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Dear /tg/,

What do you supposed it would be like living in one of those skyworlds? Like, wot with the floating islands and never ending blue skys and such.

What would they eat? What kind of jobs would be available? What would the people be like?
That sort of thing.

Any and all relevant settings or stories would be appreciated.

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You know, I completely forgot about bioshock infinite.

Sort of related, but not exactly what I was looking for.

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Expect that Moss would be a prominent food source- or things like Kudzu, at least for smaller herbavores. More than likely bird is a common source of meat, as they can get fat by browsing several 'islands' worth, otherwise, kudzu, a type of spreading foliage, is edible and can be turned to candy- granted it is rather dull tasting by it's self.

"Dewer" might be one job. Unless "Magic" is the reason for water creation, more than likely it's the water in the clouds that may pass through the islands. A Dewer simply sets uup something much like a rain basin with a massive "Cobweb" Of strings, rubber, leather, or what have you that is breathable enough that clouds pass through it but enough mass to catch a lot of the mist in the air both from morning times and intersecting cloudmass.

Consider taking the idea of the Dewer and instead making a type of tree that lives on the islands which does a similar job, being large and bowl-like in structure, and a nexus point of life in a wild environment.

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You were looking more for this.

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Or this.

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>play skyward sword
>die laughing when you throw random village cat off the island in the sky only to have it come flying back using it's big ass ears to sustain flight

oh god my sides

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People would need pretty thick/warm clothing. I'd imagine it gets pretty cold above the clouds.

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On that note, its very likely that terrestrial creatures would have some sort of grappling hook organ or really strong claws to dig into the dirt in case of such falls.

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I imagine the safety railing industry would be in demand

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Yes, oh my goodness yes.

How could I have forgotten about bastion? That was such a lovely game.

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or a skyknight patrol to inevitably save you as you fall and then chastise you for being such a noob even though you just melee'd to death a god.

>my sides the entire game.

how do people not fucking love skyward sword i mean good gravy it was just bursting with creativity and winsauce.

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I think that would depend on just how much land is available. Like, how do people even live in skyloft in skyward sword? That island is tiny, and the only clear food source is a small pumpkin patch. There is a floating city in Ar Tonelico games but it varries per game. I assume airships keep them supplied and the surface people do the farming for the ones that live in the floating cities and towers.

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There would probably be some kind of bird that lives nests on the underside of the floating island. Perhaps they catch these birds in large nets and eat them. If this is the case, I can see feathers being incorporated into fashion. Also maybe pic related connecting islands?

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there are other islands dedicated to pumpkin growing as well

>all pumpkin all the time


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There's quite a few considerations to make here.

Like is there a ground and if it does exist, do people on the islands know about it.

As for the life there, I imagine it being similar to a Welsh mountain or a Scottish island: rocky, rainy with hard plants and animals surviving due to the high elevation which means more precipitation, colder temperatures. etc.

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>Expect that Moss would be a prominent food source- or things like Kudzu, at least for smaller herbavores.

On that note.

Wouldn't raising Goats and sheep be pretty popular? I mean: grass is most likely prominent, moss and kudzu in the more "realistic" areas and that's all prime goat food.

Also I'm picturing it in my head and the idea of a guy sheperding some goats around in a grassy meadow while his little world floats through the sky is really, really, pretty.

>more than likely it's the water in the clouds that may pass through the islands

Wouldn't everything just get fucking soaked? Or how does that work? There'd be a cloud passing through an "island" almost everyday. Would it just rain or leave everything moist and Dewey like you said?


That reminds me of the Crop question.
There'd be a ton of Direct sunlight and those clouds coming in and misting everything, but it'd be windy as hell..

I'd also think they'd have windmills up the ass- but for what?

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Irrigation/Flood Defence? To pump water away from inhabited areas?

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Milling or water pumping? the could have running water that way.

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Wouldn't the giant birds from>>24518704 prey on the sky sheep?

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I suppose that the people living up in the sky have adapted to the low oxygen high altitude environment.

>Andeans carry more oxygen in each red blood cell
>Tibetans breathe faster and have larger blood vessels
>Nobody knows what Ethiopians do

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>Wouldn't everything just get fucking soaked? Or how does that work?
Clouds are just mist, fog. If it's a rain cloud, then it'll be rain as well, especially in the lower parts of the cloud. That's why he invented the dewer, as you'd have to gather the moisture from the clouds in order to get any amount of water worth talking about, or you'll need to hope like hell there's going to be regular rain, since you won't have much in the way of ground water.

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Like living on a high plateau or mountain that doesn't connect to the ground. Cold, wet, and with wildly changeable weather.

Available employment would be the same as on a conventional mountain:

1) Being a goat
2) Being a goatherd.

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I once read a book that handled this pretty well, I'd suggest you read it. It was called Sun of Suns, and was set in sort of a dyson-sphere populated by a renessaince-level culture using lost technology. Any tech using electricity was vetoed because of some kind of jamming field, so they had to do things old school. No fossil fuels, they distilled alcohol from turnips to burn.

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Well for jobs I am sure that finding a useable well of water would be important.

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I was actually born and raised by the sea and if I know anything about "island" birds it's that they LOVE nesting on big, secluded, islands just jutting out of the ocean.

I'd imagine skyworlds would be littered with prime bird real-estate and they wouldn't give a second thought to covering entire plateaus or the entire undersides of islands in bird shit and nests and shitty bird nests.

Sky: boobies, frigate, albatrosses, puffins, and other sea birds converted into "sky" birds I could definitely seen being a regular food source.

There would most likely be horrifying Sky Eagles as well: with gigantic wing spans that let them glide forever and steal your sheep and sky goat while on the wing. Occupational hazard.

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Do the islands stay relative to each other, allowing for bridges, or do they move about? Do they follow an annual path, or just derp around? What about tipping, do they always stay vertical?

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The birds would be pretty darn large. You know I think I can hear /tg/ slowly making a setting here.

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The vegetation would be very poor as I imagine most floating land masses to consist of solid rock to maintain shape. I imagine nothing more then tough grasses would be able to grow in the difficult soil and high elevations. Water would only be found in lakes and would most likely be frozen.

The peoples living on skyworlds would be very small and weak due to the reduced oxygen levels and poor vegetation. Buildings would be made of stone though due to the natives weak bodies the buildings would mostly be cut into the ground instead of being built up. Wood and fire probably doesn't exist so the natives would have to have some sort of protective epidermis to insulate from the below zero temperatures of living at such a height. If the natives are not bird like (with feathers, wings, and hollow bones) Then they would hairy and possess large claws for digging holes and grasping the skyearth during storms. Hunting and gathering would probably be the main jobs if the natives are bird like, if beast-claw like then they would probably be grass farmers. The beast-claw natives would have started out as grazers similar to the Gelada.

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And guano has uses. Explosive uses.

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What if the islands are floating at "sea level"?

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Guano is from bats homie.

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We also have to consider how dense these islands are. If we have islands that rarely see another, I don't think civilisation would advance much.

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>Guano is the feces and urine of seabirds, cave-dwelling bats, and seals.

Most commonly used for bats, but can be birds too. I didn't know about the seals.

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Oh ok. My bad.

The size of the islands would dictate if the society used metals.

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Septerra Core was cool. The seven layers move independent of each other and some (was it all?) are inhabited by humanoids, the lower ones get less sunlight and are third world countries.

I would personally imagine them simply floating, guided by the physical law of a cosmos different or magical ("extra") physics, because then it's easy to have tiny floaty islands all over the place. However, in the game it's a giant sort of biomechanical critter with an a.i. at the core and visible appendages moving them along relative to each other, which was pretty cool.

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The Sea Bird Shit that Coats those little hills are increadibly fertile to boot and the main reason why most of those islands just sticking out of the sea have vegetation and soil.

Which, also solves the problem this kind Anon is stating:

If our sky islands have dozens of birds seasonally nesting and shitting then we'll have no problem with fertilizers and soil. The Birds themselves would probably carry seeds with them and most "native" vegetation would most likely reproduce through the wind..

>Glorious sky corn.

I think a mix would be the most fun/exciting.
You could have stationary massive islands. Smaller ones that either have a rotation or "route" or are going too fast to have one.

And then even smaller ones that are constantly tipping over.

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I can see someone taking a smaller island, sticking a steam-powered fan on it, and chugging along in his rock-ship.

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Could bamboo grow on these islands? Because for some reason that's where I imagine a lot of their wood comes from?

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I imagine world s like that to be similar to the world in skies of Acadia

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Small, isolated, high altitude island lead to small, nomadic communities of herdsmen. That is, of course, if humans ever evolve at at all. Beings unable to fly are at an extreme disadvantage.

There needs to be larger, lower altitude islands (like, of the size that one might not even know one was on an island) for more advanced civilizations to form. on the islands. Think if land on earth consisted of nothing but small island chains. A mostly land based species like homo sapiens might never come about.

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Well, I find it helps if you assume humanity came from elsewhere, be it spacial or planar. Of course. then you need a way for them to lose their planejumpy powers. Yay for apocalypses.

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A setting where there are huge islands in the sky, not held up by magic or such, but by spider webs.

Giant, mountain sized spiders, building webs that blot the sky, connected to huge rock spires, where the islands hang atop.

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Just thought of this.
Maybe the "dewer" is a spider web.
A species if spiders that spin webs to catch birds.
Being the largest source of water, they would have quite a significance to any type of civilization that emerges...

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I'd imagine overpopulation would be a real problem.

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Absolutely Adorable.
Going to use that for a Wizard/fortress idea.
I'd imagine it'd be pretty intimidating to have some asshole come barreling in with a castle he's carved out of an island and stuck on some propellers on it.

Can someone answer this?
I think Bamboo Forested floating islands would be a great way of breaking up the autonomy of grasslands, forests, and other meadowy business. They'd look absolutely amazing and mysterious.

We'll just assume Humans were "introduced" or to some affect didn't have to evolve naturally in this flying environment- they just grew to live with it or what have you.

>Small, isolated, high altitude island lead to small, nomadic communities of herdsmen.

This is also a very cute and interesting idea.

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Anyone seen that Skyland cartoon? The French one with the battle ship and stuff.

That was cool and to date still my preferred skyworld image.

You wish you could have a sky u-boat pen

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Oh shit. You guys ever play Netstorm?

It was an RTS that involved harvesting energy nodes from floating geysers, building stationary turrets and harvesters and wrecking another dude's shit so you could incapacitate and sacrifice his priest to your uncaring Thunder/Rain/Wind god and make the storms ravaging your islands slightly less horrible.

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True, but the civilization they came from would have to be fairly far along in it's development. Airships and planes aren't exactly easy to develop, and I'd expect the sane would be true of more magical variates.

In any case, there need to be larger islands if you want anything bigger than 10-20 person camps that move from island to island grazing their cattle.

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I think it would be a matter of time before artificial islands would be made. Perhaps some humans can ride the large birds?

All I am imagining is sky-Roman Empire and that shit is getting me hard.

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I'm fleshing this out a bit.
The water that forms on the web could collect and form a pond somewhere on the island, increasing bird traffic to the island, increasing the spider's meals.
More birds also means more poop means more vegitation.

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On the larger islands where an agrarian society could develop it would be.

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>Horrifying Dew spiders that are both giant and an important part of the sky world's ecosystem.
>They can probably glide or fly as well using their webs as parachutes/gliders to soar to other islands.

Fuck you.
That's terrifying and also very good.

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So we have giant spiders who spin huge webs to catch giant birds on floating islands. That is pretty cool. I claim this island in the name of the Justearan Empire

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So, instead of just islands, you'd also have clumps of sod and plant materiel where things started growing on top of one another. Cool.

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If these spiders eat large birds then they most fucking defiantly eat humans.

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How do these islands float anyway? Is the stuff that they're made from just naturally weightless?

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I'd imagine if there was The Magic for it- the people would be pretty interested in Geomancers or powerful enough wizards that could Fuse/join together sky islands to make bigger sky islands.

Land would most likely be coveted and fought over viciously like any other situation.
To the point that a "sky continent" would be seen as close to paradise as you could get: the fear of "falling off" a far ended thought, so much beautiful grazing, solid, wonderful land.

There'd also have to be some sort of ethnic group or faction of Nomadic Animal Riders who try to live on as little land as possible.

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But being the largest source of water, they would likely gain god-like status to humans.
Or, at least on some islands. The other island's inhabitants would kill the spiders, fuck up their ecosystem, then either die out or learn to revere the lifewebs, and move to a different island.

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> breaking up the monotony* of...

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I always imagined a race of nomadic hawkmen/harpies would be a cool thing in a setting like this. They would be the one race not so tethered to the earth, especially if they have some kinda floating jellyfish pack mule.

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>ctrl f "Deathgate"
>No results

I am disappointed /tg/.

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>ogre battle 64
Ma nigga

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Or a Bloat Dragon. These guys would do great in a sky island world.
no u

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I imagine sky islanders to be more like vikings, regularly plundering the surface world. Unless its a more future setting then I imagine them as master traders.

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To be honest- when someone mentions "sky worlds" I usually picture all these weird ass sky fish, sky jellyfish, sky whales, and amazing colourful species of sky coral and sky shelfish that grow on the sides and under bellies of the floating islands to siphon nutrients and water from clouds.

But, I dunno.

I'm also really fucking enamored with the "vanilla" skyworld of just: it's sky line. Nothing fancy.

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I imagine more "civilized" islands may either have come to being without these dew spiders or simply kill them for the land. Instead, these people would have something closer to the Dewers discussed earlier.

Just imagine the look on a Justerean explorer's face when he lands on an island and finds its village worships a spider five times the size of his eagle and depends upon it for their existence.

As a gift: The Heartwood Tree of Eriss, the central landmark in the well-known city famed for its library and scholars.

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We have come to claim your land. Defy us and be defeated, obey and prosper with us.

>> No.24520058 [DELETED] 

I imagine more "civilized" islands may either have come to being without these dew spiders or simply kill them for the land. Instead, these people would have something closer to the Dewers discussed earlier.

Just imagine the look on a Justearan explorer's face when he lands on an island and finds its village worships a spider five times the size of his eagle and depends upon it for their existence.

As a gift: The Heartwood Tree of Eriss, the central landmark in the well-known city famed for its library and scholars.

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Damnit, captcha, you stole my gift.

>> No.24520090

Hey Giant Spiders means more meat to eat.
For some reason i imagine humans taming and
riding them and that's how they get to other islands.

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>As a gift: The Heartwood Tree of Eriss, the central landmark in the well-known city famed for its library and scholars.

You know,
I'm pretty sure a nice sky island or floating island with a dense enough forest might not have to cater to the needs of a spider. The Forest would catch and store all the dew the island would need to stay nice and moist...

Wouldn't it?
I'd imagine though a big juicy forest would also attract..more.. spiders.

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I am Spurius Tiberius Sextus of the third Legion. We come from Justearus, a land of many riches and marvelous views. We have learned of many things, our domain spreads wide and far. Many flourish under our command. We will give you protection and riches, we will show you the craft of bronze and iron. And all you must do is give us a small tax...

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And that is called ecological succession.
First a spider, then a lake, then birds, then plants, then forests.

This would also keep islands from becoming barren if their spider dies. The spider only needs to live until a forest develops, then it becomes unnessecary.

>> No.24520236

Very likely. So you may have some that are infested with the suckers while others are blissfully free of them. And even if they were there, they wouldn't necessarily be seen as the saviors of society but rather as something to be harvested for its silk and hunted for its predation on the great birds that would offer transit from island to island. This would also be another way to keep the spider-cult islands seperated is that they likely wouldn't have been able to domesticate many of these birds with a massive predator using their island as its nest.

Oh yeah, and something else for possible discussion. Roc and pheonix.

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I think one of the Zelda games has you living in the sky.

>> No.24520268


On that note: Which other Sapient species/races do you think would flourish in a sky world?

Like, if we're going to be introduce any other ones.

For some reason I personally think Dwarves would be a really interesting addition.
Carving out entire islands and living inside of them- even the ones that wildly rotate and spin around, and going so far as to build their cities, villages, and towns around that.

They'd be liked green topped fortress with all those little houses, fortresses, and balconies sticking out the bottom.

>> No.24520271

Aye. I see no reason to not have at least rocs. I mean if we have the giant birds we basically have them. And phoenix depends on if your setting is magic or not.

>> No.24520322

Is.. is that Zeal? Cause Zeal's just about the best floating kingdom EVER.

>> No.24520350

I don't really like their culture, but something with the general look of MtG aven might be pretty cool. An astute, relatively weak race of traders and merchants. They wear relatively little armor and when they do fight, base it around their speed. You don't want to be around for hit-and-run fly-bys at the hang of aven spearmen.

Honestly, they'd perform role of the intellectual-but-frail race that most fantasy seems to need.

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Until it falls and causes a worldwide tsunami that covers most of the surface world in water for several thousand years.

>> No.24520383

"Gather 'round children, close to the lightstone now, so that you may hear an old Dewer's tale. A tale of when the midday sun was blotted out by darkness. A tale of great crimson wings, too big for the Mistweaver's web. A tale of our village and it's name. Yes, I think you all learned the story of Redfeather Outpost..."

>> No.24520413

Redfeather outpost stands on the edge of Justearan territory. It is a watchtower of sorts, ever vigilant on the activities of the devious harpies.

>> No.24520517

That was great, thank you for that.

>> No.24520580


You know, with the sky spiders and all- I'd rather think outside the box when it comes to another race.

What about a Giant Race of Herbivorous Manta-ray men? Capable of gliding long distances and possessing a primitive peaceful Nomadic life style?

They could have sweet ass tattoos and look like Gantu from lilo and stitch or something.

>> No.24520606


Absolutely fucking precious.

Skyworld is coziest setting.

>> No.24520609

Pictures like this are always on two opposite ends of the spectrum for me:
On one hand, as an artist, it's incredibly respectable for it's detail and how good the color and everything is as a whole.
On the other hand, as a person and a viewer, it's just too damn busy and almost irritating in its over-complication.

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Fund it.

>> No.24520639

I can write the actual story if you guys want

>> No.24520651

Fund it harder.

>> No.24520653

Not Zeal's fault queenie fucked everything up.

>> No.24520655

Do they submit to the rule of the Justearan Empire?

>> No.24520656

On that note, Skyworld or really any island based setting needs to have high emphasis on small but strong communities. Outsiders should be regarded with caution and or a polite but distant welcome. Either way, it should be painfully clear that you do not belong there and are just a guest, so dont wear out your welcome.

>> No.24520688

I'm thinking back to the dwarves.

>> No.24520737

Yes, please do that.

>> No.24520788


The Manta Ray Men of the Endless skies are gentile, honest, and hard working folk- but they cherish family, good company, and freedom above all else.

They would make Fine workers due to their great strength and docile, servile, nature.

>> No.24520992

They need a new name.
I'm feelin' mantii.
But that's just me.

>> No.24521127

As his small audience huddled closer to the dull warmth of the glowing stone, the old man smiled, his beard rustling gently in the cool evening breeze. “There was a time long ago when our village was much, much smaller than it is today. There was only the tower, three houses, and the tower.” One of the children piped up, wiping his nose on his sleeve as he exclaimed “And the big feather too!” The old man looked over his shoulder, admiring the bright red plumage in the distance before he turned back, chuckling and shaking his head. “Oh no no no, there was no feather back then. In fact, we weren’t even a large enough place to have any sort of name, much less the noble name of Redfeather!” Amid confused looks from the children, and against the backdrop of the setting sun, the old Dewer began his tale.

>> No.24521164

Dwarves are not the first to pull that shit, homeboy. Hell, even elves have been isolationist as fuck.

>> No.24521179

“As I said, we were a tiny village, only a handful of people. Everyone had their job, and they did it proudly. I myself was a Dewer, and it was my job to hang out the water lines so that everyone could have plenty of water to drink. Now, who knows where water lines come from?” The children all shook their heads; they were too young to know such things. The old man was all too happy to explain. “Well, the water lines come from the Mistweaver, who lives deep, deep in the forest, under a great tree! Us Dewers borrow some of their lines of silk, in exchange for a small offering, or a present.

>> No.24521197


So far for playable races and Factions we've got:

Agrarian Goat/Sheep Herding Sky Humans

Human Dew Spider Cultists. Who Worship, protect, and breed Dew spiders. And most likely possess the means to produce the finest (and near invincible) Dew spider silks.

Justearan Empire: Romanesque Humans bent on uniting the Sky Islands for humanity.

Sky Dwarves who hollow out the islands and live cozy secluded lives. With a polite but distant attitude towards outsiders.

An Obligatory Race of Bird men.

And A Giant Race of peaceful, herbivorous, nomadic, Manta ray people. Used as a source a cheap source of labor by the Justearians and often Trade or guard the livestock of the herding human tribes?

Sounds pretty good so far.

>> No.24521247

Now, one day, I had to go borrow some silk. It was a long journey, and when I finally came to the great tree, I had to take a rest. As I sat, the Mistweaver comes down from his lofty perch, face to face with me. It looks me in the eyes, and do you know what it did?” The children were all hooked, huddled as close to the light stone as they could get so they could get a good look at the old man’s weathered face as he told his tale. “It spoke! It said ‘A great calamity shall befall your village! I have seen it on the winds and in the skies! Go now, and warn your people of this catastrophe and flee! Flee for your lives!’ Now, I had never run so fast in my life…”

>> No.24521304

Civilization probably couldn't evolve on a skyworld.
No ores and stuff, like in "Ringworld".

>> No.24521319

One of the pudgier children raised his hand “Mistweavers can’t talk!” He said matter-of-factly. “Well, that’s just what the other people in the village told me when I told them.” Everyone giggled, giving the old man a moment to catch up to where he was after being interrupted. “Now, there was not much else I could do, as no one would believe me. The next day, however, is when everything changed. I had slept until late in the day, as I had ran almost all night. But when I stepped outside, it was as black as night! Everyone was running about, looking to the skies and searching for the sun. But there was no sun to be found, only darkness and shadow!” The old man quickly swirled his cloak in front of him, covering the lightstone and cutting off any light, causing the children to shriek in fright. He chuckled, pulling his cloak back onto his shoulders as if nothing had happened. “Indeed, it was quite the scare for us as well. No one knew what was happening, until I climbed the tower and looked into the distance…”

>> No.24521349


I've been working on a related setting and found a number of pretty photogaphs, but there are no floating islands (well, save three, and they are artificial). It's more like how they do it in Storm Hawks.

>> No.24521381


Sssshhh, there'd probably be huge floating islands consisting of nothing BUT ores.
Just big floating mines/nodes that would be greeted with a mix of fear or jubilation. (depending on if they're one of those rogue islands with no floating route and it's barreling towards your island.)

Just; big deposist of floating iron, tin, copper, gold, etc.. and other metals just floating around like how they do in meteors. Empires with the money going out of their way to wrangle them for strategic resources.

Entire villages becoming rich over night because one large ore island decided to float by their island for a year.

>> No.24521399

“I will never forget that sight. It was a Cloudrazor, larger than anything I had seen or ever will see. Huge crimson wings blotted out the very light of day, black claws the size of the tallest man, and a beak that was sharper than any Empire blade. It flew towards the island, towards the village, for it was intending to make a meal out of all of us! I shouted as loud as I could for everyone to run, but it was too late, my voice was drowned out by the beating of its wings and the hurricane that followed. I was knocked off of my feet, and nearly took a tumble off of the tower! In fact, as I stood back up, I was sure that I was already dead, because what I saw next was surely too extraordinary to be real!

>> No.24521429


Yes please.

>> No.24521502

“An outlander, armed with nothing but a rope and more courage than any man has a right to have, was on the creature’s back! He was wrestling with it, the rope gripped tightly in each hand as he worked it around the beast’s neck! It thrashed, and it shrieked, and it cried out in fury as it tried to get away! But for every twist the beast gave, the outlander gave a turn right back! It went on for hours, and the entire village watched in awe as they fought! But it came to a grisly end for the both of them. They thrashed their way to the very edge of the island, and took a tumble right off of the edge, leaving nothing but a single red feather to remind anyone that it had even happened.

>> No.24521572


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Chase_of_the_Golden_Meteor Jules Verne approves.

>> No.24521658

Umm, not to nitpick but a Agrarian Goat/Sheep Herding society is a contradiction in terms.

>> No.24521722


Sorry, I just meant there'd be a group or culture of Humans who got by Farming and herding.

>> No.24521776

“And that is why we keep that feather on the tower, to remember that outlander’s bravery and selflessness, his courage to help a people that he never knew. Everyone in this village owes their life to that one man, and it is why we all try to be as courageous and generous as he was, so that we may all live a better life.” The pudgy child stood up as the tale finished, crossing his arms and looking positively grumpy. “Well, what if I don’t want to be generous, huh?” The old man leaned in close to the lightstone, a grim expression on his face. “Well then, I’m afraid that the great beast might just come back if you aren’t, and carry you off of this island for his dinner!” Right on cue, a man burst out of the bushes behind the young audience, wearing a crude bird mask and a red cloak, he shrieked and hollered, flapping his arms as he jumped around. The children scattered, screaming and running off to their parents as the two men laughed, getting cross looks from a few mothers. “Ah, that story gets longer every time you tell it!” The young man pried off his mask, grinning from ear to ear as he took a now vacant spot next to the Dewer. “Aye, and my memory gets shorter every time too. Pretty soon you’ll be the one telling it instead of menacing the kids.” They shared another laugh as they got up, heading for the tower. It was late, and the young man needed to fetch silk from the Mistweaver in the morning…

>> No.24521858

Generally you only have one or the other. Herding requires you to move occasionally to find new pastures for your flock. Farming requires you to stay in the same area at all times.

>> No.24521893

Granted, with floating islands, it's a very real possibility for the farm to follow the herd

>> No.24521896

Yesterday the island was not named, the place was simply referred to as home. Today the island had a name and a number; Terram Ipsumque XVI. Yesterday the place was alive with the commerce of men. Yesterday the place smelt of meat and wood. Yesterday the air was misty and light.
Today the place rang with the tolls of hundreds of picks. Today the island smelt of char and smoke. Today there was no commerce. Today red flags draped over the halls and houses, churches and markets of the land. Today the air was thick and hot. Today the lungs of men shuttered as ash assaulted them. Yesterday the mines of the place were shallow and safe. Today the mines cut much too deep. Yesterday there was much silk and gold and iron in the island. Today there was few. Today great ships poured the island’s own water into these deep gauges. The island groaned as rock was flooded, slowly churning under it’s own weight. Pressure mounted against the ancient stone foundations of the nameless island.
The rock cracked, a jagged and terrible seam showing across the face of the whole of Terram Ipsumque XVI. From the dark scar, an explosion of water, reliving pressure from the shaking island. Very suddenly, the rock wailed, and split entirely, it’s mass drifting slightly away before stabilizing. Immediately large tethers connected the two lands, like stitches across a gaping wound. Grey men marched the tethers and again the air rang as pickaxes struck the earth.
Today the local soldiers lay dead or maimed, their families grieving in large mobs. They put their faces in their hands, lifting from them every so often to shout obscenities at men in silver armor, who wore thick red plumes of dyed horsehair. Yesterday the men of the island killed those soldiers of the Imperial Garrison, and then feasted in celebration of their new independence. Yesterday the unnamed island revolted against the Justearan Empire, and the rule of Emperor Cato Junius. Today Terram Ipsumque XVI was paying for it.

>> No.24521936

I suppose it depends on how hard it is to move one of the floating islands. If it was very, very easy that might work.

>> No.24521976


I just imagine the CloudRazor as this Gigantic, red, bird that has a mix of reptilian and avian features. Looking more like a kite than any sort of normal bird and being about as large as a commercial airliner with an even more massive wing span that allows it to either glide effortlessly or fold it back and fly and blinding speeds like a massive spear.

It's got a pointed, razor sharp beak, thats filled with spongy material like a mix between a woodpecker and those diving birds to help with pressure.. and it's wings. Large, red, feathered wings that are accompanied by smaller wings that go down to where it's serpentine body meets it's tail.

And when it flies all those wings just sort of form a perfectly unified "wave" motion like a centipede.

>> No.24521993


And maybe they are occasionally caught and armored so they look like the Songbird in bioshock.

>> No.24522285


>> No.24522298

This has been a pretty good thread, IMO

Lots of great sky world pics too.

>> No.24522315

One thing that caught my attention in that bit was the usage of horse-hair. Would the Justearans have horses, or would they instead by feathers? I could definitely see the armor, but perhaps with something more like pic related. With generals having the feathers of rocs.

>> No.24522339

Totally great point. Didn't even give it an extra thought. Good thinking mate.

>> No.24522387

Dont forget those crazy four winged birds from that Future is Wild book that can fly for days at a time or something.

>> No.24522439

No problem, friend. Are we wanting to actually consolidate this into a hard setting, or just keep tossing out little snippets and bits of wonderment for others?

On the topic of this setting, just how pro-human are the Justearans? Are we making them more true to the Roman roots and having them be relatively accepting provided taxes and respect was given? I could definitely see the fledgling island that contained them being visited by avens who saw them as a particularly hardy and industrious people and opened their eyes to the limitless expanse of the sky.

The Fabled Tower of El Azhar. Many of have tales of the rumored dwelling of the mad sage El Azhar, whose control of the winds and the sky was so great that he sank the island he was born on. Few know that he still lives, surrounded by a dark storm of his own creation as he schemes and plots. Surrounded by the broken shards of him home, whatever he may be planning it most assuredly is not good.

>> No.24522447

Again? Fak.

>> No.24522544

The Justearans are rapidly expanding always, but the mercy of their rule is largely dictated by the Emperor of the time. Some old rulers like the mad boy-Emperor Gaius Severus are particularly ruthless, especially when it comes to non-humans. But now with rulers of the current dynasty, they are generally accepting as long as you pay taxes or tithes.

>> No.24522670

This shit was basically Crimson Skies; The series

>> No.24522690

That was fucking amazing. You should write a book on this shit.

>> No.24522892


Is this being archived

>> No.24522919

The only race that the Justearan people hate are the harpies. They enjoy killing them and brag about destroying their nests.

But they respect the short men and more recently, the grey-skinned people. The Imperials usually don't have an issue with other cultures about worship. They believe their pantheon chose them because they were the most worthy. That being said they have been known to smelt religious symbols and artefacts of other cultures. They regard non-Imperials (especially revolutionaries) with suspicion, as they don't really understand how a life outside the Empire can be worth while.

>> No.24523097

>no one even mentioning the set dressing of Skies of Arcadia

>> No.24523281

Hm, in that case perhaps it was the harpies that first discovered their fledgling island and sparked their expansion. I certainly imagine first meeting between the Justearans and the aven peoples guided by the Council of Four Wings would have been a bit tense due to the Justearans rather reasonable suspicion of winged humanoids. Metals and labor in exchange for knowledge and magic, the two peoples learned to live in a mutually beneficial relationship. Even the most remote villages and towns of the Empire receive the service of aven messengers, who help to see the sky linked in a criss-cross of information and news.

The Tomb of Kras-ak-kra. Scholar, soldier, leader. Kras-ak-kra was all of these things and more to the eagle-headed aven of Aethis. Member of the Council of Four Wings for hundreds of years, his knowledge had was said to have been offered to as many emperors as feathers covered his wings. Entombed high in the spires of his home, the ancient leader's memorial is as simple as it is traditional. It has since become a ceremonial site in the politics between the eagle-headed tribe and the Empire, with any emperor being invited to pay honor to Kras-ak-kra knowing they have the full support of aven of Aethis behind him.

>> No.24523290

Wow, I'm terrible at this. Birds suck at computers.

>> No.24523318

This sounds like the most natural way for dwarves to do airships. Hollow out one rock as their mobile settlement, then putt-putt around the sky in search of unclaimed ore-rich rocks to mine.

>> No.24523430


>The Bird men build extremely tall watch tower-like bird houses and similarly elevated temples.

I like that. That looks nice. Like, how the birds all prefer to nest on the nooks and crankies or plateaus of the islands. The bird people might prefer to build elevated houses or carve little domiciles into cliffsides or something like cliff swallows.


>Dwarves building Forts to hunt after wandering Ore-rich floating rocks.

>A group of especially Ore-hungry Dwarves Carve their floating fortress into a giant fist.

>They then ram into ore-rich rock; embedding themselves into and then strip mine the floating nodes as fast as possible.

>By the time the node is stripped of resource it's nothing but a husk and they're free to do it all over again.

The Mighty Island Puncher Prospecting Guild.
Never has there been a more dangerous, fool-hardy, nor more efficient union of miners in these here blue skies.

>> No.24523562

>The Mighty Island Puncher Prospecting Guild


This is going straight into the Old School Hack skyworld setting I'm working on. It just fits the tone too perfectly.

>> No.24523605

>The Bird men build extremely tall watch tower-like bird houses and similarly elevated temples.
The Fall of the Empire was like dominoes.

>> No.24523818


Also, the Giant Fist can be quite intimidating being seen flying by due to the fact that all the ore is smelted and processed on site and then shipped off at a later point.

Which means you've got this gigantic, smoking, flying fist soaring through the horizon.

>> No.24527780

>On the other hand, as a person and a viewer, it's just too damn busy and almost irritating in its over-complication.

This may have been the effect they were going for. Such is life after all.

>> No.24527903

Awwwwyeah, that shit was good.

>> No.24527977

Two words:


>> No.24528377

Well for starters if there are dragons they would dominate the ecosystem

And you would need airships... I think you could figure where it goes

>> No.24528873

This picture strikes me as sort off egyptian frankly. And with the Empire already resembling the Romans it would sort off fit their mutual friendship

>> No.24529331


Would the Skylands even have Dragons as we know it?

Wouldn't the Thin air mess up their breath attacks? And I'm sure all these lousy ass gigantic birds, harpies, bird people, etc.. would be pretty stiff competition.

Like, we've gone a whole thread without talking much about dragons.

>> No.24529403

>Would the Skylands even have Dragons as we know it?
Thats why I mentioned those bloat dragon things. They more like floating frog blimps than your traditional dragon.

>> No.24529447

Course there would be dragons but they would be near mythical status, struggling to survive in world full of other things that can take them out. Even more so when the sentient races began mining out islands forcing dragons out of their already few availble places for nesting.

Now the few remaining groups of dragons live within isolated and dangerous islands such as massive clusters of smaller islands that constantly crash and grind together like an ever shifting labyrinth of canyons floating high in the sky. Or even extremely unstable volcanic islands, filled with glistening and smooth obsidian lined tunnels throughout the place that could erupt in any moment with a flood of lava.

>> No.24529497

So you'd need Dragon Hunters.

Also, fuck, in the CGI film, Gwizdo looks like he hit a wall or something.

>> No.24529522

I loved that series so much.
The opening was great.

>> No.24529630

> 2004
> Only one season.

Also, for those interested in flying islands : check out Project Nomads.

>> No.24529687

Make them creatures that are forever flying. As many wings as a centipede would have legs, extremely large body and beyond rare.

>> No.24529713


I Figure then I'll go with the whole: "Dragons are these large, fat, frog-like, flying reptiles that engorge themselves with air in order to fly around and breath what fire they can."

They'd either be small enough to avoid attention from the horrifying sun-blocking birds, big enough to go toe to toe with them.. or just not around all together.

Huffing and puffing, bloating up, getting eaten by birds, being hunted and ousted from their nests by Dwarves and Humans a like to near extinction.

Though, I imagine in some really secluded places there'd probably be entire FLOCKS of these fire-breathing lizards just crawling over obisidian islands like lizards on a sunning rock.

>> No.24529751

You should really take a look at these dragons for some inspiration

>> No.24529759

>> No.24529771

>> No.24529779

>> No.24530263

Imperials would totally hunt these dragons to the end.

Also, is anyone thinking of some kind of sky jellies?

>> No.24530323

It was mentioned previously and I think anyone who has ever played Morrowind thinks of them. And cliff racers

>> No.24530537

They exist in the Dragon born expansion? I kinda miss them.

>> No.24530571


The Vikings were master traders, though. They went almost all over the world, trading and fighting and carrying on.

>> No.24530650

>They exist in the Dragon born expansion?
They shouldnt, seeing as St. Jiub hunted them to extinction by himself.

>> No.24530705

St. Jiub hunted them to extinction in Vvardenfell, not in all tamriel. They can exist in other areas.

>> No.24530717


You could possibly combine the Manta people and the herder society together.

Imagine a loose affiliation of bands and small tribes who make their main living herding sky sheep (floating, legless sheep that look like wooly clouds) and goat-gliders (goats with long membranes of skin between their legs to catch the wind and carry them from rock to rock). They occasionally trade for finished goods and perform courier services, having little in the way of permanent dwellings, and are raided by the Justeareans for their exotic appearance. They resolve conflicts through a system like Xeer in Somalia.

>> No.24530807

They were Vvardenfell natives.

>> No.24532182

If it is magically floating, and doesn't have a land mass below, water flowing off the river would enter the upper (lower) atmosphere where the pressure is lower, then evaporate at the lower temperature, and then reenter the water cycle.

>> No.24532242

This right here is what I think would be great for the dragons. Something that won't be gigantic and hard to find some hiding place like a gigantic bloated thing as mentioned earlier.

This thing ould slither into tight rocky crags and also the electrical ability makes a GREAT substitution for fire breathing. It was already mentioned fire breathing would be hard in the thin air but the electric charges are far easier to use while being probably as awe inspiring as fire breathing is. Also can be another reason why they are rarely seen and really hard to pin down where they nest these days as they prefer to travel farther during thunderstorms when they can fill up a lot of charge.

They were probably hunted to near extinction as a combination of not being the biggest baddest things in the ecosystem but also for loving to hunt sheep and other creatures that have thick wool. They hunt them not just for the meat but also to skin them and keep the wooly hides in big piles within their nests. They then enjoy squirming around in these piles, the static charges generated provide a pleasing sensation to them. Of course this will lead the farmers and herdsmen to begin killing these dragons on sight thus leading to a very low population

>> No.24532292

That'd be true, if it were on Earth. As long as they're sustained by magic, it'd make sense that there would be, for lack of a better term, life support systems.

>> No.24532310

They would occupy different ecosystems. The bloater would float lazily in the clouds and ambush birds and other flyers with its long tongue and could probably live somewhere that has very little landmass and thus is kinda removed from human society while the eeldragon would be a sneaky night ambusher on the ground.

>> No.24532413


Frog dragons that hide in clouds and catch things with a massive as heck tongue. Electric Eel dragons that horde wooly hides and blankets instead of gold.


>> No.24532483

Hmm that's cool.
>Sailing with my airship to hunt some dragons.
>Searching for a eeldragon, because his pelt and some of his guts are pricey (and make good upgrades for the ship).
>Some frog dragons guted and stored inside the ship.

It's so easy to think in a great White Dragon and a madman captain trying to kill it...

>> No.24532487

I'd imagine that, what with the islands being supported by either magical or for-all-intents-and-purposed-magical means, there would be a pretty seriously religious society there. Praising "those who hold us up" and such.

Perhaps, going to historic examples of city-states (i.e. Greece), each island would have its own patron god or goddess.

>> No.24532564

>sail through thick fog
>suddenly the lookout just up and disappears without a trace
>then another crewman
>and another
>and another
Here there be dragons...
And then the big fat bastard plops down on the main deck and starts wreaking havoc on your ass

>> No.24532578

are we talking about a sky world that has a large land mass underneath it, or a loose collection of islands that all are orbiting a magicul fixed point in space.

I much prefer the latter. Then we can ignore all this garbage about high altitudes, since our skyworld now exists at what is about sea level for us, with some islands that can still float far above this level, and some below.

>> No.24532616

A lot of water wheels,I imagine, considering the infinite water sources.

>> No.24532672

Hmm did you play Sacrifice? Because I'm thinking on it right now.

>> No.24532861

Man now I want to play this. But how can you hunt dragons? In Dragon Hunters (poor anglos only have the first season) was a mix of traps and lian chu being badass. But I think than harpoons, venom, giant crossbow and things like this can be cool. Or jumping warriors with lances/spears(dragoons?) jumping from the ships in the dragon backs.
Also I'm the only one who things than airships made of dragons it's a cool idea?

>> No.24533013


So, Ecology wise we've got:

Numerous Species of nesting sky birds,
Gigantic, humongous, sky-blocking, kite birds.
Large "mistweaver" spiders that spin webs that collect dew and are a necessary part of island ecosystems.
Big, bloated, frog-like Dragons That hump around in thickly cloudy areas.
Skinny, webbed, Eel-like Dragons that glide around and are a menace to livestock and breath lightning.

Sounds pretty good so far.

>> No.24533072

No jelly-fish like floating monsters? Like netch for example. Perhaphs people extracts hidrogen/helium from them.

>> No.24533332


We've briefly mentioned morrowind jellies..

But other than that the only outlandish thing we've mentioned in a race of Gliding, Giant, peaceful Manta-ray people.

Though, if we're going to get into "the sky is an ocean". I'd love to see some fucking sky coral reefs, sky clams, and all sorts of sky fish or something.. but I dunno.

we've been so far working with the intention that it's just a bottomless pit world and if you fall down you're never seen again/rotate around the world until you smack into something?

>> No.24534289

I kinda like the idea of the coral and the rest of the stuff. Bioships mades of coral for example, perhaps made be a crustacean like people. tube worms trying to eat birds who go near where they live. jelly-fish like beings, translucents and gided be the wind, who can be a plage or a blessing (proto-corals for example).
Sorry english.

>> No.24534626

They form in areas that tend to be heavy in moisture, usually on the sides of smaller islands that are usually high in the clouds. These worms secrete a substance that draws moisture to them almost like how salting food works, and this causes the coral structures to fill with pockets of water. Over the years the coral reef grows larger and larger and gets more water pockets all over the place, becoming heavier and pulling the island lower and out of the cloud covers to be seen more often. The size of the reef allows enough water pockets that they are rather stable ecosystem now without the clouds to provide such a large amount of moisture. the worms themselves ar not much threat but the reefs tend to hide dangers to those that seek to benefit from the water pools they contain such as large anenome.

>> No.24534831

That sounds awesome. I'm really liking this thread.

>> No.24534942

Perhaps they are a lot more of types of worms like this, some with powerful and poisonous atacks, others who can "mind-control" birds, or simple simbiotic ones.
Gibe ideas then pal, we need all the help to make it more awesome. Names and such aren't important I think (like startign to name gods and such).

>> No.24534950


>Sky coral reefs weighing down the islands.

Extremely dangerous and a detriment to the islands ecosystem since we're dealing with a bottomless world.

I demand there be a species of Terrestrial crawling Parrot fish that thrives in these moist, breezy, partially shaded environments. Chewing and Gnawing away on the coral to keep the islands from sinking. It'd be basically a combination between a parrot fish and maybe a monkey or a lizard or something.

I like the idea of it just crawling around with it's slithering body and hooked claws as it crackles and snaps off sky coral to crunch on. Occasionally getting picked off by a bird.

>> No.24535044

> bottomless
Imagine falling.
You'd fall until you'd die of exhaustion or thirst, never seeing an end, never seeing any more islands once you're below them all.
And then your corpse keeps on falling forever.
Or it somehow ends up falling down, back toward the islands you fell from, it has moved a bit since then, but your remains land in front of some poor fuck.

>> No.24535073



It's bottomless in the sense that once you fell you would keep falling until you.. like.. bottomed out and rotated around the "world" or something and plumetted into something.

Like, if you fell straight down and didn't hit anything you'd eventually fall back to where you had jumped off of.. except die because of the velocity you've picked up?

>> No.24535077

Well perhaps things like this? A few of them are good, so much and they end destroying good isles.

>> No.24535147


>Border patrol for islands
>No fruit. No Bees. No Parrot fish.

>> No.24535182


Could we not use the Bamboo forrests someone mentioned before instead of corall?

Perhaps bamboo that grows straight up, even if it's upside down? (So you would have something along the lines of porcupine rocks)

>> No.24535201

Hmm how about powerful air currents? I mean, you fall and you get "picked up" in some powerful air current. You can die be being eaten for a critter, a clash with some small isles or end in some floating leviathan.
Why not both? We don't have to limit ourselves.

>> No.24535210


I'd imagine the much larger naturally forming sky islands would have some pretty fucking diverse and -only seen here- levels of biodiversity.

Like, a lot of animals would just glide in naturally: mistweaver spiders would set up dew ponds, birds would nest, forests would grow, and then over the years there might be a lot of interesting and diverse animals -exclusive- to those islands like how it is in real life.

Border patrol could be taken pretty damn seriously.

Parrot fish could be seen as the skylands equivilent to rats due to their horrifying potential ability to fucking EAT worlds.

>> No.24535229

So floating sky coral, which houses some strange bottomfeeder bird/monkey/fish along side porcupine bamboo rocks. Sounds like fun. Perhaps they exist on different air current levels.

>> No.24535263

>Border patrol could be taken pretty damn seriously.
>Mfw certain wildlife manages to get from one island to another and completely fucks up the ecosystem and agriculture

>> No.24535362

Perhaps different tipes of isles don't match with others, being ever dangerous than coral get near a bambu one (destroying the exosistem with jelly-sihs spores for example). And we don't have to limit ourselves with only those too, perhaps some isles are untited with different vine-like plants, others are living floating trees or even very big (and "sleepy"/non reactive") animals.

>> No.24535385

The thing that would interest me about skyworlds is how humans bend it to their will. Working out the secret to levitating stuff and building vast floating structures, with all kinds of crazy methods of getting between them. I much prefer and industrialized setting to a nomadic one.

>> No.24535397


We're A-okay with Bamboo forests completely smothering floating islands.

There's at least two species of bamboo that thrive in High Altitudes:
Borinda fungosa
Chusquea andina

And we all know how Bamboo grows. We've got, like, numerous ecosystems set up here now:

Solid, barren, moss covered ore-rich islands.

Smothered Bamboo forested islands. Where the Bamboo grows up, down, sideways, and every way it can. (sky pandas?)

"Sky coral reefs"; mangificant fucking, gigantic root-like growths that latch on to the bottom of certain moist islands. Complete with giant sky ananemoes, sky worms, sky parrot fish, etc.. etc..

Normal "Forested" stereotypical sky islands: with dew/mistweaver spiders, flowing grasslands/meadows and are scenic as fuck.

And then Gigantic, humongous, artificial fused islands that are so large they probably have a mix of all of these on them.

I'm also thinking.. what about Deserts? Like, floating sand bars or something in lower altitude places?

>> No.24535442


What if areas far under the islands had their own weird ecosystems, somewhat like that found in our own oceans. One of the bases of the food chain could be basically floating living filters/nets (either as their own thing or as a organ used by creatures), whuch capture fallen organic matter and convert them into useful stuff - hell, since we're going weirder, could even remove the organic part, so there's fun stuff like creatures using fallen weaponry to give themselves steel claws and such - with this, the underlife below a farming island would be better fes than ones under industrial islands, but the latter ones would have industrial stuff integrated into them. Perhaps a few brave enough to descend down there (what would things be like far below floating islands, anyway?) and capture these living factories, storing them in special cages mimicking conditions down below, and using their natural processing for their own ends.

>> No.24535526

Since the debate rages on whether or not this world has a bottom, or what happens when you fall, here's an idea.

We've already mentioned that the sky is like an ocean, why not make light work like an ocean there too?

Your topmost islands are warm (Savannah/desert at the very top), and it starts going down into temperate grasslands and forests, and eventually you get into the "dusk islands", a collection of landmasses where instead of day and night you have continuous dusk.

Below that, it's always night. No stars, no moon, none of the islands have been charted. None of the creatures, either.

>> No.24535535

we need those volcanic places mentioned before that the eel dragons would like to rest in. A large portion of the island is probably pure obsidian by now, if not the entire island. Also would like the idea of something similar to asteroid fields, massive clusters of islands constantly crashingf and colliding into each other. Few things live in these fields as the inherent danger of navigating the canyon esque pathways that could shift at any moment.

>> No.24535550


Ended up rambling there, the point was that this could help with the 'what happens when you fall?' thing. What happens is that you're enventually caught by one of these things and broken down into raw materials.

>> No.24535563

I love this idea

>> No.24535577

>>24535526 here

beat me to it.

>> No.24535602


This too, yeah.

>> No.24535611


Do you mean, like, the world is a sphere but instead but being all broken up and in various layers constantly rotating and floating around, below, and ontop of each other?

Like, the entire world is a self contained sort of asteroid belt or whatever? Loosely held together by it's own gravity and an internal core or something?

And then the closer you get to the "centre" the darker, colder, and more miserable it is?

Compasses would point "down" instead of up and you'd just have to sort of calibrate your position in terms of where you are compared to the "core".

Also these fucking things:

This is really becoming quite an interesting world.

>> No.24535622

I love this.

>> No.24535644


This sounds like it could be a good start for a Skyworlds campaign. Justenarian cartographers have managed to sketch out a landmass below the dusk zone, and are sending a group of settlers, equipped with bio-luminescent lamps.

Captcha: holomb comes

There's also a huge angler-fish monster called a Holomb that attacks the settlers.

>> No.24535683


It doesn't need to be a sphere (though it could be), I'm just offering the idea that it becomes darker and colder the further down you go.

>> No.24535715


>>24535442 here, and yeah that's the kind of thing I was going for.

Would be useful to think about what conditions would be like down there. We have that it's dark (and I assume cold, since we're far from the warmth of the sun and we don't even have vents like the deep ocean - unless there's some kind of magma-filled rocks floating deep down, their surfaces acting like RL deep sea vents), but what else? Would air pressure be a problem? Would there much wind/weather?

>> No.24535813


>> No.24535825


I like the vent idea, that could be cool.

>coming out of the darkness is a massive glowing rock, and you can see shapes half-lit in the shadow fluttering and moving around it

I'd prefer we ignore air pressure for the time being, but it could be factored in later. As for weather, once you hit freezing no more clouds, but masses of ice crystals could be cool, as well as completely ice landmasses.

>> No.24535845

Dark and cold
Extremely silent except for the occasional geyser of lava or super heated water.
otherworldly creatures that to explorers are beyond what they imagine to even inhabit hell.

But the worst part of it all to the explorers? the one thing that really freaks them out is the lack of wind. the air is still

>> No.24535867


Man, this started out as "lighthearted adventure in the clouds" to "Call of Cthulhu on a floating ice mass"

>> No.24535895

forgot to mention

when it rains up above, by the time it reaches the dark depths it just becomes ice. so explorers also have to explore a frozen icy world with the risk of rather frequent hail storms.

>> No.24535932

well the creatures are pretty much bioluminescent creatures like flying angler crabs or some kind of dragon squids.

Similar to our own deep water marine life

>> No.24535961

I think there should reach a point where it is just mist so thick you cant see your own hand in front of your face. And as we all know, -They- live in the mist...

And thats why no one knows whats at the bottom of Skyworld.

You could even have it work in reverse, where occasionally an entire landmass is belched out of the mist and rises to a certain biome, ice thawing and appropriate plants growing. Sometimes, these landmasses even have old, unidentifiable structures on them...

>> No.24536005

this could explain the water cycle. water falling from the islands eventually reaches a level so deep it turns to ice, and eventually it reaches the "core" of the world, where islands float aimlessly and are trapped in whatever magic holds the world together, forever trapped. in this core there are masses of ice, but there are masses of superheated rock which provide some warmth and contain super dense metals that could potentially be mined if discovered. the superheated rocks turn the ice to steam, which then ascends and becomes clouds.

>> No.24536026


Oh shit man.

>PCs are sent to explore a landmass that recently came out of the abyss.

Or conversely

>A landmass housing a fairly large town is sliding downwards, and will soon pass through the dusk zone.

>> No.24536115

>islands rise and sink over the span of time
This sounds like an amazing cycle for the landmasses, like a combination of air currents and tectonic shifts. This can force a nearly eternal nomadic lifestyle in cultures

>> No.24536127


This is basically the deep sea of the skyworld. You don't go there if you want light-hearted (hell, we don't have magic and we have pic related in our deep oceans, imagine what'll be around in equivalent places here)

>> No.24536150

Or a BBEG in the form of one nation that has managed to keep itself floating by forcing others to sink via some magic macguffin, so they basically go around sinking villages and other nations in a desperate bid to deny nature its due.

>> No.24536158


Incidentally, that converter/recycler creature should look something like this.

>> No.24536171


This would lead to shittons of really cool places to explore.

>Ancient artifacts from lost ages showing up on a recently risen island
>Structures from the recycling-crab-creatures (we need a name) at the bottom of the world.
>Colonies of humans that have survived for hundreds of years in the dark
>The occasional trapped eldritch horror

>> No.24536205


This could be how the pseudo-romans have managed to keep a functioning non-nomadic society.

But I think the rise and falling of the island should be on the scale of at least a century or two.

>> No.24536304


I'm just thinking it'd look something like pic related.

Real cosy islands up top, progressivly damper, temperate ones in the middle that see more weather, and as you get closer to the core- holy shit get away from me.

Did a quick sketch of how I'm vaguely seeing this world.

>> No.24536340


I like it.

>> No.24536344

Wait, are new islands simply spontaneously generated from the core levels, or is there a system sort of like our own mantle where stuff slides down and is replaced by stuff that's been down there for a long time, in an endless cycle.

Like, an island with a village on it from 2000 years ago might rise up again next week, just as the modern village is sinking towards the core.

>> No.24536353


Maybe it could vary. Sone big islands may have remained still for centuries, becoming covered by civilisation, while some of those fast rogue islands may suddenly drop into the dark.

>> No.24536402


The latter.

>> No.24536405

the cycle being measured in centuries is kinda how I pictured it when i mentioned the cycle. Even millenia, I mean the places HAVE to be up long enough that plant life has a chance to grow. Of course they probably have a chance to go through several of the early phases of ecological succession as i pictured it would take about a century at the most to fully rise or sink anyway. Thus by the time the island reaches the civilization zones it would arleady have at the least be populated in bushes and small trees

>> No.24536418

Have some weird looking lightning that might be at home in Skyworld.

>> No.24536428


>or is there a system sort of like our own mantle where stuff slides down and is replaced by stuff that's been down there for a long time, in an endless cycle.

This one.

Islands rise, islands fall, the cycle rotates and continues on infinitum. Such is the nature of Skyland.

>> No.24536481

>An island rises up, an aura of complete...wrongness about it, unease and madness radiating off of it
>Brave souls venture on to it to investigate the source of the insanity
>Only to realize the island is merely a shell of debris and dirt that has wrapped around something truly ancient and terrible.
>And what of the men and monsters that dwell within? Can one live for millenia unspoken inside the twisting veins of a vast terror without being changed themselves?
>Can they truly be called men at all? Or are they now simply extensions of their host, antibodies searching for the intruders to prevent them from stopping their hosts reawakening

>> No.24536487

Now that we've got scary underdark Skyland, we're going to need a Sperm Whale equivalent as well. Something that's usually found on the light side, but dives down into the dark for its food, occasionally coming back up with strange scars or markings.

>> No.24536511

Considering something.

>Mist so thick you can't see in front of your own face at the core levels
>Some fool thinks to bring a device to clear the mists
>The noise of its actions attracts dark, terrible things

>> No.24536548


>getting to the core levels at all without being eaten by dark, terrible things

Lucky bastard

>> No.24536580

I just had an idea as I hit submit. Perhaps to help give the ecosystems a further kickstart is that some of the more common and widespread species that are important to Island ecosystems are able to 'survive' this cycle when the island sinks.

For example the Giant spiders, they are very important for strong ecosystems on these islands as we already said. Perhaps they evolved in a way that whenever the temperture gets too low the eggs go into a state of suspended animation. and can last for centuries now untill the Island rises back to habitable altitudes and the eggs hatch allowing the collection of water to keep things going after the ice melt has been used up.

There are real world examples of this in some species of frogs that live in Alaska. During winter they will freeze completely solid, entire body including the heart. As the temperture rises the heart begins to thaw first and start to beat causing the rest of the body to thaw from the inside out.

>> No.24536583


There was a short manga by Junji Ito (the Enigma at Amigara Fault dude) that had something like this, where a giant deep-sea creature washed up on shore filled with living humans. Anyone remember what it's called?

>> No.24536595


Maybe those big zeppelin-frog-dragon things mentioned earlier?

>> No.24536598


Sky world has only two moods:

The coziest setting in all of /tg/ complete with goat herding and fantastic adventure.

Or nightmares encircling the deepest, darkest, coldest, reaches of the sky world- that occasionally rise up to plague the world.

I love skyworld so fucking much and this is the most interesting thread we've had in a while.

Is this being archived?

>> No.24536615

>It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue

>> No.24536654


>piss self
>climb stairs
>assume fetal position

>> No.24536673

>try not to cry
>cry a lot

>> No.24536674


My group's longtime forever-DM is moving this year, and I'm next in line for running it (I've run quite a few games before). I was think about running a Ravenloft setting, but Skyworld seems much more fun.

>> No.24536731


>Underneath skyworld.
>Down, down, undernearth the temperate forested muggy worlds
>Down even deeper- to the core islands.
>Grues are pretty much as common as bears are in our world.

>> No.24536819


>That OP pic

I would live on the top level of that landscape.

Man, the first thing that I would do everyday is just wake up, run out of bed and take a massive shit right in the river over the waterfall.

I would pray to god every day while i did it to, to please let the infernal Sky Dookie fall on a bird as it flies gracefully through the air, on smash on a kid while he gaily skips his way over the bridge to his school.

The piece de resistance would probably be a young couple, in the dawn hours, just leaning over the bridge after a wonderful magical evening. As he stares into her eyes and imagines her being the most perfect thing ever, the Brown Sky Dragon that bust forth from my ravaged rectum after eating too many prunes collides into her wonderfully soft, perfectly silky hair and big blue doe eyes. His illusion of the perfect girl is instantly shattered and he goes off to fingerbang Suzie Jane Rottencrotch as she stands there horrified in the aftermath of the Brown Bomber of London.

Man, that's great. Thanks for that image OP.

>> No.24536835

So how does the Justearan Empire operate then? I'd assume they're based on a large temperate landmass (I'm thinking like Jamaica sized), and just moved out from there.

>> No.24536881

I concurr.

The skyworld is so dreamy.

inb4 it's claimed by quest threads and waifu circlejerks ;_;

>> No.24536910

I'd assume that larger land masses would move slower, so on such a large island, civilization would have both time and space to develope.

>> No.24536924


There's a nice little flavor story here:

Where The Justearian's would enslave the local natives of an island in order to artificial tether/fuse smaller islands on to their own islands for tactical advantages or what have you.

I suppose they could have their own elevated small continent or islands elevated per caste system or aristocracy like in my OP pic.

The Rich get to live "above" the poor, etc.. etc.. who knows.

>> No.24536943

I know for sure that I am personally archiving this and further devoloping the idea. maybe it wil be used in a comic or game idea or something I do later on. All I know is that this is golden.

>> No.24537029


The poorest are sent to the rare mineral mines in the dusk zone, where without a sun to give the feeling of day and night, the gears of industry drive round the clock, and the workers are forced to smash their way through the newly risen islands from the Deep. Not all of them are empty.

>> No.24537043

Jesus, I can't stop laughing.

>> No.24537064

I can't stop thinking of a Skirk Ridge culture of the sorts, places where the magic that lifts the floating rocks and continents is slowly wearing off, sinking whole cities and islands.
So people improvise a system of pulleys and ropes to keep it all together. Maybe a sort of fiber-rich plant allows them to make ropes and ladders

>> No.24537068

The bit about landmasses rising and falling and one empire abusing the natural order to expand their reign is a little tidbit I took from my own sykworld setting I had for a story/comic that has never left my head. I'm glad people liked it.

>> No.24537094

Would you mind sharing it once your done?

>> No.24537096


There are people who are constantly impressed by the glory and wonder of Skyland and all it's countless adventure and natural beauty.

And then there's this asshole.

>> No.24537102


I'm the guy that originally suggested the light-to-dark thing here >>24535526

And I thought I was being original. Feels bad man.

>> No.24537196


You can't have sunshine without a little bit of rain.

You can't tell me you never wanted to be a bird and just try to Stuka some asshole in a mercedes or be a monkey in the zoo and Sandy Koufax a shitball into some meatheads face.

>> No.24537217


On the note of the islands natural "cycle" of sinking and rising.

Perhaps the islands lose their magnetism or whatever holds them up over the course of hundreds of thousands of years and by sinking down to the dark recesses of the "core" and rotating around the source they re-magnitize themselves and in turn eventually rise back up when they've become recharged.

And then that cycle just repeats itself over and over and over again.

The largest continent spanning flying islands can stay up for so long because they can store the most magical magnetism (a long with the ore-rich islands) and the little ones are just flying around like bats out of hell.

It would also work to explain and map some of the routes and patterns of the various islands.

Some islands have quite stable magnetism and loyally rotate around sky world.

Some are oppositely polerized or something and rise up and down.

Others can't hold a charge poorly or are suseptible to static that constantly messes with their magnetism.

This world!
Sky world!!

>> No.24537223

Oh you.

I must try this at least once now.

>> No.24537253

If I use it in some kind of comic or video game or SOMETHING like that then I will be sure to credit the fine annons of /tg/ for their contributions of inspiration. It's a group effort man and if this actualy becomes a commercial setting for anything I do then I swear to God I will avoid setting copyrights on anything that came from the thread like the spiders and stuff. Wanna keep this open for anyone else who contributed to make use of it as they please.

ESPECIALLY the kind OP for starting this magnificent idea building.

>> No.24537322

The Justearan homeland is a connection of islands surrounding the sky-continent of Terra Firma. Terra Firma has a surface area of 10,990 kilometers. Terra Firma is home to the capital, Justear, where hundreds thousands live and work within the enormous government and military facilities. The Justearan people have endured some seven hundred years, expanding it's borders across innumerable islands, all recorded in enormous administration buildings. Above all, the Justearan Empire prizes gold, iron, and marble. To date, the Emperor is Cato Junius, a relatively merciful and fair Emperor, who maintains some thirty-six Legions.

Here is a list of the Justearan Gods
Justearus-Founder of the city and Empire, God of the sky, fertility, lightning, King of the Gods.
Aquilaxus-God of archery, plague, health, light.
Flavia-God of beauty and pleasure, morning, fresh water, dew.
Stratos-God of war and harvest.
Vulkarius-God of armor, smithing, and siege engines.
Hepta-God of the dead and the dawnlands.

>> No.24537392

So, I am in favor of having ships able to traverse the skies openly, able to descend and ascend the atmosphere.

Pic sort of related, but pretend the water is THE SKY.

Also Justear most be home to some girffons. Griffons must be a thing.

>> No.24537409

>> No.24537437

I imagine a series of floating island stacked and moving in a slow counter clockwise rotation with a waterfall that cascaded down each one until it loops around infinitely.

>> No.24537449

So regards to magical pseudo-physics, I like the idea of magical magnetism from the core, where unless you have a perfect orbit (some islands do, some more or less than others) you'll slowly lose the magic, and sink to the core, where you regain charge and return to the surface.

Justear has developed a machine that can extract the magnetism from rocks, and uses it to power their airships.

>> No.24537452

.... I keep seeing these sights in my head, I am gonna start drawing some skyland creatures for sure. Expect me to create a new tread sometime with the pics as i am sure this will die by then

>> No.24537483

I don't think it should be a machine, but th Justearan religion itself that keeps the sky-continent up. The state sacrifices and blessings keep the magnetism in.

>> No.24537488


Make sure to archive, and possibly create a Skylands pastebin for future reference.

>> No.24537529


But the wheels of industry must turn, Anon! Plus with a machine it practically is sacrifice. You take any magnetized island you don't need, and siphon its power into Justear, letting the smaller island fall to the core.

>> No.24537536

Spider forrest.

I love how seamlessly this setting balances lovable adventure with horrifying images of macabre designs.

>> No.24537541

The core looks like a vast seething multicolored hellfire like a star, but it is cool enough for a human to touch for a few seconds at the surface. The light given off blocked by the thick choking mist of the deep. This entity is a mixture of an iron core, rare powerful crystals and raw magic in a swirling maelstrom. from its depths new islands are born and old ones are recycled. Never seen by mortal eyes, it is the real of the dead and its spirits, and the seat of the gods.

A deep dwarven civilization who were sucked into the deep survive by trapping and eating the denizens of the deep and using magical lighting and defenses. Only known to the lucky of extreme who see their rare outside of the fortress lightning flash battles take place in the deep and the guttural sounds of their language in ancient dwarvish carrying on the still air.

Leviathans: Gaint flying beasts with a hide of rock and magic resonant crystals. They 'breathe' light through these crystals and like earth's whales store vast amounts inside of them before diving into the deeps in search of prey and small rock.
Their blood glows a luminous colour like liquid gold.They come back from the deeps with great rents in their rocky hides that none know the origins of. Some of the largest bulls come back with the spend off teeth of a great preditor still stuck in their side.

>> No.24537570

I just checked Suptg and it's archived there and once this dies I will be sure to archive everything to hard drive to be sure. not to mention makes it easier to browse then on my mobile devices for drawing on the road.

>> No.24537653

Deserts are easy.

They are simply rocks where spiders never came. Therefore no water. Tehrefore desert/

>> No.24537657

Nah mang. Defiantly should be magical. Leave the complicated machines to the dwarves, the Justearans should be the pinacle of human advancement, and even then they are about on par with Rome under Trajan (Around 100AD).

>> No.24537718

Perhaps non-human organisms should follow the rule of random generation. If the conditions on an island are right they just kind of appear, gifts from the patron god or goddess.

Also about boats, can they traverse the air?

>> No.24537781


Nah, no random generation, they've just become adept at either traversing the islands or sending their young to others.

>> No.24537796

Here's a cross-section I just drew up.

>> No.24537804

Perhaps some insects put their eggs on the webs of the dew-spiders in hopes of their dispersal.

>> No.24537837

Late to the thread, but when I was going through this I kept thinking that for my own skyworld,I would have it start when several portals to different planes were forcibly and improperly closed. The impulse shattered the world, thrusting shards of the world beyond it's pull. Planets, unlike in our reality, are held together by a binding force placed by gods, thus the islands are now afloat. Water is generated by remnants of the portal of water, continuously leaking water. Thus the water drip that occurs has "pooled" around the core into a sphere of water. Fragments of the portal of fire are thrown over in order to prevent the unstoppable fires aboard the islands. These two forces create the clouds and maintain the necessities of water based life. I would make the islands bound by one force, the gaiac force (I don't know), which draws them closer the denser they are. Life would be bound by another similar force, but one that draws at an equal rate all life. This would still drive a need to "mine" metals but instead of going through the ground, the miners would go to islands mine out the materials and combat the gaiac force to get them sunside.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on this type of setting. Love you and your ideas /tg/!

Nah, desserts are places where little to no precipitation occurs, for the other islands to sustain on cloud based water collection, there must be massive amounts of clouds in the sky, therefore lots of readily available water. You would want islands which had little to no chance of sustaining water that reached there. A smooth island that is concave where the water just drips off would be barren. Hell just make it an island that is stuck in the jetstream. Any material deposited there by birds would be stripped off by the winds and water at high velocities.

>> No.24537878

Alex Ries' zero-g creature designs come to mind.

>> No.24537886

Looks like Abiogenesis. Could be two names for the same guy

>> No.24537891


>> No.24537904


>> No.24538054

Welp. I think it is safe to say that many civilisations have sky-chariots and sky-mounts.

>> No.24538129

Each island is its own genius locus, perhaps? How delightfully animistic.

>> No.24538227

This whole Skyworld is delightfully animistic.

>> No.24538305

i like a lot of what eve described, but i think there needs to be some pest creatures. i liked the idea of the clownfish things that ate islands, but we need a mosquito or a stinkbug. i was thinking a creature which creates lighter than air gasses in its digestion of food, which it uses to inflate itself and float around. these gasses slowly leak out which propels the creature in a direction. one or two arent an issue, but in groups they create a very foul odor and can consume quite a few crops. they would eventually garner an affectionate nickname from the locals, "Blurbs".

>> No.24538323

>Trying to think of cool stuff to draw for this
>Really suck at landscapes so I can't draw scenery porn
>No ideas for monsters, just monster girls

I'm not tainting this setting with that shit.

>> No.24538351

So if rocks magically fly, then if you load a big boat with rocks, will it fly too?
Maybe civilizations would carve huge boat-fortresses in unfertile islands and fill them with sails to use as vehicles

>> No.24538406

pic related

>> No.24538440


Draw some Parrot fish monkeys
Draw some Manta Ray men
Draw some cute blonde haired Goat herding milkmaids and cute blonde haired goat herding boys.
Draw some the Dwarves from the Punching Prospecting guild from:

>> No.24538465


>> No.24538470

Draw a hawkman/hawkgirl fighting a bloat dragon. Or just chilling on a perch.

>> No.24538536


Ho shit man.

>> No.24538572

Great Blue Windrunner

>> No.24538621


>> No.24538708

This almost works too. It's basically a blimp with large electric organs on the inside. It flies through clouds, collects water in its mouth and turns it into hydrogen with electricity.

What does it eat though?

>> No.24538770

Sky krill?

>> No.24538792

It's the ocean, in the sky!

>> No.24538809

These guys >>24535813

>> No.24538817

So pigeons?

>> No.24538824


Lets keep the "sky ocean" down to the lower levels.

So that we can keep the clear blue sky -sky is still sky- for the upper levels where the sun shines and everything is wonderful.

>> No.24538852


>> No.24538903

agreed, unless the 'sky krill' are clearly not krill but some bird like creature or something. I (partially) joked pigeons as the things always fly in large groups and just too dang many of them

>> No.24538934

I dig

>> No.24538935


What about a gas giant with oxygen and water rather than sulfur and methane or whatever, with the upper reaches being inhabitable by humans and such do to its more or less tolerable gravity? The islands could be chunks of rock held up by magic or whatever, same as always, and violent storms occasionally renew the soil by dredging up loose matter from the bottom and throwing it skyward.

>> No.24538979


Read the rest of the thread there, friendo.

>> No.24539041


and all it replys to as well

Not trying to say your ideas aren't worth anything just that it seems like everyone really likes the idea of a dark zone and heavy magic based things. We probably won't move away from that but only added upon and tweaked.

>> No.24539113

I like this.
We need more parasites/symbionts/comensaelists

>> No.24539224



why not both?

>> No.24539297

So it's safe to say that compasses would point to the nearest sky island?

maybe 3-dimensional compasses?

>> No.24539395


I did after I posted. Should have waited, since many of the ideas percolating in my head were borne out in later posts. Derp.

>> No.24539418




>> No.24539498

Ugh, how horrifying. They're perfect.

>> No.24539552

The compasses need to point to a fixed point. Not to the center, it's easy enough to know where down is, but some other fixed point.
A specific island, perhaps?

>> No.24539576


You know what they say. All jet-streams lead to Justear.

>> No.24539629

Maybe thats how vtheir island has stayed up so long. The settled on the Breath of Skyworld, the land from where all winds flow, and return.

>> No.24539658


But if one thing is constant in Skywold, it's that the islands always fall and rise again.

And one day so too will Justear.

>> No.24539663

Wittle sketch.

>> No.24539703

As long as the magic magnetism is taken, Terra Firma will stay afloat.

>> No.24539743

I am now imagining a kindly old crone playing soothsayer and foretelling the end of Justear.

“From the Mist, all things flow and return. Like breath, it must all rise, and fall, and rise once more. So too will the World’s Sigh someday die.”

>> No.24539782

I imagine some Praetors taking her away, and the old crone is never seen again.

>> No.24539789


"Beware the Ides of March!"

>> No.24539919

If they are actually Roman/Greek based, they will heed her words but in trying to defy fate only serve to fulfill their own prophecy in classic Greek Tragedy form.

>> No.24540164

Good Justearus in Heaven! What is on that old witches' head? A pox on such a tainted old bitch! Such a filthy nurse to her Gods-given human form, and to speak such outrageous treason! String her up and the neck, or put her on the cross!

>> No.24540303

Come with my citizen.

>> No.24540360


Not to nit-pick, but I can't help feeling they should have a little more "bird/sky" aesthetic.

>> No.24540385

You are right.

>> No.24540619

I wrote this about 4 hours ago but couldn't post it.

"Imperial scholars have always theorised what happens to objects that fall from the sky.
We have known of The Mist for decades now, a region of crippling cold and colossal glacial bergs, populated only by frigid silence and the infinite stillness of the Mist itself.

It is believed that debris falls deep into the Mists until it reaches a never ending Maelstrom far beyond the reach of any mortal, a hellish realm drenched in its own eternal murky twilight.
A place of whirling dust storms, boulders constantly colliding and crumbling apart, unending lighting strikes and great vortexes of molten magma.
This place is populated by only by nightmarish creatures, constantly fighting for survival and eking out a living(if it can be called that) in the swirling chaos, even these terrible creates are nothing more than food for the horrifying beasts that lurk in the Maelstrom who are in turn preyed upon by truly terrifying and incomprehensible entities.
After millennia a fragment of matter in the Maelstrom may coalesce and condense to form a new island that gradually drifts back to the sky as part of an unending cycle.
I can say with certainty that no man has ever visited the Maelstrom, for the journey itself is certain death and even if he was to make it safely, being in the presence of the Maelstrom for even the briefest moment is suicide.
The only proof that this place even exists is from a precious few artefacts ( the most well know of which is the Tablet of Shl'akhar, know to drive men who view it mad) and carvings seen on some of the most ancient islands, usually in long abandoned temples and crypts.
These sites are the focus of great interest for the Empires scholars due to their seemingly impossible age and being the apparent site of bloody rituals and horrific sacrifices."

What do you think?

>> No.24540744


It somehow makes me think of a bunch of Justearian "Astronomers" flying around in balloons and their idea of "studying" the dusk islands is dropping shit and seeing what happens while the pontificate to their colleges.

Or they just pace around all day back and forth: staring over the edge and talking bullshit with their fellow mistweaver silk toga wearing philosophers.

"What is.. up?"

>> No.24540918

I like it.
I answers a bit of the "where does shit go when it sinks/falls off an island" and it give me this cool feeling of a lovely setting that in its own right is completley self containing but in reality is just a thin veneer covering an eerie and mysterious frozen world, hiding the secrets of some real nasty shit that no one knows is real and if it is real could lead a big pile of COLOSSAL FUCK.

>> No.24541180

>I love how seamlessly this setting balances lovable adventure with horrifying images of macabre designs.

>I answers a bit of the "where does shit go when it sinks/falls off an island" and it give me this cool feeling of a lovely setting that in its own right is completley self containing but in reality is just a thin veneer covering an eerie and mysterious frozen world, hiding the secrets of some real nasty shit that no one knows is real and if it is real could lead a big pile of COLOSSAL FUCK.

These guys get it.

That's what skyworld is all about: a cosy, lovely, world rich with deep, dark, horrifying mysteries that are all fluidly joined together to make up this beautiful world.

That my good fa/tg/uys is what skyworld is all about.

The atmosphere.

>> No.24541209

Do we have a name for this world yet other than just "Sky world"?

here are a few suggestions:

Caelum- Latin for sky
Volare- Latin for flight
Nubes- Latin for clouds
Aether- Latin word for gas
Orpheum- Orpheus and the underworld
Icaria- Icarus

Bird people
Shunut -combination of Egyptian personifications of Air and the Sky
Atum- Egyptian god of creation
Ennead- the council of gods who created the world
Djehuty- Egyptian pronunciation of Thoth
Ankhwas- Combination of Egyptian concepts of power and the key to life.

>> No.24541263

Literally yo.

>> No.24541264


The faction/race list is up here if you need it.

We've got herdsman, spider cultists, sky dwarves, and Giant Manta ray men.

>> No.24541331

I know we have been making the Birdfolk practically just winged Egyptians, but we should mix it up a bit, especially since stone would probably be a bit of a commodity. For example, pic related would make perfect birdhouses, since they come with a perch per level and inhabitants can just fly to their room from the outside. So, you know, mix it up a little, give a real open-aired flair to go with the fact that they don't really need stairs or anything beyond their sleeping room since they can just fly everywhere.

I also imagined them more nomadic, since birds are often migratory, but what would be really cool is if we actually gave the other races multiple cultures. Hell, maybe even mix it up and go culture first and race second, where the Romanesque dudes are primarily humans and the culture was founded by humans, but you might see a birdman or a manta dude rocking a toga in their more cosmopolitan cities and the nomadic cultures just sorta pick up anyone who is able to float with em.

>> No.24541402


>Oriental Bird men


Dude, we have entire floating islands with bamboo forests- we could totally rock some friggen Japanese/chinese architecture for the bird folks.

>> No.24541486

Common Imperial homes.

>> No.24541655


I want the Manta Ray men to be based off the indigenous Maori people of new Zealand.

>> No.24541720

That Maotai people then?

>> No.24541735

Updated map

>> No.24541764

Make them based on pacific island tribes.
their meeting places could be giant floating Moai

>> No.24541789



Also, oh god my sides. They've elevated beyond the furthest reaches of the blue sky.

>> No.24541831

Tried my own hand at it

>> No.24541834

What do the manta ray people look like?
are they Manta with arms, floating gas filled sacs with arms, icthyoid humaniods with large membranous wings or quadrapeds with folding limbs like a pterosaur (personal fave) (pic related)?

>> No.24541880

no anon Colossal fuck is where Mr incomprehensible horror lives

>> No.24541900


>What do the manta ray people look like?

Like Gantu from Lilo and stich- except give his head some fins that go down the length of his body like a hood and give him some circular dread locks for design.

They also have big white tattoos.

>> No.24541912

And beneath that is the things that even the Colossal Fuck Horrors avoid. And then...party time!

>> No.24541934

I imagined them thinner. They need to have a wraithlike, otherworldly look about them, because musclemen just don't do the alien-ness of the manta ray justice.

>> No.24541947

this anon here >>24540619

scrap the Bloodthirster and make the volcanoes fly and that is disturbingly close to how I pictured it in my head while I was writing.

Are you my brain?

>> No.24541962

maybe like this.

>> No.24542008

>Ctrl F
>0 results

>> No.24542011



Due to the islands closeness to the core- they would most likely have geothermal activity and volcanoes and such and by rule there essentially would be giant, flying, volcanos roaming around in the deepest depths of sky world.

Flying volcanos, black smokers, etc.. etc.. So it'll get cold and then hot and all the while being horrifying.


I dunno, I just can't see a Manta ray man as being "skinny". They're too big, wide, and majestic.

>> No.24542037

Are the dwarves normal dwarves in the sky (midget Vikings)or are they a unique culture?

>> No.24542058

I imagine them with fucked up proportions. Thin, skinny waists and long legs, but broad shoulders and long arms that hang well past their knees, bulky forearms but thin arms, and almost nonexistent heads. And they love to wear cloaks.

>> No.24542072

this fucking show.

God damn it Toonami, where did you go?

>> No.24542077

Do we really need dwarves? If feels kinda out of place to just throw in dwarves because dwarves. At least make them, like, worm people or something if we really need industrious tunnelers in a world where earth is far from plentiful.

>> No.24542084


We haven't established anything on the dwarves safe for:

There's a mining guild called the "prospecting punchers guild" that carved their island into a giant fist in order ram it into ore-rich islands and mine and process the ore as fast as possible.

And that the Dwarves in general are polite but distant- very distrustful of outsides and have very close-knit communities.. but they aren't assholes.

The Justearians also respect the Dwarves for the most part.

>> No.24542101

Nigga there are only three temperatures in the Maelstrom.
Magma bath, Thunder fried and Luke warm followed by being crushed by a mountain flying out of control.

>> No.24542111

I think the 'dwarves' should be pale-skinned men who replace many of their limbs with stone appendages. They slowly transfer their souls into stone golem bodies.

>> No.24542184

Stonebones works, too, just something other than dwarves. I dont want to be the fun police, but dwarves are so overdone and this is the one setting where they fit the least in and are literally out of their element.

>> No.24542193

"My skin does crawl with the very thought of those short men whose flesh is rocky and scarred. Those things that inhabit the innards of the lower rocks, in the places where no thing should live, save for beasts and demons, and on occasions most sad, damned and lost souls. The short men of the abysses remove their gods-given flesh, a particularly offensive procedure to the Justearan morals. Soon they become one with the stone and gravel, and their eyes do burn atop a body of rock. Along them worms burrow and splinter, hurting them not. Patches of moss and plant grow and cling. They can hardly be called anything but hellspawn."-From the 'Natural History of the Lower Peoples' by Ulpian the Elder

>> No.24542223


I kind of think thats why they'd be interesting.

They're literally in a place where they have absolutely no business being in and they're making the best of it.


If we're not going to have "dwarves".

Then might I suggest we make a "sapient/race" equivilent of the Parrot fish monkeys/lizards? Like, a race of sky parrot fish that are sort of our answer for Dwarves?

>> No.24542246


they could be wide but in the end they should also be more thin and 'streatched' rather then round all around.

>> No.24542257

>They're literally in a place where they have absolutely no business being in and they're making the best of it.
Yeah, but >>24542084 has them doing far more than making the best of it. They are winning and earning everyones respect and admiration. If anything, they should be seen as some sort of locust horde that goes about devouring the lands and at worst, they should be seen as an odd bunch who appear to fear the very skies that surround them on all sides.

>> No.24542261

How far along the magic scale are we going?
are we Metal Gear "Don't ask about the physics violation and mystical shit its just there" tier or are we Elder Scrolls "Everything is the dream of a giant snake shedding his skin into realms of oblivion one of which has a planet that is the body of lorkhan the trickster god orbiting the sun which is a hole in the universe leading to a dimension formed from the contradiction of IS and NOT where one guy there called dagoth who died dreamed himself back to life" Tier.

personally I prefer to head more towards the former

>> No.24542272

>they should also be more thin and 'streatched' rather then round all around.
Yes, thats exactly what I meant when I kept saying thin. They can have a lot of surface area, but they shouldnt have much depth.

>> No.24542275

giant sentient Ants

>> No.24542292

Perhaps we need a sentient race of flying creatures whose home is not on land, but in the sky. They can trade a bit, but mostly stay away from others.

>> No.24542307

that's the mantis people.
I think

>> No.24542338

Remember that the less the race is identifiable as hua=man, the more the Justearans will want to make them extinct.

>> No.24542368




>smug parrotfish.jpg

>> No.24542372

I think so too. It fits them being the closest thing this setting has to fae, too. They are these weird ass cloudwalking motherfuckers who occasionally flutter down, speak in light, airy tongues, trade you something you have no idea idea what it even is that they found when they dove into the deepmists, and then they leave again, riding these things >>24537878

>> No.24542389


>> No.24542453

These insectiod space dwarves have a can do attitude and are willing to try anything to innovate.

>> No.24542468

but anon how can a fish dig a tunnel through rock?

>> No.24542469

The original idea was for multiple tribes of aven, based on which bird they most closely resembled.

Most likely four major tribes making up the Council of Four Wings. Eagles, Owls, Cranes, and Rooks.

>> No.24542470

Oh come on, lets leave the HFY out of the setting. Its a cozy world of isolated villages with a strong sense of community, all outsiders will be scrutinized no matter their race. I liked the idea in >>24541331 where there has been some cultural/racial flow, its just that certain cultures are predominately one race. Like, all Justerean politicians and diplomats will be human, but a token philosopher or general might be a birdman.

>> No.24542494

Ibis clan represent!

>> No.24542506


with their breaks of course.

>Parrot fish man's face when Adventurers disembark onto his abandoned floating temple island.

>> No.24542529

It's hard for me to leave HFY behind, but I will do it for you anon. Because I care, and you are right, this is a cozy setting.

>> No.24542547

Ooh, that's actually good. Chozo are pretty tasty. I'd see the Eagle as likely having close relations the Empire. Cranes would make good Asians for that pagoda goodness.

>> No.24542554

For cultures how about:
Egyptian for Eagle
Asian for owl
Druid/pagan celt, for the Rook(ravens?)
Indonesian/south Asian for crane

>> No.24542573

But anon, fish don't have a rigid caste structure or a queen.
How can they hope to be civilised?

>> No.24542598

It's not even that bizarre a concept as earlier in the thread it was less HFY trash. You had the birds and humans working together rather closely, and the Justearans like the actual Romans in the sense that they were actually pretty chillax with folks so long as tithes and taxes were paid.

captcha: esourisi GAYLORS
Indeed, captcha. You heard 'em, folks, don't get a gaylord.

>> No.24542643


Too bad.

Parrot Fish men are smashing.


>> No.24542650

see your Gaylord and raise you a sheep

>> No.24542662

I'd say a mix of Egyptian with traces of pre-historic Greece as well. After all, their most feared units would be the charged of winged spearmen. I was actually thinking something closer to Indian/Southeast Asian for the Owls. Once I get home, I'll post some more pictures and suchly. I'd ideally say the cranes as more Korean/Japanese, but that's just me.

>> No.24542676

I was just having trouble finding a place where the owls would fit

>> No.24542720


If it's all the same to you guys, might I just but in and make this more relevant to the existing fauna of skyland?

Now, hear me out here fellas.. but..

Can we just maybe keep the "sky is a sea" motiff and try to focus on making the Bird men SEA bird based? I mean, instead of going with the go to of: owls, eagles, and cranes of all things?

Like, skyland has been pretty good original content so far.

No need to skimp on the bird men when we've got parrotfish rock monkeys.

>> No.24542726

>Parrot Fish men are smashing.
And now they must all talk like Nigel Thornberry while sampling rocks the way one might sample wine
>Mmmyes, poppet, this is a -delicious- igneous. Aged to perfection and imported from the Calamity itself!
>Smashing! Absolutely smashing! You just MUST try this skystone I acquired from those queer Mantarian lads.

>> No.24542737

I see them dwelling in heavily wooded islands, almost to the point of a jungle. An architectural style that centers around honey-comb like spires rising out of the thick canopy. Built directly into the framework of the jungle, almost like Anghor Wat grown over with vines and trees.

>> No.24542787

I suppose. The aven came to be before the massive jump to "sky is a sea" when it was still a more Bastion-like setting of islands kept aloft in a magical and homey world. Not to mention the fact that eagles and cranes and owls are a lot more aesthetically grabbing than gull-people. Not to mention less of goblins. I mean, do you really want to make a -gull- a humanoid race?

Additionally, even with the current "sky is a sea" motiff, that seems to mostly be kept down to the lower levels while the upper levels are sunny and bright which is where the birds come from and occupy.

>> No.24542810

Anon the sky is all environments

>> No.24542849


>Anon the sky is all environments

Excellent point anon, excellent point.

We've already established skyworld has everything from: jungles, deserts, grasslands, temperate forests, woodlands, and tundra.

> gull-people. Not to mention less of goblins. I mean, do you really want to make a -gull- a humanoid race?

>gull people


Gull people are now Skylands answer to goblins.

>> No.24542905

The Bloat Dragon probably couldn't sustain flight very well. I imagine that it would fall very slowly, due to the way it bloats, but it's wings look rather weak.

>> No.24543067

Its not strictly "ocean that flies" so much as mimics the ecology of the ocean.
the "surface" is full of a variety of life and ecosystems
The lower levels get progressive cooler and wetter being more like wilderness and jungles.
below that is the abyss, its dark and cold, the creatures that inhabit it are alien and bizarre not to dissimilar to undersea trenches on earth.
Ventures to the Abyss are rare and this is usually where the journey of an explorer will end

beyond the abyss is the
Mist it gets cold, very cold.
there is little to no life here except for rare monsters that stalk the fog, feeding on what rains down from above, here everything is frozen and the Mist shrouds many secrets and forbidden knowledge.
No one comes here.

As the fog gets thicker and thicker it gets colder and colder until you reach the Maelstrom. (aka colossal fuck!)
this is a place of extremes, searing heat and freezing cold.
A place where the very environment itself seems malevolent
A place that makes Warhammer Warp Daemons go "Nah man, I'm out"
any life there is lovecraftian at best.
there is little to no proof that this place exists apart from a few grisly clues

>> No.24543161


This is actually a really good quick summary/explanation of the ecology and geology(?) of skyland.

Thank you, anon.

You guys have just been fantastic. This is really just such a fantastic and creative setting.

>> No.24543176

I am perfectly okay with this and came to think about that as soon as I posted it. However, the Council of Four Wings remains in its stance that these... cousins are nothing more than vicious brigands and louts. Not capable of fine art or philosophy nor deserving a spot on the Council.

If harpies are our orcs, gull aven are our goblins.

Also, I finally have a use for this picture. The Womb of the Mother. Erected long ago by the spider-worshipers of the island of Zakess as a place of tribute to the great dewspider that watched over its people, years have seen the site and the spider grow. Now a massive beast that rarely leaves the thickly-webbed core of its nest, the villagers offer a sacrifice of flesh once every year to the young of their goddess.

>> No.24543219

Atmospheric Geography

>> No.24543238

Summon the drawfags!

>> No.24543404

The coral islands with the parrot fish would probably be partially, if not fully, inside the cloud layer, giving the coral enough moisture to live.

Perhaps there would be a very thick cloud layer which would be at the bottom of a world, housing all this coral-type stuff, probably also the Dragon Eel, then there would be various smaller, less moist clouds above that, most of which will rain once every year (as the thick cloud layer catches 99% of the evaporated moisture from below), and various floating islands at higher layers. I imagine the islands housing mist-weavers would be more moist than most, but less so than the coral islands. They'd probably live in a band of around 80-150 metres above the cloud layer.

Then you'd have the bamboo islands. They'd be scattered across the same general area as the mist-weaver's islands, but they'd also appear for about another 100 metres up.

The Mantae would live on the higher coral islands, absorbing the atmospheric moisture as a substitute to drinking.

The Mist-Weaver Spider would weave it's webs to catch large birds, probably unable (for the most part) to swallow something as large as a human.

On islands that the spiders make their homes, there would be a flourishing ecosystem, as the water would slide off the web onto the ground. Eventually, the place the spider made it's web would become a forest of pine-type trees, being more suited to altitudes.

There might be something alluding to cacti on the less moist islands. I imagine it would be a cross between a cactus and a mushroom, known to humans as Fungiwood. It would spread it's spores on the wind, growing on several islands.

If it interests you gentlemen, I will continue.

>> No.24543437

The coral islands need to be brightly colored have lots of jutting shelfs. Basically, just take the general landscape of Eureka Seven.

>> No.24543469


By all means please continue, content is content.

>> No.24543540


Alright from now on I'm going to namefag to make it easier to track posts in these threads

>> No.24543551

There is no such thing as normal. The grass isn't grass, it's moss. The trees are interspersed with giant crosses between fungus and cacti. THERE ARE GIGANTIC FUCKING SPIDERS ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE. THERE ARE BASTARD SONS OF FROGS AND DRAGONS, CATCHING LIVE PREY WITH LASHWHIP TONGUES. AND THIS IS ON THE "NORMAL" ISLANDS!

>> No.24543578

Mantafolk should always appear to be smiling. This should only serve to make them that much creepier.

>> No.24543587

Like the night hand in don't starve?

>> No.24543595


What can I say?
Such is life in the skylands.

>> No.24543596

If you notice, normal is in quotes for exactly that reason. All that shit you mentioned IS normal for Skyworld.

>> No.24543621

They weave ropes from the webs of the Mistweaver Spider.

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