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I'm writing a story for a thread that was on here last week. A redeemed Cultist-chan is a predominant character. I want the BoS that was instructing her to have given her a name, but I don't feel I have the right to make a name for cultist my self, so I ask you.
ITT: Think up a name for Cultist-Chan.

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Instructing her how?

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I really don't get tg's fascination with Cultist-Chan

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I'll leave that to the imagination. The story takes place afterwords, when the inquisition gets word of the project... of course I COULD get more in detail...

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Don't give her a name, just a title.
Something short like Acolyte.

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>I'll leave that to the imagination.

That is not something you want to do on this board friend. It will not end well.

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Acolyte-chan already sounds way more moe than lame old Cultist-chan.

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I can't please everyone, but I know what you mean, I'll see if I can find a fitting title.

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Her nickname needs to be Snaggletooth, though.

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This shit's extra heretical. Prepare to be purged.

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would you rather I got into full detail then?

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I don't feel this thread has reached a consensus.

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Alice Boone

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It's not going to. The serious suggestions are these:


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Hey now, >>24412919 was serious.

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I like Mel, and Cici.

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Calleigh Tischen.

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This has been another public service announcement

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Hnnnng stomach and foot guard every time.

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But we fixed her.

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Define "fixed"

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No more heresy.

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She is now an Emperor loving member of the Imperium.

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I don't think I even want to know.

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Riiiight. Seems legit.

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Out of the ashes of one shitty waifu rises another shitty waifu, like a phoenix made of turds.

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Unbeknownst to you, you already do know.

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It actually is legit, but it's not like the inquisition will ever believe it.

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So were her tattoo marks lasered off or something? Or were they sliced off during the punitive and repentant non-erotic whipping.

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ARRGH! God-Emperor dammit!

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True dat, man

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>Or were they sliced off during the punitive and repentant non-erotic whipping.
No, they were sliced off during the punitive and repentant utterly erotic whipping.

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I'd like to start the bidding at 500 for Not Cleophee

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How do you go about reforming something that's 120% heresy? Where would you even start?

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Some remain, like the ones on her face. The ones dedicated to a specific god were removed.

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Lower the heresy into safe and acceptable levels. Say 40% max depending on the planet.

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Commisar Fuklaw would like to have a word with you.

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I thought the Imperium usually just went with the "Heresy! *BLAM!*" route and called it good

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don't tempt me.

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The only one who is utterly without heresy is the God Emperor. Members of the commissary are well below 5% heresy, while most guardsmen sit around 20% to 40%. The average citizen sits at around 30% to 60% heresy depending on planet and time of day.

Of course, Administratum censuses are usually inaccurate.

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And where does the Ad Mech fall? I always imagine the Ordo Hereticus want to get the right to beat the believers of the omnissiah into shape.

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>lu do

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Adeptus Mechanicus are exempt from the Imperial census collection as part of the treaty of Mars. They do their own data collection, but for them "percentage heretical" and "percentage biological" are roughly equivalent.

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Oh they most certainly do, but that plan is forever on hold seeing as the Ad Mech are the ones that maintain the Ordo Hereticus' shape beaters. Plus revised doctrine is that The Omnissiah is an aspect of The Emperor, which makes their religion a bit more palatable to the imperial cult.

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So they're the Jews of the Imperium? Rather than believing that Jesus/The Emperor is God himself, they just consider him a very powerful prophet of God?

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I just love the idea that the witch hunters hate them so much but can't do shit because they virtually have everyone eating out of their hand.

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Something like that, maybe more or less hated, depending on who you ask.

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>"Prepare to face holy judgement, mechanical manbeast!"
>"Oh, is that a Heresy-Smasher 8000? We recently retrieved the STCs for the Heresy-Annihilator 8000, which allows you to both smash and crush heresy at the same time! No more switching between your HS8000 and HC8000 in the middle of battle!"
>"Then I shall have you make me one so that I may smite you and your heresy more efficiently!"
>"Sadly, we can't produce it until we discover the STCs for the factories that make it, so we're going to need another few dozen explorator fleets. Oh, go get me some oil, while you're at it."

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So it's religion vs Science where Science beat religions ass so hard that an entire separate religion was created based around how hard science kicked its ass?

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the adeptus mechanus don't do science

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This heresy reformation program sure looks efficient to me...

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>Implying that having the capability to Convert a man into a machine doesn't involve an understanding of science far beyond that of modern day.
Are they magic then?

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They look like a man. Also christ that "copyright" is silly, especially considering it's not even their character.

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This guy's a buster.

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They look like dudes.

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Her real dread name, the name that shall never be spoken, the name that can never be known?

Cul Tistchan

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...and the all lived heretically ever after.

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Well I have a few ideas idea:

>A Heretic may see the truth and seek redemption. He may be forgiven his past and will be absolved in death. A Traitor can never be forgiven. A Traitor will never find peace in this world or the next. There is nothing as wretched or as hated in all the world as a Traitor.

>Cardinal Khrysdam, Instructum Absolutio

>The Heretic and Blasphemer can offer no excuse for their crimes. Those who are pardoned merely live to further shroud Humanity from the Light of the Emperor with the Darkness of their souls

>From the Sermons of Cardinal Beneficta

So basically a bolter shell to the head seems like the best solution here. What does /tg/ think of this idea?

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What about Penitent Engines?

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The old witch/daemonhunter codices did have penitent heretics as ahenchamn choise. They were generally expected to die to redeem themselves.

One of those codices also has a nice quote about the difference of heretics and traitors. According ot it a taritor is much worse than a heretic because heretics are often unaware of their heresy. They may have never known the Emperor's light, or have been mislead from it by somebody else. They can still be made to see the error of their ways and be redeemed, if not in life atleast in death, saving thei souls. A traitor on the other hand has willingly turned his back to the Emperor for personal gain. He has known His light yet has willingly embraced damnation. There is nothing as vile as a traitor, and no redemption or mercy for such individuals.

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Shit nigga

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Daggerchin McManglemouth

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Is there a reversed character of Cultist chan, like a "Faith Chan" whose also a parody of devotion to the emperor?

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Do we have porn of this?

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Yes, but most of it is shit, unfortunately.

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Most implies some is good.
Can somebody post some? Or a link to some?

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Sofiya Gossow

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Seconding this.

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Fuck you fuck

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Have a sniff around on rule34 booru. There's a surprising amount of cultist smut from Chink as well.

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