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Bad news from /v/,


This is the company that said they'd make an amazing Aliens game because they're total fans, etc, and gave us Aliens: Colonial Marines.

They're giving the same line for Homeworld, they're total fans, etc.

This is a company with no RTS experience, and a series of very bad (DNF, A:CM) and rip-offs (Borderland's cel-shading style, etc)

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Well I doubt that they could make it worse than Homeword 2. Still a game is better than no game. At least this way we'll be able to hope that Homeworld 4 will be as good as Homeworld 1 was.

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Does this mean that they may rerelease Homeworld 1? I would play the fuck out of that.

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>Other two top bidders were Stardock and Paradox
>Homeworld goes to Gearbox, the tumblr of developers.

There is no justice in this gay jewified world.

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>Homeworld with Memes
>Homeworld with some faggot attempting to make a commentary of modern-day social stupidity
>Homeworld spliced with Borderlands.

Kharak won't be the only thing burning if they corrupt Homeworld that's for damn sure.

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No, no game is significantly better than having a series mercilessly slaughtered and raped.

Like Metroid after Other M, or the Aliens / Predator / AVP IP after Colonial Marines.

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Well get on back to >>>/v/. We'll read gaming blogs if we're interested, or read /v/ ourselves.

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Imagine Homeworld done by Paradox.

And it will never be.

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The lot of you are spewing a bunch of /v/itriol. Can it and reserve judgement.

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Watch out.
Here it comes.
It's gonna get you.
Say it ain't so.
The Borderlands series is pretty good, and Gearbox is an okay company. Let's wait and see.

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Borderlands is only OK because they cannibalized all of the funding from all of their other games to make it. So they produce one decent game, but at the cost of producing a whole parade of soulless husks. That's fine if it's an original IP that's boring, but if your soulless husks are part of much-beloved franchises, you start to run into problems.

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And if I refuse?
Of course. But they can make something nice, if they try. There's always hope.

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If Borderlands were all they had inflicted, then the problem would be infinitely smaller.



Venerable franchises shat upon by Randy Pitchford, in his arrogance and utter lack of self awareness and perspective.

And now he has Homeworld.

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Gearbox blunders and scams publishers out of funds for anything that isn't directly related to their babby boarderlands, and only works for non-boarderlands IPs to make pocketcash.

They're like a backwards-process EA.

I feel so sorry for Homeworld fans.

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Borderlands 1 was good, 2 was not.
They've proven that they only give a fuck about Borderlands any money they got for a Homeworld 3 will be siphoned off to Borderlands 3 and we'll get another Aliums: Coluneel Muhreens
Gearbox doesn't DO anything outside First Person Shooters, do you really fucking want a Homeworld First Person Shooter?


Shut the fuck up, anyone with a god damn brain knows this isn't a good thing, and any one they ever liked Homeworld will judge the fuck out of them, rightfully so, just like the Thief fans are observing everything the new devs are doing like fucking hawks.

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Why the fuck would anything nice ever happen?

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He said he wants rereales the first games on digital services fixed so they work in current windows.Not all was bad news.

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But you can already DO that with fanmade patches or fucking GOG, which is really just the guys installing fanmade patches for you.

And that was STEP ONE.

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I shed a single manly tear at this thought.

This is a grim day.

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At least Sega got the Warhammer and Warhammer 40k rights.

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>Has only ever done Shitty First Person Shooters of absolutely disgusting to decent quality.
>Homeworld, a story-driven Third-Dimensional RTS.

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>Gearbox doesn't DO anything outside First Person Shooters, do you really fucking want a Homeworld First Person Shooter?
"Your mission will be to board an enemy Assault Frigate and take control of it as quickly as possible. If you can, capture members of the crew for interrogation but remember this is a secondary objective. You can either head for engineering to disable the engines and make work for the corvettes easier, disable the weapons so they don't have to worry about being shot, or try to cut the head off by taking the bridge. The bridge may be heavily fortified so expect some hard work if you go that route."

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I've never once heard anyone says BL1 was better than BL2.

Now I've heard everything.

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It was better because it wasn't as much of a bug-infested shitheap that only worked because they funneled money in from other products.

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aw shit it'll be just like I imagined boarding parties in LOGH to be.


jk it will suck terribly and I feel like shit just thinking about it.

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Doesn't sound that cool to be honest when you could be commanding an entire fleet.

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But what about all the funny references and easter eggs and cute characters and little fun things?

>when you SHOULD be commanding an entire fleet.

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Where are our Heroes when we need them most?

Kiith Somtaaw, please, save us!

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Why is this happening? What did the higarans do to deserve this fate?

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Is Homeworld an FPS?
Gearbox is an exceptionally bad studio to own the rights to Homeworld, objectively, for that reason.

Also, Colonial Marines and DNF. They've proved they can't do it.

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Not canon, also rights are dead, also source code most likely no longer exists.

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But Kiith Somtaaw is canon.

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>possibility of a really nice game coming out

Hello to you too, /v/.

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Don't forget that abomination they were going to try and pass off as a Brothers in Arms game.

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The thing is.

You are wrong, there is no possibility of a nice game coming out.

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So, is this why this is coming out next week?


Is this Paradox's way of saying "Sorry guys, we couldn't get it. Have this instead."

Also, with Gearboxes track record, they'd could just shuffle the actual development work to some other SEGA affiliated developer, and then stamp their name on it at the end.
Hmm, another SEGA owned developer who might make a good Homeworld game...

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Of course not. What was I thinking? I must be taking crazy pills.

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>Homeworld up for sale
>Went to Gearbox instead


It is like the universe is intentionally making me suffer

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I doubt Sega would even consider pissing on Gearbox if they were on fire bro.

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Oh I'll reserve judgement, but I'm not hopeful, not with the mess of games they've promised and failed to deliver before. Realistically, there's slim chance a new Homeworld game will be a good thing.

On the other side, there was a rumor floating around about them porting the original Homeworld games to all platforms, which is slightly more interesting than them fouling up a new title.

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Fuck that.

Now this.. http://blackbirdinteractive.com/ ..On the other hand.

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>sega and gearbox working together after colonial marines

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To be fair, both of those other guys have had howlers in their past as well.

Remember SOTS2 being released when it was barely post alpha?


Gearbox are still going to outsource it to SOMEONE. If were lucky it'll be some secondstringer who can actually make a decent game, unlike with Aliens, where bless their little hearts they tried but clearly they had no idea what they were doing.

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Wait what? I thought Homeworld 2 was the better one of the two?

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>Homeworld 3, now with silly middleschool humor mixed in
>Scooter is now Fleet Command
>Story merged in with Borderland lore
>Pandora was Kharak the whole time, just reterraformed
>Claptrap is leader of the Vaygr now
>Adiago for strings plays if you beat Mad Moxxi's Space Arena

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No, Homeworld 2 had the POTENTIAL to be the best, but a lot of shit was cut out, it's still a fucking amazing game, just not surpassing the original.

>> No.24404700

I like Paradox, they publish the sort of games which don't really get made that much any more, games which you would never see outside the PC and are quite niche.

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adagio for strings (wubwub mix) you mean.

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>Was listening to Adagio For Strings(Agnus Dei)
>read this

Fuck you.

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I don't think DNF was that bad. More like an average game that couldn't possibly live up to 15 years of waiting (or however long that took). 2 weapons was retarded though. I could deal with in Bioshock Infinite since you have "powers" there, but Douk only has his guns.

Borderlands 2 has some bugs, but it worked pretty well for me overall. I just wish the interface could deal with the mouse properly.

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>jk it will suck terribly and I feel like shit just thinking about it.
>Doesn't sound that cool to be honest when you could be commanding an entire fleet.
>when you SHOULD be commanding an entire fleet.

Yeah agreed. Still would be nifty just to try out a little squad based shooter playing as boarding teams.

>Remember SOTS2 being released when it was barely post alpha?
Man, I still haven't given that game a proper play even after they fixed it.

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See, this is how I felt when I heard Bethesda was making Fallout 3. And that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

It was worse.

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Luckily I didn't play 1 or 2 until after 3 so I still have some appreciation for New Vegas

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This is the best trailer i've ever seen.

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NMA detected

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Joke's on you, I'm from RPGCodex.

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Oh god, I remember.

It still hurts.

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newfag detected

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- Combine thousands of unique parts from different in-game manufacturers and species to make entirely different ships.

- Gather bits and pieces of derelict and destroyed ships to scrap for resources or combine into more neat ships.

- Salvage whole ships and either use them or tear them apart to make new stuff.

- Find over a billion crates and containers scattered throughout the game environment to get even more stuff you do not need.

- Customize your mothership with five types of modules: Offensive, Defensive, Utility, Special, and Double Special.

- Enjoy a massive galaxy-wide playing field where you can roam around doing quests, blowing stuff up, and advancing the story.

- Featuring the voice talents of Gilbert Gottfried, Seth MacFarlane and Stephen Colbert.

Borderworld Homelands 3

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>> No.24405202


Still better then Homeworld: Colonal Marines.

I preordered.


It's an 4x game where you can't order a ship to move. Fucking garbage.

>> No.24405223

Homeworld 2 was the best game in the series, though.

>> No.24405244

both sword of the stars games were terrible in their own ways

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>> No.24405366

No garden of kadesh in HW2 Though Makaan was cool yet too easy to kill.

But in the first one I fucking hated that mission the first time i played it. Fucking swarmers.

>> No.24405432


Upon reading the news, my jaws have started mving of their own accord in a chewing, gnashing motion. Is this what the Bible meant?

>> No.24405456

Picture related. It is how I am feeling now

>> No.24405478

The Garden of Kadesh was my rite of passage into manhood.

>mfw GearBox, despoiler of games, obtains the rights to Homeworld.
>Horror Intensifies.

>> No.24405490

I would kill to see Stardock do it.
What are they even doing now? Making another SoaSE game?

>> No.24405493

autimatic mission end.

>> No.24405528

And it´s getting stale by now, they should at least overhaul the game to use multicores.

>> No.24405567

Yea, all resources gathered part is the best. Also. Balcora gate. So fucking straight.

>> No.24405598

I don't have a multicore
I also haven't played SoaSE in a while, after spending 8 hours curled up in front of my PC figuring out how I could bait and exploit my enemy's defenses, I had had quite enough for a long while.

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The obvious thing you are missing, A:CM was made by them for someone else, Homeworld will be theirs.

What the fuck do you mean with ripoff and borderlands cel shading style?
What did they rip off, Sly Racoon?

>> No.24405609

I actually like the new fleet mechanics. I just wish the game was slightly faster than molasses. I could deal with twenty second turn times, or I could deal with laggy, unpolished UI. Both together and I just throw up my hands and play something else..

>> No.24405687

UI from hell, graphics that were outdated 5 years ago, incredibly dense AI, incomplete sound, a half finished game, and game depth like Charybdis.
Because of the sucking.
The sucking-in, that is.

>> No.24405714

>implying Gearbox won't use the license to sucker a publisher into giving them money which they siphon off for more Borderlands 2 content or Borderlands 3.

>> No.24405765

Get Poin Defense Systems Mod. Also the pace is the setting, its fucking space, cant be light speed everywhere.

>> No.24405771

>just not surpassing the original.
The original didn't actually have 3d movement did it?
I really enjoyed HW2, don't know why people say HW1 is better.
>Like saying Morrowind is a better game than Oblivion/Skyrim

>> No.24405786

Am I the only one that thinks the whole Cataclysm Somtaaw/Miner/Beast story was incredibly corny?
They let us peek into the the society of kushan and all I saw was awkwardness and terrible writing.

>> No.24405794


Not him, but having the current reputation Gearbox has, the onus on them is far too high for me to be optimistic about anything.

>> No.24405795


>hw didnt have 3d movement

u wot m8?

>> No.24405799


I was talking about SotS 2...

>> No.24405804

Its the hard level, HW1 was fuck load more harder than the second. Also Cataclysm was pretty alright.

>> No.24405808


Even worse.

>> No.24405813

>The original didn't actually have 3d movement did it?
You never actually played it, did you.
>Like saying Morrowind is a better game than Oblivion/Skyrim

>> No.24405852

I realised. Oh well this is a homeworld thread.

>> No.24405859

>You never actually played it, did you.
No, I was informed it was like SotS in that ships would utilise the 3rd dimension but you couldn't order them into it.
Is this incorrect?

>Its the hard level, HW1 was fuck load more harder than the second
Play on different difficulty levels? Play multiplayer?


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Thread theme: http://youtu.be/fXRJBK8oJSA

>> No.24405878

I actually like Borderlands 2 more than 1

>> No.24405882

>Still better then Homeworld: Colonal Marines.

>> No.24405890

Here's some concept art for that abomination.

>> No.24405900

Just get the fuck out.

>> No.24405901

Freudian slip?

>> No.24405926

>Just get the fuck out.
edgy dick much?

>> No.24405928

>Is this incorrect?
Yes. Yes it is.
Read the second fucking sentence.

>> No.24405935

>No, I was informed it was like SotS in that ships would utilise the 3rd dimension but you couldn't order them into it.
>Is this incorrect?
It is indeed incorrect. Most of the maps had pockets of resources at different elevations. Full 3D movement was essential in the supernova/radiation mission where you needed to keep ships inside bands of dust and debris or take damage.

>> No.24405947

>Like saying Morrowind is a better game than Oblivion/Skyrim
when none of them was good and elder scrolls haven't been good since daggerfall.

>> No.24405949


>I don't understand why
>never played


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>> No.24405968

Clueless child much?

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>> No.24405982

that's where explanations with examples are useful, instead of assertions.
If examples are given then a discussion can actually take place

>> No.24405988

>gearbox bought the Homeworld IP

>> No.24405996

Just go play HW1 you stupid fucking nigger.

>> No.24406004

If you didn't play the game and make incorrect assumptions about it what discussion is there other there telling you you're wrong and stupid?

>> No.24406010



>> No.24406022




>instead of assertions

You asserted HW1 was terrible DESPITE EVERYONE disagreeing with you because of an ASSUMPTION

>> No.24406024

Yes, opinions, and
>Like saying Morrowind is a better game than Oblivion/Skyrim
was the opinion that oblivirim was objectively better, to which someone was bound to react with his opinion that they were not.
Your Point?

>> No.24406037

>Long day at work
>Get home, finish want to finish painting my demolisher
>too fucking stressed to get the highlights right, tons of mistakes I need to clean up
>get more pissed off
>Fuck it, let me browse /tg/ for a while to calm down
>see this shit

>> No.24406040

If you are having mental problems I feel bad for you son.
You played 99 games but homeworld aint one.

>> No.24406048

>Scooter is now Fleet Command
God damn the very thought of it...

>> No.24406052

>If you didn't play the game and make incorrect assumptions about it what discussion is there other there telling you you're wrong and stupid?
I asked questions.
Everyone else assumed that I had played it even though I asked about a facet of the game, demonstrating my ignorance and trying to solve it.

>> No.24406060

Metroid will get back on it's feet eventually. Retro could always return to it at some point, or they could try a small scale reboot from WayForward or someone.

Sakamoto needs to go, though. He's even dropping the ball on freaking WarioWare these days.

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>just fucking kill me please

>> No.24406066

Why would you do that to an old man?

>> No.24406076

Why would you be talking about it if you hadn't played it?
Why are you STILL talking about it, rather than playing it RIGHT THE FUCK NOW?

>> No.24406092

>Everyone else assumed that I had played it even though I asked about a facet of the game, demonstrating my ignorance and trying to solve i
Jesus its like talking to a retard.

You know this is the internet, download it look up videos, then come back for a discussion. Stop being such a cunt.

>> No.24406119

>Why are you STILL talking about it, rather than playing it RIGHT THE FUCK NOW?
I asked WHY PEOPLE THINK ITS BETTER, I've played the second, why should I bother? What am I missing out on?
thats you

>> No.24406120

>Gearbox outbids Stardock for them
>mfw thinking about what HW3 could have been

>> No.24406137

Very 70's rock feel... especially the 4:30 part onward.

>> No.24406153

The graphics are worse, the interface is clunky, but by god the story is a million times better. GO AND FUCKING PLAY IT.

>> No.24406155

What are you talking about? I've got a four year old computer and run SoTS2 on max settings with no problems.

>> No.24406166

>I asked WHY PEOPLE THINK ITS BETTER, I've played the second, why should I bother? What am I missing out on?
JESUS Dude fucking play it, we dont care about your opinion unless you have played it. You cannot say that chocolate by itself is shit but chocolate brownies are good. That sounds like retardation.

>> No.24406170

>You asserted HW1 was terrible
WHEN? I never did, I said I liked HW2 and I don't know why people claim HW1 is better (Because I haven't played it)
So how is HW1 better?

>> No.24406174


>Gearbox outbid both Stardock and Paradox
>A paradox HW3
>no longer a possibility, in any universe, except one where Gearbox crashes and burns.

>> No.24406177

>No one owns the rights to Cataclysm

>> No.24406180

>Other M

Take it back. Take it baaaaack.

>> No.24406184

Took me 4-5 retries (in which I lost all my heavies) before I figured out to use a gravity well.

>> No.24406185

Four years was 2010. Beastly computers that would last for half a decade was already in existence.

>> No.24406197

You can't be that ignorant to suggest that "I don't know why people say HW1 is better" doesn't come off that way.

>> No.24406199

Yep. Time for the screaming and gnashing of teeth.

>> No.24406216

>story is a million times better
Not very difficult to do, HW2 story was laughable.
Are the mechanics in HW1 the same/better/worse than HW2? Because I care more about that kind of stuff.

>> No.24406236


>> No.24406240

>Mfw not using a single gravity well in kadesh.
>Not sniping gas pods with squads of fighters.
Think wolves and buffalo, thin the herd anon.

>> No.24406248

Lets just say that the list of movies, books, games and just stories that have made me cry is a short one.

HW1 tops the list.

>> No.24406257


You ruined my everything!

>> No.24406258


>> No.24406269

>You can't be that ignorant to suggest that "I don't know why people say HW1 is better" doesn't come off that way.
Your right, I should have realised there are retards with zero reading comprehension in this thread.
Asking a question about the BASE mechanic of a game should have indicated I hadn't played the game. That I was interested in why people have an opinion on a game shouldn't for any normal person indicate slander.

>> No.24406284


>> No.24406291

How could anybody ever like Claptrap?

>> No.24406296

>Borderlands' cel-shading
How is this a rip off?

>> No.24406297

>HW1 tops the list.
Now THAT is a ringing endorsement

>> No.24406307

There are few things which filled me with such involuntary bowl moving horror that persisted into my 20's

Homeworld: Cataclysm was one of them

>> No.24406319


>> No.24406323


>> No.24406325


>not knowing of Code Hunters

>> No.24406340

You don't get gravity well generators until after the gardens. Unless you're modding of course. Besides I was linking a pic of junkyard_dawg.jpg

My forays into using wells against Taiidan usually didn't end well in that play through so I didn't have any spares built.

>> No.24406344


No! Never!

>> No.24406351


>> No.24406363

>Another game has cel-shading therefore gearbox ripped it off
So Wind Waker is a rip off too? What about all those Animu games that use cel-shading? I'm not trying to defend Gearbox but god damn that reasoning is fucking retarded.

>> No.24406382


I felt like such a badass while playing Cataclysm.

It made me realize that this is what Captain Ahab felt, except burdened with the knowledge that the consequences of failure are a thousand times more horrible.

>> No.24406387

I still hear the screams, and it still sends chills down my spine

I played that game on release when I was young at night with the lights off. Today, I still wake up in cold sweats from nightmares with the beast avatar the last thing I remember

A fucking video game gave me PTSD

>> No.24406391


Did you..did you even watch Code Hunters? It's a film. Compare it to scenes of Borderlands, wherein entire scenes are ripped, straight from Code Hunters, with barely any changes made to the scene aside from the obvious.

>> No.24406399


Cataclysm gave me fucking nightmares and raging testosterone hard-ons at the same time

>> No.24406410


>> No.24406417

Sometimes I feel like the death of Karak was my first experience with the concept of death.

My 10-year-old self was shocked that, after reading the 80+page manual which was half fluff, the entirety of that world's history went up in flames by the third mission.

>> No.24406426


>> No.24406427

>What am I missing out on?
Awesome story.

And one of the best manuals. Hell, it ranks up there with the old Wing Commander games, that had blueprints, intel on enemy forces, etc.

In retrospect, teh 90s were the Golden Era of videogames. Today, you get a box and a DVD.

What you used to get were a cool box, manual, map, sometimes a soundtrack or a little artbook with concept art.

Today that would eb teh Collector's Premium Special Limited Edition.

And they wonder why people just pirate everything.

>> No.24406432


>be advised, we are a mining vessel

>> No.24406449


>At least the Beast doesn't pretend to be righteous!

Fucking Kiith Somtaaw, from Priests and Scribes, to Traders, to one of the most advanced and powerful(for their size) Military Kiith that saved the universe.

>tfw Naar Directive secured their position as badasses.

>> No.24406472



>> No.24406473


>> No.24406479

WEll herpy doo. It's been a while for me as you can tell.

>> No.24406500


Would make a brilliant horror flick.

>> No.24406520

>All that neat shit you can't get from online
Damn you GoG! Get your shit together!

>> No.24406528

I got Homeworld one night as a late birthday gift from a friend of my folks (My parents divorced when I was 11). Guy was ex-military. I was around 13, I think. He just gave me this game I'd never heard of before saying "I figured since you like strategy games you would like this", the glossy cardboard box Game of The Year cover with the yellow-red Taiidan Cruiser. I opened it up and my first thought was "THIS is the fucking manual?!"

Homeworld shaped my early teenage years.

>> No.24406544

fuckin a

>> No.24406595

"...Also, their Hypserspace Core has an identical energy signature to our own."

so many great little moments in that game

>> No.24406602

Why were the Homeworld games always able to instill a sense of resolve and determination in a person?

Homeworld 1 was with the Return to Kharak, my heart hurt but I would not let this be the end of the Kadeshi, Homeworld Cataclysm, I released this monstrosity and now I will put an end to it, and the entire journey in Homeworld 2 reaching with my heart pounding in defiance at the final mission.

>> No.24406619

I've never played any of the Homeworld games but obviously have heard great things about them. Are they still worth playing or are they too dated at this point?

>> No.24406637


The first and cataclysm are a little clunky controls wise but are still good.

2 is still good.

>> No.24406654

So thats what a DC 50 diplomacy check sounds like. Or was that intimidate.

>> No.24406659

Worth playing

>> No.24406661

>On the run from the Imperial Taidanii after raiding their research base
>Hiding in a debris field
>Nothing but a mining ship and fighters, no combat frigates yet
>I wonder who put these shock mines everywhere...OH FUCK THE DEBRIS ARE MIMIC'd TURANIC RAIDERS
>2 Destoryers and a Heavy Cruiser
>"Detecting a hyperspace signature..."
>For fuck's sake
>"It's one of ours!"
>"Kunn-Laan, this is the Caal-Shto...We've brought reinforcements from...Hiigara....Come to us
>Look out Caal-Shto, turanic raiders are changing course and moving to intercept you!
>"They come......gooooooood......

>> No.24406688

There is also a PDF file with indepth analysis of the feasibility of fleet commands eventual return to higaara they discuss the viability of cruisers and destroyers in intense discussion. I am looking for my CD but I cant fucking find it.

>> No.24406696

>religious fanatical raiders atatcking my shit
>kill them johnny, kill them all
>no mercy
> their Hypserspace Core has an identical energy signature to our own
>It's the Khar toba!


>> No.24406713


>> No.24406719

I think it's because every mission had you outnumbered or at least evenly matched each time. Even though you eventually horded up RU's, unlike HW2 you still had to keep tabs on your fleet, since things like the Headshot Asteroid could wipe most of it out if you weren't careful.

Very much so, it even has very few compatibility issues if any beyond "set compatibility" in the shortcut.

Even though the graphics are dated, they still hold some charm at least for me. It's easy to think of it as stylized. Because of how early the 3D tech was, everything also has a clean or sharpness to it, there's no muddy appearances and everything is easily distinguishable

>> No.24406733

I replayed them a year or two ago. Was still awesome.

Its like with Deus Ex. Every time someone mentions it, a thousand voices scream REINSTALLING in unison, and it is always worth it.

>> No.24406734





>> No.24406739


>That horrifying moment where you think they actually made it back to Hiigara somehow and that you are one of the last remnants of your race, all alone in this galaxy with few friends, many enemies, and a lurking horror bent on consuming all.

And then.

>That moment after said moment when your heart hardens and your mind is set that even IF you are the last of your race, if your allies falter and fall, you will see the death of this monstrosity.

Pretty fucking amazing moments.

>> No.24406775

>"Another fleet is jumping in right on top of us! We are being overwhelmed!"
>turns out to be your bro Elson with the Kapella & friends

And this
This thing fucking creeps me out still

>> No.24406788

Where is the easiest place to get them, I was looking on GoG but no dice it seems.

>> No.24406794

Be aware that the special actions in Cat can take some getting used to.

Dug out my copy of this earlier this year once I heared the HW IP was up for sale.


Was really disappointed Homeworld 2 didn't have an equivalent hardcopy. That alone made the game sit apart from the other two for me.

>> No.24406807


Unless you want to wait a year for gearbox to finish their iphone ports or whatever.

>> No.24406809

Scholars.. True Gentlemen.. I.. I don't know.
Some genius posted the link for Adagio for Strings so I'm tearing up now.
Even looking past bidder Nr. 2 & 3.. Fuck it, you guys are making me tear up. Lets... Lets all just try and remember how it was.. The first time we played.

One of the things that Homeworld has done, that I feel very few other games set in space has managed to do, is getting the sense of.. Void. Of emptiness. That still holds today. Even at the 2nd mission. There you are.. All alone. Just a few interceptors and a collector that you dragged with you. And then... Nothing.
And once mission 3 rolled around.. The feeling of absolute isolation. The soundtrack... The imagery..

>> No.24406817


But GoG does have it, Unless they removed it.

>> No.24406845


Watch and despair as THEY LIVE!

>> No.24406848

>Upgraded siege cannon
>fighting the Beast Mothership
>Charge the Kuun Laan forward to get in range
>Beast Ship is charging me too
>Direct fucking hit on it's alien asshole face
>Fleet command: "BURN YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

>> No.24406849

>dat music
>dat voiceover
>dat background radio chatter
>calling the ships derelicts

>> No.24406854


That intro. It seems utterly silly now but seeing it for the first time I was in awe. That music, that opening of the two fighters diving into the battle. Kind of badass.
Episode 3 opening scene prototype.avi

>> No.24406866

Sure they're worth a play. It's small enough that when installed you can just have and forget it then pick it up one day.

Also, there is some voice acting in the series that is frankly, beyond anything else I've ever heard. In particular Fleet Intel during the return to Kharak in 1, some of Captin Elsin's work is good to. Fleet Command in the last mission has some great emotional lines.

As for cata, in general the voice acting is my favorite part of that game since they're not military personel and you never think for a once they are until you get to some of the bigger purpose made ships later.

Finally with HW2, I like Makaan just all over, sounds exactly like a confident, dangerous, foreign invader should.

>> No.24406912

>rip-offs (Borderland's cel-shading style, etc)
What exactly about Borderland's cel-shading is a rip off? Seemed pretty unique for a run of the mill FPS. If you're saying cell shading in general is a rip-off then there are a lot more grievous offenses in gaming than Borderlands using cell shading.

>> No.24406934

I learned the best attack against it is a swarm of plasma bombers wile Scouts harass/die in front of the Missile Destroyer.

>> No.24406958

But you didn't ask about the mechanic until after you'd already said "I thought Homeworld 2 was the better one of the two"

That statement, even when phrased as a question, carries the implicit cultural assertion that you believe HW2 is better, because that is the way a sentence like that is used in the modern day. So yes, you implied that HW2 was better than HW1 because of your apparent ignorance of social norms.

>> No.24406970


>> No.24407002

My feels. They cannot be contained.

>> No.24407015

>Wing Commander
Those blueprints and tactical briefs were cool as hell. WC was one of the defining media of my childhood.

>> No.24407057

The interceptor on the right in that delta formation as that ion cannon frigate lights up...

>> No.24407085


>> No.24407117


>Flying in front of the HUGE MOTHERFUCKING LASER


>> No.24407152

>But- if they're not ours then.. who are they?

>> No.24407171

What would you want Homeworld 3 to be like? Give me your wish list.

>> No.24407196


What Homeworld 2 would have been before they had to remove and cut a bunch of stuff.

>> No.24407213


>> No.24407219

What HW2 was supposed to be before they rushed it

>> No.24407276


I want to meet the other races of the galaxy.

I want to see a new age of the galaxy.

And, just once, just for a single, tiny mission... I want to stumble across a remaining pocket of Beast infected ships trapped between systems.
One that ends with Kith Somtaaw reinforcements arriving, and taking the rest from here.

>> No.24407310


>> No.24407311


>> No.24407321


I always wanted there to be more factions to the Turanic raiders presented.

I mean, they cut a deal with the Imperial Taidanii, why couldn't a rival pirate lord or some shit cut a deal with the Kushan / Hiigarans?

I mean, having powerful pirate factions isn't IDEAL, but it's at least better than having rampant and chaotic hordes of them everywhere, they keep the line for the outcasts and criminals.

>> No.24407325

This sums up what I was just trying to figure out how to articulate.
Rebuilding post HW2.

>> No.24407332


>> No.24407341

more factions and maybe a galactic conquest game mode to go along with the campaign

>> No.24407345

Securing the Homeworld and rebuilding the Kushan race. Defending it from other empires

and no deus ex machina bullshit like HW2

>> No.24407385


The beast Infection isn't a problem anymore post-Cataclysm bro, Somtaaw, with their crusade of cleansing across the galaxy for them researched the FUCK out of them and came up with a wiring / shielding technique that rendered the majority of their infection mechanisms moot, sure, you'll have a few member turned into organic wiring, but it won't spread throughout the ship, and even if EVERYONE turns into Beastmunch, it won't over-ride the ship entirely.

A NEW strain of the Beast virus though, one that focused more on becoming truly organic but needed ship reactors and organic wiring to begin growth, that one would be some serious shit.

Where-as Pure Strain Beast ships were just ships infected with the Beast's organic wiring, New Strain would be like ship husks stretched over a tumor.

>> No.24407409

They stole it from a short film called Codehunters. See here:

>> No.24407410


- The hardest to get right that I won't expect even from the best team to get right, but the right atmosphere. Sound design, visual art, make me feel like I'm playing a painting again. Empty space. Solace. Restraint. Quiet.

- Paced like HW1. No hyperactive laser effects spam, units that have survivability beyond half a barrage from enemy cruisers. Give us time to take everything in and make fleet positioning and maneuvering count. Homeworld was slow and that was fine. That is not a thing that needs changing.

- Storyline that doesn't jump all over the fucking place but has a clear direction

- Beautiful as shit art

- Paul Ruskay

>> No.24407441

What ever it has there better be some fucking support Frigates. Having the harvesters also do repairs worked well enough in Cat because they were still a ranged repair ability. In HW2 the damn harvesters had to float along over to whatever ships you needed fixed first.

>- Paced like HW1. No hyperactive laser effects spam, units that have survivability beyond half a barrage from enemy cruisers. Give us time to take everything in and make fleet positioning and maneuvering count. Homeworld was slow and that was fine. That is not a thing that needs changing.
This is why you need dedicated repair ships.

>> No.24407471

>Give us time to take everything in and make fleet positioning and maneuvering count.
That feeling watching the enemy slow approach from an area you didn't expect/protect and can't react in time (even though their complete destruction will take the next few minutes)

>> No.24407483

they fixed that in the complex mod.

>> No.24407486


That was what the Hyperspace modules were for silly.

>> No.24407514


So is this a reference vs plagarism argument then?

Or are people claiming cel shading with hand drawn textures is unique?

>> No.24407515


What I kind of liked is the idea of support frigates that are themselves bases for lots of little repair drones. Other ships get near them, and they automatically send out drones to fix them up, but they only had a limited number of drones to deploy at once. If you want to prioritize a particular ship, you can order the support frigate to focus all its drones there.

I do like the idea of fighters being commanded by the squadron rather than by the individual craft, so maybe those support frigates should have their fighter docking capacity too, at least long enough to bring a squadron back up to full strength.

>> No.24407522

What if Gearbox actually suprises us and makes it a worthy game of the Homeworld name?
Remember, before Homeworld, Relic didn't have experience either.

>> No.24407534

>- Paul Ruskay

Not Homeworld, and has its problems, but Paul Ruskay's music is certainly not one of them:

>> No.24407538

To expand on the atmosphere, Homeworld threw you into hostile space unprepared, undergunned, and all alone. Have fun going into that asteroid belt, someinth in there is likely trying to kill you. Yep, let's go into that impenetrable fog from which nobody returns. That is exactly how desperate we are.
That is the way it felt fro me. Not some war fleet of a proud space empire or the cutting edge weapons prototype, not even the well-equipped star explorer out to explore strange new etc.
Just a lost people, scared, but full of determination and with nothing left to lose, taking the one remote chance they have.

I'm rambling again, sorry. I'll go.

>> No.24407539

True, but they hit the nail so hard that it penetrated and logged itself into the collective memory of gamers.

>> No.24407546

The entire ship is built around Fleet Command's balls.

>> No.24407578

They also made a point that they are not good people.
>the prisoner didn't survive interrogation
>making a point to destroy the fleet that burned Kharak

>> No.24407607

>Playing Homeworld on LAN against 2 friends who teamed up against me because I was a bit more experienced.
>They have amassed enough RUs to start using Tac Jumps to out position me
>ASR detects multiple carrier and crusier jumps starting
>Activate my 4 cloaked Grav wells.
>2 carriers and 4 cruisers along with a spattering of frigates and destroyers get caught halfway out of hyperspace
>Jump my own MS and 2 cruisers + destroyers and a carrier with 50 attack bombers right behind one of their mother ships
>Listen to their reaction from the living room, "What...what the fuck...what the fuck! OH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK MAN!!"

>> No.24407627

Wouldn't you?

>> No.24407635


>they kill the specific individuals that genocided their planet
>bawww so cruel

>> No.24407643


Whoa, hold on.

Look at how much America freaked out over a handful of planes and 2 buildings.

Just IMAGINE leaving for a few hours and coming back to find that everyone and everything you have ever seen or heard about is ashes.

I think that "the prisoner did not survive interrogation" doesnt exactly reflect on their moral fiber

>> No.24407664

If by "not good people" you mean not fucking SAINTS, then yes. I mean, they did just kill everyone the crew has ever loved, without warning, for violating a treaty so old that not even legends remained of its existence.

I'd track the motherfuckers down, too.

>> No.24407670

Honestly, if I were in their shoes, I would've done the same thing. The Taiidani destroyed their home- who knows how many hundreds of years of history, death and struggle, love and happiness, all gone up in smoke.

The Kushan weren't any better during their own star empire days though.

>> No.24407682


It's a good thing. You just know that in any other game they would've offered them surrender.

>> No.24407709

>rip-offs (Borderland's cel-shading style
I'm sorry, what?

>> No.24407718

True. But admittedly, most other games don't open the campaign with genocide.

I'm just saying, being vengeful over the death of your loved ones doesn't preclude you from being good.

>> No.24407719

Huh, I thought Rebellion is already out? What's the latest SoaSE about?

>> No.24407747

Rebellion is out.

It didn't change the engine.

>> No.24407812

Just to tack on this line of discussion but those Taiidani forces were firing nonstop into the cyrotrays while the entire Kushan fleet was bearing down on them.

Concepts like mercy died along with 95% of the Kushan population. The Taiidani knew the score and their actions in the face of overwhelming forces reflect that.

>> No.24407827

The only reason gearbox has a bad reputation on 4chan is because of memes.

Borderlands 2 has great gameplay. It's funny how /v/ is always "gameplay is more important then everything!" and then shit on borderlands 2 for completely trivial things.

Duke nukem forever was doomed from the start. There was no way to make it not bad. Aliens colonial marines is just shit, so that makes it one good game (and a good sequel) vs one bad game and a doomed from the start game.

>> No.24407853

Tell me im not the only one who retried that mission in order to save everyone the first time i played it?

That and capturing all the assault frigates.

>> No.24407854

>tfw I was drooling at the prospect of Stardock doing Homeworld

>> No.24407858

Didn't Gearbox also make the Half-Life expansions, Opposing Force and Blue Shift?

>> No.24407864

I remember destroying 3 of the attacking Frigates, when Fleet was all, "Do not destroy that last frigate! We need to gather information to hunt down the rest that escaped."

That is a man seriously dedicated to his job. I'd like to think he was the one in charge of the interrogation.

>> No.24407867

They have never made an rts before, so naturally, it's going to be shit, right?
Oh wait, the first homeworld was literally, the first rts ever made by relic.

/v/, get the fuck out. There is no place left on /tg/ to bitch about a game that is still in the conceptual stage. We reserve that for D&D next.

>> No.24407871

I could never save the first tray...

>> No.24407881

To be fair, they have a perfectly good franchise they could have been using all this time.

And they didn't.

>> No.24407885

I totally did too. And I succeeded.

>> No.24407886

With oversight from Valve, yes.

>> No.24407897

If you attack the frigates they ignore the trays and attack the fighters/corvettes

>> No.24407907

Wait what? I went through that without grav wells! Damn near killed my fleet's economy. Instead of sending my 'heavies through the gauntlet, I took the long route up and above. I think that's the only level where I didn't gather all the resources.
Worth it though, kept my Kadeshi laser-gators until the few levels before the last.

>> No.24407926

I did attack the frigates, they just kept shooting the trays...

>> No.24407948

>The Dawg charging right towards my frigate

>> No.24407955

send a few salvage corvettes close enough and they change targets

>> No.24407958

You should have sent the Salvage Corvettes. That will stop them shooting.

You should reinstall the game and do this now.

>> No.24407975

I finally managed it by distracting the assault frigates and then salvaging them before attempting to salvage the trays.

>> No.24407983

>trap it in a gravwell since it counts as a corvette
>my ion cannons when

>> No.24407991


Educating people on cloaked grav wells was fucking euphoric.

>Suddenly their entire fleet is trapped in dead space.

>> No.24407992

I was never able to do both without cheating until two months ago.

I wasn't doing so hot my first time and needed to harvest. This was my fleet at the time.
Holy shit, still have that old screen.

>> No.24407998

>you should have sent the salvage corvettes

Dude you can't risk your salvage corvettes!

>> No.24408012

I thought it was immortal?

>> No.24408022

Nope, just has a fuckton of HP.

>> No.24408043

At least it's not fucking Stardock.

>> No.24408051

2 focus purley on the trays, 2 will defend, harass the 2 that defend the attackers with scouts and ints, then send in a wing of 10 heavy corvettes, have them burst shot those 2 frigates to fucking scrap metal.

Then send in salvagers to the 2 frigates being harassed.

>> No.24408055

Ok. Cuz I laid into it with literally 25+ capital ships and I didn't even see a dent.

>> No.24408065

It's as if someone sold their soul to Satan to have HW revived but not by EA, so as his trick he gave it to the next worst dev it could possibly go to

>> No.24408068

It as about 110,000 hitpoints, to put in perspective a Heavy Cruiser has 90,000

>> No.24408077

I'd rather have EA do it.

>> No.24408081

You faggots realise Stardock did not actually make SoaSE, right?

>> No.24408100


>> No.24408102

No risk, no reward. If you do it right, you won't lose any.

>> No.24408104



>> No.24408106

That was the funniest fucking trailer I've seen in a long time.

>> No.24408108

You funny

>> No.24408121

You heard me.

>> No.24408125

>not playing homeworld
>saying anyhting about it in any context that could maybe possibly be interpreted negatively by a bi-polar drunk woman on her period
You're seriously lucky you haven't been doxxed, hunted down, and eaten.
go fucking play it cunt. It's so damn good even 4chan universally loves it. the third mission WILL either break you down, or put some fucking steel in your spine if you have any kind of heart.

>> No.24408126


>> No.24408141

>I'd rather have EA do it.

>> No.24408155


>> No.24408168

Pretty much this.

I can't think of a single thing Borderlands 2 didn't improve upon over Borderlands.

I also enjoyed the humor, although some of it is overbearing at times.

>> No.24408175

>smooth jazz
>those puns

i am slain

>> No.24408181


My fleet after emerging from the gardens

I salvaged EVERYTHING frigate sized and above except the Turanic Carrier. My inner Kender was disappointed.

>> No.24408189



>> No.24408203


> salvage the entire ion cannon sphere

Oh god the autism

>> No.24408208

>Bridge of Sighs
>Do it right and have over 100 ion frigates

>> No.24408228

Nicely done.
I didn't really get my salvage on until the last minute.

>> No.24408230


They also murdered Brothers in Arms, or tried to, before the game got pushed into a new IP.

>> No.24408237

Sup guys, Halo fan here.

Gearbox, before they did any of the things you guys have named, did the Halo PC port.

And Halo fans everywhere have fucking hated their guts since. Halo PC came out poorly optimized, buggy, with incredibly shitty netcode. It was still fun, because Bungie knows how to make a fun game, but Gearbox pretty much did their damndest to torpedo the thing.

>> No.24408238


On come on, if Fleet Command trained you right, your first reaction to seeing the sphere was to squee.

>> No.24408239


This is also GEARBOX. The people who are famous for mediocrity; none of their games are amazing, or even good. Most are decent, but far from superb. Homeworld requires a bit of a fine hand to comb through, finer than a hand that has done nothing but mediocre [but decent] FPS shooters, and prove that they do not give a shit about the fans of franchises.

>> No.24408259

I wouldn't mind Mithis doing it.

>> No.24408278

Do Mithis even still exist?

I want my Nexus: Spaceship Porn Incident sequel

>> No.24408324


>Not spending In-game days salvaging the FUCK out of everything out there.

Do you even Dying Species clinging desperately to their existence and are presented with a grand buffet of a War Footing?

>> No.24408365


I appreciated all the LORE Bungie gave their games.

>> No.24408374


I wanted Ships with pendulums / anti-grav things throughout the entire game.

Those early missions and ships got my dick hard.

>> No.24408393

Admit it, the first time you looked at the sphere in your sensor manager, you were gripped by bowel loosening terror of that sphere coming togther into a giant cluster of Ionic death.

>> No.24408403


I like how the Kushan Heavy Corvettes in that sequence are pretty chill for a bunch of guys flying through the crossfire.

>> No.24408426


Well yeah, but that didn't stop my Inner Jew from crying in Joy at FREE ION ARMY.

>> No.24408438


More like

>Ion Cannon frigates?
>They can't cover their own backsides ALLYOUCANEATBUFFET

Seriously, if the sphere was made up of assault frigates, i'd seriously have a problem but ions? pfffft

>> No.24408442

And then you realize how to draw just enough of them near your corvettes and carriers.

I never salvaged the entire ion sphere. But i took enough of them to make the rest of the game easy.

>> No.24408445

No Eidos shut it down.

>> No.24408508

>Not restricted to commanding squadrons, could utilize individual fighters. Good AND bad, depending on situation.
>Capturing enemy vessels required salvage corvettes, which would grab the enemy ship and haul it to the nearest carrier/mothership for conversion. Led to some VERY fun tricks, distracting an enemy with a frontal attack, and then warping a carrier behind their rally point and salvaging their frigates, then warping back to safety and spitting out the salvaged ships for your own fleets.

There's other differences, but I haven't played HW2 recently enough to remember all the changes from the predecessor.

>> No.24408546


To be fair, there are some enemy ships you cannot capture.

The Turanic Raider battle carrier is one of those ships.

>> No.24408550

I captured a bunch like 50 or so, but I took a different approach.
>Retires all captial/frigate class ships in fleet
>Builds 200 Attack bombers
>Wall Formation
>Agressive Tactics
>Is your body prepared?

>> No.24408576

>Wall of 200 attack bomers takes 5 minutes to turn around

>> No.24408578


The classic 1-2 salvage

>Steal a small out of position ship
>Everything starts going out of position after it
>Bounce them with MORE salvage covettes.

>> No.24408585

Reference vs. Plagiarism argument. Noone is saying the cel-shading thing is unique, it's just that people who have never heard of Codehunters would quite understandably assume that it's just a Borderlands short film if you showed it to them without preamble. And the fact that several scenes are almost identical to Borderlands ones. Also, there's some shit about Borderlands posters having copy-and-pasted parts from a guy's artwork.

>> No.24408649


I haven't played HW2 in a while, either...

>>Marine Frigates can convert enemy ships on the spot
>>Captured motherships/carriers/shipyards cannot build, only dock units
>>targeting subsystems on a capital ship can cripple its functions - this is particularly bad for the Vaygr Battlecruiser, whose main weapon is a forward-facing armament - if both the missile batteries and engines are disabled, it can't engage a target worth a damn

>> No.24408691


It's also bad for Kushan / Hiigarran Battlecruisers as well, because if you disable their engine they turn very slowly, which is bad given their above and below blindspots.

>> No.24408700


>Homeworld: Space Marines

Concept is... workable as a linear FPS.

the twist is of course THE BEAST

>> No.24408736


>>that feel when the Beast is always the one who wins the boarding action


>> No.24408738

"Sir, we've got something on senors, it's big whatever it is."
"It's shaped like a wall, coming into higher definition now...we're detecting multiple smaller energy signatures in a tight cluster! Theres over 200 of them!"
"200 what lieutenant, 200 what!"
"Attack bombers sir..."

>> No.24408758

>Beast infection beam strikes the ship.
>You have less than a minute to reach the opposite side of the ship.

>> No.24408767


>Defending the refugee convoy
>incoming beast cruise missiles

I couldn't save them all

>> No.24408772

I'd give such a game a chance just for the thought of playing on the outside of ship hulls as well as inside.

>yfw you've been playing for the evil empire the whole time
>yfw you come into contact with the exiles for the first time.

>> No.24408781

Yeah, that was a reference made by someone working there that made it into the artbook. None of the reference part was the problem though, he left an element into the art that was an exact copy of the original. I don't even know if that's plagarism but it sure is lazy, the guy who made the star wars poster didn't mind it though.

I don't think there's any base for this codemasters thing however. Shots/scenes set ups cant be copyrighted. Looks like an intentional homage to me.

>> No.24408784

Boarding a beast infected ship?

Fuck that, where's the airlock, I'll throw myself out thanks.

>> No.24408824


>> No.24408838


Sure, could've been an homage, but it isn't; especially when they had the guy who did Code Hunters, contacted him, then said nothing, but still lazily traced or otherwise copied scenes from his work.

>> No.24408862


>Not sacrificing your brave soldiers for them

We set it loose, none other shall pay for our sin.

>> No.24408884


Actually, it is possible.

The ship that does the capturing has to immolate the decks of the targeted infected ship. That means there's little action for you to see, except for further cleansing with fusion drive-level plasma.

>> No.24408904

The Naar Directive.

>> No.24408905


You don't need permission for a homage, and none of those scenes are original or copyrighted work. They didn't have the source material so they couldn't have "traced or copied" to begin with. Those shots are generic in the first place. I don't know what point you think you have.

>> No.24408913

I see you favor the old art of Mimic/MCV combat. A distinguished choice.

>> No.24408949

But Morrowind is a better game than Oblivion. I'm not sure if it's better than Skyrim or not, but goddamn, even if it doesn't, it still comes close.

>> No.24408965


The Naar Directive seems to me like common practice compared to retaking infected ships. That's why I didn't mention it. But yeah, same shit.

>> No.24408970

You know how developers like to talk about how they have to do games like Barbie's Horse Adventure to build up cash so they can do awesome games that don't appeal as much to the mass market?

I have to hope that all of Gearbox's history has been spent half-assing out mediocre shooters because they were busy planning and building a war chest for their true passion, a perfect dream sequel to Homeworld.

This is something I have to believe even though it's more likely they bought it just to 'diversify their IP portfolio' for their shareholders or something and might not even intend to make a game with it.

>> No.24409001

> bought it just to 'diversify their IP portfolio' for their shareholders or something and might not even intend to make a game with it.

so, uhhhh... where can i buy some pressure cookers?

>> No.24409009

>and might not even intend to make a game with it.

Not that it's likely to happen, but what if there was a cartoon or miniseries instead of a new game?

>> No.24409030

Goddam, it was just like the final mission of Freespace 2. I couldn't save them all.

But I tried ;_;

>> No.24409042

>implying their true passion isn't whoring out Borderlands

You wish

>> No.24409046


I captured the kadeshi ion frigates.

Yes, the ones with the FOUR ion cannons that spun in circles.
All of them. Yes. ALL of them.

I then proceeded to kill kushani scum (because fuck you, play as the taidan, Their shit looks cooler.) with my horde of ion cnanons backed by interceptors. only 15-20 bom,bers, so mnay ion cannons meant I didn't need them except when I wanted to stiffen a detached force.

Oh, I also managed to capture four swarmers and an advanced swarmer. Holy fuck do they get shit done.

>> No.24409085

Taidan look AWESOME.

>> No.24409128

Those interceptors. Those assault frigates.
that cruiser.

>> No.24409163

>Oh, I also managed to capture four swarmers and an advanced swarmer. Holy fuck do they get shit done.
Lies. I capped a fleet of swarmers with fuel pods and they burn on on gas so fast they are nearly worthless without constant babying and micro.

The Ion frigates were amazing though.

Turanic raiders were also decent. Their missile corvettes rape fighters all day, but capping them was a pain.

Always wished I had found a way to cap the dog.

>> No.24409174

>Do a barrel roll.png

>> No.24409176

And Dat Horizontal Mothership.

>> No.24409220


The Dog cannot be captured.

>> No.24409229


Can't Cap the Dog.

>> No.24409239

131,000 metric tons of FUCK YOU

>> No.24409281


What HW2 mod is that?

>> No.24409306

I honestly don't recall sorry bro. Just have the pic is all.

>> No.24409310

>All these non-Kushan plebians





>> No.24409319

I believe it is Taidan Republic.

>> No.24409362

I have never played Homeworld, but watching that one scene, and my heart is pounding. How do I play HW1, Cataclysm, and HW2? Where must I go? What Must I do? I must play it.

>> No.24409372

Not even a fraction of the size, mass, and firepower, but I win every time.

>> No.24409541

Both HW1 and Cataclysm had a mission or two like that, where the purpose of the entire mission was an intense bit of storytelling while you did whatever objective the map laid down.

They were done well, it gave you a chance to sit back a little enjoy the game's narrative as you played, instead of focusing entirely on the strategy at hand.

>> No.24409591


>Lego Taiidan fighter

>> No.24409612


Homeworld is a series filled with powerful scenarios and imagery.

>> No.24409651


You can try downloading it but HW1 and HW:C are bastards to get to work properly on modern machines.

>> No.24409672

I kept them around harvesters/on carriers or my mother ship. Point defense for raiders or stupid shit that slipped through, no wandering away form fuel sources.

>> No.24409693


Ugh, beast ships are such fuckers in multiplayer early-game. Just pump out scouts and suicide the enemy's ships, infecting fucking everything and leaving you with suddenly the only fighting-capable force on the map

>> No.24409822


yeah they were real big Kiith Matrons =/

>> No.24409856


Of course, otherwise The Beast wouldn't be a fucking extra-galactic horror now would it?

>> No.24409981

Oh, good call.

>> No.24409987


I will never forget the first time I heard the Beast's voice. That thing was the scariest shit I've ever seen in a game, save for maybe the Worm in Penumbra.

>> No.24411803


I'll never forget HW1, it was great all along the way, but I didn't really notice how immersive it was until the very end.

Fighting hard and loosing ground against wave after wave of Taiidan battleships. Hyperspace gate after hyperspace gate pouring out troops.

I lost that last mission so many times, and I started to think it was impossible. Finally I survived against all odds, only to hear;

>Another fleet is coming out of hyperspace right on top of us!
>We are being overwhelmed!

I was defeated, and ready to give up, then.

>This is Captain Elson

FUCK YEAH! All fleets form on him! I had literal tears of joy for that final charge where we broke through the blockade.

Man I never had feels for a videogame like that before.

Cataclysm and H2 were okay. But I'm not really getting my hopes up. H1 set the bar pretty high.

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