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/tg/ what would be some neat ways to give dragons a more "lovecraftian" sort of feel? In the wake of such topics discussing different ways of portraying the sacred cows of the fantasy genre you don't see people tackling races such as dragons (obviously I imagine because you can either just make them dumb animals or super intelligent). In anycase, some ideas I came up with.

>Chromatic,metallic,etc all thrown out. A dragon's physical features varies with it's environment and breeding meaning that leniage becomes more important
>As such, dragons are not above mating with other races to get certain physical features
>The most ancient of them have alien looking bodies and are immortal, and are revered as gods by mundane dragons and some non-dragons as well
>They did not originally come from the earth but after many thousands of years forgot how to travel the stars

Anything else I could add?

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eh, if all else fails then maybe a dragon art dump?

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A good example of what i imagine to be an "alien" sort of dragon. A handful of these elder dragons who decided a long time ago to use the remnants of their technology to make themselves into god-like beings (by killing and siphoning the power from outsiders thus becoming outsiders themselves).

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Some are desperate to make themselves distinct from their fellows and go to extremes to accomplish this. Owing to the races malleability some took to mixing with fey creatures such as dryads and soon become one with the forests themselves and sometimes sharing the fey's disposition much to the disgusts of other dragons.

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The dragons from Dark Souls are a bit unusual. It's implied that they aren't alive in the same sense we are, but are rather closer to forces of nature. And then you've got the freaks like Seath (pic related), who went crazy trying to understand crystals, or the Gaping dragon, who's gluttony mutated itself into a giant vagina dentata.

There's also an entire cult revolved around collecting dragon scales so that they can turn into dragons as well

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Use less "lizard/dino" traits and instead use aquatic-like physical features - borrow stuff from whales, anglerfish, coral reefs, banks of barnacles/alien parasites growing on them, etc.

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The older the dragon gets, the more it's body atrophies and mutates, eventually the body crumbles to dust and all is left is a formation of energy.

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Not gunna lie, I was sorta inspired by the Dark Souls dragons in a sense. I like the fact that none of them fit the standard mold (especially Seath), that and since I've already drawn parallels to the Great old ones and Deep ones I might as well dive in head first with it


Hence why I made their ability to change their features by breeding a big deal. The dragon that decided to fuck around with fey and the one that took to living in the water mingling his blood with mermaids are both still dragons but dispise each other as being "inferior"

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So the Lord of Winter from Sword of the Stars?

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Oh my...It's like the epic speech by Smaug

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Go look up the dragon "taint" in Warmachines lore, that'd probably work pretty well, especially fore the truly ancient ones. As for the crossbreeds, you're probably going to have to lean heavily on the Dunwhich Horror and deep one hybrids to get the right feeling, as it is it IMO sounds a bit much like the usual DnD fantasy half-whatevers.

I'm not so sure about the technological bit. Try more Cthulhu, and less mi-go/elder things. Though with liberal amounts of "A Colder War" it could perhaps work out.

IMO having a dragon seep into the landscape is probably better done through the taint variant than cross-breeding. More invasive alien and less coexistence.

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Iron Kingdoms has a take on dragons kind of similar to that. Basically, when the world came into being, there was one dragon already existing somewhere named Toruk. Toruk was massively powerful, and the blight radiating from his body was capable of simply annihilating the natural energy lines of the world and twisting mortal creatures into worship of him. One day, he got bored and took his athanc (a dragon's invulnerable heart-stone), and split it into a bunch of pieces to make children to carry out his bidding. Unfortunately, all of his kids told him to go fuck himself, and he realized that he made a mistake. He immediately set to eating his children to reabsorb the missing shards of his own heart, but the smart and quick ones managed to slip away while the first few unlucky ones were eaten. Now, all of the dragons in the world are stuck in a sort of Highlander-stalemate where they all want to eat all of the other dragons and become the One True Dragon, but if any of them make a move they will be ganged upon by all of the other dragons in a MAD scenario. So instead they wait patiently, corrupting the few mortals who wander into their hidey-holes into their thralls and plot the undoing of all other dragons.

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Read Beowulf and Grendel, there's your weird (or should I say wyrd?) Wyrm.

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I grow more and more interested in this idea of "taint" so would it be that they change just by hanging out somewhere for to long? Or the fact that it's there causing the local life to warp and evolve in a way (i.e. half dragons start appearing in random births and seek out their "true" mother/father?)

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That's not the Lovecraftian angle of the IK dragons, though. The thing that makes them freaky is that they're from space, they give off magical radiation that mutates living things, usually detrimentally, but also seems to enslave those affected to the dragon, and they're asexual. Also, Toruk at least (and probably the rest too if they deigned to care about mortals) grant mortals the power of divine magic, despite not being real gods.

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Tentacles so you can get fucked to oblivion and back fucking faggot OP I hate this thread

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That's how dragonblight works in the Iron Kingdoms, if a dragon stays around too long, things start to get twisted to be closer to the dragon and instill fear and worship of the dragon in whatever living thing is caught in the zone. Only one dragon shown can manipulate the spread of his blight either way, but he tends to more mary-sueish tendencies so I won't go into detail.

I kind of covered a lot of that in my post, but it is worth reiterating. And yes, dragons can grant divine powers to their followers despite being not really of heaven OR earth.

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Oh, and Dragon Blood has very unusual, corruptive properties. One dragon's death twisted a race of pseudohumans by killing off their entire male population and turning the women closer to demons in appearance. In another instance, the dragon I mentioned above uses his blood to create great beasts to fight for him.

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That would make redesigning the dragonshaman interesting, especially if you give dragons a more divine bent (even though they are not gods per sei).

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First off, throw away all the super-aerodynamic design you usually see about them; don't make them graceful and sharp-looking and shit.

Make them massive, extremely ugly; possibly serpentine, or rather worm-like or whale-like with stubby tortuous legs and bloated bodies, boar-like or lamprey-like maws and snouts like pig skulls, no scales per se but a thick crust like freshly-hardened magma or chitin. Wings more akin to malformed fins, or none at all, horns that are hardened tentacles and prehensile tongues, they drool vitriol, the universal solvent, and have three eyes, including the parietal one.

As said above, the "taint" idea should be exploited. Usually, they're supposed to have a poisonous, pestilential breath that spreads contagious diseases and makes things rot. Otherwise, their body parts always have strange chemical properties. If you throw in some XVIIIth century medicine, it can be downright lovecraftian.

Ditch all the stuff about dragons being wise and shit, it's supposed to make them mysterious but only makes them human-like. Instead, let them be stupid, avid, voracious monsters, devoid of cunning and almost senseless but unpredictable and blindly malevolent. The real mystery is how such a blasphemy against nature can have appeared and survived so long.

How's this?

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Make them literally Cthulhu. He's a thematic throwback to the most universal aspects of european dragons and is described as a dragon-squid.

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Perfect actually. Even better if people mistook their bumbling as part of some grand scheme beyond understanding and are therefore idolized for it.

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And don't forget to use the right ambience music when they appear.

I recommend the following albums and songs:

The Place where the Black Stars Hang (Lustmord)
Horse-drawn Hearse/L'Arrivée de la Terne Mort Triomphante (Gnaw their Tongues)
Sidonia (track)/The Behemoth's Flight (Sunn (O))))
The Call of the Wretched Sea (Ahab)
In the Depths of R'lyeh (Catacombs)

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Their appearances shouldn't be so uniform, there should be common features but like how they corrupt and mutate their surroundings, their surroundings should have an adverse effect on them as well. So a dragon who dwells in the sea is like a giant whale like leviathan, whereas a dragon who slumbers in a mountain will be serpentine with a lamprey like mouth, like a giant earthworm. Also their intelligence should just be un-knowable, like how an ant knows how smart we are.

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Here's how I do dragons:

Flying - Lithe and small with hollow bones and very large wings in the shapes of pterosaur wings. Honestly, the pteranodon was the closest thing we every got to a flying fuck-you dragon because of how apex of a predator they were.

Bulky - Cannot fly but climbs and burrows very well. Think Akantor's look from monster hunter. Would still fuck you up pretty hard

Lovecraftian - Only the smallest resemblance of a "dragon" similarly to how Chaugnar Faugn is "elephantine" or how Tsathoggua is "batlike". Something similar to the Gaping Dragon from Dark Souls with more radial symmetry and appendages

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>"Evil" type dragon from Dragonseeds
>They're doors, gateways, coffins, and a weird jester woman with spring legs
What the fuckkkkk

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Ogdru Jahad



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Might as well take the Yith and start calling them Orcs.

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They say that no one has ever seen a dragon, but all know of a dragon's offspring. Listen closely to the half-hearted whispers of fearful drunks and they'll tell you of dragons. Of the children with growing deformities. Twisted, gnarled fingers turning to claws of bone, crowns of malignant growths on the brow, thick, leathery skin so stiff they can barely move, large baleful eyes that see things invisible to man, rows upon rows of needle-like teeth, faces ruined by fire vomited forth from within, minds plagued by bizarre cravings and even more bizarre thoughts. Look for those children who the morning finds torn to shreds in their beds, and for those who disappear, without sound or alarm, into the night. Look for the places where daughters and wives are hidden and scarred so that none might look upon them. Look for those who offer up gifts and sacrifices to things unseen and unknown. Here, there be dragons.

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Pathfinder has that Abyss Dragon thing, I dont recall its name. Its pretty freaky. A bunch of mutated true dragons worshipping a Great Old One sounds fun too. Or maybe a cult of your typical insane lovecraftian entity cultists worshipping a true dragon that is possessed by some other entity from the void between stars.

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No. Because the Great Old Ones are supposed to convey the same mystique and symbolism as european Dragons: primordial forces of the unknown, of madness and violence.

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>This is now how we shall worship

I wonder, can they make a cute girl version of some of Nyarlethoptep's 1000 forms?

I think I would very much like to see a cute girl version of the black man of the woods

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I don't think we're going for a dragon's possessed by a greater power, dragon's ARE that greater power.

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>brushie brushie

Ia! Cthuhlu Fthagan!

>brushie brushie

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That's actually HasturWho's a shota trap in the anime

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>I wonder, can they make a cute girl version of some of Nyarlethoptep's 1000 forms?
Is this nigga serious?

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Japan got you covered.

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Coulda fooled me nigga! I dun see no Haunter of the dark as a cute girl

yes I already know about nyaruko, I was talking about the other forms

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