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Is this slightly OP or is it just me?

MtG thread.

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yeah, it's pretty good

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Theros, you're my last hope of this becoming a reality.

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Why? Are they gonna stop making magic cards after theros?

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Was stoneforge mystic patterned after a chamption too?

Because that's the only cycle I really see. Winning players making a human wizard of cost 1C with 2/1. I wanna see more of that.

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I don't get it.

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A cylce of very good creatures at 1C with total power and toughness of 3 by default.

I guess.

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He's saying that there's a creature that costs 1C with an usable effect for every color (C) except red. He wants there to be a red one.

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So what blue creature was strong enough to make this necessary?

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So... Reach, Pot: Blue, Uncounterable, and Flash are all free for Green now?

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Straight up? None, standard is dominated by everything but blue, and in modern/legacy this doesn't deal with why blue is good. But people like blue hate (even when it's pointless)

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Is it even still seeing play?

I worry that the next coreset might have something big in blue that this is supposed to prevent from dominating.

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IT was probably thought up back when delver was still crazy good
Guess they didn't realize that M13 would neuter the fucker

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nobody ever played grizzly bears

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It's still just a 2/2 for 2, it's really nothing special.

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It's a 2/2 with flash and reach for 2, and against decks with blue its value explodes.

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>Can't be countered
>Protection from blue
Isn't this redundant?

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what about piledriver?

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It also can't be bounced once it's on the table by blue spells, or hurt by blue creatures.

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Only really good in ONE deck

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it is a 4 star car for a reason son. bears are a thing that matters in draft/sealed

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there also are SOME non blue counterspells

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No, Protection from Blue can still be countered

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and he's not playable in Modern which is the whole fucking point of filling the cycle.

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DEBT does not affect protection until after the creature resolves.

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But what a deck it is.

An ode to goblin piledriver:

I'm playing red.
You're playing blue.
I just drew Goblin Piledriver.
Sucks to be you.

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>being this thick

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>implying Stoneforge Mystic is playable in modern (lol banned)
>implying legacy isn't the format this cycle matters for
>implying Bob sees play in legacy
>imply we're not waiting for both the red and black parts of the cycle

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That iamge was made before the ban, and that is the real reason why its a dumb.

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Protection from X doesn't help when the creature is on the stack, it only matters when the card with PfX is a permanent. So, for example, if it was just Protection From Blue, you could still counter it before it actually comes into play. Adding the Can't Be Countered clause makes it a total blue hoser.

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Not all blue spells are counters and not all counters are blue.

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irrelevant and showing you are just as bad at magic as he is. stop being bad at magic,

protection from blue does not stop blue counterspells. the permanent needs to resolve and be on the battlefield to be protected.

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They are remaking an updated morphing. Why not this too?

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This guy looks sweet, they should update him and use updated/this art.

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I'm aware of this and it has already been stated anyway.

Just pointing out the false assumption.

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He'd probably cost 1GG if they printed him now.

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Nah, it's not like we never seen GSS before.

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Perfect opportunity to make a really good Spider and we get an Insect. Thanks Wizards.

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OP? I wouldn't call it OP by a long shot.

I mean on the one hand, look at the last 'hoses blue' cheap beater rare. Great Sable Stag was a 3/3 uncounterable body for 3, and it had pro-blue and pro-black.

I don't think a Grizzly Bear with Flash, Reach, can't be countered, and pro-blue is OP. It's notably stronger than older creatures, but that's okay, because it's still not anywhere near busted. I mean, on the offense, what is this? On the offense this is a 2/2 that you can flash in during their turn past a counter-wall, and that blue dudes can't block. That's not exactly game-obliterating.

What this guy is good at is being flashed in to block a big blue flier. And I'm okay with that.

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>Made before the ban
So... before Modern existed? Because Stoneforge has been on the ban-list from day 1.

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Oh god, I love Split Second.

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File: 33 KB, 251x356, sire_of_insanity[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the deal with this guy?

Why is he going up in price like mad and is now the second top sold card this week?

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Revelation hoser.

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Possible Jund Scavenge/Reanimator enabler.

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He's an amazing reanimator target, even in Legacy.

If you can reanimate him in the first few turns, you win unless they have an answer in their hand.

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He's a baby slayer

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What big blue fliers even ARE there? Delver and clique are efficient, but not big.

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I can't believe I only realised today he said EACH player discards in YOUR end step.

Goddamn, I thought he was shit because he had to live through your opponent untapping.

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I meant more for Limited and shit.

>> No.24441455

Actually it's EACH player during EACH untap step. So, literally, they have to have the answer in hand, because if you end your turn with him on-board, they go into topdeck mode.

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s/untap step/end step

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I play casual games of Magic with my friends, and I use a Red/Green deck.
One of my friends has a blue deck, and everytime he sends out a flying, I have to deal with none of my creatures being able to block it. I even have spells that screw over flying creatures, but the expected happens when I try to cast them.

Any cards that might fix this problem?

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creatures with reach
burn spells
gruul charm

>> No.24441575

See the card in OPs image? grab that once it comes out. Then laugh heartily at your friend when he tries to fly over you.

>> No.24441581

Ruric Thar
Silklash Spider
Canopy Surge

>> No.24441602

Green is overloaded with stuff to deal with flyers.
Google it.

>> No.24441658

Looks like Goya's "Saturn Devouring His Son."

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Or you could reanimate Jin-Jitaxis or Iona or something that doesn't suck

>> No.24441905

I fail to see how a threat that literally must be answered -right then- or you win 'sucks'.

Jin is good, but it gives them an entire turn to answer him before he kills their hand [and honestly, drawing an extra 7 a turn is just overkill if you have a 5/4 beater and they have no hand].

Iona can lock them out of an entire color, but that's not necessarily a death knell. They might have answers in their other colors, and they'll have a full grip of potential answers to aim at you.

But Sire is literally "answer me now or I win". If they don't have the counterspell for the reanimation, or the Path/Swords for the fucker THAT EXACT TURN, you win. End your turn, they discard their hand. Now they're in topdeck mode. It's the exact same route to victory as Jin, except it gives them a narrower window in which they can answer your threat.

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I always thought Lotleth Troll did too

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It also puts you into top deck mode, which is the problem. It gives your opponent four turns to topdeck removal and come back, and you're hellbent so it's much harder to come back if it gets removed. It's an 'answer in 4 turns or I win'. Iona/Jin/other targets allow you to keep answers and countermagic up to protect your threat.

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I am curious, how do you reanimate sire of insanity? I assume this gets around his beefy cost?

>> No.24442150


this fucking card is better that i think.

>> No.24442168

Reanimate, Exhume, Animate Dead, Death.

>> No.24442186

It's usually through exhume or reanimate. UW sometimes uses Gifts to put it in the graveyard with an unburial rights though.

>> No.24442265

Best GW card in Standard.

>> No.24442286


I see, so what's the plan, how do you discard him very early to get use out of reanimating him, is there a 1/2 drop that lets you throw a card in your deck to the graveyard or what?

I am just curious, as at the minute the whole thing doesn't seem very reliable.

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Careful Study, Putrid Imp, Frantic Researcher, Cabal Therapy.

>> No.24442333

It often goes T1:
Dark Ritual

>> No.24442335

skylasher seems okay but really what deck does it come in against? I can't think of a single deck that kills with only blue fliers and if you are not playing against blue, you just have a reach bear.

>> No.24442373

Entomb, Buried Alive.Hapless Researcher .

>> No.24442381

What is a sideboard

>> No.24442393

its really reliable and really good.
theres a reason why its consistant in legacy.

>> No.24442427


Skylasher is Wizards' way of saying "We're sorry we had to take your Hexproof away, Green, but someone had to lose it and that's you. Here's a neat spider."

>> No.24442458

>Elvish Archdruid

Oh google, you cray cray.

>> No.24442465

In Standard, with a little luck it could happen on turn 3 even if you mulliganed down to two cards:
1: Forest, Avacyn's Pilgrim
2: Mulch, land
3: land, Unburial Rites: Sire of Insanity

In Modern, you have... other options.

>> No.24442472

Not OP, just an obvious hate print for Delver.

>> No.24442481

...especially considering the Green has had a version of Hexproof since Homelands, and that Blue and U/W get to keep it.

>> No.24442519


Oh god that is dangerous.

Has anyone made any decks centered around sire of inanity yet?

>> No.24442536

But anon, you know that all the good toys are for Blue.

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wheres ma goif?

>> No.24442615

He is good, point. I find amusing that he is played in Bant decks.

>> No.24442659

The deck is that you have a 6/4 beater on T1 and your opponent doesn't have a hand.

>> No.24442674


He isn't so much played in Bant decks, he's just played in Azorius decks that splash green for him and for the best land tutor.

>> No.24442687

Don't be silly.

Green RARELY gets anything good. WotC throws a bone every once and a while just to keep up appearance.
I mean birthing pod was nice, but not game breaking.

Nice pic. Since you're implying I assume that is a Green angel in the pic too?

>> No.24442704

but also Naya, Junk, Jund...

Thats just the way the current standard environment is three colours yadda yadda

>> No.24442743


3 colours, one of which must be green.

>> No.24442753


I know, I said it was dangerous, I was asking though if anybody has made any such decklists yet.

>> No.24442883

Keep telling yourself that, that hasn't been true for at least 5 years or so, but whatever helps you sleep better at night.

>> No.24442900

>Good green cards right now


>> No.24442967

>Tfw black player trying to survive throughout alara and zendikar blocks

I quit after zendikar, then later found out that they finally brought black back in Innistrad so I went back to playing.

Fuck white
Fuck blue

>> No.24442997


You can put together some mean Orzhov lists right now.

>> No.24443015

Go look up Legacy Reanimator.

Its actaully a B-level deck type in that format

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>Green outside of Greentext

>> No.24443421

Possibly a 6/4 and a 10/9 ahnilator 2 if you're lucky with your draw

>> No.24443566

No cheating allowed with the artisan, pay nine or bust.

>> No.24443735

He's still only 3 bucks.

>> No.24444322


Ya, was gonna ask where all the people are buying this. Where's the price getting jacked?

>> No.24444866

>only 3 bucks
Look carefully, that's just for one card! And in Magic, you have at least 60 cards in your deck!

Imagine if every card in your deck cost $3! Could you imagine paying $180 just to build one deck for a card game? And *still* having to build a new deck after a few months, when a new set comes out?

It's beyond imagining that people would let themselves be taken advantage of so blatantly by a game publisher. This is a real "hot card", and it will probably be banned soon due to its unprecedented high price.

If you can say "only 3 bucks", I don't think you've been around Magic for very long.

>> No.24445013

Because R/B doesn't care if it has to throw its hand away, and some decks can't survive constant discard.

>> No.24445115

Raking Canopy

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Three dollars! That shit builds up!

>> No.24445258

Oh god I haven't laughed like that in a long time.

>> No.24445439

Even knowing you're trolling I can't help but be angry at you.

9/10, good job.

>> No.24445444

You realize the manabase for any given standard deck is probably going to be 200+ alone, right?

Is there some joke I'm not getting?

>> No.24445488

Sarcastic jokes aren't trolls. Stop throwing that word around when it isn't called for.

>> No.24445623

Well /tg/, I bought a playset of Sires at 2 each, so we'll see if you're right.

>> No.24446023

Maybe Skylasher is OP compared to the rest of the shitty set. What use is a 2/2 for 2, even if it's a little more resilient to control? Okay, you can block those blue flyers whenever you want. Because they do so much damage to begin with.

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>implying bob sees play in legacy
i'm sorry, are you retarded? i'm asking seriously, not as a joke. because i thought you just said bob doesn't see play in legacy. he's literally one of the best creatures OF ALL TIME. he is cheap and with blue library manipulation or a proper deck construction or just not giving a fuck he turns life into cards every turn. sometimes for free. not to mention he's a human and a wizard, both of which are very relevant creature types (compare to mystic or 'goyf). *off the top of my head* bob sees play in: ANT, Esper, Loam, some Pox builds, BW, some Nic Fit builds, BUG and many of its variants, and Jund. learn to play legacy, you goddamn moron.

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srsly do u even jin-gitaxias

>> No.24446472


I've seen Lands board him in for game 2 after their opponent board out their spot removal.

>> No.24446480

oh right cause birthing pod was totally green

what is phyrexian mana

>> No.24446498

dat filename

>> No.24446515

right? he's a great option post-board because he can just sit there and win you the game. anyone who doesn't understand bob literally doesn't understand how to play magic.

>> No.24446543

Yeah, I didn't know what to think when I read that it was an insect. It would have fit perfectly in my Spider deck. Although, it'll still work since Swarmyard still regenerates insects. Just won't be able to use Arachnus Spinner's ability.

>> No.24446547

would play in maverick sideboard; would play in RUG delver mirror.

>> No.24446590

>what deck does it come in against?
>does it come in against?
>come in
Implying it is not already in your deck already, and there for in your fucking sideboard.

The card is borderline unplayable. Needs to be a major shift in the meta for it to even be remotely worth considering.

>> No.24446605

I would rather turn 1 sire of insanity than turn 1 jin.

>> No.24446616


I'd invite you to look at the Modern banlist.

There are more green cards banned than blue cards. Green only comes second to colorless in terms of cards banned. I'd posit that this implies green has some toys, albeit toys too strong for Modern.

>> No.24446630

The only good things green gets are cards that help you get all the not-green things that you really care about or have such a small green cost that they can fit into any deck thanks to shocklands and the M10/INN duals.

Let me grab all these NOT FORESTS

Let me grab all these NOT FORESTS

I don't even have any basic forests, I just have enough dual lands to pay for single green in thragtusk's cost.

>Birthing pod
I don't even need any green sources!

>> No.24446643

Why do either when you have griselbrand?

>> No.24446718

yeah... griselbrand is pretty good. i'm seriously considering switching my plows to paths in legacy just to mitigate that fucker a little tiny bit.

>> No.24446762

i agree taking 10 from jin with reanimate is less than ideal. that being said, jin does three things amazingly well.

1) he loads up your hand with force of wills, ensuring his survival.
2) he loads up your 'yard with more reanimation targets (he and elesh norn have an amazing bromance; board control & hand control)
3) he wit's end's your opponent.

although, unfortunately, i think griselbrand is just better

>> No.24446838

I'm disappointed with the entire block because there were no good Merfolk to use, even though they advertised as being the new Simic tribe.

Zeganna is cool but she's way out of curve

>> No.24446970

This is still as funny as the first time I read it years ago.

>> No.24446972

>implying Bob sees play in legacy
Nigger do you even watch Legacy?

He's been on camera in SCG finals like 3 weeks in a row now.

>> No.24447005

Fucking MODO. I better get compensation for this shit

>> No.24447032

>implying Bob sees play in legacy
Yeah so your opinion is completely invalid.

>> No.24447074

New to this particular part of 4chan. Are you all this retarded or does anyone actually good at magic/PT level frequent this board?

>> No.24447101

The earliest thing you'll learn about /tg/ is that /tg/ is bad at Magic. The fact that you came here means you're just as bad if not worse yourself. Welcome, retard.

>> No.24447177

As a more longstanding lurker, I've always wondered.

Is /tg/ legit bad or is this part of one elaborate scheme to perpetuate an injoke?

Because sometimes I feel as though people do it on purpose.

>> No.24447181

I was just browsing to see if it was possible to have conversation about Magic on 4chan. It clearly isn't. I'm a completive pro tour player. I shall now leave...

And I thought Salvation was bad.

>> No.24447249

there are moments. i've seen three legacy threads get 200+ responses this week.

>> No.24447262

/tg/ is the home for a lot of people who are just starting or enjoy making theme decks. people here do NOT enjoy speculation or discussing card prices or usually legacy.

mfw those are my interests

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File: 97 KB, 434x593, phantom centaur test print.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's abstractly over-powered or "power creep" as they say, but in context (like Standard) it's pretty irrelevant.

>> No.24447406

Well that sucks.

I liked my impression a lot better.

>> No.24447589

don't get me wrong, lots of /tg/ is bad at magic

>> No.24447651

Do you even waifu?

>> No.24447746

>forcing an imaginary cycle
goddaaamn niga

>> No.24447764

I read it in their voices. Truly the best chuckle I've had all day.

>> No.24447776

no, i do not. i keep my girlfriend and my magic experiences separate, and i can tell you that elesh norn and jin gitaxias are like gin and juice once they're both on the battlefield.

>> No.24447849

Norn is a women

>> No.24447858

like i give a fuck

>> No.24447905

you know
this was probably printed to hose delver

>> No.24447956

and geist

>> No.24447979

oh yeah because delver is such a force in standard or legacy right now.

it's just random green goodstuff love. am a fan, will play.

>> No.24448024

will this mean mono green flash is gonna be a thing?

>> No.24448103


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File: 756 KB, 853x1050, 1337402656713[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I could give her a fuck

>> No.24448143
File: 73 KB, 312x445, goblin piledriver new border.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finished your cycle for you.

>> No.24448174


>> No.24448196

Have you considered the fact that you may have autism? His post is dripping with sarcasm. I'm not sure how you weren't able to pick up on it.

>> No.24448215

so i play legacy goblins. i am a fan of piledriver; he has won many games for me.

there's just one problem: he's in literally one deck. bob, goyf, and snappy are so versatile and are in many, many decks of that color (but not all; ain't magic great!). mystic is a bit more narrow but finds homes in many decks, even as a splash. no, we need a true jack-of-all-trades.

>> No.24448253


It's a miracle he even started this loose cycle.

>> No.24448275

whats this about green losing hexproof? is /tg/ pulling my leg or is it being reglated to a blue only ability now

>> No.24448412

seriously what the hell is with red getting nerfed on creatures. last time i checked, red gets better smaller creatures than blue.

>> No.24448466

Well, green has more cards that have or grant hexproof in standard right now than blue does. 10 for green, 8 for blue. There's one UG card that grants hexproof -- Simic Charm. And the hexproof-granting is clearly the "shared" effect. (All of the guild charms have one ability characteristic of one color, one ability for the other color, and one that fits both colors' slices of the color pie.) And rotation isn't going to change that proportion too much.

So no, I don't think green is going to be losing hexproof anytime soon. It got spread to blue, displacing shroud, but it hasn't left green.

>> No.24448588 [SPOILER] 
File: 74 KB, 312x445, insectile aberration.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

check again

>> No.24449582

Red creatures haven been barely able to get the job done since pretty much time immemorial.

Sligh and RDW started out playing Orcish Artillery and its even still in sideboards right now. Jackal Pup is a bad Savannah Lions. Torch Fiend was widely considered a pretty cool dude and before Reckoner people were playing fucking Pyreheart Wolf.

Red has almost always had bargain bin creatures, since even its cheap idiots still get the job done when they're backed up by a fistful of burn.

>> No.24449822


Pyreheart Wolf is kind of awkward to cast, but it's still pretty good for this kind of deck in Standard. You're right, though, even if some creatures are legitimately good, many times you pick some bad creatures just to fill your curve. When it works, it's surprising.

>> No.24452751

What do you guys think of my homebrew Rock Hatebears deck??

>> No.24453351

Delver is still played in legacy. And I'm gonna probably replace Scryb Ranger with this bad boy in my maverick deck.

>> No.24453661
File: 259 KB, 607x800, 1361576644379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24453716

Green is more of a Johnny colour

>> No.24456032
File: 36 KB, 223x310, kiln fiend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I present to you...this guy. Get wrecked.

>> No.24456059
File: 39 KB, 670x433, that big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kiln Fiend sees legacy play.

>> No.24456549

For those still wondering, Sire of Insanity is the highest selling DGM card on starcity.

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