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Why is a proginator race so popular in fiction? It doesn't actually answer where life or technology came from it just kicks the can down the road.

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because people are dumb

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It adds a bit of mystique to Humanity so our species seems more important in the wider universe.

For a better example of how this could be used, consider the Uplift series by David Brin where EVERYONE had a progenitor race except Humanity.

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Because the progenitor race allows you to use well-developed and comfortable fantasy tropes in a science fiction setting: the ancient, long lost X of Y. Ancient evils returning, powerful god beings from an earlier age of the world... all that jazz.

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Well I sort of get why it is used in warham, it explains why alien races look alike.

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Because an actual answer is either going to be God or an accident and neither of them are as interesting as "lol, ancient aliens."

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Because with a progenitor race you don't need to feel bad about all your aliens being humans with funny foreheads.

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I like having an ancient advanced race in my settings, but its usually not a progenitor race.

Ancient races are popular, I think, because it lets authors put stuff which is so advanced it's nearly magic in their settings, without having to attempt to explain it or anything.

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While true in RT/2e era, the introduction of Necrons who have no progenitor races and are humanoid anyway muddled that scheme.

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This is a particularly good reason.

Also, it's just fun to have "ancient civilization mysteriously disappears. Investigate?" as a plot hook.

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I personally like the Macross version better. An alien race takes some human population and raises them as a subordinate civilization. Then Hilarity Ensues when the aliens and their pet humans meet us again

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See: Star Trek

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Though they could easily justify that with "And then the cold-blooded Old Ones decided that the bodyplan of their Necron enemies was efficient indeed, and from that template they moulded many servitor races".

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by the way, at which earliest moment could the universe have supported civilization like ours?

I guess what I'm asking is, how long ago the heavy elements were available for planetary formation, since they seem pretty handy in developing life and require at least a generation of stars to die.

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I <think> the universe is supposed to be a hundred billion years old, and the lifespan of red giants and the like that form supernovas are in the span of hundreds of millions of years. So you could probably safely have your first civilizations form 10 billion years after the start of the universe, since that would be enough time for all the heavy and death metals to form.

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>since that would be enough time for all the heavy and death metals to form.
>death metals

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Because it makes someone responsible for our flaws without ruining our image of one perfect, good God.

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Our current best predictions place the universe at a mere 14 billion years (give or take.)

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>by the way, at which earliest moment could the universe have supported civilization like ours?
Not sure that's a reasonable question to speculate on, all things considered. Some astronomers recently found some old systems that seem to have had planets billions of years ago. We simply don't have enough information to answer the question, so you might as well just pick a point in time for your own setting and say "eh, this works."

>I <think> the universe is supposed to be a hundred billion years old
You whu?

Dude. It's younger than 14 billion.

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Which race was it that raised humans? Admit I'm kind of poor on the macross lore. I just know of Invid and Zentradi who are now gigantic elves who combine loli, busty women and giganticism into a single package.

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I am a little sick of progenitor races. If there is legendary ancient tech or ruins, I prefer it if all of it was made by humans or still-present aliens, and we just forgot how to do it in the dark ages.

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>14 billion

oh shit, I'm waaay off then.

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I'm pretty sure the Protoculture are the progenitors of Macross.

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because apart from it being tragically underbaked in Prometheus (though at least present) it allows is to contrast the creative process of something imagined with the lofty creative process of humans, something real. This contrast and analogous creation explores human drives and attributes like control, ego, creativity and life

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And super-lasers. Those are cool, too.

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Which is basically the same thing, but in reverse.

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Because uncovering mysteries is cool and allows for suspense and exciting stuff to happen

that's all

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No. That's robotech. Invid aren't even in Macross. The protoculture in Macross is humanity. It means something else in Macross.

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Because the "Fall from Grace" is quite important in a lot of mythologies.

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It appeals to atheists AND theists. It presents a plausible scientific theory for a God to atheists and to theists it gives them a God.
Both people get unsettled and curious about the plot device.

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It just makes sense that the universe is so old its statistically unlikely that mankind and any species mankind encounters are the first species to break orbit and achieve anything by a long shot.

The real question is why there has to be always ONE, singlular older-than-fuck race.

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shit middle eastern religions that have been "modernized"


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The practicality of space travel means any race humans ever do meet will probably be dead for millions of years.
The universe is empty and when we try to explore it it will be becoming more empty...

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Because any race race that is able to travel across the galaxy can probably travel anywhere.
It becomes the .... master race.

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Because they pulled a british on the galactic world map, and you don't hear much about the lesser races.

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Eh, what are these four-limbed pink, brown and yellow midgets? They kind of look like Shoggoths, don't they?

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Now I know why they died out.

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You ever realised that the Fermi Paradox is BIG PROOF for now, that WE HUMANS will be the Yog-Shoggoth, the Nyarlatotep, the Azathoth, the horrors from beyond, the destroyers and gods of trillions of sentient beings...

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But it only leads to more questions, who came BEFORE them?

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Someone else. But we don't care about those guys, they didn't create us. No one cared who Einstein's parents were.

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They were immaculately conceived.

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>Why is a proginator race so popular in fiction?
Because it's true in reality.

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They're older than the universe. They just were.
-Insert wild hand waving here-

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Non-aware animals.

*ta-dum tish*

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>White aryan girl has interracial sex with black guy
>The most beta and cold guy in the entire ship is david, the white robot
>2edgy feminist strong girl who don't need no octopus in her uterus

Cultural Marxism is destroying our society.

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The increasing complexity of life follows an exponential increase. Much like Moore's Law - which states that the number of transistors we can fit into the same space doubles every eighteen months - the complexity of biological life doubles every 360-ish million years. This seems to hold with observed evidence. Using this, we can extrapolate back to the time when the complexity of life was zero - the origin of life.

The problem is that this turns out to be around ten billion years ago. The Earth, for reference, is about four and a half billion years old. So either something's off, or life got a kick-start, either from already-complex microbacteria carried aboard a comet or any of a number of hypotheses.

If it takes ten billion years for us to arise, and the universe is only 13.8 billion years old... chances are, we're the first species to reach a sufficient level of development to hit space travel and communication in the galaxy, if not the universe.

So the chances are that any overlap between intelligent species would naturally be very tiny, and at vastly disparate stages of development. Which means that a situation in which there are many intelligent species running around at the same time and at almost-identical levels of biological and technological development is more than likely an engineered one.

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They perfected time travel technology. They had no origin, for they transported their entire species into the past as part of a stable time loop.

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>atheism and drugs legalization are on the list

I feel like punching white people in the face now.

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Boltzmann brains from a time when the universe had a weaker anthropic principle.

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The X universe had a funny take on that.
It's centered on portal technology, which allows FTL travel by linking these portals through space.
So humanity found that tech and then put a gate around Mars.
And then they found out that there was an entire system of gates already in place and no one knew where they came from. So they used these gates to explore the universe.
They had terraformer ships that terraformed planets for them, until humans had enough planets. Then they sent out a software update with a self-destruct command.
The engineers fucked up and the update caused the terraformers to terraform colonized planets.
Shortly before they could destroy earth, a few brave humans lured them through the gate that was in orbit around earth and sent them to a random galaxy. Then they blew up the gate.

And here's when the twist comes. A few hundred years later, humans are still confined to earth as they are afraid of rebuilding their gate. So they research gate-less jump drives.
The player in X - Beyond the Frontier is the test pilot for the first prototype of these drives.
As expected, everything goes FUBAR and you land in some place far away. So far, in fact, that there's five alien species living there, connected through a jump gate network of the same kind as the ones that humanity stumbled upon.
None of these alien races have any fucking clue as to how these jump gates work, so it's just mysterious technology of an advanced civilization from the past for them.
But humans actually invented the same damn thing.

And later it turns out that these jump gates are still controlled by their owners, who send out robotic messengers. At the end of the X series they shut them all off and X - Rebirth starts with entirely new jump gate connections and lots and lots of changes in interplanetary societies that came from the years of isolation.

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>the complexity of biological life doubles every 360-ish million years.


How does one define "complexity" as a numerical factor? We had bacteria for billions of years, then eukaryotic cells, and almost all of multicellular life on Earth can fit in that 360 million year range.

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It is said the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites. If I say the obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, anti-Whites agree that I am a "naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews".

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

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We have no beggining, we have no end

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Go home, /pol/, you're drunk.

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Forgot the image

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Does it count as progenitor, if they just take a bunch of cells and shoot them across the universe to see what happens, and few billion years later those cells have evolved into various ecosystems of their own? So that there's no "great plan" to make humans or dolphins or anything, just take different cells/organisms, spread them around and let nature take its course.

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The very fact that you don't even bother to comment on my post is proof that you are a DISGUSTING
Christian White Racist motherfucker who needs a fucking Italian Salami jammed up his colon.

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It isn't being judged by its merits from an intellectual point of view.
It is simply being used to evoke emotion; that mystical feeling of something sentient and mysterious that guides us. Something that hints at concepts that are strong in the human imagination, like "fate" and "magic".

We do this all the time when we try to make something interesting;
"this has all happened before, and it will happen again" for example. Which is actually quoted from Peter Pan, but most of us will know it as one of the oddities that popped up in Battlestar Galactica.
There's lots of ideas, like these, that in a sense, speak to our inner penchant for gullibility, worship and superstitution. And it's not necessarily bad - except when someone tries to pass it off as truth.

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Why do you ask this question every day? It's in the archives a few dozen times already. Old soup is old soup. You don't get new answers unless you ask after a significant change in board presence has occured.

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/pol/ plz get the fuck out

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>he admits he's a fucking christian

Retard alert. Retard alert. Retard alert. We got one of them Santa Claus believers here.

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Hell, what if they sent out simple creatures as organic space probes and they evolved to colonise the world they land on accidentally?

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Are you saying "genocide" is actually a euphemism for "have sex with"? Is that what really went on in the concentration camps?

Have I misunderstood these things my entire life?

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>implying it relates to /pol/

Christians don't belong on /tg/. This is the place where we play Satanic Anti-Christian games of damnation.


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geNOcide does not have to be violent, genocide is assimilation too according to international law.

but as a white person, if I oppose the geNOcide of my race, I'm a ''nazi'' and a ''racist''.

Excuse me, but could any sane person not realize that flooding EVERY & ONLY White countries with MILLIONS of non-Whites and telling everyone to “assimilate” to create a blended humanity IS white GENOCIDE?

Africa will still be full of Africans.

Asia will still be full of Asians.

Only White children will suffer from this insanity.

It's white geNOcide.

Except they don’t call it GENOCIDE when it’s done to White children.

They call it “diversity”.

Anti-racist is a code for anti-White.

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please tell me that comic is a parody

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>christians still butthurt because blacks and asians are smart enough to understand evolution while christians still think satan put those bones in the ground

I can't wait until we find aliens, and all the Christian scum on the planet commits suicide.

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Fuck off back to the Vatican, Christian cancer.

>> No.24489316

Then those were some terrible probes.

Never send flesh to do a robot's job.

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>yfw the Pope said he would gladly baptize an alien

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>Meanwhile, on /q/...


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No one fucking cares about your fucking retarded crucified Jew god, you fucking shit.

Fuck off.

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Creating a World without White children is GENOCIDE
Are so stupid you don't understand why GENOCIDE is wrong, or are you ONLY Anti-White ?
The attempt to destroy, in whole? or in part, EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and 'assimilation' is GENOCIDE
'Anti-racist' is a codeword for Anti-White

And I'm agnostic.

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No anon you are the cancer.

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Well hey, look at V'ger.

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there was a modern fantasy thread on /tg/ that basically said that was the origin of dragons, B.A.H.A.M.U.T. was actually a probe factory that was exploring the galaxy, all of the dragons were just malfunctioning probes

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Should have thrown something in there about gender politics so guarantee not only replies from the people in the thread, but from everyone on the board.

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Genocide is the organized murder or sterilization of a people

>> No.24489356


Think of Chinatown, Little Italy. What's the point of a multicultural society if everyone just splits off individually anyway?

A true multicultural world is where every country is strong and defined in their roots, history, culture, art, language etc. So that when we see/interact with other countries, we actually experience differences in our world.

Are you anti white or pro white?

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Agreed. No information is sent back, so you'd need a permanent overwatch to see what's happening.
Also, what sort of race would need an organic probing program? Only pic related springs to mind.

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Hahahahaha, you're even more retarded than you think you are.

Suck some more of that Judeo-Islamic-Christian jew cock you fucking retarded cocksucking faggot.

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It retains the "creation" idea without the unappealing idea of god and religion.
in other words, it's just aestethics.

>> No.24489379

genes are less important than culture

>> No.24489383 [DELETED] 


>(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

No it's not, you anti white maniac.

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the only reason alien races look alike is because the writers are lazy.

>> No.24489388

>Think of Chinatown, Little Italy. What's the point of a multicultural society if everyone just splits off individually anyway?


Are you autistic?

Are you blind?

Do you not know the way in NY?

Goddamn, you're just... I know high functional autists that never get out their house who have a better understanding of the outside world.

You're just pathetic.

>> No.24489392

If that's the case, every group on earth is experiencing genocide

>> No.24489400

and then they jump through all those hoops to justify laziness when they could have just been creative, why os creativity so hard?

>> No.24489402

>data without sources

Kind of makes you think if whites aren't all just genetically retarded.

>> No.24489404

I don't know if you're a troll or too crazy to unpack in less time than a few hours, but the way you've taken a grain of truth and ran completely off the rails with it is kind of impressive regardless, so I will wish you luck in your future endeavours!

>> No.24489405


There were many problems with Prometheus, but that wasn't one of them.

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how the fuck did the discussion became /pol/ all of the sudden?
>>Africa will still be full of Africans.

>>Asia will still be full of Asians.

>>Only White children will suffer from this insanity.
>> implying white is a nationality

>> No.24489418


I did not think /tg/ was THAT MUCH anti-white.

According to international law, races do exist and they must be preserved.

''genes are less important than culture'' does NOT JUSTIFY GENOCIDE.

>> No.24489426

They like to infiltrate boards.

>> No.24489427

A source for weird, ridiculously advanced technology that no one is really familiar with and unlikely-to-evolve-naturally specialized alien species.

>> No.24489443

>implying it isn't

>> No.24489447

The current one?
I'd like to hear more about that. Seems like an interesting topic.

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Genes are only important when you're planning a generation ship to Alpha Centauri.

Fuck you're dumb.

The majority of space colonists will be African for the simple reason that Africa has the largest amount of biodiversity.

And when you send small groups of people, you want to maximize the biodiversity.

Since there's hardly any genetic difference between a Brit and a Frenchman, there's little use sending both Brits and Frenchmen to a new planet.

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Bitch, please. I'm Jewish, and it doesn't work like that.

I want to fuck all the brown bitches in the USA and Europe, true enough.

But I also want to fuck all the brown bitches in Africa as long as they don't have AIDS.

Additionally, I want to fuck the yellow bitches in China, and the light olive covered ones in the Middle East.

I also want all the different colored people to fuck each other, all over the world, so that wherever I go, there will be sexy interracial bitches for me to fuck in turn.

We don't hate white people, we're just horny.

>> No.24489457

So Jews are turning acceptable white people in dumb Christian white trash?

>> No.24489459


Now go read up on basic Mendelian inheritance.

>> No.24489463

>implying some autistic Christian American piece of shit can even comprehend the concept of sex

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He had it off, it was the pope's Astronomer who said it, point is that the vatican decided that since God is all encompassing that aliens are fully plausible, they also deemed evolution plausible a while a ago

>> No.24489468


Nope. Genocide means killing people. Fucking is something different.

>> No.24489469

why do you keep saying Christian over and over. You are dumber than the /pol/ poster.

>> No.24489473

Just report and move on for fuck's sake.

>> No.24489477

Genocide has a number of meanings.

>> No.24489480

>implying white children exist

All whities went extinct when the Neanderthals went extinct.

Whities = white niggers.

Learn your paleogenetics, cocksucker.

>> No.24489481

>International law
>Implying the UN isn't run by white guilt kikes

There's nothing wrong with genocide

>> No.24489486 [DELETED] 

>jews bring Muslims into western countries
>artificially increase tensions between them
>shit heats up, whites get angry, muddies get angry
>whites start wanting to kick muddies out
>propaganda shows Israel as 'only democracy in middle-east' & 'defenders of Freedom' etc etc
>whites support Israel cause common enemy

It's quite in-genius really, i have to tip my hat to them for pulling it off so well.

>> No.24489487

I'm white. Why are you so racist?

>> No.24489488

White is only a nationality in Europe.

America has always been mixed. There were brown people and blacks (albeit as slaves) in America before it was even a country.

>> No.24489489

>post science
>he yells JIDF

Yeah, you're a fucking cocksucking Christian cunt.

>> No.24489491


White nationalism everybody!

>> No.24489497

You're not white.

You're a nigger.

All homo sapiens sapiens are niggers.

>> No.24489499

I hate to be that guy, but what is a proginator?

>> No.24489509

Wtf is wrong with you?

>> No.24489516

We are the proginators of various genetically modified animals and plants.

A proginator is an intelligent agent that artificially disrupts the process of evolution with design.

>> No.24489518


''we all came from africa'' does NOT justify white GENOCIDE.

Would you flood japan with millions of non japanese people and force them to assimilate and when one of them complains say ''LOL WE ALL CAME FROM AFRICA, UR A RACIST OR WHAT?''

NO, but you say that to any white person who wants to fight against the geNOcide of his or her race.


>> No.24489524

And wtf is wrong with you? I'm not the guy you are bitching about just pointing out that it has more than one literal way of fulfilling it. The UN definition takes that into account.

>> No.24489528


Hey, stormfag. Think for a second.

If whites are breeding with blacks and asians, doesn't that mean that an equal number of "pure" african and asian lines are also being lost? Or do you think its like Shadow Over Innsmouth, where mixed race babies become less white when they grow up?

>> No.24489529

It's progenitor you dumb idiot. He was mocking the misspelling.

>> No.24489532

>only white people commit genocides

>> No.24489536

You're an idiot. Part of the point of being white is that we don't HAVE ethnic loyalties. That's where all of humanity should be going.

I work next to some Broseph McBroerton Hmong guy at the mall. Apparently, he gets shit from chinese people and japanese people all the time.

Whereas, when I see another Czech/german guy at the mall, I don't give him some little mutual nod of understanding or whatever, because HE'S JUST SOME DICKBAG.

Humanity has a single origin. We all come from the same fucking place. The racial differences we have now are BARELY physiological, they're cultural. I will admit it irks me that America might become a hispanic country without so much as a by-your-leave. And all the hispanic/mexican people I've ever met that I actually liked DID NOT ACT PARTICULARLY MEXICAN. (by comparison, I like all the middle-eastern people I've personally met, and they've all been recent (and legal) immigrants.)

Shit, all the black people I've ever met that I actually gotten along with/ found tolerable were either Somalis or about as black as Neil Degrasse Tyson.

"White" is barely even a thing. Do you include the Irish in your definition of white? Well, people like you didn't used to. White is what you become when race stops mattering to you and you move the fuck along from your primitive blood-myths.

>> No.24489542

What the fuck is wrong with your science education?

Seriously. Every human on Earth today carries genes that come from Africa.

No other place. Just Africa. The majority of what it is to be human, is African genes.

The genes people got out of Africa only relate to outward appearance, food digestion and immunity to diseases.

Go check it. It's all peer reviewed science.

>> No.24489543

Why the fuck are you arguing with people raiding /tg/?

>> No.24489547

Did all of 4chan turn into retards today?
What the fuck happened?

>> No.24489554

Because he is a nigger.

>> No.24489558


the difference is that white countries and ONLY white countries are being flooded with non whites until there are no whites left.

you just say I'm a ''stormfag'' because I'm white, would you say that to an aboriginal who wants to fight against the genocide of his people? no.

antiracist is just a codeword for antiwhite.

>> No.24489559

Why are you ranting at me you retard. I said I was white. I'm offended by your racist shit and you are ranting at me.

>> No.24489560


You managed to figure out that the guy who said he was Jewish in his post really was Jewish? Dude, you're like Sherlock Holmes!

>> No.24489564

it habbened :DDD

>> No.24489566


It's the weekend so kids are free to run rampant.

>> No.24489573


If you think you stole something you should give it back. Go on, give your home to a so-called "native" of this land and migrate back to Europe.
Oh wait...you anti-Whites say Europe isn't for White people either!!!
So if White people aren't allowed Europe and their colonies, where do they go?
Wait! You anti-Whites don't want White people to exist -- you demand the genocide of White people everywhere!
You call yourselves "anti-racist", but we all know it's a codeword for anti-White.

>> No.24489574

It's the fluoride in the water, man.

>> No.24489575


>> No.24489583

I want /pol/ to leave.jpg

>> No.24489585

The "Out of Africa" theory is actually a matter of some controversy, less accepted now that it previously was.

And in any case, adaptations to cold climates such as pale skin and epicanthic folds certainly evolved outside of Africa.

>> No.24489589 [DELETED] 

i'm here to help

>> No.24489596

shhh don't fight it. Just relax and enjoy the rustling.

>> No.24489598

>offended by science

Fuck, man. My sides. You're offended by science? Fuck man, you're the most stupid motherfucker I've come across in 8 years of 4chan.

Offended by science?

Dude, join in line with all the fucktard retarded jews and christians and muslims.

>> No.24489599

Didn't know this was possible without killing the woman.

>> No.24489606

/pol/ is alright as a containment board even if all the kraut-wanking is a bit irky.
The thing that does irritate me is this whole 'jewish science' meme. It reeks of the poorest corners of some Mid-West inbred hardcore pastor and his homeschooled kids.

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>> No.24489616


There are no accidents in physics.

If the physical properties of a universe allow life to exist then it is inevitable that it will exist.

>> No.24489618

>The "Out of Africa" theory is actually a matter of some controversy, less accepted now that it previously was.

Keep up with the science.

It's no longer a controversy.

Because scientists discovered that all homo sapiens sapiens outside Africa went EXTINCT in the Toba eruption 70,000 years ago.

Science goes forward, unlike racists who cling onto their conspiracy theories.

>> No.24489621

You are retarded.

>> No.24489629

Why do you assume it is a woman.

>> No.24489630

Well, women have it easier as men.

If you have to take a horse, take it up the cunt, not up the ass. That's asking for a perforated ass and bleeding to death.

>> No.24489635

>Because scientists discovered that all homo sapiens sapiens outside Africa went EXTINCT in the Toba eruption 70,000 years ago.
But thats wrong.

>> No.24489636

Not that guy but good job at implying that he's racist just because he doubts common sense.
You seem to be just as offended by actual science.

>> No.24489647


''we all came from africa'' does justify WHITE GENOCIDE?

Nothing justifies a geNOcide.

>> No.24489653

Hey, I'm not the idiot cocksucker that ignores peer reviewed science in favour for his own conspiracy theory where "inferior races" are winning the war against "superior races"...

>> No.24489658

/new/ 2.0 has been festering in its own shit and is shitposting so much that it spawned /s4s/. Furthermore, it is the home of the most retarded tinfoil shit mixed with stormfront. Sure, there are many political views but that far-right one is the most prevalent, perhaps due to chan demographics.

>> No.24489660

Its true I don't get the implication when people bring up "out of Africa" its absolutely meaningless. For instance it no way indicates that people derived from Africans.

>> No.24489661

You...already said that and didn't particularly answer to anything I said.

Fuck, what I said is more racist than a right-thinking liberal person is allowed to be these days, and you still think I'm an anti-white.

I will choke you though the internet. No, no it is not. The genetic studies indicate that there was a genetic bottle neck. One wingnut nazi "scientist" does not mean controversy.

Rupert Sheldrake's retarded morphic field theory does not mean that there's a controversy about the very principle of materialism in science.

Shut. The fuck. Up. Your insane ramblings before were just depressing, but now you're pissing in MY backyard. This could have been an interesting discussion, but you had to come out of fucking nowhere and spew textual diarrhea all over the internet.

To quote someone dead.



>> No.24489671

You are retarded really. You think i'm another poster. I simply told you to shut up because you were racially abusing white people.
I am white kindly shut the fuck up you stupid cunt.

>> No.24489680

Oh, yeah, what the fuck is up with that one?
Saw an image from that board on the front page today, but it doesn't appear anywhere in the link list.
Is it the same board as the one that Moot created on April Fool's?

>> No.24489686

Whats wrong with you now? There are other theories other than OoA research is being pioneered by the Chinese for example.

>> No.24489690

Show me it's wrong. With science.

>because he doubts common sense



>hey i bet gravity isn't working all the time man!



Homo sapiens sapiens is homo sapiens sapiens. It's all the same genepool, it's all part of the same species.

Mixing the genes doesn't REMOVE GENES you fucking retarded cocksucker.

It preserves them. Until the day those genes are needed again.


>> No.24489695

Its there you are blind.

>> No.24489697


>The genetic studies indicate that there was a genetic bottle neck

And for this reason millions of muslims and africans should be allowed to infect white countries until there are no white people left.

I guess the ''antiracist is just a codeword for antiwhite'' thing is true, after all.

>> No.24489703

>implying the Chinese can do anything except engineering

Fuck off.

>> No.24489704


Get out of here Brevik.

>> No.24489705

There were plenty of humans through out the world over 2 million years.
In Europe for example.
That is REAL science fella.

>> No.24489708

Yup. It originally came from /pol/ thinking that a leddit board, 'Shit Leddit Says' was actively infiltrating /pol/ in order to bring the victory of the feminist queer liberal thought.
Now it's basically /b/ 2007, unhindered shitposting with no bans.

>> No.24489710

>implying white genes go away if white people fuck non-white people

Fuck you're dumb.

>> No.24489712

Now who is the racist?

>> No.24489716

Genocide cannot be jusitified, nor can anti genocide. There are no morals.

>> No.24489719



According to international law races DO exist and must be preserved.

Anti whites pretend to NOT know what a white person is when they talk about white genocide.

But they sure as fuck know when they talk about slavery and colonnialism.


>> No.24489722

>There were plenty of humans through out the world over 2 million years.

>homo sapiens sapiens hasn't existed for 200,000 years

How can something that's 200,000 years old be 2 million years old?

You're a fucking retard.

>> No.24489725

it's interesting, mysterious and opens up lots of room for exploration, adventure and loot

>> No.24489728

Nihilism is not legitimate.

>> No.24489732

>implying that's racist

It's a comment about China's academic culture.

Not their genes. Fucktard.

>> No.24489735

And the Higgs Boson is of no importance, amirite?
Seriously, common sense is far from unfallible. It's just observation of general rules. They don't have to be the truth.
Years ago it was common sense that dinosaurs are reptiles, not proto-birds.

It's not on the front page. That's where I searched. I was too lazy to type the url, but now I did and it confirms that this board still exists.
I have no fucking clue what its purpose is. It's basically a more random version of /b/.

>> No.24489740

Christ alive. What is the fucking matter with you today /tg/?

>> No.24489741

Seen the video in full length.
It is a woman.

Not like that was safe from harm, but yeah.
A well-stretched cunt can take that.
The rectum is far more fragile as it is not actually made to be pounded by cocks.
Though, the question whether you can train your cervix to open up or have to stretch for depth.
Either way it takes a very ambitious kind to aim that... high.

>> No.24489742

And? Intelligent design is a "theory" as well

>> No.24489745


say that to the supreme court, lets see if they agree.

nothing justifies a genocide, but you're trying to.

>> No.24489746

You are showing you are more racist than the people you call racist.

>> No.24489749

>failure of whites to breed is genocide

if there's no compulsion, no one is doing anything wrong

keep whining baby

>> No.24489750


There's your problem. Law is just Law.

Law has zero relevance in the universe, you dumbshit.

>> No.24489754

Go home /pol/, you're drunk.

>> No.24489760

Because humans are older than 200 000 you stupid yank degenerate.
We didn't just appear out of the ground. You are more anti-science than the people you are ranting about you tool.

>> No.24489767

The burden of proof is on you moralfag.

>> No.24489778

Just because you fail to comprehend what academic culture is about doesn't make me a racist.

That just makes you an ignorant fool with no clue how the world works.

>> No.24489780


>> No.24489781

You still have proven nothing. Prove that morals exist.

>> No.24489782

why have these morons not been banned yet?

>> No.24489783

Antiwhites get OUT of this thread.

You hate your culture, tour race, your nation, all for the interests of Israel and their media domination washing your brains.

>b-but you're a racist!

yes, good goy, that's what they want YOU to think.

>> No.24489784

You are right in the league as this fellow probably the same idiot poster. You have no ground to claim science in this argument. You are fundamentally anti-science.

>> No.24489785

Well, maybe i don't fucking TRUST Chinese science, what with their government playing it fast and loose with the truth.

What do the chinese think? That human beings originated in China? WOW, WHAT A COINCIDENCE!

I trust them with dinosaurs, because they don't have a fucking agenda regarding dinosaurs.

Oh my glob, you just keep repeating the same thing over and over. Not the same idea, but the actual same phrasing, the same fucking words. you repeat it like a mantra.




I'm leaving the thread now. I advise everyone else to do the same. Yeah, this guy will think that he won by being the only person left talking, but he was going to think that no matter what, because he's a FASCIST CRACKPOT that just keeps spewing out the same phrases over and over.

>> No.24489789

You already lost. You can't defend nihilism because that means you believe in it.

>> No.24489794

Humans aren't older than 200,000 years.

Because before that time, it weren't HUMANS... it were PREDECESSORS to humans.


>> No.24489796

>Well, maybe i don't fucking TRUST Chinese scienc
Ahh that is racist!

>> No.24489798

that's not what nihilism means you dumb shit

>> No.24489803


korea has one of the lowest birthrates on earth, yet it's almost 100% korean.

nobody floods them with millions of shitskins and says ''LOL YOU FAIL TO BREED!''

you're just a genocidal maniac, you want to wipe out all white children or what?

antiracist is just a codeword for antiwhite.

>> No.24489804


>> No.24489805

They were called humans you schmuck. They were humans.
Our predecessors are older than 2 million years.

>> No.24489815

Defending nihilism is an oxymoron.

>> No.24489816

You believe that morals exist, he does not. The burden of proof rests with you.

>> No.24489822

>post actual science


No, you're the anti-science. You're the one providing no peer reviewed science, you're the one who refrains from posting hypotheses and theories.

>> No.24489830

i suggest you learn what nihilism is before you attempt to discredit it with spurious arguments

>> No.24489831

If moral exists how can nihilism be right?
Check mate.

>> No.24489836

Proof it.

Come on. Proof it. No creationist/stormfront sources allowed.

Just scientific sources.

>> No.24489837

You are anti-science. As a scientist its horrible to think schmucks like you exist. Trying to use science to push your moronic agenda.

>> No.24489838

You completely dodged the point.

>> No.24489841

the definition of "human" is ambigious, sometimes it refers to homo sapiens alone and sometimes it means the entire homo genus

so you're both wrong/right

>> No.24489843

Nihilists are very silly people who just need to make more friends and possibly buy a pet.

>> No.24489846


Are you proud of being white?


>> No.24489850


Homo Sapien is around 400,000 years old at best.

>> No.24489852

That makes no sense

>> No.24489853

What about putting white people in non-white countries and having them mingle? Is that genocide, too?

In other words, are you implying that only whites deserve to maintain racial purity?

>> No.24489855

Damn it, I really am leaving now, but first




(I'm aware of the irony)

>> No.24489856

I don't know why, but I'm laughing like a madman.
This thread is just insane. And finding /s4s/ made it even more retarded.
>>24489780 gave me the rest.

Yes, I'm saging with an image.

>> No.24489859

Is that what it is now?

Were all the Gauls murdered? How about the Iberians? Hittites? Lusitanians?

All these were assimilated into other people, and their whole culture and language relegated to history books. Are you saying this is not genocide?

>> No.24489861


>> No.24489863

It is a bad sign when the least agitated discussion in your thread concerns beastiality.

>> No.24489864

You are an idiot. All you are doing is creating strawman and ad hominem.
Read a text book if you actually care to learn about human evolution.

>> No.24489875

Technically, a nihilist is a Christian who has lost faith in God and sort of falls in this dead zone inbetween being religious and being an atheist.

A religious person follows religious morals, and an atheist follows a-religious morals or evolutionary morals whatever you call it.

But a nihilist, sitting there crying over God's corpse effectively has no morals.

That's a nihilist.

>> No.24489887

Yes. Genocide is an organized murder or sterilization of a people.

>> No.24489891

Sage, report, hide. This thread is beyond saving.

>> No.24489896

It isn't ambiguous human is every thing in the homo family. Some people hold onto the idea that Homo sapiens modern humans are the only type of human but this is false.
All homos(no jk) can create tools and interbreed with any other.

That guy is incredibly wrong.

>> No.24489900

does that mean that their preferred choice for gaming is computers?

>> No.24489901

no one is forcing you not to have white babies.

no one is forcing you to not breed with other white people.

no one is forcing you to do anything.

you are literally whining because there are non-white people in your vicinity and some of them are having sex with white people. so what? at what point is this genocide occuring? or is it simply genocide to have lots of black people near you?

>> No.24489903

I've read several textbooks. I have a godsdamned degree in zoology.

Your wheedling accusations are baseless. You don't just get to accuse everyone you don't agree with of using a random list of logical fallacies.

>> No.24489904

A nihilist believes that nothing has any inherent value.
An atheist rejects the idea of a god.
An agnostic reacts with "lol dunno" about god.
And a Christian believes in God.

>> No.24489911


Okay, I will make sure not to respond to this thread. Thanks for the warning.

>> No.24489913

Thats because your nihilistic brain just exploded inside your cranium.
If nothing is right or wrong how can nihilism be right?

>> No.24489918

ITT: You're either a leftist brainwashed by the jewish media or you're a HURR STORMFAG GO AWAY POL!

>> No.24489921

>All homos(no jk) COULD create tools and interbreed with any other.

You're still wrong. I am right.

All those homos were already on the way out when we came along.

>> No.24489926

You don't. You haven't read a damn thing in your life you are a liar. You are also a massive faggot ITT worse than the /pol/ poster.

>> No.24489932

The elites were assimilated, just like the Lithuanian elites were Polonised after the union of Lithuania and Poland. The rest spoke the same and usually kept the same customs.
That is not a genocide.
>what is collapse of industry

>> No.24489934

Hahahah, you fell into the
>never read Nietzsche but still talking about nihilism trap

>> No.24489936

I assume you're making a hyperbole for the sake of argument. At least, I really hope the sentiment is comical.

>> No.24489946

You are like a child. No you are wrong. Evolution is not a stop start or linear event.
That is basic evolutionary theory.

>> No.24489947

nietzche didn't invent nihilism

>> No.24489949

>read a textbook

How about something that wasn't used in the pathetic American highschool education system?

>> No.24489955

I just pictured the guy from Catan pasta typing this.

>> No.24489957


The Christians did.

>> No.24489962

I don't think it is the same poster has been ranting about Christians the entire time when nothing was mentioned about Christians.

>> No.24489972

Ah, I love how the ethnic demographic is shown as the only possible reason for a negative development.

>> No.24489973

Hitler wasn't pro-white! He was pro-weird-twisted-version-of-aryan-that-was-scientific-bollocks!

>> No.24489974

I'm not American you fucking cock gobbling illiterate shit poker.

>> No.24489975

Did I ever say evolution is a start stop event?

Quit using strawmen, strawman.

>> No.24489976

What? Do you even know which guy I am?

I distinctly remember 5 years of college culminating in a degree in the field that I love.

Man, I sure do hate that /pol/ guy, though. But you're being kind of a dick. That was...mean.

>> No.24489979


Assimilation is GENOCIDE according to international law.

YOU are trying to justify WHITE GENOCIDE.

Thank you for showing off your antiwhiteness.

>> No.24489989

The fuck did you just say to me?

>> No.24489993

You are the same shit poster. Don't deflect. You are more of an anti-intellectual shit poster than the /pol/ guy. Fuck off. Take your weird christian rants and youtube education and FUCK OFF>

>> No.24489997

You remind me of discussing 9/11 with people on 420chan's /tinfoil/.

Except those people were abusing drugs and medically declared schizophrenics.

What is YOUR problem?

>> No.24489999

You're gonna love this trust me. What you're seeing now are singles.

>> No.24490002

>I distinctly remember 5 years of college

You must have had a very boring college life if you can remember it all.

>> No.24490004

err... I don't believe you, I'd need to watch the full video to be certain, I'd appreciate if you could provide the link

>> No.24490008

You explicitly said it earlier. You said humans are 200 000 years old. They are in fact not. They didn't just appear 200 000 years ago modern humans just evolved 200 000 years ago.

You fucking dumb faggot.

>> No.24490011

So international law now decides what words mean?

>> No.24490012


>Progenitor tech, don't gotta explain shit

>> No.24490013

lol wow you are bad goku.... really tho go back to b faggot

>> No.24490030

Dude, hey, butthurt Christian piece of shit, I AM THE DESTROYER OF CHRISTIANS.

I'm not him. Fucking learn to see which post differs from which post, you FUCKING CHRISTIAN COCKSUCKING PIECE OF CANCERSHIT!

>> No.24490031

Just go to a more... openminded image board with a beastiality board.
Ask there.

>> No.24490033

The question has to be asked if international law doesn't apply to white people.
Why do white people follow international law?

Yes i'm suggesting we all become pirates again.

>> No.24490043

I'm not Christian you dumb ad hominem nigger. Get back in your cage!

>> No.24490046

Still using strawmen, are we?

You sure sound like a Christian apologist to me man.

>> No.24490047

>any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

no intent to destroy here, unless you're a conspiracy nut.

>(a) Killing members of the group;


>(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;


>(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;


>(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;


>(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.


no one is stopping you from breeding with other white people. no one is enforcing anything on you that is stopping you from breeding. no government or other body is preventing you from perpetuating the existence of your race.

you are free, you have my blessing. go forth and multiply.

>> No.24490048

I don't like the fact that title is shown in a ridiculing manner. Potatoes are kind of a big deal, not to mention the fact of just laughing at knowledge because of 'lol its so silly'.

>> No.24490052


>> No.24490056

>never played a bible campaign

Stalin is proud young atheist

Captcha: pay orknowit

Pay those Hebrew orks

>> No.24490058

You are the one who made the strawman and you are using ad hominem. I'm in fact not a Christian.

You are anti-intellectual.

>> No.24490062

>isn't a christian
>gets butthurt when one says Christians are all cocksucking retards

Wait a minute... YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN!

>> No.24490064

Why is space malfoy with two space-babes?

Most progenitor races I see, or at least a small minority aren't responsible foe other life developing, just dink around with other less developed life they encounter. Like bab5.

Earths first advanced evolutions started 100 million years ago.
Humanity developed in a few million.

Plenty of time to think a similar planet of similar age to have an intelligent species millions of years before earth.

But seriously, /pol/ copy pasta is the dumbest copy pasta

>> No.24490076

Its irish history.

>> No.24490077

I'd run a Stalin vs Martians game.

>> No.24490079

Except almost nobody says that. We don't get upset when whites immigrate to other countries and live there.

>> No.24490080


>point out that they guy is using ad hominem attacks.
>turn around and use one right back at him. Bravo.

>> No.24490086


Do you even read, asshole?

>(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;


You anti-whites are trying really hard to justify your genocidal ways in here.

>> No.24490088

What strawman? What ad hominem?

And you're not a Christian? Then why do you get so butthurt over shit like: Christians are dumb cunt suckers.

You're not a Christian. You don't care.

Unless you are a Christian-undercover.

>> No.24490089

It's the Aliens prequel.

>> No.24490096

One does not have to be a Christian to be of the opinion that rabidly attacking Christianity as a pet obsession is not an argument.
There is no Christianity in this discussion. Simply you believing everyone is a Christian.

>> No.24490098

>Implying this is genocide

>> No.24490108

I didn't use an ad hominem. I simply stated he is anti-intellectual. He is.

>> No.24490109

Them evolving 200,000 years ago would mean the species is 200,000 years old...

>> No.24490116

But even if all white women have sex with black men right now, THE WHITE RACE DOESN'T DISAPPEAR.

The genes get saved.




>> No.24490122

Posting low-resolution images IS, in fact, genocide.

>> No.24490123


Do you even Babylon 5?

>> No.24490127



>> No.24490128

Because i'm not an anti-christian piece of retarded shit.
You think its cool and intelligent to bad mouth Christians all day. I think its low brow and reeks of personal vindictiveness and bigotry.

>> No.24490129

sorry, what conditions are being inflicted on you that are preventing you from breeding? does being in the proximity of brown people make you sterile?

and do you have any proof this is deliberate? after all, the root of the "problem" is that white people are breeding below the replacement rate. what do you expect the government to do about that? mandate a breeding program?

>> No.24490137

No boy. That is not what it means.

>> No.24490139

You're a fucking moron. Even if there was 100% interracial breeding, and no "pure whites" left, the white genes would all still be there. That isn't genocide.

>> No.24490140

>There is no Christianity in this discussion.

So you're ignoring that Christianity and white supremacy are intimately linked?

>> No.24490141

That's genocide.

That's also not happening to whites.

Copypastatroll, plz

>> No.24490142


It's not a prequel damnit, it's some shitty fanfic with too much budget. I don't care what anyone else says, that abortion shouldn't be in the franchise. 3 was better. Alien Resurrection made more sense and was better. My fanboy ass knows no salve from these pains delivered onto it by that movie.

>> No.24490147

And I say no, he should not.
Such idiocy shall no further blight my genepool.
Now excuse, I shall make beautiful off-white babies.

>> No.24490159

Did I ever said I thought it was cool and intelligent?

No. You just made that up.

>> No.24490160

You measure age from something other than birth?

>> No.24490162

At least be honest

>> No.24490166


Massive immigration + Forced assimilation until there are no whites left = GENOCIDE.

It's a fact, you cannot justify it.

In 15 years the population of the US will be only 40% white, and RIGHT NOW only 45% of the kids born in London are white.

Is IS genocide.

>> No.24490167

>sorry, what conditions are being inflicted on you that are preventing you from breeding?
The introduction of immigrants is enough. Financial pressure is another one. Many ways.
All of them legitimate because they are classified as such in cases of other people being affected by these mechanisms.

>> No.24490175

So...you're saying that black people are conspiring to give white people the pampered lives that discourage them from having many children?

How nice of them.

>> No.24490179

I'm ignoring you from now on you dumb sack of shit.

>> No.24490190

Evolution isn't a stop start event. Thought we already went over this.

>> No.24490191

Who is putting a gun to any white persons head and telling them they can't fuck other whites? When did this "whites may not breed" law pass?

>> No.24490195


>those buildings are only there because the white man was in the past


>> No.24490203


>> No.24490204

Even the replies are copy pasta.

Problem with /pol/triads is you can't tell if serious or trolling

>> No.24490208

But whites will always be there.

Genetics will tell you that if you combine white people with black people, you get brown people.

Brown = white + black.








>> No.24490210


>> No.24490224

>Is IS genocide.
no, IS genocide is Dracs killing the entire population of a planet with katanas.
This is just... dilution.

>> No.24490226

>people willing choosing to pass on their genes, along with the genes of another person of a different "race" (a completely arbitrary and biologically meaningless term) to the next generation.

>> No.24490227

Then there was no native american genocide. Genocide is the murder of a culture, of an identity. It doesn't matter if it was killed by war, gas chambes or slow assimilation
Yet this is not what happened with any of the people I've mentioned. Even the common Lusitanians and Iberians were romanized, Most anatolians consider themselves turkish and not a single country in the world uses a celtic language as their first

>> No.24490233



listen before you speak nonsense.

>> No.24490239

>The introduction of immigrants is enough

so the proximity of brown people DOES make you sterile? is the government forcing you to breed with these brown people? do jackbooted thugs burst into your house at night and drag away your wife for mandated interracial sex?

please tell me further why your failure to breed is anyone else's fault.

>Financial pressure

you have evidence that the government is deliberately leveraging financial pressure against white people specifically to prevent you from breeding? i'd love to see it.

>> No.24490242

All feminism does is prevent autists and fat people from breeding.

Both males and female fat autists.

Feminism is fighting the good fight.

Feminism gets rid of the undesirables through sexual selection.

>> No.24490243

Except a handful of women getting angry about how men act does not equate with forcibly preventing white people from copulating, try again

>> No.24490255

That actually pushed a button and stoked some rage, and I feel itchy about that.

Because I suddenly had the thought

"Damnit, uneducated girls see me as a weird nerd who talks about confusing things, and educated girls see me as a cispriveliged member of the manocentric maleocracy that's raping them every day just by existing."

And I dont like that I had that thought.

>> No.24490260

Welcome to /pol/, where people choosing to do things of their own will is now genocide

>> No.24490262



What's next? Aliens landing a UFO in Mexico?

>> No.24490265

No, they aren't. Having non-whites around you doesn't prevent you from having white kids, and there is no intent, clearly stated in you own pasted ramblings as necessary for it to be genocide.

Read something other than ctel+v on /pol/ and storm front.

>> No.24490275

You just proved him right, no white people are being forced to not breed.

>> No.24490280

>Are you saying this is not genocide?

>> No.24490282



>> No.24490287

Would you know any?
I need it for science

>> No.24490291

Nah. What feminism does is put a huge-ass "DO NOT FUCK" sign over crazy women.
Thus cleansing the gene-pool from them.
Wish there was a more direct way, though.

>> No.24490293

That doesn't mean a rough estimate of emergence is impossible, nor does itagically make homo sapiens an older species than they are

>> No.24490334


No, they are being forced to intermarry with non whites via massive immigration.

Whites do have a right to exist, and that right is being violated.

It is WHITE GENOCIDE by definition, and all you're doing is TRYING to justify it.

Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-white.

>> No.24490335

The fun part is that in a few years, the Western nations will attract non-whites from the Third World in the same way the Saudi's do.

Because in a few years, we'll have more older than younger people here.

And our work pyramid will collapse.

So we'll need non-whites in our countries, just to keep the economy going.

Hahahaha, the irony.

>> No.24490352

>copypastas everything, then links YouTube.
>says others speak nonsense while unable to evev speak

>> No.24490383

Stop genociding the English language.

>> No.24490388

>No, they are being forced to intermarry with non whites via massive immigration.

you seem to be having trouble with this concept

no one is being forced to marry anyone.

>> No.24490390

>modern turks
Damn son that's quite a stretch of time.

Also Ireland is quite Celtic with Irish being the first official language, not to mention Brittany in France and Galicia in Spain.

The Roman rule in Spain lasted for centuries and still the Basques are a distinct group.

The point I'm making is that in the short-term the peoples remain distinct. In the long run, after hundreds of years, they may feel that they have a different identity. In either case, they were not systematically erased and could continue living and giving birth - that is not a genocide.

>> No.24490398

ITT: we learn the difference between a religious person, an insane person and a /pol/ poster is minimal.

>> No.24490415

I actually wasn't. When I googled it the spelling did come the way you spelt it, so I was just clarifying.

>> No.24490424

>that is not a genocide.

It is when you REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY believe in Santa Clau- I mean genocide.

>> No.24490447

The worst part is, you're right.

>> No.24490448

Yes, because white people are being FORCED to elope with non white people without their consent.

>> No.24490470


sure pal

>> No.24490490

I'd hop in and play it, depending on the angle.

Probably be more grimdark than a badly done dark heresy campaign though

Ethnic cleansing is still genocide

>> No.24490507

>implying women watch action movies

If you keep grasping straws, you're gonna fall off the cliff.

>> No.24490515




>> No.24490534

Germany here, guess what happened 50 years ago.
Only problem was a wrong assumption of that being temporary.
Now we have to deal with closed communities of islamic traditionalists who didn't modernize their world-view in decades.
Christian immigrants were not that problematic, due to a lack of religious flocking to separate community centers.

Should have imported Chinese. Their educational ideals and tendency to follow official authority in conjunction with the admiration of western civilization at the time would have been handy.
Now they are restructuring their sinocentric chauvinism, making them less easy to handle.

>> No.24490538

You don't get it.

When you have sex GENES DO NOT DISAPPEAR.

When you have sex NO ONE DIES.


>> No.24490548

The religious person was the atheist out of left field right?

>> No.24490551

Its only genocide if its forced.

People choosing to inter racially breed lacks "force". Except to conspiritards who think TV is forcing you to do things

>> No.24490567

>Now we have to deal with closed communities of islamic traditionalists who didn't modernize their world-view in decades.

So what?

I grew up in a closed community of Christian traditionalists who didn't modernize their world-view in decades.


>> No.24490604

>About to close tab because thread got retarded
>/v/ just being /v/ i guess...
>Oh wait, it's actually /tg/

>> No.24490618

Actually of the things that influence young impressionable minds, mass media does in fact play a large role. It's why rock and roll, rap, the pokedex, and sockem boppers were popular during their time.

>> No.24490635

>Be native american woman
Awesome, free cupcakes!

>> No.24490642


IF Hitler took all the male Jews and sent them to Asia. Then sent all the female Jews to Africa. You are telling me that this would not be considered Genocide? LOLZ ...Well they can marry whoever they want? Right?
They have free association ...right? They will keep their genes ...right?

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

>> No.24490648

What the fuck does that have to do with genes, motherfucker?

>> No.24490661

No, it wouldn't be genocide.

Because it's all the same shit. All the same species. All the same human DNA.

>> No.24490665


Nothing because the HOLOHOAX never happened.

all in all about 3-400,000 people died in the camps throughout WWII, the vast majority of this in the end of the war from supply lines being bombed to hell, so there was no food. And typhus, otherwise known as 'the war disease'. Hence all those delousing chambers the soviets would later convert into "gas" chambers for the idiot public to see. It's funny really, there are documents from Himmler himself regarding the amount of deaths in the camps being too high and must be brought down by any means. The nazi's actually fought very hard to keep the people in camps alive as best they could.

>> No.24490694


"We all bleed red" is no excuse for the genocide of Tibetans by Chinese.

"We are all the same shit" is no excuse for the genocide of White people by anti-Whites.

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

>> No.24490696

But nothing like that at all is happening.

No one forcibly relocated white people away from white breeding partners.

Whites are still in the same spot they were, are still half men half women, and aren't being forced to do anything.

Living next to brown people isn't genocide.

>> No.24490703

It's not so much a problem when all of your communities are like that, I guess.

But in an open, liberal, secular society it is disruptive, relatively speaking.
If you have the same fundamentalists on the Christian side it seems less dramatic, I guess.

Have you considered that sending all those factually white jews to Africa and Asia would have led to a genocide of the host cultures even more than of the Jews?
Jews have been living as close-knit communities inside non-jewish host-countries for millennia.
They would have taken partners, converted them to Judaism and multiplied the number of Jews.

>> No.24490705

>Holohoax never happened

Then what about the 5 million non-Jews that were all systematically murdered by the cocksucking SS faggot team of faggot assbangers?

>> No.24490733

>"We are all the same shit" is no excuse for the genocide of White people by anti-Whites.

But if everyone is fucking there is no genocide.

If you can't comprehend that, fuck off autist.

>> No.24490746


>muh 6 gorillion jews died!!

Yeah we all know your lies.

>> No.24490768

You're telling me that 5 million political prisoners didn't get murdered by the fucking Nazis?

>you must be american, because only a fucking retarded americlap can actually swallow that tinfoil crap

>> No.24490774

Bahaaha oh shit nigga meant >>24490551
For the link

But still a large mass media influence on young minds does work. Hipsters, for instance cling to what was popular in the yesteryears to be what they consider " ironic". Either way, mass media is still influencing them to act against what they feel is the grain of society.

Art university commercials: " I don't wanna be a suit working for the man, man. I want to be a special snowflake "

>> No.24490808

I think it's just troling or satire at this point.
No halfway sane human can spout such bullshit with a straight face.

>> No.24490820

>But still a large mass media influence on young minds does work. Hipsters, for instance cling to what was popular in the yesteryears to be what they consider " ironic". Either way, mass media is still influencing them to act against what they feel is the grain of society.
>Art university commercials: " I don't wanna be a suit working for the man, man. I want to be a special snowflake "

>implying any capable artist would watch commercials

Those commercials are for drawing in dumb kids with no art skills.

They enroll for the first year, and then after a year, they get kicked out for lacking artistic skills.

Art schools make money of the people that will leave in the first year.

Going from 500 students in the first year to 12 in the last year.

>> No.24490826

>freedom of choice is genocide
>rights end where stormfag feels begin

>> No.24490869

Ami wrong for calling it an influence then? Dumb or not , people are people (minor exceptions to this, of course)

>freedom of choice is fine
>as long as it isn't white

>> No.24490885


>freedom of choice
>millions of immigrants in

>> No.24490911

You're grasping at straws, nobody said that
Nobody's fault but the voters for choosing sharia

>> No.24490938

Hardly I called it an influence over young impressionable minds, was I wrong in this assumption?

>> No.24490954



you fucking wish.


>> No.24490959

If Christians are allowed to have Christian law, if Jews are allowed to have Jewish law, if Hindus are allowed to have Hindu law, if Scientologists are allowed to have Scientology law, then Muslims are allowed to have Sharia law.

Religious laws are never allowed to triumph over the actual laws anyway, so no problem nigga.

>> No.24490979

Hipsters are just one of many youth culture fads hijacked by the industry.
Like rock, punk, grunch, visual kei...
The clothing and music industry do just about anything to jump whatever train they think they see coming.
Mass media coverage is largely a reflection of trends in a society as much as it is an editorial choice.

>> No.24490986

I'm going to laugh my ass off when the US demographic piramid finally collapses, and the USA NEEDS Mexican immigrants just to keep it's economy running.

>> No.24490989

>But whites will always be there.

No, they'll be gone. Brown does not equal white.

>> No.24490992

And there you have the reason why we can't have direct democracy.
Because people like you had a say over me.

>> No.24491003

>implying there's a difference between religious laws and "actual laws"
>implying no such thing as theocracy

>> No.24491014

If you count the Italians and Greek in, it fucking does.

>> No.24491049

Black will be gone too.

And yellow. And red.

But you know what? We'll be stronger as brown people.

Because we'd have genes from all corners of the world.

And you know what you can do when everyone has a maximum of genetic diversity?

You can go in space.

>> No.24491086

Unless you have Polish genes.

>> No.24491106

Holy shit, you're right.

We gotta put concrete walls around Poland, and isolate them completely from the rest of the world.

We can't have Polish in space.

>> No.24491117


>> No.24491126

>Black will be gone too.

It won't, as only whites are being driven towards extinction.

And Space is retarded, there's no reason to go besides maybe to mine some rocks, and they'll have robots for that.

>> No.24491144

Because that's why we can't have Poland in space.

>> No.24491159

Because Poland cannot into space.

>> No.24491263

So you would rather wait till everyone is the same before we go into space? Screw that noise, we can easily rush everyone (except Poland of course) into space and have a genetically diverse society like that.

North Korea into space, won't have to deal with them in this lifetime

>> No.24492307

Recent studies suggests it's a bit older than 14 billion years, but yeah, 14 billion is about right.

The formation of an intelligent, space-faring* race seems to involve a number of factors (to our knowledge) - but you'd probably need supernova:ed 2nd generation stars if we're going by baryonic matter. Luckily, that still leaves us with a bit of a span of time to cram ancient alien civilizations into. Human civilizations is like an miniscule blip compared to Earth's age and how long complex life's been around.

*I guess that's strictly speaking possible.

>> No.24492571

Awww, it's a less-threatening version of a t-rex.

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