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Hey /tg/

Just a quick question I need answered about Warhammer 40k's universe. I have been DMing Dark Heresy for about four years, and I know the universe pretty well - there is, however, something I have no idea about.

See, my players every so often get mechanical limbs, and every time one of them will ask if they can put either blades or guns inside them that can retract, Adam Jensen style. This always makes me feel like the Mechanicus would have an issue, but I can't find any evidence that they would, so I get nagged or called a hard-ass, and end up letting them do it.

Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

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Shameless self bump

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It's permissible, but I don't know the DarkRogueWarBlackDeath rules for it.

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You've been playing for this long and you've never heard of augmentics with implanted weapons? I'm pretty sure it's in the Inquisitor's Handbook.

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I think the mechanus have parts that are for active combat, but look down on parts that are basically shadowrun or similar

The only time i heard anything about it though was in heretical love and.... Well yeah

Would they look down on it though? Probably. Would they execute you? Only if its not machanus approved patterns and techniques

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The rules I can make up, it's the Mechanicus' take on it that I don't know. Would they frown upon it? Especially if the person in question was, say, a Guardsman?

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Just say sure, but it's really goddamn expensive.

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Seriously, dude, it's literally a basic augmentic upgrade.
You can only integrate a pistol weapon or one-handed melee weapon, if I recall.

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I doubt the tech priests would be bothered considering how many carry weapomized body parts. Though it is tampering with the design and machine spirit

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not even a tiny bit. Weapons built into cyberneticlimbs is so kosher its one of the options given in dark heresy core rulebook.

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There is a Skitarri Cyber Arm in Lure of the Expanse that is basically exactly what you're trying to do.

When in doubt use the Mounted Weapon Rules and a Weapon MIU.

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Mechanicus do it too. It's no big deal.

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considering exactly what they want is already available too players in the core rules, they shouldn't have had to nag you.

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