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Why is she so perfect, /tg/?

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Because she's the hero Chaos deserves

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Alerting the Inquisition.

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because of that sweet,sweet heretical lovin'

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Not deliciously brown enough.

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I read that as
>sweet, sweet heretical loin

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she's never been

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Yes, that too.

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Because she:

Parties like Khorne, loves like Nurgle, and fucks like Slaneesh...and she exists according to Tzeench's plan, how could she NOT be perfect?

Also, Heresy. Sweet, Chaos tainted, soul corrupting, ball slapping, sharp toothed grinning, undecipherabley accented Heresy.

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Well, her loins are pretty enticing too.

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Go home, Technomancer, your 90s bikini fetish is at it again.

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I have a question: Why is all the best stuff always heretical?

Pirated music? HERETICAL!
Fried food? HERETICAL! (double heresy if it's something that's not normally fried)

Why do we have to suffer? Can't we have a bit fun every now and then? (and really, we all know that even the emperor has downloaded a few pirated songs and movies in his day).

AND REMEMBER KIDS! one man's heresy, is another man's religion

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Because abrahamic religions were established so a few maximumnofun faggots can have more control over the general populace.

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No no no, if it was technomancer, that'd be a diaper she was wearing.

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Or maybe not. Maybe he kept the diaper version for himself and posted the high-cut bikini.

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Now you bring the subject, is there any new adventure of Cultist chan?

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hopefully not

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I wish he would draw her more often. I watch him on deviant art only for cultist....

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MK? He's more into Xeno, these days.

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>Pirated music
Music piracy was invented thousands of years after the religions in question, anyone who tells you they are herasy is full of shit.
STDs are a horrible horrible thing. While modern antibiotics can cure many nowadays, some are still uncurable and we even invented aids recently.
Cultures who discouraged recreational sex came to dominate the world via simple evolution.
Brain and liver damage. Also makes you do retarded things, its very self destructive.
Ruins your long term memory and makes you a waste of society. Although I don't know any religion that actually bans weed.
>Fried Food
I don't know of any religion that discourages that. Although it is very unhealthy.

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what the hell, her limbs aren't being cut off and she isn't pooping or anything

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We're talking about MK.

MK. Who isn't known for any specific fetish.

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That's the problem. She's not perfect, she's not deliciously brown. There's other detractors but that's the biggest.

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Mostly because she reminds me of Harley Quinn.

Speaking of, what backstory does Cultist have anyways?

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In short: daughter of an Imperial Governor who got turned into the Chaos God's jester. To show how far they can break a human, an just because she's entertaining.

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She's a cultist.

That's what she does. Some faggot went "she was, like, a princess or something and the gods turned her into this" but it's bullshit, she went to high school as a cultist.

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She was a prime Battle Suster, and she was going to kill the demons and make them feel the wrath of the Emperor, but then she got high.

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Spacemeth, not even once.

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>That's not fair, Chapter Master, why are you going to penalize me for smoking weed, drinking booze, dumping long haul and snorting novacoke? Why are you such an asshole?

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> They think Warhammer High was acceptable.


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>he thinks I'm talking about warhammer high, where Cultist-chan doesn't appear, and not about that one comic.

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There's a reason it takes about a century for some marines to make it past the scouts

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> Comic

Wait, Warhammer High has a COMIC?

All is lost.

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Yes, by reading /tg/ you too can develop a speech impediment as severe as cuhlteests

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How is it supposed to be spoken, anyway? Is it like an overly moe Slavic accent?

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Now I want to see a land speeder storm converted into a short bus.

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Pretend you're a vampire with a sinus infection

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Faustian German accent.

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...goddamnit it, why would you make her MORE adorable?

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No, it's an overdone, squeaky, raspy, goblinesque voice.

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Fuck, why is it so fashionable on /tg/ to form opinions about stuff without doing the goddamn research?

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I'll admit, this is how it always sounded inside my face.

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>why is it so fashionable on /tg/ to form opinions about stuff

Because since it's the norm you can pull any shit out of your ass and look like a well read scholar to impress the other ass pulling morons. Right until someone that knows what they're talking about loses their temper and starts angrily educating people.

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>Right until someone that knows what they're talking about loses their temper and starts angrily educating people.
Or, equally often, a DIFFERENT person who also knows nothing about what they're talking about, but formed a different opinion.

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Oh well, same basis. Anything about 40k involving a highschool is stupid, anyways.

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whoa guy,. calm down id like to see 40k high, and 40k big brother living together

"no...it was mork"
>Laughter and applause
>que credits

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stupidity isn't bad. WH is bad because it doesn't realize how stupid it is and comes off as pretentious.

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Why would sex be heretical? The Imperium needs as many willing meat puppets to throw at its enemies as it can possibly get.

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I'm gonna throw Primach's Daughters on that pile, while we're at it.

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Enjoyable sex. Both participants should be on the verge of tears.

...you know, like the kind of sex I have.

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But then why is she wearing a 90s bikini?

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Of course. Ddding Highschool to WH40k degrades it from its status of ridiculous stupid into typical johnny test stupid.

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Because she is TOP SLAV serbia stronk

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I like 90's bikinis, but beware, I've seen them conceal massive landing strips that should more appropriately be called furry interstate highways

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>conceal massive landing strips that should more appropriately be called furry interstate highways
The Codex Astartes does not approve of this action.

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Why would you want to remove them anyway? Girl parts are icky.

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>Girl parts are icky.
Son, are you a gayfag?

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Serbian girls still wear those?

I gotta fly right to Serbia.

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I never said that. I find girls hot, but not vaginas.

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>but not vaginas
Son, I'm disappointed in you.

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Ahh, good. Exactly how I like them.

>> No.24486441

i know that feels brother

>> No.24486443

>Doesn't like vaginas.
That's like the textbook defintion of gay, or at least Bi because you're SOMEWHAT attracted to women.

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>hurr durr teegee is le gay nerd dickgurl faggits neckbeer so edgy xd

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Needs more promotions.

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>this is what normalfags actually believe.

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Go back to /v/.

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And you guys pretend not to like gore porn. It's tame compared to that.

>> No.24486466

This joke's gotta stop. It's old, and besides, if you overuse it, the /v/ and tumblr fags that come by here are going to go full retard and think it's not a joke, and start LIVING THE LIE.

Trust me, I've seen it happen to WAY too many boards. We don't want it.

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Wow, calm down son. I think he was just making a joke, no reason to get that nasty kind of greentext use from /b/ involved.

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What joke?

I'm genuinely explaining you that while female bodies, if ideally proportioned and presented, arouse me, their vaginas are just disgusting.

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You've clearly been fucking the wrong women, anon. Next time, find one that actually properly maintains that shit.

>> No.24486482

>you guys pretend not to like gore porn

Since when?

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Hold on. Who said I've been fucking anything? It's precisely because the very thought of putting my dick in alien flesh rebukes me that I don't even try.

and virtually ALL vaginas have labias, all vaginas secrete mucus, all vaginas are what I described.

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Well, this thread is fucked. Nice discussion all.

>> No.24486509

i see you hiding here technomancer.
go to bed, its way the shit too late at night for your crap.

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>Well, this thread is fucked.

>> No.24486514

>all vaginas are what I described
You're a fuckin idiot, dude.
Or you're just trolling

>> No.24486515

ba dum tss

>> No.24486531

Okay, okay, prove me that there's a significant amount of human vaginas that don't
-have labias
-secrete mucus when stimulated
and aren't squishy in general.

And don't stink, too.

come on.

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These gay /v/ fags gotta fucken LEAVE.

Let's try to return to what were discussing earlier: HERETICAL SERBIAN LOINS

>> No.24486543

Read as:

>> No.24486548

you don't like women, you like vaginas. You're not straight, you have a vagina fetish.

>> No.24486558

>have labias
>secrete mucus when stimulated
That's not at all how you described it when you started fag-raging in >>24486463 , Don't backpedal, you stupid motherfucker.

>And don't stink, too.
Now you're just making up bullshit out of your gayfag ass. Go back to /v/ NOW.

>> No.24486572

on the contrary, labias are shredded flaps of flesh that are slimy when they secrete mucus.

and they stink.

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okay, you go first, go fap to cuntboys on /d/.

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>Someones being stupid, I better yell louder than him until he stops!
With how bottom befuddled you sound I think it's you that actually belongs on /v/.

>> No.24486597

Hey I can make your favorite thing sound shitty too

Vidya is shitty because it's nothing but 0's and 1's that some JIDF agent is charging you 60 dollars for, and you spend countless hours wasting your time with it. Get a life, anon.

>> No.24486608

You're right; that's why I don't play games.

Okay, but, just for the sake of it, try to make vaginas sound attractive describing them accurately, without asspulled metaphors.

>> No.24486609

>on /tg/

Hi welcome to the internet, how are you enjoying your first day of our fabulous new service?

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>> No.24486615

>try to make vaginas sound attractive describing them accurately, without asspulled metaphors.
You put your dick in them and it feels nice.

What else do you want? Nobody's making you examine the thing with a jeweler's glass.

>> No.24486623

Mah niggah.

>> No.24486630

No, I don't put my dick in them, because it doesn't feel nice, because it's wet, slimy shredded flaps of flesh.

are you going to develop a hand fetish and tell me that hands are arousing just because you can use them to fap, now?

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>> No.24486640

The argument is over, fag, you lost, go home, you had your shot at the title and YA BLEW IT.

>> No.24486646

no, nono no
also stop samefagging

even from a few yards' distance they're meh, and when you put your dick in them you can't ignore that it's wet, slimy shredded falps of flesh.

>> No.24486654

>damn, a good rebuttal
>oh, well, better claim that I'm right and that he's wrong
>and call him fag, that'll discourage him

>> No.24486658


>because it doesn't feel nice

>> No.24486660

It's over, anon. Nothing but dreams now. Nothing but dreams.

>> No.24486670

go away with your hands fetish.

stop popping boners every time you see a palm.

>> No.24486680

How can it feel nice when it's wet, slimy flaps of shredded flesh? do you literally manage to unplug your brain when fucking someone to avoid realizing it?

>> No.24486687

This is all I'm hearing from this thread.

>> No.24486688

>They already lost the title fight and they're still mad!
Just stahp. You tried your best, but it wasn't enough. Your team just didn't perform well enough. Try again next year, you might do better.

>> No.24486691

and yet, unfortunately, it's not what is written.

>> No.24486696


>do you literally manage to unplug your brain when fucking someone


That's generally what fucking is! You're not writing a damn term paper, what's there to think about beyond where to put your hands?

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>> No.24486703

>I'm going to keep claiming you're wrong and that will magically make me forget I've been inserting my dick into what amounts to a sewer for years.

>> No.24486705

A warm, wet, tight slit of flesh. Sometimes smooth, sometime framed with soft pink ruffles. Smells like human musk - the most raw scent of the person it's attached to. Endless, constant changes in its undulation and wetness let you read its owner.

That's pretty attractive to me, but it all depends on what you're into. Words are also tricky. I could also describe the same thing as "cavernous folds of slimh meat" and also be correct.

>> No.24486710

but then, how can you find anything arousing if you're not perceiving it?

>> No.24486718

You're just making yourselves look like idiots. If all you're going to do is ruin what used to be a perfectly good Serbia thread with your fagbitching about why your team shouldn't have lost the championship, just go back to goddamn /sp/. We don't need you here.

>> No.24486720


This. It feels soooo gooooood.

>> No.24486722

...get laid, son. Then you'll understand.

>> No.24486725

I have no idea what vaginas you have been associating with that you describe them as "shredded". That lady should probably see a doctor.

>> No.24486726


Zen and the art of getting some.

>> No.24486733


not that guy but to say that the brain unplugs is not correct (at least in my experience), it's more like autopilot. You may not be controlling everything but you feel the ride all the same.

>> No.24486735

>hurr durr I'm butthurt that the team I bet all that money on lost and now I'm broke and can't even afford to pay for all this dick in my ass abloo bloo

>> No.24486738


Physical sensation overriding higher brain functions. You fuck because it feels good and continue fucking because it feels great.

I think cunts are pretty damn disgusting to look at too, but it sounds like you have some extra hangups beyond anything I could possibly fathom.

>> No.24486739

aaaand you failed at making it sound arousing.

don't want to have my dick constricted by a thing that isn't me
reminds me of snot, rightfully since it's roughly the same substance
further reminding me that this shit belongs to another creature
that's fine
>framed with pink ruffles
like it's diseased or something
>the most raw scent of the person it's attached to
no thanks.

>> No.24486745

but how can you get hard in the first place, knowing that you'll have to put your dick in that?

>> No.24486751


It sounds like you just find the idea of physical intimacy in general to be repulsive, anon.

>> No.24486758

Exactly, yes.

>> No.24486764


Because it's not what I focus my attention on, most of the time.

I suppose the concept of oral sex must make you blow a gasket.

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>> No.24486770

Tits. Just keep looking at the tits.

>> No.24486772


Then you are an outlier and incredibly abnormal. Mystery solved!

>> No.24486779

then why not put your dick between them?

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>> No.24486792


>don't want to have my dick constricted by a thing that isn't me
Yes you do
>reminds me of snot, rightfully since it's roughly the same substance
Not same texture and consistency as snot
>further reminding me that this shit belongs to another creature
The warmth is strange because it causes a blending with your own warmth. Not to use a cliche but it is some straight up DBZ fusion shit feeling
>that's fine
>like it's diseased or something
You'd be surprised how awesome it is
>no thanks.
You'd be surprised. Seriously, that smell gets me fucking RAVENOUS

>> No.24486793

Because you're busy putting your mouth on them!

>> No.24486795


But then you'd be putting your penis closer to her mouth, anon. If you think vaginas are disgusting, what do you think of mouths?

>> No.24486797

In fact the mysterious thing is why would people want to be physically united to other people?

Fuck, that's reminding me of end of evangelion.

>> No.24486799


Or he just thinks that he is this way because of alternative reasons and this is his way of rationalizing it.

>> No.24486804


Because everyone wants to do the fusion dance.

>> No.24486805

>end of evangelion
Best porn I ever watched.

>> No.24486812


The great /sp/erging-/v/irgin anal debate.

Why is /tg/ even more full of trolls at the moment than usual? They're not even funnily themed trolls, just "no one may have a thread that isn't retarded while I'm around" aspergers trolling.

Also: The anus is self cleaning; discuss:

>> No.24486813

>yes you do
no I don't
>fusing with another creature
still diseased-looking. Trypophobia and all
>not the same texture and consistency
runny snot, then

>> No.24486816


>> No.24486817

I'm not a newborn I don't do that shit.

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>> No.24486822


/tg/ is /tg/, always has and always will be

>> No.24486823

>Not licking and nibbling her nipples
Good God, do you even have a sex drive?

>> No.24486826

Oh, honey. Okay. You've got some issues that can't be addressed over an image board, and you're going to have to face them yourself at some point in your life.

There's something up if you equate healthy pink flesh and normal human smell with disease. The fact that you connect tightness and warm with other people and that's "disgusting" to you hints at psychological disturbance. Perhaps a mental/social disorder, or even a hormonal deficiency. I felt a little bit similar when I was suffering a deficiency of sexual hormones. It's possible your body just doesn't have the chemical equipment to experience normal arousal.

Or you're just trolling, which is likely.

>> No.24486828

>Why is /tg/ even more full of trolls at the moment than usual?

Early summer?

>> No.24486835

Yes, but it's fueled merely by seeing women destroyed or degraded without direct physical contact.

>> No.24486841


>In fact the mysterious thing is why would people want to be physically united to other people?

Because you are abnormal and cannot comprehend participating in one of the most basic acts of life.

>> No.24486846

it's not "normal human smell", it's someone else's smell. Female smell specifically.

>> No.24486848

I chuckled.

>> No.24486850


>no I don't
yes you do
You tellin me Devastator ain't fuckin bitchin?
>still diseased-looking. Trypophobia and all
Shit, close your eyes then or slam down some drinks if your hormones ain't enough
Is this the "don't believe me" kind of dogshit? Cuz the memory of that smell alone can drive me crazy sometimes.
>runny snot, then
Different flavor and smell. Really the smell alone is gonna split you away from any snot comparisons.

>> No.24486856

but it's not life, it's suicide.

>> No.24486862


Other people are also normal humans, homie. Chicks included

>> No.24486864

>ITT: gayfags being gay and trying to convince straight folk that wimminz are gross and evil.

now nothing wrong with claiming women are assholes, but males naturally like women for a reason, we are engrained to do so, it is literally our nature, and they are still required for reproduction.

>> No.24486868

again, why would I want to try this shit instead of just fapping, on the off-chance that it's even remotely as pleasurable?

>> No.24486873


well, unless you got a weird brain thing or whatever that doesn't make you want the v

>> No.24486874

normal humans are generally disgusting, because they're not me.

>> No.24486878

Sure. Women. Not vaginas.

>> No.24486881

>they are still required for reproduction.

When will science let us replace women with pig wombs for breeding? This kind of thing is why China is gaining ground on us every day.

>> No.24486882


you are a normal human, buddy

unless you are a cat

>> No.24486884


I think I finally understand the problem.

>> No.24486888

>>ITT: trollfags being troll and trying to troll straight folk that wimminz are gross and evil.
>>ITT: gayfags being gay and getting trolled by straight trolls that wimminz are not gross and evil.
So, who is more trolled, the troll, or the troll who trolled him?

>> No.24486892


>> No.24486893


>> No.24486895


The spirit of adventure. Man kind has always wandered dick first into dangerous spots to see if it feels any better than what they already know.

>> No.24486897

no, just generally gross when up close

>> No.24486902


>> No.24486903

and because they were hardwired into destroying themselves by finding "merging" pleasureable, they enjoyed the blasphemous result.

>> No.24486905

Since when are people on /tg/ concerned about being 'normal'?

>> No.24486906

So, which side are you trolling for?

>> No.24486910

this thing called lust exists.
it means it ultimately doesn't matter what the shit we stick our dick in, if we want to do it, we do it. the reason we do so is primal at heart.
now this is nothing against being gay, its just ultimately it doesn't matter if it is gross or not, if you actually romantically love someone enough, you are gonna eventually try to bang them, this is a fact of nature. your gonna deny vehemently, but ultimately your gonna find some sort of way to bypass this and attempt to do so anyways. this goes for heterosexual and homosexual people.

>> No.24486913


The poor bastards that think everyone is being serious, and will inevitably complain that /tg/ is shit these days, and use threads like these as an example about how last week was the golden era.

>> No.24486915

nobody called women evil

>> No.24486923


It's implied. Water is wet, fire is hot, women are evil.

>> No.24486925



>> No.24486926

>romantically loving
and this is where the problem is: loving someone, as opposed to liking+respecting them (if it's reciprocal, it's friendship), is suicide.

>> No.24486931


...wut? I was sayin that it is possible that people can find women unnattractive cuz reasons. Fuck there is probably brain shit that can happen that could cut out hte sex drive.

>> No.24486933

ITT: trolls trolling trolls and newfags falling for the trolling in mass.

>> No.24486934

If only they could be. they'd be potentially badass. But nope. They're mean and noxious.

>> No.24486936

That doesn't answer my question. I'm asking which side you're trolling for. I'm trying to keep score here.

>> No.24486940

Trolls gonna troll, I guess. Anyway, I'll bite.

It's self cleaning for a given value of clean. Certainly the rectum is - it's not like you can scrub your innards with soap and water every time you shower without destroying your gut flora. It's a mucus membrane anyway; the small amount of lubey substance it produces keeps things passing through.

Prior to anal sex though I reccomend rinsing the whole business out with simple warm water so as to avoid mishaps. If you want the anus to be mouth-safe, wash the area and the sphincter with antimicrobial soap. Bacteria that is good for you in your intestines is bad for you in your stomach.

>> No.24486941

nobody here is finding women unattractive
we're talking about shoving your dick in them.

don't confuse "finding something arousing" and "wanting to shove your dick in it".

>> No.24486946


depends on how you are defining love

you probably got a different def of love or see it in a weird way

>> No.24486949


>loving someone [snip] is suicide.

>> No.24486952

Now I'm intrigued. How does love = suicide?

>> No.24486962

hes probably still butthurt that his last girlfriend left him for another guy, probably an asshole who she got instantly attracted too because of the whole rebel syndrome.

>> No.24486965

desiring to merge with someone, seeing yourself as a part of the couple both of you form and therefore thinking you're incapable of living a fulfilling life without that person.

If that's true, then you're already dead.

>> No.24486966


b-but the greentext was saying wimmin iz evil

the joke was supposed to be that the greentext which presented a stupid idea could be technically correct in really weird circumstances

>> No.24486968


I'm sensing probable childhood abuse, sociopathy... possible psychopathy. I hope someone in your life intervenes on your behalf at some point.

>> No.24486972

I never had a girlfriend, why would I?

>> No.24486979


>> No.24486980


>seeing yourself as a part of the couple both of you form


>therefore thinking you're incapable of living a fulfilling life without that person

That's a jump there, evil kanevil

>> No.24486982

from that alone thats probably why you hate them, you invest far too much time on the internet to properly interact with a female.
not all of them are terrible.

>> No.24486983

to do what? Turn me into an incomplete person who believes he needs to shove his genitals into someone else's genitals to be complete when it's blatantly false?

>> No.24486991

if you're a part, you're meaningless alone. You don't fulfill your purpose/destiny/essence/self.

>> No.24486995


And I'm seeing pompous internet psychologist here. I hope you pull your head out of your ass soon before it becomes lodged in there permanently. It makes sitting down awkward.

>> No.24486996

You want someone to intervene? Why? That's awful.

People have a right to stay who they are, even if that leads to pain and suffering.

>> No.24486997

But I don't hate them. They're just lame and disgusting from up close.

>> No.24487000

>implying conpanionship is bad
>implying women are evil and succubus's that steal the soul of people.

>> No.24487008


>if you're a part
>you're meaningless alone

You're gonna overload the core with all these jumps, cap'n.

>> No.24487013

I'm not talking about companionship. That can be discarded, and you're aware of it when you're engaged in it. Not love.

>> No.24487018


People never stay who they are.

Unless they are dead

>> No.24487021

notice how you didn't discard the second part.
so you do believe wimminz are evil and spawn of the devil?

>> No.24487022

Well, not meaningless. Wrong term. Rather: lacking. In need of something.

>> No.24487025

>Why is she so perfect, /tg/?

>Because she's the hero Chaos deserves

>Because of that sweet, sweet heretical loin

>Because she:
>Parties like Khorne, loves like Nurgle, and fucks like Slaneesh...and she exists according to Tzeench's plan, how could she NOT be perfect?
>Also, Heresy. Sweet, Chaos tainted, soul corrupting, ball slapping, sharp toothed grinning, undecipherabley accented Heresy.

>50 posts later...

What the fuck happened, /tg/?

>> No.24487032

pain and suffering are better than the ignominious degradation of becoming incomplete.

>> No.24487035

You're thinking of love in a very weird way... probably because you have a hard time experiencing it. You're describing a teenage cliche of babby's first broken relationship. Real love is nebulous and vast, coming in many forms with many different individuals, connecting, parting, and reconnecting like socks in a dryer.

>> No.24487038

>What the fuck happened, /tg/?

/tg/ happened.

>> No.24487039

literally what happened is /tg/ rolled for its derail thread action, got a 1 and now its literally trolls trolling trolls, trolling newfags and legitimately butthurt people.

>> No.24487040

No, they're not evil, because evil isn't mean, petty noxiousness.

>> No.24487048

I am absolutely not referring to broken love or anything, I'm referring to the few definitions of love you usually study in classic philosophy.

>> No.24487049


parts don't lack anything unless it's broken or somethin

>> No.24487053


And is one of the better threads running right now if you're not taking it seriously. It's entertaining in the same way as watching a burning building collapse.

>> No.24487055

That doesn't stop you from trying.

As long as you can notice any psychological changes and compensate for them, you can stay roughly the same.

>> No.24487056


>> No.24487059

That isn't love. That's fancy.

>> No.24487065

so your saying women are mean, petty, and obnoxious.
so what caused you to believe that, did women beat you when you were younger?
did you spend an obsessive amount of time on /pol/?
did some chick in your gaming group you were hard crushing on fall for another guy and caused your group to split?

>> No.24487070

I'd say all the /v/ level posters who responded to him are at fault.

>> No.24487072


women are as identical as men

>> No.24487076

exactly. parts, when they are together (which is in fact impossible) are fine, they fulfill their purpose, but taken individually, considered alone, they're not independent.

Love is losing your independence.

>> No.24487082

still not evil

>> No.24487085


even then the fact that you are noticing and compensating for changes means that you are changing since you have to change in order to maintain homeostasis

>> No.24487086

The "/sp/ level posters" wouldn't have responded to that /v/ fag if he just NEVER POSTED THAT SHIT FUCK

>> No.24487092

No, I just kinda noticed it, generally. Not against myself, I don't take it personally.

>> No.24487093


it's more a response to the claim that they are mean, petty, and obnoxious

>> No.24487099

you've fallen hard for the ruse.

>> No.24487104

yes, but it's still willingly reversible.

>> No.24487106


A part alone is independent. Cuz, it's alone. Parts don't disappear when they are taken away from the machine

>> No.24487112


>> No.24487114

Just speculating. It's fun to do sometimes - to try and make guesses as to someone's life and state of mind through the things they say.

To make you a less unhappy person, I would think. Also, some of the things you say throw up a lot of "may hurt someone one day" flags.

Everyone can always be happier and healthier and still be the same person. If you think your misery defines you as a person, it just means you need to keep looking at yourself.

>> No.24487115

sounds honestly like you are taking it personally.
are you sure? the reason i ask you this question is that you sound rather vehement about how much you dislike women.

>> No.24487116


Yeah but now you have new systems in place to try and maintain this identity, new ways of dealing with forces that try to change you. So you have changed in a way that you don't want to unchange because doing so would leave you vulnerable to change.

>> No.24487117

So let me get this straight
>/v/ fag comes into thread and says gay /v/ fag shit
>/sp/ bros engage in glorious championship title match against a massive influx of /v/ fags rushing to defend the original /v/ fag
>/v/ fag team loses, but refuses to admit it, gets ridiculed by /sp/
>trolls come in and start saying that /v/ fags are /sp/ bros and /sp/ bros are /v/ fags, etc.
>thread is now trolls trolling trolls

>> No.24487120

but it's still a part, and you can't ignore it. When you're in love, you're aware that you're being a part and you can't consider yourself as an independent being.

>> No.24487127

I'm here too. An insomniac calmly debating with myself.

>> No.24487128

But I'm happy, dammit. I'm just kinda scandalized that people so often think that dissolving themselves into someone else is a good thing.

>> No.24487134


>implying this whole thing wasn't a /tg/ false flag operation to rile people up

>> No.24487137


>Everyone can always be happier and healthier and still be the same person

I guess it depends on the definition of what it means to be the same person.

>> No.24487138

you're not hearing the tone of my voice, you're assuming things.

>> No.24487143

and that's when you're dead

>> No.24487144


Is that you, me? Did we leave the oven on?

>> No.24487146

Jesus christ I laughed harder than I should have

I wont even lie and say that getting drunk and have emotional cry-sex isnt pretty awesome.

Its no anal but its still pretty good.

>> No.24487151

I'd say being aware that some things have change but still knowing that you're the same dude.

>> No.24487153

sir you are new and completely lost on the situation:
one gayfag came in and pretty much caused a bunch of anons to rage.
then a shitload of trolls came in and are right now in a 5th tier trolling war as of right this second.
everyone left is either standing in the dusk either joining into the shitstorm or wondering what in the flying fuck is going on. also the gayfag is probably crying into his beer right now as well.

>> No.24487156

>you're aware that you're being a part
>you can't consider yourself as an independent being

I'm running out of jump puns.

You're a rabbit

>> No.24487160

nobody is gay, here.
It's just that a bunch of people are mistaking girls for vaginas and can't realize that one may find the former hot and not the latter.

>> No.24487168

We need to establish who's responsible.
Was it /v/? /sp/? /soc/? Is this just a /tg/ false-flag to pit other boards against eachother? What's going on here?

>> No.24487170

its also rather hard to tell over the internet, you can really only tell things entirely on how they type and the way they word things.

you still seem tense though, primarily on how you are typing these words.

>> No.24487173

there is no jump, I'm nearly making a tautology. If you can consider yourself as an independent being, you're no longer in love.

>> No.24487174


Dammit which anon are you?

>> No.24487180


But what does it mean to be "the same dude"?

>> No.24487181

it's because I've been arguing for one hour about stuff that seems obvious to me.

>> No.24487184

>Everyone can always be happier and healthier and still be the same person.
But that's wrong. Any change to your psychology perverts who you are until you aren't the same individual.

>> No.24487191


nah, the jump is
>aware of being a part
>can't consider yourself independent

>> No.24487197

believing it.

since you don't have access to someone else's beliefs, it only works for yourself.

>> No.24487199


unless who you are isn't who you are

>> No.24487203

ah, personally you seem limited in your experiances then
i've found i'm quite content to be in the presence of a women when they behave themselves, which they often do. well i wish you good luck on trying to find your placein life and i hope you don't continue to keep a narrow mindset,try to be a little more open minded.

>> No.24487208

I mean "consider yourself" not speculatively, but as a belief.

yes, because simultaneously believing two opposite things clearly is unconceivable.

>> No.24487209


I can dig it

You make definition of yourself.

You have power to decide whether or not you are or are not the same person according to that definition.

>> No.24487211

>nobody is gay, here.

Speak for yourself.

>> No.24487213


>you're aware that you're being a part and you can't consider yourself as an independent being.

We're all a part of society. None of us are truly "independent" in the purest definition of the word.

>> No.24487216

Philosophy is just the art of "what its" - fun things to think about, and there are a few famous ideas, but there's no "unified theory of love".

I suppose that metaphor was a little washy, but I liked the idea of movement and electricity and stickiness. Even in the deepest love you're still an individual being, even when "stuck" on another. And there are all kinds of love - family love, friend love, love for your partner, sudden infatuation, and even that brief glow of fellow-human-being-love you get from doing something nice for a stranger. Life is a big tumble-dryer of love.

Romantic together-forever love? That's a commitment. It's something you choose to cultivate. Even the greatest love ebbs and flows. Yes, you can sometimes feel lime one person when you're at your closest. But when you drift, you as an individual have to make the decision to keep that love strong.

>> No.24487217

there's a threshold
you don't have to reach it to be happier and healthier.

>> No.24487226


but parts are independent

you can be an independent part

a cog can be outside of a machine and exist, it can be put into a machine and exist, it can be taken out of a machine and exist, it can be put into a new machine and exist

>> No.24487227

oh, they can be enjoyable, like having the TV turned on to make some background noise while you're eating, but that's about it.

>> No.24487230


I live off the grid and carve my internets from stones I pick up off the beach. The island I'm on has no name and appears on no maps. All the food I need is provided by miraculous rains of fish and the occasional weird rain of ramen packets. If that's not independent I don't know what is.

>> No.24487231

I contest that.

>> No.24487236


you should watch Evangelion

>> No.24487244

it can exist, but it can't do anything, it cannot be thought of as a cog without thinking about the mechanism, it has a purpose. It's determined inherently and thoroughly.
That's what happens with love. You become something akin to a tool.

>> No.24487247

>> No.24487254

it's not a reason to accelerate the process.

>> No.24487267

newfag, that ultimately doesn't matter, you can simply assume this was an inner /tg/ thing by the way it layed out.
you need to learn about something for this board. this board is literally where god tier trolls come from. if you see a shitstorm, us blaming people for other boards isn't the case, we are all blaming ourselves, its nearly always trolls trolling newfags and if you have been here for a long time you would know that by now.
now that you've learned exactly how high tier we are at trolling, you will understand, anything that happens here, is probably the work of a troll.
EVERYTHING that happens on this board is essentially done by a troll, or a newfag that doesn't actually understand we are all ultimately trolls at heart here.

>> No.24487271


Accelerate the process? You're already a dependent being.

>> No.24487274

Most happy people don't throw a fit on the internet when they see people talking about enjoying sex. In response to some other post - wasn't referencing tone of voice, obviously. Just writing.

>> No.24487281

I knew it. It was FUCKING /v/.


>> No.24487290

well if you mean happy as in "zen", then sure I'm not, it's more that I'm generally satisfied with the conditions I live in, feel myself in control and experience nearly as much joy as I'd want.

>> No.24487291

The rusemaster wins, I'm going to bed.

>> No.24487292


>> No.24487295

not fully, not in a certain number of ways.

>> No.24487299


>it can't do anything
Strike it with lighting it melts, take the ground out from under it and it falls.
>it cannot be thought of as a cog without thinking about the mechanism
Yes it can.
>That's what happens with love
Love ain't really a transformation, more like an activation
>You become something akin to a tool.
Tools got all kinds of uses. It's really hard (impossible) to design a tool that can only be used for one thing.

>> No.24487313

he gets it.

>> No.24487322

>Yes it can.
no it can't. By definition a cog is a part of a mechanism.

Love is a transformation of your consciousness; your consciousness is the most fundamental part of yourself as far as you're concerned.

a tool has no dignity of its own. it only has some value relatively to the system it belongs in.

>> No.24487339

>By definition a cog is a part of a mechanism.
A cog is defined as part of a mechanism because we define it as such. You can just define a cog as "that circle thing with the little studs going around the edge" and it'll be just as true

>Love is a transformation of your consciousness
Depends on who you are

>a tool has no dignity of its own
If the tool has the ability to comprehend the idea of dignity than it can have all the dignity it wants based on its independence

>> No.24487370

>You can just define a cog as "that circle thing with the little studs going around the edge" and it'll be just as true
then you'll need another term to distinguish the shape of the cog (dented disc) and the purpose of the cog. Cog is a technical term, as opposed to "dented disc", it refers to its purpose.

>depends on who you are
I'm defining love as a modification of your consciousness, no problem with that, it's a convention.
>If the tool has the ability to comprehend the idea of dignity than it can have all the dignity it wants based on its independence
but it doesn't have that independence, since it's a tool.

>> No.24487383

someone please archive this thread as an example to future generations to explain how much higher the level of trolls are on here then pretty much anywhere on the chan.

>> No.24487392

there's no trolling except for those two guys at the beginning calling each other gay.

>> No.24487404

you haven't actually read the comments on the thread, there was essentially nothing but trolling and alot of butthurt individuals.

>> No.24487410

>Cog is a technical term, as opposed to "dented disc", it refers to its purpose
Cog is 3 letters that means whatever we want it to

>I'm defining love as a modification of your consciousness, no problem with that, it's a convention
The problem is that your entire problem with love comes from this definition. If you change the definition, then the problem goes away.
>but it doesn't have that independence, since it's a tool.
Tools can have independence...i guess? I mean they don't really do much aside from lay there so that's where the metaphor falls apart.

>> No.24487414

By that logic, any physical being is just a connected stream of distinct individuals through time. I know for a fact I have different thoughts and opinions now than I did ten years ago. I consider myself a constantly-evolving creature.

>> No.24487436

well, damn, I'm less than halfway through this thread and it came to shit quickly

>> No.24487450

Still hard raging about fem-junk? Nice.
I'll be over hear if anyone still wants to talk about our Slavic Moe Chaos waifu.

>> No.24487458

I've been waiting for that all day.

>> No.24487459

It is literally >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JrtFazaS7g except female

>> No.24487467

>Cog is 3 letters that means whatever we want it to
I tell you that it refers to the object in its technicality. Convention.

>If you change the definition, then the problem goes away.
absolutely not, the concept remains here.
And we have a whole big tradition in Europe that defines love just like I do, as a feeling of not being complete, and being defined in your relationship to someone else.
Hell, the people ITT brought it up as a justification for wanting to fuse with someone, it's exactly what I'm talking about.

Tools, when you think of them as tools, are not independent. You cannot think of them as anything but a part of a system, as fulfilling a function. They have no dignity, only a relative value.

>> No.24487478

and then turned into a legitimate philosophical discussion

>> No.24487506

thats literally because i was weeding out the other trolls with my trolling and pissing off the newfolk.

>> No.24487507

>I tell you that it refers to the object in its technicality
And I tell you that it refers to a circle thing with studs on it. That's the def I've been using this entire time anyway.
>the concept remains here
Concepts have as much power over you as you allow them to.
>we have a whole big tradition in Europe that defines love just like I do, as a feeling of not being complete
People got that here in the US too. Just because everyone defines it as such don't make it true.
>you think of them as tools, are not independent
But that's how I see the tool and not how the tool perceives itself.

If it could perceive itself.

I don't think tools can do this.

>> No.24487516

on this note i'm gonna crash and burn, because it was fun watching people light themselves on fire in rage and anger, felt good, tears were delicious.
sleep well /tg/ and remember, the rusemaster is always watching.

>> No.24487563

>That's the def I've been using this entire time anyway.
that means you misunderstood me and set up a flawed analogy

>Concepts have as much power over you as you allow them to.
they refer to very actual thing, in the present case, a very real alteration of your consciousness
>Just because everyone defines it as such don't make it true.
actually it does. As you said above, it's a word that we define as we want, and we decided to define it that way, it's a fact.
>But that's how I see the tool and not how the tool perceives itself.
what makes you think it's different at all? and that's irrelevant, since with love, you perceive yourself as a part, that's the alteration of consciousness I'm talking about. YOU PERCEIVE YOURSELF AS A FRAGMENT OF SOMETHING GREATER, and as such, YOU ONLY HAVE A RELATIVE VALUE, which means that you have no dignity.

>> No.24487568

There isn't nearly enough smut of her and the rest of Mr Culexus' stuff.

>> No.24487589



>> No.24487592

> it's a word that we define as we want, and we decided to define it that way, it's a fact

But we can redefine it. Or just tell everyone else to fuck off and use our own definition. Better yet, we can show how the previous definition is wrong and then improve it.
A fragment is still individual and can perceive itself as whatever the hell it wants devoid of any functionality inherit in its design or applied to it by others.

>> No.24487595

By the looks of his last few comics with her, Culexus is looking to give her a SAD backstory.

>> No.24487606


>> No.24487610

Smut of her?
My curiosity is piqued.

>> No.24487615

No, you misunderstand. I'm not saying that you are literally, physically a fragment when you're in love. I'm saying that you perceive yourself as a fragment. It's a given fact, you can speculate on "what if I could be something else?" but you believe, and you perceive, that you are a fragment. You're trapped in this state, if it ever stops, it won't be because you wanted it to.

>> No.24487618

I have seen a diaper Cultist pic drawn by Technomancer

>> No.24487621



>> No.24487631

it's all bad
except one or two futa pictures.

>> No.24487634

we all know

>> No.24487647

About the whole 'tool' thing.

Tools are independent. A shovel is not even part of a greater whole (and being part of a greater whole does not mean something is not independent)

Anyway, my point is:
>Tools are independent. Parts of a machine are not tools (in most cases)

>> No.24487660


>You're trapped in this state

Not trapped in so much as you have no drive to leave the state.

>> No.24487680

>> No.24487682

aaaaand you still don't understand my point.

When you're talking about a tool AS SUCH, you're not talking about its shape or anything but about its FUNCTION, in that regard it is NOT independent.

you're trying to adopt another perspective than the technical one, but you shouldn't, because love IS a technical perspective. You cans ay it's utterly wrong and inaccurate and I agree, but being in love means not being able to perceive yourself as independent. As a result, it prevents you from acting independently, and you end up actually, objectively dependent.

do you comprehend?

>> No.24487691

Not necessarily. There are many classical examples of people who wanted to stop being in love. But they can't. Not simply by wanting it anyway.

>> No.24487697


depends on what you mean by "want to stop being in love"

usually its because of some kind of tragic circumstance or conflict of interest. either way you can always just man up and make your choice unless it is the tragic circumstance then you double suicide

>> No.24487711

okay, usually it's true that they only want it for extraneous reasons. But, let's say, in dangerous liaisons, if I'm not mistaken, Valmont realizes how love makes him lose his independence and dignity, and wants it to stop.

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