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Eldar are getting update late May/early June, how fucking ready are you? Expectations?

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Please tell me Cruddace is doing it so I can bask in the butthurt.

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so june release? cause may is high elves for fantasy so its nice that the are released b2b hopefully all the eldar stuff in the leaked product sheet pan out if so eldar gonna get pimpin

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>1994 models still in use
>1999 models replaced (except Guardians)

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Goodwin did some great sculpts there.

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I think Kelly is doing it, he loves him them elves.
I really hope we get some new sculpts or cheaper kits. Either way I'm selling my Warmachine army to help save up for the update.

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Giant Wraithlord with a smaller Wraithlord piloting it.

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Fund it.

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I except no less than seven Avatars to die horribly and a craftworld to be destroyed.
A single tear will stream down the face of a Farseer at the loss.

Also Eldorath Starbane will be a fuckup again.

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That's if Cruddace writes it.
Everyone else knows that factions are supposed to win in their advertisement/rule book.

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I think there was a rumour that there was going to be a big 'Wraithknight' kit, though it wouldn't surprise me if it was just speculation.

Either way, yes, very fucking ready for a new Eldar codex, just so long as Cruddace doesn't get the job. I'd love Kelly to do it, Vetcock would be a close second, and would even settle for Ward. Just not Cruddace.

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Hey, the IG win in their Cruddex.

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Ward hasnt wrote a codex in ages, I think its his turn

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>Ulthwé is undoubtedly the best Craftworld ever. Yes, really! Thanks to the heritage of Eldanesh and their myriad heroic deeds, Ulthwé is the exemplars of the Eldar. With a few fringe exceptions... all Eldar craftworlds want to be like the Ulthwé and recognize Eldrad Ulthran as their Spiritual Liege.

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>I think there was a rumour that there was going to be a big 'Wraithknight' kit, though it wouldn't surprise me if it was just speculation.
I'm now imagining Wrightknight riding a monster-sized Wrighthorse.
Perhaps I've been spending too much time around WHF lately.

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Well, they already have robo-centaurs in Epic.

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I want more Warlocks, plastic Wraithguard, useful Swooping Haws, model for Warlock jetbikers, new Avatar model and cheaper flier than IG has.

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>6th edition
>Not using Swooping Hawks
Bro, do you even Eldar?

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>mfw the Master race return to glory

Can't wait.

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Eldar players are the second most uptight, broken-demanding group of fucks in 40k.

Though I mist admit Tau players have tried really hard after their recent codex to usurp the eldar.

As for an eldar update? while I play the superior Kin I am looking forward to seeing what eldar can do, though I do want some actual new fucking models for the phoenix lords and warp spiders.

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Was hoping for orks...

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>Eldar players are the second most uptight, broken-demanding group of fucks in 40k.

How d'ya reckon? Is it just because they've been moaning for a new codex for 9 years?

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I'm highly doubting that eldar will get updated in may, considering that the leaked high elf pictures have been floating around for like a month now

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If you remember the shitstorm when they got their current codex you'd know why.

BASICALLY the eldar fanbase FLIPPED ITS SHIT when it found out they didn't have a horrifically broken codex anymore. They went absolutely mental until flying circus became a thing and then they felt smug again as they had the most broken list in the game (again).

Still, there was (and I think still is) one group worse than them for this......

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Ha, for realz? I'm only just getting back into 40k now (I'm wanting to start Eldar once the codex is out). I know Eldar have had ups and downs in the tiers, but I was never around to witness all the ass mad.

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Well I *was* around, and you're really blowing things out of proportion. Most I remember is being not being happy that witchblades were mandatory.

There's always some fuckers complaining about the ShuriCat's range, even though the DA got a nice 18'' one. No pleasing some.

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No, the old crowd who were used to being the top dog from 2nd ed did go absolutely mental.

The long years of ranger disruption table, starcannon spam and shit like avatar + 3 wraithlords at 500 points meant even coming down to a reasonable level was a major kick in the balls for the power gaming eldar crowd.

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Who on earth was used to being 'top dog' from 2nd after 3rd came out? You're crazy.

And I don't think there's an old, non-imperium army that hasn't felt the bruise of being shoved aside.

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I'm sorry but Eldar need that 24" inch range. As much as I love Pathfinders (mainly for sargent killing trolling and picking off whatever I don't like from my end of the table), Eldar need more than one troop choice that is actually useful.

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I imagine they will finally release a wave of new jetbikes. There's been pre-production photos of one floating around for 2-3 years now.

To tie in with this, they will create the Wild Rider Chieftain, New Vipers and Viper Variants and a new Shrieker jetbike. Possibly, though highly unlikely - updated tanks. The female warlock who never got a model, Eldrad Ulthuan, and for the "Big Model" some type of Webway portal or else a Larger Falcon Variant. New Plastic Swooping Hawks that double as other aspect warriors. shining spears.

The new codex will cover ALL the craftworlds but will focus to a degree on saim hann Beause jetbikes.

In my wildest dreams - plastic wraithguard. A new Avatar.

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I'm torn between thinking a robo centaur would be amazing and thinking it would be terrible.

But yeah, plastic wraithguard plox GW.

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Hey avengers are good. enough.

But yeah guardians are terribad.

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Seems unlikely so close after the riptide. Probably more likely a flyer for the "big kit".

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Eldar players were king in 2nd ed, then they threw a tantrum over the change to 3rd (mainly over shruiken catapaults not being as good as storm bolters) when the rulebook lists roleld around.

Then codex eldar dropped and (like al lthe other books at the time) was a mess, but it had some horrific spam options but they didn't really dominate due to guard still destroying everyone with their rulebook list and rhino rush becoming a thing.

Then guard got their codex which took them from the top spot and rhino rush was slowly winding down as people went for maximum dakka to deal with it, codex craftworld eldar came out which made starcannon spam even better and lead to other horrifically broken shit eldar players claimed was "fluffy" (you'll note a certain other group has done this as well).

The when codex EoT hit you had the infintie seer council and all kinds of shit the strike force could pull, but starcannon spam was still the go-to list and remained a tournament winning army that had exactly 1 competitor for the longest time.

Then SM assault cannon spam existed in 4th until immortal falcons and flying circus turned up proving why rending was so broken in its old form.

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>Hey avengers are good. enough.

Blatant Lies.

I have tried making them work in this meta and they can't. They are to easy to kill with to short of a range on their gun if taken on foot and Wave Serpents are severely over-costed and easy to shoot down in S7 Glance Them To Death Edition. I regularly see IG, Necron and Ork armies that can shoot down 3 Wave Serpents per turn without blinking.

The Eldar need a fundamental paradigm shift to remain viable in this meta. Something equivalent to Necron Quantum Shielding or if they go the Foot route Warlocks with Conceal as their Primaris Power granting Shrouding in every squad. As they are now they are nigh unplayable, even against tier 2 army books.

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Which is the worse group?

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They need a serious statline/weapon upgrade. Perhaps around the same stats as Corsairs. Also wargear options.

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Still not painted?

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You say that, one of my group took 5th in student nationals with eldar, and eldar+ new tau is looking even better than eldar + old tau, with my twin linked, ignores cover dark reapers with 2 extra ablative wounds.

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>B..b..but the codex is v-viable if you take allies.

Allies is not an excuse for a codex that can't stand on it's own.

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I would like female sculpts, like they did for teh DE.

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The first one i mentioned didn't take allies.

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Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal. That guy you know might be a Creed level tactical genius who showed up with a anti-meta list no one was expecting to face Eldar due to no one paying attention to the codex competitively for so long.

If whatever he did were to became common and seen more often it would be super counterable just because Eldar are overpaying for everything points wise. As soon as people can anticipate your list it can easily be countered due to the points disparity alone.

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It's still anecdotal evidence. Almost every unit in the codex is overpriced for what you get, requiring Farseer buffs simply to do the job they're supposed to with any degree of reliability. The book is in desperate need for an update.

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They probably will do in the update but don't expect anything too sexy.

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Anecdote still disproves them being 'unplayable'

Hell the dude took them over his BA. Possibly for the surprise factor (which also worked for me in warmahordes from what i could tell) but still, saying they're unplayable in tournaments is a lie. There are better choices, doesn't mean eldar can't still do it.

It's not like eldar are meant to be an easy army to play.

Though yeah everything is overcosted.

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What is an expression?

>> No.24344048

>Anecdote still disproves them being 'unplayable'

You might notice that they were described as being "nigh unplayable" rather than "unplayable". Yes, now and then, someone will eke out a win in a competitive setting; that doesn't really change anything in the overall meta.

Besides, being able to win Tournaments does not mean the book is good. A codex which consists of three or four visibly overpowered units and several pages of dross might rock the competitive scene, but desperately needs rewritten.

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You're arguing over a hyperbole, while agreeing on the main point.

>> No.24344061


Chaos marines.

Dear LORD the fallout when 3.5 got replaced.

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> Try to play eldar
> 40k crash

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How would you guys make Phoenix Lords more cost effective? I'd love to see these guys fielded more. Right now Farseers are the only HQ's you ever see. It'd be nice to see some PL's, autarchs etc.

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Pretty cool eldar tribut, skip to 7:48 for best part.

>> No.24345010

Make them cheaper.
Make them unit upgrades, not HQ.
Make Aspect Warriors able to 'Put on their Armour' when they die.

>> No.24345016

I laughed when I read this.

Although why stop there? why not a giant Wraithlord piloted by a wraithlord piloted by a wraithguard?

>> No.24345039

Give it a gun that shoots Wraithguard at people and I'm sold.

>> No.24345393

It would be hilarious if Jetbikes are now Fast Attack options.

I would like to see a new Aspect Warrior. Maybe the ones that are supposed to be aces (forgot the name).

>> No.24345600

I have 22 and no other troops. That would make my Saim-Hann sad.

>> No.24346043

To be fair, CSM 3.5 was a wonderful book for options and fluff, even though it was broken. The switch to "less is more" faggotry killed that, while failing to really get rid of the broken part.

It just switched the fluffy-if-balls-out-broken Iron Warrior list with the fluff-retarded "Lol, double Slaanesh Princes with Plague Marines".

As for "hey, it's fluffy", we had Salamanders and Steel Legion in 5th, Iron Warriors and Elysians now.

>> No.24346099

But how would we know if they have a 6th edition in late spring, let alone this year? Its gonna be like the Tau when they announced it the last week before release without any hints or notice, just rumors that may or may not be wrong. In other words, I want to be prepared this time, I was not prepared last time.

>> No.24346180

So how is new CSM? All I ever hear about is the Heldrake being an obvious/mandatory three-pick and plague marines being even more unkillable.

I'm curious about Vetock's overall trend, as the Tau got some interesting tweaks but really didn't seem to get anything particularly strong or efficient besides the Riptide. Is this really "add a big powerful gimmick unit" edition, or am I just frustrated after the Kroot & Broadside nerfs?

>> No.24346215

RT era Eldar mercenaries/pirates were so fucking cool.

>> No.24346271

Overall it's pretty good (as in, average enough to be nice). Still a bit derpy but Chaos codexes always are, because GW thinks that chaos means randumb.

At least, that was before the Heldrake Errata incident. Now all you get is flying Goatse and nurgle bikers.

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I know, I got $350 for my birthday and wanted to spend it on Tau but hadn't heard a thing about them so I went ahead and spent it. The next day I see the update on GW's site FML.

On the bright side I still have like $50 left over. I'm considering selling one of the armies I don't play so I can get pick up Eldar at release.

>> No.24346636

Well, waiting is just as painful, if not more so than finding out too late. Wish GW wasn't as fickle and unpredictable as the typical Farseer.

>> No.24346772

This time I'm going to actually wait. Now all I need to do is sell my army and I should have enough to start.

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I know this might piss people off, but I think it'd be good if they replaced Dire Avengers with Guardians, giving them their stats and pretty much the same wargear options as corsairs.

>> No.24347753

So long as they make Dire Avengers better I'm okay with this.

>> No.24348379

I know. The Eldar range has aged so incredibly well. I'm not a fan of the RT era Harlequins, but the Eldar Pirates are just crazy cool.

When they brought out the new Rangers, most of the old Rangers looked pretty mediocre. Scorps, Banshees, are pretty much the same over the generations all being awesome. Fire Dragons have always been a bit average in my eyes. The tanks are still gorgeous. Wraithlords look better now, but the old Wraithlords are still really cool... I can't wait to see if they can improve the line.

>> No.24348589


Because Hastings said so on his and every release so far as followed it.

Really people sort of knew for at least a month if not longer that Tau were coming

>> No.24348615

My one hope is that they put more miniatures in the box. $41.95 for only six miniatures is highway robbery.

>> No.24348803

Some kit might be getting plastics.

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>> No.24350021


That's FW price right there.

>> No.24350700

If they bring back 80s hair metal hair and leather jackets, GW can have all of my money.
ALL of it.

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>Eldar players were king in 2nd ed, then they threw a tantrum over the change to 3rd (mainly over shruiken catapaults not being as good as storm bolters)

You mean everything. All of our cool, unique weapons were just turned into boring stat sticks.

>codex craftworld eldar came out which made starcannon spam even better

Because back then it was the only heavy weapon worth a shit. BS 3 limits your options for lances/launchers, and scatter lasers sucked back then.

Eldar need a complete revamp. In 2nd they were OP as shit yeah, but that felt close to their theme of being few and deadly. 3rd dropped, Necons and Tau really soaked up a lot of roles of what Eldar were and left Eldar with...? Psykers? They were a joke.

I can't sympathize because all the Eldar players I knew back then quit when 3rd came out. With the exception of Squats, the Eldar are probably the most neutered/neglected faction. Even mathhammer with Eldar feels like you're abusing game loopholes rather than playing an army.

>> No.24354131

The rainbow emerges from the darkness of GW's incompetence!

>> No.24354135

All hail the colors!

>> No.24354206

Ain't many of them?

I would in good honest say fuck you Eldar, Orks are in a direr need of a codex.

>> No.24354273

What? Have you actually looked through the Eldar book recently?
45 point bright lances. 35 point Shining Spears, 160 point Falcons. Orks could do with an update maybe, but Eldar need it far more.

>> No.24354294

lol... you are kidding right?
I don't play eldar or orks, but damn eldars need that update. They have manny units, so I would be glad if they would got something like Tau - only few new units but new rules (point costs) in general.

>> No.24354303


Both of them need the update. Neither more so than the other.

>> No.24354310

No, I'd say Eldar need it moreso.

>> No.24354347

No, both are pretty bad off, and limited to a (single) mediocre build. Both have useless "trap units" that serve no purpose other than to eat points, and both rely on allies currently to be remotely effective. Neither is particularly powerful in it's intended, and respective, roles (psychic and specialist units; combat) and both are not particularly enjoyable to play unless you're into masochist matchups. They both hail from the same less = more design era, and thus both have extremely lackluster, limiting codices.

Both need it. Neither need it more than the other. Hence, the order of which gets updated matters less than them both being next and getting the representation they deserve (finally).

>> No.24354351


this is the only thing that might get me to buy GW stuff ever again

it won't happen ;_;

>> No.24354386

As an Ork player, eldar need it more so.
Its ok. We'z da boyz. We'z da toughest and da strongest.
We can wait

>> No.24354422

I want the following:
>Exarchs = Stubborn, exarch powers are squad upgrades.

Farseer = mastery level 1, can upgrade to mastery level 3, may take 4 powers. doesnt roll for eldar powers.

Pheonix lords = FNP, Fuegan gets 4+ FNP

Autach = +1 to seize initiative, 2 warlord powers. Yriel is +2
DIre avengers =24" Assault 2 shuricats, Bladestorm is all weapons are salvo 2/4

Guardians = min unit size 5, defenders get bs4 and support weapon options(d-cannon/vibrocannon, ect), storm get ws4 and plas/haywire grenades

Scorpions = stealth for 10pts

Banshees = furious charge for 10pts, ap 2.

Wraithguard = 35pts, FNP.

>Fast attack

swooping hawks = Skyleap = swoop like MCs, intercept = Vectorstrike with Haywire grenades.

shining spears = get s6 ap2 PW on charge, haave unwieldy maul afterwards

Warp spiders = Deepstrike without scatter for 10pts, Enter reserves at end of asssault-phase for 10pts(roll deepstrike mishap table)

>Heavy support = BS4 for 5pts for all guardian units(falcons,warwalkers, ect)

Dark Reapers = skyfire and intercept for 35pts

Wraithlord = twinlink is optional, FNP

>Vehicle upgrades

Shock field = 15pts gives assault transport can not be combined with holo fields.

Holo fields = 25pts gives shrouding

star engines = 25pts may flat out in the assault phase

Shadow Weaver= unit hit is in dangerous terrain.
Starcannon=36" S6 AP2 Heavy 3
Vibrocannon= each gun in group takes 1 HP from vehicles.
Brightlance= -10pts

>> No.24354444

Keep both.
Avengers are the mobile troops that capture objectives with short/mid-range fusillade.
Guardians are objective keeper with weak but long range weapons and weapon platforms. Maybe add some ways to protect them.

>> No.24354466

I would play with such a codex all the time.

That's why we're most likely getting something gimped.

>> No.24354479

oh boy i´m excited... stopped playing 40k in early 5´th edition and might come back to revive my glorious eldar

>> No.24354485

>That's why we're most likely getting something gimped.
Well we have 2 different precedents:
>The Eldar Precedent
Every codex released so far has been a nerf dex.

>6th edition precedent
Every codex released so far has been at the same power level, a little below guard tier.

It could go either way.

>> No.24354613

You have no idea how ready my body is.

>> No.24354677


>Starcannon=36" S6 AP2 Heavy 3

Can I buy crack off you?

>Scorpions = stealth for 10pts
>Banshees = furious charge for 10pts, ap 2.

All you've done there is make their Phoenix Lords redundant, and even worse, boring.

>> No.24354792

Phoenix Lords = Associated Aspect as Troops. Include PL for Warp Spiders, Shining Spears, etc.

Kinda messed up with Asurman and Maugan Ra... but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

(Fine, just include one unit of the associated aspect as troops)

>> No.24355245

Here's hoping Banshees become troops and get plastic sculpts.

>> No.24355262

Probably won't happen unless they bring back the Craftworld-specific stuff. Maybe if you take Bob, Autarch of Biel-Tan you can.

>> No.24355282

I heard Fireheart is coming back with a model. That should have glorious glamrock hair.

>> No.24355306

Or maybe they'll try with the fans of DoW, where Banshees were expendable tarpits.
Weren't Wyches elite before their new codex? It could happen.

>> No.24355340

It would certainly help differentiate Banshees from Scorpions since their swords got nerfed. Right now, I don't see much of a reason to take Banshees over Scorps. They're frailer and worse at both mopping up light infantry and taking on termies.

>> No.24355358

They're both pretty terrible

>> No.24355381

>160 pt falcons
Tell you what, I'll trade you for my Predators.

>> No.24355399

Sure. BS 4 and decent anti-tank will be appreciated.
Have fun with your AV12 BS3 pile o' junk.

>> No.24355401

Yes, but scorps are better.

>> No.24355406

And Dire Avengers with Defend are better again. They're all pretty awful :)

>> No.24355459


>implying macha could rape anything.

>> No.24355472

Scorpion chainswords should be AP4.

Banshees should be AP2.

>> No.24355509

Ok guys, imagine this..

All the Exarchs get one new additional power. The catch? They can only choose two out of the three (Phoenix Lords get all of them but).

What new funky powers would you give each aspect to change their game? Because you can be damned sure they won't be getting new equipment options.

>> No.24355571

It's pretty sad that GW's new motto seems to be "No model, no rules" with very few exceptions.

>> No.24355605


It's more like their motto is 'only units with new sculpts get new toys'.

Case in point fire warriors and stealthsuits stuck with pretty much the same shit from last edition and pathfinders and broadsides getting new junk. You just know that the missile drone restriction is purely because only Broadsides models come with them.

While I can't speak for some of the older eldar models like spiders and hawks, you can be sure that scorpions and guardians won't be getting anything new at all.

>> No.24355616


>> No.24355635

>Bitching about 12/12/10 fast skimmer with a 48" S8 AP2 Heavy 2 cannon AND two other guns.

Oh you

>> No.24355641

Try using one. In practice it's really not that good.

>> No.24355645

It's in their design brief. They want you to buy the new 'interesting' units, so they keep the older ones bland by comparison.

>> No.24355656

>While I can't speak for some of the older eldar models like spiders and hawks, you can be sure that scorpions and guardians won't be getting anything new at all.

W-we'll still get buffs right?

>> No.24355664



>> No.24355666

I have sir, The BS is lamentable but it is still a solid tank, I occasionally run one with an EML and cannon as part of an allied detatchment.

>> No.24355681

Well, the obvious one would be their phoenix lord's extra power.

The Dire Avenger exarch can get a 4+ Invulnerable Save (against all attacks, unlike their normal shield's save, which is only for melee)

Howling Banshee Exarchs get furious charge.

Swooping Hawks have Hit and Run.

Scorpions get Stealth.

Fire Dragons can take Feel No Pain

Dark Reapers can pick up Accute Senses.

>> No.24355698

Shut up gunface.

>> No.24355708

Say that to my gunface and not online and see what happens.

>> No.24355914


>> No.24355947

Our farseer shall be shaped from the wraithbone.

>> No.24356001

>Eldar are probably the most neutered/neglected faction

You forgot about sisters of battle.

Which seems very appropriate.

>> No.24356085

What about lil' ol me?

>> No.24356121

I kinda hope that Maugen Ra gets his shuriken cannon replaced with some variation of aa reaper launcher so he's actually useful with a squad of Reapers

>> No.24356138

>GW giving Eldar more plastics over finecrap
Where the fuck is Kelly and how do I hug him?

>> No.24356163

1. he is right behind you
2. you cannot see him
3. he will watch you as you sleep

>> No.24356169

God, I just want a non-shit troops choice.

>> No.24356188

Do you think bone singers or some equivalent will be introduced?

>> No.24356191

I am really hoping for those eldar jetbikes we have all seen years ago.

>> No.24356197

There fetish fuel

>> No.24356202


>> No.24356208

I wish the Eldar were less "space elves" and more "alien".

I'm not really sure what I mean by that, though.

>> No.24356213

Dammit those answers were supposed to be terrifying.

>> No.24356237

I get you. I think its what happens when someone tries to write from their perspective and tries to make them sound deep which only makes them sound like people trying to be deep and failing.

>> No.24356239


Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers; each one true and kawaii as fuck to know.

>> No.24356241

>Dat face and basic math skills

>> No.24356243

If the Eldar codex gets any cool rules they'll be adapted into the next dozen codexes, or be horrifically useless in the next set of rules to come out.

>> No.24356258

Im too used to my cool stuff being picked up by Tau and Necrons to really care about that.

>> No.24356274

I know this is going to sound dumb but I want them to retcon all that Ynnead shit and make the Eldar actually care about regaining their numbers and empre instead of all this stupid "flitting about in craftworlds" crap.

Please, space elfs, just TRY to be a functional civilization for once.

>> No.24356288


games workshop fluff almost never changes in the ways you want it to

space elves are probably going to end up being bros with the orcs

>> No.24356293

I would be ok with this.

>> No.24356294


Gotta agree with you. Emo as fuck Eldar just gives them no motivation and makes them dull as fuck.

>> No.24356304

Thats why I love the quotes from Biel-tan and Samm hain

savages ricilice

>> No.24356310


Maybe merge the codex with the Corsairs, so you also get the younger Eldar pirates stealing Imperial supplies and eating lots of The Emperor's Chocolate or something.

>> No.24356311

saim hann I mean

>> No.24356320

why would they eat that mass produced shit when they have the aspect of the chocolate maker?

>> No.24356335

I'd imagine Kelly might do something like that. Or at least make it so Guardians are pretty much corsairs. (Please let them have corsair stat line)

>> No.24356363


And the wings.

>> No.24356431

Fuck it, I'm just going to ally with corsairs for some actual good troop choices.

>> No.24356435

Sixes be upon him.

>> No.24356449

And bs4 falcons

>> No.24356462

Anything with that much manface is disqualified from fetish fuel.

>> No.24356471

Its the special GW balloon tits manface fetish

>> No.24356480

Some of those 1994 models still look better than some of the newer ones.

>> No.24356487


manface is what all british women have though

>> No.24356503

And hornets and warp hunters

>> No.24356524

aw yiss. Wonder if we'll get a plastic warlock as well.

>> No.24356549


They should move Wraithguard to troops and make them plastic.

>> No.24356550

That's boring as fuck. Flitting about in craftworlds is awesome. Who needs numbers when you can slip between the cracks of the webway and strike like gypsy ninjas and die resurrecting an all powerful God of death with your robo-skeletons? Fucking. Awesome.

>> No.24356553


>"I am dumb nigger, please ignore everything I say because I suck my dad's dick."

>> No.24356558

maybe even some bits to mount these things on bikes properly?

>> No.24356565


They'll be either finecast, or (more likely I hope), multipart plastic with two sets of options. Like Wraithguard or Wraith(newunitname).

>> No.24356600

And here I was hoping for more variety to how they look. Fielding a whole army of them looks really bad.

>> No.24356609

Take a phoenix lord and get their aspect as troops. Maybe limit it to only troops for one phoenix lord, so you can still take two phoenix lords, but you can only take the aspect of one of them as troops. Or perhaps an army wide buff for their aspect, so if you take Kandras you can get rage for all striking scorpions (another attack), or if you take the howling banshee woman all howling banshees get furious charge.

>> No.24356613


When we get the new wraith unit (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease Riptide equivalent) it won't be so bad.

>> No.24356641


Fucking stupid, more like. They should just kill themselves now and save time.

>> No.24356652

You're getting that.

Wraithguards are the shooty, short-range robo-zombies we all know and love.

Cataphracts are the CC variant. Lance and shields, they float on cloth ribbons.

Wraith Knights are the Dreadknight/Riptide/Tervigon-size creature.

>> No.24356654

Not as stupid as your messeigneurs goat.

>> No.24356667


Where are you getting that info from?

>> No.24356669



>> No.24356679


I just came. HARD. Have this.

>> No.24356798

Again, have both. Some eldar have the Ynnead plan in mind, other want to rebuild their empire, other just want to be left alone, to survive or whatever.
Different opinions, different people and factions. Like if they were a race of non identical people or something.

While I'm at it, I was planning to house-fluff a faction of ex-exodite that destroyed their old culture to try to rebuild a new eldar empire : young eldar using their superior natural abilities and more reasonable numbers instead of near extinct but super experienced warriors.
Not planning to make them very successful though (but they get ok thanks to the help of Biel-Tan that fix their shit and go all "fuck those young hot blooded kids and their unrealistic ambi... wait a minute, what the fuck am I saying ?").

>> No.24356799

I still think the bladehead Banshees look better then what we have now.

>> No.24356836

This reminds me that most of my eldar army is older than my co-workers. Wouldn't surprise me if the models were smarter than some of them as well.

>> No.24357010


>> No.24357028

I know this about Eldar but I do not want to make another thread for a simple question relating to the 40k universe. Any word on the Black Templars?

>> No.24357047

BOLS says summer 2013 at the latest.

>> No.24358385


They have them in 40K too. Armorcast made the one in the center

>> No.24358594

It would be nice if Guardians actually reflect being part of a dying race that needs to stop dying so often.

>> No.24359386

My only expectation is price of Eldar in June is going to be greater than price of Eldar now.

>> No.24361315

>Path system has been revamped. Autarchs take paths that are now fixed in point cost (before they became more expensive the more you took) but do not make their aspect troops.

>Instead it allows corresponding aspects to be taken as compulsory troops.

>Ergo, the Path of the Striking Scorpions would allow you to take up to two striking scorpions as troops.

>If you also took the path of Swooping Hawks you could take up to two Swooping Hawks as troops or one and one.

>Guardians are a lot cheaper and have more options for special weapons.

>New transport for dire avengers / weapon platform (with no transport capacity).

>And lots of new goodies.

>If tau are the long range shooting army, eldar are a mix with potential units in short, mid and long range

>Long range comes almost exclusively from heavy support, however so you need to create a mix it seems.

>Aspects are still hyper focused and saw a very small decrease in points except fire dragons.

From Faeit 212

>> No.24361320

Guardians should act as mortar for when you have crevices left between your aspect warriors.

>> No.24361792

Give me one second, I'll email a second batch of fake information to Natfka and see if he still posts it today.

>> No.24363161

I heard a lot of people say they hope Kelly writes the Eldar codex. Can someone fill me in why? I only know he wrote a pretty controversial CSM codex and that he likes Eldar, but I don't know what Eldar stuff he's done before that makes him such a favourite for the job.

>> No.24363215

>mfw Striking Scorpion army

Good shit. It'd be cool to see Autarchs get more play.

>> No.24363275

the 1990 warlock is still being sold, as well ;)

>> No.24364415

Any new models for troop choices? Are aspects getting plastics?
His most recent works:
Codex: Space Wolves (5th Edition)
Codex: Dark Eldar (5th Edition)
Codex: Chaos Space Marines (6th Edition)
Codex: Chaos Daemons (6th Edition)

>> No.24364451

>Tau get good update
>eldar on the way

Fuck yes.

>> No.24365025

>tau get good update

Lolno, tau got fucked again.

>> No.24365136

Not Kelly or Cruddace. I don't want to roll for wargear. I don't want to roll to see if my army has ranged attacks at all. I also dont want monobuilds or half a codex of absolute shit. Preferably I would like 7th WHFB Daemons level of internal balancing with external balance being more along the lines of a welcome addition to the meta that won't roll everyone but is sufficently powerful enough to warrant consideration when building a tourney/all-comers list. Oh, and it better be stable and not rely on rules that will rape them come a new edition. That means no rules that won't exist in 7th and nothing that can be neutered by loss of overwatch or jink or static charge ranges or rolling winds of magic (because you never know what else they will port over).

>> No.24365248

I damn well expect either all eldar guns to get a huge buff or the prices of eldar shooty guys to drop.

Boltguns got their range doubled in 6th. Shuricats got fuck all. Either double the range of our guns or increase how many shots they make or make them stronger. 45 points for a single BS3 lance shot is a joke when DE and every other race can get better for half that cost.

I assume that we will get Fortune as a signature spell, lose guide because prescience exists, and have to roll for doom (1-2), mind war (3-4), and psy storm(5-6, may cost 2).

Oh, and not kelly or crudd. I like having playable special characters or at least characters that I can personally customize beyond - has a gift, may or may not be good.

>> No.24365285

Check the stamp on the warbuggy...

>> No.24366342

Alright /tg/, I'm considering starting Eldar but can't decide between Craftworld or Pirates.

>> No.24366527 [DELETED] 

If you run ten man corsairs squads and convert ALL your vehicles, Corsairs are actually a pretty fun army. However, you can't really convert anything for your flyers easily.

>> No.24366554

If you run ten man corsairs squads and convert ALL your vehicles, Corsairs are actually a pretty cheap to build. However, you can't really convert anything for your flyers easily.

>> No.24366651

>Prince Yriel
Why not both?

>> No.24366701

>playing an Eldar foot assault army in 6th

Big trouble.

>> No.24366721

>Not already using him as your corsair prince

>> No.24366764

Yriel a shit.

The Dark Eldar are the true saviors of Iyanden.

>> No.24366849

Same question except I can't choose between DE or Corsairs.

>> No.24366857


>> No.24366921

Why not both

>> No.24366948

Sucks that Forge World didn't take advantage of the Corsair thing to produce more Bowietastic Pirate Space Elves. Fingers are crossed for the new Eldar release, but since Space Pirates now have their own list that seems unlikely to happen...

>> No.24367064

>topless dude in the background
Is that an actual mini or a coversion? Looks like a Terminator from Nemesis the Warlock, which is presumably where the idea for Eldar helmets came from.

>> No.24367102

If your on a budget listen to this guy:>>24366554
If you don't mind working with some green stuff vehicles are very easy to convert. If you take ten man squads you won't need transports but take the jetpacks. For you basic troops use whatever you like best.
Honestly I love them and their probably the reason I'm not going get the new Craftworld update.

>> No.24367289

Looking at the list, I'm in two minds about the Corsairs. On the one hand their jetpackin' missile-launchin' troops are feckin' amazing, especially when compared to Guardians, and things like BS4 vehicles are nice. On the other they seem to lose out on so much good stuff (Farseers, Wraithlords, Aspect Warriors, Fire Prisms...) and their HQ options really don't seem too hot- although the Prince's deep strike ability looks very fun.

Obviously though allies fixes this, so I'd probably go both with Corsairs as allied detachment for dem jetpacks.

>> No.24367527

Right now I main Corsairs with a Farseer (BB HQs can join allied squads) and two Pathfinder squads. Shit is cash.

>> No.24368360

Also Fire Prism are still pretty nice to run allied if you don't feeling like converting or buying a forge world model.

>> No.24368862

Lasblasters or Shuriken catapults?

>> No.24369197

Lasblaster, unless your hunting a vehicle or planning on getting close I'd recommend trading power for the extra range. If your really worried take a shuriken cannon, that'll guarantee you kill something. Plus a lasblaster's AP 5 isn't too bad.

>> No.24369935

I'm thinking Shuricats will be 24" S3 or 4 rending. Dire Avengers will get Relentless as a tradeouff.

>> No.24370147

>Broadsides get carnifexed.
>Fighter useless due to model turret placement.
>Bomber useless because some fucker decided to make flyer combat speed equal to minimum speed, meaning drones always snapshot.
>No target locks or multitrackers on vehicles.
>Hammerheads are still one per HS slot, and only carry a single heavy weapon.
>No way to get Troops into enemy's deployment zone for objective VPs.

The codex is an improvement, but not enough of an improvement. Tau finally got anti-horde but at the cost of anti-tank. They're in the same "awesome allies position" as IG, but not as strong a solo codex.

If missions were always kill points, the codex would be really strong, but the Tau just can't take and hold objectives like other armies can.

>> No.24370966

Totally expect GW to fuck up any new models.

The current striking scorpions look shit compared to the early 90s ones so they probably won't replace those they'll probably bring in some new big plastic kit.

Scorpion maybe?

Or some extra big super wraithlord.

>> No.24371427

>Hammerheads only one per HS slot
Wow, talk about bitching. Wahhhh Tau didn't get imperial guard tank squads. Big fucking deal, every other race only gets 1 tank per HS slot too. Imp guard are the exception not the rule.
>vehicles all have to fire at the same target
>doesnt know about kroot
mhmm, dont forget about devilfish either
>fighter jet 'sucks'
Havent seen the rules for it myself. You're the first ive seen complain about 2 new air units.
>broadsides unplayable
its called anti-tank and anti-air. Perhaps you have heard of these roles. They tend to be really damn useful in this game

>> No.24373231

As long as Warp Spiders are good in the new book that's all that matters to me.
I'm not an Eldar player, but they are my favorite unit fluff wise in the game.

>> No.24373783

Play Ork, come back then cry from joy as you will actually have something str 8< with more than 36" range.

>> No.24373896

>Totally expect GW to fuck up any new models
But Jes Goodwin has been working on them for like six years already.

>> No.24374104

Plastic Srorpion and Banshee's
pysker flyer

>> No.24374120

So, if Kelly/Crud are doing Eldar, does that mean that Marines get spiritual Liege WARD?

>> No.24374132


Ward has been pretty successful at toning down his past excesses, see 7e vs 8e daemons.

>> No.24374164

>Ward has been pretty successful at bombing books he didn't liek himself.

>> No.24374182

>That OP pic showing the evolution of Eldar models over several releases
There's got to be more pictures like this

>> No.24374189


It's funny you would claim that, before it was widely agreed that Ward lurved daemons with which he broke Fantasy, and anecdotal stories about him telling complainers "it would be a shame if the daemons weren't powerful" circulated around the internet.

>> No.24374195

There's a rumor of a multikit for Warp Spiders and a new aspect, and Wraithguard/Cataphractsorsomething.<wbr> Here's hoping Banshees become troops with a plastic kit.

>> No.24374217

Seconded. Looks like it might be from back when White Dwarf still had content in.

I also really like design sketches, especially Jes Goodwin's Eldar ones. Cos, y'know, Eldar are best.

>> No.24374456

not to mention he made fantasies orkz and goblins just like some saturdays mornings cartoon villains that main hero fights before going to main villain

>> No.24374473


That's always been the case with greenskins and beastmen.

There's always been a pretty clear hierarchy when it comes to who's the main villain in Fantasy (40k too).

>> No.24374475

yeah white dwarf became just a glorified shop catalogue, that instead giving tips how to make your own conversions or terrain, it is simply "BUY THIS NEW PLASTIC KIT FOR ONLY 200$"

>> No.24374511

everyone had a noble goal once, even villains, orkz were this kind of villain that doesnt even realize he is evil, he just was doing what he likes and what seems fun to him and gives no shit about others and himself

now its evil dude that does evil things just because he is evil

on other hand...i am glad he didnt rewrite their fluff on same levels as necrons...i would hate nomadic noble orc tribes that fallow their shamans wisdom or warchiefs might and honor to be accepted by other races as not evil

>> No.24374555

>not $200

>> No.24374606

Ward Orcs were the same as all other previous Orcs, there was no real rewrite.

>> No.24374656

I think every other thing to be done with Necrons is superior to murderbots killing for the hell of it.
Making them all-powerful sunkings of their kingdom suspiciously devoid of rot and dust are possibly not the best way to go but one that gives them far more nuanced motivation and the possibility to make them funny.
Not to mention the possibility to portray them as somewhat heroic or at least view them as protagonists in their own story as opposed to generic enemy hordes to be overcome by the heroes.
I think not automatically being strictly the bad guy is a positive development.

>> No.24374671

You're both a little excessive. Broadsides didn't get fexed, they just haven't the same role. They have been nerfed for sure, but not carnifex-nerf.

I also think Hammerheads should have get squadrons, I don't see any reasons they shouldn't have. But yes it's not that dramatic. It's just that the railhead would have been cooler with it as it have a bit of a Vanquisher effect. But a cheap vanquisher with AP1 and BS4, so he is still ok.

And yes, tau will have hard time to capture objectives, that will be their main issue. Kroot can't flank, sure, but you will have to keep them alive. I can see mobile army with devilfish being a thing though. That won't make tau a shitty codex, but that really an issue.

>> No.24374699

>tfw we have to deal with a resurgence from the faggiest, most ridiculously entitled section of fucktards in all of 40k

Eldar players deserve to get fucked. I hope their book sucks, I hope the fluff sucks, and I hope the army gets contracted. Fuck your faggy space elves and your shitty WE'RE THE LAST OF A GREAT EMPIRE HOW ROMANTIC ARE WE back story.

>> No.24374724

Not to mention the possibility to still be an antagonist, but a smart and elite one.

Someone is still haunted by warcraft 3 ...

>> No.24374734

Shush. The only ones who are like that are either those who can't forget the glory days, or those who are new and play them like spess muhrns.

>> No.24374751

Those are the only kinds of SPESS ELFS players.

>> No.24374755

>Eldar players deserve to get fucked.
That's nice.

> I hope their book sucks, I hope the fluff sucks, and I hope the army gets contracted.
That's not nice.

>Fuck your faggy space elves and your shitty WE'RE THE LAST OF A GREAT EMPIRE HOW ROMANTIC ARE WE back story.

Nope, Humanity is the current. Probably Tau after them. Or any of the other aspirant, resurgent and invading forces.

True. It was almost as boring to play against them as to play them.

>> No.24374783

You really don't understand how much I hate Elfdar. I joined the hobby back in '08 at the tail end of 4th and spent my first few months in the community dealing with a trio of fucktards who screamed bloody murder any time any other faction got something cool because WELL YOU KNOW ELDAR ARE THE MOST ADVANCED AND POWERFUL CIVILIZATION IN THE GALAXY WE CLEARLY SHOULD BE GETTING MODELS AND RULES BETTER THAN ANY OF THIS.

And I really haven't seen anything to change my mind from that.

>> No.24374787


>> No.24374816

It's beacouse eldar players don't get anything for years while some others get constant new material.
It gets to the nerves.

>> No.24374898

>Letting a shitty fanbase influence your opinion of something

>> No.24375088

You didn't need anything. The Eldar codex was perfectly playable til 6th edition.

>> No.24375111

Wave serpents with fire dragons or die

>> No.24375120


>The Eldar codex was perfectly playable til 6th edition power creep

fix'd. Eldar may have been nerfed harder and harder each edition, but it wasn't until 5th that they started actively sucking.

>> No.24375132


Meant to say 5th edition.

>> No.24375271

>7th WHFB Daemons level of internal balancing
You mean every single core choice being inferior to bloodletters?

>> No.24375293

Horrors were amazing with 7th ed magic

>> No.24375300

Oh right yeah, changes to power dice fucked them over

>> No.24375399

>It was almost as boring to play against them as to play them.
> mass of warriors hiding behind 2 monoliths
Yep, long, random and booooooring until I get my manticore.

> 23 power dices
> Well I guess I'm happy to play an anti magic dwarf list, so I have like ... half that in dispel dices ?

>> No.24375518


It's a Custodes, GW did once make a couple of official models of them.

>> No.24375592


I had pretty much all the white dwarfs from Paul Sawyer's era, but I threw them out when I was moving house. I kind of regret now when I see how poor the magazine is these days.

>> No.24375698

>letting three idiots determine your view on Space Elves
They sound like pretty much anyone who takes 40k way too seriously for me. Personally I both love the Eldar and do not give a flying shit about the fluff. They do need a rules update, sure, but I'm not going to go complaining at length about it and certainly not by banging on about some terribadly written fluff.

Also, I find the Ward-inspired "Eldar are incompetent" thing amusing.

>> No.24375704

Oh yeah. Those guys are straight from Nemesis the Warlock.

>> No.24376281

>3 guys thought their army should be better than everyone else's
>therefore I hate Eldar forever and I will caps lock like a retard because of it.

It's the same with every faction you dolt. There's always going to be bias towards favourites.

>> No.24378465

Go home astartes.

>> No.24378669

I personally don't see how the codex can be saved, it is going to suck in this meta unless they get a Quantum Shielding style "you can't shoot down all of our overpriced skimmers with medium strength spam in or or two turns" rule and since the Tau didn't get one (Disruptions Pods are not one, a 3+ cover can't do shit to protect you from 50+ medium strength shot per turn armies, I know this first hand from the Tau players I have beaten with my 50+ medium strength shot army) I don't think they will either.

>> No.24379557

Any hopes for the new Eldar Battleforce

>> No.24380773

Four squads of guardians with a new guardian leader character.

>> No.24381038

Having not played Elfdar since 3rd, there are basic things that could stand to be changed up.

Storm Guardians. I want them back. They may not be great, but I like my conscripted militiamen charging in like bosses. And, it'd make counts-as-ing a Corsair force easier.

Useless units/weapons/equipment: There are some things in the list that have absolutely no purpose (I'm looking at you Swooping Hawks). They don't need to be awesome, I just want them to have some kind of use other than painting practice.

Avatar: No moar joke pls?

>> No.24381100

If I get some new and, most importantly, good looking new Phoenix Lord models, I'm sold regardless of gaming power levels.

Some new warp spiders wouldn't hurt either, I like the old models, but there's not enough variation.

>> No.24381148


>swooping hawks
>with haywire grenades
>and wings
>against all the fliers in the game now

You are dumb.

>> No.24381213

>Hasn't played since 3rd, and were useless up until now.

Nice reading skills there. Even so, now they've got ONE job, and I feel like I wouldn't be far off in assuming they're not too great at it either.

>> No.24381506

>wonders why Aspects have one job

Maybe it's because they're an aspect? And you didn't say 'Swooping Hawks were useless in 3rd', you said hadn't played since 3rd and then went on to say they were useless. No reading error there.

>> No.24381655


Forgive me, but can they actually assault flyers?

>> No.24381682


>> No.24381756

Yes, they're an aspect. They were terrible at their job back then, and I haven't heard anything positive about them in the current meta, which leads me to doubt that the Hawks have gotten any more useful.

So, they're useless. And ontop of that, like alot of things in the Eldar dex, overpriced for what you get.

>> No.24381769

Something like your pick wouldn't be bad, but than again Eldar have never had a good Battlebox

>> No.24382117


That is no excuse to make Greenskins fucking shite in a tabletop wargame.

Between Ward fucking Greenskins, and GW as a whole fucking Beastmen (they were fun in 6th edition because they were actually unique) that was my 2 main armies ruined.

Not played Fantasy in many years as a result. I keep up with the rules to see if there's anything that would bring me back but doesn't seem like that's ever going to happen.

>> No.24382149


"most powerful in the galaxy"
"last of a great empire"

Soooo Space Marines then?

Only marines ACTUALLY get all the models and all the rules.

>> No.24382170


Then... how are they any good against flyers? You can't throw Grenades at them can you? That would be even more silly.

Am I being rused?

>> No.24382196


The "battleforce" will probably contain whatever the new big model is, then a handful of an aspect warrior and a handful of guardians.

Basically making it a horrible starting place for an army and something you wouldn't ever be likely to buy more than 1 of assuming you wanted the big new model and whatever aspect warrior they chuck in.

>> No.24382375


Oh dear. You'll have to forgive me but I'm a bit guilty of this.

Its just... lore wise there's such an inconsistency. Nerfs and codex creep have made Eldar an army of specialists who aren't actually special in any way, shape or form. Even their Psykers, meant to be some of the most powerful in the galaxy, now pale in comparison to Space Marines.

But, it also sounded like you had a couple of fags playing Eldar. Try not to judge everyone too harshly.

>> No.24382380

Most Chaos players bitched for weeks when the new codex came out too.

>> No.24382402

Eh, DE, Necrons, C:SM, and Tau all got pretty good new Battle Forces.

>> No.24382494

I always wanted to play Tau and Eldar until I realized that the fanbase for these factions are probably the most aggravating people I've ever met.

Which is a damn shame.

>> No.24382624

Oh god please give us plastic scorps

>> No.24382649

I want plastic boxes of all the aspects, in ten man squads.

>> No.24382725

It wouldn't hurt! Okey maybe our wallets

>> No.24382860


Nice file size, faggot.

>> No.24382931

Why does everyone say Eldar fans are so terrible? I'm admittedly biased, but I just haven't seen it.

>> No.24383107


I must admit, the only two guys I've known personally who played Eldar were effeminate douches, but since the FW Eldar stuff started to come out I've been digging them. I've got the minis from the current range that I like in anticipation of starting an army of them when the new book/minis range comes out.

>> No.24383241


No no you must buy new giant mech/walker/supertank thing.

No plastic basic troops for you, you have models for those already.

Gotta love how tomb kings never got updated core skeletons and tau never got updated battlesuits in favour of big kits.

>> No.24383279

What's the next thing? Navy units?

>> No.24383376


Superheavy fliers, then Titans.

Of course a 40k sea battle suppliment would open up a whole new range for them. New terrain to sell and big plastic kits to pump out.

>> No.24383615


I would actually fucking love that so much. yfw scratch-built Ork battleship, or Imperial cathedral ships.

>> No.24383748

Tyranid kraken comes out of the depths to rip your ship in two...

>> No.24383775

Yes but Tau got 3x battle suits for $60, which is a pretty good deal seeing as you'll be taking a shit ton of them already. I'd happily pay $60 for a full unit of Aspect Warriors or Harlequins.

>> No.24384098

Any conversions I can do for Eldar Corsair flyers?

>> No.24386141

>thinks swooping hawks can attack flyers
>calls others dumb

>> No.24386178

Throwing grenades at flyers is 100% legal.
Stupid, but legal.

>> No.24386275

I can't for the life of me find the Bolter and Chainsword Eldar painter.

Have they removed it?

>> No.24386338


Implying they won't get a special rule covering that in the new 'dex.

>> No.24386361

I'm pretty sure I read something about Hawks strapping meltas to flyers as part of their description on a wiki. Might be cool.

>> No.24386464

Ha, that's pretty funny. Alright, so technically they can attack flyers... with one attack per squad hitting on a 6...

>> No.24386492

you mean awesome

>> No.24386515

>Throwing grenades at flyers is 100% legal
>Stupid, but legal
Goddammit, I wish I knew how to make a gif right now. Instead, you'll have to go here:


(to be fair, the music makes it even better)

>> No.24386524

I really want three of these to use as my wraithlords, yet I can't justify the price. Fucking Forgeworld.

>> No.24386573

Sup bro


password: 45632

>> No.24386669

Did B&C have one?

This is a rudimentary one.


>> No.24387039


>> No.24387210

You are awesome. Saved hard.

>> No.24387313

What's this?

>> No.24387319

huh. looks like a simple upgrade/conversion sprue

>> No.24387530


>> No.24387624

Isn't it on the Forge World website? The Chinese thing should be an exact copy of that.

>> No.24387733

this is me

i dunno, the price at the Chinese site seems too low for a full model, but i don't really know

>> No.24388681

It might be from a catalogue... There's one up on Stuff of Legends (http://www.solegends.com/citcat2004/P0124-02.htm)

>> No.24388868

Hell, yeah. Dicks can ruin a faction so easily. I HATED HATED HATED IG because of this. Fucking rule abusing, powergaming, rules lawyer fuckward. That cunt just ruined the whole faction for me. Luckily I'm getting over it.

Gotta laugh at this though:
>I joined the hobby back in '08 at the tail end of 4th
5 years ahahhahahahaaa...

>> No.24389707

Its only the resin conversion bits for a base wraithlord (which they also sell)

>> No.24389937

I really hope Rangers stay good because I'm going to buy my Eldar army on release date and I really wanted at least two five man squads of Pathfinders.

>> No.24390085

Which, funny enough, is actually cheaper than they were before. Used to be $25 a pop, now they're effectively $20 each.

>> No.24390352

And you can find them for 50 dollars for the box of 3 online. Pretty good shit. Its very unlike GW to drop prices like that. I wished they fixed some of the quality issues with the suits, though, but its not a very big deal.

>> No.24390368

What are you talking about, currently they're $24.75 separately and $65 for three. Honesly, GW is giving you a good deal for the three.

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