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Would you play an extreme game where death was a very real possibility?

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what, in real life?

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Y-you mean character death, right?

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inb4 that cap of the DM killing his first player

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Well we're stuck in one as it is, eh?
It'd depend on the reward and chances.

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Let's do it!

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>that picture
>that post
>dose implications
>This thread

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No but I would play a real game where death was a very extreme possibility.

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Of course.

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My god. I thought for sure these two were German, but look at them. They're in Star Trek uniforms. The little fucker's a Klingon!

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The midget is a woman. Can you believe it? Also, they've made some really freaky, BDSM torture porn together.

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Dat pic....

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And on that note I'm off to search for porn.

Cause the blonde has some nice looking tits.

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>Would you play an extreme game where death was a very real possibility?

It's called life brother. Were all playing it man.

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Damn dude, there's a fucking cross embedded just under her skin and you only see the tits?

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>cross embedded just under her skin

Look at it this way: Vampires can't get her!

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Everyone sees what they want to see.

Got results, though with technology nowadays its pretty easy.
Dani Danger, the little one is Gimp the Pimp.

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>The little one is Gimp the Pimp
And just like that I want to go drinking with these two because they seem like fun people.

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>fun people
>depraved chaos cultists

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just body mod, bdsm, camwhore
the white one, at least

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They're BOTH white. The little one just has Klingon-face on.

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Does she have a cross under her skin?

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Is him.. supposed... to be wearing a Star Trek uniform?

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Yeah, That's some dedication I tell ya what!

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someone should really manage nuns to have that as a rule

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Ignoring the picture because, just wow, OP made one of the 5 classic blunders.

Yes, yes I would. Because if I have every damn thing handed to me on a silver platter it becomes so intensely boring that I may as well be grinding athletics in a TES game.

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But death has no rules. She's a motherfucking rule-0 cheater, it's not a proper game if someone like older GMs has the power to rewrite the rules ongoing.

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Well I joined the army, so yes.

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Someone should stat the girl and the... thing

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Im not

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+50 Cultists of Slaanesh

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I once played Delta Green.

With no points in firearms.

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I don't fucking believe you.

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i would play the fuck out of Gantz

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So you'd be the super-dedicated one that stays in the game even when he could leave?

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Lets make a gantz game where the whole point of the game is to get you to stop playing the game.

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the hell is up with your pic OP

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Get on FetLife and search for events in your area. You'll meet all kinds of interesting folks. And we are a lot of fun to drink with.

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