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Why haven't you joined the Greater Good, Gue'la?

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Because I am actually the Earth Caste who gives Shadowson her drones.

... and I don't think she would return my massive forbidden love for her.

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Because they changed shoulderguns for hand guns.

Chaos up in this motherfucker.

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Too much fun setting up "cultural exchanges" with you naive retards.

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Wait... what happened with the broadside's shoulder railguns...?

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Because my name is Jerry, not Gue'la.


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I've been too busy giving the greater good to your females. You know they prefer Gue'la men right?

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Because I'm not sure if my primarch or the Emperor would condone it, and I can't do anything without their express permission because I am a mindless plebe.

Just kidding, it's because Space Marines are fucking awesome.

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You have to earn a personal name. For now you are Gue'vesa Nig'a

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Only if there's a blueberry to win.

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you could build your very own shadowsun out of drone spare parts, you know. All you have to do is join Slaanesh.

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Because I sold all my Tau and Grey Knights, and didn't buy the 6th ed rulebook.

Now I use my only remaining army to play pic-related.

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.... I don't know if I would be able to get her righteous fury on my own, and what I know of.... Slaanesh's kin (I believe the man himself was killed in a fight with our forces), they can't get that down.

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Because your messengers won't give us any plasma weapons to attack the Imperium with.

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Because turncoat humans are usually these guys, xeno.

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Honestly, because I find the new codex unplayable in my local metagame.

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Lol... I just thought the nightlords would make the most realistic Tau ally army.

I can easily believe they would Merc themselves out for a fixed ship or a full haul of new human slaves.

Totaly doing this now with my farsight army.

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We did.

Our GM was so mad

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because you cant beat them newcrons man

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I catch you again posting a picture of oldcrons while saying newcrons are cool.

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Already have. The auxiliary regiment covering your east flank? Yeah.

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Oh shit, you're one of those guys? Drinks are on me during our 15 minute Ethereal-mandated break during the post-combat resting phase!

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Too bad taus only drink sugar-free fruit smoothies because anything else wouldn't be healthy.

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Doesn't the codex, or another source, mention a tau liquor that's pretty hard?

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>being blue
>not being green

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The Tau empire will never be as efficient as walmart.

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Aw, they still use FTL travel. How cute.

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it's best served warm in one gulp. Probably their equivalent of sake.

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tell me if this is legal:

7 Crisis Bodyguard, each model has Plasma Rifle, Plasma Rifle, ATS
Regular XV8 Commander with Command and Control Node, Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite, Iridium Suit, Onager Gauntlet

Deepstrike with no scatter and then shoot 30 Twin-Linked, Ignores Cover Plasma Rifle shots? Then Thrust away?

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Yes, the first earlier Codex has Water Caste getting drunk with his human buddy in a bar.

Also there is a nother scene in the Codex where Fire Warriors drink a hot alcohol beverage called Ky'husa after they complete their bonding ritual.

>Didn't read any Tau fluff
>Yet feels free to make a false statement of.


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>Plasma Rifle, Plasma Rifle
You can't buy two of the same weapon. If you buy two, it just becomes twin-linked. And before someone says "BUT IT DOESN'T SAY YOU CAN'T HURR", it doesn't say you can't do a lot of things, but that doesn't mean I can plop a house cat down on the table and declare that any models it eats count as destroyed.

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As I guy who dreams of having a family one day, I find it abhorrent and disgusting that the Tau Empire would go to lengths to deny others the right to have children.

This makes them my most hated faction. Screw them, really.

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the only people who don't deserve having children are those who want some. You have to be fucked up to want those things.

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Not canon. The same game has Khorne Sorcerers.

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the fluff is contradicting itself? IMPOSSIBLE

fuck you, Khorne sorcerers were mentioned in the first Warhammer RPG edition, and Khorne doesn't go prevent his followers from using magic, he just doesn't like it and sorcerers don't go sponatenously towards him.

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Because you would never let me as close to delicious Earth Caste blueberries as the guevesa in this picture.

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Why would we join a coalition of inferior species?

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Legal? Yes. The best/silliest you can do? Not by a long shot. I came up with this earlier today:

Farsight - 165 pts

Shadowsun and all three drones - 195pts

7 Bodyguards - 637pts
- 1 with Plasma, Fusion, Flamer, and two drones (91pts)
- 5 with Target Lock, Fusion, Flamer, and two drones (81pts each)
- 1 with Flamer, Drone Controller, Vectored Retros, Neuroweb, CnC Node, Multi-Spectrum Sensors, Puretide Chip, Repulsor Field, Onager Gauntlet, and two drones (141pts)

10 Sniper Kroot - 70pts

10 Sniper Kroot - 70pts

Space Marine Librarian Ally - 185pts
-Epistolary, Terminator Armour, Combi-Melta. Gate and Null Zone.

5 Marine Sniper Scouts - 75pts

Aegis Line + Quadgun - 100pts

Total: 1497 points

When it drops it fires 9 Melta Guns, rerolling to-hit, Tank Hunters, only three of which must be at the same target.
All the shooting are rerolling to-hit Ignores Cover, with 10 guns at AP 2 or better, and forces invulnerable saves to reroll.
It's escorted by 17 Drones. A few will be shield drones, but most should be gun drones (with BS3). They'll put out around 20 Pinning Pulse rounds.
Shadowsun gives everything a 4+ Cover Save in the open. More if there's cover, such as the wrecks of the tanks you melta'd.
It can teleport 24" each turn without scattering, from Gate+Farsight.
It carries 7 Flamers for baking infantry with, and turns overwatch into a living hell.
If it does get assaulted, it has Hit and Run at the Librarian's Initiative 4.
Everything not in the Bomb, Infiltrates. Generally into a little annual-snipers-picnic at the back on some objectives.
If you're worried about all the troops dying before it arrives, you can just deploy normally and teleport your way to the front.
Automatically passes LoS rolls, so keep the characters at the front to pass wounds to the ball of drones in the middle. A triangle formation works well.

So yeah. Farsight Bomb is always a thing.

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>why not both.jpWAAAGH

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hott - i never thought about Null Zone to basically nullify the only save they would have left. props brah


I do have to ask where you reading that two weapons become 1 twin-linked weapon.

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According to the Deathwatch material.

The Tau found a society of science loving humans and recruited them into their Empire. Now they work with the Earth Caste to produce SCIENCE!

Are you a scientist, anon?

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Um. I thought it said in the rules "One price = Single Weapon" "Second Price = Twin-linked".

It then mentions Twin-linked = Takes up two choices. You can take three weapons. Which is interesting. I think Crisis Suits get 3 Choices of both weapons and Support Systems.

I was planning on a 1000/1500 Tau List with 1000/1500 Eldar Allies. Then 1500/2000 Imperial Guard and 500/1000 Sisters of Battle.

Going to get x3 Riptides at least. Ah well, going to work on a list and get my mate to do it for me...

Well, gotta wait on Eldar update after High Elves next month.

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but I did

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because my mecha is better than your mecha.

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>colored versions of all these
I'm hype,

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Page 95:
>Where a weapon has two points costs, the first is for a standard, single version, and the second is for two weapons (counting as a twin-linked weapon of that type) . A twin-linked weapon counts as two choice from this list.

Shit son, did you even read the codex?

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Well thats just not fair. Nothing beats the literal-cockpit Orbital Frames

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As always, science shows us the way to a better tomorrow.

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Almost nothing

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Yeah... once you start bending the fabric of reality just to store your extra weapons and move around faster, nothing else really comes close any more.

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I did but you dicks kicked me out just because I accidentally a third sphere planet.

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Look at it this way, longear. They have a method of FTL that DOESN'T involve sailing through a ocean of living mindrape to get from point a to point b.

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What are you? Mentally inept and undeserving of being called a man?
Closet cultists, the lot of you.

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>Not travelling purely by generation ship

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>mfw my fire warrior's sprues are unequal to the torsos, 4 torsos and 5 heads, including the Shas'ui's head.
I fucked up, haven't I?

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Am I to understand that with the new marerlight rules, an individual token is consumed to increase the BS of EVERY units firing at it instead of one BS bump for one unit per token?

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No, you're just given the option of giving some of your FWs heads without helmets
Generally the idea is to use these to make the Shas'Uis obvious.

>> No.24332161

>what is extra heads

>> No.24332174

each kit has enough for 12 warriors
a unit can spend the marker light to bump the units BS skill and unless the marker light is the super special one the unit firing the amrkerlight cannot spend it.

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No thanks, I'm already a member of a society using giant fighting robots split into five castes

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They have those 'Ui heads in case you somehow believe that it's a smart idea that everyone would keep their helmets on in the heat of battle.

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Alrighty then.
I already glued four with helmets and Pulse Rifles, so what you guys are saying is, that at least one Shas'ui is allowed in a squad (team)? Pretty stumped right now, I should of went with Orks by now. inb4 I'm stupid for saying this

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Because your ignorance of things offends me, pitiful xeno.

Now excuse me, I have deamons to kill.

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Because I like my reproductive system the way it is, thanks.

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Yes, option of one per squad, as it says in the Codex. You can choose to give him a helmet or not. Don't confuse the limitations and allowances of the sprues with the unit's rules.
Orks have a sergeant of their own in the form of Nobz anyway.

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Is it legit you think to get the pathfinder kit and make one of them into darkstrider. Since Darkstrider looks just like a pathfinder.

>> No.24332328

That is always the trick though, how to make your squad leaders stand out on the tabletop without making them look that they are just making the job of enemy snipers easier.

In my case, I have two shas'ui, both with helmets off, but both with reason to and still have their helmets with them. I took a few spare fire warrior heads, and carved out the back and inside of them with a dremel tool to make an empty helmet. One shas'ui uses the arms from a Tau tank commander so he has his helmet off to look through binoculars (the helmet is behind his head clipped to his backpack.) The other shas'ui has his helmet off so he can take a clearer look at the scanner in his hand (his helmet is held in his offhand, where I even painted a little heads-up display on the inside of it.) Both shas'ui have their pulse rifles clipped back to the sides of their backpacks so they are present but out of the way.

I think that this works because it is easy for me and my opponent to tell who is the leader in each squad, but they otherwise blend in with them and do not look like they are equipment-deficient or advertising their rank.

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>£30 codex
>£50 for a six inch model

I really wanted to, I really did.

>> No.24332349

I don't even use the unhelmeted heads for my shas'ui, I just give them a different paint job. As long as they are distinguishable. And yeah, 1 shas'ui can (optionally) be in a team.

>> No.24332384

I like the new pathfinder kit, have his helmet off + he has the new bonding knife model on him + a spare pistol + a slightly different back pack.
Their is also another model without a helmet looking through binoculars while his other hand is fiddling with his atena thing on his head.

>> No.24332408

As long as you do a good job of the model and you're not playing with rule nazis, go for it

>> No.24332432

Well the Codex is a nice hardback now, so that sort of justifies that part
But yeah, find yourself a cheaper online store for your models

>> No.24332502

Sure it's hardback now, but there's still no option for a cheaper version legitimately (not an anti-piracy fag or anything, but I prefer physical copies) and I don't think going hardback deserves more than double the price of an old one (still thought they were expensive at £12).

>> No.24333413

>convert 30 pounds to my currency

Bitch that isn't even expensive. I pay that much for softcover codices. And buy at 25% off, ya git.

>> No.24333507

Well to me £30 for a 104 page picture book is pretty expensive.

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>> No.24333549


You should be able to get it for 22.5 pounds unless your country doesn't have 25% discount webstores.

>> No.24333563

Well £25 including shipping, which is better. But considering it's really a mandatory purchase (if you want to play the game anyway) I'm still not comfortable plunking down that much change for it.

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What do Tau think of Astartes in particular? Wouldn't they seem utterly terrifying? Humans are barbaric enough, now double their height and stick them in armour similar to a stealthsuit in sturdiness and make them battle mad zealots who drop out of the sky on top of you screaming about their god figure.

>> No.24334276

>What do Tau think of Astartes in particular?
they think "wow that is a big hum-"
and then they get a bolt round through the brain.

>> No.24334279

>What do Tau think of Astartes in particular?

To them they are mythical warriors of the Imperium. The best of the best of the Gue'la warriors.

The Fire Caste are awed by them and respect their power which is why they are always excited to test their abilities against these powerful soldiers and prove themselves and the Greater Good superior.

>> No.24334288


I bet the first time they saw one take off his helmet would have scared them.

They probably thought it WAS a battlesuit.

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>> No.24334314

Their word for them translates to engineered human warriors.

They probably think they are monsters.

>> No.24334333


And the most monstrous space marines they've encountered are Black Templars...

Just imagine when they encounter Space Wolves or Flesh Tearers or Sons of Antaeus.

>> No.24334337

They did that once. Stop wanking, grimdark mcedgyfag.

>> No.24334338


They already encountered the Wolves Unda the SEA!

>> No.24334346


Wouldn't it be hilarious if Tau assumed chaos marines were Imperium soldiers?

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Dex says Spehss Marine captains consider them honorable combatants, worthy of respect.

>> No.24334351

Because you don't let me use those fucking awesome exo suits, xeno.

>> No.24334352


Oh, yeah, didn't they get violently assraped by burly vikings wearing SCUBA Terminator armor, so hard they left the damn planet altogether?

>> No.24334362


>scuba space wolf terminators doggy paddling

>> No.24334363

given their ignorance they probably think so.

they probably think they're from a spiker part of the imperium.

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Except they've already encountered the greatest of all space marines.

I doubt they'll be surprised by anything anymore.

>> No.24334374


First time I knew that the Landraiders can double as Submarines!

>> No.24334375


>Tau arrange for some 'peace talks'
>Imperial dispatch arrives at the chamber
>Huron is sitting across the table
>he laughs and winks.

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File: 243 KB, 872x1600, Chaos_Emperor_Titan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because mine's bigger.

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File: 10 KB, 184x184, RAGE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



(This being said, indeed, loyalist Marines and Tau consider each other honorable opponents.)

>> No.24334412

Then explain the Teeths of Khorne, heretic!

>> No.24334415

It doesn't make sense because their idea of honour is the opposite.
Space marines is to keep pushing forward while taking losses. Tau is to run away and not take losses.

>> No.24334423

Isn't that just the Ultras?

>> No.24334478

i think that fluff was just in rumors. like that whole ultras protecting the tau.

was it ever confirmed?

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If by "Teeth of Khorne" you mean the various Daemon Engines and their ranged weaponry, it's precisely to deal with those that hide behind walls and refuse close quarters.

Khorne favors those who claim skulls at the blade of their axe, but that doesn't means he reneges a good cannon.

>> No.24334491


Most Marines, I think. White Scars, Iron Warriors, Raptors etc etc...

All Marines who fought them.

>> No.24334495

>"Surgically modified human corpses animated by pumping them full of random chemicals with primitive and often cobbled together cybernetics. Impressive in combat but otherwise horribly inefficient and ultimately not cost effective."
From Fire Warrior.

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Nah, I'm hanging out somewhere else.

>> No.24334502

Nope because THE ZEIST!

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>I think that last target had more spikes than skulls.
Considering the Tau have a unified and efficient government and only offer to negotiate ONCE, if they thought chaos marines were imperium they'd just shoot them on sight without bothering to negotiate.

>> No.24334533


They offer you the option of joining them many times. Did you forget that they tried many times with the Orks before giving up?

>> No.24334564


What, they think Space Marines are servitors?

>> No.24334580

After vivisection and dissection of captured space marines, yes.

>> No.24334597

Sounds like description of servitors, to be honest

>> No.24334601


No, from their point of view it's pretty spot-on. Humanity has the numbers to cull the very best from a large base of candidates, and enhance them through a extremely complicated and costy program of biological re-engineering that takes the average Tau's lifespan to come to full fruition.

The word "corpse" in that sentence should read "body" btw.

>> No.24334605

Considering the damage one squad of Deathwatch did while trying to capture an Ethereal, I think they may be a bit off on the inefficient part, but then again these are the same critters that thought they killed the god of excess.

>> No.24334623

Not that many use cybernetics unless they lost an eye or limb though...or they're from one of the Mechanicus-affiliated chapters.

>> No.24334624


They probably mean inefficient in the sense of resources and time that goes into training them.

Course Tau never experienced GC humanity....

>> No.24334626
File: 776 KB, 641x1000, warhammer_queen_lachryma_iii_by_ashitaro-d3dkgob.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because I live in another segmentum and would have gone my whole life not knowing about some tiny clutch of stars apparently called an empire.

>> No.24334634


Is it only firstborn sons or firstborn in general on Vostroya?

>> No.24334641

>same critters that thought they killed the god of excess.

Why do people act they the Tau know who Slaanesh is? They thought they killed a guy named Slaanesh and didn't brag around that they killed a god or something.

In the Imperium only a few people know of Slaanesh. So blaming the Tau for not knowing who is Slaanesh is kinda silly.

>> No.24334662

met them once, when they tried to make my tombworld their first sphere sept. Disintegrated them, went back to sleep.

>> No.24334665

Fire warriors a bit out of date isnt it? Is that even specifically talking about marines?

>> No.24334666

Should I bring up their dealing with the DE and the Necrons too?

>> No.24334672

Rumors of the Tau have reached all over the Imperium. Even the High Lords and the Inquisition are wary of them.

Chances are that your nobles have in their possessions all manner of Tau Tech. I doubt you are not using some right now.

>> No.24334681

She's not vostroyan. Just some Imperial Noblewoman.

>> No.24334690
File: 151 KB, 680x780, demonic fortress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I have a question for you, xeno - dare you attack my demonic fortress?

>> No.24334695

Yes, it is.

Try Sanctuary of Wyrms to see a veteran Tau Fire Warrior reaction to the Space Marines.

>> No.24334703


>Masters of Siege they said

>> No.24334709


Perhaps, but the real question is? Dare you leave that beautiful forteress you've been sitting on your ass in since 3 millenia and actually take his fortress down?

Iron Within, Iron Without, Brother, but there are days I think you Iron Warriors should tink less about fortifying your assets and more about destroying our foe's assetrs....

>> No.24334729

But the Chaos Gods won't let them.

The last time the Iron Warriors wanted to make a grand army of Daemon Engines the Chaos Gods wrecked their shit hard.

>> No.24334731


Yeah, well, shit happens...

Anyway, notice how the fates have put a great distance between Chaos Marine infested systems and the septs of the Tau Empire.

Other then the Blood Tithe incident, the pathetic xeno scum had no good chance to taste how a warp fueled bolter round tastes.

>> No.24334734

Yes but i'm loyal to the bigger mind controlling empire of bureaucratic retards, they got a couple millennium more knowledge behind them.

>> No.24334755


Sons of Perturabo are masters of siege first, not masters of being besieged later. They leave their fortress worlds all the time to bring ruin to the works of the Corpse God. Hydra Cordatus, Medusa, Cadian sector.

>> No.24334761

>Forgefane boasted some of the most formidable defenses ever seen; massive citadels and bastions covered the landscape; each protected by miles of trenches, mine fields and razorwire as well as void shields and vast quantities of ordinance.

*raise hand* How the fuck could a handful of Chaos Marines handle that much fort? How big is a Grand Company anyway.

>> No.24334768

The Tau Empire has the misfortune of being next to a Warp Rift. That Warp Rift vomits Chaos Fleets and other horrors from time to time and the Tau Fleets take care of them.

>Other then the Blood Tithe incident

Dark Crusade and the Soulstorm!

>> No.24334799


>In the Imperium only a few people know of Slaanesh

Except for the bajillions of heretic cults.

>> No.24334800


other that video games examples? (that are never mentioned in any codex whatsoever?)

>The Tau Empire has the misfortune of being next to a Warp Rift. That Warp Rift vomits Chaos Fleets and other horrors from time to time and the Tau Fleets take care of them.

Sauce? 'cause I've been seriously looking through Chaos Marines and Tau books for some instance of any engagements between the two, and only found the Blood Tithe incident.

>> No.24334807

Should I bring up the fact that the main, if not only, source of information on "Xenos" the imperium has was written by a Necron Lord Deceiver for the express purpose of destabilizing the Imperium with misinformation. And the Imperium knows this. And still uses Xenology as it's "go to" reference on aliens because even though it's entirely made up of falsehood and lies, it's a better source of information than what they had before since the Necron at least used the correct names.

>> No.24334821

Considering one Firewarrior killed several hundred space marines, yeah, inefficient.

>> No.24334823

The only thing a true soldier of the Imperium needs to know is how to kill them.


>> No.24334830

A titan is powerful. But it's a idiotic joke as far as efficient expenditure of resources.

>> No.24334834


I disagree. There are Magos Xenologists/Magos Biologists who study the alien artifacts/species themselves and then the Imperium use that data.

Many methods of fighting the Tyranid threat is based on their recent discoveries. And they have to be recent, considering the fact how fast the Hive minions adapt.

>> No.24334845

That never happened.

And yet these are the best linebreakers and terror weapons in the galaxy.

>> No.24334846

Could you describe that reaction?

>> No.24334855


Ok guys, let's forget about "Fire Warrior", ok? It's a video game, and an fps one. They are always about one guy killing hundreds of others.

Next thing I'll hear is that the Americans should have sent only one soldier to fight the WWII because that's what happened in the Call of Duty series.

Some perspective, please, even if we're dealing with a fictional grimdarkasfuck setting.

>> No.24334861

Anywhere from 100 to a few thousand traitor marines. It really varies.

>> No.24334863

>other that video games examples? (that are never mentioned in any codex whatsoever?)

I think there are mention of the Tau kicking out Chaotic forces outside their borders alongside the Hrud and other resistant Alien factions.

Gonna check it now.

>Sauce? 'cause I've been seriously looking through Chaos Marines and Tau books for some instance of any engagements between the two, and only found the Blood Tithe incident.

In the older Codex there is mention of a Warp Anomaly in the Perdus Rift. The Tau fleets guard that Anomaly because from time to time unspeakable things pass out of it.

>> No.24334877

when emperor hirohito first came to America after the war the person he wanted to meet first was John Wayne.

He said he wanted to meet the man who killed so many of his solders.

>> No.24334883


Hehehe, didn't know that.

But yeah, see what happens? lol

>> No.24334896

Should I bring up that the Imperium can't tell the difference between Dark Eldar and Craftworlders.

Should I bring up that the Imperium think the Necrons are not a threat and that they are just small remnants of a dying race?

There is ignorance all round. I don't see why the Tau should be singled out for it. Anyways, the DE and Necron bit happened because the Tau were desperate and they didn't have a choice in the manner.

>> No.24334903


>> No.24334907

yes but they were also acting like cunts about it, and you know how the chaos gods think about cunts, yes slaneesh loves them but you get the idea.

>> No.24334919


I think I do remember those things.

Do you parhaps know any fluff about Tau fighting Chaos Marines though? Concrete info, with the Legion/Renegade Chapter mentioned, where, whene, outcome, you know?

I've been searching for it since the new Tau 'dex came out, couln't find shit (again, except for the abovementioned Blood Tithe)

>> No.24334921
File: 5 KB, 268x240, 1358936324685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24334928

>Want to enslave mortals
>throw a hissyfit when mortals enslave your children!

The Chaos Gods are hypocrites!

>> No.24334930


CSM still use the same terminology.

>> No.24334935

"Because good is dumb."

>> No.24334957

>Do you parhaps know any fluff about Tau fighting Chaos Marines though?

Well, Medusa is one exanple, but I don'y think its canon.

I do remember another example about them working with the Traitor Legions. The 3ED Codex had fluff about the Farsight Enclave working as mercs for the Traitor Legions.

That's all I can remember now.

>> No.24334969

My word. The absolute absence of any intelligence behind this post is staggering.

It's wrong on so many levels it would not be efficient to educate this person at all.

>> No.24334989

The difference between the tau and Imperium is that the tau has about 400 worlds and the Imperium has close to 1 million.

The Imperium has a population perhaps 1 billion times that of the Tau Empire and probably has more organisations dedicated to studying aliens than the Tau have battlesuits.

If you think I'm exaggerating those numbers, you should read up son.

>> No.24335002

Traitors still hate Xenos scum. Affiliating with Xenos is extra heretical.

>> No.24335010
File: 30 KB, 480x288, 1366252992082.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying they wouldn't just scream in glee and intangible utterances,
seething in the pleasure of your blood,
warming their skins with it,
letting it encrust and harden,
using it for trail mix,
flushed and full of the viscous red ambrosia,
content and at peace with the world,
the cycle of death and life,
no xenos here, just chaos enjoying the eternal procession.

>> No.24335014

i think if anything you are exaggerating the tau numbers and planets and lowballing the imperiums.

>> No.24335019


I said chaos space marines in particular. You forget that many of them have long and bitter histories with various xenos races. Why would they just magically throw away those prejudices for no reason? Sure they embrace chaos, but they're not going to embrace the quick xenos scum.

>> No.24335021

Yes yes.

The Imperium has thousand of years of experience and knowledge and ancient organizations dedicated to those stuff and they STILL GET IT WRONG!

>> No.24335023


You know, I was wondering.

Exactly what DOES that gun fire? Is that a twin-linked railgun? Because the slots are rectangular.

Is it firing...I don't know, discs or something?

>> No.24335025


Pretty much. All rail weapons are rectangular like that.

>> No.24335029


But at least they don't walk forward arms open hoping to engage in peace.

They don't know that much about their oppressors, but know a lot more about dealing with them.

>> No.24335041 [SPOILER] 
File: 269 KB, 1000x750, doyouhavethecourage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come now, the Greater Good does have its benefits! If you're brave enough to claim them, that is.

>> No.24335049

Every human on Earth is
a.) Atheist
b.) Male
c.) Below 20
d.) Chinese
e.) 5'8"

Correct? Because whenever one human is one thing, every human must also be that thing, as you have shown us oh wise one.

No, my point is that some get it wrong and some get it right.

>> No.24335053
File: 25 KB, 476x185, 1366252423184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they just don't care about them in the slightest.
even korne only appears to hate, in reality their soul purpose bloodlust, hate and anger are just avenues towards that end.
chaos don't give a fuck,
only the truly un-warped still claim to disavow the gods lack of caring by inanely maintaining a connection to the tainted.
remaining bound to the language of mortality rather than accepting the warps swathing embrace.
the true chaos do not identify or signify, they have no xenos, no hatred, only their singular purpose, completely devoted to their chosen god.

>> No.24335064

everyones white in 40k what are you talking about

>> No.24335066

dude not cool she's like 12

>> No.24335069

Its probably firing solid blocks. Slugs if you will.

>> No.24335072


>> No.24335080

As I said.

Despite thousands of year of interacting with Eldar, The Imperium can't tell the difference between both kinds of the Eldar race. The Imperium chooses to be ignorant of the Xenos and this leads to trouble.

At least the Tau learn from their first encounter mishaps and have more successes with Xenos than failures.

10K years Ordos Xenos.

Can't tell the difference between spiky Eldar and sparkly Eldar.


>> No.24335087
File: 804 KB, 1307x734, overyourhead.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24335093
File: 41 KB, 328x347, Riftz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here is the anomaly fluff.

Also I was mistaken there is no mention of the Tau driving off Chaotic forces in the newer Codex just rebel humans.

>> No.24335110

Doesn't say what comes out though, it could be a spectacularly exotic xenos race or your average daemon.

>> No.24335112
File: 48 KB, 448x256, 1359006182466.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24335116

we had a discussion about that a few days ago.

there is 3 parts to the problem.
1 is the general willful ignorance of the imperium.
2 is the overly secretive nature of the craftworld eldar
3 is the dickishness of the Dark eldar who actively sabotage any chance the imperium has of working with the craftworld eldar sometimes going so far as to claim they are craftworld eldar.

it goes like this,
>Imperium commander: Why did your kind attack this planet!
>Craftworld Eldar: It wasn't us it was another faction of eldar!
>Imperium Commander: Wait, there are other factions of you guys? how many? and why?
>Craftworld Eldar: We can't tell you and you wouldn't understand anyway!
>Imperium Commander: Whatever I really don't care anyway
then a dark eldar runs in punches the Imperium Commander in the balls and yells "FOR THE ELDAR!" then runs away.

>> No.24335124

Do you really think that when Imperial Generals are collaborating with Eldrad about some defence of a planet they are thinking he skins people alive and feeds off pain?

Do you really think that when Salamanders marines crash a god damned strike cruiser into fucking Comorragh that they think they're fighting a bunch of hippies on a Craftworld?

The majority of the Imperium recognises that there are 4 different types of Eldar- Raiders, Pirates, Craftworlders and Primitives. This is correct. Some conflate them, many more make a point of saying that the despite first appearances the Craftworlders are just as treacherous as the Raiders.

Your knowledge is inadequate.

>> No.24335133

It's a gate to the Warp that vomits out nightmares that need an entire fleet to defeat.

It's either a Chaos Fleet or somehow Daemons have learned to build space ships.


What kind of Xenos lives in the Warp!

>> No.24335137

Why is this Tau cooch not Y-shaped?

>> No.24335139
File: 179 KB, 510x546, See this mug... its actualy a very small fortress protected by Daemons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nigga no one is going to attack our demonic fortress.
We should have though about that BEFORE building it in the eye of terror

>> No.24335140


And most CSM aren't like you described so you're supporting my argument.

>> No.24335146
File: 135 KB, 873x627, 1361600744036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i did not expect your unrefined mortal mind to be capable of comprehending the true nature of chaos.

>> No.24335155

>The majority of the Imperium recognises that there are 4 different types of Eldar- Raiders, Pirates, Craftworlders and Primitives. This is correct. Some conflate them, many more make a point of saying that the despite first appearances the Craftworlders are just as treacherous as the Raiders.


The majority doesn't. That's why relations with the Craftworlders are dismal and why the Imperium often confuse the Craftworlders for Dark Eldar and punish them.

>1 is the general willful ignorance of the imperium.

The Craftworld Eldar actually wish peaceful relations with the Imperium. So it appears that the fault primarily lays with the Imperium for being such hateful ignorant tools and secondary for the Dark Eldar for being such pricks.

>> No.24335156


Why exactly do daemons need spaceships?

>> No.24335164

that picture looks like it came right out of a Dr Seuss's nightmare. and i don't mean that in a good way.

>> No.24335174

because plot contrivance?

>> No.24335179

To get around, of course.

>> No.24335207

Craftworlds all have different views.

>> No.24335211

You should see the Slaanesh one.

>> No.24335218

And most of them don't want to be squashed by the Imperium.

>> No.24335220

>What kind of Xenos lives in the Warp!
>Why exactly do daemons need spaceships?
a) to shoot things with cannons
b) to stabilize themselves outside of the warp, like every other posession

>> No.24335221

This is a good question.

Someone should do something about ít

>> No.24335222

That doesn't make them peaceful towards it.

>> No.24335223

>What kind of Xenos lives in the Warp!
The Saruthi. The Enslavers come from the warp too, and aren't classified as daemon. There are also those black balls of doom which I have forgotten the name of, they're not Warp creatures IIRC, but warp reality.

>> No.24335233


If there's a tear in the warp, can't they just get through normally?

Are bloodletters actually possessed rabbits?

>> No.24335238
File: 193 KB, 499x546, 1365672903817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why yes, i have some of those chaind up in my basement

>> No.24335242

The Umbra.

>> No.24335243


Pretty sure the Enslavers were Warp creatures that got driven insane by the War in Heaven. Can they be classified as real Xenos?

>to stabilize themselves outside of the warp, like every other posession

Where is the Daemon BFG fleet then!?

>> No.24335249


>> No.24335251
File: 109 KB, 900x741, 1348345264006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Word bearers pls go

>> No.24335256

It makes them want to build a relationship of non-aggression or cooperation.

>> No.24335257

>Where is the Daemon BFG fleet then!?
never released since BFG never sold very well.

>> No.24335260
File: 60 KB, 800x600, Iron Warriors Khorne Lord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


...damn. Shoul have though of that.

Next one we will biuld on Kasr.

>> No.24335261

>Can they be classified as real Xenos?

They're certainly not Daemons. They do appear to be a (very strange) form of alien life, just one that happens to live in the Warp.

>Where is the Daemon BFG fleet then!?

There was a Daemonship model with its own rules. It was part of the Chaos fleet.

>> No.24335265

You can give ships daemonic possession in BFG.

>> No.24335277
File: 64 KB, 1137x849, zeist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24335285

>Yet despite such worthy requests, all Earth caste attempts resulted in failure. Earlier prototypes were ponderous machines, not fit to enact the tactics of the Code of Fire, or they subjected their wearer (or the planet on which he stood) to risks beyond measure. What finally made the XV1 04 possible was the nova reactor, an experimental power-pack that fuses dark matter, producing energy on scales closer to small stars than conventional engines. Such devices have been used to empower the mighty fleets of the Air caste, but until recently, could not be reduced to a suitable size. Although still in the prototype stage, the nova reactor has proven largely stable, despite some problems in safely releasing the vast energies it produces.

So, what exactly could have made the Riptide prototypes dangerous enough to constitute a danger to the planet?

>> No.24335321

that ship was a possessed chaos ship. I think he wants a ship made by daemons

>> No.24335365

One of the entries in the Tau timeline mentions a "fusion reactor meltdown that destroyed Mu'galath's moon". Mu'gatath, IIRC, was where the Riptide was first used in battle, so it's possible that a couple of the older prototypes were used to bolster their attack.

>> No.24335383
File: 1.30 MB, 3284x4725, 1360409042670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My name is Brother Eugenicus and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, xenoloving scum who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I was captain of a Death Guard squad, and first company after. What things do you do, other than “jack off to naked drawn xenos scum”? I also get straight critical hits, and venerate Nurgle. (A slaaneshi just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all xeno-lovers who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic related: it's me on campaign.

>> No.24335390

Does a ship made OF daemons count?

>> No.24335435

You're wrong and you should feel bad.

>> No.24335459


We got singular Daemons the size of mountains and bloody planets.

We want fleet made out of giant Daemons!

>> No.24335472
File: 107 KB, 444x319, Aun'Vre Tai'Lun on the way to the rave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ethereals have nifty powers and no longer make half your army run away on dieing
Worth taking now?

>> No.24335551


Any self respecting Tau player would roll with Farsight.

>> No.24335656
File: 171 KB, 600x900, tau_shas__ui_by_blazbaros-d30w7bd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but I have, sort of

I'm making a campaign for bringing the greater good to a poor imperial world

>> No.24335670

Meh, I'd prefer more gunz over a flashy sword
Also, I was thinking more of taking a commander AND an ethereal.
Storm of fire just sounds pretty fun, affects all units within 12. Two or three fire Warrior squads firing 3 shots in rapid-fire range, marker-raised to BS5...
Of course the enemy would have to be a bit daft to let you set it up

>> No.24335671

Hey guys. Is it true that Matt made Tau capable of fighting with daemons and heretics?

>> No.24335708

but they can just jump into the warp and take a ticket to wait for the next head pop to start.

>> No.24335725
File: 113 KB, 575x518, 1358730352547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You best be fucking joking, that's an Iron Warrior you posted. The "flesh is weak" battle call is the IRON HANDS, who are a loyal chapter. You are the worst kind of person.

>> No.24335744

no they were able to ally with them before the WARD i think

>> No.24335989

a couple of nukes could destroy a titan pretty easily.

>> No.24336011

No it couldn't.
Void shields, nigger.

>> No.24336021
File: 69 KB, 1231x300, just in time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The nuke crowd is expanding

>> No.24336035

You see, nukes solve absolutely every problem, which is why they are so widely used in modern warfare.

>> No.24336058

Would the Tau try and recruit Orks to the Greater Good? Or do they just kill on site be killed on site rather

>> No.24336063

They tried to in the past.

>> No.24336115

Send enough nukes to overwhelm the shields then.

I can 100% guarantee that the cost of nuking a titan to hell is a small fraction of the cost of building and maintaining a titan + crew.

>> No.24336133

Fissile materials are not cheap.

>> No.24336141

You could even wipe out a titan with just conventional artillery at a much smaller cost. An entire regiment of basilks vs a warlord titan for example.

>> No.24336148

Titans are priceless

>> No.24336157

Unless the Titan wipes you out first.

>> No.24336178

They always try at least once with every race they encounter for the first time

They even tried it with chaos

>> No.24336190

I wonder what that meetinng must have been like for the tau diplomats present, before their inevitable demise that is.

>> No.24336221

I wonder if the Tau will be able to bargain with the Necrons for some anti-warp tech.

Seriously, it would be a pretty sweet agreement for both sides. The Tau agree to leave certain worlds under the control of whatever Necron lord they are talking to the hell alone. In return, the Necron Lord gives the Tau the hints they need to start building warp-suppression tech.

The Necrons get left alone, and the Tau start going around closing up warp rifts (like Perdus) because they are dangerous and they have no use for them.

The Necrons get twice as much out of it as the Tau do, but the Tau end up getting a pretty sweet deal out of it as well.

>> No.24336243


I don't think the Tau got the chance. We know chaos has attacked them, and knowing Chaos I doubt any of the attacking forces would have been all that interested in listening to water caste diplomatic broadcasts.

That, and it is questionable as to whether or not the Tau even know where Chaos is "from", so its not like they could send letters home to ask for peace talks.

>> No.24336255


Oh man, if the Tau got something that effective to use against warp incursion?

The Imperium would be in a serious pickle. Not because that puts them at risk, but because they NEED that tech so bad it isn't even funny.

And the Tau, unlike the Necrons, can be bargained with.

The Imperium might actually have to suck up and admit that shooting first might not be the best plan for a while, and try to strike a deal with the Tau.

>> No.24336270

>I wonder if the Tau will be able to bargain with the Necrons for some anti-warp tech.
Last time the tau invited the necrons out to a party they all got flayed

>> No.24336275

That would just motivate the Imperium to shift the necessary resources to completely overwhelm the Tau

>> No.24336276

Why wouldn't the Necron's just close the warp rifts themselves? Why would they need a deal with the Tau to keep the Tau away? Why would daemons ever bother to bother Necrons?

>> No.24336279

using my tau as allies for my nightlords ...

>> No.24336286

>the Imperium
You mean a few radical inquisitors or rogue traders to get at each others necks. Whoever wins, the Tau lose

>> No.24336327

Good? The Imperium isn't going to start negotiating when they can just temporarily cede a couple sectors to Chaos in order to achieve a strategic victory.

>> No.24336347

>cede a couple sectors to Chaos


>> No.24336376

>build daemonic fortress
>waiting for someone to attack
>nobody even tries to attack
>attack somebody else's fortress
Build fortress, go on the offensive.

>> No.24336398

Hmm yase. I guess having an IG grunt die really is anathema to the Imperium. My mistake

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