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>The character in fiction most like your current PC

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I have a pretty unique character, so I don't even know.

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If he was an undercover Inquisitor with psyker abilities.

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forever GM
>no character, only technimagic designs

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but in fantasy human form

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>implying unique still exists
Describe him and we'll find a fictional character for you.

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Well he hasn't really come into his own, so there's not much to describe about him. He's a wizard. That's about it for now.

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I don't know you, but I like you.

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Are you trying to tell us your "unique character" is a blank slate. Really?

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Dark Heresy.

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Minus the self-control.

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Any of the borrachos, really. They're just fucking fun.

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Not completely. He has stats. There just hasn't been a lot of opportunities for roleplaying, so his personality is underdeveloped.

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You, I like you.

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Of course anyone playing a Paladin could use this guy.

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Hello John.

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Forgot image.

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Anima BF

Apart from being nearly unkilleable, he was a pretty normal swordman, average even.

Rest of the party was full animoo

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Being a socially inept wizzard to that degree is the best fucking thing.

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Adeptus Evangelion. To make it worse, I'm the Operations Director.

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Requesting context

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i hate how he looks in the tv series. that just looks like a bad rash.

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>reread OP
Well, I sure fucked that one up.

Hmmmm. Jackrum it is, then.

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i just hate how they gave his best lines to littlefinger

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>I'm the Operations Director.
Please share your tale.

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The character was a platoon leader in a private army of Goblin siege specialists (Fighter/Barbian multiclass). He was a heavy smoker, shouted a lot, and tended to slap party members around if they didn't perform in combat. He was also incredibly rude to strangers, pretty racist about giants, and was a big fan of aggressive overkill.

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Let's just say that there's a running joke in my gaming group about me and how well any of my plans go.

You should have seen how the rest of the group acted when they found out I was going to be the OpDir in AdEva. Reactions ranged from "utter horror" to "giggling in anticipation".

In addition, I'm also in the process of trying to build a lesbian harem.

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>his pic
>what he most likely plays

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It's not in fiction, but my PC is a necromancer with a pet raven who's a ridiculous alcoholic.

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Somewhere between this and Vampire Hunter D. It's been a stupid amount of fun so far.

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As a kobold

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Bitches and Whores, man.

Manic Depressive/Neurotic 25 Year old Virgin office worker who suddenly gets superpowers akin to a combination of Kamen Rider and The Green Lantern. All of his monster forms are fabulous as fuck and he may or may not be completely insane and losing his mind to a unicorn.

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How the fuck did you manage that?

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Like any standard Eva game then?

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Trying out a new barbarian build in Pathfinder, involving natural attacks. Enough said, really.

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I would also like to know how OP's character is like Vivec.

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Stats aren't a personality
You are a Moron

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>Drunken Master monk

Cliched? Sure. Fun? Hell yeah.

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So... your character is a god? A traitor? A traitor god? An enlightened being with access to the Construction Set? A golden floating faggot?

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Whats the character concept

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Playin' a gun adept.

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I'm going to guess the floating faggot one

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Pathfinder game.

He's very average in combat, but has become known for two things:

Being suicidally addicted to adrenalin rushes.
Being impossible to kill.

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So, this guy?

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Moron but good hearted
Incredible glory hound.
Likes hitting things.

Weirdest part, I only sat down and watched this show the other day, had this character for awhile.
Now I get why the wizard kept asking what I think of any elves we go near

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You know, the thumbnail looks like he's attempting to kiss Winne the Pooh and having a hard time of it.

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>Average in combat
>Impossible to kill
>D20 system
Can't compute

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Ma Nigga!
So... Drow Blackguard? More info!

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Could be really tanky and have the Diehard feat and stuff like that

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I swear to god this was the weirdest shit to me when I watched Wakfu
I even said something about being willing to die as it would make me a legend, the wizard burst out laughing.

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>Diehard feat
Even with that feat you still lose 1hp each turn you do a standart action.

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This guy minus the gun but plus a spear and shield.

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I'm proud to say it's the first eastern themed character my GM actually likes.

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Neurotic, forgetful, immensely powerful, and terrified of rats. Well known for running away from rats yelling, "I'm done for!" or being in the middle of a dungeon and going, "Now where did I put my spellbook?"

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mostly the fact that he's a screaming tengu

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You played a jobless pedophile?

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The legend never dies.

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>Pathfinder Cleric

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Pacifist. Too bad my allies aren't.

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We should go judging sometime.

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Problem with my character is that hes a very angry person that does not get along well with people telling him what to do. He gives orders and only takes orders from Bane.

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Oh Jesus, cannot unsee.

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Id play the fuck out of this

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George Smiley.

I've come full circle, at first I just wanted to be Bond, but over time I started to be more cautious, more perceptive and better prepared. I wanted to be the absolute best at my job, and that meant I had to leave most of the theatrical heroics behind.

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Your post and the topic of this thread do not seem to match up.

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Does he have a model wagon train set?

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I didn't see it coming, it just kind of happened.

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Only more blind...and religious...and with daddy issue instead of mommy issues.

Oh yeah and it's a BESM game

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he's saving up

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He used to have a job!

But pedophilia generally gets you out of those things pretty quickly.

But I was more referring to the "Self-body-altering-for-the-sake-of-more-power-and-leading-to-insanity" part

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Oh. Well i appear to be a retard

Damn my selective dyslexia. Oh well

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Where is this from? The picture seems familiar.

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I've always wanted to do this.

And now I am!

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He didn't do it for power, and didn't go insane from it
He did to to help a little girl,and went insane from being framed for murdering the husband of the love of his life, and her telling him he's never loved anything in his life.

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One of the first PCs I ever made was basically Grunkle Stan, but as a young half-elf Marshal.

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Holy fuck, I'd totally forgotten that show existed. Dem childhood memories.
Sage for off topic.

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I have no picture... but...
Ignatius J. Reilly

Stoic, pissy, remarkably intelligent, yet surprisingly stupid - the only thing he's missing is the problems with his pyloric valve.

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What I want him to be like.

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What he's actually like.

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Paladin of Pelor fighting against an slaver city state run control by the Red Wizards.

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Why is it that Optimus has to say Megatron's cool lines as well.

Dammit, leave some for the guy at least!

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But a halfling wizard instead of a book. Which pretty much amounts to the same thing, but mobile.

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In Deadlands.

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Are you telling me you didn't give Zetta three shoes?

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He's basically Vhailor (including part of his backstory) except LG instead of LN and about half as smitey.

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Yes. Does giving him shoes make his tome form mobile?

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I never said his stats were his personality. I just didn't come to the table with a complete backstory.

There's not really a concept behind him. He's just a wizard right now.

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Although my psyker hasn't killed his Inquisitor yet.

He's a radical, though, and Garvel Garveny takes a dim view of such things... if he finds out, he's going to do his damnedest.

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So is he a legit summoner of does he just use a sweet artifact like Munsu there?

Also, why the hell do Koreans like their males in silly girl's headbands, it's obviously a cultural thing but it's ridiculous? Every time I try to read something like Blade of the Phantom Master it rips my immersion to pieces.

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DnD half orc

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He did it to get enough power that he could help the little girl, and Im sure the imbalances helped in him going insane

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As a lawful neutral spacecraft crash survivor in a fantasy setting, it's been pretty fun.

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As a lawful neutral spacecraft crash survivor in a fantasy setting, its been pretty fun.

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Can we rape the Xeno?

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Pretty much basically.

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I play a barbarian with 20 Con. I also go bare-fisted. I convinced the GM to let me have the monks damage progression and flurry in trade for my martial weapon proficiency and a 6 in charisma.

I was going to downgrade my charisma to 6 anyway, for the roleplaying aspect, but my DM decided I should get something for it

I still do way less damage then the Summoner or Ranger in the party.

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Like this, but less evil and more neurotic. Doing a similar voice too.

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Beguiler, 3.5

A bitter, broken man who hides his true despair behind a clever, sarcastic wit. Drinks too much. Keeps picking fights with things far stronger than him, and keep getting away with it due to clever use of illusions and misdirection. Also has the habit of making other people take the fall for him, much to the dismay of the more altruistic members of the party.

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Robb Stark is King in the North.
Joffrey Baratheon is the King on the Iron Throne.
Stannis Baratheon is the King at the Wall.
And Jorah Mormont is King of the Friend Zone

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I just burst out laughing

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oh shit, vergil the kobold? thats fuckin rad

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Post apocalyptic system created by me.
Less emphasis on horrifying monsters, more on dehydration, illnesses, and radiation.

[spoilers]Australian terrorists[/spoiler] is the bad guys.

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>I can't spoilertags
Fucking whatever, I only ever use a spoiler once a year.

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Rolled 6

>And Jorah Mormont is King of the Friend Zone

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Bretty much, yeah.

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Perhaps the most fun I've ever had playing a character.

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Chaotic Evil is surprisingly fun and effective.

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>After a mission.

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so what DO you think of elves that you go near?

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Medic is a pretty good fit. Well, if medic were a zombie who spread disease to her enemies instead of healing teammates, that is. Plaguebringer is a fun class.

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Birdy familiar tho.

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Then how is he in any way unique?

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Next time just post this.

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Who is an incredibly bland dwarf ranger? I didn't mean for him to be bland. It just turned out he was...

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Akinator says my character is like a Smurf, so lets roll with it

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My last Pathfinder Cleric

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I got sent this link by another party member saying this reminded him of my character. I feel it accurate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtF_wdI6MkA

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my ranger in pathfinder

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Minus the immortality, and as a warforged and a bard.

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3.5 Warlock who may or may not be going insane due to voices in his head and family disowning him the same day his girlfriend hooks up with a paladin who tried to kill him.

He just had a bad day.

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I love my Dark Heresy group.
It makes me feel warm on the inside

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Is it far too complicated for you to explain?

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I am Nyte Blayde!

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Risus, cloak and dagger.

We'd been hired by the leaders of the free world to track down and assassinate the leaders of the free world.

So far so good.

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I can't think of any necromancer mad scientist snake oil salesmen so instead I'll just go with my Traveller character instead.

He was a vat-grown clone with discreet cybernetics custom-made for corporate espionage. When the cloning program got shut down he escaped and went pirate. Now he's a freelancer.

At least he was when I was still playing ;_;

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Pic related with a longbow.

Ranger in a 5e playtest.

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bla forgot pic

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My Only War character. I rolled Psychotic demeanor. . . twice

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GURPS, M:tG Ravnica. I'm the party's red/blue artificer.

I have Hears Voices (annoying), Pyromania, and an addiction to cocaine, among other things.

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d&d 3.5 campaign,
1 main pc,
5 alternating continuous encounters where players create their own npc traps / friendlies / quests / challenges / story shifts etc...

it's essentially the opposite of a normal d&d game, but flows and works beautifully, then at the end a new pc gets to be main char in their own story campaign.

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pic related

>> No.24412552

Less german and more tengu.


>> No.24412560

3.5 Half-Orc. Party leader. Strong believer (however naive) in pure justice

>> No.24412569

Anima here too.
They told me I could become anything.
So I got a REALLY big axe and proceed to one-shot everything.

>> No.24412630

This, only as a small, flying fey spy

>> No.24412647

It's... It's a long story.
Also my Doppio is good.

>> No.24412728

Dark Heresy.

>> No.24412750

just pick a consistent ability,
no, argh, fuck

>> No.24412879

oh yes.

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>not ez as fuck to explain.
Jesus christ anon.
I found another one bites the dust and GER more hard than "DM FIAT DIAVOLO DOESN'T DIE LOL"

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Eclipse Caste Solar Exalted

>> No.24413265

Chosen of Endings

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