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Justify this image in the context of a Rogue Trader campaign.

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Fabius Bile did it

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Vile heretical propaganda

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A proud guardswoman from an abhuman regiment, atoning for her genetic taint by kicking Tyranid ass.

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We've already got catgirls, so I guess green-skinned pointy-eared sharp-tusked big-tittied abhuman girls fit in just fine

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It's a digga.
she painted herself green, threw some tusks in her mouth, and sliced her ears pointy.

there, you have your canon-approved explanation.

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Tellyporta mishap.

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What self respecting Digga has an Aquila on their gun?
She's muckin' about.

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Its a stub-revolver she looted, she doesn't understand the significance of the Aquila

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Anything that is living and not currently shooting at you is a potential new market. Anything shooting at you is just volatile market often with a high risk/reward ratio.

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GorkaMorka was an awesome game

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Some psyker is messing with me.
I'm not sure if s/he's trying to annoy me or arouse me.

Either that, or some mad techpriest or inquisitor is hatching schemes, and that probably won't be the only thing hatching soon.

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She's a feral-world arch militant who has had some cosmetic surgery since joining the crew.

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She-Hulk, 40k style.

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So she's usually some mousy little priest or servant of the Rogue Trader, but when shit gets real she hulks out and takes names? Then after the battle fucks the Rogue Trader before returning to her human form?

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please don't use that term, it reminds me that the Mötley Crüe are going to split up after their next album...

Oh well at least I got to see them once in a concert.

Believe it or not but they're louder and more powerful-sounding than many Death Metal bands.

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Life support on the ship fails, you die. No one's getting THAT heretical, not on my watch.

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Xenos milk is best milk.

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Seneschal cross-classed into.... kommando?

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Her nipple's showing.

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Bit of a runt. Needs more meat on her bones.

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oh noez better call the mods!

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Fookin American's, the female nipple is nothing to be afraid of.

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Nippl-e. With an hyphen

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Please, we need rest! The spirit is willing but the body is spongy and bruised!

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This is why you don't just eat any random mushrooms you find, Dave.

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I want to fuck them.
Why do I want to fuck them?

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Sadly that's the propa orky girl image I got. I can post more female orcs if you like.

Admitly, this ork does have a real lady-like face

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The answer is so obvious.
The Warp did it.

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Ork ladies please

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Because you crave adventure as any proper Rogue Trader would.

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Why would a Digga care about some daft humie junk on her gun, as long as its shooty.

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Bah, that's even less orky than OP's pic!

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Well then how about this?

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>muckin around posing for photos

It's like the orks really are 'umies

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Aaaaaaaand I have another new fetish. Thanks, /tg/.

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How is it that you weren't already into ork chicks? I mean, it's basically the ultimate mashup of amazon babe and Orion slave girl.

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I have no idea.

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A perverted heretic drew it to fap to and now requires to be purged.

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>No having it before

What are you? Some sort of git?

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And elf ears.

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I don't really have words for any of these images, but please continue.

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She's a self hating ork who loves the imperium and the emperor of man.

If you want good ork ladies go to the elder scrolls thread in /vg/

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captcha- heart hnnngtre

You and me both, captcha.

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Or, you know... she's a Blood Axe Ork.

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Mercenary ork chick? HNGH!

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Actually thinking about it, how would the imperium react to an ork who loves the imperium?

Does she have a human supremacy fetish, sort of like a black girl who loves being a slave to a white man, except in the future?

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Best orc right here

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Step aside impostor...

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You're already dead

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Magos Biologis dicking around with ork spores and guardswomen.

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can´t because orks don´t have female features as tits

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>not even trying

You'z muckin' about.

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Bring it on stink-breath.

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Looks like an abhuman to me, possibly an ogryn, mutated to have green skin.

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He's is technically correct. Ork females were retconned out and now Orks propagate via spores.

Thinking about it that means orks are just sentient Fungi.

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Wanna bet?

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Non-human native of some backwater planet posing for male-oriented magazine.

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Says who, GW? NNNNOPE.

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GM is using Dark Heresy stuff to flesh things out. There's surgery for splicing your DNA with xenos in Radical's Handbooks and there can be unexpected side effects dependent on how you fuck up.

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Whelp my fav was posted, so I guess I'l follow up with this tasty greenie.
I hope she rapes me

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Yes, she will.

'She', being the hulking one behind the one in front.

>> No.24455627

>hope she
Out of pure curiosity: how do you imagine this? You may go into the details.

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orks are shrooms why would they have breasts

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All this ork talk reminded me of the thread of some smug sperglord a week ago who approved an ork bard PC in D&D, only to then have it be lynxched by peasants ten minutes into the first session. Then he made a thread about what a clever GM he is.

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And yet, GW made a model for it.


>> No.24455707

Why not? Just because you're a fungi doesn't exclude having fun 'n shit.

>> No.24455764

I always liked the idea of a bunch of orks that got whupped by sisters of battle, so they decided that they should start acting like the dead killy burny sistas.

Resulting in orks in drag

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Careful what you ask for:
She grabs me by the hair, holding my face close to her cleavage before kneeing me in the gut and pushing me down to the ground. She puts the shot gun to my forehead and commands me to strip. Conscious of the double barrelled saw'd off, I do and quickly. Then she puts her leather boot on my chest and digs her heel into my solar plexus, "Spank it, pink skin. If I don't see a hardon in 30 seconds you're getting both barrels!" My vision is filled with the shot gun, her firm green thigh, and her flaring red eyes. Once she sees my erection she takes out a leather cord and ties it tight around my base, giving it a hard yank before tying it off for good measure...


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No, by all means, go on.

I'm interested in the part when you're flat and she still wants to go on. You know, because it's obvious that simple (no offense) human can match up with Orc's stamina.

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So the fluff states that orcs reproduce by spores... That does not necessarily mean they are a fungus. Ferns reproduce by spores as well.

So the question is, do ferns demonstrate the hermaphroditic sexual traits of flowering plants, or are they gender neutral clone machines like fungi as well?

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When Orkz are ready to sporulate, growths on their body swell up and eventually release the spores that will grow squigs and new orkz. On 50% of Orkz those growths are on the chest.

On the other half they're between the legs.

>> No.24455894

Just throwing it out there that canonically orks have "dangly parts" and "'urty bits" between their legs - so if they can be fungus and have male primary sexual characteristics, why can't they be fungus and have female primary sexual characteristics?

>> No.24455920

A horny, complete, ork.
The first of her kind.

>> No.24455948


The ork penis is primarily a means of expelling waste.

>> No.24455971

>canonically orks have "dangly parts" and "'urty bits" between their legs


>> No.24455981

It can also be used to rape 'umies. And since works are fungus their ejaculate is undoubtedly full of spores.

OP's pic is basically just a human rape victim with a severe fungal infection.

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Simple. A Magos Biologi owes a biiiiiig favor to a Rogue Trader with a Xeno fetish.

>> No.24456001

Chaos mutated Ork offshoot, on a world with high Slaaneshi influence.

She wants to mongle your cock right off.

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This is NOT okay

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ok ok i give in... you can have your busty orcs

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orks already love the imperium, it's just that ork love mostly revolves around foightin'.

orks may consider the humans squishy and weird, but they appreciate how many of them there are to fight and their many varieties of fancy hats and kit. Plus they're good at building fortresses for the orks to play in once they kill everyone.

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Because that's a fantasy orc, which, I believe, weren't shrooms until 7e. Or that's how I remember it.

>> No.24456099

>Or that's how I remember it.
It musta have been helluva party bro...

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They shouldn't have testicles either, but, you know, GW.

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I didn't start until late 6e and from what I heard from long time orc players about 7e, orcs weren't spores in earlier editions and the whole coming as spores on the Old Ones' starships was 7e fluff.

One dude even has some 3rd party lady orcs and goblins in his army.

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Where do Catgirls come into 40k?

This confuses me greatly...

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I guess they could be referring to their spore sacks, would kinda make sense.

>> No.24456171

Well, back in old days everything was more... sane. Predictable. Explainable.

I miss those days.

>> No.24456184

There was a mention in the 6th ed rules of an ab-human race called felinids, people have assumed that they are all catgirls.

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Fanwank. All we know is that thare's an abhuman species named felinids, which are found on one planet.

Personally, I had catgirls as medics in my IG since 4e, so doesn't change my world one bit. Apart from acting as a passive autism detector, when some dudes see them and start sperging like a motherfucker how I'm all that's wrong with the world and listing all the reasons they shouldn't be.

Now, if we could have that porcupine girl mutant from the Eisenhorn books...

>> No.24456232

They're in the back of the 40K 6e rulebook in an appendix. Felids.

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The planet is called Carlos McConnell...

I'm wondering which GW Writefag managed to slip his grubby little fetish into the core rulebook...

Personally, I'm still playing 5th Ed.

>> No.24456301

>Now, if we could have that porcupine girl mutant from the Eisenhorn books...
You can. It's a big galaxy.

>> No.24456331

Well, I meant more modelwise.

>> No.24456383

Make a human girl model in some 3d software, add spikes, find some print-3d-on-demand service near you, problem solved.

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are we posting more orks or what?

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No, this is now spider... aw hell...

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>> No.24456444

its not an Ork, just a green alien. Done.

It doesnt have the stature of an ork, it has features no ork has (hair, boobs), it doesnt seem to be behavin like an Ork, it doesnt seem to be an Ork.

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Oi! Waaaaahg I'll say!

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loli animu orks are best orks

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But can they fight? Or only bend over?

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File: 218 KB, 600x1037, Japanese Half-Orc and Elf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Asian Shadowrun reporting in.

>> No.24456497

So, just need to find a 3d modelling software, learn to use it, figure out how to make 3d models, and find a 3d printer... Yeah, how about I'll just figure how to GS some spikes on a model instead?

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Orks vill be orks!

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There are orks that only fight, there are orks that only bend over, and there are orks that do both. I'm only interested in the latter two.

>> No.24456516

If you already know the answer, don't complain.

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Talk to talk.
Do you walk the walk?

>> No.24456566

critical hit backstab?

>> No.24456648

When did I complain?

>> No.24456734

Of all the fetishes in 40k, it was catgirls that made you turn away from a new edition?

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Are we flirting?

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File: 314 KB, 629x900, blue_warglaive_girl_by_fuuryoku-d309o46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kekekekekeke, flirting is for those skinny assess that dress like girls. We, orks conquer!

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it's just like the thing with orks and red paint...some fire-loving orkz encountered a few sisters of battle, were inspired (and roasted) by their flamers and concluded (lacking the understanding of the concept of different sexes) that this must be how to get some propa burnaz...Lo and behold: slender orkz with two brand-new promethium bags!

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Do they still have their dangly parts?

>> No.24456983


No, they do not.

>> No.24456985

surely the ones who didn't believe hard enoudh

>> No.24457004

I'm interested what would happen to her solar plexus when she would try to you know, tie a shoelace.

>> No.24457015


>> No.24457028

I... you... what?

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It's form fitting metal. It stretches and bends just like latex catsuit.

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>Lippy bitz

Thank you for giving me a new phrase for vagina.

>> No.24457056

Is there like a gallery or a mod or something for this?

>> No.24457068

If it bends like latex under the pressure of body muscles, then it surely offers NO protection against blunt weapons. Mace, hammer, simple club...

>> No.24457076

-> Skyrim Nexus
Probably muscle bodies + some armor...

>> No.24457090

>stretches and bends just like latex


>> No.24457121

Soft metals?

>> No.24457123

Go to /vg/, check the elder scrolls general thread, there should be a link in the op to wiki containing her and a whole bunch of other characters as companions. There should also be a booru containing her as well.


It's magic. Plus it ain't for protection, it's for attracting a mate.

>> No.24457139
File: 1018 KB, 1024x883, magic i aint gotta explain tits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24457175

Soft metal, as its name suggests isn't exactly plausible material for protection against blows and alike.

Could you point out, kind sirs what kind of spell in Skyrim was used?

>> No.24457194

My penis thanks you.

>> No.24457207

Yeah its "Dispel autism". Alteration I believe.

>> No.24457220

Where does it say it's mean for protection?

>> No.24457236

Are you sure it wasn't "not having a clue, therefore magic"?

Where does it say it isn't?

>> No.24457237

It's an illusion spell, unpronounceable in imperial tongue as it was made by the Daedra. Pretty popular among the females in Tamriel.

>> No.24457261
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>Where does it say it isn't?

Right here:

> Plus it ain't for protection, it's for attracting a mate.

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>want to Middle-earth campaign
>can't decide on policy for female Orcs
>look up Middle-earth Roleplaying Game lore
>female Orcs kept in breeding pits
>twice as fertile as human females
>quadruplets common
>females have no love for children
>only breastfeed to stop pain of milk production

wadda fug

>> No.24457432

Female orcs just love getting raped bro

>> No.24457462

Do they also love raping puny, pale humies?


>> No.24457591

It's essentially a rape hierarchy with orks, with the ones being raped being at the bottom of the totem pole. The women will enjoy raping the puny, pale humies, but then again so too will the ork men.

The only way for you to have a loving relationship with an ork is to rape her and claim her for yourself.

>> No.24457736


>Not being able to defend yourself from male orks, but letting your guard down when she shows up to the waagh.
>Not watching your plan backfire as she whips out her dangly bits.
>Not trying as hard as you can to develop a fetish for ork traps.
>Not having one already.
>Wait, what was I talking about?

>> No.24457909

Mordor is now full of trailer pits populated by bow legged golf tangos whose sole qualifications for motherhood is a whomb which happened to catch the sperm from a passing slave driver.

>> No.24458091
File: 667 KB, 1920x1080, 1362327949766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently your love of futa orks. Futorks if you will.

So Mordor is the Florida of middle earth?

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More sexy Orky lady pictures, plox?

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At least my mom took me to Isengard!

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Why don't you contribute some?

I'm running out of SFW stuff and don't want to post my lewd material

In order to get this thread moving, let's discuss interesting ways to use orks. Orks are almost always the dumb, brutish savage race, and a part of me wonders how can we use them in a more creatively while still being true to the source material?

>> No.24458270

>I don't want to contribute my lewd material.
There's a nipple in the OP, the mods aren't looking or we wouldn't be here. Now get dumping.

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My lewd material is way worse than a nipple.

I'll see what I can get away with

As I was saying earlier, I think the idea of civilizing the orcs wouldn't make sense as their society doesn't take to the whole nation building concept. However I have thought of using them like a RPG version of the Mongol Empire: a group of disparate tribes uniting together to conquer a huge chunk of land, only to allow it to collapse due to a lack of administrative work.

>> No.24458372

Yes, that is how orks work. I'm more interested in green muscletits, though.

>> No.24458404
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I posted this gif, but I did so more out of comical value.
The ones after it are /not/ me...

>> No.24458459

I always liked the idea of using orcs as roving bands of nomads, living in numerous inhospitable regions (from deserts to Siberia-like conditions). And having a few large city-states that act like corner-stones for that region. Pretty much like how the Dothraki are in GoT, just more of them, more regions they inhabit, and less concerned with horses. More focused on strength and power as attractive features for both genders, too. I think it'd be interesting to have a race that looks at elves as pathetic weaklings not worth admiring.

>> No.24458461
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If you want muscle tits you'll have to tell me the canonical importance of muscle tits in Ork culture.

>> No.24458505

Breast-feeding orc babies. Also, attracting a mate.
Happy now?

>> No.24458506
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Do you think they'd respect the Dwarves for their work ethic or would they look down on them for their love of technology? Or do they trade with the Dwarves for their tech?

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