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Why hasn't Westeros experienced some kinda republican revolution?

I mean the nobles are so lolevil and incompetent and revolutions have been for worse reasons.

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Any more sexy bloomers pics?

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Because the time period is still in the Medieval era.

There needs to be the conditions equivalent to the Early-Modern Period and Modern Period to push modern thought and philosophies.

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Because on the whole the nobles aren't actually that incompetent.

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classic blunder, land war in asia, etc.

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No guns, guns are the great equalizer, God made all men, Samuel Colt made them equal.

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>never start a land war in Asia.
Where have I heard this?

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Wrong time period probably. Peasants are probably too busy working the land and trying not to freeze to death at night. Also its easy to oppress the peasants when you have murder nobles riding around covered head to toe with metal armor.

Wait until knights go away and peasants start having enough time to think about freedom

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>Why hasn't Westeros experienced some kinda republican revolution?

a complex feudal system can't just into republicanism

besides republics still have wars for stupid reasons

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>not recognizing a line from the Princess Bride
I hate to say it but are you new? That's like one of those definitive /tg/ movies.

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Also no printing press it seems like, which means even if they had philosophers to write about things like democracy there wouldn't be enough books to reach everyone.

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Cause people everywhere are poor uneducated peasants, the only people who get education are nobles and maesters who are sworn to serve the nobles.

Thus, no age of Enlightment, and no democratic movement.

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Popular revolutions only happen when there is an idle aristocracy. As long as the nobles are still running around swinging swords, they'll keep their grip on power.

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>Because the time period is still in the Medieval era.
There were in fact revolutions and republics in the middle ages, those things date back to thousands of years before the middle ages.

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Having a mercantile republic like Venice or Novgorod is one thing, but a republican revolution like France or the United States is something else entirely.
You cannot compare the republics of today to the ones of yesteryear for the very reasons above in my post.

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Bows were first.

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>No guns, guns are the great equalizer, God made all men, Samuel Colt made them equal.

And that's why the government wants to take them.

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much much harder to learn how to use, and also will plink off armor.

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No, I love that movie! I can't believe I didn't recognize it instantly.

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Maesters are even more retarded than nobles.

Really the whole system is broken, it's even more grimderp than WF.

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Never make a bet with a sicilian when death is on the line!

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In the order of thought that having a weapon that let's you kill a guy before he can get close enough to do the same to you is an awesome thing yes, yes they were, but you still have to put a lot of time into learning how to be proficient and you have to be reasonably in shape to use them effectively. Conversely you can sit an out of shape moron behind an MG and watch him mow down people all day, and you can teach him to use and maintain said MG in a day or two at most.

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Because George Martin doesn't want to.

That about sums it up.

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>A complex feudal system can't just into republicanism


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>Really the whole system is broken, it's even more grimderp than WF.

It's not so bad.

Really ASOIAF just takes place at a bad time.

Things were really quite nice before that. Really.

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Modern weapons killed democracy by gun a long time ago. At this point money translates into killing power much more efficiently than numbers do.

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Medieval republics =! modern republics

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They might start the first steps if they survive the winter. The massive drop in labor population will raise wages and force innovation, with all the dead nobility they might explore other options.

Or they all starve to death.

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Nobody said they were.

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>moving goalpost fallacy

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>if they survive the winter
They've been surviving winter for thousands of years.

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The GRRM already promised that there's an explanation for why the whole world seems to be stuck in a permanent medieval era. Apparently it's tied to why seasons can last for years.

Anyway, it doesn't matter since he'll be dead of fat within the next two years.

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Or he'll live forever.

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>Or he'll live forever.

Even if that happens he still probably won't finish the series.

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Never heard of an English Longbow? Yeah you basically had to train your whole life to use one properly, but it would punch through armor without any trouble.

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6 words and was all it took.

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From very close range. Sometimes. If you managed to hit it straight-on without an angle.

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Yes because Venice is a republic in the same way France's were.

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Mongols conquered the world with bows so they can't be that bad.

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Bows can usually pierce all but the heaviest armours and by the time armour became arrow proof, guns came onto the scene :(

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You're the only person whos mentioned France.

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I'm sorry, you're right.

I picked the wrong fallacy for you. You're clearly a No True Scotsman fallacy.

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I think you are thinking of crossbows

Plate armor can take a serious beating. Later versions could even stand up to primitive musket fire

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Why do autismos love to latch onto the slightest technicality and wave it in someone's face?

>"That's clearly not what I meant."
>"Lel, but you weren't spe-ci-fic! Nuh nuh nuh!"

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>Why hasn't Westeros experienced some kinda republican revolution?

I first read that as "Why hasn't Westboro..." And thought "Why would the Republican party want to overthrow the only people getting worse press them them?"

I mean come on, if we're gonna be talking about blatant >>>/tv/ material, why not also >>>/pol/? rite?

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bodkins glance off plate at an angle if shot from greater than 50 yards
broad heads won't pierce the gambeson through plate at practically any range farther than 25 yards, regular arrowheads fare about the same

if you were fighting mounted knights you would aim for the horse with broadheads and hit the riders with bodkins as they close to melee

best way to spot any ignorant bow fanboy is to hear them prattle on about english longbows, especially if they try to bring up angincourt and crecy

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Okay. Explain to me how Venice was a republic in the same way modern ones are.

Different times, different modes of thought. Mercantile Republics of the medieval and early-modern period were closer to oligarchies with elections or appointments than the modern idea of a republic.

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Because victory by forfeit is still a victory when you're autistic enough.

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Why do people that get called on their bullshit claim others must have autism?

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You're right. Because France wasn't a republic for an appreciable length of time until the 20th century.
Also explain why there's no parliament of nobles. And before you say wrong time period, Westeros is late medieval, you know about the time the Magna Carta was signed.

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But... but muh Warren Ellis told me how the boy was ultimate hax and nothing could compare and everything would die!

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This winter is slightly different, what with the massive war, burning crops, white walkers, and general lack of organization to face the winter with.

I'm sure people will live, but a crap ton will die.

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You mean the two battles where the weather contributed more to the win than the bowmen.

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Why do liberals have to bitch about their political biases in threads that have nothing to do with them?

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>Why do liberals have to bitch about their political biases

What else do liberals do with their time?

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40k is the same way too. Everything was just fan-fucking-tastic for humanity before the Horus Heresy cocked everything up.

Showing a contrast between the vague, distant memory of better days and the harsh reality of the present is a pretty effective means of adding grimdark to a story.

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Provide more freedom's to the populace at large which Conservatives then bitch about?

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>Because France wasn't a republic for an appreciable length of time until the 20th century
European democracy is dictatorship, those faggots can't go a week without being told what to do by their betters, the EU is perfect for them.

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At what point did we say Modern Republic? I thought the goalpost here was a system outside of the feudal order of hereditary power with absolute control over the lives of bonded serfs? Venice was that much, easily, and more.

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Mud beat the French, snow beat the Germans and the French, and forests beat the Romans.

Nature man. People underestimate it

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this thread is full of retards who don't understand that changing a definition is fallacious arguing

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Seriously bro, I'm a fellow Americunt, and even I believe Democracy is shit.
Oh you mean Republicanism (in the sense of a modern republic like every single First World Nation.) Yeah go fuck yourself.

I think you mean snow beat everyone but the Mongols. And lets not forget mountains beat the Carthaginians.

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>Provide more freedom's to the populace at large which Conservatives then bitch about?

You mean like the freedom to bear arms.

Oh wait.

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He has had a bad case of the fat since the 80's I think his body has reached Obesequilibrium.

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>Everything was just fan-fucking-tastic for humanity before the Horus Heresy cocked everything up.
No, The Emprah was a faggot and one of the worst leaders in human history.

The DAoT was the last good age of humanity, everything after that is shit.

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Because there was no republican revolutions in the classical period, not a one.

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The problem is it was a general statement that there were no republics. Not no modern republics, not no republics by how I think they should be, just no republics, and Genoa, Venice, Pisa and the Hansa would beg to differ.

You do realize some conservatives want that taken away, and some libs are actually proud of calling themselves gun toting liberals.

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They aren't even that big on the supposed freedom they champion, the freedom of speech.

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>a system outside of the feudal order of hereditary power with absolute control over the lives of bonded serfs? Venice was that much, easily, and more.

In that case, Venice isn't since the duke was elected by a hereditary aristocracy.

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Because any rebellion would be quelled in the harshest way possible. Look what happened when the commoners in King's Landing attacked Joffrey.

You only hear of successful rebellions and forget the countless unsuccessful ones.

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>broad heads won't pierce the gambeson through plate at practically any range farther than 25 yards, regular arrowheads fare about the same
Well I hope the night doesn't swing his 25 yard long sword at me in that case.

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>Printing Press
>enlightenment sentiment

Too much:
>nobles being the protagonists, therefore peasants exist to provide armies for them

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>1% flag

I hate it when political cartoons do this.

"Hmm, what if an absolute retard reads this and doesn't get it?"

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Hereditary oligarchy does not equal feudalism.

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Unlike our modern republic of course. Which has no inherited aristocracy.

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Are you Amerifat or Europoor?

If Amerifat: I bet you think your vote is actually a vote for the pres and not a vote for your elector.
If Europoor: That's pretty much what a republic ACTUALLY is.

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You realize there are 9 other amendments in the bill of rights and that congress is shitting all over all of those at a MUCH faster rate than the 2nd.

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>Implying the right to bear arms has been infringed in America
Shut the fuck up and enjoy your thirty round magazine's and AR-15's. The attitude of 'Waaaah! The government wants to take my guns away!' is fucking bullshit and incites panic that leaves people like me paying out the nose for fucking .22LR if I can find it because people like you rush out in fear to stockpile ammo.

For the most part, Liberals attempt to give the individual more freedom, while trying to balance the issue of social safety with it. It's a precarious ledge, but it's better than doing nothing but try to grant more power to the corps like the Conservatives seem to love to fucking do.

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the night is everywhere, you cannot escape

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Exactly. You'd be surprised at the amount of gun owners that call themselves liberals and hold liberal views.

A great example of this was the Black Panther movement.

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Yeah I realized my misspell seconds after I hit submit. Derp.

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While we're bringing up MUH GUNS!!11!!, I'd like to point out that the 2nd amendment has "Well regulated" right in it's wording. Just for those people who think the gov shouldn't be able to regulate guns.

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Snow doesn't beat Russians.

Democracy is...tricky. It sounds really good on paper but it is way to hard to pull off in practice. It is inherently slow and prone to corruption. Republicanism is more realistic but has the tendency to basically becoming the nobles of old. Staying in power forever and not really representing the people. At least in America.

For ruling a country, Dictatorship/Monarchy is the least bureaucratic and the best at responding to new problems. However once again there is the problem of corruption.

Just go the Jefferson route and a revolution every 20 years
Mountains and organized piles of rocks beat the Carthaginians. They still wreaked after they crossed the Alps but they couldn't take any cities

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I have always said, you want gun control to become more popular? Start a campaign to drive up NRA memberships in black neighborhoods.

>> No.24516761

Would you be bothered by your neighbor having a nuke?
Would you favor laws against this possibility?
If you answered yes, the question is not whether to draw the line but where.

If hunting and self-defense are why guns should be allowed despite the risks, that's still a "where to draw the line" thing and acknowledges reality. There's room for reasonable disagreements here. We cool.

If guns should be allowed in case we need them for revolutionary purposes, that ship sailed a while ago.

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>I'm a Americunt
>I believe Democracy is shit
You sound like a patriotic and educated Yankee, I'll be sure to value your opinion.

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Yeah, yeah I know. I come to /tg/ to forget about that.

>If Amerifat: I bet you think your vote is actually a vote for the pres and not a vote for your elector.
First of all, it's changed to "Amerobese".

Second of all, local and state elections do okay, and voter turnout for presidential elections indicates that no one really believes the electoral system anyway.

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>Not being an objectivist

Totalitarians pls go

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Hell, it's hard to tell the 10th Amendment exists anymore.

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Also, fuck the NRA for how they've been acting recently. They don't want to fucking budge an inch on any issue.

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Well "fucking dragons" neatly explains hundreds of years of medieval stasis, which I don't think the kingdom in general has shaken itself out of yet. You COULDN'T rebel against the Targaryens for most of the dynasty's history because they would destroy you with forces you couldn't hope to counter. Unless you were Dorne.

That and by controlling all the food in the massively long winters, the Nobles have a chokehold on the populace.

Though I think it may very well be heading in that direction next winter, with the Brotherhood, the Sparrows and all the blinding incompetence and malicious bullshit being pulled by the nobles, as well as what is apparently actively advancing crossbow tech (if Joffrey's model really is so super special)

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>Snow doesn't beat Russians.

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Really, it relegates control to the states of things like certain taxes, laws, law enforcement, budget, their own constituitons and more.

Remember, you could honestly say that the United States is merely a coalition of fifty independent states under a recognized and agreed on authority.

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Huh, well I'll be damned. I take back my statement

>> No.24516827

>For ruling a country, Dictatorship/Monarchy is the least bureaucratic and the best at responding to new problems. However once again there is the problem of corruption.

Roman Republic -> Roman Empire
Repeublic of the United States of America -> ???

I hope our Caesar has a mustache.

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Objectivists might be more popular if they weren't so shit at writing persuasive propaganda.

>> No.24516830

Theres more magic in my shoe than in Westeros.
Which everyone thinks are dead.
>nobles being the protagonists,
In Westeros that just means they're sure to die.

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Why are leftists this stupid?

There are entire bodies of writing, philosophy, history and politics available in this era for free. There are even idiot's guides, written by any faction you care to name.

And yet many people still blurt out 'hunting' whenever the right to own and carry weapons comes up.

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DOHOHO, now I know you're trolling!

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What rule by the mob is completely shit, it's the damn reason America's a republic.

Well the real reason is we've learned a bit more that we don't exactly vote for the President. Plus yeah the direct vote for is direct, but it's not like the party line and legal bribery wont make them go over what people want.

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>Snow doesn't beat Russians.

Snow doesn't beat Russians.

The Finnish beat Russians.

>> No.24516854

The electoral college was basically a blatant attempt by congress to control the executive branch, without outright stating it. Fortunately, it never went down that road.

>> No.24516866

No, the Stalinist purges of competent officers beat the Russians

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>>Just go the Jefferson route and a revolution every 20 years

I think we're going to get along just fine anon.

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>If guns should be allowed in case we need them for revolutionary purposes, that ship sailed a while ago.

Confirmed for knowing zip about warfare. I'd think even a pacifist from Japan could understand the concept of decapitating a command structure.

>> No.24516873

Because it's an ingrained part of the Midwestern culture. Hell, some states rely on it for income!

>> No.24516903

enjoy your Richard Rahl fixations.

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>They don't want to fucking budge an inch on any issue.

Because they did in the past and the anti gunz took their olive branch and wiped their asses with it. Protip:No gun control in this country has ever been reasonable or a compromise. The NRA refuse to compromise with their enemies because their enemies don't know the meaning of the word.

>> No.24516926

Well when getting direct results to the capital could take weeks, it made more sense to have it.

Of course if the US had had the first Civil War (AKA the American Revolution) about 40 years later, the electoral college might have never beeen around since the telegraph would have made it easy.

>> No.24516932

I'm talking popular revolt. Old days a well armed and well motivated minority could make this happen. Currently I'm not convinced this is a possibility in the states. By all means feel free to try your hand at it and tell us how it goes.

But yeah, maybe I'm just wrong and the thing preventing popular revolt is that it ain't popular, not that it's infeasible.

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Nice rebuttals authoritarians, you have proven obectivism wrong

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You can't knock out the American command structure, the Illuminati are too far spread and too well protected.

>> No.24516972

Support for gun control is a mile wide and inch deep. Opposition to it is strong in both numbers and effort. For example, the NRA gets it's money from millions of individual donations - single rich contributors are drowned out in the numbers. The Brady group, OTOH, is running on fumes with one or two lump sums from less than a dozen of rich contributors per year.

Also, the 2nd amendment legally protects an individual right to keep and carry modern weapons for self-defense. So arguing against it is pretty hard in court.

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>revolution every 20 years
Yeah, if you want to commit self genocide.
Jefferson was a joke, if Westeros needs anyone it's Jackson. He'd destroy the stranglehold the Iron Bank has on Westeros and drive the Dothraki to the ends of the earth, plus he'd kill a bunch assholes in duels and steal someones wife.

>> No.24516980

Included other uses. Included hunting because I've seen others use it pro-gun. If that doesn't matter to you, so be it. Doesn't exactly counter my point so much as pick a nit though.

>> No.24516982

Making life easier for the lazy and unskilled is not giving more freedoms. Its not necessarily bad, but its not more freedoms.

>> No.24516986

>I'm talking popular revolt. Old days a well armed and well motivated minority could make this happen. Currently I'm not convinced this is a possibility in the states. By all means feel free to try your hand at it and tell us how it goes.

I wish I had the post, but it goes something like this:

A police state may have the most advanced military tech in the world, but it's still a police state and requires police. You can't put an Abrams tank on every street corner to enforce curfew. You can't use an F-16 to break down doors and inspect for contraband. You need warm bodies.

And being a member of the state police becomes a lot more difficult if everyone's packing heat.

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but.. but.... but...

how is Richard Rahl bad? I actually enjoy him as a protagonist.

>> No.24517000

Unfortunately Objectivism, much like its fellow utopian ideal Communism relies on humans not acting or being human.

>> No.24517009

Did you want a real debate? Then make a statement that professes the advantages of objectivism and I'll rebuttal. So far you've made none.

You seem to forget you're not on /pol/. This is /tg/, we know the strengths and weaknesses of any system. Real or imagined.

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Your daily reminder that national socialism is the best form of government

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Not sure how it's a popular revolt when it's only a minority of the population that wants to revolt.

>> No.24517025

how is he bad?

I mean, he's a good at fightan'. He was magic, and has limitations, not mary sue.

why? also, why do people generally hate the sword of truth?

>> No.24517026

Of course Conservatives want to make sure that the only people who will have the ability to not be unskilled are the ones who have money, mostly from their grandparents or parents.

>> No.24517036

>You can't put an Abrams tank on every street corner to enforce curfew

Install drone software in the tank.

>> No.24517043

>you could honestly say that the United States is merely a coalition of fifty independent states under a recognized and agreed on authority.
Maybe a hundred and fifty years ago, not today.

>> No.24517048

We're more like a nation of 5 or so nations.

>> No.24517053


I would love to see a backwaters hillbilly army attempt to decapitate the command structure of the U.S, that would be hilarious.

>> No.24517056

>politician having facial hair
What do you think this is, the late 1800s?

>> No.24517064

Again, how is this political strategy currently working out for the general populace? There is very little stopping you from getting everything you need to scare cops. Have people actually armed themselves? Has the government stopped passing frivolous laws? Is the quality of life improved in better armed places, where the cops fear to tread?

Again, I may be getting my signals mixed up. Resistance might be (potentially) effective, but merely unpopular. If you've got anything concrete to push it one way or the other, go ahead. I've got to head out for a bit though.

>> No.24517070

>popular revolt

You've completely missed the point, as expected from someone who knows less about fighting than a 9 year old boy playing COD.

Lots of guns floating around raises the low-level costs of imposing oppression, and makes it personal at the high level.

The popular availability of weaponry has little effect on a minority winning a coup, and it's only effect is making it harder, not easier. Read Luttwak, he wrote an explicit guide to this.

>> No.24517077

>rule by the mob is completely shit
Yeah, thats why Switzerland is the only country in Europe that hasn't gone completely insane.

>> No.24517084

Well, that's the thing, they don't need warm bodies anymore, they can just use killer drones. Probably the kind that dissolve organic material (i.e. flesh) for energy.

>> No.24517086

I'd say that even in an actually popular revolt, only a minority are willing to take the risks involved in active combat. At least until they're living in a warzone and just being there is a risk, or something similarly polarizing starts happening.

>> No.24517100

There was quite a drop in quality and anything interesting actually happening in the second book. Really its personal tastes.

>> No.24517112

>Yeah, thats why Switzerland is the only country in Europe that hasn't gone completely insane.

>third highest gun per capita rate in the world
>not completely insane

Checkmate, Rethuglican.

>> No.24517133

That's like using a shotgun to get rid of ants.

Actually no, it's more like using a hand grenade to get rid of termites.

>> No.24517140

>have people actually armed themselves

I see you're not tuned in to gun culture. Over the last 2 years, there's been an explosive, multiple-national-record breaking storm of firearms and ammunition sales. Shelves are standing empty for weeks, people are lining up in the rain at 4 in the morning for new shipments to come in. Manufacturers are working overtime and they still can't meet the demand. People who have two dozen guns are buying more. People who have never touched a gun in their life are buying their first, and another for their wife, another for their kid, and a spare just in case.

So if you know the slightest thing about it, that's a rhetorical question. People have never been this armed before.

>> No.24517149

and is still backwards in most respects. Every other country, including the ones where you voted on only one person has suffrage on women, eh we'll think about it until 1979.

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If you guys would just be more like the Ultramarines we wouldn't have all these petty political problems.

>> No.24517162

If the termites start sassing you, the idea of making them squeal in terror becomes appealing. Remember, authoritarianism isn't just about maintaining power, its also about enjoying it 4dlulz

>> No.24517175

This is empirically false. Firearms actually increased the King's hold over the public by letting the crown rely on mercenaries and conscripts without even answering to the feudal nobility. Strong monarchies persisted for 800 years after the gun's introduction.

Weapons don't equalize power relationships, money does.

>> No.24517179

Fuck no, the Smurfs are shit, just like that spending a hundred bucks for army men game.

>> No.24517181

>killer drones

Jam control signal, drone shuts down, take back to resistance hideout, ???, WE DRONES NOW. Unless you make the drones self aware, but then you run the risk of resistance convincing drones to join their side of their own free will, drone willfully follows resistance back to resistance hideout, ???, WE DRONES NOW.

>> No.24517197

>Not making drones self destruct on signal jamming

Seriously they're just asking for it.

>> No.24517210

/pol/ pls go

>> No.24517214

counterpoint: americans are fucktards and most military and cops I know harbor at least a half boner over the idea of being turned loose to bag fat gun-wielding manbabies.

>> No.24517219

That's still one less drone out there.

>> No.24517223
File: 765 KB, 650x1230, trustworthy_imperial_legionnaire.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"What do you need a gladius for, citizen? You have no reason to be afraid of our Emperor Caligula."

>> No.24517224

Mostly yes to this, partly no.

Firearms increased the effect of central power; because they increased popular power.

They cut out the middlemen of local nobles and warrior classes, and increased the power of the high and low ends of the pyramid.

>> No.24517226

Great, they just bought a million more. Do you even into Military-Industrial Complex?

>> No.24517228

Actually, statistics show that the police and the military are both in agreement with the gun-wielding manbabies.

>> No.24517229


So the best option is to breed tiny soldiers that are ultra-loyal to the government. Say GI Joe sized so they can ride around in the drones. And put a bomb collar on them just to be safe.

>> No.24517244

It's funny how the folks who destroy western civilization are hypocritical enough to call themselves progressives and call any nation thats unwilling to commit suicide "backwards".

>> No.24517252


I found your problem. Most combat-arms military are rabidly republican/libertarian. IIRC, less than 20% vote democrat.

>> No.24517258
File: 252 KB, 511x428, hjKEygp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry for turning this into a thread on guns and government.

I...I just like talking with you guys.

>> No.24517266

It's the highest gun per capita rate because it's a militarized state where the army reserves (which is every able-bodied man) are allowed to keep their (military) guns in their homes.
Do you know the Swiss crime rate?

>> No.24517267

I'm late to the party, but fighter jets can't stand on street corners.

>> No.24517280

So resistance builds more jammers, and/or man portable SAMs.

>> No.24517293

>I know one inner-city cop and an Air Force analyst.

>> No.24517294


Well its a good thing the Government can just send a Predator to blow up your survivalist bunker in the woods with a 500lb bomb then.

>> No.24517300

Out of what? Their dick and a pen knife?

>> No.24517304

Had Rowboat Girlyman become Emperor the Imperium would've stomped all their enemies by now and the average planet would be a paradise.

>> No.24517312

Depends on what you mean by that. Mid-West and Southern conservatives want everyone to be skilled. By teaching them how to hunt and protect their homes with their guns.

>> No.24517313

> At this point money translates into killing power much more efficiently than numbers do.
Which makes voting day the bloodiest day of the year in the US.

Oh, wait. Even Africa's getting fucking sick of shooting people after voting day didn't elect their best friend.

>> No.24517318

>What are laser communications?
>What are redundant backup signals and "Return to base/ kill everything without an IFF upon signal loss" commands?

>> No.24517319

Nah, with social services. The SWAT went after a 80lbs heroin addict because she missed a probation meeting purely because they were bored. Mule, flashbangs, pepperspray, the works.

>> No.24517323

It isn't your fault. People treat their opinions like their flesh-and-blood offspring nowadays. It's impossible to have discussions about anything without them popping up as an aside. "Say, this reminds me of..." or "This is like when..." and so on.

It's a symptom of the "MUH FEELINGS" movement that's sullied the intellectual forums of the modern day.

>> No.24517325


You guys do realize that if that kind of civil war breaks out, I'm murdering and framing everyone I hate as being part of the resistance.

>> No.24517329


What about VTOL craft?

>> No.24517330

Americans are the most educated people in the world, if they can't do something no one can.

>> No.24517331

>out their political biases in threads that have nothing to do with them?
Try to protect muh chillenz?

>> No.24517333

Unless they are negros, in which case they react like /x/ or /v/ does when confronted by the prospect of skeletons.

>> No.24517339

By time Rome was an Empire long before it became a Republic. The Imperial Spirit was fueling the City-State into becoming the republic.

>> No.24517340

Did you read that recent anti gun-control letter some Green Berets started up? By the end, it had over 2000 signatures from special-forces dudes.

Considering there are maybe 7-8 thousand special forces troops in the USA, that's an insane level of participation. Imagine getting 25% of the US population to agree on, then sign a petition - most petitions never get close to .001% participation.

>> No.24517345

Which means what, exactly? The real power still remains with the state, and the public is still totally subservient to its will. This power relationship does not change because everyone is armed, it changes when the economic impetus for a slave-class disappears. The Black fucking Death had more to do with it than handgonnes did.

Look at Poland. Everyone had guns, they even formed one of the first functional and powerful republics in Europe, but power still rested in the noble classes because they just BOUGHT MORE FUCKING GUNS. The republic was ultimately still just nobles picking a king, a republic for the aristocracy only. The peasants didn't get dick.

In a modern, civilized nation, armament of the populace is a freedom worth protecting, but throwing guns into medieval Serbia isn't going to turn it into a republic overnight, it'll just give the people with money more guns.

>> No.24517357

>Americans are the most educated people in the world

Funniest thing I've heard all day.

>> No.24517359

>implying survivalist bunkers

That's not how resistance works man, they blend into the populace. It's real hard to tell who the guy that wants you dead is when he looks like everyone else.

Sand ninjas manage just fine with less resources than what your local radioshack and home depot have on their shelves.

>> No.24517362

They've budged inches and inches throughout the years. Frankly, it's time to start reducing some gun laws.

>> No.24517364


And who precisely is going to be building your magical drone jamming system?


And the thought of a bunch of disorganized hillbillies living in the woods making a reliable man portable SAM is even more hillarious. They might be able to make one or two, hell, lets say they have some tech prodigy, maybe the same asshole who made the superjammer, and manage to build two dozen. Again, the government is just going to send a B-2 to level your little workshop out in the woods.

>> No.24517370

>less than 20% vote democrat
Less than 20% of the military is black and mexican?

>> No.24517377

Most of the upper Midwest is actually quite tolerant. We're pretty chill up here.

The south though... right on the money there.

>> No.24517385

Not in all places, the racist spirit is dying out in the mid-west, the north-west and definitely in Norcal and Oregon at least against Blacks. Out here in Norcal, tho, its the Mexicans the Tea Partyists are trying to stop.

>> No.24517387

>thinking pro-government people will be flying the drones

It's hard to run a drone war when three-quarters of both the pilots and repair/maintenance men are on the enemies side.

>> No.24517409

the USA does create the single most educated individuals.

The problem is our masses are as dumb as dirt because our lower education is 31st or so worst education system in the world

>> No.24517413
File: 451 KB, 600x600, terrorfurb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.24517417

Most of the military is disproportionately white and hispanic, especially on the front-lines soldiers.

Blacks are a minority and stick to non-combat jobs.

>> No.24517419

I think it's hilarious that people still think we're racist down here.

>> No.24517427

>hurr durr all southerners are racist rednecks
>for that matter all or even most rednecks are racist

Sounds like you're using racist logic here. Painting with a pretty broad brush.

>> No.24517429

Haha holy shit.

>> No.24517430

The pilots and maintenace men are SOLDIERS. and if 3/4ths of the military openly supports the rebellion, then it doesn't matter what kind of war the other 1/4th is trying to run.

>> No.24517431


>Implying they won't do what they're fucking told when the first guys who act up are convicted of treason, marched against a wall, and shot.

>> No.24517437


What he said.

You aren't going to lose your guns because Obama knocks on your door and takes them away, you are going to lose your guns when you hock them to pay rent, or when you go bankrupt and they are confiscated as financial assets.

All the ammo in the country can't protect your home from a bank.

>> No.24517441

>sending a strategic bomber to deal with a tactical level threat

Thanks for making it obvious you don't know anything, now you can be safely ignored.

>> No.24517461

Most of my black and latino shipmates vote Republican just like most of my white and phillipino brothers do. Its about knowing who pays the checks.

Democrat presidents and congresses cut the wrong things in the military. They strip wages, pause hazard pay and block promotions - where Republican's either funnel money into the military (usually) or if they do have to cut - just lower recruitment quotas.

>> No.24517477

75% of the military is going to turn on the government? That sounds more like a military coup than a civilian revolution

Thats because instead of home depot they go to some old Russian guy who can get them actual military tech. Sure its rusty and outdated, but it can still kill things.

>> No.24517479

Hi, I'm black and from South Carolina. Y'all be racist as fuck.

>> No.24517483

I think it's hilarious the Deep South still is for the most part.

>> No.24517488

Yankees will never admit that the most racist group of people currently living in the United States are college-educated blacks.

>> No.24517497

Insurgencies don't work like that.

SAMs? Who are you kidding? It's infinitely easier for the maintenance guy to mix the fuel wrong or leave the AC too high and wreck the stealth coating.

And in the woods? Lol. No, it would be in a basement downtown. Good luck convincing a pilot to carpet bomb NYC - you'll make him part of the opposition.

And who would jam drones? The same people who built them or operate them. You're really underestimating just how patriotic military Americans can get.

>> No.24517509

>All the ammo in the country can't protect your home from a bank.

How can the bank take my house when I shoot everyone that comes near my house? There was the Chinese farmer that built his own artillery and kept land grabbing developers at bay until the Government gave him a pay out to stop making them look bad.

>> No.24517510

>To defend the nation against all enemies from without or within

It is not illegal to defy an illegal order, it is in fact the duty of all soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines to refuse an illegal order.

>> No.24517515

So it's more fiscal reasons than political philosophies?

>> No.24517517

Hi, I'm white from South Carolina. You're full of shit.

>> No.24517518


Except, the drones are manned by the airforce. Care to look up what party the majority of the airforce votes for?

>> No.24517520

Southern Racist: Tolerates black people living near them so long as they are not uppity

Northern Racist: Tolerates black people being uppity as long as they do not live near them

>> No.24517521

Holy shit, really?
You do realize English peasants not only revolted,but burned every bit of paperwork recording who they owed money too, right?

The idea being that if they started to lose, they'd just all throw their weapons away, go home, give a good "No massa" to the first thug who showed up asking if they knew any rbeels, and STILL be better off than they would have had they not revolted.
People were actually just as smart and freedom minded then as they are now, and if nobility acted like the cunts they do in westeros, their own soldiers would happily kill them.

Fuck, soldiers would revolt and kill their betters over not being given enough gypsy booze.

>> No.24517523

I think it would make much more sense to cut the massive bloat of the military industrial complex. The major R&D contractors take high paying contracts, then just sit on them and rake in the cash. They rarely actually do what they're payed to do.

>> No.24517538

Who are we to believe? The black guy who's probably seen some shit or the white guy in denial of his racism?

>> No.24517539

Seriously look it up, African-Americans, Native Americans, European-Americans, Asian-Americans. All individually have among the best scores in the world for their group. It's only when you combine them all that the average goes down.

>> No.24517541

>if 3/4ths of the military openly supports the rebellion, then it doesn't matter what kind of war the other 1/4th is trying to run.

Duh. Exactly. Now do you realize that suppressing this magical "redneck rebellion" isn't going to happen? The people you would use to do that are on their side, not yours.

>> No.24517542


I don't think we'll ever break the stigma.

Fact is, down south, we've got more black people/hispanics than anyone. It's kind of hard to be an "ignorant" racist when you're living alongside minorities for so long. I mean fuck, I learned Spanish for my last summer job since half the staff couldn't speak English well.

But nope, hurp durp, I'm a raciss.

>> No.24517558

>I am white and therefor am racist by default.

Guess what?

That's racist.

>> No.24517560

Political philosophies follow personal needs. You support something long enough and you begin to believe it.

>> No.24517569

Except for the large number of soldiers that aren't rednecks.

>> No.24517574

It can't be cut because the so-called military industrial complex is run by congress, not the military. handing over procurement to the military would in fact be about the only way to fix it.

>> No.24517575

No, but it's a factor.

>> No.24517579

They don't vote. The Airforce has the lowest voting percentage of the entire armed forces.

>> No.24517593

Why do northerners assume blacks living in the south are fucking war heroes?

The majority of the shit blacks put up with down here is from other blacks.

>> No.24517595

>Southern Racist: Tolerates black people living near them so long as they do not try to kill me.

Fixed that for you.

>> No.24517597


What if I consider the resistance an enemy?

>> No.24517600

>>Implying they won't do what they're fucking told

Contrary to dumbass belief soldiers are not unthinking robots, they are people with family and friends that are going to think twice about their orders when those "terrorists" are people they've known their whole lives. Remember, the first part of the oath of service is about defending the people and constitution of the United States against all enemies, be they foreign or domestic.

>> No.24517606

You're a white guy from the south. I know MY people. We're all racist we just have to be smart enough to see it and try to not fight it.

>> No.24517622

>Just /make a million more/
You've got to be fucking kidding me.

The price of a drone is only cheap in the context of its competitor, the plane. A typical drone (MQ-9) is not a several billion dollar fighter jet project, it's a turboprop aircraft that resembles a Bronco or birddog aircraft with extra wingspan that doesn't have to worry about things like escaping or ensuring pilot comfort or safety.

Your typical F-15 plane costs 30 million per unit, but it's a purpose built jet aircraft maintaining air superiority. The OV-10 Bronco, when production ended in 1969, cost 480,000 dollars per unit. That's 3,104,464.23 adjusted for inflation if the website I pulled didn't already adjust it.

But the price of this fucker? It's 17 million dollars. Per unit. An Abrams tank costs 6 million, which might go to 8 in 2012. Then you have to make sure you have the satellite bandwidth to cover all these fuckers, otherwise you're going to have webcam quality everything, from avionics to signal output.

Secondly, that UAV that you just took down still has a weakness. If any UAV again comes into your airspace, they will come down until that weakness gets fixed, so it doesn't matter if they even manage to get a million in there, because you're never going to see all million of them invading your fucking woods, nor are they all going to be stationed near your neck of the woods.

If you're going to say into Military Industrial complex, please understand fucking dollars and what goes into a low intensity conflict before you start spouting shit.

>> No.24517624

Maybe in Florida

>> No.24517627

ITT: People who don't realize that EVERYBODY is racist

>> No.24517634

Considering you guys seceded over slavery and resisted undoing legal discrimination for over 100 years, good fucking luck.

>> No.24517641
File: 191 KB, 1232x577, 1367092273006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. They're the minority, and they're mainly in non-combat roles.

This magical police state you want requires a military willing to kick in doors. If you try to start it, guess whose door is kicked? Yours. And you won't have the people available to stop them. Numbers? No. Quality? Not that either.

>> No.24517650

Were you really in the service you wouldn't. You would be educated enough about how this country is supposed to work to know that the resistance is fighting to protect the country.

>> No.24517652

>You're a white guy from the south.

Again, what does this have to do with the discussion?

>> No.24517657

Blacks in the south are the least criminal blacks in America, so they must be doing something right.

>> No.24517658


I don't know, man. Put a black dude in an all-white school in Wisconsin and he'll get so much pussy thrown at him there isn't even an analogy for it.

>> No.24517665

And why is high gun ownership bad? It has less gun crime and more importantly less overall violent crime and murder than Britain. Yes, that Britain.

>> No.24517677

Sorry to hurt your feelings, but that study was bullshit.

Find better pseudoscience next time.

>you guys
>dead people

Liberal logic.

>> No.24517680

>If you're going to say into Military Industrial complex, please understand fucking dollars and what goes into a low intensity conflict before you start spouting shit.

B-b-but...stupid hillbillies with boomsticks!

>> No.24517691

And is this how you became an uncle anon?

>> No.24517696

>Implying slavery wasn't completely endorsed and supported by Africans.

>> No.24517699

>All enemies foreign and domestic
And an armed rebellion would be domestic moron.

>> No.24517712

I'm White from South Carolina and you are right. There are a fucking ton of racist fucks in this state. (Better Barbecue that North Carolina though.)

>> No.24517718

>That's racist.

No, it's the truth. You call a black guy that is guilty of a crime a criminal and that's not racist, it's a proven fact. You call a black guy without a criminal record a criminal because he's black, that's racist. You call a white dude racist because he's white it's not racist, it's a proven fact.

>> No.24517722

>plus he'd kill a bunch assholes in duels and steal someones wife.
Well at least he'd fit the setting.

>> No.24517738

I know it was, by the people supplying slaves.
Dude. That's fucking normal logic in 90% of the world.

>> No.24517742

The military industrial complex gave us air planes, nuclear power, internet and a fuckton of other stuff.

If we cut anything it should be welfare, also we should make the prison population pay for themselves.

>> No.24517744


>> No.24517748

You'd also better hope you get lucky and his gambeson is thin, or there is a VERY good chance you won't even hurt him.

And when you do, it's not goign to be enough to kill him.

You've basically just poked a thumb-width hole about 4-6 inches into a man who thinks that riding at full speed on a horse with a sharp sword at a good friend who is doing the same is FUN, and all you have done is the equivalent of delivering a single stab from a small knife.

It's quite likely he will kill YOU before he dies. Even if he does not, you have to deal with the horses barreling into and disrupting your line as more men come in form behind, and the not-dead men form that first line getting in amongst you with full armor, impeccable morale, and the advantage of being better than you at literally every single aspect of hand to hand combat, while also being on a charging horse.

Oh, and you got shot up by crossbowmen hiding behind pavises before he charged, so a good part of your formation is already dead.
There is a reason that nobody else adpoted the longbow wholesale, despite it literally being a neolithic invention:

It really wasn't that good unless your nation was poor as fuck and facing either retards, or people lacking access to even maille and padding.

France WON the hundred years war. The longbowmen died horrible deaths at patay.

>> No.24517755

So would a lol police state.

You seem to think that an armed rebellion would be led by morons. You need to stop reading the shit 90s fat-loser militia blogs and start reading the ones by retired special forces. They're usually the ones teaching people practical armed rebellion skills.

>> No.24517765

>anything with socialism
>nazis in particular
>for that matter, anything with national in the name

Slave to your betters, pls go.

>> No.24517766

It's fine. We haven't had a good one since people started being able to say "If you disagree with me you're from /n/".

>> No.24517770

Depends on what that resistance arises in opposition to.

>> No.24517774

>If A is B, B is C.


>> No.24517777

It also gives us "Hey there, engineers! I know they're paying us more money than some small nations' GDP to develop this new armor system, but, ehhhhh, we're not feeling it, so you get to do busywork until the contract lapses! Yay!"

>> No.24517783
File: 56 KB, 317x768, Guilliman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know, right?

These plebs have no respect for their betters.

>> No.24517785

True, but again, who's the one paying the bills at the end of the day?

>> No.24517790

They contributed plenty-
Once they charged into hand to hand combat. Neat trick, archers with swords who liked fighting up close. Saved them all at both battles.

>> No.24517796


You don't know shit about the Civil War.

>> No.24517798

Entitlement bills cost 160% more than defense bills.

That's why you don't hear leftists begging to cut entitlements. Welfare is a vote plantation, and what politician would give that up?

>> No.24517803

No it isn't. You're making baseless assumptions. Equating living descendants with cultures long deceased is the highest form of intellectual hypocrisy.

>> No.24517808

We're talking about present-day Switzerland here, champ. Maybe if we were having this argument in 1978 you'd have a leg to stand on.

Face it, Switzerland is cool.

>> No.24517813

/b/ was never good

>> No.24517820

What I said was a gross oversimplification I know, but as I'm on my phone fuck long replies.

>> No.24517822

>If we cut anything it should be welfare, also we should make the prison population pay for themselves.
But they're already doing that in quite a fuckton of prisons. There are tons of programs out there which put conmen to work for less than minimum wage for blue collar menial labor.

The prison system also scrimps on food pretty regularly, and the PX store requires prisoners to either make money in prison or to ask Relatives for things like toiletries, cigarettes, more decent food, and candy bars.

Fuck, I have a friend in prison right now and the only actually good food is from the PX. And I mean like something other than butcher shop scraps not fit for animal feed.

>> No.24517830

Democrats:The party of slave owners then, the party of slave owners now. They've just gotten better at hiding it.

>> No.24517835

Actually, pretty much all of western and central europe would qualify.

there were fucking RULES for how you treated people, and the poor fuckers would see you dead if you failed to follow them.

Oppressing the people who feed you, build oyu shit, fill your coffers, and terribly outnumber you is generally a bad idea. You can't stab a field into being productive.

>> No.24517839


Bro, I'm Army. All that service stuff is mostly just bullshit people mouth. Kinda like how people go to church and pray god for forgiveness, and turn around and do it the next day. Lipservice.

There's a few ardent defenders, but mostly we just care about how much you pay us and how shitty our living arrangements are going to be.

How the country is supposed to work and Reality are two different things. I'll side with the people who sign my paychecks.

>> No.24517843

This is how yankees really think.

>> No.24517845


Proven facts are proven facts. All white people are racist. Prove me wrong, you'll find it an impossible task.

>> No.24517850

The point of the analogy there isn't to say that it doesn't work, it does. The point is that it's too expensive to work enough times.

>> No.24517864

>You can't stab a field into being productive.
Actually in many cases proper aeration can greatly increase field productivity.

>> No.24517875

>Proven facts are proven facts. All people are racist. Prove me wrong, you'll find it an impossible task.


>> No.24517879

They aren't in it for the money.

Once you understand that, you'll understand the debate is already over.

Even regular line infantry aren't exactly in it for the money, when studied as a group. They're disproportionately from wealthier, better educated backgrounds than the American average, but they choose a job which pays living expenses and pocket change.

>> No.24517890

The burden of proof is on you. You made a claim. Can't prove a negative.

>> No.24517900

Yeah, the patriotism freaks don't seem to understand that the quintessential military experience is jerking off in a portapotty in 120F weather to a phone picture you took of the 1st sgts 16 year old daughter at the company picnic.

Its a shitty job you try to get through with with minimal bullshit.

And dick drawings, lots of dick drawings everywhere

>> No.24517909

It's like Machiavelli said. Mercenaries may be willing to take your salary in peacetime, but you need something stronger than money to convince men to die for you.

>> No.24517914

And that the other termites will eventually start thinking that yeah termite A was challenging their authority but was that response to his challenge really necessary? Maybe termite A was right, he did have some valid points...

>> No.24517917

>judges people of being racist
>because of their skin color

Liberal logic. Not even once.

>> No.24517923

>The prison system also scrimps on food pretty regularly
Not as much as the military. When I got pulled for onreps I spent plenty of time on a forklift moving crates stamped GROUND BEEF PATTIES, GRADE D, NOT SUITABLE FOR PRISONERS.

>> No.24517925

define Entitlement?

>> No.24517931

>to a phone picture you took of the 1st sgts 16 year old daughter at the company picnic
Hey now, speak for yourself. There's plenty of soldiers smart enough to stock up when they have internet access.

>> No.24517932

The entire nature of the argument is fallacious. I could claim that all grass is sentient and dare you to prove me wrong by inspecting every single blade of green on the planet.

It's a silly argument trotted out by people with inferiority complexes.

>> No.24517941

Modern professional militaries are arguably mercenaries. I know I was. Did it for the G.I. bill, got out with all my limbs intact and only one case of VD, I think I won.

>> No.24517943


>> No.24517947

Having gone to your fine European colleges to get some learning overseas I was pleasantly surprised by the easy mode level of everything. There's a reason the US has so many foreign students.

I kind of miss having my professor yell at me for arriving on time and not hungover in the morning.

>> No.24517957


No, not really.

>> No.24517961


You may as well ask me to prove fire is hot or that the sky is blue.

>> No.24517971

Haiti was shit after the blacks took over and killed all the white people.
Rhodesia was shit after blacks took over and killed all the white people.
South Africa is shit after blacks took power and started killing all the white people.

Look at any city or country where blacks are a majority and you'll find crime and stupidity.
People try and blame it on poverty but blacks are more likely to be criminals no matter what their class, and even in incredibly poor states like West Virginia that barely has any black people they still make up most of the criminals.

You're either 'racist' or you're a idiot.

>> No.24517973

Do you have any idea how much overwhelmingly cheaper jammers are than drones? Do you not recall that they are the size of a regular plane?

>> No.24517978

My favorite was when they tried to feed lobster to people in Afghanistan. YES, I TOO WOULD ENJOY LOW GRADE SEAFOOD SITTING ON A PALLET HERE IN THE MOUNTAINS OF A LANDLOCKED 3RD WORLD NATION.

>> No.24517987

It just gets tragic when you realize it's true.

>> No.24517991

It's a literal legal category, look it up and you'll find it.

tl;dr it covers the majority of the various welfare programs.

>> No.24517995

More money seems to have been proven time and again to work on that front.

>> No.24518002

North Carolina bicycle builders gave us air planes, The Atom was split at a Chicago university,

>> No.24518005

Been there, done that. There are a few guys like him in every company.

>> No.24518008

>My favorite was when they tried to feed lobster to people in Afghanistan
Don't they know that's not halal?

>> No.24518010


I brought a external hardrive filled to the brim with porn and my laptop. 200 GB of pure porn.

>> No.24518011

....Those places were all pretty shit *before* the blacks took over.
You know, unless you were white.

>> No.24518015

Yeah man, fuck those transportation snobs.

>> No.24518019

Actually the first powered flight took place in Brazil. Look it up.

>> No.24518029

I haven't been able to find 9mm makarov since December, because I can't show up at 4am to buy it when it lal sells out.

Also, I helped make fucking gunpowder bombs this weekend for the fun of it.

Yes. Yes, people are armed.

>> No.24518031

Technically possible, but still not every street corner. You just can't extract enough taxes FROM every street corner to pay for one. Not even one for every city block.

>> No.24518035

The mentality of American college goers is interesting because a lot of them see it as a chore. The point of college is to further educate yourself, gain experience and expand the mind. A lot of people go to it simply because it is what you do after high school. When they go in thinking that they won't try as hard so they perform worse which will lower the expectations of the professors

>> No.24518050

...Dude. That's a load of fucking porn.

>> No.24518054


United States went to shit when white took over and killed all the red people. And then enslaved the black people. And interred the yellow people. And then sent spies and agent provateurs into coutries full of brown people.

>> No.24518066

>government sees civilian daring to bear arms for his own cause
>not being labeled part of the resistance yourself

Sure, burn your bridges at both ends... or something.

>> No.24518067

>Put a black dude in an all-white school in Wisconsin and he'll get so much pussy thrown at him there isn't even an analogy for it.
Whites, even liberal whites, are the least likely race to race-mix. It's minorities that throw themselves at whites not the other way around.

>> No.24518074

Speaking of which, they would roll out the lobster and steak every time a camera crew came to visit for the news or a documentary.
The steaks were like overcooked shoe leather and the lobster was drier than a hot road, but it was a nice change from the usual WE BOILED CHICKEN AND THEN WE PUT A SAUCE ON IT, WE CULINARY SPECIALISTS.

>> No.24518078

Rhodesia sinks that arguement. South Africa, even.

It's a classic choice - Western values imposed by force, or tribal values imposed by force?

Democracy isn't a third choice, it's a slower route to the second one. Failing to see that is what destroyed those nations infrastructure and culture.

>> No.24518079

>Look it up.
Burden of proof, bro.

>> No.24518080

Meanwhile the green people were surprised how well everything was going for them.

>> No.24518098

Hahah. We had lettuce and rice for a month. It was pretty awful but my poos were pretty nice and regular.

>> No.24518099

Pretty sure that will hit diminishing returns at some point, no matter how much money you offer a guy, he won't kill himself, because he can't spend money when he's dead, unless he's a vampire, or a lich, or some other form of intelligent undead.

>> No.24518100


>The Aero-Club de France, a Paris-based federation that was set up in 1905 to rule on the veracity of first-in-flight claims, confirmed that Santos-Dumont was flying's pioneer. The federation awarded a trophy cup to Santos-Dumont after the Wright Brothers refused to provide evidence that they flew unaided at Kitty Hawk in 1903.

>> No.24518106

>confirmed for not knowing white women

>> No.24518109

right but they havent had one in the last 20 years so they fucked up

>> No.24518110

All I'm asking for is a source.

>> No.24518115

Luckily we now have brown people coming in and working hard. Hopefully we can elect some and the country will get better.

>> No.24518119

>Theres more magic in my shoe than in Westeros.
It exists, though, and therefore backs up the claim that nobles/mages/what have you are inherently better than normal people, and also reinforces the aristocracies powerbase. Also I think that changes.

>Which everyone thinks are dead.
But they aren't, are they? The ability of certain individuals to control dragons does the same, as it's something no revolutionary peasants could match.

>In Westeros that just means they're sure to die.
Peasants are sure to die too. You still need armies of peasants to fight for this throne of yours, though. You won't see any Ivajlo the Cabbage trying to lead a popular revolution in Westeros. Closest you might get would be a peasant clawing his way up into the nobility, but that would be a new-money style noble clawing his way up, rather than a French Revolution style event.

>> No.24518120

Oh yeah, Army engineers have built hundreds of dams and bridges.

How many dams have welfare queens made?

>> No.24518130


I didn't want to get bored. It was for a whole year.

The day before we were going to ship out, my roommate bought an external hardrive after hearing what I was doing, and put porn on his too. That night he went out and left his door open, so I went in and switched all his porn with gay porn.


>> No.24518138

That's because once you go white you know its right

>> No.24518147

Meanwhile the green people were given the Levant in exchange for crocodile tears and assumed leadership of the white people.

>> No.24518149

San Marino is 1600 years old as a republic.

>> No.24518154

Yeah, getting supplies overland is a lot tougher than through the water.

>> No.24518161

Hoover, and a shit load of roads, and TVA.

>> No.24518168
File: 20 KB, 534x400, nolols.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...I don't get the joke.

>> No.24518170

>with gay porn
*my gay porn

>> No.24518171
File: 23 KB, 425x256, peasantmob.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno whats going on in this thread anymore, but:


Peasant revolts in ye olde medieval times were very much a real thing. Even uneducated, smelly, peasants were capable of uprising against overwhelming odds if they were pushed hard enough to do it.

And even if they don't win: they'll be less peasant to push around, the remaining peasants will be more valuable, and their message will still get across. All three things drastically increasing the odds of not being treated like shit again.

>> No.24518175


>This guy thinks you can only kill someone with a gun. It's not like poisons exist.

>> No.24518177

But to do that we'd only have to find one non-racist white person.


>> No.24518180

Why did you have 200GB of gay porn lying around?

>> No.24518181

wait, gay porn you had collected or gay porn featuring yourself?

>> No.24518193

This is what passes for humor in the army.

>> No.24518194

Wait, you don't?

>> No.24518196


You don't know women very well. Or at all.

>> No.24518200

Same, we demand answers.

>> No.24518225

Porn isn't about why, it's about why not!

>> No.24518231


Yeah I'd imagine quite a few prisons would stoop to D.

The thing with the American Prison System is you have chucklefucks like the guy I was posting to trying to put the squeeze on these guys as punishment when we've pretty well developed the whole system to a divine art of making life misery incarnate.

The problem is a lot of the complete jackasses labeled the hardcore either a) already have experience with this, or b) consider going through prison a badge of honor. A lot of those guys liken it to a test of their strength and perseverence, an award in the very criminal scum underworld we want them to leave, while most everyone else sees the word 'ex-con' and immediately dumps his resume.

This very endurance serves to only enrage people further, who think that more punishment is necessary to correct such a thing, completely unaware that all they are doing is 'proving' this fucker's the better man when he manages to live through Sgt. Arpaio's prison hellhole.

>> No.24518235

How do you know he isn't racist? Just because he doesn't talk about it doesn't mean he treats non-whites the same as whites

>> No.24518250


Myself, of course. I got into porn while in the military, and quickly realized straight porn pays males alot worse than gay porn. Never really penetrated though, had my stunt cock do that.

>> No.24518266

I'm not sure if this is more or less a lie than the "SHOT 40 HADJIS FOR JESUS" bullshit stories, but it is less depressing.

>> No.24518268

I'm not racist.
I'm white.
tada, not all whites are racist, you sad fucking troll. How do into logic?

Oh, now the burden of proof is on you. Prove I'm racist - oh wait, you can't.

>> No.24518272

If you make a name for yourself in straight porn then you can get a shit load of money if you switch to gay.

There is a huge market for "Straight" men going gay

>> No.24518291

25% of marines responded positively to a survey asking if they'd fire on murrikans.

No more. And they have the highest "yes" rate. No great surprise, given that marines are faggots.

The fed fucks the troops over literally every single day. The army hates the rest of the government with a fucking passion. So does the navy (who have more jets than the chairforce), and eve the chariforce- who, were they flying drones and planes ot kill kurrikans, would be getting overrun with armor in a matter of days.
And by days, I mean A day. At most. Locals would eat them alive, security on a military bae is rather lax, and it takes ABOUT an hour for an infantryman to get his rifle from the armory. Longer if you kill the armorer and hide his keys.

On top of that, most military person ell can barely figure out how their sights work, and shoot roughly as often as cops do-
AKA, once a year or so for MAYBE half a day.

>> No.24518298

/tg/- Experts on the world of Gay Porn.

>> No.24518303

Just like how you can't prove you aren't racist.

Just like how you can't prove I am racist.

Also, I only replied to you once. The rest was some other guy.

The truth is that everybody is racist

>> No.24518309

>shooting hadjis
pick one.

Anyway, doing porn is the kind of thing that gets you kicked out of the military post-haste, so it's a probably a lie.

>> No.24518336
File: 50 KB, 899x434, OBAMA 2012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He must want you to check your privilege.

>> No.24518350

None, because there's no such thing as a king of the welfare system.

You just have fucking people who get a shitty few dollars and some of them decide to be lazy on it because life fucking sucks.

They're not living dreamlands, they're just idling their fucking time until they die in some boring scummy shithole in Detroit.

>> No.24518357

I meant in the sense that people who brag about it probably never actually did it

>> No.24518361

>United States went to shit when white took over and killed all the red people
Yes those horrible white people bringing their buildings and roads, Oh if only the glorious Indians had fought them off like the Na'vi then America would be a forest wonderland where people don't have evil things like internet.

At least there are still some places in South America where Indians are a majority, like Bolivia, there you can see the majesty of the red man and his utopian living conditions.

>> No.24518374
File: 199 KB, 1391x406, 1366927005536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It must be sad to be surrounded by racists. Haven't you ever considered moving to a place with decent people? Or is it that you can't move out of your own head?

>> No.24518378


Well, I was in a porn called "Abu Ghrape". It was almost like a porn and a political statement at the same time.

And I've really only killed one person, and I never got to see the body. I also might have missed, and it was someone else who actually shot him.

>> No.24518380

>redistributing someone else's stuff without their permission
>supports Obama
Well, at least she practices what she preaches.

>> No.24518401

Only if you get caught.

>> No.24518404


Oh, obviously if a White man had been there to lead them, they would have won, right?

>> No.24518410
File: 155 KB, 720x555, 87259A40-9443-42A4-B84E-87085E6AA000-10292-000011987AD795B7_zpscebbb3da.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeeeah. ok there guy.

>> No.24518411

This is why you wear the gimp mask. Its like you're a fanciful faggot zorro.

>> No.24518458

Sorry that I base my arguments on facts and statistics instead of stereotypes like a dumb nigger namefag.

>> No.24518460

You don't have to be discriminatory to be racist. You can hate white people without them knowing. You are still a racist though. You can guess a guy is Chinese if his last name is Chan and you might be right. But you are still a racist.

>> No.24518514

I'm not talking about a specific subset of racism you sick fuck.
I said racism.

Why are you projecting your own shortcomings on the rest of the world? Even the most sheltered, ignorant person should be able to access the internet and realize that's wrong on general principle.

>> No.24518550

He's right though. It's one of the biggest gimmicks in the industry.

>> No.24518573


Thank god you're anonymous, or this would be embarrassing for you. After pulling you're totally-not-bullshit-unverified-statistics out of you're ass, did you ever stop and think that a woman is the one with the vagina? And that her legs open and close at her discretion?

>> No.24518601


You wanted truthful and honest. Don't be a bitch about it.

>> No.24518636


>> No.24518681
File: 33 KB, 350x287, MagnaCarta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Easy, they have no Democratic Traditions in Westeros.
What? Did you honestly think Democracy happened overnight? The wondrous creation of some super bright demigod that are the masterbation fantasies of Ayn Rand and Nietzsche? Because it most certainly did not. These traditions took time and effort to evolve, starting with noblemen wanting the ability to keep Kings in check and influencing what they could do, with power gradually going down the social ladder from their. Some people eventually feel that the king and nobility can be removed and replaced with the new parliaments and senates and so forth at some point, others are willing to keep them around.
Your thinking like a modern first world citizen, not a medieval peasant. A medieval peasant knows monarchy and fuedalism, he knows his place in society. It may be shit, but it's shit he has trudged through all his life. Familiar and a part of his home. His culture has told him from cradle to grave that other people in the noble houses have a special quality which lets them make the big scary decisions like when to go to war or how to manage agricultural land and whatnot, which he does not have to both with, and he believes it deep down. You know what often happens when you take an absolutist monarchy/feudal system that has been like that for centuries and install a democratic government? A few hard line republicans (as in people who are in favor of republics) rejoice right up until they vote in a dictator.

>> No.24518682

They're the least likely to marry outside their race.

Taking the BBC is entirely different.

>> No.24518710

rac·ism [rey-siz-uhm]
a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

How is my statement not correct when tested against the first definition?

>> No.24518755

It doesn't equal up to the amount you'd make if you just started with gay porn. It's really just a mid career move to sweeten the deal for people who chose straight at first.

>> No.24518796

>My boyfriend's stuff
>Single and ready to mingle

>> No.24518830

>giving her boyfriend's stuff away
>implying she's still going to have a boyfriend when he finds out

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