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c'mon guys, post 'em!

>>pic related
it's my Deathwatch Assault Squad, lead by a Centurious conversion i posted a couplea days ago; all bones and flames but with their original chapter icons:
Praetors of Orpheus, Silver Skulls, Aurora, Caseus Eaters

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Warzone Imperial Blood Berets Captain on homebuilt resin 25mm hex base

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Any advice about how to cut flat pieces of Green stuff?

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a very very sharp knife; best to add slightly more yellow to blue for sculpting, for edges it's slightly more blue than yellow...

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Current WIP Crisis suit.

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Thin your god damn paint!

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Can't remember if I had posted this or not. Did it as a promo mini for Easter.

Currently working on a whole 2500pt. army of Warriors of Chaos, though I have no pictures right now.

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...this is fucking fantastic.

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My completed Salamanders Ironclad Dread.

It was a one-off project. I love how it turned out, but I hate hate HATE painting marines, so I can never do a full Sallies army.


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What are some good basing materials?

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im glad you don't have a marines army, because chain fist and hurricaine bolters is literally the worst thing you can do for the ironclad

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I find that the scenic stuff used for model train set ups work perfectly. Additionally you can use actual rocks, they're heavy, but work perfectly, and already have that real rock look. Also if you have something that is really front heavy they can be used to balance it out. But any miniature basing materials work perfectly for what they are used for... basing miniatures. I've not found any brand that particularly works better than others.

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Postin' Dis again. Thinking about making anuva. Need critque on what I should do differently for flava.

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Finished up a Horten. Went a bit overboard with the weathering, but eh, came out all right.

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bog standard uparmored sentinel and guardsman. Thought's /tg/?

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That looks excellent.

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The mandatory:
Thin your paints.
Too much streaking. give them an even coat.
Learn how to do highlights, it helps bring out the models details.
Don't paint vehicles mostly boltgun metal. It looks really bland.

Your desk is too clean, leave a mountain dew bottle on there or something. It makes me wonder what you're doing on that thing

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Yeah I t came out really well, but I want to give the next Waaghbuggy something else to give it a bit more difference than this one. Thinking about getting the quad wheel for it, maybe giving it little hood ornament like the Ogre Battle standard top or something.

here's a reverese of the buggy

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Into the fires of battle, unto the anvil of war!

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As a freshman to painting, i thought i'd just share a picture of my improvements over the space of about a week. The one on the left is the older model if you can't tell.

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Still a beginning painter. Did this Iron Warriors squad on Saturday.

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Y u h8 paint Marines?

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whats the front look like

The changes are noticeable, but I'm curious as to the frontal view of the model as well.

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damn I'm envious, I wish I could improve that fast I've gotten better but I've still got a ways to go.
Was thinned, also what color would you suggest for the legs? I wasn't really sure what to do with them to be quite honest. Also, any good tutorials for highlighting?

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Nice job

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Not bad, not too much run off. A bit bland, even for Iron Warriors(?) Give them a bit more gold in places. The horns you could do better with. Like look at a picture of an older bull and the way his horns looks.

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Combined my Tau with Catachan parts and some greenstuff, making them Vietnam-themed. The actual fluff for them is that they're all dirty greedy magpie pirates that broke off from the Enclaves.

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Shadow Grey/Regal Blue 75/25 mix work well. Do a second highlight of Straight Shadow Grey.


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And one of the Shas'ui

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Work in progress Necron warrior squad. The four "finished" models were color scheme tests, although none were exactly what I settled on. The one raising his gauss flayer in the air is closest to it.

This is my first squad ever painted, so I'm pretty happy with the progress so far. They're essentially basecoated- a couple still need their joints painted, and I have to do touch ups yet. Their guns are being painted separately.

I have no idea what my cell phone was set to take pictures at so this might be an xbox huge resolution but I'm not re-sizing it fuck the police

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Yeah, I'm really conflicted about the gold. I like it, but I feel like adding too much makes them too flashy. I'm having trouble seeing where to add it appropriately without sacrificing grit.

Also I should add hazard stripes, at least somewhere. One shoulderpad, a leg, the gun...

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There ya go

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Don't add more gold, I agree with you there.

Add a complimentary color to the various raised gubbinz for some variation. A very dark color, or at least a very desaturated one.

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er I'm using vallejo paint, that in particular is the gunship green, luftwaffe uniform blue and khaki grey as well as their oily steel.

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Would just black work? Or should I get a dark brown? Maybe something bronze?

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Just finished this guy today, done a couple of them now and happy with how they turn out, just wish I could do them a bit faster.

That will probably come with time though.

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this guy sounds so far up his ass, my lord.

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You need to improve your skills a little more. The black tubes on his chest look horrible

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It's not tubes, it's the wings on an imperialis.

any specific advice? Because "you need to improve your skills", while a nice suggestion, doesn't really help me improve my skills.

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with the pic zoomed out, the guy on the right looks like he's all "I hear voices in my head... where are they coming from?"

Also, continued work on this guy a bit more, been hitting a bit of a wall with finishing him up.

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I am a Guard collector and painter, first and foremost. I paint stuff that highlights easily. I paint BAWKSES. And Guard flak armour and fatigues, both of which highlight and drybrush very very easily.

Marine armour is so smooth and curvy, and has very few hard edges to highlight. I'd need to 1) buy an airbrush, and 2) get lots of experience painting with an airbrush, before I ever took on Marines. I can't do shading or wet blending to save my life, and as a result my Marine armour looks like complete shit no matter what I do to it.

I hope that makes my reluctance to paint a full Salamanders army a bit more clear.

Also, I'd need to thin my paints a lot more than I do right now. Even thinned the black on my Dread looks horrible.

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I want to get this model. But I don't know what I would use it as in my chaos army, and I'm not to a painting level where I can get something to simply paint for the joy of it.


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do you use any third party stuff for your guard? I'm kinda poor as fuck and starting a guard army myself.

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So paint it for the practice.

>> No.24541640

I'd rather paint other things for practice honestly

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The illustration accompanying it is a bit of a psych-out. It makes the model look better painted than it actually is. and I agree with >>24541613 you should paint it for the experience. Nothing is stopping you from stripping it with simple green later or buying a new one and painting it again when you get better.

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Links forthcoming.
These are fucking baller minis for a fucking baller price. Trust me on this one. They don't come with standard 40k bases though, so pick up 20 of your own. They also mesh quite well with GW parts as seen in pic related. There are also heavy weapon teams available.

Doesn't get much better than 18 dues for $16. Quality is "eh" but they look cool if you do Krieg. They also have heavy weapons available.

I play Elysian Drop Troops, and these guys make great infantry platoons. They match FW Elysian size well, come with appropriate bases, and aren't too shabby for their price tag.

I can find more places if you need them.

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Keep on practicing.
That's all I can tell you.

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The Stormtroopers are baller

I was thinking about picking some up for IG allies

Here's another link for the stromtrooper stuff

>> No.24541848

I was in on the Eisenkern KS, got a 20man box of troopers, and some stuff later down the road (15mm Mortis, 2 APCs).

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I am getting a major Gue'vesa vibe from these guys. Like the Tau looked at the Imperial Guard and thought, 'No, we can do better.'

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A good sculpt brings inspiration.

Inspiration can do wonders.

And a lot of people need to grow a fucking spine when it comes to painting. "Oh no, what if I don't flawlessly pull off a paintjob like Giraldez, how would I ever live with myself?"

Fuck that noise.

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Not that guy, but the black tubes on the helmet are a particular point. They have no depth so either highlight them or drybrush. The tan from the helmet has got onto the tubes too. The white is chalky, you need a grey foundation paint and many thin layers of shaded white, building up to actual white to make it smooth.

Otherwise, I reckon it looks pretty good.

>> No.24541904

I need a bit more standard guard styles, my guys are fluffed as very much the poor bastards with the guns though I sure as hell am using these for storm troopers. I might grab a few heavy troopers too and use them as a 'hvy weapons team' I.E. crude power armor with a big gun slapped on. Any vehicles you go through?

>> No.24541967

I use all GW vehicles for my Guard. Nothing else feels quite right. I do have my eye on a Vulture gunship by Puppetswar though.

Look for cheap shit here on /tg/, on the Dakkadakka swap shop/Warseer forums, and most of all on Ebay. You can get some amazing deals. Just remember, when dealing with ebay, caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware.

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>That face when these look great.
>That face when the Guard codex is outdated.
>That face when GW won't let you play in their tourneys with these awesome models.

>> No.24542006

Amen to that one, I'm hoping I'll scoop some ratlings up off Ebay for cheap. That said its mostly because as much as I love guard, I hate the way the leman russ looks on the table it just doesn't feel right for some reason.

>> No.24542009

Actually, hasn't GW pretty much stopped supporting tourneys? So if they are pretty much wysiwyg I don't see why any tourny wouldn't let you run them.

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After over 2 months I'm almost, ALMOST finished my first tac squad. Two bolter marines left and then I can move on to my devestators.
I'm getting better at the edge highlights but still comes off as too harsh depending on the lights. Thinking of trying a snot/scorpion green blend between the highlight and regular levels.

>> No.24542035

Also ye Olde librarian is done save his chest dealie and a bit of touch up like on the back of his kneepad.

Still can't afford those forgeword pauldrons yet...

>> No.24542038

I have this model and plan to use it as a Tzeentchian Daemon Prince.

>> No.24542043

>Squad Heavy Weapon not a glorious Twin-Linked Multi-Melta

>> No.24542045


Yeah I agree with most of that, was actually planning to touch up the tubes on the helmet, didn't really spot them till I took the photo.

With the white I did start with ulthuan grey under it but perhaps that's a bit too light and I need to start with a slightly more blue tone.

Thanks for the suggestions

>> No.24542082

I run Emp's Children myself and I'm wondering what I can run it as

>> No.24542157

My other tactical has the multimelta due to the devestator kit only coming with one.


>> No.24542173

If that's so, then I'm definitely going to use those models as a Korps army. They're too inexpensive to NOT use instead of GW's expensive-ass models.

>> No.24542177

It's sleek enough to be Slaaneshi DP/GD.

Without ANY conversion, I don't think it really fits at all, but with organic wings it would easily be at home as Tzeentchian or Slaaneshii with a tentacle. Throw some sharper edges and maybe some gore and painted red/bronze/gold and it's pretty Khornate.

Either Soul Grinder, DP or GD. Possibly an Oblit/Melee Oblit if you can make some energy waves off of it. It's got an anime feel to it anyway...

>> No.24542192

>> No.24542224

>> No.24542284

Paint your thins.

>> No.24543041

Finished, yay!

>> No.24543148

Far left one is best.
Swagger pose.

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>that lazy eye

>my sides

>> No.24543969

Some nice GS work.

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danke.. here's the Sarge / Chaplain proxy (i'm planning a 600pt force for an Invasion tournament as my Zombie Army was politely asked to to come again!

>> No.24544363

Eh its only from certain angles.

>> No.24544448

I'm kinda sad that I only got sixty troopers and no heavy weapon squads. *sigh* Though I did pick up a couple of leviathans and 160 different power armored guys, but there is a long wait until I get those.

>> No.24544496

I up the ante with a my Deathwatch Vulcan stand in.

>> No.24544556

why all grey? returned to his chapter?

good kitbash tho; stands out and is WYSIWYG

>pic related
man i need to get moar pics; have a second sternguard squad and the lightweght marines / scouts done (and based!)

>> No.24544602

I plan on having any named models pulled from other codex's as black shields.

>> No.24544725

Where are you getting all of your DW shouldpads? Are they resin copies of the metal ones?

>> No.24544734

Seems everyone is painting Salamanders these days.

>> No.24544800

My first try at OSL for my stormraven turret. Old pic, the raven has progressed further but its damn hard taking good pics of all-metallic-silver models.

>> No.24544810

na, GW still sell the 10 pads, 10 guns 5 helmet pack for like a tenner... plus i ordered a boat load of plastic pads from bitsandkits...

>> No.24544834

The OSL on the purple is good, but it covers the silver too much. Maybe someone who knows about glazes could suggest something to get a sheen?

>> No.24544847

You're a bit too forceful with it. Drybrush it on lightly, currently it looks a little too much like paint. Nice start though!

>> No.24544954

All I found was the 10 pack of heads/guns/pads. And I'm trying to steer away from metal as well as the issue of I don't want to give GW more money then I have to.

>> No.24545013

I've decided to paint up my old Black Reach marines as Black Dragons. Do you guys have any advice for painting a good, solid black? I have a friend who's adamant that painting black is "Prime Black. Slap one coat of white on shoulders. Perfect Raven Guard." So I partly what to show him what's possible if you try.

Also, bone growths for dragon claws. Best done with Green Stuff? I have no sculpting experience.

Also, I've been thinking of using Vlad von Carstein's head for a conversion, I've never seen the model in person and I fear the head will be tiny on a marine body, is this the case?

>> No.24545068

Tyranid scything talons from hormagaunts for the boneblades works great.

As for black, you prime them, then touch up with say, GW base black ( Abbadon black? ) then give them a light gloss so the black comes out shiny. Looks great when done right.

Oh, and highlighting before you gloss it the fuck up, obviously. That's the last step and you apply it only to the parts of the model that will remain black.

>> No.24545076

The only thing I can really suggest is to look at the Black Orc WHFB paint scheme for an alternative. This is only because I can't imagine that painting Marines like everyone else would be any fun.

>> No.24545127

I dunno, I'd recommend simple black spray paint and a black wash but will be really bland. What I did on that deathwatch vulcan it was painted black, and gry brushed with greatcoat grey and then codex grey finally washed with badab black. if you cut out the codex grey it would be a bit blacker.

>> No.24545133

Here's some 30k. Sons of Horus Legion Preator. Experimenting with an alternate Eye of Horus at the moment, hence the bone shoulder pad. Hopefully it'll look good as personal heraldry for my Praetor.

>> No.24545224

Fucked if I can get it straight lol

>> No.24545232

5 helmets, 5 bare heads; great for identical marines but not fitting for a unit where each guy is an individual...

on black, black undercoat and an Eshin Grey on the edges works
claws i'd use knives and then greenstuff the joins; sculpting flat edges is a royal pain in greenstuff; Procreate is prolly better...

>> No.24545284

>mfw people actually think Mantic's Corporation look good for a single pose, resin-plastic piece of shit kit that's a bitch to put together or convert.

The WW2 Germans in Space though look cool. But Corporation? Really guys? They're a shit kit, regardless of the price. You might as well use Warzone minis instead of Mantic's garbage.

>> No.24545319

Guys, guys, my package from Forge World just came today!

Now I just have to wash them with soap and water and then wait till I can afford to buy Forge World weapons for them.

>> No.24545358

make your own!

>> No.24545788

But those look... goofy.

>> No.24545831


Aren't gee dubyas guardsmen stuck to very generic and static poses too? I remember there being two variants: squatting like a russian taking a shit and 'running' like a ballerina.

They're cheaper than the official guardsmen, so why not?

>> No.24545907

Because they're terrible models. And Cadians are also mostly bad. But since they're plastic, you can do alot more with them than you can with Corporation, who aren't plastic.

Besides, GW's older metal ranges of Guard are often more cool. Steel Legion and Vostroyans come to mind.

But I'll admit to bias, I just like the older metal ranges GW did over stuff Mantic's pumping out, which look even more generic and boring.

>> No.24545956

I'm rather fond of Vostrian's myself

>> No.24546387

I did it... Underped.

>> No.24546423

finished making a herald for my nurgle army, just got to paint it now, am so lazy this will take months for me to get around to it

>> No.24546425


>> No.24546438

These guys are still very WIP.

>> No.24546445

Got around to do the basing on these now, I know it looks like the base rims need another coat of paint but that isn't really noticeable looking from above.

Commanding officer and 1/2 of the line infantry.

>> No.24546448


>> No.24546452

oh god, that mask on the second from the right, what is that?

>> No.24546455



>> No.24546458


Hessian Jäger.

>> No.24546467



Going to paint the Americans next.

>> No.24546489

Greenstuff skull thing, inspired by the alpha legion DLC from space marine.

>> No.24546986

Old command squad I still haven't finished... and some dust.

>> No.24547140

I want my Bones shipment to arrive soon, I want an excuse to use this "mat" I made from a piece of thrash wood. I want to see it stained by paints, inks and glues, and getting increasingly dented and cut. I want a little history going for it.

>> No.24547370

some funny expressions in my squads, but it mixes things up.

>> No.24547372


>> No.24547375


>> No.24547381


>> No.24547486

Hahahhahahaaa.... He looks DISGUSTED.

Call him "Abhorrian the Perplexed".

>> No.24547524

You... seriously took a picture of a piece of wood.

A piece of wood.

I expect regular updates for your piece of wood with awesome pics. Great resolution. Paints thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' cut, dented, inked and glued you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

>> No.24547607

My recently converted/painted Scourge Kroot.

Now I'm working on a whole batch of different jump infantry kroot from different armies, including Vespid Kroot, Seraphim Kroot, Swooping Kroothawks, and Stormboyz Kroot.

>> No.24547940

Im pretty proud of my raven this far... Still lots to do, but at this point best model ive ever done by far.

>> No.24547949

>No one comments on my paint job
Sweet. First time I posted one of minis (the first I'd ever painted) it derailed the thread and was added to the Thin Your Paints hall of infamy.

No comments is a definite step up.

Got bored and started working on a Triarch Stalker.

>> No.24548058

It's not bad, just the warriors are kind of hard to comment on. Can't really see any details on them.

>> No.24548214


> Salamanders
> Dat Pyro in the background

Stay cool anon

>> No.24548217

>thumbnail sideways
>picture rightside up
The mysteries of painting threads

>> No.24548398


Jesus, that thumbnail looks like the photo of some horrible insect.

>> No.24548493

I thought it was some wacky tribal inspired dreamcatcher wind chime.

Fuck, Necron painter, you might not be intending to make me laugh so hard but whatever it is that you are doing, keep doing it.

>> No.24548515

>blacked out canopies
You fucked it didn't you? Glued them on before you base coated it?

>> No.24548518


stick to the bottom of those legs. then pick ONE colour to do the tubes & orbs with, then something else if your want to highlight or just stop there fuck

>> No.24548532

I'm working on a Ogre Tyrant (basing it on a Doombull), but I'm a little stuck with the weapon.
I couldn't think of a suitable pole weapon / axe to make out of the Doombull's retarded cleaver, so right now I'm debating either
-a Macuahuitl made out of a large ogre club studded with orc axe blades
-a massive sword made out of a heavily modified Dreadknight sword

The overall idea was to make him look like an old, badly mutated Chaos Maneater who returned from his travels and became Tyrant by right of being HUGE

>> No.24548544

It's very much WIP. Also, the colors aren't so clashing IRL. They're all around the same saturation value, so they look better next to each other than the camera flash makes it appear. And I like to paint bright and then bring colors down, so some parts like the tubes will be duller when it's done.


[panics internally]

>> No.24548715


Thanks man.
If I can burn stuff in a game you better believe I will.


Happens when you post from a phone or tablet with rotation sensors.

>> No.24548768

God I love the forgeworld Ironclad.

I'm hoping to see that sucker painted & posted here soon.

>> No.24548828

Finished this guy a couple of days ago. Not started on anything else yet. Maybe warp talons next.

>> No.24549010

Guys, I'm rebasing my Orks and the new GW colours have thrown me off.

Any suggestions for colours to do desert bases?

>> No.24549098

personally I use a krylon primer that's great because it gives a nice dirt look and can double as a glue to hold things like sand and rock.

>> No.24549150

Looking to paint the armour 50/50 mix of balthasar gold and runelord brass.
What's the ideal colour for base coat and wash?

>> No.24549340

that also cost around like five bucks, so it's not exactly a bad deal. We've also found the primers from them work just as well if not better than the dedicated modelling ones from citadel.

>> No.24550181

I keep starting projects and then getting distracted by some other project. And then another. And another... etc.


>> No.24550209

Why does no one ever convert the dreadnaught poses? I see lots of great conversions but marines and dreadnaughts always get left in "taking a dump" standard GW posing.

>> No.24550267

most conversion of the dreadnaught, like that one, and even this one, mine. Are made from the black reach snap-together dread, and that model is pretty much one piece. They make for a good starting point for learning how to convert, and thus most people leave the legs as is.

>> No.24552037

Finished the wood elves team. This is one of the wardancers. Have to take again the photos.

>> No.24552512

Chaos Warshrine from away back when it was only just a thing, and I had to build it without a kit.

I've been out of the loop for ages in terms of actually painting or modelling, but it's still something to add I suppose.

>> No.24552524


>> No.24552552

was that taken with a rock? because it certainly looks like it.

>> No.24552553

Other side

>> No.24552581

And back

Just my laptop's webcam, which made it awkward to hold still enough to take a decent pic, on top of being an inbuilt webcam.

>> No.24552728



>> No.24552740 [DELETED] 

>decent pic
No, sorry

>> No.24552825 [DELETED] 

Which is why I said it was awkward to do it. As in I didn't manage to do it because it was hard.

>> No.24552881

Just got this reaver built and basecoated.

>> No.24552955

I disagree. If the silver is supposed to be more reflective than the (dark, matte?) purple it would reflect a lot more light.

That looks great! Nice work.

>> No.24553030

More IG

>> No.24553078


>> No.24553088

Probably watered down Druchii Violet then Agrax Earthshade

>> No.24553154


>> No.24553200

Catachan mini, traitor attempt..... And i think that completes my spam.

>> No.24553347

last one.. as he's my fav.

>> No.24553392

What pieces went into that guy? He looks like a perfect operative

>> No.24553403


He kinda cheated there by adding an extra joint.

>> No.24553419

Just an assembled catachan.

>> No.24553421


Looks like 100% Katachan parts.

>> No.24553502

any wip shots of the new builds?

>> No.24553525


>> No.24553550


>> No.24554187


Druchii Violet as base coat?
Interesting choice, can you explain why this colour?

>> No.24554365

Blending son!

>> No.24554531

Here is a better quality photo of the thrower. The numbers are freehands, by the way.

>> No.24555638

Can you show me a picture of your team? BB is really popular here so I was thinking about converting up a group of old Wardancers into a WE team and a DE team but I don't know if I have enough Wardancers.

>> No.24555817

Nothing new to report, so I'll re-post these.

>> No.24556174

HAHA So I just took some pictures and put them on DAKKA, come here and what do I see? Paint thread? FUCK YEAH i got some pictures to share tonight! :D

>> No.24556190

> same Nightwing
> different Angle

just wait for the Base of this sucker

>> No.24556207

each petal ring and each stem is on a different sprue, each of them have to be glued together

>> No.24556210


>> No.24556223

also: Shrooms

>> No.24556240

thx! :)

next up: Corsair Serpent. Sadly, Serpents are shit, and sadly I won't be using him in a tournament for a very long time.

Still: Made from a Falcon and a Razorwing Fighter

>> No.24556251

Left wing, DRAGON bitchez! :)
Did that one lying in the sun on the beaches of Spain :)

>> No.24556276

The other wing is a bigass rune plus some squiggly shit. I donno mang, just felt nice that way, so I went with the Flow.

Also, I was drunk, had partied the whole night and was lying on the beach again.

Fucking sand blowing with the wind onto my model all day long really annoyed me.

>> No.24556290

glowy thing is nice, how'd you paint it?

>> No.24556298

so, wut nao, /tg/?
I miss the old /b/ and the old /tg/ - when I came here some 7 years ago, I'm not even sure /tg/ existed. But once I did come here, it was awesome.

More awesome than nowadays for sure.

Anyhow: My fortress of Redemption, Eldar style

>> No.24556320

Ooh, that's quite nice. I like the big statue thing, where's that bit from?

>> No.24556322

Basically, I get a very light blue for the background. I paint the Runic stuff in pure white over and over, using the background colour to correct mistakes. Once I am done I blend the background light-blue into dark blue and finally black.

Front of my Eldrad

>> No.24556332

Your stuff is really gaudy. Not my style, even for Eldar, but it's well done.

>> No.24556337

heh the dude with the porn statues, saw some of your stuff a couple of days ago, cool lookin stuff

>> No.24556352

Well, my best friend, his girlfriend and I went to ome gothic convention. There was this one guy, he was salling candle-holders. The girl was basically holding up a candle, more or less.

Anyhow,all gothed up, my best buddies GF looked like that bitch. Like, 100%. Being the nice person she is and having seen some of my Terrain involving
> porn star action figures
she gave it to me as a gift <3 :)

backside of my Eldrad

>> No.24556354

Cheers, I have nothing to glow... but at least now i'll have an idea how to.

>> No.24556384

thanks man - I'm still ebaying for some of those pornstar figurines, but nothing below 80$ :( So too expensive for me at the moment :D

Well, WELCOME TO THE RAINBOW MOTHERFUCKER; i sure hope you enjoy your stay, because chances are:
>eyes start bleeding

This Bonesinger cost me 50€ from some guy. Sadly I was spending a year abroad when it was released and I had missed it at the time

>> No.24556415

It's very simple. You have the light source (this is white) and you have something that light shines on. Say, it is a blue light shining onto a black wall. So it's a lightish blue, slowly fading into black. It's a very simple light --> dark thingy wibbly wobbly

Backside of the Bonesinger. Beautiful Model. The new Plastic Farseer is nice and all - but I got a sufficient amount of Farseers already <3 :)

>> No.24556423

when the hell was that model released? was it europe only? i've been playing eldar since about 2001, and i've NEVER seen that before.

>> No.24556437

I too have painted a woman chained to a rock! I'd love to know where you got that one

>> No.24556442

maybe more wrestlers or shop for specific stars that have "degraded" as of late

>> No.24556446


She used to be a Woodelve Spellsinger. I slapped some GS Armour on, got a helmet converted and mounted her (giggedy) on a different base.

That's basically it, easy conversion, easy paintjob

>> No.24556478

More of a question, but what do you guys think would be a cool-looking color scheme for a Stormtalon? I dont really care what spess mehreen chapter it is, more or less what color (play Dark Angels and Angry Marines for lulz).

>> No.24556510

It was released as the mega-battleforce-only model with the 2006 codex - OR it was released alongside one of the Dawn of War games.
I am honestly not sure wich it is, but it is from 2006. Just jump to ebay and search for "Eldar Bonesinger"

The pornstar figurines are from around the millenium. All of them have degraded over time, the miniatures are still rare though.
I will probably use Wrestlers more in the future, however, I don't quite enjoy the naked men as much as the women. Seeing as I have some 3 tables worth of Eldar terrain, I might pass on more stuff :)

Going into troops, a Wych / Dire Avenger guy

>> No.24556516

confirmed guy that goes to my hobbyshop.
this nigger doesn't play DA, he does GK and angry marines. i beat his ass in with my shit painted BA.

>> No.24556536

I honestly can't really remember where I got them from. Was it a guy called "Veronese" maybe? Seeing as it was a gift and we were pretty drunk, I honestly can't remember properly :)

Another wych! :D

>> No.24556553

Every muhreen Scheme is worn out, imho :)

Have a Bigass-Axe-Eldar Stormguardian / Wych

>> No.24556558

I'm not crazy versed on Eldar stuff but wasn't the Bonesinger a bit of fluff Dawn of War? Probably released alongside a Dawn of War expansion or something.

>> No.24556575

Fuck you, Will.

Have fun drowning in the sea of cheese that I got since we last played, dickbutt.

>> No.24556578

This is "former Banshee" guy. He's a former Banshee and now a Wych / Stormguardian. Wichever I require at any given moment.

>> No.24556580

neat. are there any rules for him or does he just function as a farseer/warlock?

>> No.24556598



>> No.24556601

Bonesingers are anchored in Eldar lore from the very beginning. They used to play the harp etc, look into the fluff deeper :)^^

Lion guy! Maybe an Exodyte outcast? I love this model <3

>> No.24556608


>> No.24556622

Well, I either use him as a Dire Avenger Exarch, or as a Squad Leader for my Wyches / Stormguardians :)

>> No.24556627


>> No.24556645

thanks, I always thought Eldar were lacking in the "bigass Axe predestined to cave in your skull" department of the Armoury :)

backside of the Lion guy :)

>> No.24556666

And - I am all out, although I'll be taking some more pictures tomorrow night.

It's day of the Worker in Germany, and everyone gets drunk all day long :D

>> No.24556677

Put this together not too long ago, I might use it as a maulerfiend or juggernaut once I get it all painted up and stuff.

>> No.24556713

Ah. I was never super versed into Eldar fluff and it's been several years since I stopped doing 40k because wallethurt.

Here, have some googleynid.

>> No.24556714

Wow, beautiful paintjob - but the model is kinda fugly imho, tbh :)

>> No.24556743

So you got a badass martial Tau with a Shield and a fucking bigass Blade.

And instead of using him as the one thing this description fits (FUCKING Farsight) you want to use him as a (far FAR bigger) Maulerfiend?

Bro, no cool

>> No.24556752

Neat idea. Fluff it as a salvaged suit modified for a CSM to use.

Maybe have some exposed wires and fuck up the head a bit. Also make the chainswords look like they're connected to some thing. Paint it in traditional tau colours but with markings and different colours on the modifications to make it look heavily altered.

>> No.24556759

Skrag brown for golden colors. It makes it look a bit more darker after you paint it on. Or just an orange-brown really. For a wash? Gryphone Sepia or whatever the new one is from citedal. Also just an orange-brown wash works. yellow might be good too

>> No.24556925

>tfw you recognize a model that's been sitting on the display case of your FLGS for like a month now

>> No.24557013

mutilator, not the dinobot.

and i'm not interested in doing farsight bombs, plus I like the model enough to actually buy and paint that one if i ever did want to.

>> No.24557066

As a Mutilator it does work :)

>> No.24557083

Anyone know where I can get a good model for an ork warbike? I don't mind the GW ones for my mobs, but I think my warboss should have something different.

>> No.24557190

maxmini just came out with a pretty cool one that made me envious of orks, it's not the flashiest thing out there but the bandana head is the coolest ork head I've seen in a good while and it comes with 2 others

>> No.24557219

there are always female wrestlers, hell even marvel legends figures or super heroes in general could make for cheaper substitutes... but perhaps you do already have enough if you have a table's worth

>> No.24557282

sorry, 3 other heads, 2 axe options, and a powerclaw option. The bike could use some spicing up in my opinion though.

>> No.24557285



Find a few ya' like Personally I like the

>> No.24557899

What do you think is a good squad to paint up real nice and sell?

Is my best bet painting some Tau or maybe Necrons?

>> No.24558065

Spess Mahreens (Loyalist or otherwise) are fun to modify and look pretty nice when done well. Go with whatever you feel like, though. As long as you aren't painting something rarely used like the SoB (sorry) you can probably find a market for any well-painted army.

>> No.24559831

Don't use flash next time, use some lamps or the mighty mighty sun.

>> No.24561250

MK III Iron Warriors with CSM kitbash

How did I do? Also the reason why their texture look so bad is because they're china recasts

>> No.24561315


>> No.24561593


>> No.24561608

highlight them so they pop.

>> No.24564716


Yeah, the bike looks average, but that ork model is pretty boss.

I'm both like and don't like the FW bike. It looks cool all right, but not quite what I'm after.

>> No.24565142

Yeah you did post it a while back, it's still awesome though and I appreciate seeing it again.

>> No.24566367 [DELETED] 


Dude, hell fucking yes. Soul Drinker was a fucking awesome book, and The Bleeding Chalice was downright fucking incredible; might be my favorite BL book, even. I don't even remember the name of the third one and stopped reading after that trash.

But fuck yeah, Soul Drinkers. I got a bunch of free tactical/assault marines partially assembled and only primed; I was thinking about making them into the start of a Lamenters army, but now I'm not so sure.

>> No.24566448

My first Soviet models for Bolt Action.

82-PM-41 82mm mortar team and RM-38 50mm mortar team.

>> No.24566603

Now that I finally got some more time on my hands I will finish this fucker.

>> No.24568902

It's Phalanx, isn't it?

Soul Drinkers is probably my all time favourite series, I didn't realise they had books beyond the first three until I saw Phalanx and bought it on the spot. I've not read it yet though, because I've not been able to get ahold of the two before it and I hate reading out of order.

Also contributing a converted Bray-Shaman that I made years ago, I'm the Warshrine guy with the shitty pics.

>> No.24569077

I have no idea how this image comes out but... that face... I had to.

>> No.24569108

sheeet, I would love to see this when it's completed.

>> No.24571892

Quick question related to casting: Do molds, or the re-casted models shrink?

I'm currently in the process of sculpting an alternate Amon Ad-Raza for my Warmachine army, and I need to know if it'll end up smaller than intended?

>> No.24573093 [DELETED] 


This is now a Jim Carrey thread.

>> No.24573157 [DELETED] 

Maybe there is no actual place called hell. Maybe hell is just having to listen to our grandparents breathe through their noses when they're eating sandwiches.

>> No.24573213 [DELETED] 

Either you're the one erasing or you're the one being erased.

>> No.24573267 [DELETED] 

Ever since I started to get recognition I've picked out certain fans and reverse-stalked them.

>> No.24573448

Kommander Strakhov. Did him up in a Border Legion color scheme. Seemed more fitting than my usual red on everything approach.

>> No.24573628

I see you've played knifey spoony before.
Make me a coffee... then back to painting for you.
Nice job.

>> No.24573840

>Dat ass.

>> No.24574621

Exceptionally well painted.
My sides.

>> No.24575595

What do you expect from New Zealand. Even our "one of the only professional model painters" (some girl) is decidingly mediocre.

Honestly, the best you will see here is decent tabletop.

>> No.24575623

there are some pretty good painters from NZ on cmon

>> No.24575700

Really? I've looked around a fair bit at NZ painters and modellers but whenever I see an NZ flag, it's usually next to a piece of work that ... isn't amazing. Don't get me wrong, we're all good and we have a lot of really nice people that really demonstrate the whole No. 8 wire thing, but not jaw-droppingly amazing.

>> No.24575728

the skin on his 28th MB guy is amazing.

>> No.24575749


meh, its a few tones too dark, we have a more olive complexion than abbo light

>> No.24575766

Nah you're wrong.

>> No.24575804

that's a pretty striking argument you got there, felon

>> No.24575828

Nothing to argue about, Can look at myself to see you are wrong.

>> No.24575845

>> No.24576142

Just finished my 4th company Salamanders with 5 Dreadnoughts (2 venerable) but all I have is Vulkan on my phone

>> No.24576189


>> No.24576211


>> No.24576240

Please for the love of sexy models, Repaint that

>> No.24576259


>> No.24576274


seriously you should hang up your brushes, because primer would look better than that

>> No.24576371 [DELETED] 

This is in a bad state anon, but it can be slightly redeemed. You need to add shading to it as well as highlights. Even a wash would help, especially on the gold and red.

>> No.24576612

Thank you for constructive criticism instead of yelling. I don't think of myself as a great painter, and as this more or less matches the rest of my army I do not have plans on repainting it. But any advice would be great, as I'm planning to start a Vostroyan guard company soonish

>> No.24576978

>I'm planning to start a Vostroyan guard

Just start with more layers of thinner paints and go from there. You might need more work on prep (mold lines, etc).

Hope you have fun with Guard. I reckon I'd go nuts with Guard.

>> No.24577082


>> No.24577085

Speaking of which anyone know of cheap alternatives to Vostroyan models, I ran the numbers and a 2000 pt list was coming out to over $900

>> No.24577101

hahah just noticed the rippers.

>> No.24577122

yup, scenic base I whipped up one night while bored

>> No.24577151

>this more or less matches the rest of my army I do not have plans on repainting it

so you have entire army painted like that . . . ick.

>> No.24577254

how the hell do you guys take pictures of minis?

>> No.24577256


and standard guardsmen, personally I think it would be pretty easy to convert normal guard to vostroyan, with alot of GS.

>> No.24577302

lightbox and rotating it properly before posting

>> No.24577338

Unfortunate that I am not so good with the greenstuffing then

>> No.24577377

WIP Nurgle Lord on bike. What do you guys think of the head?

Also going to be cutting the mace arm off at the elbow and magnetizing it and a power fist so I can swap weapons.

>> No.24577409

That's sick, what's the piping made of?

>> No.24577415

if you don't have a light box, put it on a peice of white paper and bend the paper behind it, take the photo so the light is behind or above the camera , that shadow should be behind the model.. oh and put macro on and no flash.

>> No.24577539

They're small plastic tubes. You can get the stuff at hobby shops or places that specialize in model trains and the like. I took a lighter to the ends and then blew them out quickly and used a metal tool to flare them out.

Another angle just because. Obviously he'll need shoulder pads and I want to do a lot more green stuff and conversion work on the bike. Still seems too plain.

>> No.24577569

very cool

>> No.24577773

Started the freehand before putting a coat on................... stupidness .

>> No.24579813

>The painting is bad andthe picture quality is bad, therefor you should feel bad

However I don't

>> No.24579866

Painting isn't bad, it just needs highlighting.

>> No.24579885

I hate iphone cameras.

True but sadly I have an innate fear of highlighting because I know I fuck it up somehow.

>> No.24579912

Well, you might just try some drybrushing in place of proper highlights. It's hard to fuck up at least.

>> No.24580110


>> No.24580147


>> No.24580206

nobody knows what its like.

>> No.24580208

Hmm, sounds promising I'll try that after I paint my FoW and fix this shitty picture res.

>> No.24580645

That's called EXCITEMENT.

I hate excitement.

>> No.24582485

I just repainted this warboss, the basing isn't done and I have to repaint his chain of heads but I like how he turned out.

>> No.24582657



>> No.24585427

Tried my hand.

>> No.24585451

Finished Maelok couple days ago.

>> No.24585490

I've stalled in my production.

They're all painted up, and I still have a handful of decals I need to put on them, but I can't otherwise move forward.

Reason being that I've run out of hex bases.

Now, historically I haven't been a stickler for that sort of thing, but I've since recognized that using hex bases extends the life on my minis via preventing them from tipping over the minute that someone bumps the table.

So, however long it'll take Ironwind Metals to ship me a box of hex bases is how long it'll be before I can take the final steps in finishing these.

>> No.24585507

pretty good but DEM EYES! redo the face and drybrush blue and then ice blue over the eyes

>> No.24585524

I hit a snag while weathering. Trying to weather over the Fang GW paint but I have no clue what colour to use.

>> No.24585543

>redo the face
by painting it over with a new coat or what?

>> No.24585675

Really nice work on all of these, but the green coats on your Hessians look a tiny (really, really tiny) bit off. I think compared to the rest of your Brits they're just a little over-highlighted.

Are they Perry sculpts?

>> No.24586901


>> No.24586905

my current crisis suit

>> No.24587111

not this shit again.Do you EVER take any new photos of those? It's soon been over a fucking moth.

>> No.24587566

Side shot.

>> No.24587691 [DELETED] 

This is the leg on my XV8 Battlesuit Commander, finecast.
This looks kinda weird, should I return it?
The leg area seems raised on one side, but its not a moldline, it's a solid edge thats part of the model.
Wat do?

>> No.24587712

This is the leg on my XV8 Battlesuit Commander, finecast.
This looks kinda weird, should I return it?
The leg area seems raised on one side, but its not a moldline, it's a solid edge thats part of the model.
Wat do?

>> No.24587721

Other side.

>> No.24587726


Just take a fine grit wet sandpaper and smooth it down.

>> No.24587744


It's a less 1/3mm mold slip.

Just file/scrape/sand it down.

>> No.24587757

Okay, thanks, just wet sandpaper should be enough then.

>> No.24587782


Just make sure it's a very fine sandpaper.

I use 1200 grit and keep it wet.

>> No.24587808

Thank you yet again.

>> No.24588023

This is my veterant sergeant. Its a recast of a DKOK Engineer convertion.

>> No.24588090


The pose is a bit crap.

I'd just point his arm downwards to make him look at ease.
Right now he looks like he's giving someone a chainsword.

>> No.24588256


I know. Its not the final pose. Thanks for the advise.

>> No.24589042

Making a mycetic spore. Stuck it on a flier base for size's sake

It looks pretty shit, but it's better than the green half-ass paper mache half eggs I had (This pod is made from one of those)

>> No.24589480

Did the model shrink a bit when you re-cast it? Is it smaller compared to the original, I mean.

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