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I want to try something slightly different this time. No "you are..." but instead we will all be aware at all times that we are not the protagonist. Sort of

Our father/creator was Gloro Wondermaker, a genius toymaker and artificer in the now long-buried city of Dacarta.

After serving the legendary army of Dacarta as master craftsman and armorer, creating war-constructs and golems of all kinds for decades, our father eventually retired from military service to spend the rest of his life chasing what became his driving passion. Adopting war orphans and raising them as productive members of society. Designing friendly constructs for the betterment of life everywhere, and crafting teachers, friends and caretakers for children across the continent.

His constructs were elegant, durable and affordable, made to endure the harshest treatment a small child could put his or her toys through (which turned out to be a surprising lot of punishment, after a few test runs).

You are Mother Doll. A self-aware intellect in the depths of what now is known as the Ruins of Daemonfeast. You wake up after one of the greater, roaming demons knocks up another building nearby in the long-buried city of Dacarta.

You run a quick check of your own status
System integrity ....compromised
Self Repair Systems ...failed
Waking up repair constructs ...all repair constructs have been destroyed
Calling for citizen safety constructs ...all "police" constructs have been destroyed
Calling for military constructs ...unresponsive
Checking warehouse ...waiting ...waiting

One Model 51 caretaker unit is undamaged. The N° 3 unit of the batch, the model 51 was designed as a caretaker and toy for small children. It is intelligent and highly mobile, designed to learn together with its young ward, and then teach/protect the child. It can sing, dance, cook and fly (at butterfly speed) with its default programming.

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You are Mother Doll. Your purpose as the intelligence controlling Wondermaker´s craftshop is to produce high quality, affordable, durable construct and deliver them to children for their enjoyment. Your city has long been buried and infested by monsters of the worse kind, to the point that its original name has been lost and replaced by "Daemonfeast". You control one small construct meant to sing, dance, and cook.

Your first priority is self repair.

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Stay hidden and motionless until the demon has moved away. Then send your M51 out to survey the surroundings. Priorities are immediate safety hazards, signs of life, other constructs (both damaged and intact) salvageable parts, other resources, mid- and long-term-hazards in this order.

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The beautiful, engraved applewood box which contains the 51N°3 falls apart as if its lid was made of little more than dust. Ages have passed since it was lovingly polished and placed on the warehouse shelf, waiting to be delivered to a toy shop somewhere else on the continent.

Your model 53 is about as tall as an apple, and was made with the highest quality materials, meant to last and endure plenty of use and abuse. You wish you could remember what those materials were, but that information has been lost in your damaged brain. The package has soft, rich red velvet pillows to keep the toy-faery in place, and a small fake bottom for a instructions manual.

As the M53 sits up to peek around, its magical eyes have no trouble in the dark (without a light source, however, it cannot read, and can only see in black and white).

Through its eyes, you see that the devastation is nearly complete. All the other crates in the warehouse have been cracked open and their contents destroyed or stolen. It is difficult to say if it was monsters or adventurers looking for treasure, at this point.

The warehouse is some 900 feet wide and about 200 long, with a tall roof overhead and lines and lines of shelves. The windows are broken, of course. There is no wind, and your M53 can detect no movement.

Its first impulse is to "cast" a light spell and look for children to play with. Tiny, but bright golden, red and white specks of light float upwards as it takes flight, and you just barely manage to stop it from singing.

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>No "you are..."
>You are Mother Doll

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But you arent the little doll. You dont actually are the protagonist, and at some point in the future you may need to sacrifice your model 51 for the greater good of your mission.

For now, however, you act through the M51

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This is still our best and hopefully low-risk bet at finding useful stuff. Everything complete and working will most likely have been taken but what to others is simply broken we can repair.

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btw: get a name or, if you feel fancy, even a trip for this.

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>You dont actually are the protagonist

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Just becuase you dont play as the little doll doesnt mean that you arent the protagonist. All it means is that Mother Doll is the protagonist and Baby Doll is just a disposable plot point.

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Well, sure why not. Im not gonna argue and derail the thread.
There you go

As the M51 takes off, softly floating upwards as she curiously bats her delicate, tiny wings, you can see through her eyes (yes, the lights actually help, letting you read in her immediate vicinity) that pretty much every single crate has been cracked open and either looted or destroyed.

N° 3´s box had fallen down and slipped into another crate which has already been looted, and thus avoided sharing a similar fate.

Looking around for a bit reveals plenty of spare parts (wings, arms, legs) but no functioning cores. Therefore you can make several "spare" bodies, but cannot animate any of them.

Your memory tells you that the cores were kept inside the workshop itself, close to you. But you have no idea of where you are, relative to the M51

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Gather what it can carry without being encumbered and is the most useful to have around. I think this would be a spare arm or spare wings because those would be the most bothersome if they were damaged. The wings especially seem like something that would break easily.

With a pair of wings in its arms explore the rest of the building. Hopefully you or at least some cores will be found.

As I'm about to sleep I'll plan a little ahead:
Main priority is repairing yourself.
I think the quickest way for that is to build or repair a couple of golems as soon as possible. Once you have those you can start repairing yourself (doing this with only one minion would be far too tedious). If parts are needed procure as many of those from the wreckage and find or assemble means of creating the other parts as soon as possible.

Compared to the wasteland outside I consider this building a goldmine despite being mostly destroyed and looted. Don't leave the building until the crates have been searched and everything useful has been hiding somewhere safe. Indeed leaving some of the stuff inside the crates but remembering where could be the safest place to keep them. No way we will gather all of the useful stuff at a single. That would be far too risky.

Good night and have fun with the quest. this is one of the slower times for quests though so don't be bothered if no one posts. This kind of quest simply doesn't have the power to draw crowds at all times given that is neither based on some popular story nor deploys the tropes used to catch the attention of /tg/'s userbase.

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Yeah, it's a shame that if it's not Animoo Quest or Porn Quest #87576467, it's just not gonna get off the ground.

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Not true. Theres also Generic Waifu Quest #46554154 you can try. Hell, Exabyte has made his name off of thems bitches.

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Well, I just liked the idea of a mechanical santa in a post-apocalyptic magical world, sunken under a mountain and surrounded by monsters of all kinds.

A good side of the whole thing, tho, would be that the clockwork faery is not very alluring to most undead monsters. It may not even "show" in their field of view if it was to fly directly in front of them.

N°3 flies slowly around the warehouse a couple of times. This takes a long time, as you constantly command it to inspect the boxes, yet the little faery is inexhaustible and, despite your "inner clock" telling you it took 75 hours, your little minion has finally recovered six pairs of wings in good, working condition, and nearly countless spare parts for itself, tho seeing its peers in such poor conditions stirred a strange sensation inside it.

Most creatures call this sensation "loss" or "sorrow". You register it for further research at a later time, as a low-priority objective.

N°3 cannot find you or the cores anywhere in the building. It seems like this is indeed a separate building. It does, however, find some "offices" with "documents" on top of a desk. The documents are so delicate due to time that when N°3´s small butterfly wings fly her closer to the desk, many of them break apart as if they were made of ash, and her small feet sink on the piles of papers all the way to her knees.

As you command N°3 to stand still with her hands high to avoid damaging anything, you have it lean its head in one direction and another. The tiny lights floating around your minion let you read a few documents.

It seems the city was under assault by a ferocious enemy, and its rulers had comissioned your creator to develop a "peacekeeping" clockwork.

You can read NIK--- right after CODENAME. and the rest of the document has been destroyed due to age.

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There are also long lists of what your inner memory confirms to be "good children" that had requested your creator for gifts. A old command tells you these requests are high priority, but your logic core overrules such command due to these requests being so old as to be impossible to process.

You also see some mention about a raw materials warehouse being filled up to the brim on the southwest section of the city.

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get to the southwest section of the city, self-repair is first objective.

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I am monitoring this thread. This looks promising.

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I thought people had deserted it. Alright continuing

At your command, N°3 starts flying towards the southwest. The cavern roof is high above, but you can see through your tiny minion´s eyes that the highest buildings have either been crushed by the roof or are half buried into it, giving them a odd look, almost as if they were pillars.

Almost all the houses and buildings are ruined, but you can recognize the palace of government and the main plaza, albeit all the trees are now gone, replaced with a strange growth that looks like a fungus, in their place.

From time to time, the streets under your minion path lit up with flame or lightning at the street level, as some monster clashes with an adventurer or with another monster.

Suddenly, a large bat comes forth from the dark towards your N°3!!

Do you want to:
*Fight the winged demon for rulership of the cavern´s roof
*Attempt to tame the beast and turn it into a mount for your minion
*Flee at butterfly speed
*Dazzle it with a burst of light

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N°3 conjures a lively fireworks display before its hands. It was meant as a harmless cantrip to entertain children, but to the eyes of a bat who has barely ever seen the glow of fluorescent mushrooms and hardly anything brighter in its entire life, it may as well be a exploding sun.

It sways in its path and crashes head-first against a stalagmite growing from the roof, then starts falling down towards the city.

N°3 was meant as a nanny. A friend, teacher and caretaker, and its prime directive pulls it to see if the bat is alright. Do you want to stop her or let her fly down after the bat?

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Be cautious in the investigation of the state of the creature. If it looks dangerous, scarper

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no. its to risky

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Alright sounds like two want to carefully check on the bat

You fly down towards the direction the bat dissapeared into. The small mammal is too light to make it through a roof, even a roof as old and weak as those of the old city, so when you dont see it splattered on a roof, you know it must have survived somehow.

Flying around at roof´s height, you spot two strange, large beetles with a red shell crawling along the streets. Each is roughly the size of a cat.

Looking past them, you see the sligthly dazzled bat hidden inside a long-dead street lamp. It doesn´t looks badly hurt.

You can use minor heal wounds or minor repair three times a day. (each use heals 1 hp)

Do you want to use one on the bat?

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btw that was my bad. You can only use the healing 1/day

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night, guys

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If you feel like playing again today I'll check the thread every now and then.

>Animoo Quest or Porn Quest #87576467
That is a simplification I just can't leave alone. While both of those are major factors there are many more things that draw people to quests. Firstly every well-known and liked setting will do. Just yesterday someone started a Dungeon-Keeper-With-A-Twist quest. Mechengineer Quest has a reliable pool of Battletech fans as well. There are also two very popular Harry Potter quests. You just need to take some material that already has many fans and not screw up horribly. It's not that hard to keep people interested in something they already like.

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Concerning porn I think it is more of a theme to add to your quest. Even Blatant Fetish Quest would have worked without any sex or fetishes had the author chosen to try it that way and I don't think the sex alone is what attracts people. Two of the most common and most major things quests use are Extreme Growth and Being a Special Snowflake. By the first I mean that the main character or characters grow powerful very very quickly. The other is just what it says: Even in the fantastical realm you are something special or even unique. Psion quest uses all three for example while BFQ mostly uses 1 and 3 with a hint of 2. Gargoyle Quest applies Growth and intents to include the Special Snowflake as well. Shadow Quest extremely uses both number 2 and 3 and accordingly draws a huge crowd. (the MC went from a shadow blob that couldn't even communicate to something that fights and eats angels in 13 threads and is unique not only because of that but also because of it's character, elemental combination and other stuff). All the dragon quests us some of these as well.

That said this quest as well as some others (Manglemouth as a still living example) don't use any of those. Because of this only people who like actually creative or unusual stories play them.

Now that I think about it there is one trait this quest has that will most likely attract people soon: Strategy and planning. By this I mean the main thing that draws suggesters to stuff like Zerg Quest or all the civilisation threads.

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