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You are a creature of darkness and shadows. Stripped of your memory, you seek to learn your true nature and find a place in the world.

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Events Summary:

You stopped the magical plague at Jacob's Field and saved Abigail from wrongful imprisonment, but the town was attacked by an invading force from Kan-Abar. After a long, difficult battle, you managed to make enough of a difference to save the majority of the town - though barely.

The retreating flotilla of Jacob's Field has reached Evinbrook, the capital of Kelvere. You've promised Sir Flint, a knight you met in the village, to help him remove a curse on his soul - some sort of dark, parasitic creature. You've convinced him to join you in tracking down Adavan and Abigail, as Adavan, a lich, is a specialist in such spirit magic.

You met with the ambitious and brilliant Duke Vellik - a man with aims to reshape the political landscape of the world. He's asked for your allegiance, in return for a home and protection for yourself and your friends. You decided to offer your friendship, but without a permanent commitment to his forces.

But as you answered him, the sudden arrival of two angels - Raziel and Uriel - threw you into battle. Raziel hunted you as you fled, and his attacks pressed you into a corner on the Duke's airship. Seeing little choice, you consumed the airship's magical dynamo. The resulting explosion of power enabled you to drive off the angel.

However, the battle ripped open the hull of the airship, and you were forced to choose between saving the crew or finishing of your attacker. You saved the crew and successfully landed the mostly-intact craft, but Raziel managed to get away.

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>thread right before I have to leave.


>> No.24422663

Ability Tree

GREEN abilities have been unlocked and learned.

BLUE abilties are unlocked, but are not yet purchased.

RED abilities are revealed, but locked due to prerequisites.

UNDERLINED abilities are active-use, as opposed to passive.

Unlocked Ability Descriptions Located in the following Pastebin link:


Books the Main Character has read can be found here: (in-progress)


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>shadow quest

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for our upgrade I vote Viral for better feeding and Centipede for better mobility.

>> No.24422709


Also, good to see you, SM!

>> No.24422715

Current Statistics:

>meant to fully heal you after THE ECLIPSE, hence full HP. I was tired at the end of last time, my bad.

HP: 21/21
Mana: 4/4
EXP: 7
Humanity: 24
Temerity: 10

Basic Battle Options to keep in mind during fights (it would get tedious to list all of them every time):

-Physical Attack
-Shadow Attack (requires light source!)
-Magic Attack
-Defend (gain initiative if you are successful)
-Dodge and Counter
-specific ability (Battle-specific abilities activate same-turn; others burn a turn to activate [UOS])
-Flee (dodge check if enemy attacks)


Utility belt with purse


Shadow Sword Shard
Spirit Sword (with Flint)
Fancy Sun-Moon Key

Current Location:

Kelvere - A few miles downriver from Evinbrook

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Yah, yah.

>> No.24422727

I have been waiting for this thread to appear since Monday to post this bit of dialogue for the moment. We NEED to say this at Raziel's retreating form. WE HAVE TO.

This stuff is optional (Using Ink to shout this to the sky above, buying Regenerate to heal up, Replicate to look like a heroic knight, Shade because extra point)

This next bit is not.


>> No.24422738

Sounds good.

>> No.24422740


Nice to see you too!

>Last time...

"...you don't...kill me here...I'll hunt you down."

<Their lives are more important than yours, you pathetic creature.>

You feel your power coalesce on your back as it answers your call. Wings of darkness grow, and snap open, a bat's pointed wings. You fly into the widening hole in the hull of the ship.

The airship is assaulted on all sides by a torrent of hurricane winds wrapping it in a sphere of angry force. The airship itself is plummeting out of the sky, a half minute from crashing into the earth. It reminds you of something...

...you push your power into the wind, -spinning- it back the other way. The wind howls against you, but you will not be denied. You shove more and more force, more power into the act, using everything you have.

Slowly, the winds churn to a stop. The air is stained black with streaks of purple energy. And then it turns, back the other way.

The ship is consumed in a globe of black inky shadow. It surrounds it, holding the winds at bay. Slowly, the ship settles to the ground. A cloud of dust is hurled into the air as it grinds to a halt next to the river.

Your wings begin to shrivel up. The power is slipping from you. You manage to land next to the crashed vessel before it leaves you entirely.

A figure of light drifts out of the hull of the ship. Raziel's wings flap weakly, but steadily. He drifts away, upriver, but he's gaining altitude quickly.

Crewmembers are crawling out of the wreckage. They appear mostly unharmed, aside from some bumps and bruises.

The last of the power fades...

What do you do?

>run after Raziel. He can't fly forever...
>communicate with and assist the ship's crew in extricating themselves from the wreck
>you can't stay here. Run back to Evinbrook.
>Use Ink to flee downriver.
>something else (write in)

...wait a minute.

Your belt...your belt is gone! Where's your belt?!

>look for your belt, it can't have gone far

>> No.24422753

I'm going to have to go with Regen on this one and wait until that is unlocked before picking anything else.

>> No.24422754

Ehh, sounds kinda dramatic to be honest.

>> No.24422762


>> No.24422766

Didn't the belt have the shadow shard in it? Can't we just spirit sight it?

>> No.24422770

Makes us seem subservient to light

Also, you missed the chance, we could always say this when we kill him.

>> No.24422789

Kind of the point. We need to make ourselves look good in front of the crew.

>> No.24422798

Seconding buying regen then waiting to see what it unlocks before buying more skills.

>> No.24422803

>>look for your belt, it can't have gone far
Look to see if Raziel grabbed it, then search the ship. We need that belt.

>> No.24422806

>Belt has shard
Got to find that belt.

>> No.24422829


Find our precious belt, sense out that shadow blade.

>> No.24422835

go find the belt then help the crashed crewmen. Might as well do the best to mitigate the damage we did.

>> No.24422836

Remember to put "quest" in the subject field of your thread. Didn't we hire a guy to slap you for forgetting that, or was that somebody else?

>> No.24422838

Lets get Regen.
>communicate with and assist the ship's crew in extricating themselves from the wreck
>look for your belt, it can't have gone far

>> No.24422843

>spirit sight it?

Spirit sight assists you in seeing ghosts, spirits and other ethereal things. Mainly, this lets you see specific things you normally wouldn't and greatly negates the very large natural dodge chance of such creatures.

However, you do have detect magic. If you focused, you could probably find the belt, and the shard.

>> No.24422855

>>look for your belt, it can't have gone far


>> No.24422862

Well, let's sense if Raziel has it, and if so, how to jump on his raggedy broken ass!

>> No.24422882

Detect Magic, right, I got the two mixed up
With Detect Magic it shouldn't be hard at all, lets find the belt and then deal with the Angel

>> No.24422883

>Didn't we hire a guy to slap you for forgetting that, or was that somebody else?

Actually, I hired him. My bad, sorry for the trouble.


Since it seems universally wanted, I'll buy regen and show the tree with that purchased.

>> No.24422884


>> No.24422886

Find that belt.
And I third the Regen and wait. We really need some way to get back HP outside of combat.

>> No.24422916

>go on suptg to see if shadow quest 12 is out
>it isn't
>go on /tg/
>scroll to bottom of page
>but then


How does it feel to make so many people so happy, Shadow Master?

>> No.24422944

>How does it feel to make so many people so happy, Shadow Master?

Feels good, man.

Also, the artist of this picture is a pretty cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything.

>> No.24422971

>doesn't afraid of anything


Why did you have to ruin the magic?

>> No.24422973

>doesn't afraid of anything.
Especially grammar

>> No.24422976

New Ability Tree

EXP Remaining: 4

>fast regeneration: double the speed of your regeneration while in dark areas or shadows

It seems everyone wants to look for the belt, so I'll write that while you debate where to spend the EXP.

>> No.24422977

The belt! THE BELT!

Fuck stealth. We must have the belt. Then once we've got it we exfiltrate and reassess

>> No.24422999

>your ship crashed
>shadowy thing starts coming at you through the wreckage
Can't possibly go wrong.

>> No.24423000


Well some references are bound to go over peoples heads.

>> No.24423017

Rocky Hide. We're taking WAY too much damage.

>> No.24423032

I agree with this.

>> No.24423035

We just saved a shitload of people already. WE MUST GET THE SWORD-SHARD! It might be a clue to our past!

>> No.24423055

well I vote viral (preferr this) or centipede for the remaining XP

>> No.24423058

I'd like to get the 1 pointers out of the way so we can get a better view of the table, by picking Snuff & Shade. Not sure what to do with the other 2 exp.

>> No.24423085

We'll end up dumping a lot of EXP into things that aren't optimal for us though. Just saying.

>> No.24423092

Urban Dictionary, is there no phrase that you don't have a page for that fails to entertain?

>> No.24423115

We should probably get Fangs pretty soon, since we seem to already try to eat our enemies on a pretty regular basis.

>> No.24423125


I tried.


You focus your senses...

...the shard of the sword stabs into your sense like a bolt of shadow. You jog toward the airship. A beam of steel is laying on top of it.

You grab the bar and, with effort, roll it to the side. Your utility belt is muddy, but unharmed! You clip it around your waist once more.


"Help! Somebody!"

You glance up at the voice. It's away from where most of the crew is exiting the ship, near where part of the wing is shredded up and heaped like a pile of rubble.

"Can anyone hear me?! Help!"

You glance over your shoulder. Raziel is faltering, but still moving. You might just be able to catch him...

What do you do?

>help the crewmember
>after the angel!
>after that show, it's time to leave. escape downriver.
>focus on beating the angel back to Evinbrook
>Evinbrook is hardly safe. Sprint north toward Jacob's Field

>> No.24423133

Shade, yes, but I'm thinking we get replicate, so we can look more like a person and loose the guards that will inevitably find us.

>> No.24423134


>> No.24423136

I guess that would be true. Hmm. OCD vs. Optimal Min/Max.
Rocky hide is good either way though, so I guess I'll third that.

>> No.24423144

I still say Replicate is the way to go as it would make traveling and just interacting with people/things much easier.

>> No.24423159

i can support fangs, and the 2 1 pointers

>help the crewmember

>> No.24423163

Someone else will get him, and we have business to finish. We helped these people enough by landing the airship instead of letting it drop.

>> No.24423165

Help the crewmember. If we show people that we're not malevolent and evil we may be able to skip having to spend EXP on disguise abilities.

And also they won't try and kill us and all. And we did kind of crash their airship...

>> No.24423168

Find another crewman to help him and CATCH THAT ANGEL'S ASS. FOR JUSTICE!

>> No.24423180

I'm getting paranoid with all these chances to go after the wounded angel, damn it.
Go after the angel.

>> No.24423182

Okay, I can support that as well.
Help the crewmember

>> No.24423183

>help the crewmember

Because we might just be able to shift the blame for the crash onto the Angel. I mean, who'd crash an airship to help the crew? Not a suspicious shadow, that's how.

>> No.24423186

If we can make ourselves the good guys here we can rally support against the angels. The Duke is on our side (kinda) already.

>> No.24423194

Gotta go finish off Raziel. We can't let him get away or he'll turn the Duke against us for sure.

We've already saved most of the men, we need to think about the big picture here.

>> No.24423199


>utility belt

Because it needed an image.


>> No.24423207

>after the angel!
someone else can get the crewmember also if the angel lives it will just blame us and say we caused it all

>> No.24423218

After the angel we can go back later for the crewmember.

>> No.24423224

>after the angel!
We can't let him escape!

>> No.24423226

Well the disguise abilities will always be useful even if people like us as we might not always want people to know we are there.

>> No.24423227

I agree on this. Let's do it!

CATCH HIM! Point a crewmember off to his position by replicating another crewmember, and find Raziel.

>> No.24423229

>>help the crewmember
>>Evinbrook is hardly safe. Sprint north toward Jacob's Field

You people are forgetting that there was another angel with Raziel and we don't have another dynamo to eat.

>> No.24423236


>help the crewmember, Vote 1

>after Raziel, Vote 2

INCLUDE in your vote:

>rocky hide




>fangs + shade + snuff

>> No.24423241

The Duke is already angry at the angles. We can get him on our side, but we have to make up for crashing his airship. We can do this by saving his people that he (ostensibly) cares about.

True, but we haven't had to sneak yet and we've definitely had to hit things.

>> No.24423243

Which is technically right.

The angel was just doing his job, fighting the evil shadow elemental that targeted the powersource for the airships shields and propulsion.

>> No.24423244


>> No.24423248

Go after Raziel. The crewman might survive long enough for us to come back for him, but if Raziel gets away we're fucked.

>> No.24423249


fangs shade snuff

>> No.24423250

>You people are forgetting that there was another angel with Raziel and we don't have another dynamo to eat.

Come on, don't tell them that.

>> No.24423253

(I think hes a bit too far away, he disapeared over the horizon and we can't fly)

>fangs + shade + snuff

>> No.24423266


>> No.24423267


Fangs, shade, snuff.

>> No.24423269




>> No.24423277

True Evil

>> No.24423281


I'd like to see what fangs two paths lead to..

>> No.24423284

Well, who was the one that was about to blow an airship out of the fucking sky WITHOUT REGARD for loss of life? Not us, no sir.

>> No.24423288

>>help the crewmember, Vote 1

Help him and then GTFO

>fangs + shade + snuff

And the second angel should be at same power-bracket as Raziel. No way we can beat them.

>> No.24423289



>> No.24423299

>after Raziel, Vote 2
>fangs + shade + snuff

We kill Raziel, we get to tell the story as it actually happened, including how we saved the ship and most of the crew. We don't kill Raziel, he tells the story and portrays us as a villain.

>> No.24423303

Ahh, and vote 2.

>> No.24423308

>doesn't afraid of anything.
Especially Raziel, help the crew member.
Also replicate

>> No.24423309

We could however have an angel to eat, a nice tasty EXP filled angel

>> No.24423310


Rocky Hide.

>> No.24423312


>> No.24423317

yup, and since shes not LIGHT INCARNATE I'm a tad more frightened. She's probably more intelligent with how she battles.

>> No.24423321

Raziel's partner is not going to let us kill him even if she knows that. Actually, she might just kill us before we turn into a problem.

It is time to blow this joint.

>> No.24423323


No opinion about the skills.

>> No.24423334

If you want a number, 1

>> No.24423335

It sucks fighting enemies that don't get fooled easily.
I think Patton said something like that.

>> No.24423337

alright looks like we're chasing the angel... can we at least message the others in the ship that the crewman is there?

>> No.24423338

Oh, that is just evil SM>

>> No.24423351

All the more reason to chase down Raziel and kill him before he gets back to his friend. Afterwards we can fuck off into the forest and look for Abigail and the Lich.

>vote 2

>> No.24423364

Would it be possible to impression them with the image of the crew member and his location while we go after the angel?

I guess this is more of a question for SM.

>> No.24423369

Nope, we got to bring him in for warcrimes. we are the BRINGER OF JUSTICE, after all!

>> No.24423386

With replicate, we could. Plus, we might be able to replicate into a bird and catch him!

>> No.24423387

we're gonna eat the sonovabitch

>> No.24423389



Yes, the majority have voted for chasing down the angel.

And for Fangs+shade+snuff

One moment

>> No.24423391

I perfer to think of us as the Punisher.

We don't kill the innocent, but when we find the guilty, we dispatch deadly justice personally and immediately.

>> No.24423393

Sometimes justice needs to be effected in the field. If we're going after Raziel we hunt to kill.

>> No.24423394

What makes you think she is not going to him?

Anyway, I hope we don't die if we decide to hunt him down.

>> No.24423407

well at least we have marathon monster and lightning shadow... hopefully this isn't an effort in futility

>> No.24423409

>rocky hide

>> No.24423419

Duke's got a war criminal and a shitload of negotiating material if we don't eat him. Plus we need to pay him back for the dynamo, and an angel prisoner might help ease hurt feelings...

>> No.24423425

If he's alone we have semi-good chances, full HP & Mana, and he's weakened.

This is a chance to strike down a potential END BOSS. And prevent some grungy angst powered angel from hunting us as some kind of malign rival.

>> No.24423431

Wrong posts, sorry...
See this.

>> No.24423432

Calling it now. The other angel is going to interfere, but is going somewhat nicer than Raziel.
Not going to happen I'm afraid as pointed out.
>two angels

>> No.24423434

It would be better if we could bring him in, but it's not worth the risk.

When we're more powerful we can do it, but the only reason we can even consider engaging him is because he's in pieces. Hunt to kill.

>> No.24423444

holding an angel prisoner is probably NOT a smart thing for any ruler to do. Even with Just Cause.

>Keep on wanting to call him a geometric shape.... darn english and its similiar nouns

>> No.24423451

Alternately, if we bring in a wounded angel as a prisoner, we could be creating a political nightmare for the Duke by making it obvious for all the world to see that he's allied with a shadow elemental.

>> No.24423453

If we kill him she's definately on our ass.

If we save him, she MIGHT NOT kill us. Maybe.

Holding him hostage might help that decision...

>> No.24423462

>Duke's got a war criminal and a shitload of negotiating material if we don't eat him.

That's a lot of ASSUMPTIONS you have here.
We are THE Satan of this setting. Or at least the vast majority of people will think so. Remember what Duke said to Flint? That if people even know that he was assosiated with a sentient shadow, he reputation would be in shambles.
Please, don't be a damn retard and think through what you say.

>> No.24423468

"Oh hey, I have your compatriot captive and before that I punctured his chest and ate his face. What's your sign?"

>> No.24423489


>> No.24423514

Nah, if Raziel survives, he's going to tell everyone that we attacked him first and destroyed the airship for teh evulz. And of course the Duke won't be able to vouch for us because he already told the angels he had no idea we were here.

And who are people going to believe? An angel or a horrible shadow monster?

>> No.24423518


New Tree

EXP: 0


>Crunch - Use your entire form to crunch the enemy at close ranges, gaining a greater passive armor piercing bonus. Larger chance of causing disease with Viral.

>Shadow Eater - Eat an enemy's shadow for a small heal. Their shadow will regenerate over the course of a day. However, things might turn sour if they notice their shadow is missing...

>Kindle - steal the darkness from a light that has gone out, letting it shine once more

>Multishade - Create several illusory copies of yourself, reducing the chance you’ll be hit. More effective against groups than Shade. (costs 3 mana)


You call out in your best imitation of a normal man's voice.

"Over there! There's a man pinned under the wing of the airship!"

A few men start at your voice. They jog around the edge of the wreckage and help their friend.

>you've gained 1 humanity

But you don't have time to stay and help. You've got to get after Raziel before he can get back...

...you sprint after him. His flight is slow and unsteady, and soon you've caught up! It can't be long until that other angel shows up...

He's a few dozen feet above you. What's your plan of attack?

>leap up and physical attack
>leap up, attack him with shadows
>fire a magical attack (spirit whip or shadow strike)
>something else

>> No.24423523

OK, that made me laugh.

Regardless, I still say we catch him and have him brought in, by someone else at least. Would knocking him out be possible?

>> No.24423546


>> No.24423549


forgot tree

>> No.24423561

Shadowstrike him while he isn't prepared for our presence, and then consume him afterwards.

Alternatively, CONSUME. Because it's always an option.

>> No.24423583

>>fire a magical attack (spirit whip or shadow strike)

Can we catch him with a shadow-whip and pull him down?

>> No.24423586

>shadow strike

Let's aim for his wings and try to ground him.

>> No.24423589

OOH, Shade in front of him, then grab and drag to the ground and knock him out!

>> No.24423590

Lets get Physical...physical!

>> No.24423596

use both spirit whip and shadow strike. Shadow strike his wings to get him to fall, and Spirit Strike to hit his torso to wound him further.

>> No.24423597


Our physical attacks have been our most powerful so far, and we just bought fangs...

Latch on, tear out his wings, ride him down, pin him and then CONSUME.

Priority is taking out his wings. Without them he's ours. This has to be done quickly though, because we don't want to get caught finishing him off if we still want to play the self-defence card. We want a quick, clean murder.

>> No.24423601

>fire a magical attack (spirit whip or shadow strike)
Just how whip-like is Spirit Whip? Would it be able to wrap around him and drag him down?

>> No.24423617

Are you listening?! Brought in WHERE? There is absolutely no one but the Black Lady that would want an angel as a prisoner. The Duke is the only close by political figure that would have any use for high-value prisoners but he won't accept an angel for any reason.
Also I'm going to assume that angels have powers and mana that recharge over time, and being of light will likely mean he has a healing bonus.
It's like capturing a ticking neutron bomb before it lands.

>> No.24423654


No, it's more a basic striking attack. Has a chance of tripping/interrupting, but otherwise doesn't really have dexterity.

Ok, prioritize his wings. But do we use a physical attack or a magic attack?

>> No.24423656

Yes let's consume an angel IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE FUCKING CITY DURING A GODDAMN AIRSHIP DISASTER. Best idea EVER! I'm sure noone will ever notice the screams and the crunching!

>> No.24423674

Hey man, calm calm. We're a distance from the city right now and the angel is very weakened and a very obvious potential future threat. Opting for consume.

>> No.24423675

That nigga ASSUMES that no one is going to blame us for the destruction of the dynamo. God damn it, man, stop being so stupid.

We either kill him, or we flee.

>> No.24423676


>> No.24423681

We cannot consume him in front of everyone, otherwise we are ABSOLUTELY getting kicked out forever, if not MURDERED TO DEATH.

>> No.24423690

That's why I said kill him. I did say kill him right? I guess it wasn't clear.


>> No.24423691


You're a few miles from Evinbrook castle. There's a cluster of farmhouses another mile ahead centered around a mill, but only plains and farms besides that.

>> No.24423703


Let's get Physical!

>> No.24423705


>> No.24423707

A few dozen feet above us, can we reach him with a physical attack?

>> No.24423712

physical I guess, we did just buy a physical attack

Maybe next time we should get Poison for our fangs. Though I think replicate is probably more important.

>> No.24423718

I can't help but read that in Russel Crow's voice from that scene in Gladiator where he yells "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!" at the crowd in the arena.

>> No.24423720

We're not in front of "everyone."

>> No.24423727

(since with replicate we can do angel form... hello flying!)

>> No.24423728

We need someone else to blame for the airship disaster. We are the most obvious choice. Keep the angel alive to shed some suspicion off of us.

>> No.24423730


We're only surrounded by a few peasents. We're a monster to them no matter what. Worst comes to worst we can flee from Evinbrook forever. We can't flee from Raziel forever.

Physical attack. RIP AND TEAR his wings.

>> No.24423732


I'm having a fantastic time, actually. Most of the concerns are legitimate, which pleases me greatly. If you fuck up, I'll fuck you up, mark my words.

Waiting on votes.

>> No.24423739

I agree, we CONSUME after we pull him down

>> No.24423741


>> No.24423746

>We cannot consume him in front of everyone, otherwise we are ABSOLUTELY getting kicked out forever

We cannot stay after what happened. We are going to get murdered anyway whenever we eat hi or not

>> No.24423753


>> No.24423758


Ok, sounds like a physical attack.

Roll 1d100


>> No.24423760


His angel companion, dude. We kill him, we lose the chance to talk to his friend peacefully.

>> No.24423764

Rolled 24


>> No.24423767

Rolled 77


its made abundantly clear that angels hate our guts.

>> No.24423769

If they see us eat an angel, they aren't going to be looking to pick a fight anytime soon.

If a living incarnation of shadow leaped up onto a winged, humanoid star - that had just blew a hole through a good section of a fortress - and ate it like a biscuit, would you want to fuck with said abyssal shade?

Personally, I'd NOPE away as quick as possible and hope to god my breathless panting didn't offend it in some way.

>> No.24423772

Rolled 90


>> No.24423774

Rolled 93


>> No.24423779

Rolled 23


CONSUME his wings. maybe we can get them...

>> No.24423780


We nuffed out entire sky with darkness, there is absolutely no fucking way we can shift the blame to anyone. Even if we could, without the shadow of a doubt, prove that Raziel was going to blow the ship apart, they will take his side because WE ARE A FUCKING SENTIENT SHADOW

>> No.24423785

Rolled 8

inb4 1
We'll deal with that later. Horse before cart. Immediate future before far future.

>> No.24423786

I shouldn't have bothered rolling hah

>> No.24423792


>> No.24423793

Rolled 8


It's time.

>> No.24423796

They're angels. Of course they would. They're fucking zealots for their god of choice!

>> No.24423804



>> No.24423805

Rolled 6

Delicious angel meat.

>> No.24423806

Rolled 84

Time for an ADVENTURE

>> No.24423810

>It's a beautiful woman
>She was nicer than the other guy
>That means she is a walking cliche, goody-two-shoes

Calling it now, that bitch is more ruthless and cold than Raziel. She just hides it well.

>> No.24423815

Rolled 82


>> No.24423817

You're beguinning to devalue the baby seal market...

>> No.24423820

agreed, that or shes a very nice person... for a zealot who wishes to snuff out all non-light magic

>> No.24423832

She did just coldly stand by and watch as Raziel blew apart the Dukes castle, without ever saying a word or stopping him.
She probably enjoyed it.

>> No.24423844

He forgot the most important part of invoking the power of baby seals for a roll.
Which is, of course, to state so.

>> No.24423848

I'm hoping for a nice person, at least that would show us not all of them are assholes. Want to kill us sure, but at least not assholes.

>> No.24423853

That's kind of what I was getting at...

Better a calmer zealot who WAITS before attacking then a murderous one who doesn't.

>> No.24423864

Actually she did try, but he just kinda did it anyway.

>> No.24423870


That might be her. Raziel might have attacked before she could restrain him.

>> No.24423877

Let's at least hear her out...

>> No.24423884

You run ahead of the angel, making your way to a slight rise in the terrain. He's flying above the river, panting, oblivious.

You wait until he draws near...

...then sprint, and leap! You fly at your foe!

Raziel's head just starts to turn toward you. His eyes are filled with terror.

You land on him...and instinct takes over. You Fangs pierce into him, crushing against his light. It burns brightly...good thing you didn't use magic. But it's no match for your sheer crushing force!

His screams pierce the air as you rip at the base of one of his wings and tear it aside. Your momentum carries him over, down, and into the ground. You land on top of him.

He's buried under you. You tear a claw into his healing chest wound and rip out a hunk of glowing flesh. He twitches, convulsing, but somehow still alive.

It's time to end his pain...

...and CONSUME.

Something flashes in your senses. A star of light - and it's approaching fast. You know what it is. Uriel is coming, and swiftly.

What do you do?

>CONSUME. You must bolster your strength before she reaches you.
>you have her friend hostage. Wait for her arrival and bluff.
>rip off Raziel's head. That ought to do the trick. Then: wait and bluff, or run.
>some other strategy

>> No.24423886


Some people just want to watch the world burn.

>> No.24423899

STOP. Hold him for a bit, THEN TALK TO HER!

>> No.24423911

We have to create a situation where she doesn't engage us.

The only way we can do that is by taking her friend hostage.

Can we hold him in such a way that CONSUMING him will only take a split second? If so, do that, but don't eat him yet.

>> No.24423914

It would seem like we have a hostage situation.

>> No.24423915


>> No.24423918


>Wait and bluff.

"One false move, and Raziel dies."

>> No.24423926

>Something flashes in your senses. A star of light - and it's approaching fast. You know what it is. Uriel is coming, and swiftly.

Is she flying faster than we can run at our full speed?
If not, knock Raziel out, grab him and run away

>> No.24423929

>you have her friend hostage. Wait for her arrival and bluff.

>> No.24423930


Since your plan involved attacking, which was one action, I only counted the first three rolls.

Successive actions of a complex maneuver will take three rolls each, up to nine.

If a 1 or 100 rolls in the first ten responses, it automatically defines the action.

I'm thinking of editing the "ten" to something smaller, but for now, that's how it is.

>> No.24423936

I'd like to consume him as quickly as possible and then just fucking HIDE. No way is an archon of light gonna let a shadow use an angel as a hostage after we've brutally mangled him.

>> No.24423938

>>you have her friend hostage. Wait for her arrival and bluff.

>> No.24423944

Finish him now. CONSUME.

If we must fight Uriel, at least it will be on more equal footing.

>> No.24423945

>CONSUME. You must bolster your strength before she reaches you.

... I wish damnit. But we can't fight another Angel. So my vote is:
>you have her friend hostage. Wait for her arrival and bluff.

>> No.24423947

That's not a bluff that's a fucking promise

>> No.24423951

CONSUME he might try something and I don't trust the angels at all. I bet they treat shadow elementals like terrorists they don't negotiate is what I'm betting.

>> No.24423953

>Is she flying faster than we can run at our full speed?

No, but you don't know if she's flying at her full speed...

>> No.24423968

No point in holding him hostage.

If we negotiate for his release, there's nothing stopping her from attacking us. If we ultimately end up killing him, same deal.

Might as well CONSUME him now and gain his power.

>> No.24423970

.... can we consume his magic and leave his body largely intact? She would have to choose between trying to heal him and chasing us.

>> No.24423971

No way can we negotiate with our polar opposite, throwing in a CONSUME.

>> No.24423975


Why should we wait? Take him hostage and run away.
It's like you idiots WANT to get murdered. I even pointed out that going after him will ensure that we will be confronted by her.

Run away with him. If she catches up THEN it will be a hostage situation.

>> No.24423983

Is it really a hostage if we have nothing to negotiate with?
Considering the hostage has been mutilated and already has no face.
I kinda get the feeling that the angels are already our given enemies and that stalling to negotiate is just going to give her more chances to charge up some light beam.

This is a hard choice...

>> No.24423998


>> No.24424010

This. I do not understand the people who think we can use diplomacy in this situation.
Will used so much power that the ENTIRE world felt it, she would be an idiot to let us of alive.

>> No.24424013


A solid majority want to hold Raziel hostage.

But do you hold your ground, or run away with him in tow?

>> No.24424014

as fun writing 'Friends?' with his blood for her, i doubt that would endear us to her.

>> No.24424022

We need to talk to her in a peaceful manner. This might be our only chance!

>> No.24424025


>> No.24424026

Throwing my lot in with CONSUME.

>> No.24424033


drag him into a forest or large shadow filled area...

>> No.24424037


>> No.24424046

... actually changing my vote into FLEE AND CONSUME AT THE SAME TIME!

>> No.24424051


You notice a large boulder nearby. It casts a wide shadow.

It might be a good spot to run to.

>> No.24424053

>We need to talk to her in a peaceful manner.
No we don't.


>> No.24424054

Wrap around him so that he can get eaten in an instant.

Stay there and talk to her - if she even looks the tiniest bit uncool then CONSUME.

We'll play it from there.

>> No.24424057

Stand Ground

>> No.24424059


...or this.

>> No.24424066

Stand our ground.
We might as well wait as I doubt we can outrun the angel.

>> No.24424075

so long as we CONSUME him I don't care. Personally i would like to eat and then run.

>> No.24424077

Let's hold our ground.

>> No.24424081

Our only chance to get ourselves killed for no reason.

A lot of these posts are strangely devoid of any reason to legitimately have the dick angel as a hostage, and everything else we've gained over the past five thread has indicated that the angels are hunters of shadow and never negotiate no matter what, considering they've been cleansing the land of our element for hundreds of years.
Letting a shadow go that can harm an angel is incredibly unlikely.

>> No.24424084

Stand ground at the boulder.

>> No.24424086

I doubt it'll be better than that tapestry that served us so well.

>> No.24424092

Hold our ground and wait for the angel.
Also, resist the urge to CONSUME.

>> No.24424104

Yes we do, eventually. Do you think she can't sense us? because she could sense us when we were behind a magic goddamn curtain.

>> No.24424107

Needlessly getting an angel killed is just as unlikely.

>> No.24424113

I agree might as well eat then run. Staying here is just gonna end up in a fight anyways

>> No.24424114

Consume and flee/do our best to hide.

>> No.24424127

>A lot of these posts are strangely devoid of any reason to legitimately have the dick angel as a hostage, and everything else we've gained over the past five thread has indicated that the angels are hunters of shadow and never negotiate no matter what, considering they've been cleansing the land of our element for hundreds of years.
>Letting a shadow go that can harm an angel is incredibly unlikely.

These people don't even have any reasons for this suggestion expect assumptions out of their ass. According to what we actually know, they will not tolerate us.

>> No.24424132

Hide. Consuming him will only bring worse shit to our door...

>> No.24424134

CONSUME his feathery ass right here.

If anything, I think letting her see the horrible dismembering things we've done to Raziel might piss her off more than if he was just gone.

>> No.24424138


You grab Raziel and wrap him tightly. Your soul-dissolving tendrils hover just over the core of light at the center of his body.

He groans. You punch him in the face for good measure.

You hear a hiss of air...that turns into a WHOOSH.

Uriel lands before you, a dozen feet away. Steely grey eyes stare at you from beneath a cowl. Her gaze quickly assesses Raziel's condition. Her hands are on the pommel of her blue-white sword of light, but she doesn't move.

What do you do?

>now that she's here to witness...CONSUME.
>say something (write-in)
>do something else

>> No.24424139

We don't know that for sure. Nothing so far has indicated that the angels have sentiment for each other. Actually, the split at the castle between the two displayed otherwise.

>> No.24424149

Well if we're going in that vein, it was out of character, and somewhat foolish to chase after Dickiel instead of helping the crash victims. We could have changed Shadow's reputation for the better.

>> No.24424161

Well, too late now.
We're fucked cause we've fucked up.

Tell her this:
"Hey, I just met you and this is crazy but I've mutilated your friend forgive me maybe?"

>> No.24424165



>lol when her name is actually Auriel

I've been naming a lot of characters lately, my bad.

>> No.24424173


"Could you tell him next time not to destroy an entire airship without figuring out how to keep casualties to a minimum? I just barely stopped him from destroying the city."

>> No.24424179


impression him threatening to kill everyone just to kill an innocent shadow.

>> No.24424181

>say something (write-in)
"Well, this is awkward."

>> No.24424185


>> No.24424186

I think this shows she's at least hesitant, from risking his life or whether she is catious of the power we might gain from CONSUME-ing is still a guess.

>> No.24424188

>Well if we're going in that vein, it was out of character, and somewhat foolish to chase after Dickiel instead of helping the crash victims.

I know. I suggested helping the crash victims and then fleeing as fast as we can. We couldn't stay here anymore, this is an Angel country now.

People were CONSUME CONSUME even after it was pointed out that Uriel will be here.

>> No.24424190

>say something
< I need to speak with one of your kind, one who isn't going to massacre an entire ship full of innocents just to slay an elemental. Can you fill this role? Raziel here could not, and made the mistake of trying to harm others.>

>> No.24424197


>> No.24424216

"Are you going to make sure he fixes what he's done to Evinbrook, ma'am?"

>> No.24424222


Combine these is my vote

>> No.24424232


Don't accuse him of anything yet. Let's be peaceful and co-operative to the extent that she isn't trying to kill us. If we start slinging mud right away she'll just get defensive.

Just start with something low-key that communicates that we want a peaceful, orderly resolution, and that we don't want to hurt anyone, but that we will if we must.

>> No.24424236

Because Raziel is what we call in RPG's a "high potential threat," someone who is weak now but who has also promised to hunt us down as soon as he gets the chance.
These are some of the most dangerous kinds of enemies.

>> No.24424237


>> No.24424240

This to start. Then >>24424190 for the middle and >>24424216 for the end.

>> No.24424262

"Stay your hand, Angel. I offered ample chance for your comrade to leave in peace, but he struck first and I have defeated him in fair combat. Bargain for his life or leave him to the fate he brought on himself."

>> No.24424265


Please guys.
Low-key and non-offensive.
Just communicate that we want to be peaceful.

>> No.24424284

Why would we not tell her that we only harmed him in defense of others?

>> No.24424285

Personally I like this

>> No.24424291



Because believe me, the majority of player are going to believe the lies that Auriel is going to tell us just so she can save her partner and put us into a weak position.
Why? Because she is a beautiful woman who acted nicer.
Wait and see. It is going to happen.

>> No.24424295


>> No.24424303

>start time 18:17
>current time 19:45
>over 255 posts already

Damn man, be proud.

>> No.24424312

>say something (write-in)
He chased me, threatened the lives of all around me. Almost destroyed the vessal we were on. Only reason those mortals on it are not dead is because my actions. Give me a reason he should not die this moment.

>> No.24424314

I like it, but lets leave out the part about damages as it might imply we have some connection to the duke.

>> No.24424319

Because we don't want to start slinging accusations before she's said anything.
All we need to do now is defuse the situation. We do that by being peaceful and low-key, not by offering long winded accusations against people who are above reproach.

>> No.24424322

I know not what constitutes justice among your kind, nor can I fathom how one so thirsty for blood walks with you. What I do know is that I will kill this thing if you cannot convince me he won't be allowed to continue his false crusade if I release him.

>> No.24424331

Hey man don't ask me, I've been arguing and providing evidence for the reasons that we need to consume and flee ever since the airship landed, but everyone wants an angel waifu.

>> No.24424332

It's not that. We need him to survive so we can have a recurring rival character! Think like Gary from Pokemon!

>> No.24424335

/tg/ will without fail roleplay the lawful stupid paladin without a second thought. Unless its explicity stated that isn't gonna work and even then it has to be the gm.

>> No.24424342

Gary didn't want to kill Ash.

>> No.24424344

this guy is 100% right and it pisses me off that we didn't kill him when we had the chance

>> No.24424347


Last post I'm making on this, I've made my position amply clear, but for the love of God if we want to get out of this alive then let's not start our one chance at peaceful negotiation and dialogue with threats and accusations.

I am begging you.

>> No.24424354

This looks good.

>> No.24424367

"Come share this feast with me. Join me, oh servant of the light. Happy are they who come to my supper."

CONSUME Raziel and toss the severed wing at her feet.

Because we went well beyond the "talk this out nicely phase" when we dismembered Raziel. Might as well go full villain at this point.

>> No.24424372

Might have made the show better though, if he did...

>> No.24424374

Why did we even chase Raziel down? Whatever, we all have to deal with the consequences now, and get out of this situation in the best way that we can.

>> No.24424376


<I had hoped to speak with you,> you say, breaking the silence. <You seem more reasonable than this one - willing to massacre an entire ship full of innocents to slay one elemental. He has received due punishment.>

Her eyes flick to Raziel, then back to you. "...yet you have not killed him."

<That would only prove that I am the murderous beast he sought to slay. I am a rational being. I can show mercy. Perhaps more mercy than an angel...?>

"...what of the ship?"

<I saved it from destruction,> you say. <Most of the crew is unharmed, though I did not linger. I had other matters to attend to.> You tighten your grip on Raziel. He's fallen unconscious.

"What do you want?" Auriel asks.

<A peaceful, orderly resolution to this...predicament.>

"And what does that entail?"

Well...what DOES that entail?

>write-in your response

>> No.24424396

>Why did we chase Raziel down?
That's why.

>> No.24424399

She can be the recurring rival, especially if we eat her friend in front of her.

>> No.24424416

fricasseed angel

>> No.24424419

So basically we give up. Thanks moralfags.

>> No.24424421


Then I'll go out and say playing the lawful stupid paladin will make this game much, much harder.

If I were you, I would have said to hell with the airship and consumed him back in the engine room.

But it's not a novel, it's cooperative storytelling.

>> No.24424436

"You getting him to fix his mess, and keeping him away from diplomatic scenarios in the future. And possibly, to not killing me before I can help my friend.

>> No.24424445

thats what I wanted but noooo we have too many moralfags

>> No.24424447

Rolled 9

Oh dear god. I leave for a bit and come back to this. You know this is going to get us horribly killed, right? Not only have these thing proven themselves to not give a singular shit for anything other than the complete eradication of us, we also witnessed first hand the fact that they have powers that LITERALY CAN ONLY HURT US. Oh well, I'll sit back and enjoy the ride, fail train though it may be.

>> No.24424451

She throws down her weapons. Step one.

Then let's get her to agree not to kill us.

One she's on board with that, we'll move on to item two:
That she agrees to hear out our story.

Once she's done THAT, we ask her for hers. Not her life story, just who she is, what she's doing, some info about Raziel.
And then we'll go from there.

Do NOT release Raziel under any circumstances.

>> No.24424455

Peace between us. Or at least a ceasefire. Let me be free and you can tend to your companion, though I hope he faces trial for his actions.

>> No.24424462

This, this, a thousand times this

>> No.24424465

YOUR WELCOME, [amoralfag]

>> No.24424474


sounds good to me

>> No.24424477

<"Just walk away.">

>> No.24424480

This is good, we do this.

>> No.24424487

I'm in favour of the PEACE THROUGH POWER Shadow. We must be strong so that we can possess a hegemony. If that means consuming a few people here and there, where expedient, then so be it.

>> No.24424489

I can dig it!

>> No.24424500


>> No.24424508

This. I wasn't in the previous thread but I wasn't entirely happy with how that played out but OKAY, we made our choice, then why go back on it? It was obvious that not killing him there would turn him into a Nemesis.

I am moralfag myself but damn, I'm not stupid.

>> No.24424512

You are an idiot. At least your statement is. Angels are the judges and jury of the light in this time period. This has been said throughout the last SIX THREADS. (or at least in three of them, at separate points and in different ways)

>> No.24424518

say something along the lines of long term goals. Doing so will indicate our overall intentions to Auriel, and sets the proper stage for negotiating. I hate times when the enemy shows willingness but then that willingness is wasted on a miscontrued offer, which I never wanted in the first place. Show a small part of your hand and the returns will start to zero in on the best deal. Let the last remark be a vicious threat to get an immediate short term goal. Would that all work as a strategy?

>> No.24424526

Mother fucker I was right after all. Sadly the moralfags out number the rest of us dear gm.


>> No.24424528

Seconding, provided we can say it that voice.

>> No.24424536

Ergoing this!

>> No.24424543

>we made our choice, then why go back on it?
It seems like hunting down Raziel was going back on the choice to protect the ship above his welfare. Which we weren't just doing to be "moralfags", we were also doing it to cast a shadow on the angels' reputation, and brighten our own.

>> No.24424544

She probably won't...

>> No.24424555


I'm reading two major trains of thought.

Vote 1 if:

<Just walk away, angel. I have no quarrel with you, yet.>

Vote 2 if:

-throw down weapon
-hear out our story
-ask about her

Feel free to add or subtract your own write-in dialogue, I will select what I think is appropriate/good

>> No.24424562


>> No.24424571

It's a good start.
Yeah, I doubt that is going to happen.

>> No.24424573


>> No.24424577

Voting 1

>> No.24424580


>> No.24424585

>Just walk away
No no no no no. That is not negotiation. That is setting us up for failure. Also it just wastes time because she's going to say no unless we release Raziel, and then we;ll say we're not going to unless she leaves, and then stalemate. It changes nothing. It's a dumb decision.

2 actually has a chance of beginning to resolve things.

Hence I vote 2.

>> No.24424588


>> No.24424593


>> No.24424601

But our reputation doesn't make a difference to peasants. Nor Angels.
Have you forgotten that all these lands are at war with the Black Lady? That they have, conceivably, for generations been the prey of trickster shadow mages (that Raziel mentioned before) and the Black Lady's forces?
One or two good deeds will not ursurp generations of elemental prejudice. Quit being moralstupid.

>> No.24424603

I hope that whatever we say, Auriel's response will carry notes of malevolence and superiority in it. The kind that would logically point out some weakness of ours. Following that, our best reaction would be to foster that doubt in ourselves, driving it to paranoia. With panic and paranoia within our shadow form, it's so much easier to make snap decisions. Like snapping necks and Consuming checks. In a most horrifying and gore filled manner.

>> No.24424604


We need to plant a seed of doubt in her mind. Just a small one. And someday it will bloom...

>> No.24424605

She isn't walking away

>> No.24424609

Voting for number 1.

>> No.24424612


>ask about her
I coulda sworn this said "ask her out" when I read it

>> No.24424616

Make it so, number one.

>> No.24424617

Voting 1
because I don't see an angel throwing her weapon down anytime soon

>> No.24424618


>> No.24424628


I vote Third Option.

Raziel dies, but we have a 'Sharing Session' with Auriel...

failing 3rd Option, voting 1

>> No.24424631

I never asked to be moralfag, I don't care about the elmentafuckery or any of that shit.

I just wanted to be a shadow and do shadow stuff, not bathe in bloody gore like Caligula reborn or be a lawful stupid whatever.

>> No.24424634

Ahhg, vote 2 because I doubt the angel is going to just "walk away" from our lovingly crunchy captive.

>> No.24424642


No way in hell is she going to leave. She could still kill us with magic, so dropping the sword would show that she's willing to hear us out, for a little bit...

>> No.24424647

>Which we weren't just doing to be "moralfags", we were also doing it to cast a shadow on the angels' reputation, and brighten our own.

Do you even understand what you are talking about?
We are considered THE most evil, THE most corrupt thing in the world. We are the bogeyman that parents scare their children with. We are the Satan which is trying to ruin an Angels reputation. And you want to achieve this without any fucking evidence?

We turned entire world dark for a second who the fuck is going to believe us?


>> No.24424656

1 because the angel isn't throwing her weapon away

>> No.24424660

> I doubt the angel is going to just "walk away" from our lovingly crunchy captive.
I dunno.

The fact that the first thing she said was to ask us why we hadn't killed him yet suggests she's not exactly too attached to him.

>> No.24424662


>> No.24424671

Voting 1 for Lord Humongous.

>> No.24424673

It suggests that she wants us to give her information.

>> No.24424681


>> No.24424683


>> No.24424686

>Viciously CONSUME the beloved comrade
>then monologue

It's has a certain classical villain charm to it.

>> No.24424695

Oh by the way, meant to vote 1 if that wasn't obvious from the post.

>> No.24424699


>> No.24424701

Naw man. It's more about curbing the incredibly psychotic angel that went after us, uncaring of the innocents, promising to hunt us down, before he becomes a real threat.

Consume is still an option, and it is viable.

>> No.24424706

Voting 1

>> No.24424725

Why are people assuming that we are a villain. From our first actions involving other people we have leaned towards doing good. It's not about being a moralfag, it's about playing the established character.

>> No.24424726

Voting 1

>> No.24424727


<The first thing you will do is throw down your weapon.>

Without hesitation, Auriel draws her sword - and tosses it forward. It lands to your side, sitting in the grass. The blue-white light fades.

<I came into this world four days ago, angel,> you say. <And in that short time, I have learned that my existence is despised. I am a living anathema. I am hunted by yourself, and this one, simply for being what I am. I do not understand this.>

"The power you demonstrated earlier gives reason for that," Auriel responds. "The little peace we have cobbled together from the nations of man since the Great War is threatened by your very existence."

<Threatened?> you ask. <I have no wish to involve myself in your situation.>

"Conflict always finds power," Auriel says. "Whether or not you seek it out, you would inevitably act to change something, and then you would be in conflict with the established order - an order that has persisted mostly peacefully for several hundred years. You seem most ignorant of these basic facts." She eyes you. "Raziel is a passionate fool, but I see between the lines. Our friend the duke has great ambitions...high enough to make use of the shadow."

What do you say?

>tell her you were turning the duke's offer down
>try to disassociate yourself from the duke and Flint
>explain from the beginning, including Jacob's Field and your venture with Sir Flint

>> No.24424753

Correct. All our previous actions had merit to the foreseeable consequences.
Sparing a light inquisition freak from consumption does not.
Thank you for supporting our consume-gument.

>> No.24424758

What about him throwing a beam of light through a castle during a diplomatic situation? It sounds like his actions are typical of him.

>> No.24424761

>>try to disassociate yourself from the duke and Flint

>> No.24424779


>fuck it, CONSUME the prisoner! Que evil monologue!

Because consuming is always an option.

>> No.24424788

"But I would rather have a single good friend then the entirety of the world bowing to me."

>> No.24424802



>> No.24424803

Only trying to disconnect ourselves from the people in the room will affirm any suspicions she has about our connections to them.

Avoid option two entirely.

>> No.24424805

" I was studying the Duke and I was prepared to reveal myself to him, but I think the chance has been taken from me."

>> No.24424832

Yeah. I'm gonna opt for CONSUME because arguing with an angel about semantics sounds about as thrilling and rewarding as killing small children for fun.
Let's remove Raziel from the picture.

>> No.24424847

You cannot blame me for working with the duke when, by your own admittance, nobody else would offer me so much as the time of day.

You look for enemies that do not exist, but by searching with such intensity you may, in fact, create them.

I want to be left alone. I want to live in peace. I will accept working within a framework to do this.
I will not accept anything that does not lead to my peaceful existence.

I have a right to exist.

These are my ideals, and these are my demands.

>> No.24424852

>try to disassociate yourself from the duke.

>> No.24424854

>Being hunted down by every angel ever for eating one of their own. Also losing Flint as a friend because of his family being devoted to the angels.

Psht, that? Hah, no problem at all, easy as pie! I'll get on that right away!

>> No.24424866

I want to ride that classic anti-hero line. Like the Punisher. Protect the greater stinking masses by savagely eliminating the lowest scum and hypocrites. There's also the one little innocent flower girl with her own dark side that we can't help but care for.

>> No.24424877

>" I was studying the Duke and I was prepared to reveal myself to him, but I think the chance has been taken from me."

...not to put a damper on your idea, but that would seem to condradict statement "I have no wish to involve myself in your situation"

>> No.24424890

I like the right to exist part, but LEAVE OUT THE DUKE BIT!

>> No.24424891

CONSUME because fuck moralfags and fuck these uppity angels

>> No.24424898



>> No.24424899

I like this.

>> No.24424906

I, of course, was throwing out rubbish to get everyone else's creative juices running.

>> No.24424919

This explains everything I want to say but can't write!

Seconding this one.

>> No.24424930

We are hunted by them naturally, as all shadow related things have been, for- as the angel just said herself; several hundred years. To them it is the natural order for us to DIE.
Flint doesn't have as strong connections to the Angels as you might imply, as he's befriended us and has chosen to confide in us as a friend, if he was a supporter of the Ring City in a fanatic manner we would never have gotten that far with him.

>> No.24424932


Let's go with this, albeit without the duke part. The best we can do is make her see that we're at least LN.

>> No.24424938

Other then us mentioning the duke and us talking to him, I like it.

>> No.24424958

Voting for consume because this Angel is clearly preparing magic that will likely harm us but not her friend.

>> No.24424964

Yell at Auriel, "This order wasn't maintained peacefully!! Angels and their overseers kept it through ruthless and vicious subjugation at the cost of people's joyful spirit. Your kind quickly replace any spark of that with a dull pounding FEAR that life and order can only come from your hands, not ever their own!!"

>> No.24424967

leave out the Duke and you have my vote.

>> No.24424994

Jesus, are you trying to end this game early?! Slow down a bit, SM would at least tell us to roll a dodge check...

>> No.24425009

I'm okay with removing the Duke part.

I suspect she already has suspicions and I included it to justify our involvement with him, because she is using that as an example of us creating instability.

>> No.24425021


if conflict always finds power, should anyone or anything with power be destroyed?
You fight to defend the way things were. From what you say, this means fighting any change. Does all change have to end like this?
I fear that nothing will make people feel anything but scorn for me. Not even saving a town from a Spirit Plague granted a single speck of second thought.
From the little I have learnt, there was once a time when all were peaceful, and none were hated. Does the mistakes of a King damn his entire kingdom to eternal hatred and death? should a child be killed for the sins of their father?
Are we not all individuals with minds of our own?
If you fear for what I may become, you may feel free to 'accompany' me in my journey. feel free to follow me, spy on me, all I wish to do is explore and learn. For me to join a war for which I know not the cause, would be foolhardy at best. All I know is that there are 7 others whom I wish to meet, and from what I hear, you may know one of them...

>> No.24425046

I'm just really paranoid because they've already shown abilities to specifically target our element no matter where we run, hide, or act.
I'm extremely certain that even without a sword the angel can two hit us, and that she just dropped the sword because she thinks we're naive enough to believe it's her only weapon.

>> No.24425061


>> No.24425064

Mixing knowledge
Mixing knowledge AND naive.

>> No.24425084

>I'm extremely certain that even without a sword the angel can two hit us, and that she just dropped the sword because she thinks we're naive enough to believe it's her only weapon.

I'm sure of this too.
She didn't even hesitate

>> No.24425086

I don't think it's her only weapon, I just wanted a gesture of good faith.

The Angel can hurt us, no doubt about it, but at some point we need to take a risk and go out on an amoebic pseudepod made of Shadow or alternatively resign ourselves to overthrowing the Old World Order.

>> No.24425089


<You look for enemies that do not exist. Have you considered that by searching with such intensity you may, in fact, create them? Your established order of peace and harmony dictates that I must die? It reeks of hypocrisy.>

Auriel grits her teeth. "Do not speak to me of hypocrisy, creature."

You feel a chuckle bubble up from within you, deep, but sharp. Auriel swallows, but says nothing. Her fists are clenched tight.

<Why not? Does it bother you? Yes, your peaceful order, your inquisition of rulers and slaughtering of life that exists in opposition to your own element, for all the meaning it has.>

"...get to the point."

<I want to be left alone. I want to live in peace. I will accept working within a framework to do this.> You stare her down. <I will not accept anything that does not lead to my peaceful existence. I have a right to exist. These are my ideals, these are my demands.>

"And if I refuse?"

Well? What if she refuses?

>why don't you take a guess?
>your friend dies.
>your friend dies...and you're next. Unless you think you can beat the power that tore his wings and magic out and beat back the Sky-Sever.
>something else (write-in)

>> No.24425112

Well, then we should probably mention that she probably could kill us without one, and that she likely would have already, if she wasn't somewhat curious about the situation.

>> No.24425118

The current world order is minus shadow.
Like the angel herself said, our existence is not something that can be tolerated indefinitely.

>> No.24425127

>>your friend dies...and you're next. Unless you think you can beat the power that tore his wings and magic out and beat back the Sky-Sever.


>> No.24425143

TRADITION dictates that we must complete a mocking monologue and wave the shadow shard about in the angel's face, showing we have no regard for any counter measure she could try. It's not that we have no sense but instead understand our control of the entire situation that no recourse could hope to dislodge us from our current bargaining position.

>> No.24425144

Friend dies
She obviously cares for him, if we say shes next then she'll reason that maybe she will die with Raziel and be happy. If we only kill him though... she'll feel empty, and sad. I say we threaten her with his death. If she refuses, we eat him, in front of her.

>> No.24425147

In my mind, my right to exist supersedes that of everyone else's. I think that makes my position quite clear, and I'm prepared to go to whatever lengths necessary to ensure my survival. It's just in my nature.

>> No.24425149

>your friend dies.
He has already threatened to chase me down if he lives. I need assurances that he will not be allowed to do so. If you will not do it for me I must do it myself.

>> No.24425158

Go for the biggest bluff of the century.
We're gonna need some baby seals for that roll.

>> No.24425159

Rolled 20

This. If they refuse, we must grow stronger than them and stamp them out. If they refuse our existence, they have no right to their own.

>> No.24425161

<"I am no servant of the Duke. I was in his city of my own free will, and soon I will be on my way. But what of Raziel? For attacking me without provocation, by right, his life is forfeit. What say you?">

>> No.24425192

Then I will likely die here, alone and far from knowing who I might have become...

I do have one small favor to ask... If you do decide to kill me, can you please find someone for me? Tell her that in the short time I have known her, I was glad to have her as my only friend...

>> No.24425199


>> No.24425227

Sure why not.

>> No.24425240

Go with this.

She would kill the fuck out of Abby and Lichbro.

>> No.24425267

He dies. I would live with the risk of him killing me later if I were left alone now, but if I die now, then I will not permit him another chance for him to do what he did today.

>> No.24425297



Roll 1d100

>> No.24425307


And here comes this.

Next this will happen >>24424291
Just you wait.

What is she going to say? "No, I will not and try to kill you and have my fried die and possibly die myself."? What the hell do you expect?
She will agree, we will let him go, they will leave and then it will bite us in the ass hard.

Good, fucking job.

>> No.24425309

Rolled 44


Just going to say now that you're a lot more merciful than Echo.

>> No.24425315

Rolled 51

I invoke the hundred of Sunday night!

>> No.24425316

Rolled 1

Time to get in the bag

>> No.24425317

Rolled 34


>> No.24425323

Rolled 14


>> No.24425324

Rolled 38


>> No.24425325

She's not going to be swayed by that. That's our chip that forced her to the table. Now we need to keep her there past this immediate point. We can't ensure our peaceful existence in a society that hates us in 15 minutes on a muddy field. Stop with the overt death threats, because that doesn't help our platform. What we need to ensure is that some time from now, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a week, we can speak to her again.
That's our short-term objective here.

As far as I understand, our platform is "leave us alone and we'll leave you alone, we just want to live in peace, you can trust us not to be evil".

>> No.24425326

Rolled 24


>> No.24425328

Rolled 72

then he dies, and i assume myself shortly after. i highly doubt you would take the death of your colege well. so he would die, you would do your best to kill me, and only one of use would walk away. i am personaly betting on myself, but there are always possibilites

>> No.24425335

Rolled 66



>> No.24425336

We are doomed...

>> No.24425340

Rolled 5

Let the one throne stay away.

>> No.24425341



>> No.24425342

CONSUME Raziel now, and explain to her as we do so that this will be her fate if she pursues us.

>> No.24425344


>> No.24425345

crit fail, diplomacy failed.


>> No.24425351

The ride never ends

>> No.24425357

And this is why we wanted to consume him before she arrived.

THANKYOU FUCKING MORALSTUPIDS. Because one roll to consume is a better risk than one for negotiation.

>> No.24425359

Rolled 69


>> No.24425367

Rolled 23

LeL, maybe I was wrong about this >>24425307

Good job guys. Really swell.

Here's hoping for a nat 100

>> No.24425372

Rolled 70



>> No.24425375

Rolled 97


>> No.24425378

Rolled 78


>> No.24425380

If we're going to kill him let's do it right.

CONSUME. Then as we flee (and we WILL be fleeing) explain to her shrilly that this...
"This is all just a big misunderstanding!"

Now buckle up because we've got a world order to overthrow.

>> No.24425391

>implying diplomacy was ever going to work
Time to eat her friend and run away.

>> No.24425400

It's been fun you guys

>> No.24425409


>> No.24425412

the 1s like this quest don't they? First with hiding, now with diplo

>> No.24425427

Rolled 25


>> No.24425434

Rolled 58

We are a shadow trying to diplomance an angel while holding her friend hostage.

Yea, a one was expected.

>> No.24425452


Bend over.

>> No.24425455


>> No.24425459

guys, he only takes a 1 or 100 if it's in the first ten rolls. He has stated this many times. STOP ROLLING

>> No.24425461


>> No.24425462

The dice gods really hate it when we try to do things the nice peaceful way.

>> No.24425466

I don't want to, but I'd say diplomacy has failed.

>> No.24425478

Saying this the whole time while she kills us...

>> No.24425480

This should just be our catchphrase.

>> No.24425482

Welp, there goes diplomacy.


It's crunch time. Literally.

>> No.24425484

I'm putting all the blame on the moralfags from now on.
Even when it doesn't match up.
Hopefully if we survive this they'll realize that this isn't that kind of quest and go back to wherever they came from.

Now show us shadowmaster, the results of trying to be good when it doesn't fit our agenda, character, or intelligence.

>> No.24425496

We didn't have to prove anything you idiot, that is the whole point of the people who argued against trying to talk to her.

It was the same as trying to argue with this guy (pic)

>> No.24425500



>> No.24425517

>Moralfag = everyone who's opinion doesn't match my own.

>> No.24425533

It would be edgy, if it wasn't for the fact that every piece of evidence and indication of this going wrong wasn't explained in detail at least within every last ten posts of the thread ever since the airship crashed.
I'm sorry, but making the choice that's right for us and our friends is not, ever, edgy.

>> No.24425543

We weren't trying to talk to her because of muh morals.

We were doing it because if we could convince her not to kill us, it'd be a hell of a lot easier and less dangerous than hunting down and murdering every last Angel in this world, overthrowing the government, suppressing the peasants, killing the Black Lady and God knows what else.

>> No.24425555

Our first encounter was with a little girl who we befriended and became a guardian to. We then went to stop a zombie infection, and ended up forcing the Paladin and the Lich to make nice. OH, yeah, and then we nearly died saving the defenseless townspeople that tried to kill a little girl. WE ARE A FUCKING GOOD GUY, GET OVER IT.

>> No.24425559

Well considering the option was to either consume him when we caught up or wait to negotiate you are completely correct in this case.

>> No.24425569


>implying he isn't right
>implying this wasn't the most stupidest thing we did
>implying you are going to change

On the other hand it was dependent on a roll so it could have gone either way.
.... Which is stupid, OP, what the fuck? Don't let rolls decide the character of NPCs.

>> No.24425574

I don't think you can really call them moralfags, since killing Raziel during the battle would hardly have been immoral. Dude attacked us, so we would have been fully within our rights to kill him.

The problem here is more one of irrationally friendly fags than moralfags.

>> No.24425581


<Then he dies, here and now.> You glance at your prisoner, than at Auriel. <He has already threatened to chase me down if he lives. I need an assurance that he will not be allowed to do so. One way or another, I will not permit him another chance for him to do what he did today.>

"...permit," she repeats. "No, shadow. You do not define justice, nor law. You define only chaos." Auriel raises her hand. "You must die, here and now. You may have bested him, but you are sure to be weak. Prepare yourself, shadow."

The sword flares white-blue!

What do you do?!

>try to consume Raziel
>run, still holding Raziel
>throw Raziel at her and run
>drop Raziel and attack her
>try for diplomatic saving throw (warning: very high DC)
>some other strategy

>> No.24425583

But you're wrong. We aren't a good guy, we're an antihero at best that's been trying to find the middle ground between surviving and fighting. Although I don't entirely agree with the person you're responding to I also can't agree with you.

>> No.24425593

The choice was CONSUME in plain view of a powerful person and make a powerful enemy OR don't CONSUME and potentially forestall hostilities altogether, while still possessing the ability to CONSUME later.

You're all idiots and I hate you.

>> No.24425598

The NPC was on the fence, and we rolled a diplomacy check. Don't get your panties in a twist just cause we crit failed

>> No.24425620

>run, still holding Raziel
Good luck shooting ranged attacks at us without hitting your bro, Auriel.

>> No.24425625

CONSUME and flee. Preferably at the same time.

>> No.24425634

CONSUME, then get the fuck outta dodge

>> No.24425647

Goddammit we barely survived the fight against Raziel and that was only because we CONSUMED the dynamo.

>run, still holding Raziel
Use him like a shield.

>> No.24425662

Do nothing. Hold your ground.

>> No.24425672

Isn't this drama so entertaining though?
It's like the shadow master is playing us for puppets towards what gets /tg/ riled up the most.
But I still believe that taking the dangerous Raziel out of the picture, even if making our natural enemy dislike us more, would still be the better choice for us, and for those we want to protect. Namely Abigail.

>> No.24425679

Wait, what the fuck?!

>> No.24425684

And you're an idiot.
Not a single one here is trying to say we are a bad guy.


This is not a Bioware RPG game. We are not here to collect "good guy points" no matter how stupid the actions are.

>>run, still holding Raziel

failing that

>>try to consume Raziel

>> No.24425686

>.... Which is stupid, OP, what the fuck? Don't let rolls decide the character of NPCs.


Your roll is not deciding the character of the NPC. It is adding random chance into the situation.

>> No.24425693

Throw Raziel at her and run

>> No.24425695

Use him as a shield while we run, and then eat him. Don't let go.

>> No.24425702

CONSUME Raziel and flee.

<"You fool. I gave you a chance to save your friend and go in peace. Now his blood is on your hands.">

>> No.24425704

You silly. They have light attacks. Her magic won't hurt her friend but it will hurt us, as the previous angel battle showed us.

>> No.24425719


>> No.24425726

Ahhh, shit. I forgot about that.

Changing vote to trying to CONSUME and then flee or, failing that, just chuck the asshole at her and leg it.

>> No.24425732


It's in our nature.

>> No.24425745

Finally I make it to the thread and NO ONE has stolen my joke!


>> No.24425749

When every single decision we've made has been to preserve lives and avoid conflicts, it kind of does define our character.

>> No.24425751


Running with Raziel. GOGOGO TIME!

>> No.24425755

if we get enough XP, I vote Centipede, then whatever it leads to, then Supersonic

>> No.24425757

No it wasn't.
We could have run away with him. We could have killed him and ran away. We could have left him and ran away. We could have never pursued him since it was pointed out that Auriel would be going after us.


>> No.24425758

Oh. The CONSUME our hostage and flee. All he's good for now is the power his delicious soul can give us.

>> No.24425774

Run. Now.

>> No.24425775


I'd like to point out that Raziel had one attack which served to push you from the people in the crowd. You weren't holding on to them like you are him.


I love it.


I have something I'd like to ask. Do you all enjoy my 'hints' and commentary, or would you prefer me to keep mostly quiet and try to facilitate voting toward popular decisions?

>> No.24425788

Nah, you're doing fine.

>> No.24425796

Rolled 2

>some other strategy
cast shade and prepare to dodge and counterattack
shade is an in-combat ability right? doesn't take the extra turn to activate? mana cost?

>> No.24425797

Let us remove one knight of light from the playing field.
Eat that angel.
Make it gruesome.

>> No.24425803

Enough of this. The time has come to CONSUME Raziel.

>> No.24425807

Hey remember that one time we tried to hide in a crowd of civilians while Raziel blasted light beams at us that did jack fucking squat to the bystanders but still hurt us?
>implying Auriels attacks will hurt Razeil
>implying they won't heal him instead

>> No.24425809

I enjoy everything you do, and I want it all to continue.

There is literally nothing I would change.

I wanted to hunt him down and kill him, but circumstances got in the way of that.

>> No.24425813

A hint once or twice. LIKE RIGHT NOW, PLEASE!

>> No.24425828

And have all the rest of them gunning to kill us...

>> No.24425830

see >>24425775

>> No.24425833

I'd like you to facilitate voting towards choices which benefit us, which has so far not been the popular decision.
But then again the hints... are very hint.

>> No.24425841

Na man keep up the good work

>> No.24425846


Consume him in the most awful way possible. I want Auriel to be afraid of what would happen to her if she follows us and falls in battle like her friend has.

>> No.24425849

Consume Raziel

>> No.24425854


>> No.24425856

Consume and then possibly flee.
Wait, NO.
Consume and then GET THE FUCK OUT OF DODGE.

>> No.24425875

Make it loud, make it long.

Consume him from the bottom up, and don't consume him as a whole. Tear chunks of him off and then consume the chunks. Go after the vital parts last.

>> No.24425876

They're already gunning for us. I mean, Raziel attacked us within seconds of sensing our presence without provocation. Our relations with the angels really can't get any worse than that.

>> No.24425886


>run and consume 1

>consume then flee 9

>throw Raziel 1

>run with Raziel 4

This is what I've counted so far. It seems pretty decisive.

You've chosen to consume Raziel, then flee.

Roll 1d100

Taking first 6 rolls.

>> No.24425891

At some point we should get in contact with Flint and the Duke. Write some letters or something.

>> No.24425900

Rolled 26


>> No.24425903

Rolled 92

nat 1

>> No.24425906

Maybe don't make it too long. Don't want her rushing us while we eat and getting in a hit before we can defend ourselves.

>> No.24425907

Rolled 88



>> No.24425909

Rolled 6

I want to believe.

>> No.24425914

Rolled 45

Great plan guys!

>> No.24425921

By the power of Alton Brown, I declare this angel to be Good Eats!

>> No.24425924

Rolled 65

Fuck the angels

>> No.24425927

We finally get to try to do the smart thing.

Nat 1.

>> No.24425929

Rolled 75


>> No.24425930

No, quick and efficient.

>> No.24425932


>> No.24425941

And in typical fashion I forget to roll the dice. Too late now I suppose.

>> No.24425943

Rolled 30

>Not imagining a flock of them coming to destroy Evinbrook for harboring a shadow...

>> No.24425945

Rolled 30


>> No.24425946

Not long as in measured in minutes. Long as in a second or two, so that she can visibly see what we're doing but not have time to react.

>> No.24425947

Average of first six rolls is 53!
Hope for the best.

>> No.24425949

>went better then expected

>> No.24425952

That will happen one day, anon, but today is not that day. Today, we feast.

>> No.24425979

Add in "Witness what hatred has wrote, false angel"

>> No.24425987

ooh, I like you guys.

>> No.24426085


This is a powerful foe.

You know what you have to do.


And your tendrils, already settled on Raziel's soul, hungrily devour him.

Raziel's unconsciousness doesn't survive having his soul attack. He wakes, and begins to scream a torture, gurgled cry that freezes Auriel in horror. You fall over him, eating away at his flesh, his being, his very EXISTANCE until it is yours, all of it, YOURS!

>you have gained 25 EXP
>you have gained 7 temerity (total:17)

Auriel charges at you!

You dodge, but not fast enough! Her sword nicks your side, and light burns you, almost twisting in the wound...

>you've taken 3 damage (HP: 18/21)

You dance back lightly on your shadows. Auriel's wings snap taut, ready to propel her across the ground in another charge. Her sword spins a foot away from her hand, controlled by telepathy - and it moves faster than any arm could swing it.

What do you do?


Note: spending experience is a free action


>try to flee
>dodge, then counter
>attack with magic
>physical attack
>magic attack
>a more complex plan
>something else

Yes, yes, let the great upgrade debate begin.

>> No.24426105

Okay, lets pause and debate.

>> No.24426109

Goddamn, he gave us 1/4th of a dynamo

>> No.24426118

This is how I feel right now.

>> No.24426121

How about we upgrade to Super-sonic and flee?

Or do you guys want to try to actually fight her?

>> No.24426129

pause, time to decide course of action with exp.
should we exp burn?

>> No.24426136

We have to buy some other upgrades before we can get super-sonic

>> No.24426138

Of course not. Lets do just that.
SM do we have enough for that plan?

>> No.24426139

Centipede. We need to be quick. Buy whatever it leads to... then Supersonic...

Also get claws, and poison, just to maximize our armor piercing.

>> No.24426141

Well, pretty much the entire world knows we're out here with that eclipse shit we pulled. I say we get super-sonic and then:
>try to flee

He was good eats. A little stringy though.

>> No.24426142

You mean acquire centipede, the skill after centipede, and then flee?
I'll support that. Less rolls than a battle, better chance to live. I hope.

>> No.24426143

Rocky hide and Centipede, then we reassess.

What we really want is Supersonic.

Also, we should pick up a few things that add some dodge and shit to us. Pick up Shadowmeld?
No. No no no.
Flee and regroup.

>> No.24426144

>full mana
No, not yet.

>> No.24426161

Rolled 65

Tell her that she brought this on herself. I wanted to live. Then run. Run away as fast as you can. She will follow us everywhere and will kill our friends to bring us down.

Why in the hell did you folks think that killing one angel wouldn't have all of them trying to kill us AND everyone we cared about?

>> No.24426163


You have full mana.


>> No.24426168

>Her sword spins a foot away from her hand, controlled by telepathy - and it moves faster than any arm could swing it.

Was this a magical attack or physical?
If she specializes in physical attacks then we should take Rocky hide. It has also the benefit of giving us 4hp

Yes, that is what I meant. Lets hope that whatever is after the Centipide, doesn't have requirements too

>> No.24426177

Rolled 24

buy centiped. then we look for the thing after that. then hopefully supersonic

if we have some left over at the end of this i vote shadow assault

>> No.24426180

Supersonic is a shoe in. Make it so, Shadow Master.

I still say we pick up some damage resistance as well.


>> No.24426186

Nobody thought that. We choose to eliminate the "high potential threat," after negotiations failed miserably.

>> No.24426187

Don't forget that we can get some of that powerful as shit magic now. We might actually be able to take her.

>> No.24426190

>Or do you guys want to try to actually fight her?
In theory, we could upgrade our offensive magic all the way to Ray of Darkness, which has already proved quite able to ruin an angel's day. Retain the rest of the exp to burn for mana if we need several shots to bring her down.

>> No.24426194

Shadow Assault.

>> No.24426196

>SM do we have enough for that plan?

I'm afraid I can't answer that, Dave.

Purchasing centipede for overwhelming majority, will post new chart.

>> No.24426207

Bad idea, we were in Super Saiyan mode when we took out Raziel. Now is the time for flight.

>> No.24426210

Rolled 48

but you have to remember. without eclipse our shadow magic is next to useless against these guys

>> No.24426211

I'd be sketchy about doing that because the dynamo gave us eclipse mode; which stripped the angel of defenses against our magic and made it more effective.

>> No.24426216

By finding an even higher one, and pissing it off.

>> No.24426219

Let's regroup before we try and take her. We'll have a better chance ambushing her anyway.

We're a shadow, so we can just sneaky at her until she dead.

>> No.24426220

We really need Light resistance. If only we knew where it is to work up to it

>> No.24426228

Shadow Assault, Poison and Viral

>> No.24426232

It might not even exist.

>> No.24426237

Rolled 100

i dont know why but i can see it being after replicate.

>> No.24426247



Bought Centipede.

New Tree.

EXP remaining: 22

>Glide - Your aura allows you to glide, dropping safely from large heights or covering large distances if starting from a high point

>> No.24426250


>> No.24426251

Alas, a hundred more rolls before we see that glorious friend again...

>> No.24426252


>> No.24426264


>> No.24426266

Rolled 34

welp. i still say buy glide. we need to show them the very essence of speed

>> No.24426271

buy glide.

>> No.24426275

>another before supersonic
You added an extra one in on purpose, didn't you?

>> No.24426276

Supersonic is going to wipe out the remaining of our savings. 5 for glide, then probably 7-8 for whatever's next.
We may not actually have enough......


>> No.24426279

I suggest getting shadow shield and rocky hide. Shadow shield will give us a little resistance to all magic and we need a defense upgrade.

>> No.24426284

We needed a lot of things earlier.
And so we gain the momentum we need to survive our encounter with the higher one.
Voting for Glide and Supersonic.

>> No.24426285

>Something else after Glide

You motherfuker. And Glide isn't that useful either.

Still maintaining that we work up to Supersonic

>> No.24426288

Rolled 1

Glide please

>> No.24426291

Rocky Hide, Berserk (no-one else around) Centepede, Whatever the hell's after that, and Supersonic.

>> No.24426296

Buy glide, we need to get supersonic

>> No.24426308

Get us some of that sweet delicious glide SM.

>> No.24426311


>> No.24426323

He's wasting the one before it does something awful.

>> No.24426325


>> No.24426328


Stop rolling, kind sir.

>> No.24426329

This, minus Glide and replace with Fear.

>> No.24426330

nothing has been locked in... that one means nothing

>> No.24426334

>You added an extra one in on purpose, didn't you?

It's been there the entire time.

Buying Glide.

>flight - What it says on the can. Carrying capacity is based on physical strength.

>> No.24426342

> 1d1

don't get rused

>> No.24426343

Rolled 84


you mean MUN right?

>> No.24426344

Nah it's a 1d1 so it's always gonna roll one.

>> No.24426347

Voting for Shadow Shield.

>> No.24426349


How much EXP do we have left?

>> No.24426353

To supersonic or bust.

>> No.24426356


>> No.24426357

Oh jolly good, we have just enough for flight and supersonic.

I eagerly await the look on the angel's face when we leap into the air and zoom away at impossible speeds.

>> No.24426360 [DELETED] 



>> No.24426361


17 EXP remaining.

22 - 5 dude.

>> No.24426365


Flight and then Supersonic.

Can we fly at supersonic speed? Do all of our speed/dodge bonuses apply when flying?

>> No.24426366

Rolled 54

we have exactly enough for supersonic +flight left

>> No.24426368

Exactly enough for supersonic!

>> No.24426375

Mah niqqa!

>> No.24426376

Rolled 18

Shadow shield or whatever gives small bonus to ALL resists. Does that include light?

>> No.24426378

honestly, I don't think supersonic is going to do anything but let us flee.

>> No.24426383

Just enough.

>> No.24426387

Supersonic all the way

>giving us just enough for supersonic
you sly dog you

>> No.24426392


Okay, I cannot into basic arithmetic today.

Seconding the purchase of Supersonic.

>> No.24426396

Flight and Supersonic.

We've got places to be, Bitch.

As we ascend from the surface we have to shout something awesome too.

I still vote for "YOU DID THIS."

>> No.24426401

>get 25 EXP
>Exactly 25 EXP needed for Supersonic

Now THAT was done on purpose

Yeah, I don't think it has much use in a fight.

>> No.24426405

yes, that is the point

>> No.24426407

That's the point.
That's the point.
Later on we can use it to close in on targets, or attack from above after we get flight, but right now we gotta try our best to roon awee.

>> No.24426425

I think it was just a happy coincidence. If you look at the chart things tend to cost 1 > 3 > 5 > 7 >10.

>> No.24426439


You know, I only realized that after the fact, too.

...you weren't supposed to get all this shit this early, dammit.

Ok. Flight is normal flight - basically, you can move in the air and do whatever. You gain a small dodge bonus while in the air, but a slight penalty to accuracy.

Supersonic takes a turn to activate, and once it does, you're pretty much unable to do anything else but fly and make very, very wide turns.

As you're moving that fast, you won't be hit easily, but as all your focus is on what you're doing, you'll be easier prey for enemy "detect magic". Also, you'll make a lot of sound.

Since this is clearly the majority vote, going with it.

>> No.24426452

Or alternatively, "These are our ideals, these are our DEMANDS."

>> No.24426466

How much mana do they cost?

>> No.24426467

oh hell, that sounds horrid for battle. unless we're diving into a easily predicted target.

>> No.24426471

All the way to supersonic.
That is kinda the point.

>> No.24426481

Make it so.

Now we have to figure out how to get a turn free...

I'm stumped.

>> No.24426492

>As we ascend from the surface we have to shout something awesome too.
Use Impression to project an image of Doom Paul as we leave.

>> No.24426500

None, I would assume.

>> No.24426504


>> No.24426509

After this you might wanna keep us away from Angels and other high XP creatures. We have a knack for CONSUMING

>> No.24426514

>Now we have to figure out how to get a turn free...

Focus on dodging for next turn before activating SANIC

>> No.24426518

Rolled 73

ok i kinda like that. maybe something about nothing deserves to die simply because it exists

>> No.24426524

Sadly, we have never seen that man.

>> No.24426526

I'm all for giving her an impression when we flee.

Any ideas guys?

>> No.24426532

I'm honestly surprised we went with fleeing, instead of upgrading our combat skills and trying to kill Auriel for her delicious soul.

>> No.24426535

China must grow larger.

I-I mean Shadow...

>> No.24426550




New Tree


>Schattenkrieg - Wrap yourself in your aura and fly toward the enemy, becoming a living missile of darkness. Major bonus to physical attack and armor piercing. Optional: spend 5 mana to add additional shadow attack power. Chance for self-damage based on attack strength and target defense strength. Can stack with berserk, but self-damage is then guaranteed.

>> No.24426554

You know, we should go back to those Kar-Bar faggots or whatever they were called and eat like a hundred of their soldier to power-level.

>> No.24426558

Yeah, agreed.
Activate flight, use the element of surprise to get enough space and time to accelerate.

>> No.24426559

She can probably resist shadows really well.

>> No.24426563

It gives me hope that the majority of us aren't suicidal

>> No.24426572

Mother of God.


>> No.24426573


>> No.24426581



EXP remaining: 0

What do you do?


>> No.24426582

Time to farm!

>> No.24426586

>>Schattenkrieg - Wrap yourself in your aura and fly toward the enemy, becoming a living missile of darkness. Major bonus to physical attack and armor piercing.

>> No.24426596


>> No.24426598


>> No.24426599


>> No.24426602

Holy fuck we are become artillery.

>> No.24426605

Can we do both?

>> No.24426606

Rolled 7

flight. then supersonic. get the hell out of dodge. probably back to the caste. if we loose our bag doing this i will be angry

>> No.24426611



On a side note, only one more ability until you cap off the movement ability tree! Your dodge is at very high levels!

>> No.24426616

both, get a few hits in then bolt and hide

>> No.24426620

Fly. I for one am done with angels for the rest of forever.

>> No.24426625

>back to the castle

We fly away. Hella far away.

Then we sneak back and begin writing angry letters (by which I mean write to the Duke and to Flint).

>> No.24426630

in that case lets go for it

>> No.24426646

lets try and slow her down

>> No.24426650


Flight, nigga.
We got lucky before, when fighting Raziel, don't think it will happen again.


I assume Rocky Hide will make the attack more powerful or the self-damage less.

>probably back to the caste.
Yeah, no

I say we flee West for a day or two and then make a wide turn to Jacob's Field

>> No.24426659

Abigail went NE, right? I say we go west, then double back around when we lose Auriel

>> No.24426668

Angels in this setting aren't petty and inquisition minded, right shadow master?
Like, she totally won't just go back to the castle and pound on the Flint and the Duke for answer, possibly incarcerate them, and then possible wait for us to save them? Right? That can't happen? Right? Yeah? Oh god.

>> No.24426669

By the way, we are at page 7

We should archive the thread just in case. Better yet, OP, make a new one.

>> No.24426693

Oh shit I didn't think about that.
Well, they're on their own. They should be okay.

>> No.24426694


I'm doing that now.

>> No.24426698

We're boned.

>> No.24426700

They probably are, or at least this one will be considering we ate her partner in from of her. Hopefully, the Duke and Flint were smart enough to go to ground.

>> No.24426704

This. Grab Flint while we are at it?

>> No.24426715

I doubt she'll touch Flint, there's really nothing connecting us to him. As for the Duke, he's a powerful political figure, and I'd imagine they wouldn't just nab him outright. They should be safe enough, for now.

>> No.24426747

The villagers have seen Flint with us, and the Angel knows what we are.

Not going to end well for him.

>> No.24426748

Rolled 40

no that will only prove that he is consorting with shadow. there is no proof right now, and the only person who knows for sure that we were together is the duke, and fredrick, .... and everyone that was on our boat, .... and the servants, ........ ok he is boned

>> No.24426754


Joey your first job is to be a distraction for us! Can you do it?

>> No.24426763

We have to give him a choice.

>> No.24426771


You feel the angel's power condense inside you...a raw soul, bent to your will.

The air around you is no match for this power.

New limbs unfurl from your back, a bat's broad wings, wreathed in shadow. You take to the sky, and prepare to pour on the speed...

...Auriel is right after you! She lunges forward with her sword!

Roll 1d100

Next post is new thread.

>> No.24426772


>> No.24426783

Rolled 37


>> No.24426788

Rolled 88

Rolling to not die.

>> No.24426792

Rolled 6

Aww shit, Auriel.

"This is not a war, it's a body reacting to a disease."

>> No.24426795

Rolled 9


>> No.24426798

Rolled 26

rolling. we are speed

>> No.24426800

Rolled 17


>> No.24426814

Rolled 65


>> No.24426816

Okay that's it. I'm done. It's over. I won't roll again.

>> No.24426817

Ask him, then thank him for the short time we had being friends.

>> No.24426818

Rolled 53


>> No.24426824

Rolled 35


>> No.24426832


>> No.24426837

Rolled 47

Rolling for crazy speed.

>> No.24426838

Rolled 62


dodge that shit
>inb4 1

>> No.24426841

Are you just gonna give up like that? Pick yourself up off the ground! We need you in the fight!

>> No.24426842

Lets go 100.

>> No.24426852

But 3/3!
8, 6, 6.

I'm telling you, it can't be done.

>> No.24426856 [DELETED] 


>> No.24426863

Rolled 9


>> No.24426870

Apparently it has to be a lower case d


>> No.24426880

Rolled 18

Lets go 100...
This time not forgetting the roll.

>> No.24426903

>This time not forgetting the roll.
I wish you had. Getting stabbed with angel swords hurts poor Mr. Shadow.

>> No.24426913



New Thread

>> No.24426922

Rolled 3


>> No.24426932

Rolled 19


>> No.24426994

It's at times like these when you have to realize that if you give up and make no choice at all you will never be able to make opportunities greater than your failures.

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