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I wanna make a mono-green casual deck based around this handsome fella for play with just my friends. they dont mind about what editions you pull from, so any set is fine. a critter rush/high speed sorta deck would be preferable

after that, magic general?

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shameless self-bump

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>High speed/critter rush

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ive only been playing for about 2-3 months so i dont know if thats the right term. basically, a deck for getting lots of mana fast, and summoning lots of things.

failing that, just a fun vorinclex deck?

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Arbor Elves, Llanowar Elves, Primeval Titan, Rampant Growth, and don't forget Bountiful Harvest if you really want to milk a mono-green land building deck.

(P.S. Don't put any Evolving Wilds in a mono-colour deck.)

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>not that version

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Fuck the police.

Don't play with Vorinclex

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Someone ruined these images. What monster has added more clothing to Cultist-chan?

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thanks, i'll look into it! Nice to see some fa/tg/uys can still leave constructive comments~

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come on, she looks lame without panties

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Use the Zenith and this beautiful bastard.

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Someone poast original.

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Please, you don't even notice if you aren't looking for it.

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So uh, you like to mill yourself bro?

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Self-mill? Can I come!?

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Only if you bring friends.

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so, how many friends am i going to lose playing this list?

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If your only friends are a few balding old neckbeards who whine when they lose, you'll lose all of them. But you'll gain some Timmies and Johnnies, and they'll make better friends, anyway.

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