ending had the common courtesy of not stringing you along for 3 games to get to it.

plus it never took itself that seriously so it never really bothered me.

>> No.24565112

Space Marine: Give Her The Dick Edition.

If only we'd get an ME style game where you operate as an Inquisitor with a ship, whole host of specialist at your side and you traveled from interesting place to another to uncover a plot against the Imperium.

>> No.24565123

It was SO BAD, it gave the original team PTSD from sheer disappointment.

It was SO BAD that the VERY FIRST WORDS of the sequel's intro were about how crushingly miserable and disappointed the Vault Hunters were. I wanted so hard to shove a nuclear warhead up ANG31's lying ass.

>> No.24565127

Playing ME1 now, the Mako is retarded as shit dude. Its made of rubber but only half as controllable. I do enjoy its ability do drive up damn near vertical surfaces however

>> No.24565137


>> No.24565153

Agreed, the Sexbot was totally stupid. Also, a ripoff of Snatcher.

>> No.24565156

Didn't say that, I said a human being managed to kill Sovereign. Which considered the Reapers usually only died when they invaded properly, was a massive wake up call that the human race was something special
Which has its own problems, I get it. Human reaper had some good reason but they never explain them. And the boss fight was a retarded game of hide and seek

>> No.24565162

Oh Christ, now he's going on about how ME3 is fucking art and how priveliged and awful everyone that is complaining about this is to dare question such artistic beauty.


Just, just fuck this article, fuck this guy.

>> No.24565165

No he didn't. It was blasted apart by a space fleet. The best Shepard did was stun it through feedback after killing the Saren husk.

>> No.24565166

It grows on you when you start using it to run over Geth Colossi.

Also when you pretend that the Mako is completely fine, and it's just that Shepard is the worst driver ever.

>> No.24565169

Alternately, an Officio Assassinorum game.
>Eversor Mode
>Paragon: Bolt Pistol
>Neutral: Neck snap
>Renegade: WRRRRYYYY

>> No.24565170


The enemy of my enemy is my ally of convenience. Did you not play to the end where you are given the option to essentially quit Cerberus by hopping up on TIM's desk and pinch a loaf off while flipping him the double birds? Also you take his shiny new ship and a few dozen of his best employees with you. And you can have Shepard vocally state his distrust of Cerberus at several points.

>> No.24565172


The story of the gay transsexual Inquisitor who likes Xeno and is secretly working to make friendship between Imperium and Xeno is going to be great. Can't wait for the romance scene with Tali...I mean the Necron lady character.
Bioware is going to do really well!
Good job GW!

>> No.24565177

With this gun!

>> No.24565180


Was I the only one who wasn't upset by the what's this? IT'S FUCKING NOTHING ending of BL1?

>> No.24565204

>I'm now imagining an escort mission involving a Boone and a floating Hive city.
I'm so fucking ok with this

>> No.24565210

Yes. A HUMAN fleet, for the most part. And Shepard managed to work out what the reapers were doing and stop it, with help from everyone else

>> No.24565215

I suppose you guys heard about Gearbox acquiring the Homeworld IP.

>> No.24565217

I felt similarly. But, I played it way after everyone else and had fore warning...

>> No.24565225

I should just empty my savings to pay some zany fuckers to make a flash game of this some day.

>> No.24565228


>Implying any Grognards care for homeworld


>> No.24565229

Ah, I see. Repression. THAT explains it.

This was MY reaction. Then I had to go tell it to my brother, who asked me what it was that got me so mad (he had just bought it). Then HE had the same reaction.

>> No.24565236

Are you being sarcastic? Because your pic implies it. What you described really does sound great, man.

>> No.24565238

The fuck's Randy Pitchford got to do with Bioware?

>> No.24565253

Ever played the PoP reboot? I wish the ending was fucking nothing, it'd have been better than "Nah, the Prince just undid ALL OF WHAT YOU SPENT THE ENTIRE GAME DOING FOR NO REASON AT ALL AND NOW THEY'RE BOTH PROBABLY DEAD BECAUSE OF IT ANYWAY."

>> No.24565259

I was kind of pissed, more by the way you just killed the thing then were just left on that empty plateau, with nothing but some empty guns, some meh loot and nothing to show for it but the shitty key you can sell to Tannis

>> No.24565266

Eh. Gearbox are okay. Their fuckups typically aren't hideous *COUGH&*COLONIALMARINESANDDUKENUKEM*COUGH*

So long as they don't try a massive genre shift or try and directly make sequels, they should be fine.

>> No.24565267

Three fleets actually, and each fleet lost a third of it's ships, also the Citadel defense fleet helped I imagine, as they were probably bigger than those three human fleets combined.

>> No.24565269

Oh shit nigga, i ain't done.

From this point, you have to travel around the insides of the ship, en route to the central hub of the game, to go and meet your boss. This is the point at which you see the massive difference within Imperial society.
You, as an Inquisitorial henchman, are treated to the best shit the ship can offer, living the life up in fucking harmonious joy with what ever the fuck you want, including a bunch of totally bitching weaponry. Of course, this is the point at which you throw up some more crazy shit for the PC to fight.

Firstly, you are invited to go hunting with the ship's captain throughout the lower decks, hunting down mutants and such. You can refuse him, but that means you are going to be in fucking shit with the Captain and loose most of your shit. If you agree, you go massacre mutants. Infinity Ward gets upset you just out did their airport scene.
Secondly, the Captain comes to you with a possible rebellion brewing beneath the ship, among the mutant slaves. Of course, he mentions that it maybe be the source of some kind of chaos cult, so you have to investigate it.

At this point, you are introduced to a new hub, the lower decks, and must either investigate the area for possible chaotic corruption, or simply massacre all the mutants insight.
If you follow the first route, you discover a chaos cult planing to overthrow the captain, and watch as the sacrifice a screaming virgin boy on an alter, before you burst in and burn them down.
If you follow the second route, a rebellion brews, and erupts in different parts of the ship, resulting in you shifting around fighting numerous bands of poorly armed men, women and children.

By the time you reach the main game hub and get into the game proper, the actual player should either be A) Fucking pumped for this shit or B) Crying about all the mean things you did on Tumblr/BSN

>> No.24565275


Maybe EA will shut down Bioware before they get their hands on developing the 40K game?

>> No.24565280

It reminded me of his original pitch for the Aliens:Colonial Marines demo. Seriously, go watch it and see the similarities.

>> No.24565283

>Implying that Battlefleet Gothic: The Game wouldn't be fucking awesome

>> No.24565285

I did, and I'm pretty mixed on the idea. On the one hand, no RTS experience and Gearbox have a tendency to bring back games wrong. On the other, they have a complete blank slate to work with, rather than the clusterfuck of multiple developers like on Aliens:Colonial Marines

>> No.24565292


>> No.24565297



>> No.24565298

Brothers in arms is a good series

>> No.24565301

Aye, Colonial Marines sucked badly. I feel sorry for my nostalgia addled brother who bought it for me and himself. I never played it, as it refused to work on a brand new PC. Cest la vies.

>> No.24565303


>> No.24565305

This is just some guy getting free hits for his blog. Report post for advertising, hide thread, move along.

He's already spammed /v/ with it the last few hours.

>> No.24565312

Let's find his personal info and sell his body to the Yakuza!

Also, we were all discussing Borderlands.

>> No.24565315


So it's true then?
Bioware aquired Space Marine license.
This is going to suck a lot.

>> No.24565324

I can see it now,
"the worst most vile game of all time!" - Tumblr

That's all the reason i need to buy it.

>> No.24565327

>Are you being sarcastic?
Are YOU?

He's obviously a little onset by this notion because it goes against the established philosophies of the Imperium at large, which believes humanity is divine and that the alien, the mutant, and the Psyker are blights that must be purged to protect the sanctity of the whole. Of course, radical Inquisitors can be a little more benign towards the Xeno populations but even they have their limits. Also, it risks making the Warhammer universe less grimdark and that is a cardinal sin.

>> No.24565328

Could've been worse, it could've been activision, or EA. Gearbox care for their games. Hell, they tried to release Duke Nukem Forever. I mean, they completely fucked it, but that was largely due to having to deal with multiple studios handprints all over it, for a period of decades

>> No.24565333


>sell his body to the Yakuza
Please anon, we're more civilized here. Let's sacrifice his body to Khorne instead.

>> No.24565340

but I haven't even detailed what happens when you get into an actual war zone, or investigate the Eldar ruins, or watch people disappear on the Tau colony

>> No.24565351

papa nurgle

>> No.24565353

You know, thats probably the saddest thing. A proper 40k game will never see release because too many people wouldn't get it, and think its some kind of endorsement of what the Imperium is

>> No.24565359


>> No.24565367


>> No.24565370

Maybe start them off slow...with Generation Kill: Guardsman Edition or something.

>> No.24565373

You shouldn't watch people disappear on a Tau colony. You should have a perfectly pleasant conversation with a serving girl about the Emperor, only to go back the next day and find she's been replaced and no one wants to point it out and treats it as normal that she was disappeared

>> No.24565375

buddy, you don't need to bait the hook the fish is in the boat.

>> No.24565384

No I was being serious. I was actually going to write about those.

>> No.24565387

You know, a Guardsman FPS in the style of Generation Kill would be pretty awesome. Riding around in Chimera's, trying to keep the local population calm while fighting the war into a hive city, doing some pretty questionable things to secure your base, accidentally killing civvies. Could be cool if done well

>> No.24565391

Yeah, and that was the point. Vault Hunters left with nothing, and someone else had profit from all this stuff.

>> No.24565393

Maybe something like the Jo Dee's out of A:TLA?
Creepy, all the same, and all so eerily friendly?

>> No.24565394

now i don't go to /v/, or really pay much attention to videogames outside of the few i have.

what is gearbox known for and why should i be upset?

>> No.24565395

Then get to it man. And try and get a job in Bioware's writing department

>> No.24565404

All while putting up with the ever-irate Lord Commissar Sixta.
>Sergeant! Yer moostache hairs is out of order!

>> No.24565409


Did you not read the link?

>Brian intends as first priority to direct Gearbox's interest to preserve and assemble the purest form of the original acclaimed and beloved games, Homeworld and Homeworld 2, with the intent of making them accessible on today's leading digital platforms.

Winter Steam sale, negroid!

>> No.24565411

>accidentally killing civvies

Standard procedure.

>> No.24565417

Yes, exactly like that. And the vague but inescapable feeling that your visit is on rails, like your on a theme park ride showing off the best aspects of the Tau Empire
And Emperor help you if you jump the tracks and see the truth, because no one else will

>> No.24565427

>what is gearbox known for and why should i be upset?
Duke Nukem Forever. Aliens: Colonial Marines, in which they kept lieing to SEGA to give them more money and use it on Borderlands 2 instead while not even bothering to do the actual game themselves(they outsorced to some shitty dev studio and didn't even bother to supervise until the very last minute, when they found out the game was a broken mess). They would have kept their little scam going but SEGA was on the verge of slapping down a lawsuit on them.

The best part? SEGA is undergoing financial difficulties and the retunr they should be getting for technically funding Borderlands 2 would have been a huge relief for them.

>> No.24565435

I was thinking you'd be playing Cadians, because I can't see any other famous regiment joking around in a warzone
>inb4 mustache clipping mini game
Although, I do like the idea of having a home base you operate out of, somewhere to return to and pick up new gear, trade on the grey market or just relax between patrols

>> No.24565442

Am I the only one who thinks that basically the plot from Mass effect 2 with 40K stuck in it would be awesome?
>Wake up
>Introduced to action
>Thrilling escape
>Sexy Space Elf Farseer explains the plot to you in dry monotones with realistic jiggle physics
>Hear about terrible BBEG
>Also secondary enemy
>Get a ship, start putting together a crew
>Go round a number of planets picking them up and doing jobs against the whole cast of 40K bad guys
>Radical/Orthodox options
>Weapons upgrades
>Dat Psyker, SoB, Arbite, Rogue Trader, Cleric, Adept join your crew
>Gay sex all over the shop... except with the Nun who turns you down
>Thrilling conclusion

Give me my 5%

>> No.24565447

Bull. They didn't know they were gonna have a sequel. Hell, they were still MAKING UP CHARACTERS when they finally finished the basic game! They did it purely to fuck with the audience.


And then a squid flopped out and was killed in the most pathetic way possible: 4x4 Double Anarchy fire.

It was a CRUSHING disappointment, and I applauded it for that amazing emotional impact. And then I continued to apply the tar and feathers.

>> No.24565448

>Steel Legionaires

>> No.24565449

Cue stealth section involving picture-taking, evidence-securing, and audio log-recording while sneaking around the sterilization and brain-washing sections of the colony.

>> No.24565451


Good shot Vasili. Now go and give Vladimir a hand, I think his is in that warbosses mouth.

>> No.24565455

How would you have jiggle physics when that bitch is in wraithbone?

>> No.24565461

interesting. how's that going for sega?

>> No.24565467

>Playing Cadians
Finally, we shall learn the secret to Creed's tactical genius.

>> No.24565468


Implying you wouldn't have an Ork Warboss, a Tau Ethereal and a Necron on your team as well.

>> No.24565470

she is actually a daemontte trying to corrupt you to slaanesh

>> No.24565472

wait, ME2 had a thrilling conclusion?

>explaining anything they do to a monkeh
c'mon son.

>> No.24565477

Well, OK, fine. But Cadians are the most generic of the regiments, and would be the easiest to sell to people who don't know 40k. Provided you gloss over the whole "probably a child soldier" thing. Would be pretty cool to bump into over regiments though

>> No.24565480

I really wish SEGA would sue Gearbox. SEGA has been real hit or miss, but they take chances to publish interesting games damn it.

>> No.24565485

boner lost

Only uptight bossy Farseers do it for me

>> No.24565499

Eldar do have that annoying tendency to shoot themselves in the foot by not explaining shit

>> No.24565501

>Later in the game you can relace the Etherial with a Tau from the Farsight enclaves

>> No.24565502

>wait, ME2 had a thrilling conclusion?

Did you not choose to blow up the collector base and then outrun the subsequent explosion while not once looking back at said explosion?


>> No.24565507

Well, the reason why I don't believe this blog is because SEGA bid the highest for Relic, which comes with the 40K license.(Warhammer: TOTAL WAR anyone?) Add that to how SEGA treats PC games and ports greatly and I'd say Warhammer has a prosper future on PC.
As far as sueing goes, a lot of SEGA's employees were up at arms about this scam and really wished for a lawsuit, but their lawyer said that depending on how the contract between SEGA and Gearbox was worded they can't do a thing about it. That was quite a while ago... no word since then.

>> No.24565509


>Sega now own Creative Assembly and Relic
>In financial trouble because of Gearbox
>Possible danger of no more Dawn of War or Total War games

They should really sue the shit out of those fags.

>> No.24565510

In the event that it IS true, let's focus on what we know, rather than tired memes: Bioware is not flat-out retarded. Mass Effect and Dragon Age have their own setting and tone, very different to what 40k has. No-one and I do mean NO-ONE who so much as GLANCES at 40k's lore in even a CURSORY manner, can make the mistake of thinking this is a happy place, or one where the few major victories for one side or another, are won without incredible losses. Bioware has always kept its lore internally consistent, at the very least. Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 were indeed mis-steps (hell, ME3's ending is what made me boycott them), but those games are hardly the be-all and end-all, of even Bioware's RECENT portfolio.

We know it's the SPACE MARINE ip; not 40k in general. This is very limiting, in terms of making a traditional RPG, the likes of which Bioware are known for. It's more likely to be an action-heavy game, with little character progression, or complex the plot-lines that are characteristic of Bioware RPGs. The rumour is that it will feature the Salamanders chapter. We know that, IN CANON, the Space Marines (Ultramarines chapter) have formed temporary alliances with the Tau before. We also know that the Salamanders are one of the more bro-tier chapters. SO FAR, what we've heard does NOT contradict canon, nor does it smack of mutilating the fluff.

Everyone calm down. Bioware has made mis-steps, it is true, but by and large, they're still a solid, if not legendary, developer. Please wait until we all have more information, before you go into full sperglord mode.

>> No.24565511

>Yer Emprah is watchin'! Cadia is watchin'! But most importantly, URSAKAR E. CREED is watchin'! Make no mistake! There! Will! Be! No! Fuck! Ups! Cadians 'round this 'verse! Would gives! They's left nuts to be where you are right now! Anybody not wanna go?

>> No.24565512

thats not the part that worries me

>> No.24565516

Hopefully we get something like this

>> No.24565526

That's wrong. The people who made Metro 2033 picked up Relic. And they aren't SEGA.

Or are they?

>> No.24565530


Frasight himself joins your team.

>> No.24565535

...Not saying that you're doing this or anything, but just in case- you don't have to fill the email field.

>> No.24565541

Sega got Relic
Crytek got Homefront
Not sure about the others

>> No.24565546


>> No.24565550


>> No.24565554

SEGA has Relic. One of the first things they did was improve the original Company of Heroes series by combining everything into one game and adding in Steamworks multiplayer. And then their logo is all over Company of Heroes 2, Relic is responsible for the CoH games as well as having a general monopoly on the Warhammer 40K license.

>> No.24565556

So to get this back on realistic track...

Who else would fucking love Space Marine: Deathwatch? It's a lot more likely than any of the shit on here, given Space Marine's ending...

Four player co-op campaign, use your customised marined from multiplayer in Deathwatch armour.

>> No.24565559


>A beyond good and evil inspired Stealth/camera game

Get your heads outta your asses Ubisoft, where's BGaE 2?

>> No.24565563

She'd drift in and out of the action enigmatically, never answering any questions, trailing a distinct wiff of bullshit... but who cares, wraithbone corset or not, there'd be titties, they'd jiggle, give me my 10 million dollars!

If that's the only problem you have with my pitch then maybe I shouldn't mention your inquisitor's visit to the Slanneshi death cult orgy which you infiltrate, then butcher with the help of an Ork mercenary party...

>> No.24565565


>> No.24565566

Woop woop.

>> No.24565573

>buying IP
there's a big difference between LICENSING IP and BUYING IP.

Also, the 'news' was posted on a blog, that's hardly a credible source.

Not to mention that this 'story' appears nowhere else.

Sega holds the video games license for Warhammer:Fantasy, and Slitherine is doing the Space Hulk game.

I'm calling bullshit on this.

>> No.24565577

Fuck yes. All we need is Deathwatch-style character building to round it out.

>Inb4 Brother Testicles, Fastest Apothecary in the West

>> No.24565578

So from this point, you've just arrived to the brand spanking new game hub, and what is going to be the overall game hub for the entire game. The Captain needs new crew men to replace the ones lost/hiring priests to purify the demonic taint. If he dicked you over, you can redick him by calling for his ship to be impounded.

Then you travel through a massive space platform above a hive planet, which consists of a massive black ball covered in red points for the forges. You arrive at the established parade ground (yes, on a space station), and are introduced to the main quest of the game. Thousands of men and tanks in order, and an entire titan legion have been assembled to go to war with some random alien race, presumably the Tyranids. However, following all this shit, you are shuffled away into a back room of bleak metal, and are shown a grain screen.

This is your actual introduction to the Inquisitor. It consists of the Inquisitorial symbol on the screen, and you are told your mission. Necrons.

The news was not broken at the parade, but an entire planet has been turned to ash. You have to gather a set of warriors to find out why they are here and how you can stop them.
The briefing ends with the Inquisitor claiming that this is 'your first assignment' and the first of many to come.Now you go about and do the regular things on the station, but this time you find your first two soldiers.

A Kreig major who is the easiest to acquire. To get him, you simply requisition him from the main army, and he, and his company are attached to your retinue, including a few tanks and a sentinel scouting squad.

The second is a tech priest, who you acquire by as siting him in various tests surround his servitors, and the apparent theft of one of them. Ends up with you busting into an underground battle arena. You can run in guns blazing, but the simplest opinion is this. Walk in, show ID, leave with servitor, laugh at people shitting pants

>> No.24565582

4A Games is Metro: Last Light's developers while Deep Silver is the publisher. Relic and consequently the Warhammer IP are with SEGA now.

>> No.24565588

> What is Mew Three.

>> No.24565589


We're 3-5 years minimum away from the first prospects of a stinker based on the Homeworld IP. And that's if they don't manage to hit on the right chamber of the accidental-success Russian Roulette they seem to play and make something - god forbid - GOOD in said-same IP.

If I start hearing rumors of a Homeworld rail shooter starring Summer Glau in six months, then I worry.

>> No.24565600

Also randomised mission option, giving you an objective and throwing random shit at you to see how you cope with it, with special dialogue options depending on your chapter.

>> No.24565604

I'd like to know where I even hinted about xenos relationships. Or relationships in the first place.

I don't see how you couldn't have xenos in the game as team members. Sure, Imperium is against them, but there's cases of Inquisitors being all friendly with Eldar (both hate Chaos), Imperium gets along with the Tau (Damocles Crusade was one butthurt Ecclesiarch's doing) since they're not all mean all the time, they use alien mercs like Kroot and Blood Axes, etc. In Farseer there's two Eldar just walking in a shady part of an Imperial city. Most probably didn't even know what they were and the ones that didn't want no trouble. In Xenology there's a Kroot aida to a Magos.

>> No.24565606


You will need to gather a team of specialists for this mission, Inquisitor.
Here is a list of candidates they are the finest and most skilled men and women in the galaxy.
Are you ready for this Inquisitor?

>> No.24565626

>wraithbone corset

>> No.24565630


He is the finest tactician in the entire galaxy, Inquisitor.
Famous for besting the 13th Black Crusade and saving the Imperium of Man.
Sadly he's fallen to the bottle recently and might need some convincing.
You should head for Cadia right away, Inquisitor.
Your new ship awaits you.

>> No.24565637

I liked the Human Reaper concept.
That being, Reapers are bio-organic things that "breed" by gathering sapient races, turning them to mush, and using them as raw biomass to make more of themselves. Makes more sense as a motive than "hurr durr kill all organics" that it was at first, and definitely better than "Us AIs are going to kill all sapient life, so AIs don't kill all sapient life"

>> No.24565644

Oh, hey, there's a Perlia Sector, I wonder what this will--
>Dossier: The Commissar
>Dossier: The Blank

Oh shit.

>> No.24565647

>Spend all discretionary funds on AdMech implants
>Convince AdMech I'm a saint of the Omnissiah
>Cruise around galaxy with most heavily armed and armored band of fanatics in universe

Best Inquisitor.

Captcha: Aryairm, Simeon

What's YOUR Inquisitor's name?

>> No.24565650

You'll need a mechanic, somebody who can get the thrice cursed dark age of technology warp drive working enough to... something something dark side.

I know a... mechanic, last reports put him stranded on the jungle moon of achhahafibble

Apparently he doesn't accept money

>> No.24565665


>> No.24565666

According to the people foaming at the mouth at the thought of "tumblr" (whatever that means to them), it apparently is. At least to them.

>> No.24565667


The overall aim of this game is to not only acquire a set of specialists for your personal retinue, but to gather enough forces to actually have a military to combat the Necrons on the ground in the final battle.

Anyway, you are provided a freight for transporting your soldiers, and away you go.
Three sections of the sector have been highlighted, and two points on either end show the Tyranids attacking and the Necron advancing. The three sections are split like this. The Tau DMZ, the Eldar deep space pirate station that the Inquisitor knows about, and a planet famed for occasionally hosting the usual Ork Waaagh.

Of note is the bonus quests provided by the Inquisitor. He will occasionally highlight area's of new Xenos to exploit/trade with, Genestealer cults and Necron forces. By completing these, you can requisition more forces of the Tyranid from to fight the Necrons.

Do well enough, and maybe a spare titan can be shipped your way.

>> No.24565668


You need something blow up or killed Inquisitor?
Don't need to look further then me, I'll help ya.
But only if you pass my obstacle course on Catachan.

>> No.24565674


>> No.24565677


I've read that it's like that when foreigners visit North Korea, an eerie guided theme park.

>> No.24565695

They DID explain it
Reapers look like the race that they are made out of, in this case Humans, on the inside. The cuttle-fish like shell grows around that.

>> No.24565701

Princeps Cooplowski and Imperator Titan Megas Excelsior are ready for war.

>> No.24565702

But it also begs the question: Why purge the entire galaxy? If, for example, they harvested humanity to make a Reaper, why kill everyone else? Why not just go back to where they came? I'm sure they're losing more of their numbers fighting the galaxy than they get from harvesting one race. Even if they turn no good races into those little gunship Reapers.

I really would have liked to know what the original concept with dark energy would have yielded. In the end, we just have to accept the retarded HAL 9000 AI logic, unless you're one of those fags who still thinks IT is perfectly viable. Personally I prefer Only One Choice theory.

>> No.24565717

"Wait you're the ace hunter? Put you're so squ..."
"Short yes I know, that's human mutation for you"
"But you're not a small man I mean you're quite bulky, I'd go so far to say squ..."
"Stocky, yes I know, it can be useful in combat"

>> No.24565725

"Yes, yes. Of course I'll help"
>Yfw his loyalty mission is helping him find someone

>> No.24565726


>"Gorz, we've found those dark age tech on our last mission. Can you get them working?"


>"Thanks you Gorz. So how do you feel about the mission?"


>> No.24565737

>Mek Boy
>not a techpriest
>not a young spunky techpriest with unorthodox thinking and way with machines

At most I'd see an ork character as a Wrex stand-in, as the heavy weapons specialist meathead. Maybe have him and the Catachan duke it out all the time about who's got the flashiest gubbins and biggest dangly bits.

>> No.24565739

>Bro'ing it up with a Mekboy

>> No.24565752


>Loyalty mission: Kill a Hive Tyrant


>> No.24565755

Inquisitor, I'd like you to meet the newest member of your team. You're going to need a thief, and I know the best there is. A word of advice: Keep your valuables where you can see them.

>> No.24565771

He'd also phase in and phase out of existence without anyone noticing he was missing in between.

>> No.24565773

"we here at NeoBioware have gone to to great lenghts to make the frankly quite homophobic Warhammer universe more LGBT for Space Marine Rising: Revengance.
Many of the 2 people that we interview about how we should alter the Warhammer cannon, agreed that we need to focus more on the homosexual relationships between space marines that we believe are an integral part of what makes warhammer so great.

Here we have a few images from our current version, note the high quality textures of Titus's foreskin and attention to detain in ensuring that all of the veins on the inquisitors penis are anatomically correct.
If you look carefully you can see the slight prolapse of Titus's anus caused by the inquisitors fist, this is because of our new sphincter rendering technology that we have developed.

Now I'm sure that some fans will be apprehensive as to why we have redirected 85% of our budget from development to our team in charge lobbying the government for marriage equality of but we think that this is a step forward for the industry.

As for the story we don't want a repeat of Mass Effect 3, we understand that a small minority of fans who we believe to be skinheads were for unknown reasons (they are bigots) less than 100% satisfied.
In order to counter this we have increased the amount of moderation on our website, invested more money in paying for positive reviews and have asked our janitor to work harder and come up with a better story this time."

>> No.24565812


>Sir, do you have a minute?

>Yes, what is it LIIVI?

>There's a person I've been tracking long before we met, Sir, and now I finally pin pointed her location.

>LIIVI if that person is a valuable target for you we could make a detour to find her.

>Thank you Sir. The problem is the planet the person's on is getting assaulted by a chaos warband and we need to hurry.

>Then lets get going LIIVI!

>> No.24565813

Hey, Metal Gear Rising was nothing like this!

...For one thing, it was funny because it took itself JUST AS SERIOUSLY as the other Metal Gear games, but was MORE OVER THE TOP THAN THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, OF AMERICA!

>> No.24565818


>> No.24565819

Eh, it's not like there is much to ruin about old and stale 40k. Let Bioware do the Horus Heresy instead. A setting full of superhumans with daddy issues is more their speed.

>> No.24565824

You can choose which areas to go first but I'll start with the most fun first.

The Ork planet.

Originally a Agriworld, it has been reduced to a place of endless battles and war, as the continually growing Ork presence is causing problems for the new settlers. On the bright side, its producing a shit ton of good soldiers for the Imperium.

This new hub is centered around a recently constructed tab block. This entire section, for the first half, is meant to represent the Imperium's non-despotic rule. THe people, despite having to fight savage Orks, are tough and resourceful, while the local government is willing to go easy on the forming hive. Of course, your presence is both welcomed and despised.

Anyway, its filled with the usual shit, find this, stab that, torture this and that. It reaches a turning point when the local governor's son is accused of heresy. Either shoot him for either being a heretic/wasting your time or investigate him. Eventually discovering that the son was beginning to become involved in an underground cult, and execute him.

At this point, the governor flips his shit at you, and sends the PDF at you. You tell them to check themselves before they wreck themselves, and a civil war has started. Of course, at this point, the Orks attack. Wat do?
1. Rally the colony to wipe out the Orks
2. Kill the governor and use the remaining men to fight the Orks
3. Talk to the head Ork and negotiate a 'deal'.

First one ends in the planet stabilizing and you gaining your first base of operations.
Second one ends in the colony going to shit and needing to be rebuilt, but you get a kickass few squads of Xeno hunters
Third, the Ork is a freebooter who though the entire thing would be interesting. At the mention of your inquisitors name, he offers a deal. Meet him at the Eldar pirate base, and negotiate details there (You will find him their anyway, the option just determines his persuasion levels and the amount of boyz he has)

>> No.24565832

Goto/Black Library already confirmed that uses his fabulous wealth and access to imperial supplies to bribe enemy commanders.

>> No.24565844

Aaand now I want to see Deathwatch/Dark Heresy done in the vein of X-COM.

>> No.24565846

>Foes and other party memebers who talk to you via cod- i mean, Vox

>> No.24565849


>a) Well you keep up the good work, they'll be plenty of extra... bitz to play with
>b) Vile Xeno scum, get back in the hold with you
>c) Hold me Gorz, hold me like I was the shinest Shoota you ever laid your hands on!

>> No.24565871


This is probably how most dialogue would look like.

>> No.24565894


>> No.24565896


The one in bottom right is a Necron, right?

>> No.24565898

>being this mad
>over the presence of gays/bisexuals in his vicinity
I think your tumblr social justice strawman has a point.

>> No.24565903

Necron lord gone fullNightbringer

>> No.24565912

Will we get to free-roam planets in our pimped out Baneblade named "Mako"?

>> No.24565934

That's Mumm-Ra.

>> No.24565941


>Brother Cnaeus, you wanted to speak with me?

>Yes Lord Inquisitor, there is a powerful weapon we can acquire in this sector.

>Go ahead, I'm listening.

>The nearby Titan Legion has several Titans under their command. I suggest we propose them to "gift" one of those to us.

>You sure this is a good idea?

>I can confirm that my chapter knows how to acquire gifts efficiently.

>> No.24565942

It is merely a ridiculous and humorous name

>> No.24565957

>Spend 14 hours trying to seduce the brazen and pragmatic underhiver gamer girl with a prefferance for dual wielding pistols
>Neglect the rest of your team to focus on her dialogue options
>Turns out she is an undercover SoB with a vow of chastity working to eliminate a late stage Genestealer infestation

"I'm sorry Inquisitor, I respect you as a companion and I have grown close to you over the course of these missions... but my vow to the God Emperor of mankind stops me from following my heart. There are more things at stake here than the feelings of two short lived humans... no matter how close"


>> No.24565968

From here, logically, the next point of call.

The Eldar pirate base.

This is basically the entire section of Omega all over again from Mass Effect. THe entire place is, externally beautiful, but internally filled with numerous alien races and enemies. Now the first thing to do is meet with the noble house that rules the station and grease them up to stay and explore them.

You get another two companions here.
First, the Warboss from the previous Ork world, who is interested in what you can offer, along with his dim but loyal mekboy. Depending on what you did before, he is either easier or harder to get. The more of his boys you killed, the easier it is to impress and hire him. Both of these lads will add a brand new purple ship to your fleet (which is surprisingly normal, despite the paint job, to 'Sneak up on glitz' apparently)
>Pic related
>Its their command thrones key board

The second is your typical elder brat farseer. She thinks the sun shines out of her arse, and needs some idiot Monkey to follow her orders in investigating the ruins of an ancient exodite colony. Do so, and kill the few insanely tough Necron scouts, and bamn, new farseer.
Also, attempting to romance her from the get go results in your brain coming out your ears in one solid piece.

You drive a Leman russ over planets, supported by the various forces you deploy. Attempting to drive it off cliffs is not recommended, but possible.

>> No.24565969

Oh, alright! That's fine then.

>> No.24565972

Its not a straw man anon
its real life Bioware

>> No.24565985

Consider the following
Bioware protagonists are always Kleptomaniacs, if only because they allow us to steal so much stuff and players can't resist.
How well with Cnaeus and the PC get allow over their mutual love of "gifts"?

>> No.24565988

Yeah, it never felt like Bioware was trying to give me the gay dick. I thought they hamfisted the romances a lot in Dragon Age 2 by making everyone bisexual for Hawke and other hamfisted reasons. If anything I think gay people should be upset that Bioware wants to be their spokesperson.

>> No.24566003

In the sequel it gets replaced by sections where you zoom through a tunnel with a land speeder before returning to the Normandy.

>> No.24566017

>being this complacent
>over the presence of AIDS in his vicinity
I think your Stormfront conservative christian strawman has a point.

>> No.24566025

Normandy? What the fuck's that? We're flyin' the Istvaan, baby!

>> No.24566039

We're flying the god damn Imperial Creed Of Holy Terra and The Emperor Who Sits Upon His Holy Throne!

>> No.24566046

So you're telling gays to be offended by how they're portrayed in the media? Or, more accurately, the fact that they're portrayed in the media?

Usually, black knights tend to crusade against that sort of thing.

>> No.24566051

I like this farseer already

>> No.24566055

>we want the Skyrim audience

>> No.24566059


Even if they flew a Normandy it couldn't resist 40K's fetish of removing one or two letters to make it sound more outlandish.

My proposal: The Normand

>> No.24566061

We aren't flying the SS 13th Black Crusade? Or the Litany of Litany's Litany?

>> No.24566065

>look I copied you words that means I cancelled out your meaning
Nope. Gay panic is still baseless. Bioware's "pandering to social justice faggots" is that there are gays and bisexuals in their games. The end.

>> No.24566070

>Not flying the vengeful spirit

>> No.24566076

I'm saying no one should want Bioware as their spokesperson.

>> No.24566078

Welcome to Bioware's FAQ for Warp Effect 2; Blood of Martyrs

Q) Can I rename the ship to whatever I want?
A) Yes, the external of the ship will display the name you have picked, however for obvious reasons, this name will not appear in dialogue options
Q) How long can this name be?
A) 26 characters, however there is a special unlock feature to access more characters if you keep typing the words "litany's"

>> No.24566084

That's AFTER the Blood Raven's loyalty mission.

>> No.24566104

So Bioware didn't get the license and the article is just a fake?

>> No.24566109

>Passive Effect: As long as Brother Cnaeus is in the party, there is a 10% chance of acquiring 500 Thrones or one piece of Uncommon-grade loot every five minutes.

>> No.24566110

If you don't do it, in the final battle they steal your pants. In hard vacuum.

>> No.24566114

Who cares, this is the internet and we're busy arguing and making shit up

>> No.24566117

The "spokespersoning" that you want gays to be offended by is nothing more than the acknowledgement that they exist.

>> No.24566120

Final base before the fun times.

The Tau DMZ

It really isn't a DMZ, but its called that because calling it the border where everybody has a fuck ton of weapons pointing at each other.

Anyway, you land on the Tau planet, and your general mission is split into two parts. Firstly, convince the Tau to add you in your mission, including the local Vespid/Kroot forces. And secondly, find out why you never see any humans more than twice.

First one is easier to do, and links into the second one. The Tau forces must be presented with evidence of the Necron's rise. If you've done the Eldar Farseer, she confirms it. Despite this, they tell you to kindly fuck off and fight your own god damn war. Of course, this is where the second to last companion comes in. An older Tau warrior commander is prepared to go mercenary for certain reasons, but needs you to eliminate certain machines around the settlement to do so. Do that, and you get a few teams of fire warriors, many squads of battle suits, an awesome military commander and a brand spanking new Tau ship for your fleet.

The second companion is the Kroot Shaper and his Vespid buddies. They want out to, since many members have been disappearing without a trace. You eventually trace them down and discover a terrifying reeducation camp that is brainwashing various aliens. Get them out, along with the humans, and you now have both the Kroot warriors and Vespids on your team.

The second half of this is to provoke an uprising within the settlement. Or you could sell the rebels out and get the Tau in your debt, your choice.

>> No.24566121

He was a Jeanstealer cultist all along!

>> No.24566128

It's the real thing.

>> No.24566135


Personally I think you should start as the inquisitors explicator and that there should be a jump in time after the tutorial ends(at the end of the tutorial you become newly minted inquisitor) of about 5 years in the game. When the game really starts you're protagonist is investigating the appearance of traitor legionnaires on planet cockermurderkill in system cocksforthecocksgod and you find clues that point both back to the tutorial(where, ofc the real enemy isn't presented) and forwards; at the end of that mission your protagonist concludes that he/she will need help and contacts the inquisitor who trained him/her.

>> No.24566146

Aye, a disciple of that foul xeno's lascivious ways. Those foully soft rending talons, those devastatingly sensual curves, dat oh so perfect ass... OH NO! IT'S GOT ME TOO! I CAN'T... STOP!

>> No.24566156


>> No.24566175


We know it's probably bullshit but now we sit around conjuring up a 'what-if' Deus Ex/Mass Effect game set in Wh40k.

>> No.24566176

I'm saying that Bioware and EA has fucking abyssal PR and treat negative comments like they are still in high school.

>> No.24566188



>> No.24566199


>> No.24566222

>Guardsman Ramirez, take out Abaddon with this autopistol!

>> No.24566232

>Guardsman Ramirez, secure the Cadian Gate with the Predator Tank!

>> No.24566236


So far as I know we don't know jackshit except that SEGA picked up Relic at a bargain price(stretching what I know admittedly).

As to the 40k license it's best to assume we don't know shit 'til we hear something.

>> No.24566244


Pre-Order at gamestop and the Captain Price unique character skin from multiplayer.

>> No.24566245

Guardsman Ramirez, destroy that Imperator Titan with your bayonet!

>> No.24566247


for real?

>> No.24566256

That shit better be in Praetorian regimental uniform.

>> No.24566263

Guardsman Ramirez, capture Inquisitor Eisenhorn alive with a stunbaton!

>> No.24566265


>Guardsman Ramirez, get a 10x kill-streak and call in a Valkyrie strike against Angron!

>> No.24566271

I'd fucking buy it

>> No.24566282

>Guardsman Ramirez, subdue Typhus with your wrestling skills!

>> No.24566285

Guardsman Ramirez, stop that Bloodthirster with the RPG!

>> No.24566325


>Guardsman Ramirez, subdue Slaanesh with your sexual prowess!

>> No.24566341

I'm more exited over the prospect of Total WHFB. I don't even care about who gets the 40k license.

>> No.24566343

I don't think telling overly sensitive homophobes that their custom is not expressly sought after is bad PR. Its excellent PR!

You're aiming at the sci-fi nerd RPG market, mostly we're white liberal athiest/angonstic fat neckbeards with middle income who don't care about the terrible gays.

Mostly we want femshep to have delicious delicious scissor sister sex with Tali.

My 65% of the purchasing population vs your 35%
PR win!

>> No.24566345

No that's a surprisingly thin Doctor- RICHAAAARDS!!

>> No.24566364

My gods. Dawn of Total War. Thousands of Guardsmen bayonetting one another across a trenchline. Space Marines drop-podding into the fray as one player secures an orbital beacon. Orks EVERYWHERE. It's...zoggin bootiful.

>> No.24566378


>EA voted worst company in America twice

>> No.24566383

Guardsman Ramirez, prevent those Blood Ravens from stealing our gear using this Exterminatus!

>> No.24566385

How come spiderman is in 40K?

>> No.24566387


I fucking hope he ends up being tortured to death in a blacksite.

At least Yahtzee had the decency of asking everyone to forgive him after he admitted to being paid to give Oblivion a good review. Hulk's explanation of why the ending is good just passes through my brain and all I read is: "I'm a huge, flaming, pretentious biodrone and I'm writing it in CAPSLOCK so you plebs will understand how incredibly awesome newBioware's koolaid is when I happily gargle it down!"

>> No.24566396

>Wait, where the hell has the button gone? It must have taken some sort of kleptomaniacal geni--DIOMEDEEEEES

>> No.24566408

>c) Hold me Gorz, hold me like I was the shinest Shoota you ever laid your hands on!

>> No.24566410


>Guardsman Ramirez, take out that Eldar Ranger with your sniper rifle!

>> No.24566423

>A) 26 characters, however there is a special unlock feature to access more characters if you keep typing the words "litany's"
>It just keeps going until I forget the apostrophe

>> No.24566435


To be honest EDI showing up in an avatar was kind of cool.. till I realized it was just lowest common denominator on par of T'Pol's catsuit. It was that flaming retarded.

>> No.24566436

>overly sensitive homophobes
Presumably accidental, yet entirely appropriate. Straight romance doesn't raise any eyebrows, but do the exact same thing with gay romance and suddenly it's some of that "political correctness" everyone says to avoid for some reason.

>> No.24566444

>lowest common denominator
Use it correctly, or you're saying nothing.

>> No.24566449

>Guardsman Ramirez, hold off those Space Wolves with a beer drinking contest!

>> No.24566454

>another game about the Imperium doing old hat Imperium things

Am I the only one that grew bored with Relics very safe way of presenting the Imperium?

>> No.24566471


Would you prefer a game about Eldar or Tau instead?

>> No.24566474

Point. Come to think of it, another faction might be nice. Maybe WAAAGH!: The Warboss Simulator.

>> No.24566478


>Guardsman Ramirez, take that Noise Marine out with your harmonica!

>> No.24566485


Dear lord please let it not be a repetition of Colonial Muhreens, please let it not be a repetition of Colonial Muhreens, please let it not be a repetition of Colonial Muhreens, please let it not be a repetition of Colonial Muhreens, please let it not be a repetition of Colonial Muhreens, please let it not be a repetition of Colonial Muhreens, please let it not be a repetition of Colonial Muhreens, please let it not be a repetition of Colonial Muhreens, please let it not be a repetition of Colonial Muhreens, please let it not be a repetition of Colonial Muhreens, please let it not be a repetition of Colonial Muhreens.

If Gearbox manages to deliver I might just start believing in Jesus.

>> No.24566489

What are you, the GIDF?

>> No.24566505

Did you know that the frontman of the Scissor Sisters is gay?

>> No.24566517


Hell, even Aliens Vs Predator(from.. 2010?) managed to deliver better than that tripe!

>> No.24566528


a) Dakka
b) Choppa
c) Loot

>> No.24566535

At least playing as Craftworld Itrollu would be fun as you fuck with everyone in randomised events predicted by the Farseers.


>> No.24566555

>Oi, Warboss, I'z da 'Loosive Ork, and I'm finkin dat yooz needz sum good gitz ta 'elp yer WAAAGH!

>> No.24566557



*sniff* having sergeant major potato head as commissar.. manly tears mates, truly manly tears ;_;

>> No.24566558

I've heard that Elton John might be gay too

>> No.24566564

That romance arc with the Screaming Banshee would be hella fun. I hear that she's a real screamer.

>> No.24566575


manly tears ;_;



manly tears being shed as Commissar lord potatohead screams at you at the top off his lungs.

>> No.24566591



>> No.24566595

>spent 20 hours courting the Banshee and now all your efforts will pay off
>she takes off her mask and underneath it's Creed

>> No.24566599



>> No.24566611


fuck the warboss, give me a freeboter kaptin and his merry kommando hanger-on all in the vein of KAPTIN BLUDDFLAG!


>> No.24566650


>implying the talentless hacks that now make up Bioware won't turn any w40k game into a game that tumblr-faggots deserve

sry but no, biodrones and tumblr's are the one's who manage to reach Bioware's ears as soon as shit is too dark or not enough edgy for their tastes.

>> No.24566657



>> No.24566665


In our dreams maybe ;_;

>> No.24566677

So, in other 40k game news, has anyone gotten their hands on the latest version of Squat Fortress? I hear they've nerfed Titan-grade weapons.

>> No.24566687


A lil' bit over the top, newly minted Cadre leader in new experimental suit who can call in Riptide and/or broadside barrages fits better; also romance-able or not? gender?

>> No.24566695

Doesn't Squat Fortress turn you autistic?

>> No.24566696



>> No.24566706


protagonist creation like in first Dragon Age and Mass Effect?!?

manly tears.

>> No.24566727

Maybe, but at least it's got way fewer bugs than the latest version of Chapter Master so far. For some reason, my latest bunch of Marines ended up fighting Tyranids equipped with Gauss weapons.

>> No.24566737

That's what I wanted Space Marine to be. Instead we got a shitty coop hoard mode.

>> No.24566754


apparently the A I the leviathans created(catalyst a k a dat bloody cop out) became self-aware and harvested a Leviathan(thus creating Sovereign) after that Sovereign harvested a whole lotta species during that cycle and began the endless cycles, so far as I understand the reapers were never able to question the order catalyst had gave them; to harvest the most advanced species of each cycle. Why Catalyst never understood got the message that it was needless and wrong is beyond me(and probably beyond the hacks at newBioware).

>> No.24566782

Just call ME3 a transcription error and forget it ever happenend.

>> No.24566787


I'll be hugely disappointed if the ork character isn't a kommando. Who shows up and turns the tables in every mission he's in.(wot's dat? Nekrun'z ovahrrunin your position? got it boss! Dese here lootas want's their grubby fists on some proppah nekkrun loot!)

>> No.24566798

No, I mean the comical image of it with its arm outstretched in "Superman pose".

>> No.24566804

>You don't see him for a few missions, even though you know he's on the ship
>A consignment of purple paint was ordered in error, and has since gone missing

>> No.24566821


If Bioware still was old, GRORIOUS Bioware who knew their heads from their anuses then yes, allowing them to make a game based upon the Horus Heresy would almost've been their MAGNUM OPUS. Alas we're forced to deal with NeoBioware who sell themselves out to their rabid drones and tumblr.

So no, I'd only trust Obsidian to do a game like this correct(ok they'll need extra time to squash all the bugs but this is Obsidian! come on you guize!).

>> No.24566837


unfortunately yes, would've loved seeing dialogue where protagonist Inquisitor of Ordo Xenos starts to subtly gather intel from his/hers various xeno squad-members about their species etc

>> No.24566852


too over the top, even for warhams40k

also: anyone got any news about that warmachine vidyagame?

>> No.24566856

>Tell me more about your people.

>> No.24566863


too much of Samara(even though you could hug her in citadel dlc).

>> No.24566882



Farseer cannot be allowed to be the bioware bitch of this game! ;_;

Also: she should be bisexual. Sister of Battle should be wimmenz only(except for co-pilot Him-On-Earth!)

>> No.24566890


time to go sniping dem bastards I finkz.

>> No.24566899

>Implying that Inquisitor MaleShepard doesn't have the chops to seduce any and every organism in the galaxy.

>> No.24566900



>> No.24566901

I liked it better back in ME1 and 2 where the prevailing theory was that the reapers allowed organics to grow and then harvested their biomass to create more reaper and incorporated any useful technology for use in the next harvest.

Lovecraftian galactic apex predators treating sentient life like a heard to be culled is far more awesome and menacing than "incompetent robots killing all life for a reason that a 5 year old realises is stupid being lead by an AI about as smart as Homestarrunner"

>> No.24566916


>Guardsman Ramirez: bone dat insatiable hawt Inquisitor before she has us all condemned to penal legion duty!

ok, that was a bit below the belt but still..

>> No.24566921


>my moolahs belong to EA ;_;.png

>> No.24566928

>Guardsman Ramirez: Plug the Eye of Terror with this toilet paper

>> No.24566966


yeah I know, massive cop-out as I said.. or are we looking back at old Bioware with rose-tinted glasses?

>> No.24566991

They probably wanted a twist for the sake of a twist.

>> No.24567006

Look at the names in the credits for ME1
Notice the shuffling and growth in 2
and then watch in despair as EVERYONE from ME1 is gone in 3

>> No.24567009

Damn you, M. Night Shamwow! Wait, what are we talking about again?

>> No.24567022

No, older Bioware didn't pander to the Call of Duty audience that they openly declared they wanted after Mass Effect 2.

>> No.24567067

Bioware thought they needed a twist to justify why the Reapers were so mean. One of the earlier drafts was that they were trying to make a Reaper 2.0 and based it on whoever was the top dog of the 50,000 year long cycle so they could stop stars from dying prematurely.

>> No.24567085

When I want a twist I want
"Mr Chaddelsby!
The man you just killed was indeed the murder, however I have terrible news.
He was in fact your brother and was trying to kill members of a secret organisation who were trying to frame you!"


"Mr Chaddelsby!
The man you just killed was indeed the murderer.
but it turns out that...
(wakes up from coma)
you have been in a coma dreaming that you were a detective from 1901 for 200 years and were brought back from the dead by the power of this magical crystal.
now you can finally take your rightful place as queen of the jellyfish men.
soon a new age of prosperity will begin but first we must win the war against the cyborg mantis horde"

>> No.24567100

...Okay, the second one actually sounds stupidly fun.

>Captcha: exectob colonial
No, captcha, NOT exactly like Colonial Marines.

>> No.24567113

It kinda does.

>> No.24567118

>oh shit guys how do we make our unfathomable elder gods more scary
>I know! why don't we make them just silly robots and then flood the audience with lore!
>Genius! everyone knows that the more you know about something the scarier it gets.

nothing is more familiar than the unknown!

>> No.24567163

Not getting anything on the whole Oblivion thing, source?

>> No.24567203


IIRC Yahtzee was paid by someone or maybe Bethesda to give Oblivion a good review, he apologized when people caught on to him or something. I heard most of it from friends.

>> No.24567220

Considering that he gave Oblivion a shit review, I'm going to say that your friends are all bullshitting.

>> No.24567222

This is the first I heard of it. You would think /v/ would never shut up about it if he did?

>> No.24567384

Yahtzee had the best statement about ME3
"It could have been worse"

>> No.24567420

Yes, EA might have gained respect and been slightly redeemed in the eyes of the public. Thank goodness they did what they always do!

>> No.24567663

>with the intent of making them accessible on today's leading digital platforms.
>leading digital platforms
>plural, not singular
>mfw I don't have an appropiate rage pic that can properly relay the amount of rage I now feel

>> No.24567824

To be fair, a loli ork is far superior to any of their romance options from ME2 and 3.
Even Tali
Especially Tali
Tali a shit

>> No.24567837

They also lost massive stocks from the shitstorm, though, so its a wash.

>> No.24567953

BL1 didnt have a bad ending, it just didnt have one at all.

>> No.24568140

They also shuffled money from Aliens Colonial Marines to make Borderlands 2.

"Yeah guys, we're gonna make hom3world and it's gonna be awesome, give us some money!"

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