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Last thread:

We are Dr. Ivo Robotnik, an ex-evil genius... but not really. We still hate the blue hedgehog, but we must wear the facade of a repentant evil genius... who also runs a company! So far, we have launched a toy line, embarrassed Sonic and making a backhanded deal with Bowser using your unused weapon plans and a bunker, and have just recently expanded to Mega Man World.

Currently, we have 8 quarterly Profit Factors, and 8 PF in the coffers.
Megaman World branch office ready at the end of this quarter.
Autobiography ready in 3 or 7 more quarters.
Mind phone with sublime messaging research finish by the end of next quarter.

-1 HQ
-3 Factories
-1 Lab

Currently in partnerships with Wily Electrics.

Market report: Aperture Science has responded to your 'Metabot' toy line upgrade by selling bean-shaped, tripod-legged baby cams. Not as much of a boom than from their previous My Little Companion Cube dealio.

Breaking news: Mushroom Kingdom is experiencing a turmoil! The Koopa Insurgents have kidnapped Princess Peach in a daring raid on the capital.

What do we do? If there are any questions about this quest, feel free to ask.

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Oh damn, OP, I don't think anyone's noticed yet.
Have a bump.

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The Koopa troops may have your weapons free of charge, but thats simply honor among Villains. But I imagine that, following the Prinicess's oh so tragic loss, they are going to need some new 'equipment'.

Oh, and if Sonic comes calling, tell him that you are cleaning up after his mess.

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what in the shit is this and why does this sound hilariously awesome?

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Right, how exactly are we doing that? Gimme a solid plan.

Because we are Robotnik feigning to be an evil genius gone good?

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We should still work on the Cybernik program, but that's a long term project.

We should wait until the Brooklyn plumbers deal with the Koopas, and then offer robotic security guards to the Mushroom Kingdom.

On the side, we should let Bowser know that he's welcome to have his goons raid some of our older equipment, for which we will blame unknown attackers and collect some insurance.

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What happened to purchasing shares in Sarif industries?

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Let us proceed with the Sarif plan as well. We need to buy more shares.
Also we must spend more money on researching the mind phone, slow-tech, stasis-fields (variation of the slow-tech) and lastly the NIRD technology.
perhaps build another lab as well and anoher factory.

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Robotic security guards with some kinda backdoor in them, right?

What about selling said backdoor to the koopas later?

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Good idea with the raiding, although I would say that we should wait. We have just had a major burglary upon us and you wish to do it again?!
That would surely make the blue fuzzball suspicious. We need to maintain the innocent facade.

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Well, yeah.


"I've made many enemies in my previous life, and can understand why I'm a target now. It's known that I can defend myself, but I will not deploy defences unless law enforcement is supervising them. On that note, would they be interested in our catalog?"

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Suspicion could be pretty easily cast aside if the weapons had some kinda tracking device implanted in them. Just give the information to the authorities and let them do the rest.

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Again, we're trying to actually provide something of some use to Bowser. Let's say that a few of the crates have trackers and a few don't. GPS chips aren't that cheap.

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One thing though.. do we even need to give more weapons? Bowser is currently satisfied and we honoured a deal. No need to try and give more, we can easily harvest profit on something else.

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Hmm, so we're buying a bit of Sarif, I take it? It'll take 1 PF to buy enough shares to make us look important in between their shareholders.

In other news, planning another heist might be bad in the short run, what with people adding 1 + 1 together. You might just get a bunch of adventurers, if you know what I mean, if we don't time it right. We need a good reason, or enough time in between attacks.

About the Mushroom Kingdom situation, so do we wait for Bowser to get kicked by the Plumbers and sell some security to the Plumbers? Bowser O'Koopa isn't one for subterfuge, the last time he tried he hid himself and his kids inside one big cake and sent the cake to Peach. In other words, he might be pissed at us for playing both sides. In any case, we need 1 quarter to prepare our factories to produce security bots as well.

So, what do we do?

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Good point. Let's keep the heat low.

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Good point. Let's keep the heat low.


We should have a small security bot program AND ask the authorities to monitor it. Sort of like ED209.

We might want to sell security to the Mushroom Kingdom after the situation has solved itself; Bowser can ask us for the root password later.

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Use 1 PF to buy shares in Sarif. (thus 1 / 11 achieved)

Research more of the topics from >>24313397
Leave Mushroom kingdom as it is right now.

Build more factories so we can keep up with demand.

Transfer 2 quarterly PF to coffers to have 10 again. (as honouring the idea of an anon from last thread)

Perhaps build a lab more so we can research even more?

Ask our secretary to give us a list of all the important people we hired (we hired a boatload last time)

Also ask our board / marketing if they have any ideas on things we could conquer?

Figure out how to compete better against Aperture science - they are becoming quick quite fast.

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Sonic is not our biggest concern. Face it, he is dumb, can't swim, and only attacks us during active villainy. It's his little nerd friend Tails we must think about.
I say we do this : we develop some sort of machine augmentation for little woodland creatures, and get volunteer woodland friends to get it. Augmentations are 100% good and mind-control clean. So, when sonic hears about us, woodland creatures and robot parts, he will instantly come to ruin everything. Our security will try to stop him, but of course they will fail. And when sonic ruins everything, it will turn out that we gave prostethic limbs to poor handicapped woodland creatures, and that he just injured crapload of normal people who have families, and just trying to earn some money for their families as our security. And then we sue him. His little friend Tails will think that it's all a ruse, and there are actually mind-control chips inside the augmentations. He will hack in to our mainframe, steal the documents, see that there is no mind-control there, and then we sue him for hacking as well

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Play it slow, play it safe.

We are a world-level genius on robotics and assorted technologies (think of the slow gun and all the other stuff that we used in the past to stop Sonic) and we have Dr. Wily that is pretty much the best in the field of artificial intelligence.

Combine the two and churn out a automated factory or two to get more output.
Heck, we could ask him to make a robot-researcher for our R&D.

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>Figure out how to compete better against Aperture science
Sell them neurotoxins, the rest they will do themselves

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Dude, that plan is 100% good publicity. Plus, we put Sonic and Tails in jail. True, they will escape, but at least we shall look good in the eyes of regular people

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For that we need to research more about our NIRD technology.
So, let us give R&D the order to research the NIRD technology so we can begin operation

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This. Sonic will get off scot free for sure... but he'll probably go crazy trying to figure out what he's up to.

Troll him a few times, and he'll become the villain.


And freely share our worst attempts at AI. Scratch and Grounder were pretty moronic.

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He's got his own company so that's unlikely, but a good ol' inter-business workshop should be doable. I like the idea of the auto-factories, but they'd probably be dangerous. But we're villains, and THAT'S HERO TALK!
this is hilarious, I like the idea. Start getting into legitimate prostheses, should be easy considering most Egg-Bots work off of cute 'n fuzzy creatures anyways. I don't know about starting with the woodland creatures though, when there are so many more lucrative markets to peddle them in. Step 1 should be making money with them, and then in step 2 we announce a huge charity. Then, in addition to everything else, the prosthetics are a tax write-off! Brilliant!

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>there are so many more lucrative markets to peddle them in
You see, if we start selling it to, let's say, Toads, Sonic would not react, since it's Mario turf.

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In case you have not read the previous thread, The plan is to use it to include all the human people of Mobius in the end.
We start with woodland creatures to test and perfect, (and troll Sonic). Afterwards we use it for the handicapped - etc. (and Wily will make a neurobrain which will restore functionality (not improve as that is too dangerous)).
This will in the end make a new market for people who will modify themselves for the cool factor.

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>they'd probably be dangerous

Probably not, consider the fact that Wily's Robot Masters were 100% loyal while some of our creations ended up betraying us.

Maybe a AI core to find the most efficent process for production and to manage the assembly lines.

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Hmm, our Cybernik/Powernik program is targeted at handicapped folks already.

Allright, 1 PF to buy Sarif shares.
>7 qPFs, 8 coffers

We ask Wily to make rudimentary AI for cyberlimbs; He said he'll make it if you market the product as a joint venture, and he gets 50% of the profits. Well, if it's something you learned from Wily in his college days, is that he's always money-oriented.

Janis interrupts us during our daily powernap. "Excuse me sir, there's someone from Sarif Industries here to see you, it's regarding the buying of Sarif shares."

Well. What Would Ivo Robotnik Do?

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>Wily's Robot Masters were 100% loyal while
What is Ice Man?
What is Splash Woman?
They just saw a glimpse of heroic ass of opposite sex, and ran away

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Bass wasn't loyal and he was the closest true AI, but I get your point. Oh, and the whole Zero thing blew up in his face eventually.
Light's masters were way more loyal, even before they got re-programmed into deathbots. We should see if we can discretely get ahold of one of those AIs, just to see what the difference is.

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We meet him of course!
We will hear him out.
>also prepare our villanous laugh in secret.

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Fifty percent of the net is doable. However, we may be better than Wily at simple controls for this.


Second this

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>I never asked for this
Time to go make some corporate 'friends.'
Make him wait a bit tho. See who it is on some security cameras, if he looks a bit too hero-y to be hanging out maybe give him some hazing. Could be fun.

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Second with the fifty percent. we plan to buy Wily anyway and establish him as a part of the board.

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Ooh! Ooh! We should totally also make sonic's punishment 1 year of community service on behalf of RHI. He would have to wear our industry uniform and tell everyone how great we are. Of course he will snap at some point, but he will just hurt himself

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I think you are overreacting.
One thing is making sure he is hurt, but if we push him too far we might make him an anti-hero who will fuck us up (like Batman of some sort)..
Our plan is to murder him anyway, so let us not push the grape too far yet.

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Naah, we don't want him dead.
We want him working for us.
First, we erode his ability to see right and wrong, which is why he needs to be in prison. Away from all his little friends, who'll lead him back.
It'll blow up in our faces, but imagine the data we'd get! And the PR! And the irony!

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You see, if he goes full anti-hero at us, we could just actually kill him, without any reprecussions from the community. Freeze him with slow ray, and shoot him in the head with Sarif Industries guns

>> No.24313752

We should never have him working for us, that would be our downfall!
Remember he is a hero, he would sooner or later learn of our schemes as he works in our corporation. It is too dangerous

>> No.24313753


I'm for "Let's let him drive himself nuts with obsession"


Safer if he's just gone.
What do we do if Sonichu shows up?

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You call Wily back and say that yes, you will share profits with him. Afterwards, you call Robbie, your head security, to stream the security feed of who this visitor from Sarif is. In your widescreen, you see a man in black patterned trench coat; his sunglasses obscures his eyes. Slicked back hair and posture indicates he knows how to fight, but he looks neither heroic nor villainous. You decide that you best meet him in person...
"Hello, Dr. Robotnik, I am Adam Jensen. I am head of security for Sarif Industries, and I have been sent to do a background check on one of Mr. Sarif's investors. I've looked into your past, and saw... less than savory things about you."
You smile. What should we say?

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"Well I never asked for this, but what does he want to know and is there trouble with it?

>> No.24313784

>What do we do if Sonichu shows up?

We call /b/ and /v/.
Or maybe just /v/, which board was the one that most trolled CWC to the hell and back?

>> No.24313785

Why we let the Plumers win of course! And when they have completely wrecked Bowsers Kingdom, we offer our services to the Kingdom in cleaning up the mess and 'rehabilitating' its people.

Of course, that would mean we'd have to be well respected before hand, but the main aim would be to actual rehabilitate them and turn Bowser's Kingdom into a respectable nation!
Then, after we've discussed with the Bowser before hand, we get our dear friend into the politics of Royalty! The Princesses must not hate him that much (after all, they all go karting and play golf together) but may haps he can get into the other royals of the world.

So now we have an 'in' into the various, possibly powerful, royal families of the world!

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Say what you want Mr Jensen, at least I never actually killed anyone. Unlike you, who gave the command to shoot that little kid

>> No.24313810


"I have always strived to improve the lot of civilization. I've just now realized that my drive to do so overrode free will."

>> No.24313811

"Sir, whatever you have heard about my past... It's all true. Even the thing in Indonesia with the cats. However, I am absolutely invested in putting everything behind me and focusing on making Robotnik Industries a success. It is more than just my little vendettas, Mr. Jensen, it me moving on with my live.
I'm sure we've all got things in our past we don't want to live with, right?"
Smile wickedly. Cross fingers in serious business pose. Resist evil snigger.
"Now, why don't we get down to business. I'm sure that there's more to your little visit than a simple hello. What is it you hoped to gain here?"

>> No.24313812

Why on Earth would you be so hostile from the beginning!? we do not even know what he finds less than savory...
Remember our plan is to buy Sarif, no need to be 100% douchebag.

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>adam jensen walked into the office
i never asked for this.

>> No.24313827

Yes well, people can be vicious in this little world of ours.

Why, even just yesterday I heard a bunch of young ruffians graffitiing the walls with rude things about augmentations of all things! Such silly young children, why, they may end up in a bloody end if they continue along their path, don't you agree? As a former police man of course, I mean, the sight of young children like that, doing such things must break your heart as it does mine.


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We get to make this joke one more time. ONE. more time.
Then it's over, all right? None of us ask- erk, almost blew it.
OP gets a free pass on not asking for it, though.

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completely and utterly this.

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"Sir, whatever you have heard about my past... It's all true. Even the thing in Indonesia with the cats. However, I am absolutely invested in putting everything behind me and focusing on making Robotnik Heavy Industries a success. It is more than just my little vendettas, Mr. Jensen, it me moving on with my life.
I'm sure we've all got things in our past we don't want to live with, right?"
Smile wickedly. Cross fingers in serious business pose. Resist evil snigger.
"Now, why don't we get down to business. I'm sure that there's more to your little visit than a simple hello. What is it you hoped to gain here?"
Mr. Jensen shifts his pose to a more relaxed one.
"The truth is, Mr. Robotnik, I never asked for this, but I was told to check if the rumors are right. That you have really turned over a new leaf. That is why I'm here." He resumes his rigid stance. "I am sure a tour through your headquarters would convince me of what, exactly, is the truth."

Well, give him the tour? Or politely shoo him? You notice that he has cybernetic implants; his eyes might be similarly enhanced. Maybe he's also trying to get some espionage going... hmm, decisions, decisions, decisions.

>> No.24313936

its not like we actually have anything obtusely nasty being built on site right now that we've talked about so i say go for it and we can bullshit our way out of things if we need to.

>> No.24313942

The thing is..
We know Sarif is not completely clean themselves and he wants a tour?
sure, give him a tour but all the vital and sensitive information is, obviously, out of the question. We are only a share holder and nothing more and we are not required to show him our secrets for such a thing.
so show him our toy line but our R&D he stays away from.

>> No.24313952

And meanwhile we will probe around to find out which side Adam Jensen is on in regards to everything.
He might have some aggressions or something we can exploit.

>> No.24313957

Give him the tour, but make a specific mention of Augmentations not being a big part of your market.

That and point out that he may want to be careful about his own, anything that isn't registered with our labs might be fried.

Of course, half of thats bullshit, but hey, business!

>> No.24314002


Sounds good to me.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xef6TdkXVxY On an unrelated note, the last machine I built wants to shoot/fling things even though it's supposed to be for construction. Am I doing it right?

>> No.24314121

"Of course, but do be reminded that it won't be a full tour; there are some business secrets that needs protecting. You know the deal."
You give him the tour, showcasing the toy line, and some of the Powernik prototypes. "Augmentations aren't our specialty, but do be careful; for security reasons, the RnD lab is protected by a defense system of my own design; which could fry delicate instruments which is not mine. So, for your sake, Mr. Jensen, I won't give you a tour of the RnD department, since I see you have been augmented." You grin, almost a shit-eating grin now, looking at it.
"Understood. It seems like the rumors are true; you have reformed well. I'll inform Mr. Sarif that you are, shall we say, a legit shareholder." With that, he left the HQ in a tilt-rotor airplane.
"Heh, a showoff, that Sarif guy."

Well, with that out of the way, what next in our itinerary?

>> No.24314129


Better start looking into the NIRD.

>> No.24314138

Sarif's going to be sending more watchdogs as time goes on. We'd better prepare the building.
Knowing their chief of security is augmented with cybernetics, we ought to actually install some of those EMP defenses. Maybe some water traps as well, those will work on cyborgs and hedgehogs.
After all, we've only just begun taking Sarif's shares for ourselves. If they send someone this soon after we've begun, who knows what they'll do when we get serious.

>> No.24314151

>some EMP defences
>water traps
Are you retarded or something? All we need to do is lock our doors on good non-electronic locks, and change our airvents to really tiny and really numerous ones. Bamm, the building now is Sarif-Proof

>> No.24314162


Actually starting a fluidics program to be able to have EMP-proof mechanisms isn't a bad idea. But that's for when there's money for it.

>> No.24314168

i'm guessing because they full damn well know we may end up buying them out of existance.
remember this is essentially the equivalent terms of Lehman Brothers and Bank of America going at it.
both sides know the damn game and we have a reputation for being a nasty fuck who will do anything to ruin the shit outta whoever pissed us off.
just keep that in mind when dealing with them.

>> No.24314181

If I'm not mistaken, NIRD is just combining Cybernik and Powernik right? With some help from Wily? Cybernik research will need 1 PF and a quarter to finish. Unlike the Powernik, it will produce immediate returns (+1 qPF) since you've breached the market with Powernik already. Also, remember, if we get Wily in to refine the stuff, we can get NIRD out of it as well by the end of next quarter, but we'll have to share profits of selling NIRD.

Also, we transfer 2 qPF into our coffers, making us back where we started, coffer-wise.
>5 qPFs, 10 coffers

Getting our HQ spy-proofed level 1 will need 1 PF, but you won't get a qPF next quarter due to the 'renovation'.

What do we do?

>> No.24314191

>Legitimate, useful, no-nonsense protection against protagonists
Do you even evil genius? The only reason we don't have spike traps and bottomless pits is because we don't have the funds for it.

>> No.24314198

Could we jump to spy-proof level 2 for like 3 pf or something? If we're going to forgo money for security, we may as well go the distance.
Are there any other renovations we could be doing at the same time as well? I don't like spending lots of coffers, but as long as we're at it...

>> No.24314200

>implying we are allowed to spike traps and bottomless pits
remember we still do have a newly found reputation we need to at least uphold enough where the primary population doesn't give a shit.

>> No.24314207

Damn you, FCC! By the points of my willowy mustache, I WILL HAVE MY VENGEANCE AGAINST THEE!

>> No.24314214

Spy proof level 2 needs level 1; if you are doing both at once, it'll be cumulative. Spy proof level 1 to 3 is 1 PF and 1 quarter each.
But, if you do try to upgrade 2 levels at once, it'll take 2 PFs and 1 quarter, but you lose 1 qPF during the renovation.

>> No.24314215

Did I just say FCC? I meant OSHA.
It's three in the morning where I am, i'm going to get out of here. BUT I WILL COME FORTH WITH GREAT FURY ONCE MORE TO THIS PLACE, AND NOONE CAN STOP ME

>> No.24314220


Halon gas extinguishers, halon gas extinguishers everywhere. Replacing the halon canisters with deadly neurotoxin can be done overnight and is trivial.

>> No.24314231

FCC, OSHA, FDIC... all the same right?

The problem is finding a good bulk neurotoxin vendor without raising any alarms. Do it wrong and we might get Sam Fisher on our ass.

>> No.24314236



So, due to our partnership with our dear friend Wiley, we have access to those wonder liquid energy batteries, correct?

I think its time to cut a new deal. Specifically, with our new investment. Sarif is in the market of Augmentations and weaponry, where we are not. So why should we get involved? Use Sarif as a spring board for our own weapons designs, allowing him to make a profit and giving him the idea that we need him around to build this shit for us. The key par of this is, we present the majority of the weapons to require that liquid energy to work at full power. Therefore, Wiley's company gets a boost from inter company trading, we get a boost for mediating the deal and handing of any possible weapon designs and Sarif can turn a public profit from the weapons and be sure in the knowledge that we won't toss him under a railway yet.

Its genius I tell you!

>> No.24314245

All good reasons to upgrade the security early and strongly.
So, if we were to get jump to security level 2, we'd spend 2 PF, one quarter with no qPF, and we'd lose a qPF as well? Just how paranoid are we guys, we've had one espionage agent in the building already, but we are just getting started. Then again, if we developed NIRD just to get it stolen, sounds like a tragic tale to me.

>> No.24314250

Good idea, will make our victory the sweeter when we buy them.
Propose it, then we wait two quarters and then we buy them!

spyproof everything
spend the money on everything!
Wily is our ally and companion, he may have the profits.

>> No.24314257

Spend 2 PF on it, we are RRRrrrobotnik and we will not be upstaged by Sarif!

>> No.24314286


Fair point. Besides halon is already toxic. The extinguisher system can be used to output chlorine or carbon monoxide, both of which have legitimate industrial uses.

>> No.24314356


I'd say full steam ahead on this one; it needs done, it pays quickly, and it will DRIVE SONIC NUTS! Whaaha

>> No.24314363

We just spend 2 PF, and then get the next quarter 1 qPF less. The next one will get that lost qPF back though.

You think back about one thing you never had to worry about in the past: industrial espionage. You call upon the heads, and the vote is nigh-unanimous: fortify! To this end, you put 2 PFs to raise the HQ's security and renovate it so the more sensitive areas are less accessible to would-be intruders. Defense systems such as the slow pulses are installed as well, making your HQ's spy-proofness at level 2 by the end of this quarter.

Right, next quarter?

>> No.24314379


One advantage we have is that most of our manufacturing is already automated; if we are OK with turning production lines off for maintenance/inspection, they do not have to be made safe for meatbags.

>> No.24314396

Well, our factories are already automated, with the non-robot workforce doing monitoring duty and inspections. But the meatbag inspections are a must, though; all-robot workforce can be hacked into.

>> No.24314413

Question: assuming something pass through a slow beam, do they regain their speed when the beam is turned off?

If so then is better to develop something capable of absorbing the momentum gradually.
Bonus on this, they can effectively replace air bags and prevent car from crashing into things (this would be both liked by the population and a nice share of market)

>> No.24314443

Nah, they would have their velocity reduced. In essence, the slow beam makes whatever's in it to have reduced acceleration the more time they spend get hit by it; so when they get out of the beam, they get the new velocity (slow). So yeah, it kinda absorbs momentum.

>> No.24314447

Make the Nird. We're fine with cutting Wily in on the deal, right?
Also, we should look into doing this >>24314236
as well, or a facsimile of. Maybe not actually get involved in Sarif's trade, but we can make "Sarif Friendly" devices. It's a neat idea, being the middleman to two other businessmen.

>> No.24314468

I do not trust you, I believe you are a spy for Aperture Science.
I just got a hunch for it.

We also allocate more PF for research if not already done, we also make another factory (suitable for when we renovate)

>> No.24314477

Then why aren't we marketing it as a "Car protection device"?

Think about that, almost going to crash and the car comes to a complete stop without breaking.

>> No.24314485

That is one of our plans to stop that blue fuzzball!
Good you remembered.

>> No.24314487

Allright, we spend 1 PF for Cybernik and call in Wily (another PF) to work on NIRD; We can expect Cybernik returns by the end of this quarter, and NIRD by the end of next quarter.

>1 qPF, 10 coffers

Okay, so for the Sarif/Wily brokering, how, exactly, are we gonna do this? Who are we gonna call first?

Currently it needs a lot of power. Something that a normal car battery won't reach yet.

>> No.24314490


We sure are.




Actually here's a thing, we have a powerful bio-reactor design that is mature and has been iterated to completion.

This isn't going to win us any friends, but we should start talking to intensive cattle farms about getting their energy out of their livestock.

>> No.24314523

>Something that a normal car battery won't reach yet.

Dedicated capacitor?

>> No.24314530

Mmmmaybe but then again there's also that liquid power tech Wily got. We haven't even applied it to any of our stuff.

>> No.24314534


Then let's do science to it!

>> No.24314535

I say we grease up Wily first. It shouldn't be to hard. His company is on the up and up, and with his repairs coming out, he his probably going full pelt popping out that liquid energy for those toys.

If he agrees to act as a think tank for Sarif industry, especially putting forward the designs heavily based on the liquid energy, He'll be rich.

Sarif might be harder. In fact, although we may lose a cut of the profit, I think it might be better to stand back and keep our fingers out of too may pies, so to speak.

See if we can get all three of us together at some fancy outing, then introduce the two. See if you can get the three to agree to some kind of business power lunch, and bring the idea up there. Of course, we'd have to step back and let them to hash it out to speak, but our hands aren't dirty beyond introducing the two. And since we hold shares in both companies, we'll literally be giving ourselves money anyway!

>> No.24314541

Let us do it next quarter where we merger with Wily. Then it can be seen as a joint venture corp.

>> No.24314553


Good point. However, these folks are as likely to backstab us as we are them; let's keep some eggs in our own basket.

>> No.24314579

eh, we're not merging with Wily yet. Only the NIRD is considered a joint project.

So yeah, do we set up the power lunch, or do we wait until next quarter? Another thing is, Sarif is in Detroit; He has a branch here, but he rarely goes to inspect it. Arranging a power lunch might be hard if we don't have the right excuses... or rather, make Sarif come here by his own accord.

>> No.24314592

No lunches and alike. we must grow stronger first.

>> No.24314625

hence the fact we hold shares in both companies. The fact we are the owners of a massive company is renown enough, but if we kick up a fuss with the two sets of stock holders, neither of them would be alb to act, or at the very least, give us time to counter their shenanigans.



Those 'Metabot' toys of ours are proving to be incredibly popular, correct?

Then lets hold a tournament.

Wily will come of course, its good PR for the two men who made the idea work to be both sponsoring the very first American RobotBattle Championship, held in the city of Detroit (We'll fluffy the place up at first, of course)

ANd with the influx of people, we can use it as a branching pint to possibly establish some kind of charity or such, sponsoring young pliers in the Detroit area, or at least, lending them some spare bots, to fight in the tournament.

So, as it goes, we can hold a party before the entire thing, and invite both Sarif and Wily, introduce the two, and make sure the hit it off.
Then, see how interested Sarif is in the Tournament (after all, he puts a lot into improving his home city, and the Tournament will bring much good PR for the place)

Bada Bing, Bada Boom.
We go from there.

>> No.24314683

Allright then, ON TO NEXT QUARTER!
>8 qPFs, 10 coffer (+1 qPF next quarter)
NIRD research with Wily finished by the end of next quarter
HQ now has level 2 spy-proof!
Mind phone research by the end of this quarter
Megaman World branch office opened!

-1 HQ (lv 2 antispy)
-3 Factories
-1 Lab
-1/11 share in Sarif Industries
-partnership with Wily Electrics

Cybernik research COMPLETE! We are one step closer to the NIRD. Wily is working at the rudimentary AI.

The Koopa Insurgents get attacked by Plumbers, led by Mario. "We-a have a-confirmed that the Koopas have-a weapons of foreign design. Mamma mia!" He spoke in a press conference. "We-a will find out where-a these weapons come from, and save-a Princess Peach from Bowser!"

You make the plans to host the first American RoboBattle championship, hoisting our Metabot toyline in the spotlight. But there's a problem: we don't have a branch in America yet; making the championship would be great, but setting it in Detroit instead of Mobius will probably cause some fuss amongst the fans.

We have two options:
-open up a branch in America (2 PF), which makes it easier for our toyline to grow there, and we can set up the championship with almost no PFs;
-hold the championship in Mobius first, then at some other time we hold another in Detroit by spending 1 PF to get a marketing blitz first.

>> No.24314696

Better hold the tournament on Mobius first.

>> No.24314706

aye, let it be held in Modius, but see if we can get teams from the outside world as well.

We want this to spread globally.

>> No.24314716

Yeah, just like Japan is HQ for Pokémon. We make Mobius HQ for Metabot.
Simplicity and advertisement.

Now, let us research some more!
Buy one more share in Sarif industries and use
2PF for 2x factory (to be ready for our host of ideas)
2PF for 2x lab

Research slow-tech even further and the NIRD.

Ask our secretary to give us a report of all the important people we have hired.

Expand in Megaman world.

Talk with Wily about partnering up with our slow-tech and his batteries for new car-safety devices.

>> No.24314720


Mobius, but advertise elsewhere.

>> No.24314724

I forgot:
Laugh diabolically by learning that Mario is stupid and have yet to realise the weapons were stolen from us.

Name our secretary Penny.

Keep working on our biography

(Btw. where did the rolls go?)

>> No.24314751

(crap, I forgot the random event rolls)
So yeah, 3 rolls everyone, for random event.

>> No.24314754

Okay, could you give a complete status update on the personnell we have so far?

>> No.24314756

Rolled 5

shit, wrote rolling wrong.

>> No.24314761

Rolled 9

Is dice+(n)d(f)
(n)=nuber of dices
(f)=number of faces

Example: dice+1d20

And speaking of dices: rolling

>> No.24314770

Rolled 12, 9, 5 = 26

like so?

>> No.24314970

-Janis, our secretary
-Dagget Digster, a native Mobian moleman, head of the RnD;
-Wolfgang Deetz, human, head of marketing;
-Henrietta Gale, air elemental, head of HR and PR;
-XD-8 'Robby', sentient robot, head of security;
-Dr. Neurocide, human, bio-engineer;
-Joe B. Nanana, kong monkey, marketing expert;

As for that event... 5+9+12 = 16, /3 = 5 1/3 (not good...)
Trying to buy more share in Sarif Industries will currently devalue them; So we can't buy any more shares in Sarif right now.
Meanwhile... "We-a have proof that these-a weapons are coming from-a Mobius! We-a will send some investigators to find-a out just-a where they come from."

So, instead, we spend 2 PFs for 2 more factories, ready by the end of this quarter; And another 2 PFs for 2 more labs. Researching slow tech will need 1 PF, NIRD is already funded. If we want to expand in Megaman World we can either build a factory there, or spend 1 PF in marketing; both will return 1 qPF.

>> No.24315062

We start the first ever Metabot competition, right here in Mobius; even foreign teams were flying in. It was a big hit, and Metabot is gaining some international gains.

Wily is notified of our plans for the liquid batteries and slow pulse thing, and he agrees to help out, just like NIRD; on the condition he gets 50% profit, and 1 PF at the start.

That said, what do?

>> No.24315080

Rolled 8, 15, 13 = 36


We gotta do a bit of damage control with the Mushroom Kingdom

>> No.24315082

I see that my legacy lived on. Good, good...
Expand to America, especially to Detroit. See if we can make a movie about the metabots
We are safe, even if they find that this is our weapons, right? It will be sanic fault

>> No.24315084

Rolled 6

Continuation takes it time. In the meantime:
Spend more PF (from coffers if not enough) to fortify Megaman world.
1PF in marketing
1 pf in factory.
1 PF slow tech
Question: Is Mario stupid or something? We already all know that we had the weapons but they were stolen from us, and under care of Sonic.. We just blame Sonic.

Ask Wily if he would give us his AI tech (for sale last time for 1PF) since we give him such good deals all the time and include him on it.
Then we can research to make robot butlers for the rich populace.

>> No.24315088

Rolled 16, 6, 18 = 40

Bigger metabots, too.

>> No.24315101

Rolled 10, 12, 12 = 34


good start for the "let's drive sonic nuts".

>> No.24315107

Psssst, you can drop the dices now, you have wasted a 16 and a 18 already
And one roll at time please

>> No.24315108

What going on with the mind phone plan? I do want to control people thoughts.
If we can make it, it will not have the mind effecting program. We will just add it in a update

>> No.24315110

Let us make construction bots. Uility robots will be our new market.
and the butler bots.

>> No.24315115


Sounds good. if it can hold a shovel it can hold a rifle.

( Disclaimer: I own www.robots-everywhere.com )

>> No.24315122

We are making it, but our previous quarter took a lot of money since we decided to protect our industry.
perhaps continue with the mind plan for next quarter?

The whole mind phone is genius but we need to be stronger before we can do it as we can easily be toppled if the DAMN HEDGEHOG finds out what we are doing (or tails or dr. Schlammer)

>> No.24315124

Really? That too good. We are still evil, right?
That why we make the slow tech, the NIRD (that will later give us an army of robots on organic batteries) and the mind phone

>> No.24315132

Have you not learned evil 404?

In order to be succesfully evil after redemption we must be seen as 100% good guy.
We are only seen as a neutral guy, the people are warming up to us. We need more money and more positive feedback.

>> No.24315140

The mind phone will be free to all our ex enemies, to show we are the bigger man. In the beginning, it will just make people happy with their life. And then, they will love our products. And then they will love us.
And then they will be slaves

>> No.24315146

"The mind phone will be free to all our ex enemies,"

Dude no, reeks of trap.
We need to introduce it to the mass market instead. profit for it!!
We must become the richest man in the world and become so powerfull that no matter what we do (with the help of mindphone) the fuzzball can do nothing to stop us.

>> No.24315153

Evil not found?

>> No.24315176


Make it so that we make a modest profit from it. That will deflect questions (if we are asked why we're investing much into it with little return, hey' we're better inventors than businessmen, and we happen to believe in the product / it's a loss leader)

>> No.24315362

Okay, so far our current finance:
>6 qPFs, 10 coffers

3 PFs spent!
>3 qPFs, 10 coffers

Megaman World will gather 1 qPF by the end of this quarter. We might know that, but Mario doesn't. Factory in Megaman World will be finished by the end of this quarter.

Meanwhile, Mario is now on Mobius, personally sleuthing up who's behind the weapons.

What's the consensus now?

>> No.24315390


He's a big damn hero, no?

Invite him to lunch ( trenette al pesto, obviously, spaghetti is too cliche ) and ask for help in figuring out who stole our technology!

>> No.24315447

No, eat mexican food. No villain ever eat mexican food.

>> No.24315594

Make it indian cuisine to give a buddhist vibe

>> No.24315658

I wonder if we should try to do what hitler did and get friends in the vatican so we could get the pope on our side.

If we could get the pope to publicly pardon us for our past sins, it would definately convince lot of people that we've turned over a new leaf and that we seek redemption + it'll give us a massive boost in publicity.

However if we do this and some priests go fiddling some kids, causing a public outcry, our ties to the vatican might backfire.

>> No.24316068

>not eating eggs

>> No.24316162

Good idea! You call Janis to send out an invitation out to Mario for lunch. You say you may have some lead regarding the weapons.
Soon, at the fancy Mexican-Indian restaurant, you are waiting for your burrito, and Mario is waiting for his curry.
"So, Doctor-a Robotnik, I hear you have a lead on my case."
"Yes, this might be related to the attack on Mushroom Kingdom. You see, Mario, some time ago there was a raid on one bunker of mine where I stashed my old weapons design."
"A-ha, so it is indeed yours!"
"But, I have trusted Sonic with the safeguard of the bunker. Why don't you ask him?"
"Maybe-a I will. You now own a business, yes?"
"Yes, I've decided to turn a new leaf. Why?"
"Maybe you-a want to know, I'll be opening a pizza ristorante. Here, in-a Mobius."
"Hmm, I see. Good luck with that."
Your orders arrived, and you spend lunch talking about each other's business.

Okay, you've just laid off some heat off your back and set Mario towards Sonic. Will we see sparks reigniting between them?

>> No.24316218

who cares, lets do the most evil thing we can MAKE MONEY.

also discreetly buy up places that would suply a pizza ristorante in Mobius I am sure Mario's will be a big hit and we want in on that.

>> No.24316264

We buy up pizza ingredient suppliers? I like that.

>> No.24316326

>As for that event... 5+9+12 = 16, /3 = 5 1/3 (not good...)

Are you sure your calculations are right?
5+9+12 is 26 not 16
Also, I wanted to note about selling weapons to Bowser. The thing we did previous thread was pretty genius but I think it would have been much simpler to sell them through Wily. We are partners after all, so I think we can set up something that doesn't lead to us.

>> No.24316357

We should have our PR and lawyers working full time just in case Mario DOES figure it out that we were behind this.
Also, have our tech experts find and erase any leads to us.
Hmm, we should hire an evil IT expert for our cause.

>> No.24316860

derp, I derped. Man, I'm kinda running low on steam anyways. See you guys next friday I guess...

>> No.24316925

Alright, see you tomorrow then. Sweet dreams.

>> No.24317635

See ya later then.
Should someone archive this?

>> No.24317739

>Should someone archive this?

>> No.24322507


>> No.24322832

someone archive this or something

>> No.24324669

fine, I'll do it myself, you lazy fucks

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