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SNAKE:: Invisibility
RAT:: Bring inanimate objects to life
PIG:: Lazer-eyes
SHEEP:: Astral Projection
DRAGON:: Control Fire
RABBIT:: Super Speed
MONKEY:: Shapeshifting
TIGER:: Split into two separate people
OX:: Super Strength and Durability
HORSE:: Power of Healing
ROOSTER:. Levitation/Telekinesis
DOG:: Immortality

>> No.24479478

Horse, Dog, Snake.

Lets go visit some trauma wards.

>> No.24479513

Monkey, Tiger, Dog. My own clone, etc.

>> No.24479541

Horse, Dog, Rooster

>> No.24479547

Horse, Rabbit, Rooster
Time for shenanigans.

>> No.24479551

dog, monkey, Ox

>> No.24479553

Isn't the dragon more of a concussive blast?

>> No.24479554

Rat, Snake, and Rabbit.

Also, does anyone else find Pig hilarious?

>> No.24479591

Pig, Ox, Rooster
We Superman now

>> No.24479594

Dog, Horse, Rabbit/rat

>> No.24479595

Healing AND Immortality?

Pfft, that's redundant.

>> No.24479612

Horse, Dog, Ox
Don Luchador mask, and live forever as Los Tiburon: Immortal Masked Wrestler

>> No.24479624

Rabbit Rooster and monkey

>> No.24479635

need rabbit to go shazbot

>> No.24479650

Monkey, Rat, and Tiger. I can start an orgy all by myself.

>> No.24479664

Not if you can use it to heal others.

>> No.24479665

Dog, Snake, Rooster

>> No.24479691

Immortality generally refers to immunity to age and illness, but not to murder. Alternatively, even if you could never be killed by any means, someone can still break all your bones and watch you cry on the floor. Being able to fix yourself up might come in handy.

So anyway, Dog, Dragon, Healing

>> No.24479703

Tiger, Snake, Sheep

One invisible me, one astral me giving invisible me instructions.

>> No.24479716

Not at all. Do you REALLY want to be unable to die if you don't heal any better than a normal human?

>> No.24479737

I like your style

>> No.24479757

I choose one:
Jackie Chan.

Because he beat all the people that had them, sometimes multiple of them, plus a dragon.

>> No.24479779

Sheep (since was born under the Metal Sheep, also literal lichstone)
Dragon (because fuck yeah Pyrokinesis)
Ox (my dump stat)

>> No.24479814

Horse, Dog, Dragon


>> No.24481222

Tiger, Ox, Dog.
Time to beat the world to death hand in hand with me.

>> No.24481255

Snake, Monkey, Tiger

Shenanigans inc

>> No.24481351

Ox, Rabbit, Horse

>> No.24481380

Pig, Rabbit, rooster

>> No.24481436

Monkey, Horse, Rat.

Travel the world as a multicoloured winged snake, heal the sick and wounded, and raise great stone golems to defend my inevitable temples. I shall become Qex'il'faltl, The Serenity of the Stars, and I shall usher in a millennia of prosperity to my chosen people - anybody who can claim convincingly that they inherit the blood of the Aztecs.

I'll also exploit Monkey by turning into that jellyfish that can reset its age, so I can live long enough to guide my favoured people to glory.

>> No.24481444

Ox, horse, rooster.

>> No.24481448

Snake, Rooster, Dog

Compound interest and cheating on sports wagers leave me the richest man in the world.

>> No.24481467


Spend my time in girls' locker rooms and murdering evil people.

>> No.24481468

Ox, Dog, Rabbit.

Because being an immortal super-strong Flash is just too good.

>> No.24481559

Horse, Monkey, Rooster

Power Level: Biblical

>> No.24481610

Rat, Monkey, Tiger
>implying this combo isn't the ultimate fetish fuel

>> No.24481612

he learned the hard way that it isn't

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>> No.24481636

Dog Monkey and Sheep

>> No.24481644

Dog, horse, monkey

When I eventually get bored of shapeshifting (I imagine will take a rather long time) I'll just pass them on to other people.

>> No.24481726


This probably is the best route, I'd swap Snake for Rabbit though.

Immortal, invincible flash is fucking great.

>> No.24481740


Trickster material

>> No.24481777

Not redundant. Immortality and youthful you is doing something and YOU BREAK BONES OR GET YOUR LEG RIPPED OFF. Grats, you're eternally young sans a leg.

I'd choose dog, horse, ox.
My body is ready.

>> No.24481807

10/10 would cut out the hearts of the enemy for.

>> No.24481821

>not picking master race Dog+Horse foundation

Third talisman is personal preference.

>> No.24481829

Then arise, Ikart'il, He who Sheds Blood. You shall go forth, gather me more worshippers, and spill the blood of the heretic upon my temple's altar.

>> No.24481836

Horse is only if you want to heal others, to just heal your self shapeshifing should work.

>> No.24481851

I am honored, lord! I will make sacrifice in your name until every stone of the temple has been splashed red with their blood!

>> No.24481897



Use super strength, super speed, and invisibility to steal Dog, Rooster, Horse, Monkey, Dragon, Pig, and Rat.

Rule world.

>Tiger also splits your personality and Sheep is only useful for scouting, and it leaves your main body unconscious.

>> No.24481975

pig, snake, rabbit

sneak attack with lazors!

>> No.24481976


>> No.24481980

Snake Rabbit Rooster
Become ultimate cat burglar

>> No.24481998

Rooster, Horse, Monkey

would become a Sylar-like guy, killing people and removing their brains

but would shapeshift into Morgan Freeman and heal people with cancer

>> No.24482099

Fools! I require all the talismans so that I can regain my full power!
But, I suppose if I must choose, I will take the Rat, the Dog, and the Dragon. If only for the reason that I will reclaim the rest of them later. By force.

>> No.24482100

think of the wargames with the rat talismans

id take ox dog and horse
all the viking necesity

>> No.24482244

Dog, Horse, Pig.

I am now immortal and invulnerable, what else would I want?

The lazer eyes are a good party trick, too.

>> No.24482778

Jackie, Fucking, Chan

>> No.24482827

You guys know the snake grants invisibility.. right? That's different than invincibility.

>> No.24482878

Monkey, Tiger, Dog
Time for guro sex with anyone I want.

>> No.24482937

all i need is rat and i will live and die happily.

although i do need snake to steal more figurines...but i think they will be mad when i use rat on them.

so ya only rat.

>> No.24483034

I will be the greatest athlete of all time.

>> No.24483076

Ox, Rooster, Dog.

Super Strong, Super Durable, Immortal, Telekinetic. Just don't attract the attention of the government and you'll be fine. Live your life in seclusion, hone your telekinetic powers, reveal yourself years after the nuclear apocalypse as the one true god of mankind, unite the world under your banner, lead mankind to a golden age of science and reason.

>> No.24483111

>Normal life

>Battle Mode

>> No.24483115

I dont think healing = immortality.

>> No.24483164

Ox, Monkey, Dog
Live forever, being the leader of the greatest empires of the world at their height.

>> No.24483253


If the vital cells are renewed constantly, and the body is kept away from major stress/injury, a human female can potentially live to 600 or more.

>> No.24483268 [SPOILER] 

snake rat monkey
invisible rat talisman that shapeshifts into particles that animate everything

>> No.24483326

You mean Hawk, Tiger, Grasshopper.

>> No.24483387

One problem. You can only shapeshift into animals

>> No.24483476

Monkey / Dog / Rooster

...I have fetishes.

>> No.24483636 [SPOILER] 

you mite want to rethink that

>> No.24483646

Where would i get these?
I have an idea for a campaign where everyone is a generic human, and each week they have to fight it out to get one of these.

>> No.24483650

That's fine; as long as giant squid is an option.

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