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/TG/ themed thread thread? I dont have very many....

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Sir Bearington is just a lame Chicken Boo ripoff that people keep reposting because for some reason bears are HILARIOUS on the internet.

Just like Bacon and giving the D.

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Why the fuck does every single one of these threads always open with these two images?




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that.....that isnt /tg/ related, is it?

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I really hope they continue this Campaign, Delta Green stories are too few and far between.

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oh hey, repeating digits

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>Not Karl Morks

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the change will be made


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And thats all I have.

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Just dumping random stuff. Might be from /v/, might be /tg/. Maybe you'll learn something about other boards.

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Hey, that's my post with the graph!

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Oh, shit, that's from today.

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Here is the tale of Japanon. Taken from a Real Life PC thread.

Truly he is one. It's just like one of my Japanese anime.

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>A dragon
>At lv 3
What sick DM would do this

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I would, and have. It is fun watching them suffer.

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Anyone have more stuff like this? Aliens commenting on humans is one of my favorite post types.

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I am raising my kids like this.

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i saw that and almost fucking freaked. I opened a new tab as quick as I fucking could to make sure. I had to make sure

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Oh god I know the guy who did this.

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Holy shit, I remember posting that story.

Glad to know people liked it enough to screencap it.

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Honestly, some of my favorite.

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Anyone have the story about the paladin and dwarf with an unquenchable hatred for orcs?

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>paladin and dwarf

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Why does it seem like half of /tg/ is made up of one huge HFY circlejerk?

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Sunless Citadel

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Because you keep going to the HFY threads?

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oh woops wrong image

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Awwww fuck.

Someone's been cutting onions in my bedroom again, I swear.

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I don't normally ask this, and Ihaven't been a transformers fan in years, but... source? This intrigues me and I want to know more.

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IDW's Transformers ongoing issue 23 I think. The current dual ongoings are pretty amazing.

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Can someone post the 40k thread with the little girl asking the terminator marine to tell her a story?

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Not a thread, but I always chuckle when I see it.

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yeah.....I didnt proof that...sorry for the ear and speaker rape.

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You magnificent bastard.

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Reeks of pure bullshit.

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That fucking thread.

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I don't get it. Can someone please explain?

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Do you remember the coasters?
This was worse.

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>the coasters

I must have missed that thread as well. What are "the coasters"?

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I want to know too, if anon would be so kind.

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Does anyone have the story of the good Necromancer that helped raise a kingdom to greatness and then a group of "heroes" come and fuck it all up? I remember the necromancer on his deathbed when the heroes come to fight him. Instead of a fight, the heroes got feels instead.

Anyone have it?

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it's the third picture of this very fucking thread

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That's just fucking depressing. Welcome to Krieg, I suppose.

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Ah, to be new again.

Basically, once upon a time Anon was telling a story about their group, and mentioned that it annoyed him that one of his players refused to use a coaster. Another anon replied by saying that forcing your players to use a coaster just to protect your shitty IKEA furniture is completely unreasonable. Then others replied asserting that any player who willfully comes into someone's house and insists on destroying their property is an asshole. And it just. Kept. Going. Until we ended up with one of the greatest, and certainly most memorable, shitstorms in /tg/ history. Unironic comparisons to rapists and arson were made. Someone brought in socialism. It was nuts.

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here's part that was archived

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Answer one question, [Spoiler]do you use coasters when you seem them on the table?[/Spoiler]

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Someone mentioned that they didn't use coasters when they were at their friend's houses. /tg/ flipped out, since not using a coaster on someone else's table is pretty much saying "fuck you." It's got to the point where it's difficult to mention a lack of coaster use without a thread flipout happening.

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While there seems to have been some greenext stories posted, does anyone have the one that goes through several generations starting with the unrequited love of a blacksmith, makes this fantastic armor for a woman who leaves him? Point of view then shifts to his daughter who finds the armor and goes adventuring with it.

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Thank you.
And thank you.

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I am indifferent because all the tables we use are shity anyway and we drink mostly from cans or booze. and when the booze comes out we all bunch up in the kitchen.

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So how did this end up? is there an archive?

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I never got into 40k due to lack of funds/friends, so I don't know much beyond the basics (just enough to get the jokes). Because of this screencap, I looked up the Krieg rebellion. I couldn't think of a single revolution in which I support both sides, either factual or fictional. Thanks to this, I have found it.

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the kind that throws liches at lv 6.

low magic campaign my fuckin ass.

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Yeah? Me too!

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/sp/ always seems to react that way to things on /tg/.

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I've done this. It sears the inside of your ass like a bitch.

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I like "To see who rules you, look and see who you may not criticize" better. It's good for /pol/ trolling.

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I don't get it. What's significant about flour?

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If only it was just one thread.

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bumpoan for more HFY/OFH

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we already reached image limit

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A dude posted in a That DM thread about how his character wanted to buy some flour to prank the party's Paladin, and the DM thought he was suspicious and said there was no flour in that shop. He said it for every shop the party went to, essentially depriving the society of a common substance out of paranoia. Then someone said the DM was in the right, and the shitstorm started.

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