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Krieg thread? Krieg thread.

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Kinda wish I hadnt sold my Krieg

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Should have sold it to me. My death guard need some bitches to soak up wounds

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I cant really decide what color to make my kreig. Im leaning towards grey overcoats but Someone at my flgs already does that. But theyre my models, so im kinda torn.

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do pic related

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Kreigers are pussies only good at killing other Kreigers. Make way for the mechanized fist of the Imperium.

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I actually sold them and started collecting deathguard.

you can get krieg themed zombies by the way, this is what I have coming, 60 of them.

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fuck you I was going to post something like that

but yeah, go home krieg, you're trying to hard

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Do Krieg field any sort of specialty units? like marksmen or missile crews?

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Engineers that use mole-tanks.

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Too bad you already used that image.

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Trenches stop tanks in their tracks
Kinda lame that the two regiments' Guardsmen look almost the same when described in words.

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>Trenches stop tanks in their tracks

You got that backwards bro

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do you even know how/why tanks got invented, son?

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Actually tanks were first developed to defeat trenches during WWI

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Marshal Zhukov would like a word with you on that.

They were made to be used as mobile bunkers to kill pillboxes and assist infantry advances

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Yeah, there similar in looks cause the planets are both extremely unlivable. Armageddon is poluted by its own industries, and every place thats not a Hive city or the equetorial Jungle, is a barren toxic wasteland. Steel Legion is a Mechanised force for this reason, and no one ventures into the jungles anymore. ;) Krieg is a barren wasteland, no one lives in the city, cause of radioactivity and waste everywhere. Kriegers live underground, and specialise in underground warfare more then trench. The Siege of Vraks, they where used for trench warfare cause they fitt the bill perfectly, but many times it is referenced that they specialise more in undergound. ;)

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Kriegers may be good at underground fighting, but they're known for fighting in sieges because they really shine in battles of attrition.

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One dude in one battle made huge trenches in order to trap German tanks, otherwise tanks beat trenches.

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One guy in the largest tank battle in history.

It worked like a charm too. German engineers had a hell of a time getting their armor across them.

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>On the nightmare world of Krieg, the elite Death Korps practice their killing arts against the only enemy they have available: those among the population unsuitable to join the regiments of the Imperial Guard.

No regiment is as hardcore as the Krieg!

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Never said it didn't work, it worked brilliantly, just saying it only happened once ever and never happened again and will never happen again because only pleb 3rd worlders use trenches.

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That and nobody else fielded tanks in as predictable a manner as that ever since. The Russians not only knew where the germans were attacking, then knew, down to the hour, when they were attacking.

Since then the only noteworthy tank battles after that, with few exceptions, were all in the desert and it's easier to just lay mines and dig firing positions for tanks than dig giant trenches to stop a tank charge an advantage in standoff range can solve better.

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So we are in agreement?

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Seems so.

For the record, I'm more partial to the Mordian Iron Guard. Nothing says badass like standing up to eternal darkness with flashlights in your dress uniform.

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Dumping my Krieg stuff.

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The best weapons

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oops thats Elysian shit.

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There are no female Korpsmen.

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I dont believe you.

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Kriegers are better than the canon Death Korps.

They build trenchs in your rose beds and doesn't of anything

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It's stated in multiple BL books.
Deal with it.

Krieg women are pregnant constantly. That's their job. A commissar in Dead Men Walking actually went to Krieg and mentioned that he just saw thousands of gas masked women, most of which were heavily pregnant. Oh, and young kids, because your common soldier in the Death Korps is 15.

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Huh a narthecium?

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ahh, I've never read the DKOK BL books

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I have no clue.

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standard issue to medics in OW artwork

presumably because alot of the artists have done deathwatch stuff and weren't told guard don't usually get them

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Well, there you go.
I should also mention that the reject in that short story muses that he's useless because he'll never be a soldier or a father.

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I'm really not against them having them personally

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well they're both based on Germans

only Kreig is WWI and Steel Legion is WWII

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The problem is the narthecium is designed to deal with the issues of treating a space marine. Namely the heavy armour and the access to their physiology is both grants and restricts.

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That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, since there are going to be women who for one reason or another can't get pregnant period and it's not like Krieg would have any other reason from keeping them from the front line. Female IGs aren't unheard of or even uncommon seeing as there have been a few regiments made up of nothing but women.

Perhaps I'm overthinking this.

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>dat pic
I'm really liking the girl in the dress wearing a gas mask.

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Krieg isn't a normal world.
Further, mixed regiments are far rarer than female ones.

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huh, interesting

I would of assumed that infertile women would joing the guard in some way, like in Gears of War, but reading the blurb of the new book I'm not so sure

neither am I, I like it

the actual narthecium is designed to extract and store gene-seed too, but if you look the guard version is lacking this. I presume the guard version is just a glorified Jaws of life and their diagnostor built into one

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The diagnostic tools rely on the power armour though to tell them shit.

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guard medics come with a diagnostor

and if you look their narthecium-lites come with a little green screen

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I can kinda see women Vostroyan

like they weren't going to make the Tithe on day and said "fuck it make ALL first born"

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it says firstborn sons in codex IG, but when it comes to gender in the guard i'm liable to ignore it and use this bit from OW instead

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Yeah, FW isn't full of shit at all.
I mean, living saints can only be female? Seems legit. Oh, and genestealers reproduce like xenomorphs.

Seriously shut the fuck up.

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Normal world or not, infertility would still crop up, so no baby-making for those women.

As for rarity, considering the size of the imperium that becomes hard to judge with all the different regiments running arround.

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Then those women are indubitably part of the rejects. So they get shot.

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and it's mentioned in some of the fluff that most kriegers are clones and/or sterile.

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>and it's mentioned in some of the fluff that most kriegers are clones and/or sterile.
No it isn't.
Give me one example.

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clones is never brought up

if the new book is anything to go buy, the're shot

"On the nightmare world of Krieg, the elite Death Korps practise their killing arts against the only enemy they have available: those among the population unsuitable to join the regiments of the Imperial Guard. In the midst of a live-fire exercise, one of these human targets disobeys orders and follows the trail of a mysterious alien beast, one that could spell doom for all of Krieg if it is not stopped..."

it's a genestealer

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That doesn't make any sense since at the very least they'd make good canon fodder. At least one Krieg commander would have had to have at least considered the possiblity of giving infertile women a shot at joining the regiment.

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it's krieg trying it's hardest to be the black hole of gridark in the grimdark universe

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You'd think infertile men would be used as cannon fodder, too.
No dice. They're training practice.

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That probably is the right explanation considering some of the stuipid things each faction does in 40k.

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Check your Korps privilege.

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So their response to someone not being able to reproduce is to kill them so they can take someone who can reproduce and place them in a situation where they'd be killed before they can contribute to the serval of their society?

What do they do to men who suffer injuries to their reproductive organs on the field? "Sorry but you can no longer make new Kriegers and that's hersey." *BLAM*

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Nah, you breed before you leave, silly.

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So with thousands of their men away from planet what do they do after nine months when there are now no-longer pregnant women who need reimpregnating with the only men around being under conscription age and my mind just went somewhere horrible and dark.

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They use the frozen sperm and carefully knock them up one by one?
Also, not everyone on Krieg joins the Death Korps. I'm fairly certain there are guys who stay behind to make the sacrifice of not dying for the Emperor so they can knock up the girls.

That actually is a sacrifice on Krieg. You're relegating yourself to damnation for the sake of Kreig. Also sex is probably done while fully clothed with the lights out in the missionary position through a hole in the sheet while saluting and singing hymns.

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>Also sex is probably done while fully clothed with the lights out in the missionary position through a hole in the sheet while saluting and singing hymns.
This is my fetish

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fuck, there was a really good screencap about the life of krieg medic attached to a non-kreig squad

the bottom cap had that in it, but I didn't save it apparently

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have fun... and despair

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Needs a "Wish you were here!"

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also anybody have the artwork he uses...

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You Kreig wrack wrscipirin! Go crawl back into your bunkers and underground caverns and let real men fight for The Emperor.

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