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Previous thread:

New players welcome! All you need is a name, a symbol (MS Painted ones acceptable), pick a race, and a location for your tribe. We can hammer out the backstory later on!

Race chart coming up next.

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So yeah, pick one from the East continent.

Gantu: big and tough, their hard exterior belies a true bro of a race. They are beach dwellers.

Skulk: a mix of plant and animal, their reproduction cycle is a bit convoluted, but can involve a kind of Mother Tree. They live in the jungles of East.

Joorod: aforementioned descendants of Bords, they might be a bit frail, but they make up for it with smarts. Doesn't stop some tribes to develop their own martial arts though (not that the other races do too).

Govkar: insectoid people who are superstitious, they live in the marshes and jungles.

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Bronze: An island full of ragas, and a group of children being led to the slaughter, dealing with pirates and just found an intact pirate ship.

Notrip: Expanding an empire, a growing cult.

Solomon: MIA - Expanding an empire

Mr Gold: MIA - Making first contact, domesticating skulcrows for cheap labor

Nad: Strange transforming ooze, probing contact with bronze and gold.

Fortune: Contact with the silver tree people, an offer of unity, and explorers in a foreign land.

Onol: MIA - Lost in the tundra searching for a better land

I miss anyone?

Friggan- spread everywhere and no where. Eyes and ears around the lands, seemingly loyal to all but themselves above all.
Skulcrow- blossoming intelligence, and exploitation.
Growing horde of lesser races- angry at displacement, preparing to sack a tribe or two.
Enclave- Gathering more vespene gas and minerals, supporting the war at home, looking to build an outpost in the burning mesas.

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bump with bugman

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I'm retconning the whole "cyborg look" for the old man. I'm imagining the Silver Tree is taking it easy, not wanting to scare this tribe.
What the old man recieved was a one-time "refresher". A life lengthening courtesy of a few nanites. Hopefully that's okay.

But these new and strange friends are welcomed in the cosmopolitan tribe of Mohu'awane. What strange gifts will they offer their new kin?

In the meantime, we will be exploring the south some more. hopefully our offer of food to the starving puruu will be appreciated.

We will also be sending envoys to the local skulcrow. Seeing if they wish to be friends.

PS. nongent, I'd like to have some discussion with you, as to the future of my tribe and what not. What times are you usually on Mibbit, that I may talk with you?

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What's this? Content-less bumps?! You have angered the tiki gods! Surely others have evolutions to post?

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Nolto banchat usyot aren katle

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getting tired of the continued retcons to the results. it is best we meet and talk, but i wont be around for a while. at least 7pm pst.

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getting tired of the continued retcons to the results, i dont think the silver tree can extend life so easily, and while it is nice to always be non shocking and calm, its not always an option. Refer to a joord who got it's head cut off, or how it's friend was made in the original fluff. Im trying to keep loyal for it's creator. doubt they would do mor "bad" but there is no easy route about their methods.

it is best we meet and talk, but i wont be around for a while. at least 7pm pst.

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Okay okay okay. Last time, I promise. I suppose after enough time, the Silver Tree would begin the changes. Slowly, so as not to frighten anyone. But in a few months, the change would be apparent.

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So gents, I notice lots of player nations, but hardly single proper npc nation for people to interact with. Only empty space surrounds the player established nations. Shouldn't there be people there, with kings and lords, relgions and economies?

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I like you

Alright boys, let's get to it

The Grand Fleet is a mess, and Zaolow is Admiral of a ragged band of sailors, 'crats and tonaika now. There may be no returning to the Otavan, and they may all die in this strange land. But Zaolow wasn't a canidate to be the heir for no reason, and sets to work making the best of his conditions. He orders everyone to drag as much as they came from the beach inland, and construct shelter while the tonaika explore the surrounding area. With luck, they will be near the Gwalook peoples they were sent to find

The strange ship is towed back to Vlamos by an enterprising captain. Shipwrights come to marvel at the pirates boat, and the strange weapon is given to smiths to examine. The Port Magistrate wishes to have the strange mechanism examined since it seemed to have been driving the ship forward. Mayhaps this pirate ship will grant new insights to the Otavans navy and smiths.

Fighting plants? Ludicrous, prepostorous, nonsensical! Yet still, the Hokkoa call for aid, and their fellows on the mainland comply. Ramels are sent to eat the monstrous plants, big ones too. Nearly to big to feed normally, and they were on the chopping block till they were sent over to Hokkoa.

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Rolled 5, 13, 15, 15, 17, 15 = 80


Worrying rumors are coming from beyond the Ytmir mountains. Bestial tribes and monsters congregate to bring ruin to the whole of the world, and no one stands against them. Fortunately, the mountains will be a shield to the Otavan, so says the Royal Bureaucracy. Still, the danger of allowing these degenerate tribes, not fit to be brought under the guidance of the Glorious Ota, cannot be ignored should they take the mountain passes. A few forts should be sufficient to hold the passes if these mongrels ever come knocking.
Fortune, this all I have time to write. I'd appreciate it if you started the encounter between our peoples, probably with your exploration party landing on Hokkoa or in Vlamos

As for the children killing, that's not something I'm rolling for. That's a cultural detail of what happens in the Otavan every single year. All children with skulcrow/skulk traits are killed. It helps to show how medieval the people of the Otavan are, holding to savage traditions of their ancestors as their King and his Bureaucracy drag them out of the muck
rolling for
Zaolows fort
Exploring around the fort
Replicating the machine
Examining the sword
Ragas clearing
Building mountain pass forts

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I would like to interact more as an NPC force, but that is only viable when we have like 3 GMs working in concert. Right now the blank spaces are largely unexplored save for small trade routes, and major NPC tribes are "found" and subsequently conquered, absorbed, or annihilated to expand your own borders.
Zaolow's fort was a little light on the material after termite ngungs were finished with the wood his people had collected. He made due with a local plant that was like bamboo, sails, cargo netting, and what metal could be scrounged from the wrecks. It was a shanty town, but a nautical looking one. Within a few days his explorers ran into govkar that claimed to be part of the gwiliak.

Back at the main region, the machine was sort of an oar substitute. A group of individuals would peddle to drive a long rope attached to the paddle wheel. A clever, but simple system of gears, both metal and wood, allowed them to "shift" to higher RPMs as they build up momentum. The way it was devised was not even in their normal mindset to think of, but it's craftsmanship was not overly difficult to replicate. What else could be done with this device, where would they apply it, could it be improved? The craftsmen involved in this project had a whirlwind of new thoughts in their heads.

The sword was of an exceptionally high quality metal, but of an exceptionally brutal design. Mostly for chopping and slashing, the ship contained about 200 of the blades. They were about to be smelted down before a younger guard was observed screwing around with one. The first chop is slow, but the trick seems to be to keep momentum with them.

Hungry, Hungry, Ramels and warriors fight and eat their way past the infestation of these wild ragas. The fruit left behind them is nutrient rich from the blood and flesh of those the plant consumed. The island becomes a dangerous, but profitable place, and an excellent area to send "troublesome" individuals to.

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Masons begin to carve into the sides of the mountains, both creating art and fortification. Large glowering effigies of warriors stare down to intimidate their foes, while the eyes and mouths are actually locations to pour burning oil and fire arrows.

This year's purification day was quite the success, with a new games developed called smear the freak, and make a wish. In make a wish two ramels will be tied to the impure, and whipped to run in opposite directions. Those who guess which half will be the bigger of the two remaining from the freak win a little prize.

Smear the freak involves finding an older impure who has escaped purging. Precious gems are force fed to it, and then it is released into the town square and told to run. The townsfolk could always do with a bit more coin in their purses, and a good time is had by all. The brutal knob is set at 3 out of 11.

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Why so silent?

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Why so silent, good messieurs?
Did you think that I had left you for good?
Have you missed me good messieurs?
I have written you an opera.

Here I bring the finished score,
Don Juan Triumphant!

I advise you to comply,
my instructions are quite clear.
Remember there are worse things than a shattered chandelier!

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The changes wrought upon the old man come slowly, over many months, nearly two years in fact. It begins as silver motes upon his skin, lending a strange sheen to his muscled form. Then, slowly, wires began to show, small bumps underneath the skin that pushed their way out, revealing cables and wiring previously within. When the process was all said and done, the old man was the proud owner of a new cybernetic arm.

A gift from the Silver Tree, he called it. The changes had not gone unnoticed, and the old man (Orohime was his name) was summoned before the Big Kahuna. The Chief of Chiefs. This was his message to her:
"The Silver Tree has found in us a kindred spirit, a civilization dedicated to peace and to freedom. They honor us with their presence and wish to become a part of our grand tribe, to become a part of our people, the Mohu'awane. I believe they can offer much to us. I would ask that we accept their request and have them join at the side of Gantu, Skulk, and Joorod."

The Big Kahuna considers his words, and holds council with her retinue, the local chiefs, the shamans. They concede and decide to accept these new friends into the fold. Orohime thanks them, and promises that this decision will be a good one.

He is right. Several warriors are visited by the little silver insects, and they too accept the gift of the Silver Tree. Soon they are gifted with increased strength, accuracy, or with higher understanding. Each gift is different. One dude was even granted with a cannon like attachment that shot spears three times as far!

Other silver insects are not so permanent. Some little buggers grant temporary gifts, latching onto a warrior like living armour. These "guests" provide wonderful protection to their recipient during their "stay".

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Why isn't the map of the continent posted?

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bump for later

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Anyone got any idea on when these things evolved?
Also, their wings don't make much sense from their ribboner ancestry.
How large are they anyways?

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It appears that their wings fused.
Not sure how large they are though. Can't be too big, considering that many ribboners are like flying leeches.

>Image resolution too large

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but...they have been used as flying mounts.
They must be pretty big to allow that.

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Is it to late for newcomers?

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Nope, never too late. All you need is a name for your tribe, a symbol, a place, and pick a race from the East continent.

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great flying ribboners. slower and cruising around the canopy of the swamps and forests, eating slower smaller things, and occasionally land animals.

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i need a quick heads up from players still in the game. just sound off, otherwise im going to say its synopsis time.

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FortuneHost, Big Kahuna of the united peoples of Mohu'awane, sounding in!

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I'm busy wrapping up my school year, so I'd appreciate an ending to East. I may need to detail my interactions with other players some more though. Nad, Fortune, the Skathin and Mr Gold all have met me or soon will I think

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Last post for the night, I'm going to be expanding my territory. Healthy babies and Silver Trees gotta live somewhere, no?

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I'm still trying to work out what to update.

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works for me, keep in mind you can also do a thin band of ownership around the coastline that involves the entirety of that inlet to the left of your region. In the several times you expanded I said "gantu got the beaches". Considering their shorter range coastal craft development its safe to say they can make the short journey and fish

attached is a gantu.

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silver tree treatment. includes some facial tattoos and piercings. nose horn engraving is either the surface of the waves, or what you see when you fall off your surfboard and crash below the surface. depends on the perspective. deep man.

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In the distant future, one gantu enforcer is all that stands between a global corporation, and a girl. *Cue 80s synth* She was never real, but he never felt real. *cue thunder noises and electrical arc noise* They have 48 hours to make upload the data out of his brain before it explodes!

-I totally asked for this.

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too late. too tired to complete.

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The council is relieved when the crisis with the separatists was settled peacefully, but this event once again showed the questionable loyalty of the outlying villages. The Council is concerned of this, and they are trying to develop ways to better ensure the loyalty of these villages. Perhaps by giving them a better impression of being able to influence the decisions that concern their lives would make the people less likely to oppose the council's rule?
Further development is also put into the education methods. Thus far, young govkar of the nation spend their childhood years learning in communal school huts, from where once they reach prepubescence they are taken to be educated by their own family or other older members of the villages, to become apt workers. Children of the fishers are trained to be fishers by their family, children of the hunters are trained to be hunters and so on.
Only the families tied to the Great houses have opportunities to reach higher education, but even then, mostly in the fields related to the specialties of their house.
The council however, have recognized the fact that some children may be very apt at certain tasks, which their families are incapable of training them in. Because of this, the council seeks to expand the education system, to screen out exceptionally smart, athletic, creative or otherwise gifted children, so that they could be further educated so they may reach their full potential.

>Here is also a picture of the Rift Fortress. It houses a large military base, research stations, a dungeon for prisoners and basic forges. Around it there exists a booming trading village, whose wealth mostly comes from the resources mined from the rift.

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House Nar continues it's attempts at reclaiming anything they can from the lost research station, but at the same time, they are also trying to restart their skullcrow studies. They are especially interested in two things: The "memory" the rebirthing pools hold, and the effects the reviving glowing goo has on the skullcrows. They speculate that they could "train" the skullcrows to certain tasks, by influencing the memories their rebirthing pools hold. Their fascination with the glowing goo's effects on the skullcrows are mostly born out of attempts at understanding the goo itself.
There is also continued work put into trying to test the glowing goo itself. In the previous experiments objects reanimated by the goo died shortly after, due to shortage of nutrients. The researchers are now trying to "graft" an object reanimated by the goo into an azrach tree, to see if the tree could sustain the object.

Meanwhile, as years have passed, house Niru has tirelessly continued the grand marsh project. The growth of the azrach trees has been manipulated in ways, that allowed the formation of clear waterways for ships, canopy bridges for travel and good farming grounds for vindra. Slowly but surely, they are working on weaving the scattered holds of the Gwiliak into an unified, engineered marshlands, trough which travel would be easy and fast.

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Rolled 10, 12, 7, 16, 10, 16, 14, 10, 13, 3 = 111

Fishers from the coast are venturing further and further into the seas, in their search for better fishing grounds. Tales are also told of distant lands seen in the horizon, but only now, has the interest in these tales grown great enough, to attract the attention of House Nufa's merchants. An expedition to the far seas is funded, to seek out what riches these fabled lands might hold.

The Kaduk investigating the tribe in far south, after observing the traditions and ways of the natives for few months, decide to finally reveal their true nature to the natives. They will tell the natives of who they are and where they are from. Their quest is to protect all govkar people, and ensure peace. They will tell the natives that instead of killing their mutated children, they Kaduk offer to buy them, so that they too can be made into mighty warriors.

The rulers of Kharak, after seeing some of the basic water wheel powered looms, of house Jun in the marshes, decide to construct a water wheel themselves. The river flows much stronger near their city, and they are intrigued by the prospect of harnessing that power.
To what end the power could be used, is still an open question, but already, some of the lumber workers are suggesting that the possibility of somehow using the power to aid in breaking down the hard frilla wood they thus far have had to saw down by hand.

Also, in these passing years, many unexpected things might have happened.

Rolling for:(10 rolls)
Ensuring loyalty in the villages.
Improving education.
Reclaiming the research station.
Studying the skullcrows.
Further testing the glowing goo.
The progress of the grand marsh project.
Exploring the far seas.
Kaduk presenting themselves to the southern tribe.
Kharak developing an automated lumber saw.
Random event roll!

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The villages at least pay their dues in taxes; but some villages are still 'grey'. Education has been improved somewhat by the standardization of the varying jobs; instead of different villages teaching different ways to fish for the fishermen's kids, now they teach all ways of fishing known to the Gwiliak. Reclaiming the station is hard work, but the researchers have observed the Skulcrows in their semi-natural habitat. They try dipping different kinds of chemicals into the goo and see what they do; it seems that putting Azrach sap mixed with ocean salt makes the Skulcrows 'remember' more. The glowing goo is still being studied, researchers note similarity to skulcrow goo, but yet it is different. The marsh, once the source of many fears and superstitions, is slowly being bent to the will of the Gwiliak; many new canals and living Azrach buildings are made. The fishermen set sail for unknown lands, yet they find themselves in Silith coasts; a little more and they could have caught the current to West. I'll leave how Riklun/Hillish react. Kharak's first lumber mill is still simple and crude, but it does the job.

Some scouts to the west have reported seeing strange furred Joorod-like beings making their way into the marshes. According to the scouts, there are a great number of them, and some scouts have fallen prey to their savage ambushes.

>> No.24357896

The Bureaucracy is skeptical at first. Giant Outlanders, promising to take the Disfigured and turn them into mighty warriors? Nonsense. However, the promise of buying the Disfigured piques interest, and requests are made of what exactly the Giants offer besides their bushmeat. If they can provide rare items like high quality weapons from the Silith or exotic silks from the Gwiliak, they will be allowed to take the children.

The priests are whole heartedly for the trade, believing that these Giants can transform the broken bodies of the Disfigured so that they need not leave their bodies to be reborn into wholesome ones.

A Tonaika grandmaster asks a Giant to test his skills against him. He would like to show the people of the Otavan that the Tonaika will guard them from any threat, and that they cannot be beaten

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Before the bureaucracy knew it was second hand gwiliak silk sold at an increase. THINK OF THE SAVINGS!


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So, IG, NG, whoever is GMing now.
Do the friggan have access to/ know about that thus be able to reproduce the enclave scout gliders, seeing as they are members?

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I realize that my roll descriptions weren't exactly specific, but I did detail what the researchers tested on the glowing goo. Basically, they tried to graft a revived object to an azrach tree to see if the tree could sustain the object.
Could I get some elaboration on how that test went. I meant it when I rolled for studying the glowing goo.

Anyways, the researchers try to get the skullcrows to aid in clearing the research station, by manipulating the "memories" they have in a way that would form specific instructions to the creatures. Instructions that would make them simple, but useful workers.

The expedition vessel tries to catch better winds from the coast of the Silith, so that it could start to venture to the far oceans.

The news from the western territories about furred aggressive beings cause House Daki to rally their militia forces to hunt down these beasts. Higitain riders and basic foot troopers are sent out to slay the aggressors. This will also be an ample opportunity for House Daki to develop better tactics for fighting in the open fields and plains, instead of in the marshes.

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Rolled 9, 15, 18, 3, 8 = 53


In the south, the Kaduk tell the people of Riklun that they themselves carry no merchandise they can sell, right now at least, other than their armor and weaponry, which however, are far too large for normal govkar to use. They will need to travel back to their homelands to acquire any merchandise.
However, they offer training to the soldiers of the nation, in exchange for the disfigured children.


As for the challenge of the Tonaika grandmaster, one of the tall warriors steps forth, and says:

"I, Qua, accept your challenge to test our skills in glorious combat!"

The warrior takes of her armor, and prepares to fight in hand to hand combat.
(I assume non lethal. The Govkars can use their claw limbs in the same way as mantis shrimps can, meaning that they are basically very strong and hard fists. Also, the Kaduk are quite significantly larger than normal govkar.)
Now, how will we handle this combat? With rolls?

Rolling for:
Using the scullcrows to reclaim the research station.
The expedition to the far seas.
House Daki's strike force slaying the aggressive beasts.
Developing better war strategies/tactics for combat in the open.

Premilinary combat roll for the challenge. (If we come up with a better way to settle this, ignore this roll)

>Also, could I get some elaboration on the glowing goo test I described in the earlier post.

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Rolled 19, 18, 12, 15 = 64

The Skathin council convenes once more as the various tasks have been completed. Now that they've had a chance to look at what they faced the Skathin are in near shock. They people face a great threat in the current state of affairs, something must be done.

The reports from the trader enclave are a good sign though and an official trade envoy, guarded by the best warriors of the Skathin tribe is formed in order to travel to the village of king Ota, and make offers of the recently discovered oil and spices in return for a large number of breedable animals to begin providing a steady source of food for the Skathin.

Also a new settlement was to be constructed in the recently mapped hills of the Skathin's ancestors. This settlement would be named Traaklkam, and would come to be the new capital. Efforts would be directed to building a great fortress there, to serve as a secure seat of power for the Skathin council as they continued to deal with the crisis faced by the tribes

Additionally a force must be formed, handpicked warriors and arbitrators of the clans, formed into a group to mediate territory disputes and make careful rulings.

Finally the mystics of the people would be directed towards finding ways of transplanting the Mother Trees of the now defunct capital to the new one once construction was completed. If no feasible way could be managed then they Skathin would have to come up with some new way of aquiring the information which the Mother Trees could provide. A new form of long distance message sending maybe?

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Fuck i realized just now that i'd posted this in the last thread, i had the post saved cus i thought the thread had died when i left and i was gonna post it here, sorry all, much apologies. I'll post a proper statement in a moment sorry again for this i derped a bit here i guess.

>> No.24363643

Rolled 13

The Tonaika also sheds his armor, a little dismayed at the size of his opponent, but when he thinks about she's similar to a gohrok, his mind eases, and shifts into thinking just how he can use her size against her. He squares up, and calls out to the surrounding villagers "Look now people of the Otavan! See how I shall fight this giant! We Tonaika fear nothing, and fight everything. We shall always stand firm for you, the people." With that, he lunges forward to begin combat

>> No.24363725

Rolled 19, 2, 16, 3 = 40

Okay here goes the post i SHOULD have made earlier.

The council is overjoyed at the growth of the city and the replanting of the Mother Trees. The Trees are quickly transported to what will become the Sacred Grove of the new capital.

The Peacekeeping forces are quickly assembled and construction begins on a fortress from which this force shall operate, acting as the center of military power, distinctly separate from that of the civilian power centers.

Envoys are sent to discuss the trade agreement with the nearbye village, the traders and diplomats are ritually cleansed beforehand and afterwards in order to maintain purity after meeting the outsiders.

Recently a small amount of a strange shiny substance has been found in rocks in Skathin territory, work is already begining on finding a way to work it.

Rolling for:
Continued construction of the capital
Construction of the new fort
Training the new police force/ miltiary in the arts of diplomacy. justice, and combat
Rolling for developing some metal working and geological skills.

>> No.24365561

Yes. How i fluffed it was that at the time a large bulk of friggan joined the enclave, while a sizeable minority remained nomad with ties to their brethren, but not the enclave. Friggan seemed to be close knit, so things flow back and fourth. The Friggan in the enclave integrated into all levels of society, but heavily populated the lower city (underground and docks region) becoming one of the first large criminal organizations as smugglers and drug runners. The Syndicate grew, fractured, and met with rivals that were also called syndicates. In time other joorod emigrated to the enclave, and the Syndicates and even legitimate traders expanded their reach with improved boats, piggybacking in the wakes that the golliath enclave warships would carve in the water. all quiet and unnoticed like. So where the enclave goes, the traders and syndicate seems to follow. They maintain ties with the military to a degree, often not pissing them off too much, and keeping them informed. This relationship works as they often find lost/ forgotten/ cast off military surplus in addition to their rum/ drugs/ luxury goods/ whatever to smuggle and "appropriate". They have rivals in the organization called the "enforcers" but while well trained and well equipped they are small in number.

tl/dr: Friggan are everywhere, and doing everything, following all walks of life, being diverse as fuck. and yes, they have gliders and access to weapons and armor.

>> No.24365781

((factoring in bonuses for past discoveries and achievements/ trial and errors))
The skulcrows that were "Dipped" in the glowing goo are new beings, with blank minds ready to learn. They are willing to assist in the reclamation of the facility. While cumbersome and a bit foolish they manage to clear out the worst of the contamination. The researchers will still have to wear filtration masks. The far seas expedition see them make contact with the northern region of the central continent, and in contact with a tribe of the brutish Kwagos.

House daki enacts a bounty system. Each trophy, be it a head, claw, stinger, bag of teeth or some token of victory will get them increased status within the house. The most successful warriors have a chance to become something more. The house suffers increased attrition this year, but also makes dramatic strides in nearly eradicating certain hostile species. The armor of the house takes on a new tradition of being decorated with portions of their kills, to show all their ability and bravery. The Gwiliak are very rooted in their guerrilla style of fighting. The open plains are not for them, and a small mock battle pitting the enclave and gwiliak forces who are based at the joint fort against each other shows this glaring deficiency. The local commander offers to do an exchange of troops, with a few of his attached to house daki's troop movements, and a few of daki's attached to his for education and training in dissimilar tactics.

>> No.24366018

The capital is nearly completed, and is a living work in progress, bustling with daily activity. Within the season it will be finished and the people are overjoyed. The fort suffered a setback when it was built too large and collapsed, crushing those within it. It stands a pile of rubble at the moment, but there are still those within that may be alive, as well as resources that could be salvaged to start over. A new force is made, called Judicators. They are the one stop for all problems within society, from disputes over law and property, to crime, and execution. They are generally well liked by the people and are found to be fair and effective.

The tribe collects the shiny rocks but cannot do much more with them, traders often buy the raw ore which brings in food and silks...if only there was another player controlled tribe near by with the knowledge of metals.

>> No.24366142

8 vs 13: difference of 5
Scenario: Super solider, advanced strength, reflexes, regeneration, long lived, much experience fighting monsters and wearing heavy armor.
What is likely the elite of the Tonaika, trained in multiple forms of combat and likely a veteran of extensive combat against other sentients, and peace keeping actions within his own tribe against rebels, secessionists and criminal scum.

Qua stands tall against the nameless tonaika. In a glance he moves at her, pulling her into a tackle. She grabbed his head in a large pincher before releasing in the same moment, this was no battle to the death. All the while he was working her exposed abdomen with pummling blows. The pain she can deal with, but he is a skilled wrestler.

continue the fight. When one side claims a decisive difference in points of 10 over the other. the battle is over. and yes. this could drag on, but it may be epic.
((points are determined by subtracting the high from the low))

>> No.24366343

Rolled 2, 19, 19, 18 = 58

Firstly i have a quick question, just how many actions can i take in one turn? I noticed that one guy took 10 actions in one go, is that only limited to special circumstances?


The setback in the fortress and the lost lives of many of those who were working on it came as a sorry blow after the recent successes with the growth of the city and the acceptance of the Judicators into society as just and fair police forces. Still the possibility of survivors inside gives hope to the people as they continue their hectic working.

The council issues orders to the architects and masons of the Skathin clans, asking for searcha and rescue workers and some way of making stronger structures to survive such damage as what befell the fortress of the Judicators.

Even though the work with the shiny rocks seems to be pointless an entire clan, one of the smaller ones, redirects their efforts to finding out more information about the rocks, attempting to heat them to see how they react to extremes of temperature. The other clans acknowledge this as foolishness but do not intervene.

Aditionally a relatively new clan, formed by the remnants of a pair of clans that had been nearly destroyed after a skirmish of land rights, begin working on training the animals traded with from the village outsider village, it is hoped that breeding methods could be devised to increase the population of animals quickly and effectively allowign the Skathin to once more seperate themselves from the outside world.

Rolling for:
1. Finding new construction technologies for work on future fortifications and such.
2. Continuing to find ways to work the shiny rocks and find uses for the it as well as ways of finding it easier
3. Searching for survivors and reclaiming useful building materials from the fortress
4. Breeding the new animals and removing the people's reliance on foreign imports and deals with outsiders.

>> No.24366516

you can take as many actions as you want, and attempt any action up to three times at which point it becomes a minor success on the last roll as a culmination of trial and error through failures and learning. provided they are not 1's. then its death and fire.

Development is generally broad, and spans your entire civ. so if one can build a tower. all can build a tower. etc. etc.

The fortification efforts result in another unstable structure, but no one was inhabiting it before it collapsed again. The act of smelting is devised, and further improved by quietly trading the crude metal for knowledge from local traders outside the tribe. the smelters grow into a clan of power in their own right, united by profession instead of lineage. Smelter strong. Miraculously many survived the collapse thanks to the skulks robust biology. Weeks of bed rest and food will be required, but they shall recover. In addition nearly all the blocks of stone used can be salvaged. The quickest breeding of the govniks go on to become the choice animal. This new breed is much more active, and stringier, thicker shelled, but within a few more breeding seasons will be ready for use, and the tribe will have their own food/ work animals.

>> No.24366650

The Magistrate remains insistent on oaths of loyalty for the Skathin to even be allowed into the Otavan. No trade, no more animals for the Outlanders, no imports from them. Magistrate Klaoko may have to tolerate the skulks from within, be he will be damned by the gods before he allows more of the witch-kin to enter the land of his glorious Ota. However, as the Skathin envoys leave the village to head home, a skulk from within the otavan emerges from a thick bush. It is squat, with many legs, like a walking tree stump. It explains that while the bureaucrats that run the nation for the ota may be intractable to their offers, the kindred of these lands will gladly trade with them. They have their own animals, huge ramels, beyond a size allowable by the number crunchers of the bureaucracy, packs of vokhounds, and even a few of the govniks. All that the otavanite skulk asks is an oath, one far different from what the magistrate asks. It is an oath of aid, that the Skathin will come to the defense of their brethren should the govkars ever turn upon them. If the Skathin make this promise, they can have the livestock.

>> No.24366991

Alright then Thanks for letting me know, now for the last attempt at building that cockforsaken fortress.


The council convenes for the first time ever without the input of the mother trees, almost all of them currently dormant, efforts to rouse them merely getting a polite rebuke and a promise of "soon we will awake again"

Despite this the council is able to make a number of decisions, the constant collapse of the structure means that it is definitely necessary to develop some new construction method.

Also orders go out for the newly powerful Smelter clan (named the Callasimska) to begin working out new and interesting ways to use the new metal, armor and weapons for the Judicators are foremost in the requests but specialized tools for civilian use are requested as well.

Additionally with the new knowledge of smelting orders go out to the rangers and foresters of the tribe to once again survey the lands of the Skathin exhaustively, looking for new and possibly useful sources of metal and exotic forms of stone.

Finally the Skathin leaders deem it necessary to expand the claimed lands of the tribes to allow for more room to grow in the future to prevent possibly sinking back into the old ways.

>> No.24367012

Rolled 9, 12, 11, 15, 12, 17 = 76


The council also advises the people of the Skathin to grow and spread, increase in number and make the clans as great as they once were once more.

The diplomats are momentarily shocked by the strangeness of the Otavan Skulks but they still recognize another Skulk and even though the cultural avoidance of outsiders remains strong the people of the Skathin have always been ones to take care of their relatives, even distant ones. The other races of the worl could die of blight for all the Skathin cared and they would do nothing. However fellow Skulks, despite inferiority, are still Skulks and deserved even more help because of their piteously weaker state compared to the Skathin jungle peoples.

So the diplomat responds by simply asking why the Otavan Skulks do not simply join the Skathin, it may take a long time for integration to occur but the Otavan Skulks would be even safer in Skathin lands, where the Judicators could defend them from their already well mapped lands.

However if the Otavan Skulks refuse this offer to join the Skathin themselves it would be acceptable, the Skathin would handily offer their help to protect their kindred in Ota.

Rolling for:
1. Continuing to try and build an effective fortress.
2. Developing new ways to use the metal in weapons and armor as well as tools such as plows and such.
3. Begin a comprehensive survey of Skathin lands and the previously unknown wealth that may lie within them.
4. Expand the borders of the Skathin territory in as many directions as possible without threatening neighboring peoples.
5. Research new construction materials and methods.
6. Grow the population.

>> No.24368884

The grandmaster struggles against his opponent. She is even more immense when you're up close, pummeling her in the chest. He tries to twister he legs while he grabs for her hands with his own claws.

In Vlamos, the shipwrights put themselves to the task, trying to work out how the strange machine works. Smiths recieve odd, specific orders for things they've never made before, and woodworkers are asked to make odd, difficult shapes. All the while, the people putting the pieces together are unsure of their work. At the very least, they've gained some idea of gears and pedals now, but it remains to be seen whether they can replicate this atolal, this "water spitter."

At last! His mission is not a disaster! Zaolow pleads with the gwiliak to give them shelter and food, for their fleet has been smashed upon the beach. They have gifts with which to repay any hospitality. He also asks to see the leaders of this land, preferablly outside the swamps. He wishes he was back home in his house beneath the jungle canopy, rather than trudging through stagnant water in marsh.

>> No.24368917

Rolled 2, 10, 18, 12, 17 = 59


The strange swords are well liked, but where are they from? And who would use them? In the Otavan, swords are not well used becasue the shells of govkars tend to reduce the effects of slashing blows. However, against Outlanders, it might just be useful. For now, the swords are given to young Tonaika, to develop a fighting style that can use these weapons.

Woe, woe! The Hokkoan island is now desecrated by monsters! The coast remains free, but the inner parts of the island are overun. No expansion for the Hokkoa, lest they build out into the sea. They do try to drain a few marshes though, since the ragas haven't taken those yet. Any usable land will be priceless in the coming years.

The joorods to the east, the ones aided by the little group left by Zaolow, are growing quickly. With the aid of the silith, and the leadership of the Otavanites, their little communities are becoming more powerful. Now though, there is an impending question: will they remain loyal to a distant king, or strike out on their own now? It is hoped they will at least remain friendly, as the Otavan needs their natural polyglot skills. Regardless of the outcome, the joorods wish to have greater control of their affairs, of the Sal'Kafon

rolling for
The fight part two: electric boogaloo
Copying the machine
Fighting with swords
Marsh draining
Sal'Kafon loyalty

>> No.24369145

OH SHI- wait. A twelve would give Nad a ten compared to my five, which means he would need five more, and I would need ten more. A seventeen or better would win this outright for nad....

This could go on a while
The Otavan skulk is not so easily swayed. It produces a map, showing the Otavan in its entirety. Green blots mark where the skulks live. It explains that their loyalty to the Ota has given them peace and prosperity. He is a kind soul, tired of the wars his father and grandfather fought. He is harsh, but he only wants unity, and has a dream that tempts the skulks. Besides, to leave would alert the Otavan, and the Tonaika, the fierce warrior cult, and their Oprik followers, would come after them and surely kill many. No, they trust the Ota, and his dream. They only fear the superstitions of the people, who huddle in their villages, scattered across a land that was beset for a century by plauge, famine and war. They only lash out from fear, one born from times when the Skulks were like the monsters they are accused of being. Those were dark times.

Sastisfied that the Skathin will aid them should the worst occur, the skulk speaks more. It promises to meet them at a place of their choosing, with a dozen ramels, four score voks and three score govniks. It parts with a single phrase. Kulamot

>> No.24372099
File: 348 KB, 1301x682, neo friggan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 10, 13, 9, 18, 20, 19 = 89

Cast out, driven from the lands they inhabited for years. When Joormund was but a chick, he often heard stories of how his great people had run across the entire land from coast to coast, long before any decided to call one place home.
That was how they continued to live, going where their will would take them, nothing stopping them, resting in one place only for a time. But now, the Otavan, those wretched Govkar have sought to bar them from their lands, and Joormund is filled with sadness, and anger.
He sees two visions of the world as it could be. In the first,things continue as they are. The many civilizations that have settled this land grow powerful, sweeping across it like the Enclave did their own lands and inch by inch the free land becomes closed, and the Friggan are left with nothing, no way to follow the tugging of their hearts.
In the other vision, they change, taking an active role in ensuring that their paths will remain open. They still build their cities and spread across the land, but the Joorod remain free to move, free to go where they please, as it was in ancient times.

The choice he makes is an easy one.

The people know the land, know the best hiding spots and where the most bountiful food sources are to be found. It would not be hard for a smart Joorod to move around the land undetected. And so he gathers as much as he can of like mind, and they prepare to take the fates of many on their wings.

tl.dr. I'm running the friggan again as a kind of decentralized power. Most things the friggan do will be small group activities (unless some crazy major event drives them all together). So right now, a small group led by an elder Joorod who lived in Otavan for a period is seeking to control the leadsership of those they can find to ensure that Friggan freedom remains a thing to all of them, either by words or...force.

Rolling for
Like minded population (how many agents I can expect)
Training for proper subterfuge

>> No.24372140

for some silly reason I put 6 as the number of dice
I blame rustiness and time

>> No.24372519

Well, since Azrach sap does effect the Skulcrow, the grafting process turns out to sustain the skulcrow grafted to it. Thing is, it only works on Skulcrows with memories; that is, Skulcrows that have existed for at least a month.

>> No.24372758

the craftsmen manage to copy the machine. It is crude, but in time they will improve it. The device squeaks incessantly. The training with these foreign weapons goes quite well. A new style involving building up speed and momentum with the heavy blade is born, and quickly gains the attention of senior leaders, and the jelousy of the other students who are more specialized in older styles. The marshes were drained in short order, making way for new lands to be built on. ((the island while overrun, makes a lot of plant based food from slain ragas)) Soon little outposts were built on the muddy ground. The sal'kafon are a very independent satellite state of the otavan, but also a loyal ally. They pay taxes, contribute, but view themselves as independent, merely buying military protection and civic aid with their work and tributes. The bureaucracy views them as a state, and dependent, with their own silly ideas. it all works out.
((i approve of throwing out little grenades of change and influence into the world.))
6/2 actions= 10,13,9 for first and 18/20/19 for second. average of the three for each. nice.

The Friggan are a decentralized power in the truest word, many goals, many factions, all with the same general goals. freedom of movement. Some persuit with a gentle hand and a whisper in the right ear. Others with a bit of coin in the right palm, and a knife in the right back. Still more leave the proper trail for those who they wish to see succeed. Joormund and his kind number in the hundreds for now, but their views are attractive to the older generations, and even some of the young who have spent their time slumming in the enclave undercity and wish to return back to the homeland, their wanderlust claiming them. A variety of individuals join him, with a wide array of connections, skills, and equipment.

The training comes naturally to his people, and the most nomadic were also the most diplomatic and unassuming.

>> No.24372875

the friggan develop very good techniques based off of a variety of training and old pathways that keep them hidden. Areas between the territory of feral skulcrows, slizers, and more, dangerous for others but safe for them. On the open plains the sail carts give them speed few can match, and the "found" boxes of first generation gliders that totally "fell off the back of an onolkeshan warship" serve to keep them aware of the world below.

Still yet, Joormund has at least a few favors in his pocket to call in from some very powerful individuals and factions. The joorod spying and informing for so many is not a charity effort. he spent the night sitting in his cart, flicking through his tokens. A frowg coin, gouged across the back and a bit of gold running through the scratch. Syndicate....subtle...corrupt...connected. A very dangerous token was a "red tip" bullet, just one, but if rumors were true, this was a horrible item. On it's side were Ta'mirel runes for Allegiance, War, and Annihilation. It told it's own story well enough. A bag of molted feathers sat in the corner, a hundred feathers from a hundred families, scattered across the continent. Family. Allegiance....there were other tokens and trinkets. For now he laid back in and stared at the stars, planning for an unfettered future, chasing the rain across the land.

>> No.24373902
File: 6 KB, 268x300, aggrod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't had any ideas at all for Ca'rethill in the past couple days, but tomorrow, I will make an update, involving one of these guys.

>> No.24376107


>> No.24378289

Geist 1: We need a simple phrase to activate the obedience mechanism in subject 3932

Geist 2: How about KEEERSAAAuuuuaakeeeera?

Geist 1: It has to be something the patron can say

Geist 2: Ah, of course....

Geist 1: How about, "would you kindly?"

Geist 2: I love it. Patron Nyar Ndreaw will be pleased

>> No.24381297

Life in Ca'rethill has as normal for many years. Parties of hunters go out to provide for their families out in the most rural villages, fishermen bring in food for the nation, sailors continue to make voyages beyond the great walls, the occasional epidemic sweeps across the cities, and soldiers patrol the nation, looking for trouble to stomp down.

One day on the eastern border, some soldiers were repelling an Aggrod attack that was trying to climb over Foo kyoo Gaiz (the great wall). As with all fights against them, it was difficult. The Aggrods always were able to come up with unexpected tactics. Orders were to keep an eye out in every direction, for there was no doubt of being flanked. After a several hour long siege just by a mere handful of the savage Rods, the soldiers were able to chase them back into the empty plains.
While disposing of the bodies, it was noticed that one was wearing a sling, carrying a single egg. One soldier simple said smash it like the rest, but one quickly stopped the one about to with the craziest idea. Hatch it, and try to civilize it.
The leader of the small squad found the idea humorous, and let the soldier who suggested the idea keep the egg, first telling him that it'd probably be a waste of time.

In a few rural villages, following of the black box prophet is done openly. It's still an underground thing done everywhere else.

No rolls yet.

>> No.24381307
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I think i know what you are up to, and I am way ahead of you. Everyone. create a musical superstar.

>> No.24381671


The Grafting tests weren't done on skullcrows.
They were done on general stuff, like sticks and baskets, which had been reanimated with the glowing goo.

Basically, the goal of the tests were to find out if the revived things could sustain themselves by leeching off nutrients from other living things, like azrach trees.

>> No.24383239


>> No.24383798


Still waiting on the results of this besides the fluff response from Bronze

>> No.24384160

Rolled 5


Gonna handle the challenge combat now, as I don't have much ideas for anything else.

The fight between Qua and her challenger continues. He is smaller, and quite agile compared to her, a fact she has to get used to. The Kaduk excel at fighting strong, monstrous foes, using blades and their heavy armor. An unarmed fight against much smaller, and comparatively more agile foe is a new experience to Qua, despite her long age. She makes few quick back steps, in order to catch her foe off balance, and to better estimate the reaction speed of her foe. She believes that she has the superior reflexes, which she hopes to use to her advantage.
The non lethal nature of this fight is also challenge to her, because if she is not careful, she might accidentally deliver a lethal blow to the Grand-master, which is certainly not what she wants.

She plans on trying to tire her foe down, relying on her strength and size to keep the grand-master at bay, and her stamina to continue the fight. Tosses, snap jabs with her secondary arms, blocking with her claw arms, and fast sweeping kicks to get her foe off balance.

Rollan for the fight.

>> No.24385832

Rolled 2

Challenge is inconclusive so far. I'm still ahead by two

Rolling for third round, I might not get a chance to later

>> No.24385855

Hmmm, I'd say that yes, the regrown stuff would suck nutrient out of the Azrach tree. This, however, would lead to either a stunted Azrach tree (if the graft is done while it's a sapling) or a shortened lifespan for the Azrach.

>> No.24386119

The fortress is built, simple yet sturdy. Stones and wood are arranged in a pattern as to make it sturdy, even without cement or rope to hold it together. Some new metal weapons and tools have been made; a kind of long saw used to cut down entire trees, and its military cousin with a weighted end, able to crack through carapace. Some new mining spots were found, but these prove to be of low yield. During the survey, the borders of the Skathin is mapped out as well; it expanded about 1/4th more than previously thought. The new construction techniques from the building of the fort is applied to houses, and it proves to be in good use. Meanwhile, the populace is growing at a rapid rate, almost double the previous number!

>> No.24386140

>Two Twos
One in four hundred odds of this

A joorod from Sal'Kafon helped to teach how to fight with the new swords, and is well liked by the Tonaika, though he is kept away from the commoners lest they grow angry over his presence. The new fighting style is called Kafos, after the friendly little joorod nation. In fact, some more optomistic members of the Order head over, to try and convince some joorods to join them. The only problem they can forsee is the branding. They've heard of feather dying, perhaps that is an option? Whatever is done, it must be permanent.

Such a strange machine. Shipwright master Bollan wants to take this further, and attach the device to ship, to match the pirates, mostly under presser from the Port Administration. They wish desperatley to match the pirates, that trade might be expanded without fear.

Such wonders have been wrought in these lands. United peoples, a strong army, mighty structures, all from the hands of a strong nation. A strong monarch. That monarch, Ota Doso, is so very, very happy, and he is so very, very old. He has presided over the longest period of peace in the region since the Riklun settled the Nula river valley over a hundred and fifty years ago. Now, his heart is giving out, and he has little time left. The aging govkar calls up his adopted son, Orok, and places his staff in his hands, and his helm upon his head. Orok is Ota now, Chosen of the Gods, Manifest Will of the Ancestors, Father of the World, Sheperd of the Nation. The young boy will now be a relgious leader, chief of state, and commander of the armies. He is not sure he is ready, but his father knows he is. He shall rule now, for Kulamot

>> No.24386221

Rolled 12, 18, 4, 12, 8 = 54


Some of the priesthood seek honor the one they see as the true, only god, above all others: The Ota. Is he not all powerful? Are not cities raised, armies formed and fields grown by his command? He is a living god they argue, and it is by his will that all good things occur, and all suffering abated. The young priests are expelled, but go underground to convert the masses to the worship of only the Ota

Spices bring money to merchants, and a little coin makes its way to farmers, but few people truly benefit from it. An alternative product is being developed in rural villages, and it has some minor success within the Otavan itself. The product is type of linen, aokat, woven from the seed surrounding fluff of the aok plant, grown for its roots currently. This new cloth might just become an object of major importance for the people of the Otavan, who currently cover themselves only leather

rolling for
Tonaika in Sal'Kafon
Ship making
Deifying the Ota
Aokat linen exporting
Aokat domestic development

>> No.24386513
File: 42 KB, 856x380, can love bloom on this journey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Otavan are the prime target, the reason for their ire, but it is not yet the time to strike out against them.
As the only openly hostile people, their manipulation should be approached with caution.

For now, they shall appeal to their allies, secured and potential. This should serve as a way to give them further training with active manipulation and secure weighty opinions to turn the heads of the Otavan..or crush them.

Joormund sends out Friggan emissaries/agents to all known nations, armed with feathers from old friends and debtors to ensure they can pick up supplies from and rest in saftey(if they are where he thinks they are anyway).

In the meantime...Joormund will stay with the Mohu'awane, The hulking Gantu proved themselves friends by taking them in when they had need, securing their young and ambulatory, it would be wise to secure them as true allies. He seeks to deepen their relationship.

Rolling for
Mohu'awane DIPLOMACY
not sure what else I need to roll for or the bonuses I get for anything so, IG/NG just say what and I'll roll it.

>> No.24386534

Rolled 8


>> No.24386548
File: 21 KB, 480x480, yup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a feel wind blows from kunaba, I can feel it in my bones.

>> No.24388587
File: 344 KB, 200x200, high five_tina fey.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Return. See this. Mfw.

>> No.24391160

I'm not sure what this 8 means, as I know how my tribe would act, and I'm not sure how this number would affect our deliberations?

>> No.24393341

was bronze 5: nad 0
2 B/ 5 N= 3 to nad
now bronze 5: nad 3.
Qua and her rival continued the fight on the ground, tumbling and rolling, trying to pin one another and landing the occasional blow. The fight was wild and ugly. A large crowd was gathering, with some going so far as to get on other's shoulders. A few of the rich bureaucrats were betting on the outcome now, grinning and jeering at each other.

A contingent of Sal'kafon join the Tonaika. However they are very adverse to being branded, but the enigmatic joorod traders occasionally have had odd ink markings on their legs. the called them "tattoos" from the gantu and nothern skulk tribes. It was with this that the Sal'kafon Tonaika become "black legs." They wear dueling spurs on their feet, over the rear "Toe" to enhance their lethality (( see attached))

These new ships are fresh builds, inspired off of the best the Otavan has to offer, with the inclusion of this new technology. They are faster then the old ones, not quite as fast as the small pirate ships, but no longer something that the brigands can easily taunt. It also is good use of unruly sailors as rowing punishment, or "involuntary servants". The new ota's first act is to cull parts of the priesthood, and enact new ota regulations. Each ota must look like the last, down to scars, color, and face. As the apprentice ota grows it will be marked and taught to be the next. There will be an unbroken chain, and the ota will never grow old. He will wear a mask when he is too aged, and when he passes the next will show his face, the same as all the statues. Their ageless king, their god. The priests who were defiant are hunted and nearly killed to the man, about a dozen escaped to find the other exiles, and become their spiritual leaders. Linen export means bandages, bedding, and more for the rural folk. maybe clothing. The domestic development is very...slow. It involves a lot of mud huts.

>> No.24393514

The joord are shocked at the wild changes that have undergone the Mohu'awane. They look like the silver tree forest, the same that has been painstakingly avoided since the woodcutters stopped communicating with them and began wearing strange green cloaks. More shocking are the occasional tree servants seen walking in the open. Fear. uncertainty. The only thing positive is that the gantu wave in the same friendly way.
Dear gantu:
please continue to interact with falc, free form if wished, as well as the other tribes.
NPC/ inactive players activity:
enclave: still exporting materials, at a feverish pace. fine glass lenses and exotic items are becoming a bit more commonplace due to joord traders offering them.

Silith: Trading small amounts of cheap magnets. Their nation has grown strong, and condensed, their boarders secure, and an increased degree of isolationism and paranoia.

Kharum: still wandering, still eating wild noords, joord, and the occasional yeti thing. they are still delicious.

All others: Slow growth, development of two story buildings if not already had, and importing things they cant make in exchange for food, and raw materials. life is simple, but good.

>> No.24394560
File: 4 KB, 135x189, FAPPING ARM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bump before bed

>> No.24397434
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Morning bump.

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