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Impractical, but Awesome Weapons Thread-Post any impractical weapon, no matter how silly or ridiculous it is. Starting with a classic:

Red Queen: Used by Nero of DMC4. it has been specially customized with a motorcycle-like gear shift which, when pulled, sprays a flammable propellant across the blade and opponent, greatly increasing the power of its blows.

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That's not so ludicrous.

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Next we have the Urumi, or Indian Whipsword.

The urumi (curling blade) is a long sword made of flexible steel, sharp enough to cut into flesh, but flexible enough to be rolled into a tight coil. Originating in South India with name of Surul Pattai (Tamil: சுருள் பட்டாக்கத்தி), it was most popular in the North Malabar Coast of Kerala and is often mentioned in the ballads of the region.

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A sword that is on fire does not hit harder.

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You can stab it into a downed opponent and then ride him like a bike. Though, I guess that's more Nero than the weapon being impractical but awesome.

>scythe rlyuest

Why yes, I do like scythes

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From Metal Gear Rising we have sam's katana sheath. What makes this weapon cuhrazy is the fact that it is used by first sheathing the katana, then pulling the trigger to launch it back out, essentially creating a gun-powered quickdraw.
Maybe not, but it's the weapon that that one guy always uses when starting this thread.

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Search anima wen-m in devianart, the use whatever way to get the weapons only. Enjoy.

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Really it's not that ludicrous. The quickdraw sheath is a bit out there but again for a cyborg? Not that unusual really.

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I want mythbusters to test it.

Make a gun that fires swords and then strap an arm to the hilt and see how well it cuts.

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Next, we have the cloud's buster sword from ff7, advent children.. You know it, he knows it, everyone knows this one.
Just copying the entry from the wiki.
You'r right. I guess this was more of a cool weapon thread, no matter how impractical the weapons are.

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'Nuff said.

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Next, we have Ragna's sword from BlazBlue. aside from the ornamental revolver cylinder, it also transforms into a scythe. Someone better start posting soon, because I can't keep this up forever.

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Are you a bad enough dude to cut down an anti-tank rifle and use it as a pistol?

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Don't forget the extendable handle.

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I think Noel's guns that are fucking melee range are worse.

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Well it wouldn't work with a normal human. You would need to be quite the brute to control the blade as it was forced out and you'd end up wrecking your wrist most likely. Augmented humans? I can see it work.


Now that is horribly impractical. A metric fuckton of moving parts which can all smash and shatter.


Actually you use that as a short rifle usually. Unless you're an idiot. Usually hold it by the magazine

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A scythe with a ENERGY BLADE!

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Sam is a cyborg samurai, right? He uses the same kind of weapon as a little girl?

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>Well it wouldn't work with a normal human. You would need to be quite the brute to control the blade as it was forced out and you'd end up wrecking your wrist most likely. Augmented humans? I can see it work.

Well, I just meant they strap it to an arm-like contraption not an actual arm.

Though, I wouldn't mind seeing one of the annoying sidekick's arms fall off.

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It wouldn't fall off. More like their wrist would probably shatter or if it went really wrong their elbow would shatter.
Fitting it to a contraption would be possible. They do love robots

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Look at it this way anon, if she used them like normal guns, then she'd completely broken, at least gunkata makes it more interesting and gives you a somewhat fair chance of beating her.

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Nothing impractical there.


Most of those would snap immediately.


Only the one on the far left isn't retarded


Are those pistols or rifles?

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>Now that is horribly impractical. A metric fuckton of moving parts which can all smash and shatter.
Don't forget that during the Advent Children version of Cloud's Omnislash, every single piece of the sword breaks apart, and Cloud slices Sephiroth up with every individual piece of the Buster Sword. It's very ridiculous.

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Well, she uses them as pistols.

But they are fucking huge.

They also somehow combine into a gattling and a rocket launcher.

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Large pistols, large enough to be used as effective bashing weapons, the character performs gunkata with them

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>>Are those pistols or rifles?
Those are technically pistols. Noel wields two of them in a gun-kata style when she fights in melee, even though each is as long as her arm. That said, those triggers look horrible.

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Impractical but awesome weapons, you say? Sounds like Kubo time to me!
>base form is a katana with a styptic (stops bleeding) cream stored inside the hilt
That's nifty.
>main battle form is a spear
Even better.
>that's actually a sanketsukan: 3 pole segments attached by chains
That sounds incredibly dangerous to the user, but it's at least an actual weapon that existed once.
>but the haft splinters and breaks in every fight
Well fuck.
>its final form is pic related
>but you have to hit the opponent a bit to charge it up, because the weapon's spirit is still "asleep" and enemy contact "wakes it up"
Well I was planning to do that anywa-
>and the blades aren't very sturdy either
Dammit. It's still fucking neato.

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Where's Soul Edge and Soul Calibur when you need 'em?

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How the hell can he even wield those. Even if he could lift them...just...ugh.

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Watching the Alexandra siblings make out?

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That's just Japanese idiocy.


Well reinforced pistols intended for use as blunt instruments or fitted with blades aren't exactly new.
The size is a bit excessive though. And usually the intent is to use the butt as the primary blunt instrument.

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He's a Soul Reaper from Bleach. Don't expect anything to be rational.

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...Yeah, that'd do it.

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Depends on the form, I can think of at least two forms of Soul Calibur that are actually normal looking and practical

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Pretty easy, actually. Canonically, shinigami (his species) weapons are next to weightless for the user, since they're pretty much their soul weaponized.

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she fires them while using it as a blunt instrument.

Also, it's a magi-gun so it probably has some weird properties.

For example, her only ranged attack (that doesn't use their merged form) puts down a "seal" a few feet in front of her that then explodes after a few seconds.

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That guns mechanism must be insane.


Soul Edge isn't so...impractical as it is just hard to use.

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Calibur and Edge take the form of weapons used by the souls taken/encounterd by the swords. Technically, they can be anything they want to be, provided they've seen it before.

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Patroklos and Phyrra or Cass and Sophie?

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That would be difficult and dangerous. You would really have to have the timing down flawlessly or you're be weakening your blows considerably.
Also angles of fire would be difficult.

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His stuff's not *completely* impractical, but I feel like "crazy German slingshot guy" is a staple for this thread.


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The Switch-Axe and Charge-Axe from the Monster Hunter series (Although any weapon from Monster Hunter fits this, of course)

I just really like the idea of weapons morphing for different fighting styles.

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The guns do most of the work, as Noel has said before, not to mention they kinda serve as a security blanket for her, it is complicated.

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Sophie is dead and Cass is stuck in an alternate dimension looking for her soul. And yeah, Patro and Pyrrha probably have the incest thing going for them. Hell, when Pat met Elysium, the incarnation of Soul Calibur just as Inferno is the incarnation of Soul Edge, it took the form of the individual most pleasing and comforting to him. In Pat's case, it was his mom, Sophitia.

Pat wants to fuck his mom AND his sister (and maybe his aunt, too). He is a fantastically Greek individual.

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Don't forget the lance that double as a rifle.

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Noel's guns aren't actually guns. They're magic items which use some sort of offensive magic to make explosions appear some distance from where they're pointed. Hence why you don't see a bullet or anything. This is actually the canon explanation.

As for impractical, someone post Nero's sword from Fate/Extra. Get a headache just looking at it.

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Blaz Blue in general is complicated. It's a very fancy and colorful setting that has CUHRAZY high-flying action in its fight scenes. It is a patently ridiculous setting altogether.

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Oh god, I love that crazy bastard.

This is how I Inquisitor.

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Well, yeah, but Soph and Cass are not insufferable pricks/whiny bitches.

They can have alternate reality sapphic soul searching for all I care.

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Even being weightless, they still look like they should get in the way of each other.
Kojima stoleone of Michael's great works. That bastard.

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Here's some more Kubo.
>base form is a short sword, wielder is an assassin
Seems practical to me.
>main battle form is a bracer/gauntlet-thing with a stinger-like blade - it'll kill any opponent instantly
Great for an assassin!
>but you need to pierce them through the same spot twice
>final form is pic related
It's big! It's gaudy! It's completely impractical for someone who needs to get in, make the kill, and get out quickly!
>it's also a nuclear missile
Well alright then.
>that requires 3 days of bed rest after one use

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Pyrrha wasn't that bad.

OK maybe a little, but she had freckles so maybe I'm being nicer than I should

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She was raised by Tira.
She was fucked to begin with.

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>lesbian assassin with giant dildo for ultimate

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That's a fucking cruise missile. There is a cruise missile on that person's shoulder. A golden cruise missile.

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Was that in a filler or something? I don't remember her revealing that bankai.

I kinda like that progression. It goes from "kinda fuck someone" to "fuck someone hard" to "FUCK EVERYONE, including me for three days".

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Japanese "Rule of Cool" is no less stupid than that of Americans.

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100% canon, I think it was first shown during the battle with the age-everything-to-death-because-I'm-a-fucking-king guy.

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Oddly enough it's the dew rag/cowboy hat combo that makes me raise an eyebrow

>> No.24344270

During the fight with Barragan Louisenbairn, 2nd Espada. The actual progression is from "2-hit kill" to "1-hit kill".

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That's how assassinations work these days.

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Don't you fuck with the Power Axe.

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I thought that was stupid, but the tacticool part comes in when you get an advanced sniping scope on weapon that is intended for pintle-mounted full-auto.

Proper use of that scope will give him a black eye every round he fires.

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>that fucking left turn

>> No.24344313


Those two aren't so absurd. Lance rifles have been done before. Lance rocket launchers have been done before.


I think that's an early russian night vision scope?

>> No.24344326


Not that weird. Been done before. Looked pretty much exactly like that.

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what makes it absurd is that its a plastic axe.

real world ones had the axehead on the barrel, not as the stock.

>> No.24344389


Not impractical just out of date.
That gun was designed for a method of warfare that had become obsolete due to technology.
Obsolete before it was even designed. Sad really.

>> No.24344410


Oh no it's been done both ways.
Neither design ever really caught on (a shame really as more stable than a bayonet) but the axe head on the barrel one was the more popular of the two.

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File: 3.70 MB, 2560x1440, capture0115-00000_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Soviets were hardcore.

>guys we need something to fit our assault planes with

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couldn't find a stock end one in 5 minutes on google image search so it doesn't exist.

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Still not enough dakka.

>> No.24344470


Wasn't that an airdrop method for supplies?
Still soviet solutions were known for a brutal elegance.

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Yet more Kubo!
>base form is a no-frills sword
>main battle form summons two giant armored arms that follow your own arms' movements
That's great!
>the giant arms have their own sword
>final form is pic related it's the giant in the background standing amongst the buildings
>if it gets hurt, you get hurt the same way, vice versa as well
Well sheeit.
>same goes with healing
That's fair.

>> No.24344493

Nope, the one I'm referring to was a firing solution

Shame it's not on wiki. Search "огненный ёж" for more

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Not that hard to find.
The barrel as the axe head was the superior configuration mind you.

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>> No.24344566


That is not the buster sword....

>> No.24344570


>> No.24344604

As of Advent Children, yes it is.

>> No.24344638

thats a retarded pistol with an axehead that makes it almost impossible to hold comfortably, not a shotgun or short rifle with an axehead for a stock.

>> No.24344651

That is the buster sword from Advent Children.

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That's still not as crazy as the gsh-6-30. As it turns out, you can't just mount a naval gun on a fighter plane and expect recoil not to be a problem.

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Well it was either that or cloud's sword. Our next entry is the siege spear, of Dynasty Warriors fame. Take a spear, and add a jet engine at the end. You're done!

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No, those are the Fusion Swords.
The buster sword is still planted on Zacks grave as of AC.

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How about this beauty.

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It may not be the same weapon, but the same idea still applies.

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no it isn't, it's called the first tsurugi, you see the buster sword in the movie you fucking dumbasses. see he has it on his back,the buster sword was kinda an important plot point

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Or this one.

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Nothing impractical about a double-barrel bolt action rifle that can blow an elephant/SWAT team member in half.

>> No.24344800


No shit sherlock.
Friend of mine comes from a toff family has an exotic weapons collection stretching back centuries. They've got a bunch of different kinds of axe gun but only one has the axe head as the stock.
They're unusual because they're not very practical.

>> No.24344803

Ah, the GAU-8. Such a beautiful thing.

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Only in Crisis core. I still remember that chunk of metal being outclassed by a nail bat.

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More gun is always good.

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Here's a pistol too.

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File: 1.15 MB, 2592x1944, 1337075520961[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gutt's sword.

>> No.24344869


The GAU 8 is hilarious when compared to other American aircraft.
I forget which fighter it was but the USA famously proclaimed the day of dogfights was over and over the horizon missile airwar would be the new norm.

Then after being proven wrong they quietly fitted guns to the planes which lacked them.

>> No.24344874

for an important sword,this picture makes me realise how shitty cloud is at taking care of his weapons. so much for treating it with any sort of reverence.

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Giant balisong

>> No.24344883


That's not so much impractical as just difficult to use. If it connects someone is getting fucked up and no armour will save them.
Over the long term you'll really fuck your arms up though. Shoulders especially.

>> No.24344899

Are Fusion Swords the official name? I thought all the development notes called it the First Tsurugi?

They really did not do a great job of worldbuilding in that movie. You'd never know the city they were in was called Edge if you didn't watch the bonus footage on the DVD. And I'm still not 100% sure whether Cloud and Tifa were supposed to be an item.

>> No.24344904

that kid with the arm tattoo is 3edgy5me.

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A lot of the bankai in bleach we haven't yet seen are apparently fairly impractical as well. Urahara's is apparently overdeadly, Sinsui's cant be used when allies are near (collateral damage?), Issun's cant be used if he's even a little wounded (it apparently puts a lot of stress on him).

Pic related: When he activates it it evaporates all standing water in soul society and people miles away notice it as their lips split and eyes dry up. He even says if he uses it too long it will kill everyone around him

>> No.24344918


A horrible but hilarious idea. If the build quality was really high it could work. But really such a long handle on a sword? Well it's debatable. Ok there is the point that you simply do away with the weak of the blade by just retaining the strong main cutting area.
But unless the build quality was good that thing would fall apart.

>> No.24344928
File: 191 KB, 1968x346, not_mine_again_2_by_jake_conner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pfft. Take a look at this baby.

>> No.24344944


That catapult would not be able to move the sword.

>> No.24344946

Depends, oh Awesome but Impractical is your standard Lancer Assault Rifle? I know the chainsaw bayonet is, but that's kind of obvious.
Eh, tech has a nasty habit of always falling short of your expectations.

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File: 190 KB, 1534x541, Gow-3-lancer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot the picture.

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File: 162 KB, 1115x934, 1315171258951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's "difficult to use" inasmuch as if it were actually made out of steel, it would weigh something like 500 lbs. You may as well say, "if you throw a Volkswagen at someone they're getting fucked up and no armor will save them."

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File: 184 KB, 1269x1395, 1339031860855[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This doesn't really fit, as it's awesome and practical.

>> No.24345011


The Lancer is more practical than people say.
The only thing I would do is move the bayonet further down the barrel but you'd have to extend the body or add a frame for it.
Still it's clearly a weapon that would excel in brutal close quarters combat.

Also fun story: The Americans are making the same claim now that dogfights are a thing of the past. After the F22 has consistently proven itself to be an inferior dogfighter compared to Eurofighter and in theory the Chinese and Russian stealth fighters.

>> No.24345018


Well one would assume the blade is not solid steel.

>> No.24345022

Must be a bitch to aim

>> No.24345023


Even if hollow, a sword that size with thick enough walls to ensure rigidity and resistance to buckling is not going to be liftable.

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>Urahara's is apparently overdeadly
How is that impractical?
>Shunsui's bankai
It's because whoever's near him gets caught up in Katen Kyototsu's games, whether they're part of the fight or not. Bankai probably has a larger radius of effect.
>Zankai no Tachi
Is broken as all fuck.
>my katana is now a lightsaber
>i'm now hotter than the sun
>mass Raise Dead
>getsuga tenshou, BUT WITH FIRE
Also, here's /a/'s newest edit of the "Shit gets real" pic

>> No.24345069

I remember doing the calculations for it once. It's really not too bad. Sure, it's something like ten times the weight of a claymore, but that's surprisingly low.

>> No.24345096


It's really all down to how you structure it. I doubt you could make it look exactly like Guts sword.
You'd be surprised how big some swords that have been made and used are.

>> No.24345118

>Ichigo is a quincy
>those Kubo faces
…what the hell happened to Bleach, man...

>> No.24345153
File: 1023 KB, 500x240, tumblr_lzxlhl2AxG1r1bp7xo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My nigga

>> No.24345156


Then you calculated wrong. Especially considering the 4" to 6" thick cross-section it has.

>> No.24345166
File: 17 KB, 600x363, Antonov-A-40-KT-Soviet-Flying-Tank-Inflight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24345169

The only thing I don't agree with you on is the length of the handle. There's precedent for it in Korean swords.
Pic related, it's a danwoldo.

>> No.24345175
File: 28 KB, 806x632, Screenshot-8_5_201012_28_55AM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From one of the .hack games, we have this. Basically they took a chainsword from 40k, scaled it up, and then let a tiny bishonen wield it instead of a genetically engineered supersoldier in 9 foot tall power armor.

>> No.24345207
File: 25 KB, 500x282, danwoldo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24345208


In a video game.

It is a video game weapon in a video game. Doesn't count.

>> No.24345211

Said bishounen wears nothing but belts.

>> No.24345227

they went down that road back in vietnam......

>> No.24345233


Ok yeah you sometimes see long handles. But they're pretty unusual. To be honest I wouldn't want to use one like the butterfly sword because I've always found the knives to be flimsy as fuck no matter how well made they are.

>> No.24345251


Ahh yes so thats when it was. I keep forgetting which fighter it was they initially didn't add a gun to. And when they made this hilarious proclamation.
I just remember that they did.

>> No.24345254

if any of that is real i'm gonna be amazed.

>> No.24345282

Eh, at that point, I think he's abandoned the Buster Sword and left it as Zack's grave marker. Not sure that's actually the spot where Zack died or anywhere near it, really, but I'm not sure it isn't, and leaving your allies weapon in the dirt where he died seems to be a recurring trope in Asian media.

>> No.24345283

so we better break the gunpods out of storage

>> No.24345287

In Advent Children Complete (basically the Director's Cut), the film ends with a scene showing the Buster Sword all cleaned up and planted in Aerith's church.

>> No.24345299

>what the hell happened to Bleach
Very good things. Him being a Quincy isn't about "aw look at him he's the MC so he has to have every power". It's about Aizen making a Hollow out of a shinigami that then hollowfied a Quincy (Ichigo's mother) that then gave birth to a being with shinigami, Hollow, Quincy and Fullbringer potential - all so that he could make a being to be his key to the gates of heaven so that he could take it over and become god.

>> No.24345309
File: 693 KB, 1280x722, Gigant_Take-Mikazuchi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gentlemen, behold! The Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi, a giant magitech Orbital Ion Cannon that can only fire once every four years, still did its job against the local eldritch beast though.
Even when I was younger I thought Haseo's outfit was incredibly stupid, and I liked a lot of stupid things back then.

>> No.24345313

What do you mean "real"? These were all events that have happened and statements made within the last year or so.

>> No.24345338

We liberated the FUCK outta those guys.

>> No.24345346

That's a rationalization. Whatever the canon explanation, out of universe, it's almost certainly about "He's the MC so he has to have every power".

>> No.24345351
File: 1.95 MB, 400x225, faget.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>posting the chain-sword
>not the dual-wield chain-daggers
>not the chain-scythe

>> No.24345396

Oh god I actually forgot about the chain-scythe.

>> No.24345399

'ey, I didn't even play that game, I just remember seeing a couple cutscenes when a friend was playing it.

Buy all means, post pics of this weeaboo motherfuckery.

>> No.24345400

>tfw its fake
>tfw i would concealed carry it

>> No.24345436

It's neither a rationalization, nor a "canon explanation". It's a plot point.

>> No.24345458

A plot point to allow the author to make his MC a hybrid "everything with powers in this universe". It's Mary Sue bullshit in the purest form.

>> No.24345459
File: 34 KB, 298x279, Why Boner 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh god, dat pic.

>> No.24345504
File: 229 KB, 959x1044, Haseoclass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't have any screenshots, but here's some concept art instead.

>> No.24345556

Being a hybrid does not a Mary Sue make.

>> No.24345633

Being a hybrid human/shinigami, not so much. Being a hybrid human/shinigami/hollow/Quincy/Fullbringer who never gets any character development...?

Look, we're not gonna agree on this one, and this is the wrong board for it. Nevermind, sorry I brought it up, have a lovely night.

>> No.24345740


Well with the F22 they couldn't do that without ruining its stealth profile so they actually quite sensibly placed a cannon (even if it is a shit one) onboard.
Meanwhile every other plane out there mounts a respectable gun.

>> No.24345784

>hybrid human/shinigami/hollow/Quincy/Fullbringer
By virtue of being any of those things, he isn't human, so you can scratch that off the list.
And is it ever confirmed that he actually retained his Fullbringer powers at all once he regained his Shinigami powers? I figured it was just a temporary setup to allow him to fight without being a Shinigami.
Then there's the fact that Shinigami/Hollow hybrids aren't even all that rare in the setting, so the only part that stands out is the Quincy part.

>> No.24345926

>By virtue of being any of those things, he isn't human, so you can scratch that off the list.
Wrong. Quincies and Fullbringers are humans with spiritual powers. If he's either of those, he's part human.
>And is it ever confirmed that he actually retained his Fullbringer powers at all once he regained his Shinigami powers?
Well, his Shinigami outfit retain cosmetic residue of his Fullbring outfit (x-shaped bands on his person), but that's about it.
Then again, those bands are over his solar plexus, on each wrist and on each ankle: the exact locations of the Hollow hole that formed and the tufts of fur that sprouted when he went full-on Hollow.
>I figured it was just a temporary setup to allow him to fight without being a Shinigami.
Not exactly. It was all just a ruse to augment Xcution's powers and get some petty revenge on Soul Society.
>Then there's the fact that Shinigami/Hollow hybrids aren't even all that rare in the setting, so the only part that stands out is the Quincy part.
Again, not exactly. Arrancars (Hollow with a zanpakuto) can occur naturally so there's a ton of weaker ones, but Visoreds (shinigami with a mask) are all artificial.
The Quincy part stands out because everybody thought Quincies were extinct.

>> No.24345959

Don't forget the dual-wield chain-daggers turning into akimbo dagger-pistols once in a while.

>> No.24346010

>>Very good things.

Well, except for the "Unohana, a very interesting character, gets fridged without every getting to fight the bads guys so Ken can have a powerup" bit.

>> No.24346046
File: 100 KB, 499x720, v-day 2013.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah, that was bullshit.
But come on, this was the last page of this year's Valentine's week chapter.

>> No.24346132

>Wrong. Quincies and Fullbringers are humans with spiritual powers. If he's either of those, he's part human.
No, if he's either of those, he's either part Quincy or part Fullbringer, because if you're a Quincy or a Fullbringer, you're not a normal human.

As for the wardrobe change, there's also the fact that his new powers are those given to him by the various Shinigami, rather than being entirely his original powers, so who knows how that's affected his reiatsu (and by extension, the appearance of his Zanpakuto/Bankai).

>Again, not exactly. Arrancars (Hollow with a zanpakuto) can occur naturally so there's a ton of weaker ones, but Visoreds (shinigami with a mask) are all artificial.
Not all naturally occuring Arrancar are weak; King Barragan was an Arrancar before Aizen showed up and he was still the third most powerful, even after Aizen made his own beefed up Arrancar.
Not sure how Visoreds being artificial makes Ichigo any more special, either, given that it's hardly a unique power-up.

>> No.24346205
File: 129 KB, 607x425, knifegun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh, compared to the other weapons in .hack the dual pistols aren't all that special.
They're just knifeguns after all.

>> No.24347107
File: 25 KB, 252x445, DinoAxe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More or less any weapon from any Kamen Rider series qualifies, but the Medagaburyu from Kamen Rider OOO takes the cake. It's an axe shaped like a T-Rex that can eat magical medals and transform into a bazooka.

It's more or less what happens when you let Calvin design a weapon.

>> No.24347149
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