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how different would the 41st millennium look if:

well, if in those days before the emperor and the Imperium, when man first began exploring the stars and colonizing worlds. if their first contact with the sentient beings of the warp actually went rather well...

I mean look at it like this: humans, (prior to the imperium) have an innate sense of curiosity. So long as the denizens did not show immediate hostility the humans would probably want to ask questions.

As for the denizens of the warp , well why should they show hostility? for them they have been nurished by and captivated by the countless flickering lights of the warp, which these new creatures, these "humans" seem to be connected to.

not to mention they have a common hatred of the Eldar who have shown countless times their hatred of both species.

Now obviously First contact went horribly wrong considering that humans and the denizens of the warp want to destroy each other.

But honestly think about it... what if things went differently and the creatures of the warp ended up humanity's one and only true 'friend' among the stars.

and please suspend your inherent need for grimderp when contemplating this.

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>Implying that humanity has made "first contact" yet
>Implying it wont happen for another 10,000 years due to warp-timey-wimey bullshit
>Implying the IoM didn't go back in time and make first contact before Humanity did
>Implying that Ordo Chronos didn't accidentally start humanities hatred of all things xeno due to them being sent back before we left earth and permantly fucked up our rep with everyone else before we had rep with them

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...Well that's just silly.

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The Warp was already a roiling sea of madness and death. Had been for millenia, ever since the War in Heaven and the Necrontyr/C'Tan slaughtering the young psychic races and the Old Ones.

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your point?

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Seems that your thread is a critical fail there

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That's IT. These disgusting demons have crossed the final line. This world is to be condemned to oblivion. EXTERMINATUS!

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>extreme BDSM is heretical
>safe and consensual sex is heretical
Just so I'm clear what the hell isn't heretical in the Imperium of man?

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The Emperor, and that's about it

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You forget, anon, that the Warp has timey wimey bullshit. And just as Slannesh exists at all points in time, before and after his birth, so does the fucked up warp.
And we totally did let people experiment in the warp before everything exploded forever and the Emperor had to fix everything. It's the main reason why everything exploded forever and the Emperor had to fix everything, ya dingus.

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For the emperor.

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