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Okay /tg/.
If you were forced to dedicate yourself to a single Ruinous Power, which would you choose and why?

Khorne for me; my anger issues are already severe and I would rather die killing the fuck out of everything, and have a chance at being brought back or ascended to a Daemon Prince if I kill enough worthy foes. I would fucking love being a Khornate Berserker so much, oh man. Smashing my way through whole squads, killing all in my path. I think Khorne will always be my favorite God of Chaos.

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Slaanesh, obviously.

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Alright, I know this goes against my loving Khorne, but I fucking love Slaanesh too. Those fucking Noise Marines, man.

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It is an awesome concept.

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Yes, very.
That Chaos Space Marine most likely has a dick.

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Really? He's even crazier than Khorne.

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It's why I emphasize with her.

I'd also be chill with Tzeentch, I think. Birds are usually cool.

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Tzeentch, because I have a thing for learning. Knowing things. Becoming powerful that way.

Also kick ass space magic.

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Yeah, it'd be fucking sweet until he turns you into a Chaos Spawn because lol change.

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Khorne because maimkillburn

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My battle-brother.

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Slaanesh gonna give you tits and a tentacle randomly too.

Khorne will make you crazy, and Nurgle will make you terribly diseased.

There's always a downside.

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Slanesh, imma continue where I left off before I got a wife; whoring, drinking, shooting up, and working out. Shit be so cash

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But, Slaanesh makes everything feel amazing. Even death. Nurgle makes you invincible and pain retarded. Khorne fills your with crazy amounts of strength. And Tzeentch gives you future sight, and magic.

It evens out mostly.

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>Khorne will make you crazy

nope not really

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Seeing as how I'm forced to choose, I'll go with Nurgle. Hell I'm already going that way, what with despair and everything. Plus Papa Nurgle is one of the few entities in 40k that loves his followers. ALSO, plague marines are pretty much all about defense, and whenever I have a choice (like in RPGs) I'll almost always choose to buff up my defense first.

So yeah, I choose Grandfather.

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Is that supposed to Angron? Or Kharn? Or just a random World Eater?

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>not joining a chaos undivided legion

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Papa Nurgle loves you, anon.
He shows it by giving you aids, cancer, and making your guts fall out.

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Angron in his high school dayz

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On the topic of a Khorne dedicated legion
How do zerkers manage with each other?
I know at times they attack each other but how do they live their day to day lives?

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sup kharn what did you do with your helmet

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Thought so. Didn't realize that he had Symbols of Chaos on his armor back then as well.

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Exactly. Besides, if I beseech the Lord of Change, he will grant me with whatever knowledge I desire. Also turning to a wizard thing would be cool instead of going around and killing shit with my hands, or getting people sick, or raping shit and going deaf. Leave me to my magic tricks and books.

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>Implying those aren't just gifts he wants you to share with others

You know nothing of praise, he simply wishes you to spread he joyous love to all those around you!

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>He shows it by giving you aids, cancer, and making your guts fall out.

Sweet. Keep in mind that to you or I that sounds horrible (rightfully so), but to a Nurgleite, that stuff is fucking AWESOME. Instead of feeling pain when their guts come out, it's basically a full body orgasm. Or at least that's what I've always read.

Another thing to consider: is there any place in 40k where you WON'T get AIDS, cancer, and have you guts fall out? At least this way you have a bunch of buddies.

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Tzeentch. I'll either get cool magic powers or mutate a third arm. either way it's a win

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Tzeentch. After all if your going to go devoted you might as well go all the way and I would rather have high space magic as a daemon prince.

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When not being batshit enraged and crazy, they like to play games of Chess, drink tea, and discuss politics and philosophy.

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Tau emprie.

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Tzeentch's what I'd choose.

The god of Heraclitus, knowledge, and magic? Sweet. You could become a psyker and do anything.

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Adeptus Mechanicus.
You can't have cancer or aids without flesh, and your guts can't fall off if they've removed!

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Seriously, Zuvie is fun.

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I think the fan-art falls into discontinuity that way, but one could weave a yarn that this was prior to apotheosis

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more of these?

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Nurgle, because honestly out of the lot he is the only one who actually cares about his followers.

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...they don't really have lives outside of rage and killing. It's, like, all they do when they get too far gone. Maybe before hand they do more than that, but not much I imagine or Khorne would get pissed.

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Or a spawn

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Worked out okay for that guy, didn't it?

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>Tau emprie.

Yeah, but then you're a Chinese/Japanes/Indian weeaboo thing. Thanks, but I'd follow that faggot Slaanesh before I go Tau.

>Adeptus Mechanicus.

I guess that's a good point. I always thought the Ad Mech was pretty cool, too bad they basically don't have a table-top army.

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Tzeench, all the way. Honestly, I dont understand any of you. You're going to devote yourself to an immortal, all powerful god, and youre choosing to what... gain super skills at masturbating furiously all day? Get mad all the time? Or gain mastery of the powers of the warp and fucking unravel the universe?

totally get how you feel, though; Nurgle is my second choice. He seems like a pretty cool guy.
I think the way the dichotomy is, people are more likely to pick the two that are opposed to each other

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Super sex skills just mean I have to find a warp sorceror and fuck him until he does me favors.

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except pretty soon your eight prehensile penises will become dulled to everything except mid battle rape

wait, thats what you're talking about, isn't it...

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Where else do you find a Warp Sorceror?

And your gifts will tarnish over time, too. No one gets out of this ahead.

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I wish I had my own female Cultist...
I'd send my flagship into her immaterium, if you know what I mean.

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I wish I was female Cultist.

Odd, life.

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I can't hear you over the killmaimburn

Also Khorne is big on honor and honorable combat, and overcoming your enemies with sheer strength. Yeah, being pissed is great fuel for it, but written a different way, someone like Lucius could have easily made a worshiper of Khorne. You don't have to be batshit crazy, but the World Eaters happened to be, and that set a precedent.
An awesome one.

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And you would be my female Custist.
I would begin a Great Crusade in your Milky Way, if you know what I mean.

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>Being given tits and a tentacle
>A downside

Ahahahahahahahahahaha look at this faggot.

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Clearly nurgle. He seems like a total bro to hang with.

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I'm not sure you realize how okay I'd be with this.

Maybe I'll start getting those tattoos...

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You seem to be mixing up WFB Khorne.
40k Khorne wants it all extra dead.

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Nurgle I work and health care and see the slow decay everyday. I may be sick and jaded but I get a smile when I see a rich snobs/assholes/ etc who think they are the top shit, brought down by cancer, heart disease etc. Each day becoming more emaciated, pale, weak. Everyone's power is fleeting and temporary and the only definitive in this universe is that all will come to an end.

>The only true way to accept ones humanity; is to accept your own demise and frailty .

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Hey man, if you were truly female and looked like Cultist, I'd be down.

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apotheosis, motherfucker!

this is why slaneshis never get ahead. too busy fucking everything to bother fucking everybody over.

just as planned....

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>Khorne is big on honor

You're thinking of WF Khorne, god of martial prowess. 40k Khorne is god of "every faction is violent and has melee but we the most".

Their champion's a guy who had such battle lust he started killing his allies to keep the fight going.

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Probably Tzeentch, frankly. Nurgle is cool and all, but I just dislike being messy, and I don't like the long-term effects of slaaneshism. I'm not a violent enough person to make a good khornate. So, Tzeentch.

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No... Kharn killed his allies because they were hiding from the cold instead of fighting. He slaughtered both World Eaters and Emperor's Children. That is how he became known as Kharn the Betrayer.

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I wish more people remembered this

not quite so one dimensional

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switch those, whoops

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>Extra dead
That was my point to begin with. The rage part is purely icing on the cake. As long as you're killing shit, you're doing Khorne proud

you know, if he could stop being furious for a moment and feel proud

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Got a good song for those of you who love Slaanesh.

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The best way to know if you side with a God of Chaos is to see how you would react to their "gifts":

- Khorne: I don't mind getting an soon-to-be-eviscerated mindless berserker
- Nurgle: I don't mind being a walking sack of shit
- Slaanesh: I don't mind getting raped (both physically and... psychically)
- Tzeenth: I don't mind nothing making any sense (and being mutated into a squid)

If you can come hope with a reason to make any of these enjoyable, congrats you have found your God!

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Kharn killed in part because of survival, in part because his allies were bitchmade, and in part because he was full of battlelust.
The rage is just an overlay for deeper, more complex sentiments. Like even more rage.


He's the god of anger, violence, and hate. You have to be a warrior to worship him. Being a warrior encompasses more than roid-rage and throwing shitfits in the middle of a battlefield. The rage certainly doesn't hurt you in your attempts to curry favor with Khorne, but being a warrior is basically all that's demanded of Khorne's disciples.

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My sides.

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I think ideologically, I fall under Tzeentch, as I'm against anything staying the same, I get angry at people that love the security of the known.

But that said... super sexy fun time? Slaanesh just sounds soo fun! It'd be like the entire internet's rule 34 condensed into a being of ultimate power.

Wait. Scat, beastiality, homosexuality. Fuck that.

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(hint) He likely doesn't

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>if you truly were ... and looked like

>> No.24482673

literally. Fuck that.

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I bet Tzeentch and Deciever would make a great gay couple.

Change is inevitable why stay heteronormative?

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your technically immune to all disease but nurgle rot
also feel no pain ftw

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Either most of the people in this thread have a weird understanding of the Ruinous Powers, or I do.

From my understanding, Tzeentch will give you all the knowledge you desire and sorcerous powers, but you will never be anything more than a pawn to him. One day he favors you, and the next you're dead because LOL PLOTS.

Slaanesh is pretty much the worst possible choice. You basically turn into an addict. At first things are great, just a little sensation can feel amazing, but over time you need crazier and crazier stuff until you find yourself peeling your skin off with a cat's dick just feel anything. OR you could become an obsessive perfectionist who always finds faults in whatever you do and strives to achieve perfection until madness.

Khorne and Nurgle seem fairly spot on, though.

Correct me if I'm completely wrong of course.

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My main problem with Slaanech is that although a never ending orgy of experiences would be fun, cutting off my penis for that amazing sensation just doesn't seem like something I would be into.

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Tzeentch so I could do magic and be super special

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Wow. You had necrophelia, pedophelia and rape fetishism and you picked being gay?

Good on you.

>> No.24482779

Necrophelia doesn't hurt anyone, rape fetishism isn't really rape when the parties are in on it and even priests are pedophiles.

Gays are far worst than that, they aren't going to heaven.

>> No.24482783

>implying necrophilia, pedophilia and rape are worse than homosexuality
>implying homosexuality isn't a choice people make just to spite their fathers by supporting the Jewish plot for white genocide
>implying 40k

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Psychics, magics, technologies, and you get to be regal as all fuck. Tzeentch is clearly the best choice.

>> No.24482906

>say a spell wrong
>sucking into a black hole never to be seen again
no one who picks tzeentchis smart enough to be a wizard

>> No.24482923

That goes for all Psykers, bro.
Even the most loyalist Ultrasmurf Librarian will be sucked into the warp if he mucks up a spell.

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Yes, because me not wanting to have homo-sex is actually an indictment of homo-sex or my thoughts on it.

"Different strokes for different folks". Keep being butthurt.

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Slaanesh to my own surprise

I'm too much of a weakass for Khorne
Too much of a neat freak for Nurgle
I love Tzeentch but Tzeentch requires some level of ambition to get the full benefit from it.

Slaanesh in the end because I'm ultimately a lazy fuckass who does what he feels like at that moment.

god, my self-esteem is down at the moment

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Khorne will give you strength, all you must do is kill.

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tzeentch will give him ultimate power, and the knowledge of all. strength is nothing compared to the powerful sorcery of tzeentch

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Slaaneshi or Nurglitch, but I'd want to go Khornate or Tzeentchian.

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mmmmmmm..... that sounds just delightful~

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Id pick Slaanesh, hedonism is my jam.
second pick is Nurgle. I've had a lot of rather horrible looking persistant health problems, terrible eczema and boils mainly, so i guess my body would be ready.

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Part of me says Tzeentch but I would be horribly mutated and be used in a plan.
So I am going with Nurgle.
Get to drink with your buddys, come home to your plague daemonette wife, chill with papa.

All would be awsome.

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I don't enjoy the fucking mindless bullshit that is all of Khorne.
I mean, I get the appeal but it just aint my bag, ya dig?

And out of all these options aren't exactly the best, as the mindwarping bullshittery is strong in each...
I'm too much a prude to be Slaanesh, and am probably a bit too bumbling to be Tzeentch, so I guess I'd throw my lot in with Uncle Nergle and enjoy the fact that maybe I can get a Plague Beast to raise as a big fuckoff dog to take my mind off my own festering asshole full of every illness ever.

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>> No.24483055

Angry homos who can't into complete thoughts inbound.

>> No.24483067

Oh~! Yes~! Tell me more about the fun time you have planned for us~!

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>> No.24483092

Trap marine?

>> No.24483097


Because why not embrace our most primal urges? I wish for nothing more than to see the people I hate burn and crumpled beneath my boots. TO spread Chaos and destruction in its most simple and beautiful form.

>> No.24483114

Oh my~! How garish of you. I like it~

>> No.24483176

Dark Mechanicus working for Khornate legions.

>> No.24483192

At this point in my life? Nurgle.

Mainly because at the moment I'm being oppressed by really heavy anxiety due to my fear of disease and my puking phobia which my too-common heartburn only exacerbates. In other words: I get nervous, I get nauseous; I get nauseous, I get nervous. Papa Nurgle will fill me with disease, but He'll take the fear away. And I'm really tired of the fear.
doesn't help that I've already been doubled over the toilet dry-heaving and crying as I'm pretty much forcing my significant other to hold me while I pray for the feeling to go away more than enough times this year alone. it's really fucking embarrassing .

>> No.24483288

What happens when you're too chickenshit\milquetoast to really be able to function well with any of the above?

Do I just throw it in with Malal or some shit?

>> No.24483302

Tzeentch all the way. Because magic, knowledge, and the hilarity of making Zoidberg noises after being turned into a spacesquid. Not to mention variety is the spice of life, and the other powers are so predictable.

>> No.24483315

Sounds like you have a lot of self-doubt there. The Church of Necoho isn't just there across the road.

>> No.24483449

Not, not self doubt. Just sorta... eh.
Ever have one of those things and you're just Eh about it all?
It's sorta like that, but everything.

>> No.24483632

Nurgle or Tzeentch. I guess Nurgle because hes a bro and wont abuse me to make his plans work properly.
I dong really care for the diseases, my shit is gross anyway and i dont got the best looks.

Only major advantage of Tzeentch is being like some corporate guy doing billions of bucks and twisting reality to your will.

>> No.24483674

See, that's what everyone thinks...
Until suddenly all of their stock fails and their bones mutate to the point that it looks like they're ribcage is one of those barrels broke businessman wore in those old depression era cartoons

>> No.24483711

aw... Where did that Khorne follower go? It sounded like he was gonna give me a fun night....

>> No.24483758

Isn't Tzeentch also hope?

>> No.24483790

Uhhh, Khorne's most favored is An'ggrath. Khorne's Champion is Skulltaker. Kharne is just his favorite non-Daemon marine that is devoted solely to him.

Skulltaker is all about the honorable duels so yes, 40k Khorne is down with honor.

>> No.24483912

Tzeentch is the first step down the road to disappointment

>> No.24484053

Back to your quest Ahriman! Magnus ordered you to understand tzeentch, not babble on forums.

>> No.24484174

There is always hope

>> No.24484351

Angry for Khorne, but not actually violent.
Too clean for Nurgle, shower daily
Not ambitious enough and hope driven for Tzeentch, but show creativity
Slaanesh, perhaps few fetishes here and there, but other than that, not completely devoted.

>> No.24484541

I have a few fetishes but I don't think I'm quite Slaanesh material.

Definitely no to Nurgle, holy shit fuck that.

Tzeentch is definitely cool, but what I really want is to kill the fuck out of things. Khorne could also fix the whole me being physically weak thing.

>> No.24485064

... Wait so GW made Atheo a thing in their 40k?

>> No.24485098

Either Nurgle or Malal.

Nurgle because he seems like the nicest out of the chaos gods, and if you're worshiping him the sickness and filth won't bug you anymore, so you won't be fucked over as hard in the end.

Or Malal because it's the very nature of chaos, and if you're gonna get fucked over, you may as well go with the guy who's honest about it.

>> No.24485403

If I had to dedicate myself to one power, Tzeentch: because of the ideas that it represents. It is the embodiment of change and time, this is the most appealing to me.

>> No.24485504


Mind bullets.

>> No.24485545

I fight for my Grandad!

Happines to all Galaxy, throug Papa Nurgle!

>> No.24486078

Definitely Tzeentch.
Sorcery and genius would help a lot in my daily life.

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>> No.24486238

A Reminder for those who do not know and an announcement for those who don't.

Khorne is the mightiest of the Chaos Gods and only he holds the power to end the Great Game of Chaos. With one swing of his mighty Black Sword, he can slay any of his brothers if he wished.

Might makes right and the strong follow the strongest. Why aren't you worshiping Khorne?

>> No.24489609

Tzeentch- at least I can keep a semblance of sanity and I learn the secrets of Creation

>> No.24489893

Nurgle he likes is followers.

>> No.24490991

>be used as a pawn, an expendable pawn to manipulate strands of fate you will never understand. Your death will come whenever Tzeentch thinks it will further his plans.

>have your own skull harvested gg. Quick and clean death.

>actually alright, if you don't mind having super aids and krokodil level limbs. They're not malicious, I guess. You don't get to die.

>pleasure, which ultimately isn't meant for you. If you die, you're either dying painfully or orgasming.

>> No.24491015

read the warhammer books about tzeentch involving that young swordsman guy

tzeentch doesn't give a shit about you

>> No.24492105

Honestly, Tzeentch or Nurgle.

I have to give it to Nurgle.

Not Slaanesh, burning with ever increasing and insane desire is not fun, it is insane, a slave to pleasure literally, a horrible addiction until death.
Khorne is just insane, loss of freedom, a slave to bloodlust, bound to die in a stupid fight.
Tzeentch, you are a slave to Tzeentch's insane and illogical plots, you will be driven mad, you will thirst for knowledge, and never be satisfied.

Nurgle, its only bad on the outside. Once you give in to the disease, and realize ti cannot get any worse, and overcome your sense of disgust, you'll be fine. You keep your mind, sanity, free will, you just have to be disgusting, and we can overcome disgust. Also, because of the toughness, the feel no pain, less likely to get seriously hurt in the dangerous world out there. You can live a long time, and be at peace in your freedom from the Emperor's tyranny for the simple price of being utterly disgusting to non-Nurgle followers.

Just think, you're tough, you don't get hurt easily, you're body won't get any worse, you keep your sanity and free will. Nurgle is the only way to pillage the galaxy and be at peace.

Though really, I'd be an original Sons of Horus survivor, an 10k old champion. :)

>> No.24492251

slaanesh doesnt have a ever growing desire for pleasure, its contrary, with time passing the fallower starts feel less pleasure because he becomes used to it, but slaanesh is good and rewarding god and he rewards you with mutations that enchance your reflexes and makes you feel everything better

nor does it make you a slave of anything, you are free to do what you want, but when you decide you need new rewards, then of course you do slaanesh some work

i have to agree on khorne tho, but again, its a fucked up universe, some people might actually love going on the street slitting throats of other people, being insane is optional

have to agree that tzeentches worshipers are slaves to his plots, but his plans are illogical only to those that watch it from aside, to him everything makes sense and consequences

as a nurgle player, i am ashamed of you

>> No.24492277

Fucking hipsters.

>> No.24492296

warp entities are not really gods anyway

>> No.24493662

Khorne: My ever worsening rage and contempt for most of humanity. My determination to be the best I can be.

Tzeench: My optimism and charismatic nature.

Slaanesh: My joy for the finer things in life. My pride and vanity.

Nurgle: My acceptance of inevitable death, my cynicism and dark humour.

Surprisingly Khorne, although I think that accepting the whole pantheon is the greatest path.

>> No.24496439

Check your privilege.

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