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So, /tg/.

Tau-faggot here, looking for some ridiculous way to paint my new Riptide.

Since I'm a fan of anime in general, and Gurren Lagann really hit the nail, how'd I go about painting something of this sort, and how would I outfit it?

Also, does anyone have any good pointers to finding something that looks remotely like a drill, that I can use for it?

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>not painting it in GaoGaiGar or Evangelion colors

Commander Fireblood disapproves.

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But bumps your thread anyway because its Tau related.

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Fuck Evangelion. Even Tau aren't on the same level of whiny-shit that is Shinji, and since their mechs appear to be fuelled by sheer wangst and emo-faggotry, I would never want him anywhere near my army, for fear of contamination.

That would fit better into an Elder army.

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>Stupid people who haven't read the new codex
Oh the lols that have been had.

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>crying about emofaggotry
>not watching glorious Rebuild

nigga you a retard. go parrot your bandwagon tastes and opinions elsewhere.

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I love the Onager Gauntlet.

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Watched the show, not touching the so-called "rebuild" unless I'm sure they remembered to give Shinji a pair of fucking balls. That pathetic piece of shit should have died in the first episode.

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>painting a $85 riptide up as babby's first super robot show


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Fuck yeah!

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This anime might be more your pace, champ.

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I prefer Tau Backsides to Broadsides, myself.

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It is surreal to see your own shit scribbles being reposted on an imageboard.

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No that guy
I hated Evangelion because of all the stupidity. I get that the idea is "poor communication kills" but the sheer stupidity of everyone in that show is just... gah.
Also, I only hate Shinji because he said the only reason he still plays an instrument is because no one told him to stop.
I know that everyone is required to be stupid in tragedies, but why did a) Shinji's mom EVER think that her husband would not completely self-destruct when she did what she did and b) why didn't they shoot Adam and Lilith off in rockets going opposite directions to draw the Angels away from Earth?

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Massive technological developments from R&Ding Adam and Lilith, plus SEELE's human instrumentality project so they could become gods.

Try being less retarded.

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Or just don't poke Adam, but that'd require humans to not be stupid/willing to kill everyone else for the lulz

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>Since I'm a fan of anime in general, and Gurren Lagann really hit the nail, how'd I go about painting something of this sort, and how would I outfit it?

>Also, does anyone have any good pointers to finding something that looks remotely like a drill, that I can use for it?

First of all, I can find nothing in the Riptide's list of possible equipment which would make it functionally like Gurren Lagann. The Tau simply are not built for close combat. However, the good news is that I think you can still make it LOOK like Gurren Lagann without actually compromising its function or equipment. The bad news is that this will take some really good modeling skill, or it will look like crap.

First of all, the drill. I would advise taking its off-hand (the one with the shield generator) and replacing that with a custom modeled one forward of the elbow. Replace the shield itself with a nice spiral, though keep it shallow (you want it to still look like a shield even if it has a drill pattern.) Then you put a combat drill where its normal hand would be. Leave all its actually weaponry on the other arm.

Secondly, the shoulder pads. Those floating pads are seen in a few different mecha anime (Full Metal Panic! for example) to give a mecha a more "samurai" look. The crest on the head serves the same purpose (and Gundam does the same thing.) Those you will need to model yourself, and set them in such a way that they float over the shoulders held out by some connectors. You will probably need to use lots of medium gauge steel wire to get it to stick together.

It would be a challenge, but if you think that you are up to it you should go for it. Just be careful not to ruin your model in the process, so if you are not feeling like your skills are there yet then I would hold off.

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Gurren Lagann fits with the whole “Nova Reactor Energy can accidentally destroy planets” thing.

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Who died and named you Blueberry Namer?

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I'm not even the other guy and I posted another one in another thread.
Because I love them very much
I feel the same way when some screencaps my posta

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I'm painting mine like Unit 2 for sure.

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Am I the only one who thinks Riptides should be painted like Armoured Core mechs? The shield is even the right shape to paint a 9 ball on it...

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I hadn't seen them before this thread, but I must thank you sincerely. They are wonderful

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but no seriously, EVA isn't the god-tier anime /a/ keeps saying it is.

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Maybe it's a cool yet polarizing show that people should watch on their own and form their own judgements about? Taking into account that Rebuild has a much different take on the setting, of course.

It really strikes me as stupidity when the mere mention of Evangelion draws in the "FUCKING PUSSY ASS SHINJI, EVA ISN'T THE BEST SHOW EVER, YOU FUCKERS LIED TO ME AND NOW I HATE IT" posts.

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But that's not the reason. The reason was that it was the most nonsensical, convoluted idiot plot I've ever seen, with characters that actively tried to make people hate them. Or what, were we supposed to like Shinji because "LOOK AT ME, I'M EMO AND MAKE POOR DECISIONS ALL THE TIME, WHICH MAKES ME MORE HUMAN"?

Evangelion was interesting. The concept was cool, and the story itself had potential. They just fucked it up with horrible characters, and all sorts of "plot points" that didn't make any fucking sense.

All I've heard about Rebuild is "This is a movie version of the show, equal to how Gurren Lagann had a "rebuild" of sorts. The Rebuild of Gurren Lagann, however, followed to show, but fixed up with scenes to make them more awesome, without changing any of the characters.

Which is why I seriously doubt that Shinji is any better in Rebuild, than the actual series. I've yet to hear anyone say why Rebuild should be even a tiny bit better than the actual show, apart from apparently making more sense (Which says just about nothing, when compared to the trainwreak that is Evangelion.

Already mentioned. ONAGER GAUNTLET. And no one said anything about being strictly melee. Just the aestetic of it.

Too bad about the drill, though. Might look around at FMP or Gundam, instead of just fucking up my Riptide. >>24345483 just hit the nail on why I thought the Riptide in particular is very fitting for a Gurren Lagann expy.

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Just slap some Kamina shades over the tau emblem on whatever paint design you do go with. Why limit yourself to one mecha show for inspiration?

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i only saw the first 2 and he's still a wuss in rebuild he is just not as big of a vagina as he was before

if we are going by rebuild shinji is still retarded because he goes all "baww nobody loves me!" when we see people actually believing in him like his friends & misato


yeah thats suppose to be the point but i feel its bullshit. not many people can relate to someone who feels constantly sorry for themselves only the jaded & cynical do.

also a realistic version of a kid forced to pilot a giant robot would startout like coop and proabably end up like shinji if he/she didn't get any sort of therapy or better example of a realistic shinji are child soliders you see running around in third world countries.

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I can tell you you're very wrong about Rebuild.
I can also say that Gundam has some specific mech designs that would work really well on a Riptide.

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>a realistic version would be like Coop
I don't....what.
Coop is the polar OPPOSITE of a reasonable human reaction to mech piloting.

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>mfw you faggots haven't heard of the Reboot theory

It's like Groundhog Day. And Shinji gets better, with each iteration.

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Gaogaigar's color scheme is similar to GL's, unless you want to infuse your Tau with ZA POWA, or just sray them with gold for the goldion hammer effect.

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Depending on how edgy you want to be, I'd go with either Valvrave or Getter Robo.

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I was JUST going to suggest that.

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(Mazinger might also work)

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