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Midweek Gamefinder thread!

Post your info and find a game!

>system of choice
>campaign idea
>contact info

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Player, please.

>system of choice
I'm pretty familiar with 3.5/PF, and I have some experience with o/nWod. I've been looking for a reason to read a new book, so I'll gladly learn a new system.

>campaign idea
I'm pretty much down for anything.

>contact info

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>I'm down for pretty much anything. I have experience with 3.5, Pathfinder, Spirit of the Century, nWoD, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
> See above
>E-mail: [email protected]
>AIM: TheAniXTheory
>Skype: Anixtheory

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Sure, why not.

Both, motherfuckers.
>system of choice
As a player, Dark Heresy.

As a GM, I'm looking to run some Valley of Eternity

>campaign idea
Valley's somewhat built for one-offs. I was looking to do a story every two (or three) weeks, in two (or three) parts. (So, half/a third of a plot a week.) Every two (or three), you'd make new characters and go on a new adventure.

As for a DH game to play in, I'm game for anything. I'd also be willing to do RT, but I'm pretty dead set on using DH character creation.

>contact info
hive_atlas on Skype

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player, I just got done gming a game and want back in on the fun of playing
>system of choice
Anything. I've had a lot of experience playing a bunch of games since a good friend of mine owns a shit ton
>campaign idea
Down for anything
>contact info

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GM and Player
>system of choice
The Riddle of Steel
>campaign idea
knights, mages, typical sword and sorcery stuff
>contact info
DMBlackhart on Skype

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>mfw when nobody is posting timezones

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either one, prefer to be player.
>system of choice
dont care, up for anything
> campaign idea
i really just want to play something
>contact info
[email protected]
san diego 92120

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I have a few spots open for a Changeling: the Dreaming one shot being run next Monday at 7pm EST. May turn into an irregular/regular ongoing thing.

Drop into #traditionaldreams on irc.rizon.net for more info.

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All right! Just what I needed.
-system of choice
Anything fast, simple and applicable to anything
-campaign idea
Space piracy in the colonized solar system
>contact info
RPnet: ecrpg

Let's play over tinychat or something!

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Care to play a game about space piracy over chat?

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>inb4 shitstorm over large breast.

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I think those breasts are fake

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Oh I guess I'm In central timezone: GMT - 6

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Maybe posting that picture backfired
I'm on Pacific time

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I'm a GM, but would like to play. Anything that's not D&D, really.

I wouldn't mind organizing a 40k game of some description, but I don't know enough rules to run it.

Anything roleplay-heavy. Hell, even just board games over Vassal.

...I just want to play something.


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>Anything roleplay-heavy.
See >>24450357

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>system of choice
I've recently wanted to do a 3.5 or PF game. I am experienced with Exalted and World of Darkness.

>campaign idea
I have some ideas for Pathfinder/3.5, but they're quite complicated. I'm mostly up for anything, in the end.

>contact info
Skype: Kageryushin
AIM: kagemamoru omega

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>System of choice
I still don't know, I'm new to everything and still trying to find out how it all works so I guess a new guy friendly thing.

>Campaign idea
Ha, no...

eviscerate_the_assailant ~~ Skype

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>australia prime time on a public holiday
>only americans are posting

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Anyone from Lithuania ?

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Never played Changeling. I'll swing by.

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How about an IRC game about space piracy?

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American eastern hemisphere.

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My niggas...

>the game

We'll be playing Delta Green over Skype text or roll20 text chat - depending on how the dice bot feels that day. If you don't know what Delta Green is, it's like alien greys and conspiracy theories and all the anal probes you can handle. It's built on the same engine as Call of Cthulhu (ie, pretty damn simple)

>the time

It's more or less (theres some wiggle room) at 4-9PM Thursday, New Zealand time (+13) - before you jive turkeys flip your shit about +13, I've played with plenty of Americans and Europeans and shit who can make that time.

Its pretty much *this time next week* (or the time of this post if you read this later on) minus two hours, so if your on now and will be for the next three hours or so, your golden.

>what can you expect?

Painful demise, a heavy focus on RPing and fun rather than say, 'character builds' and shit like in DnD, terrifying alien conspiracies and shit, and of course, a painful painful demise. Simple and easy mechanics.

>what can I not expect

Ten pages of combat mechanics and shit like that. When combat occurs, its pretty damn realistic - you either put a bullet through their face with like two or three dice rolls, or get some kind of enormous anal probing ray in return. Generally you spend most of your time *not* trying to fight everything that moves, just like you would IRL

>how the fuck do I join up

Voodoo_potion_number10 on Skype. If you can make the time and aren't a weirdo or a cunt, your in. Newbies welcome.

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I might join this. If my sleep schedule permits

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I'd join that, but 6am would only possible for me for about 6-8 weeks.

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This sounds rad but christ I'd die

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New ish player, were running a pathfinder game right now
>system of choice
Only played pathfinder and gurps
>campaign idea
>contact info
Check the email field. I'm in AK if that matters

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Skype is privategoober

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Added you on skype.

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Player/Currently attempting to learn how to Gm. As I said in a old thread expect updates when it starts.
>system of choice
nWoD. For the love of god would like experince in more stuff
>campaign idea
My current one is a vamp nwod.I'm making a Ghoul uprsining and some other stuff happening that would be spoiling it if I tell ya.
>contact info
Skype: calibanredd

I'd just like to get some experince playing other stuff really in my free time.

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>systems of choice
oWoD, PF, 40kRP
>campaign idea
I'd like to play as one of the 'bad guys', but I'm more or less down for anything
>contact info
see email-field

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>>24448400 here.

I'm actually thinking of running an Animorphs game, if anyone would be interested.

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Here you go. You won't find anything faster, simpler, and as endlessly versatile as Fate Core.

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Player. Tried GM'ing a few times but I just don't have the knack of it seeing how I've only ever had 1 before

>system of choice

I really prefer oWod but I like nWod as well. I also am a fan of Pathfinders and 3.5/4.0 of dnd

>campaign idea

Anything to do with fey trying to fuck over everyone. That shit gets me rock hard.

>contact info
Skype: glowjump

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I'm in moutain time US. Like an hour behind Denver,CO

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You spelled RISUS wrong.


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Player please! I've got kind of minimal experience GM'ing, and I didn't do all that fantastic the time I tried it out.

>system of choice
I've played 3.5 for about a year, and Pathfinder for about another year. But since then I've been on a year's hiatus.

>campaign idea
Beats me, but I'm excited about this one character I had in mind: almost certainly making a swashbuckler/bard.

>contact info
[email protected]

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>system of choice
Pretty new, I've only run Pathfinder for a couple sessions. Been reading a lot of Deathwatch and I'm hoping to run it. (or anything in the 40k universe, really.)
>campaign idea
>contact info
Skype - Kruzz11
or muh e-mail field.

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>system of choice
I'm interested in any setting, have had plenty of time to think up concepts, pathfinder is what im most familiar with but i'd love to try anything else
>campaign idea
>contact info
Skype - Morvikcyro
or muh e-mail field.

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GM or Player

>System of Choice
Looking to play Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Black Crusade, Only War, AdEva, Shadowrun, or Pathfinder. Willing to GM any of those.

>Campaign Ideas
DH/OW: Hogan's Heroes meets Mission Impossible
BC: Party warped onto Spacey Hulk.
RT: Blockade Running!
SR: No ideas yet
PF: Attack of the Brain Parasites!

>Typical Availability
Monday, Wed, Friday, and Weekends. I'm on US-EST.

>Contact Info
Email is in the field. Additionally, you can contact me at kamen.rider.faiz on skype.

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>Twilight 2000
>Just want to play a game. I've had an interest for a long time but I have not played it yet.
>Email in email field, skype name is MajorMurray. I can play Fridays and Saturdays.

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We're all full up now folks, the response was pretty damn good. For anyone who missed out, better luck next time

>> No.24461004

How do we know if we got in?

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>system of choice
any WoD, dnd 4.0 or 2.0, mnm, savage worlds, deadlands, aces & eights, shadowrun
>campaign idea
a hunter the vigil campaign about hell's angels that go around and put down supernatural threats to the meth trade in the American midwest. think supernatural meets sons of anarchy. find a gm to do this idea please!
>contact info
look in the email field, bruv

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bmuppin this thard

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Both, but I prefer to GM.

>System of Choice
I am familiar with Pathfinder, 4e, all nWoD gamelines, AFMBE, a little Rogue Trader (but I'm not prepared to run it right now) and REIGN. I'm considering running something using the Dominion Rules, but I can be persuaded to do something else if players have a preference.

>Campaign Idea
Nothing immediately in mind, I'd want to talk to players about their preferences and hammer out a basic premise together.

>Contact Info
E-mail in field. Skype name is BloodyWillpower

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>> No.24462705

Bumping this again, getting a nWoD game together. Going to be vanilla mortals, but that could change in play. Refer to >>24462011 for contact details.

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>System of Choice
3.5, Shadowrun, Pathfinder.

Email is in the field.

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I hope you find some guys.

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When abouts would this game play?

>> No.24464704

5 PM to 11 PM EST on any night that everyone is free.

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>system of choice
Fantasy Flight Warhammer 40k Games (any - Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, Only War)
-DnD 3.5
-Call of Cthulhu

>campaign idea

>contact info

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timezone motherfucker

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Quick questing here:
Are you guys thinking of playing like warhammer online? How would you go about doing that. roll20?
>system of choice
I prefere dnd 3.5 but am fine with any system just need to learn them
>campaign idea
Looking to join any campaign that isn't textbook(premade by WotC) and is made by the/a gm
>contact info
Add later if people want players

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Never did any of this before, interested in beginning.
See above.

>> No.24468205

there's a program called Vassal which you use to play warhammer online

>> No.24468288

Never could find out how to work that thing.
But, on the other-hand not looking to playing warhammer at the moment.

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Damn, son, you have no preferences at all?

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